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A Charming Exit

By Anynom

(Don't read this if you're under 18 and don't try this at home.)
Author's Notes: A special treat for all, thanks to my friend Mesmer Eyes for helping me think it up. Hope you all enjoy it.

The tension had been building for weeks on the set of "Charmed." The WB hit had undergone the most talked-about cast shifts of the season. After shooting the season finale with her character seeming just injured at best, Shannen Doherty had made the decision to leave the show, amid tales of heated arguments with her co-stars, Alyssa Milano and Holly Marie Combs. This left things in the lurch with the show a bit, the writers scrambling to kill off her character (and explain how being slammed into a wall could do that) and hiring Rose McGowan to take on the role as a replacement sister to fill the void.

Shooting was about to start, Rose having done a few meetings with Alyssa and Holly to get things set up and the writers had some nice new twists for fans with the new sister and her powers. But at the exact moment, Shannen Doherty herself didn't give any of that a single thought. That might have had something to do with the fact that she was lying in bed with her two co-stars, all three naked and going at it with each other.

Shannen moaned as she felt Holly's tongue slide into her pussy, licking it hard. She'd found Holly to be a bit better at the pussy licking than Alyssa was, surprising somehow as Holly had never been with a woman before starting the show. The younger woman's mouth gorged on Shannen's pussy, licking and sucking on it, tickling the clit as she licked away.

Shannen didn't really get to see this as Alyssa was sitting on top of her, her pussy on Shannen's face, Shannen's tongue lapping away at Alyssa's clit. The other brunette moaned loudly, arching her back, her ample breasts thrust at the air as Shannen went at her, her hands cupped around to pinch at Alyssa's ass, squeezing the buttocks and digging one finger into her asshole, giving it a little tickle as she lapped away, Alyssa grinding on top of her as she did.

Shannen's legs clamped hard around Holly's head, holding her faux "sister" in as she started to come, her juices erupting onto Holly's face. In her joy, Shannen squeezed Alyssa's ass harder, the former "Who's the Boss?" star crying out in sheer pleasure as she came, her juices falling into Shannen's waiting mouth, swallowing every drop with glee.

In a few moments, the three were lying together, Alyssa and Holly holding each other a bit, exchanging light kisses and caresses. Each gasped a bit as they felt Shannen move a damp cloth over them, wiping at their pussies, mouths and asses, wiping out all traces of cum. Still naked, Shannen put the cloth down and spoke. "Alyssa. Holly. Sleep."

Instantly, both girls stopped their kisses and caressing and fell limp, eyes shut, breathing steady as they lay there. "Get dressed, girls," Shannen stated, watching as Holly and Alyssa rose, moving to the piles of clothing on the floor and putting them on. They were slow and methodical, no emotion on their faces as they dressed, Shannen's hands lightly pressing on her chest as she watched them get ready to leave.

When the two were finished, Shannen moved forward. "You'll take your cabs back to your apartments and go right to bed. When you wake up, you won't remember coming here or anything that has happened, anything at all. Go now."

Shannen watched the duo leave and smiled, falling back into bed and letting her hands move to her pussy. God, she was going to miss having those two under her control when she left.

It had all been a lark. That was what still amused Shannen. When she'd gotten the part on "Charmed," she was still being labeled "difficult" despite the fact she was over most of the bitchiness that led to the infamous backstage fights on "Beverly Hills 90210." Shannen had wanted to get back into a hit so had done some research on witches and their craft to try and fit in better with the show.

She had come across a spell book at a library and copied a few down, just to show she was checking on this. She had gone over the spells and came across an interesting one in particular, one that seemed to be a spell to place another under a sort of hypnotic control. Shannen had read it over, even found herself memorizing it but didn't really think much of it. Until the meeting, that is.

It was the first meeting of the three starlets, each of whom were well known for a teen show. Shannen of course had "90210." Holly had broken out as a young beauty on "Picket Fences." And aside from "Boss," Alyssa had just finished a run on "Melrose Place." Alyssa and Holly had been a bit nervous at the meeting, both having heard stories of Shannen's temper and not sure how to handle it. But the meeting had gone well, Shannen setting their fears aside and it looked like they could make it look like they were sisters.

