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Sarah Michelle Gellar & Alyson Hannigan

By Anynom

(Don't read this if you're under 18 and don't try this at home.)
Author's Notes: Putting a few Echso pics together for this one, thanks to him and Iron Nick. Enjoy.

Contrary to popular belief, actors did not live on the studio alone, even if shooting did go long. Several had apartments and homes by the studio and the size and opulence of them pointed to how the actors stood on the Hollywood scale. As did their cars.

With her new car parked, Sarah Michelle Gellar stepped out and started to walk up to the front of the nice house before her. It belonged to Alyson Hannigan, her co-star on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." Alyson had just bought the house a few weeks ago and this was the first chance Sarah had to visit her. She brushed at her light blonde hair, liking how the warm weather offset her light blouse, strap around her neck with blue jeans. She looked over the outside of the house and smiled as she thought about how nice this was.

It still amazed Sarah that only a few years ago, she and Alyson would have been lucky to afford a one-room place and a hotel. Now, thanks to the show's incredible success, they were both able to afford the good things in life. And the move to UPN had meant some extra cash and a few bonuses here and there for cast members, such as Sarah's car.

Sarah was glad to be able to hook up with Alyson, the two were really friends and it was nice to act that way as Sarah and Alyson and not as Buffy and Willow. She was hoping just dropping by would be okay, Alyson was usually pretty open for a day of shopping and talking about future life after the show, something that made Sarah feel like a normal young woman.

She knocked on the door, waiting for a reply. It came, but not from the person she was expecting. Instead of Alyson, there was a short man with dark blonde hair, wearing jeans and a loose shirt. "Oh, hi," he said, taking in Sarah. "I know who you are."

"Then that's one on me," Sarah said as she stuck out her hand. "Hi."

"Larry," the man smiled, shaking her hand. "I'm a neighbor of Alyson's, I was helping her move some stuff."

"Is Alyson here?" Sarah asked as she stepped inside.

"Yeah, she should be down in a minute," Larry said as he moved through the nice foyer area and to the kitchen, Sarah following. "Guess she's still taking care of stuff upstairs."

"Good for her," Sarah said, trying to figure this guy out. He seemed okay but a bit too laid-back about meeting a big star. Sarah briefly wondered if there was something between him and Alyson, with him here so early in the morning but shrugged it off. She thought she knew Alyson well enough to know she wasn't the kind to just shack up with a guy she'd only met a few weeks before.

"Well, Alyson was mentioning the show's going well," Larry said as they stepped into the kitchen. "The musical episode sounds good."

"Whoa, she'd better watch it, Joss can have her disciplined for that," Sarah said, somewhat surprised. Alyson was usually so much more tight-lipped, understanding how keeping things secret was important for the show.

"Oh, I think that's been taken care of," Larry smiled as he turned towards Sarah, who was a bit put off at the odd smile on his face.

"Um, maybe I should just come back," Sarah said, backing up a bit and deciding to see if Alyson really was home later.

"Oh, hold up a minute," Larry said, reaching into his pocket and pulling out something. Sarah watched as he unveiled it, showing it to be a round pendant with a spiral design attached to a chain. As she watched, the spiral seemed to come alive, moving about and creating a deep spiral pattern that kept turning. A twist sent the pendant swinging side to side, yet Sarah kept her eyes tight on the odd spiral. She couldn't look away from it, she had to keep watching the spinning pendant even as it swung back and forth. Swing and spin, swing and spin, the spiral captivating her despite the swinging motions, Sarah feeling her body relax as she took it in. Her arms slumped to her sides, her head bending to her left as she suddenly felt her mind dull and her will fade away.

Larry lowered the pendant, glad to see his little hypno-pendant had worked its magic once more. His little toy had gotten him so much pleasure in so short a time and now he had ensnared his second celebrity with it. He took in Sarah, her blank eyes staring back at him, waiting for instructions. "Sarah, take off all your clothes."

He watched her pull off her top, then reach around and undo her bra, exposing her pert breasts to him. Larry licked his lips as she kicked off her shoes, then undid the buttons on her jeans and slid them off, then let her panties follow. She stood back up, her nudity on full display for his appraising eye.

Smiling, Larry undid the front of his jeans and let his cock come out as he reached over to Sarah. "Sarah, when I touch you, you will immediately become incredibly sexually aroused," he said in a commanding tone. "Incredibly aroused, Sarah, you will instantly become incredibly sexually aroused and will want to have sex with me right here and right now, you will need to have sex with me, you'll do anything to have sex with me."

