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All That Glitters

By Anynom

Author's Notes: Don't read this if you're under 18 and don't try this at home. This just hit me and I had to do it. Enjoy.

Mariah Carey sighed as she settled into the easy chair. It had been a hard day doing some publicity gigs but she was used to it, having done so many albums and stuff. Still, it was getting harder now. She was dealing with her first major album with her new record label and also had to deal with the upcoming promotion for her first movie "Glitter."

It was hard in both cases. The album wasn't doing well, the first single only a success after her label slashed the price down, not a good sign. And the buzz on her movie was bad, with reports that the first trailers had elicited laughter from crowds. Given that the movie wasn't a comedy, that was a bad sign as well. So, she now had to deal with a huge amount of pressure here.

She sighed and closed her eyes, running her hands through her long dark hair, her flawless tanned skin showing well with her loose slacks and light blouse. She'd been adding a sexed-up image the last few years, finally taking advantage of her amazing beauty to try and bolster her image, which definitely needed it the last few weeks.

She still had a packed schedule. She was going to appear on "Total Request Live" tomorrow and she had to rest up for it. She was also expected to do things like leave messages for her fans on her official website and photo shoot stuff.

Her personal life didn't help. She'd just broken up with her boyfriend, unable to deal with the pressures of a relationship and her career. And things didn't help with the movie she was shooting now either, particularly a screaming match with Mira Sorvino that ended with them in a brief fight. Mariah knew she had to get this whole thing dealt with and soon in order to take on the movie biz like she'd taken the music industry by storm.

A knock on the door got her attention. Slightly irritated, she stood up and walked over to open it. She saw a man standing on the other side, a handsome man, about thirty or so, with light dark hair and a nice build and smile as he took Mariah in. "Hello again."

"Hey," Mariah said, standing by to let Chad in. He was a stagehand at the New York MTV studios that she'd met while doing some rehearsals for her "TRL" appearance later. He had struck it off well with Mariah, treating her like she sometimes felt she should be treated, with grace and deference. He'd gotten along so well that when he had called and told Mariah he needed to show her some props for the show, she'd agreed.

"Hope this is quick," Mariah said, brushing her hair. "Kind of need to rest tonight."

"Oh, I understand perfectly," Chad replied, nodding. "I know it's tough to get the right amount of rest you need, especially when you're as busy as you are with stuff."

"Thanks," Mariah nodded. It was so good to meet someone who didn't think she was a prima donna just because she had her needs. She led him to the posh room, sitting on a chair and looking up at him. "So, what'd you want me to see?"

In answer, Chad reached behind him and pulled out something. It appeared to be a small crystal ball attached to a chain which he held before Mariah's eyes. "It's something they wanted to add to the studio when you perform," Chad said. "Nothing major, just a little decoration is all."

"Not bad," Mariah said, looking up as Chad held the mirrored ball before her. "A little cheap though."

"Yeah, I guess they could make it more expensive," Chad nodded. "Well, I guess they think it'll help, kind of tie into the movie, the whole glitter thing. I can agree with that in a way, just look at it, Mariah, just look at it glitter as it spins, just look at it glitter as it spins here, Mariah, just look at it. Just look at it, Mariah, just look at it glitter as it spins, just look at it glitter as it spins there, Mariah. Just sit right back and watch the ball spin, Mariah, watch it spin, around and around, around and around, just watch it spin there, Mariah, just watch it spin and glitter, Mariah, just watch it spin and glitter, it glitters right into your eyes, Mariah, watch it glitter right into your eyes....."

Mariah stared at the ball. Cheap it may have been, but it did capture the effect well. She could indeed see it glitter as it spun about, the ball seeming to shine a bit as the lights captured it just right. It was a nice effect, she had to admit, a very nice effect. It just felt nice was all, nice to just sit back and watch the ball glitter, that was what it was doing, it was glittering, it was glittering right before her, the ball was glittering. It was so pretty to look at, so very pretty to look at, it just felt so nice to just look up at the spinning ball, just to look at the spinning ball and it felt so nice, so very nice.

Mariah felt herself relaxing suddenly, she just felt herself suddenly relaxing as she looked up at the shiny ball, it just felt so nice to look up at the glittering ball, just to let it glitter into her eyes, it just felt so good to watch it glitter into her eyes, so good to glitter into her eyes, so good. Chad was making her feel good, she could tell, he was showing her this glittering ball that was making her feel so relaxed, so very relaxed, she just felt so relaxed as she watched the ball glitter and spin, glitter and spin, she just felt so good, she just felt so very good and relaxed, good and relaxed.....

Mariah knew Chad was talking but couldn't tell what he was saying, she just felt so relaxed now, so relaxed as the ball glittered in her eyes, she just felt so relaxed as it glittered in her eyes, so relaxed, so very, very relaxed. Her eyes were getting a little tired, she noticed, they were getting very tired, her eyes were getting very, very tired. The glittering light flowed into her eyes, the glittering light filled her vision, the gorgeous glittering light made her feel so tired, so very tired. She needed to close her eyes, she needed to close her tired, tired eyes and just relax completely, just let the nice glittering relax her, let the glittering relax her.

Mariah let out a sigh and closed her eyes, letting her body slump in the chair. Chad lowered the ball, amazed he had managed to keep any venom out of his voice. He'd met prima donnas before but Mariah was in a major class by herself, bossing people around and showing up late for rehearsals. Frankly, even if it wasn't the money, Chad would have enjoyed taking care of her.

That was Chad's real business, not a stagehand but freelancing himself to "adjust" some careers. It was amazing how many people in the music business were willing to pay big bucks to get a rival out of the way and Chad had made a nice profit out of it. He didn't know who wanted to make sure Mariah's film career got stalled (although he had a few suspicions) and didn't care, the check delivered by an intermediate was more than enough to start his plan. A little sucking up to get her trust and give him an opening and his natural hypnotic skills took over.