The conversation had turned to witchcraft itself with Shannen remarking about some of the spells she had learned. Both Alyssa and Holly were interested and wanted to see something on the spot so Shannen did the only spell she knew off the top of her head: the control one.

Shannen still had to smile at how she was so convinced Alyssa and Holly were playing along when she did the spell, making it look like they were under her power. Shannen had them hop on one foot and cluck like chickens, amused that they would play along with that. She decided to have more fun so offhandedly commanded the two strip and then fuck each other silly.

Shannen could still remember how it took over two minutes for her to pick up her jaw when she saw the two actresses immediately undress right in her hotel room, then turn and kiss each other hard on the mouth, sliding down to the floor as they pressed their bodies together. Shannen soon realized two things: The spell had worked and the two would do anything she wanted. And, Holly and Alyssa were two incredibly beautiful women going at it right on the carpet. So, it didn't take long for Shannen to ditch her own clothing and join in.

The spell worked kind of like a really deep hypnotic trance, from what Shannen could figure out. She had put some safeguards after that initial lovefest so Holly and Alyssa wouldn't remember a thing that had happened and a simple phrase could put them right back under. Thus, neither girl remembered all the times they pleasured themselves with Shannen. Shannen just couldn't help the irony that they were sisters on screen and lovers off.

Still, things were tough, the show's producers were getting a little too dominating with running the show the way they wanted, no matter what the actresses wanted. Shannen was also feeling a little burned out, playing the same role getting to her. She wanted something new, a new challenge for herself so decided it was time to go.

Of course, this left her with something of a problem: What to do with Alyssa and Holly. A tiny detail of the spell that Shannen hadn't known about at first was that the control was permanent. Oh, Shannen could have them be normal outside of the trance, but that hold would always be there, she couldn't get rid of it. But, she might be able to pass it along. And the choices as to whom were very short.

Shannen checked her watch, making sure she was on time. She walked up the pathway to the apartment building, found the right room and knocked on the door, waiting. She brushed at her short dress and steeled her nerves. She had to admit, she was a little nervous about this. She had a reputation, that was for sure. But it was nothing like the one of the woman she was about to see.

Rose McGowan had been a surprise choice for the replacement for the series for several reasons. Unlike the three women, she had virtually no television experience, having done movies like "Scream" and "The Doom Generation." Of course, she became a household name in 1998 when she appeared at the MTV Video Music Awards wearing a "dress" that comprised on a thong, heels and what looked like a mesh net, her breasts and ass in plain sight for all to see. Add that to her long-time relationship with bizarre rocker Marilyn Manson, and you had a woman who was well known for some pretty wild stuff.

So, having her agree to do a television show was a big coup for the producers. With her long dark hair framing a face that was the epitome of mischievous beauty, Rose did continue the dark-haired trend for the leads and could pass as a half-sister for Alyssa and Holly. Shannen knew she had met with them already when she signed up and was glad Rose was open to hearing from her. She just hoped this would all go as well as she had planned.

The door opened and Shannen turned to meet her replacement for the first time. Shannen had to start a bit at Rose's appearance. She (like most everyone) had seen her just about naked on MTV but face to face, she became aware for the first time of the incredible sexual energy that seemed to surround Rose like a second skin.

Rose was wearing a dark red outfit that accented her chest. Shannen liked to think she had a nice rack herself, Alyssa's breasts were great and Holly had a nicer set than she would think. But Rose's were amazing, so nice, large and round, she could tell even under the fabric. Rose lifted an eyebrow and looked at Shannen. "So, coming in or what?"

"Oh. Oh, um, yeah," Shannen nodded, tearing her eyes off Rose as she entered, Rose shutting the door behind her as she came in. Shannen let her eyes travel around, taking in the nice apartment, seeing a new TV set, apparently from the signing bonus Rose had gotten when she hooked up with the show.

