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HypnoPrank: Anna Kournikova

By Anynom

(Don't read this if you're under 18 and don't try this at home.)
Author's Notes: Actually had the idea first and Echso came up with an image based on it. Thanks to Tranceman for letting me borrow a character from one of his stories. Enjoy.

It was a hot day already, the people in the stands of the outdoor court all drinking from water bottles or pop, hats on, fans and sprayers barely enough to alleviate the intense heat they all felt. As bad as it was for them, it was worse for the two women on the court. The ground of the court was already welcoming in heat, having them run about on it added to things.

One was a dark-haired beauty, cut short just above the nape of her neck, wearing white short shorts and a light top, stained with sweat but not in an obvious way, a headband on top of her dark hair. Martina Hingis was coming off a hot streak, getting back in the game after a tough Wimbledon and was trying to prove it against her latest opponent.

Her opponent was a younger woman, not over 20, athletic but also drop dead gorgeous. Her long blond hair was done in a ponytail that whipped behind her as she moved and her white and black shirt and skirt were stained with sweat, so much so that her full breasts could be seen through the low-cut shirt, which became very popular for some photographers in the crowd. Anyone could tell she was Anna Kournikova, who, despite not winning a single major title, was one of the biggest names in tennis. Right now, that wasn't helping her out too much.

It had been a hard match between the two, both giving their all, Martina's experience and Anna's flash balancing out as the two traded games with no real advantage that could be seen by the crowd. However, Anna was upset, that could be seen. The young Russian had been missing some easy shots, the misses increasing as the match went on. Anna was angry about these misses, getting angrier as the game went on.

She leaped to the side, her racket reaching out to try and lob a serve from Martina. Her racket fell just short of reaching it, brushing empty air as the ball struck the court, giving another point to Martina. As the crowd applauded and Martina let out a small smile, Anna shook her head in anger. She couldn't understand, she was usually so much more on the ball than this, literally.

Shaking her head, her blond ponytail whipping behind her, Anna loosened the straps on her shirt a bit to get a little fresh air in there. She bent over, waiting for Martina's next serve. Without warning, she moved up and pulled her shirt down a bit more, getting a little more air in there. Ah, that was it. A little more air on her chest and she felt great. She bent over again, waiting for the next lob from Martina.

The clicking of cameras made quite a ruckus in the stands. In the production van, technicians hurriedly flipped switches to try and alter the feed and stop the image from getting out of Anna's breasts peeking out of her outfit top, the full and round globes sweat stained and gorgeous in the sunlight.

Martina stopped, the ball absently bouncing on the courtyard. She looked at Anna, then at the officials, who just shrugged. Nothing like this had happened before in play so none of them knew what to do.

Anna couldn't understand the delay and it just made her all the more angry. She pounded the racket against one hand, muttering for that bitch to serve again. Shaking her head, Martina threw the ball up and smacked it hard. Anna leaped to the side, her breasts bouncing in full view as she hit it back, landing it on the other side of the net, Martina automatically returning it with the topless Anna hitting it back. They traded a few more shots, cameras clicking away at the shots of Anna playing topless, shots that would soon cause download freezes on the Internet by the end of the day. Finally, Martina hit a shot that got past Anna's defenses and got the point.

Cursing, Anna threw down her racket and yelled out. "Fuck you, bitch!"

There was some muttering from the crowd and the officials gathered as Martina looked at Anna in innocence, coming up to the net. "Anna, listen------"

"No, you listen!" Anna said, pointing a finger at Martina. "I'm trying to play and you're trying to distract me from my game!"

"I think you're the one doing the distracting," Martina said, looking at Anna's chest, Anna giving no sign she knew what Martina was talking about.

Hissing, Anna moved forward and slapped Martina on the face. Instantly, officials were on the court, separating the two, Martina moving back as Anna screamed at her. It wasn't long before the official word came: Anna Kournikova was disqualified for unsportsmanlike conduct, giving the win to Martina. The announcement just set Anna off further, screaming at officials and onlookers, her top nearly completely off by this time as she was led away, leaving onlookers with a much better match than they had ever expected to see.

Anna stormed into the locker room, her top now in her hands, growling as she kicked at a locker, throwing the top away. How dare they do this to her? Throwing her out just for an understandable moment of tension? Hell, John McEnroe had done a hell of a lot worse than that and still played. And what was that shit about her outfit being unfitting?

Sighing with frustration, Anna sat on a bench and tried to collect herself, trying to figure out where all this sudden rage had come from and how she could deal with such a loss. Before she could think of anything else, the locker room door opened and Martina entered. She looked carefully at Anna as she rose up in anger.

"Get the fuck out of her!" the young Russian yelled. "I don't want to see you after what you did!"

"What did I do?" Martina said in innocence.

"Cause me to lose," Anna hissed. "I don't like to lose."

"I can understand that," Martina nodded. "I felt the same way. Which is why I knew I had to do something to make sure I could get past you in the tournament."

"See, I knew it!" Anna yelled. "You did something to my game!"

"Well, not me, exactly," Martina said carefully. She looked Anna in the eye and spoke. "Terrance says it's time to relax, Anna."

Anna stared at her in confusion, then suddenly felt a wave of relaxation wash over her, her eyes shutting as she sat back down on the bench, feeling herself fall into a state of total relaxation. Martina watched her fall under and grinned, grateful once again she had an exceptionally stubborn will.