Chad smiled as he looked down at Mariah. While the money was good, he did occasionally get a big bonus with the more attractive starlets, such as now. Mariah was a good subject, he could tell she was in a nice trance state. Of course, the little something extra he'd snuck into her water bottle earlier probably helped. "Mariah, can you hear me?"

"Yes...." the singer whispered.

"Every word you hear me say, every word that comes into your mind, sends you deeper and deeper into this state," Chad said. "You can see the glitter of the ball in your mind, Mariah, the glitter relaxes you, the glitter takes you further and further into this state, further into this state, Mariah, further into this state and you feel more and more relaxed with every word I say. The glitter relaxes you, Mariah, the glitter takes you deeper and deeper into this wonderful sleepy state."

"The glitter......" Mariah slurred, her head lolling to the side, hair brushing over her gorgeous face. Chad spoke for a few more minutes, watching Mariah's body relax further with every word until he was finally satisfied she was under enough. "Mariah, listen to me carefully," he said. "You are now totally relaxed and you love it."


"You love being this relaxed, Mariah."


"I made you this relaxed, Mariah so now you love me."


"Say it, Mariah. Say you love me."


"Say it again and call me Master, Mariah."


"Stand up, Mariah." She slowly stood, swaying slightly in place before him. "You will do anything for me, Mariah. Anything I say."


"Strip, Mariah. Strip everything away." He watched as she did, her loose shirt going first, then her bra to release her breasts. They were nice and plump with tight nipples and large aureoles. She slid off her pants, then her panties to expose every inch of her flawless skin. Chad smiled as he reached down and undid his fly. "Give me a blowjob, Mariah."

"Yes, Master." In seconds, Mariah was using her lovely throat for something far different than singing, her mouth working up and down Chad's rock-hard cock, lips sliding up and down the shaft as her tongue tickled his penis. Chad sighed, pulling his shirt off his head and pulling down his pants while Mariah sucked away at him. He could feel himself build up as he kicked off his shoes. On an urge, he spoke. "Mariah, take off my socks." Without even slowing down on her sucking motions, Mariah reached as Chad lifted up one foot, then the other, pulling off his socks. Chad's bare right foot touched the ground just as he let loose, shooting his wad down Mariah's throat.

Knowing she was now totally turned on, Chad spoke. "Let's go the bed, Mariah."

"Yes, Master," Mariah sighed, letting Chad bring her to the bed. He moved down, burying his head in her impressive cleavage, letting his tongue drag along her large round breasts. Mariah closed her eyes and groaned as she felt him lick at her, tongue darting along her nipples as he let his hands push them together. One hand moved down to her clit, parting the lips and letting his fingers enter and tickle it. Mariah gasped as she felt Chad work into her, fingering her pussy as he kissed at her round tits.

Working into her a bit more, Chad pulled out his hand and moved over, sliding his cock into her waiting snatch. Mariah groaned as she felt Chad enter her, his nice long cock working inside her pussy. He moved up as he began to pump into her, sliding his cock back and forth inside her passage, his hands moving back to Mariah's breasts as he pumped at her. Mariah's long and smooth legs clasped around his waist as Chad went at her, ramming his cock in and out of her pussy with glee, his hands kneading her nice round tits as well as he worked away at her. Mariah's arousal was on full blast thanks to the trance state she was in and Chad was hot as well at the thought of fucking such a gorgeous celebrity. He bit his lip and groaned as he came, letting loose inside Mariah, the singer crying out as she felt him in her.

Chad moved onto her, kissing her chest again before moving up a bit. "Listen carefully, Mariah," he said softly. "Listen very carefully to what you have to do........"

"TRL" was always a mob scene and this was no exception, teens crowded and cheering as Carson Daly got ready to introduce Mariah. The star herself was in the wings, impatiently waiting for her cue to come on and do her thing. Her hair was tied tight in a bun and she wore a loose shirt and pants, waiting for Daly to get finished with his rant. Shit, no wonder Tara Reid had dumped him if he was like this.

She was vaguely aware of Chad moving behind her but couldn't react before he spoke. "Glitter time, Mariah." Mariah's face went blank as she slipped back into a trance. "Yes, Master," she whispered, waiting for instructions, which soon came......

It was a pretty memorable "TRL," Chad had to admit. Mariah doing a nice Farrah Fawcett imitation, going a bit off track, giving popsicles to the crowd, then startling everyone by stripping off her shirt and doing a dance to hoots from the male audience members. Daly had been put off by this and swiftly ended the segment, sending Mariah back to the hotel a little early.

It had been torture for Chad having to wait until "TRL" was over before he could get out of work. He raced to the hotel and found himself knocking on Mariah's door. She answered, still wearing that sheer sports bra and little else. "Glitter time, Mariah," he intoned and watched her slip back into a trance. "What did you have planned today, Mariah?"

"My website message, Master," she replied.

"Good," Chad smiled. "You need to tell everyone something."

A few minutes later, Mariah was on all fours before a table, her hands trying to type at her computer, a tricky business given how Chad was ramming his cock in and out of her ass, squeezing her cheeks as he went at her. "That's right, Mariah," Chad grunted between thrusts. "Just tell everyone you need to take a minute off, just like that."

"Yes....Master...." Mariah gasped, trying to type as Chad went at her. Chad decided this job needed a special bonus and this was it. He gripped Mariah's ass hard and drove her to the first of what would be several orgasms the two would enjoy the next few weeks as Mariah took "private time." Who said that all that glitters was not gold?


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