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Lord Of The Liv

By Anynom

Author's Notes: Don't read this if you're under 18 and don't try this at home. Been waiting a while to get this out, hope it's worth it. Enjoy.

It was always different to premiere a movie in England than it was in Hollywood. Londoners simply had a different cultural mindset than those in America and it showed in somewhat more subdued crowds at the theaters. Yes, there were well-wishers, fans and many who just wanted to see some stars but usually it was simply a calmer setting. Usually.

This was not a usual film, however. It was a movie with a following greater in Britain than in America, which meant very great indeed. It seemed as if half of London had descended on the theater for the premiere of the first chapter in the film version of the greatest fantasy epic of all time.

"The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring" had a lot riding on it. In a bold move that had stunned Hollywood insiders with its audacity, New Line Cinema had agreed to film all three chapters in J.R.R. Tolkien's fantasy trilogy back-to-back-to-back, at a massive cost. Forgoing big names like Spielberg and Lucas, they had given the director's reins to New Zelander Peter Jackson and allowed him to push each film to a three-hour running time. It was a risky move that could literally sink the studio if the movie didn't become a hit. But if it was, then New Line automatically had two in-the-bag hits on their hands.

So far, it looked as if the worry was all for nothing. The movie had been gaining major buzz over the last year, winning over people who didn't know a Hobbit from a Muggle, and early screenings had been met with adulation. The movie looked ready to be a smash and the stars couldn't be happier, particularly the major female of the bunch.

One concern Tolkien fanatics had been having was that, to beef up the female equation of the tale, the film version of "Rings" was going to turn Arwen, the soft-voiced elven princess, into a Xena-like warrior, even going on the quest for the Ring. While it was true the film version of Arwen had more action then the book's counterpart, it was hardly as bad as fans had thought and many were impressed by the elegant grace Liv Tyler brought to the role, silencing fans who had feared that including the daughter of Aerosmith's lead singer meant lowering the class of the film.

Liv was glad things were paying off. Shooting all three films had taken an entire year and she would have hated to think she'd lost a year of her life for a flop. She'd had a few months to prepare for the publicity grind, a feat she knew she'd have to repeat for the next two years but was satisfied this was going to be a great film and great experience.

Right now, she was taking a break from the premiere, where she was bombarded by fans screaming louder than at any Hollywood film she'd been to. "Rings" had a much bigger following in England than in America and there were plenty of well-wishers and fans to say hello. It was a mob scene answering questions from reporters and signing some autographs so Liv was more than welcome to taking a break in the back of the theater.

She was dressed in a lovely black dress that showed off her shapely body, her long dark hair flowing around her, framing a face that seemed like perfect magical beauty, the pointed ears the only makeup she had needed to complete the picture. She rubbed at her arms as she walked to a quiet corner, thankful that the long running time of the film meant a great break for her. She was trying to get her thoughts together on future projects, trying to capitalize on the popularity of "Rings" and get a few more good films in.

A shadow suddenly blocked her light and Liv looked up, started by the sudden entrance of someone in her private corner. One look and she knew he was British and a rich one at that. His suit was immaculate, his graying hair well-groomed and his face was as stoic as you could get, lines of age showing in it. He gave Liv a cursory glance as if she was just a piece of furniture, before going up to her. "Ms. Tyler," he said in a clipped accent (Liv quickly reminded herself that this was Britain, as far as they were concerned *she* was the one with the accent).

"Hello," Liv said politely, still wondering just who this man was and what he wanted. As soon as the question passed her mind, it was answered.

"I am Lord Jennings," the man said. "I have long been an admirer of the works of Tolkien and I am happy to see how well you have brought it to life."

"Thank you," Liv said, pleased but ready just in case the guy was going to start harping on the changes made to her character. Honestly, didn't these people realize that going word for word would have resulted in a six hour movie for every part?

"I was very pleased," Jennings said, not acknowledging Liv's thanks. "So pleased in fact that I have decided to reward you."

"Um....okay....." Liv said, feeling a bit nervous now as to what this "reward" would be. She hardly needed the money and she'd been involved in a few freaky fan things before. "Just what did you......"

Before she could continue, Jennings held up his right hand, fist turned so the knuckles faced her. Instantly, Liv's attention was caught by the brilliant green gemstone set in a ring on the man's finger. It was polished to a shine and when it caught the lights from above, it seemed to emit an eerie glow, one that caught her eye and was hard to look away from. She stared as Jennings tilted his wrist a bit, allowing the green light to float from one of Liv's eyes to the other in a steady back and forth motion.

"Look at the ring, Liv," Jennings said in a deep and commanding tone. "Look carefully at the ring, follow its movements, look carefully at it, follow its movements exactly, Liv, watch the ring, just watch the ring, Liv. Watch the ring, you must watch the ring, Liv, you must watch the ring, you must watch it, Liv, you must watch the ring carefully, Liv, you must watch it carefully. You must watch the ring, Liv, watch the ring, Liv, watch the ring......."

The ring had been in the possession of Jennings' family for generations. He wasn't sure just how his ancestor had found it or where but it had been used quite frequently by his family to help attain their great wealth and power. And it had also allowed them to gain some special benefits, such as the one currently before him. As with so many women in the past, Liv was falling under the unique hypnotic effect the ring's gemstone had, the green light flashing back and forth into her eyes, relaxing her will and mind, causing her to fall into a trance state.

