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Controlled Celeb 15: Alicia Silverstone

By Anynom

Author's Notes: Don't read this if you're under 18 and don't try this at home. Enjoy.

It had been a long night and Alicia Silverstone was looking forward to collapsing into bed. Another boring Hollywood party was done and Alicia had spent the entire night answering the same stupid questions she always got and trying to keep the smile on her face. She would really have rather avoided it, but her rep had been damaged by "Batman and Robin" and "Excess Baggage" and she had to reestablish herself fast if she wanted her career back on track.

Her blond hair was piled up in a bun and she wore a light blue dress with no bra, a great way to stay cool on a muggy L.A. night. She walked into her bedroom, intending to take a quick bath and then hit the sack. A package lying on her bed caught her eye. Curious, she walked over and picked it up. It was a brightly colored box with a card on it saying:

"A special gift for a special star. It'll help you sleep tight."

Alicia smiled. She always got a little insomnia when shooting a movie and her helpers knew it. One of them must have cooked this up for her. She opened the box and pulled out a pair of large headphones with a built-in tape player. She slipped them on over her head and hit the play button.

Her body suddenly straightened and tingled all over as a high-pitched squeal came from the speakers and then relaxed. Music began to play out from the speakers, a soft, gliding tune that made Alicia fell like she was floating. Her mind filled with visions of clouds and birds chirping, a nice chorus of images that made her feel more relaxed by the minute. She barely paid conscious attention the subliminal messages the recording was putting into her mind. Alicia just let all her cares as well as her dress.

She let it fall around her and stood, nude save for panties, as the five-minute tape placed her into a deep trance. Obeying the final command, she pulled the headphones off her head and stood there, waiting. She didn't have to wait long. A pair of hands slid around her and grabbed her full breasts, squeezing them tightly. Alicia closed her eyes and leaned back kissing the stranger who had entered the room unseen.

Alicia didn't know who he was or how he'd gotten in and she didn't care. All she cared about was the wonderful feeling as the man massaged her tits, his hard cock pressed up against her smooth ass. He pushed her onto the bed and in one smooth motion slipped off her panties, exposing her bush to the world.

The man straddled her and they embraced and exchanged a long, hot kiss. The man slid the cock into her pussy and began to slowly pump it in and out of her. She moaned as she took it inside, gripping her legs tighter around his rod. The man buried his face in between her lush breasts, licking at the cleavage and nipples with glee. "Harder," she said huskily.

"Fuck me harder. I want it bad, baby, bad!" The man was all to happy to oblige, his cock driving the few inches further into her pussy he needed to bring them both into orgasm, both crying out as they felt it rock through them. The man pushed Alicia onto her side and slid his cock into her ass. He gripped her from behind as they lay together, rocking gently behind her, his cock squirming around her asshole.

Alicia didn't bother with speaking, she just moaned, louder and louder as the man shoved into her. She couldn't believe how great this felt, better than anything she had done before. She had no way of knowing that the tape had programmed her for such a response and she was merely fulfilling the wishes of her strange master.

The man unexpectedly pulled his cock out of Alicia's ass and pushed her onto her back. He shoved his cock into her face and watched her take it eagerly into her hands. She put it into her mouth and began sucking on it, her lips moving up and down the rod, her tongue tickling the balls. It was almost professional in a way, yet delivered with a fervor that showed just how much she was truly enjoying it.

She gripped her lips around his cock as he blasted his wad down her throat, and continued to lick until all his cum was gone. Alicia smiled as she felt herself pulled into another embrace. Although she would have no memories of this night, her dreams would carry the joys for a long time to come.



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