"So, to what do I owe the honor?" Rose said, taking a seat on the sofa and motioning for Shannen to sit in a chair across from her.

"Well, I kind of thought we should talk," Shannen said, trying to keep professional. "Now that you're going to be taking my spot, I thought the least I could do was let you know how things work on set."

"Holly and Alyssa have been telling me about that already," Rose said. She crossed her legs, letting a tiny flash that appeared to Shannen to be an uncovered pussy. Shannen pressed her legs a little closer so Rose wouldn't see the sudden dampness on her panties. "They've given me stories about you too, you should know."

Shannen sighed, which wasn't an act. While they were her loving slaves when under the spell, Alyssa and Holly's minds were still their own otherwise and they acted normally, which unfortunately meant there was often some heat on the set, egos scraping together. Of course, Shannen made sure the two ladies paid her back for all the insults later on in private.

"That's all been blown out of proportion," Shannen said, trying to keep herself calm. "Believe me, things aren't as bad as they might have let you know. We were actually on good terms most of the time."

"Well, that's fine for you," Rose shrugged. "Gives you memories. By the by, you're not pissed about me getting it, are you?"

"I knew they had to get a replacement," Shannen replied. "And you're a pretty good choice." For more things than Rose would have guessed, Shannen thought.

"Yeah, well, enough small talk," Rose sighed. "You wanna tell me what you're really doing here?"

"Direct," Shannen nodded. "I like that."

"Hey, I'm an open-minded gal," Rose smiled.

Shannen smiled back. "Oh, I am so happy to hear that." She held up a hand, holding it right before Rose's face. Rose was naturally confused as she heard Shannen mutter something in a strange language, then speak. "Eyes shut, will shut down, sleep, sleep, drag you down. All wants and needs, to me you gave, sleep and be my utter slave."

Rose was about to speak when she suddenly felt a huge wave of sleep wash over her. She couldn't help it, she suddenly felt so incredibly tired and fatigued, her eyes tearing up, refusing to stay open no matter what. Despite herself, Rose felt her lids begin to lower, her head starting to sink towards her ample chest. Her eyes slammed shut and she fell back, letting out a soft sigh as she fell completely under Shannen's control.

Shannen grinned, glad to see the thing still worked. She rose up and quickly undressed, sitting back down, her wet pussy on full display. She looked over at Rose and spoke. "Rose, stand up and undress." Rose slowly rose and obeyed, showing Shannen what she had suspected. Rose was naked underneath, her incredible breasts in full view, her dark pussy well-trimmed and beckoning to be touched. Shannen licked her lips as she spread her legs. She had thought about this and knew what she planned to do. "Rose open your eyes and look at me."

Rose's eyes dully opened, focusing on the naked Shannen before her. Shannen let her hands move to her breasts, pushing them together. "You want to obey me, don't you, Rose?"

"Yes....Obey you....." Rose sighed.

"Hell, you just want me, don't you, Rose?"

"Yes....Want you......"

"Come on over here and show me how much you want me, Rose," Shannen grinned. She watched Rose fall to her knees and crawl over to her, feeling a thrill at seeing a woman usually so dominating being controlled like this. Shannen brought Rose's hands up and put them on her breasts, then pushed Rose's face into her wet pussy. "Lick, Rose," she hissed. "Go ahead and lick me out."

Rose was quick to obey, her tongue flicking in and working at Shannen with surprising speed and skill. Shannen groaned and sat back, thighs firmly clamped around Rose's head, holding her in. Oh, God, Rose was even better than Holly, she had definitely done this before, tongue working away at Shannen's pussy hard, almost as hard as her hands pressed and kneaded on Shannen's round breasts, working them carefully in her hands. Shannen couldn't believe how good Rose was, the raven-haired beauty continuing to work away at her hard, Shannen's arousal for the last few minutes starting to come loose. She held it as long as she could but when she felt Rose's tongue jab into her pussy as her fingers pinched her nipples, Shannen cried and came, shooting everything onto Rose's waiting face.