When she'd first started seeing that sports therapist, Terrance, she'd been trying to overcome some anxieties on the court and was told Terrance could help. When he'd suggested hypnosis, Martina had decided to give it a try. However, even after closing her eyes and counting down from a hundred, Martina just couldn't get herself to relax like he wanted her to but had decided to try and play along and see what would happen.

What she hadn't expected was for Terrance to start giving her suggestions to get undressed and horny as she did. Outraged, Martina opened her eyes and started cursing the startled doctor out, threatening to report him to the medical board. In desperation, Terrance had made her an offer: Information on any opponents on the tennis circuit in return for keeping quiet.

Martina's first instinct was to refuse but upon thinking about it, it hit her what an opportunity this was and found herself, to her own surprise, agreeing with it. She could tell Anna was a favorite of the doctor's and when she learned they would be going head to head in the tournament, it only took the threat of a phone call to a medical board to get him to implant a few little suggestions in Anna's mind to get angry as the match went on. That little idea to get Anna to undo her top must have been Terrance's, Martina was surprised by it but it worked out.

Martina had thought just having Anna blow the match would be enough. However, as she saw the younger woman topless and passionate with anger, something occurred to her. Martina was no stranger to lesbian relationships, she'd been with a few other tennis stars in her time. Seeing Anna like that just kicked something in her and she knew she had to do something while she had the chance.

"Anna, can you hear me?" she asked carefully. Terrance had given her the trigger to put the blonde out if needed but Martina hadn't really used it before now.

"Yes....." Anna whispered.

"Anna, you're very relaxed right now," Martina said, licking her lips. "Very, very relaxed, so very relaxed, Anna, so very relaxed. Every word I say sends you deeper and deeper into this relaxed state. Are you relaxed, Anna?"


"Will you do anything I tell you to do while you're relaxed, Anna?"


Obviously, Terrance's programming had gone well, Anna deeply under and open to anything Martina might want to say to her. "Stand up and take off the rest of your clothes, Anna," Martina ordered. Anna stood, her pointed breasts still stained with sweat as she disrobed before the other tennis star, Martina almost hypnotized herself as she saw Anna's flawless beauty revealed to her fully. That golden tuft between her long legs, her golden ponytail hanging above her tight ass, it was too much to take.

Martina quickly disrobed herself. Her white outfit was in a heap, her full and round young breasts on showcase as she slid down her panties to show off her brown tuft. Moving in, Martina kissed Anna hard on the mouth, the other woman slowly answering her with passion, her tongue sliding in and working around Martina's lips.

Martina led them into the showers, hitting a faucet to get a rain of water going. They stood under it, kissing, hands running up and down the now-wet skin. Martina broke the kiss off to push Anna against the shower wall. She moved down, burying her head in between Anna's wonderful breasts, tongue flicking against the tight nipples, causing Anna to moan in delight as Martina kneaded and sucked her breasts.

Martina let her mouth encircle one breast, tickling it with her tongue as she slid a hand down Anna's body to her tight snatch, letting two fingers slide into Anna's pussy. Martina began to finger Anna carefully, working herself into Anna's waiting lips. The Russian groaned, her hypnotized mind registering immense pleasure as Martina fingered her while at the same time suckling one breast with glee, her hand squeezing the tits hard. Anna was automatically turned on whenever she went into a trance so it wasn't hard for her to start building herself into a aroused state. She stepped on her toes, allowing Martina to work herself in hard, her mouth moving to Anna's other firm breast and suckling on it. With a cry, Anna came, her juices spilling out onto Martina's waiting hand as she kept working away until Anna had fully released.

Martina spun them about so she was leaning against the wall. She spread out her legs and began to push Anna down. She paused so Anna could kiss each firm breast a few times, then down Martina's flat stomach and to her waiting brown snatch. Legs spread, Martina spoke. "Lick me, Anna."

Without hesitation, Anna moved in, her tongue sliding in and licking away at Martina's waiting pussy. Martina moaned, letting out a little gasp as Anna's hands snaked around and grabbed her cheeks, squeezing them hard as she licked away at Martina's pussy. Anna had obviously been with a woman before, her tongue lashes were excellent, keeping in speed and tempo to drive Martina wild. Groaning, Martina let her hands push at her breasts, looking down to see Anna lick away at her, blond hair plastered to her by the falling water, a little puddle collecting at her knees as she licked away at Martina. Martina pressed her breasts together and let out a long and loud cry as she came, her body shaking as she blasted out onto Anna's mouth.

They did a 69 right on the floor of the shower before Martina had Anna stand back up. Turning off the water, Martina raced over, drying herself off and undressing, then coming back to the naked Anna. "Anna, when I touch your head, you'll count from 1 to 100. When you reach 100, you'll wake up. You won't remember me being here or anything that has happened, just a nice shower. When you leave, you'll take the back way and will not talk to any reporters and go right to room 705 of the Regency hotel. When you see me, you will fall back into this wonderful state and do as I say."

Touching Anna on the forehead, Martina took a moment to admire the naked Russian before walking out of the locker room quickly. She moved to the door and headed out, avoiding the reporters herself. She may have won the game but she had won something even more valuable. While millions of men around the world would be ogling the topless photos of Anna, Martina would be having a few matches with the real thing herself.

Game, set, match, love.


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