Liv's mind was in a fog, she had been unable to form a single cohesive thought since spotting the ring. All she could see was the green light flashing before her, becoming her sole focus, her sole core, the only thing besides her in the entire universe. Jennings' words flowed into her mind as the ring flashed at her eyes, telling her to give in to it, to give in to the ring, to give in to the ring, to give in to him, to give in to the ring, to give in to him, to give in to the ring, to give in to her Lord, to give in to the ring, to give in to her Lord.......

"I give in, my Lord," Liv whispered, her eyes wide and unseeing as Jennings lowered the ring. "Will you do what I say, Liv?"

" Lord....." the actress answered in a dull tone, her will completely gone.

"Good," Jennings said. "Then listen carefully........"

The Jennings ancestral home was a massive mansion about an hour's drive from London, an estate that took up nearly two square miles all told. It was quite the popular place for society parties and even an occasional government meeting. Right now, the servants had been sent off as Jennings prepared for a party of his own.

He walked down the hallways, past the expansive collection of paintings and antiques that the family had amassed over the years, heading towards his bedroom, resisting the urge to whistle a tune. It just wasn't proper form.

He threw the doors opened and entered his bedroom, which was nearly double the size of a suite at the best London hotels. Taking up a great deal of space was the large bed, the perfect size for one of nobility, enough to hold both Jennings and any extra company he might want to keep. Right now, one of that company was waiting before the bed for him.

Liv was dressed in a sheer white lace nightie, her firm breasts and erect nipples easily seen, as was the dark bush between her legs, goose bumps on her body as she stood before Jennings, her eyes still blank. It had been simple to have the entranced Liv skip the after party, telling people she was going to spend the night at a friend's. Well, Jennings was no friend but he did have plenty to plan for that evening.

"Kneel, Liv," he commanded as he undid the robe, revealing his somewhat paunchy body and hard cock that waved slightly before Liv's face. "Are you ready to obey, Liv?"

"I will obey you, my Lord," Liv stated blankly.

"Suck my rod, Liv."

"Yes, my Lord," Liv stated, moving in and taking Jennings' rod into her mouth, tickling the shaft with her tongue as she began sucking up and down. She was obviously experienced at it, her tongue swiftly licking at the shaft as her hands reached up to cup and squeeze his balls. Jennings held back a moan, his hands moving down and through Liv's long hair, stroking it as gently as she was going on his shaft, tongue sliding all around it as her lips worked on his penis. Jennings could feel himself start to let loose, the long period since he had last enjoyed himself like this showing itself off as he felt himself start to let loose. He gripped Liv's head, holding her in close as he started to erupt, his cum blasting out and into her mouth, her throat eagerly taking every drop of nectar her master was giving her.

As soon as he was emptied and Liv had sucked him off all the way, Jennings pulled his cock out of her mouth, looking down on her. "Stand."

"Yes, my Lord," Liv stated, rising to her feet, face a bit flushed but still without expression.


"Yes, my Lord," Liv stated, sliding the straps of her gown off and letting it drop to her feet, revealing her naked perfection. Jennings moved to her, reaching under to grip her tight ass and lifted her up, depositing her a bit roughly on the bed, her small form bouncing a bit on it. Jennings moved to the entranced actress, reaching down to part her legs and allow him to push his hard cock into her waiting snatch and immediately go to work.

Unlike Jennings, Liv didn't hold back her moans, feeling incredible pleasure despite the rough way Jennings went at her, his cock ramming in and out of her pussy, causing Liv to moan louder and louder with every thrust into her. Jennings' hands pressed down hard on Liv's breasts, squeezing and rolling the tits in his hands, pinching the nipples until they were red, every action registering as pure pleasure for Liv, who ground her body against his harder, her legs holding tight around his waist as he pressed on her. Jennings kept working at her even as he bent down to lick at her nipples, tickling them with his tongue to cause Liv to coo in ecstasy, her breasts pulled from her body and towards him, stretching but the actress felt nothing in her entranced state. Jennings' face was showing excitement despite himself, his cock ramming away at Liv's pussy, his hands squeezing her breasts together, loving the feeling of power he had over her, that feeling driving him to let loose, blasting his seed into her waiting body, Liv crying out in pure pleasure as she came with him, giving herself to her Lord in every way possible.

Before Liv could even come down from the orgasm, Jennings had pulled his cock out and turned her over and onto her stomach. He spread her lovely cheeks apart and thrust his rod into her asshole, beginning to pump her from behind. Liv felt no pain as Jennings went at her, only pure pleasure, a pleasure that would come again and again throughout the night.

Liv slowly awoke, looking about her hotel room. God, what had she drank last night? Her body ached all over. She moved out of the bed, wincing a bit at the pains sliding up and down her. She needed a long, hot shower, that was it, to get the day off to a nice start and get ready for the interviews she had planned.

She stepped into the bathroom, starting up the water. She started to take off her loose gown and other accessories but paused at her hand. She looked at the thin gold band set around her finger, thinking about removing it. For some reason, she just couldn't think of taking it off so shrugged and moved into the shower. She didn't reflect on how she had no idea where the ring had come from or who had given it to her. All she knew was that she felt good wearing it and so would wear it as long as possible.

Liv had no idea the ring was a mark, a mark to show her devotion to a certain Englishman. All it would take was a phone call and a look at the ring, and Liv would be totally devoted to her Lord, who just had to admire the irony of his latest choice.

One ring to bind them, indeed.



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