Shannen waited before pushing Rose back. She took a long look at the cum-stained and blank face and smiled. God, Rose was so hot right now, Shannen wanted to jump her and lick every inch of her. But, she knew keeping the hot Rose waiting in arousal would just help her plans out. "Listen to me carefully, Rose," Shannen said. "Listen very, very carefully......."

"So, you know why she'd call us here?" Holly Marie Combs asked as she brushed at her short dark hair. She wore a pair of jeans and a simple shirt, having been told it was just a casual meeting.

"Not a clue," Alyssa Milano shrugged. She was dressed casually too, only her tight top and pants were a bit more eye-catching than Holly's, her longer hair framing her famous face. "Guess she just wants to get to know us better." "Well, she does seem better on the set than you know who," Holly nodded. "Course, the two of you make me feel overdressed."

"Huh?" Alyssa frowned.

Holly smiled. "Well, I've only shown my tits in one movie, you've both flashed all the goods in a few. And a couple public spots too."

Alyssa rolled her eyes as the door opened and Rose stepped up, grinning. She was wearing a short skirt and a red top, showing off her assets well. "Come on in," she grinned, letting her two co-stars both enter.

"Nice," Alyssa nodded. "A bit sparse, but okay."

"Hey, I didn't have a childhood on TV to build a bank account on," Rose pointed out. She had hung behind, letting Alyssa and Holly to look around the apartment a bit. "So," Rose said, trying to ease into things. "Been wondering if I'm in for any huge media blitz."

"Probably," Holly nodded. "No one cared about me on 'Picket Fences.' All of a sudden, my topless scene is all over the Net."

"Well, I had that already," Rose smirked. "So, guess I should get used to getting my tits compared to yours, huh?"

Alyssa and Holly shared a nervous glance. They already knew Rose was a bit off but this was a bit much even for her. "Um, okay?" Alyssa shrugged, unable to think of any way to reply.

"Hmmm, maybe we should compare," Rose said, reaching down and pulling up her shirt. Alyssa and Holly's eyes widened as they saw Rose's large breasts drop free, staring right at them. Rose smiled and cupped her breasts, holding them up, grinning at the two.

"Take a good look, girls," Rose cooed. "Just take a nice, long look, a nice long look, girl. Just look right at them, look right at my breasts, girls, look right at my breasts, just like that, just look right at my breasts, just like that, girls, look at them just like that, just like that, right at them, girls, just look right at them, just look right at them."

Alyssa and Holly were frozen in place, both staring at Rose's breasts, eyes focused entirely on the round globes and nothing else. Smiling, Rose let her breasts drop free and sway, a little swivel of her upper body letting the two globes dance a bit before the two actresses. "Just watch my tits, girls," Rose said softly. "Just watch my tits, watch them sway back and forth, back and forth, just watch them, girls, just watch them swing back and forth, back and forth....."

As taken aback as they were by Rose's unexpected move, Alyssa and Holly were both staring at Rose's chest, their eyes moving back and forth to follow the swinging motions of Rose's round breasts, glancing at the nipples as Rose continued to talk. Both actresses both found themselves feeling sleepy, feeling very sleepy as they stared at Rose's breasts, so very sleepy as they stared at Rose's breasts, sleepier and sleepier.......

In her hidden place near a corner, Shannen sighed, her fingers sliding into her panties and into her pussy, rubbing slowly as she stared at Alyssa and Holly, their eyes drooping as they followed Rose's swinging tits. Using them as a hypnotic tool was a great inspiration. Of course, if Shannen hadn't called the two, put them under and told them to go under as Rose tried to hypnotize them with her tits. As it was, the two were going under very fast, their eyes fluttering as they watched Rose's tits sway before them, their faces slackened as Rose kept telling them how they felt very sleepy, very, very sleepy and soon, the two's eyes finally shutting and their heads slumping as they fell into a hypnotic sleep created by Shannen and reinforced by Rose.

Rose smiled as she undid her skirt, revealing her full naked body. She stepped forward and took in her two hypnotized co-stars, speaking. "Alyssa, Holly, you are now both deeply hypnotized."