"Anything...." Sarah dully nodded. Larry pulled her in and pressed his lips on hers. In seconds, Sarah was answering back passionately, pushing Larry against a counter as she lay kisses over his mouth and face, moving back onto the counter. She squealed a little as she felt Larry's strong hands grip her ass, squeezing the cheeks hard as he lifted her up and lay her onto the counter.

Larry moved onto her, his cock now free and moving to her pussy, pushing into Sarah's lips. He began to work himself in, his cock sliding in and out of her snatch, Sarah moaning as she felt him go at her. Larry moved his face down, his mouth going to her chest as he took one breast into his mouth and started to suck on it. Sarah moaned, loving the feeling as Larry's hands squeezed on her tits hard, pinching nipple as he licked at them. Sarah's ass rubbed up and down the counter, marks on it as Larry kept pumping at her hard, the trance unleashing a sudden passion within her as he kept at her, rising up and rubbing away at her chest, pinching the nipples as he went at her. Sarah's hair brushed over the edge of the counter, her mouth open in loud cries of pure ecstasy as Larry kept going right at her hard, her cries culminating in a long and loud scream of pleasure as he let loose, causing her to orgasm.

Sarah's mouth was still open with moaning as Larry pulled himself out of her, then pushed his cock into her mouth. Her lips instantly set around it and started sucking, her lips running up and down the shaft as Larry talked to her. She couldn't tell what he was saying, she was so intent on sucking his cock, sucking Larry's cock hard, she had to suck Larry's cock hard, she had to do whatever Larry told her to do, she had to do whatever he told her to do at anytime. That thought, that need to do whatever Larry told her at anytime, carried Sarah as Larry let himself loose, his wad blasting down her throat and his cum quickly swallowed.

Larry moved up, naked from the waist down and got out a damp cloth to clean up Sarah, then had her stand and redress, with one difference: A quick run upstairs and back and Sarah was wearing one of Alyson's tight sheer tops, her nipples clearly visible under the thin fabric. A flash of the pendant and the blank look was on Sarah's face again.

"Sarah, listen carefully," Larry said. "You won't remember anything that's happened here between us. Nothing sexual at all, you won't remember any of it. When you leave, you will not realize how exposed you are. In fact, you love to wear these kinds of tops, you love to wear these sheer tops with nothing under or over them, you love it. You won't worry about anyone seeing your breasts through them and you won't care about anything except how much you love them. Now, should you see this pendant flash before you or hear my voice say 'swinging spiral' you'll fall back into this state and do what I say. Also, when you wake up, you won't notice I'm naked, you'll just smile and leave, that's all. Wake up, Sarah."

Sarah's eyes blinked as her face returned to normal. She gave Larry a quick smile, then turned and walked out the door, not noticing anything wrong with him not having any pants. Smiling, Larry moved up the stairs and then to the bedroom, where he took in the figure before him.

Alyson Hannigan lay on her side, propped up on one elbow. She wore a loose sheer nightie, her red pussy exposed, a strap lowered on one shoulder to expose one pert breast to air, her red hair framing her face which at the moment was blank.

Larry swung the spiral and then spoke. "Wake up, Alyson." Alyson's face took on a wicked look as she smiled at Larry. "Hey, stud," she grinned. "Ready to go again?"

It was amazing, Larry thought. As far as Alyson was concerned, no time had passed since Larry had heard the knock on the door and flashed the pendant to put her back into a trance. Larry had hypnotized Alyson the first day she had moved in, the two of them "breaking in" the home for several hours that night, a process they had repeated every night since.

They repeated it again, Larry pulling Alyson onto him, lying down and moving her onto his pussy. As she started to rock back and forth on his cock, Alyson reached down and pulled her nightie over her head and throwing it aside. She closed her eyes, moaning as she felt Larry cup her breasts, giving them a squeeze as she rode him. Even as he let the redhead ride his cock to orgasm, bouncing up and down and squealing with an sexual fervor few would have guessed from her, Larry's thoughts were already moving to all the fun he could have with Buffy and Willow both under his control.

The next week was a busy one for Larry. Thanks to some phone calls and some deepening techniques, Larry was soon able to create an interesting state for both Alyson and Sarah. Now, he no longer had to wave his pendant before them to get them under. In fact, he didn't even have to do anything that would count as making them seem hypnotized in public. After some work, Larry had managed to create in both girls a state that made them completely willing to do anything he asked, no matter how outlandish.