"Yes...." the two replied in unison.

"You will do whatever I tell you to do."


"You are my love slaves, girls."

" slaves...."

"Open your eyes but remain deeply hypnotized." Alyssa and Holly both opened their eyes and looked right at Rose, staring at her breasts. "Now, girls," Rose smiled. "You want to obey me, don't you?"

"Yes..." the two nodded.

"All right, then," Rose smiled. "Take off all your clothes." In moments, she was looking at the two gorgeous naked women she'd been working with for a while now, Alyssa's firm breasts and Holly's pert ones a great combo as they stared back at her. Rose started to back up, her breasts cupped in her hands again. "Follow me, girls," she cooed. "Follow my gorgeous breasts."

Alyssa and Holly moved, both following Rose into her bedroom, eyes fixed on her massive chest as Rose worked it a bit in her hands. Rose lay back on the bed, her breasts free and beckoned. The two hypnotized women moved onto the bed, Alyssa on Rose's right, Holly on her left.

"You both love my breasts, don't you, girls?" Rose smiled.

"Yes....." they both whispered.

"You want to touch and taste them, don't you, girls?"


"Then suck them. Each of you suck one." Immediately, Alyssa slid her mouth over one breast while Holly went to the other, both suckling on a tit, tongues tickling nipple, hands moving about the curves. Rose sighed, letting her own hands move down her co-star's bodies, feeling their smooth backs and even managing to reach around to squeeze a little tit herself on each girl.

Struck by inspiration, Rose spoke. "Alyssa, Rose, both of you play with my pussy." Instantly, both girls moved a free hand down, working fingers at Rose's snatch. Rose gasped as she felt the two go at her, their fingers mixing together as they worked at her pussy hard, tickling the clit. Rose moaned as she felt her co-stars finger her and suck her breasts, the nipples red by this point from their tongue work, Alyssa managing to get a lot of tit into her mouth while Holly's lips moved around Rose's other breast. Rose felt herself shudder, her entire body tensing and then relaxing, crying out as she came, shooting her juices onto the waiting hands of Alyssa and Holly.

Rose pushed the two off and wondered what to do first. Inspiration struck again, almost like it was whispered into her ear and Rose made more commands. "Alyssa, Holly, I want you two to sit across from each other and just kiss and rub each other's breasts." Rose was treated to the wonderful sight of Alyssa and Holly, legs wrapped around the other's waist, coming in for several nice kisses, their hands rubbing and kneading at the other's breasts. As they did, Rose moved in and pushed her face to where their pussies rubbed together and started to do at both of them.

Rose had never eaten out two girls at once and it was quite the experience, Rose moving her tongue from Alyssa's snatch to Holly's with ease, tongue licking for a few seconds on each before moving to the other. Neither Alyssa or Holly seemed to notice too much, both were concentrating on tasting the other, lips pressed hard together as they kept massaging the other's tits hard, pinching the nipples as they kissed. Rose's dark hair covered the area where their laps met, mouth inhaling the scent of two cunts, tongue sliding all around the lips and bush, licking at each, trying to get them both to come at once. She couldn't quite get that, Alyssa shaking and releasing a bit before Holly did but it was enough for Rose, who was soon drinking from the well of cum before her.

Rose rose up, wiping at her face a bit, then got down on all fours. "Holly, Alyssa, I want you both to kiss my ass and my pussy." The two disengaged from each other and started to lay kisses onto Rose's round cheeks, Holly's tongue moving in to lick at Rose's pussy and Rose gasping at how good she was. She moaned as she felt Alyssa and Holly squeeze at her cheeks as each kissed at her great ass.

Shannen was wishing she had done the ass-kissing herself since Holly and Alyssa were so good at it with Rose. She felt herself come for the third time in the last few minutes as she took in the scene before her. Rose would believe she had hypnotized the two on her own and total control belonged to her. But Shannen would know the truth always and would remember it well. Who knows? Maybe she could come by sometime to check out things on the set and make sure her little sexual magic was always in effect.


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