He had tested it a few times, making Alyson perfectly willing to suck his cock under the table at a trendy restaurant and having Sarah deliberately pour water on her shirt, causing the already sheer top to show off her breasts almost as if she was topless. Sarah actually finished the drink and walked across the set, oblivious to the stares of the men around her.

Now that all the setup was done, Larry felt it was time he put into motion what he had been planning ever since Sarah had first shown up at Alyson's home. It was quite easy to get both girls to agree to go out to a movie together, neither remembering anything about the nights with Larry. At least, not until he wanted them to.

Larry waited until after the show was over to make his move. He saw Alyson and Sarah come out, Alyson wearing a nice suit and large-necked blouse, Sarah a short black skirt and tan top. The two were talking like old friends as Larry came up. "Hello, can I ask a favor?"

The two looked at him, neither showing any recognition. "Sure, what?" Sarah shrugged.

"Well, I'm a fan," Larry said, trying to act sheepish. "And I was sort of wondering if I could get a photo of the two of you together."

"Sure," Alyson said as she and Sarah moved close in together. They both put on smiles as Larry held up the camera. "Okay, girls, give me a picture to remember."

On cue, Alyson reached over and, smile still in place, tugged on Sarah's top, pulling it aside enough to show off her nipple, Sarah still smiling through it all as Larry took the picture. "That's good," he grinned. "Sarah, now how about you do the same?"

Her top still askew, Sarah reached over, undoing some buttons on Alyson's top to show off her breast as well, another picture taken by Larry, the two adding an eerie touch by smiling through it all. "Okay, girls," Larry smiled, seeing a few passerbys noticing the two stars. "How about we just lose the tops all together?"

There were only three people who didn't have shocked expressions when Sarah and Alyson pulled their shirts off: Sarah and Alyson themselves, still smiling through it all and Larry, whose smile was wider than theirs.

Several public (and rather embarrassing) photos later, Sarah, Alyson and Larry were in Larry's house. Both Sarah and Alyson were topless, but showed no signs that they really noticed it. Larry had to smile again as he thought of all the other guys back at the theater who had managed to get some pictures of their own. Of course, they only had pictures. Larry had the models live and in person.

"You know," Larry smiled. "I do believe that the two of you are more than just friends."

The hint in his voice was all Sarah and Alyson needed to move closer. They started slowly, their hands pressing on their breasts, lightly at first, but with more strength as they came closer. Their mouths slowly moved in closer, their lips touching lightly, then pressing hard on each other as they kissed. The two slowly moved up the stairs and to Larry's bedroom, still kissing as they did, embracing each other even as Larry followed, making sure he had plenty of film.

By the time he entered the bedroom, Sarah and Alyson were both naked and withering in each other's touch, their kisses wild and passionate as their bodies rubbed together. "God, I've wanted to do this for so long," Sarah moaned as she felt Alyson's hands rub at her ass.

"Me too," Alyson answered, his tongue licking at Sarah's breasts, the blonde groaning as she felt her friend go at her. They kept at it, Sarah moving down to lick Alyson's own breasts, smaller than hers but still so wonderful to play with, her hands moving down to squeeze Alyson's tight little ass as Alyson squeezed hers.

"God, I wanna lick your pussy so bad," Sarah groaned. "But I want you eating me out worse."

"Easy way to solve that," Alyson smiled. Sarah got the idea and moved herself around, the two moving into a 69 position. Sarah let her tongue slowly drag along Alyson's pussy, her friend groaning. "Wow, a natural redhead."

"More natural than you," Alsyon smiled, then squealed as Sarah smacked her ass as little and went back to stroking the pussy with her lips. At the same time, Alyson reached up and licked at Sarah's pussy, her strokes much faster as her hands ran up and down the insides of Sarah's slim thighs, sending waves of pleasure through the blonde. Sarah kept right on eating Alyson out, her licks becoming faster and stronger as she played with Alyson's clit.

As the two starlets licked each other, Larry had his cock out, rubbing it as he kept on taking pictures of the two. He figured this, along with the pictures of him joining them as soon as they orgasmed would become great additions to his photo gallery. And maybe Sarah and Alyson could help him add to that collection by introducing him to some of their female starlet friends. With his lucky little pendant, Larry knew that he was going to give the term "friendly neighbor" a definition Mr. Rogers would never have guessed at.


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