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Brave New Interviewer 12: Fire Survivor

By Anynom

Author's Notes: Don't read this if you're under 18 and don't try this at home. Someone was asking for Survivor stories and the idea just came to me. Yes, I have fallen so low. Now, you may argue with my particular choice but hey, I thought she was the hottest of the bunch. Enjoy.

I didn't want the job. Let me get that straight right off the bat. I never understood the allure of "Survivor." Sure, it's entertaining but to become a national obsession? Twice? I just couldn't figure it out. For me, watching people step on each other, turn on one another and all that just didn't seem as entertaining as people wanted. Sure, it was cool to see them try to survive in the wild but the whole voting each other off just didn't seem right somehow.

Plus, it started this whole wave of copycat shows, which is something I just can't stand, no matter what. I had managed to get lucky and avoid having to interview anyone from the first show but my luck ran out with the second. And wouldn't you know it? 16 "castaways" and the one I got assigned to talk to was the queen bitch who became the most hated woman in America.

Jerri-----oh, who cares about the last name, really, am I right? She'll always be "Jerri from 'Survivor.'" Or "Mega-bitch of the 21st century," to use one of the more polite nicknames. We'd all seen her on the show; backstabbing, minipulating, flaunting herself, obviously using the show to try and promote her acting career. Despite losing and despite the fact that everyone loved it when she did, she was still trying to promote herself, with a rumored "Playboy" pictorial, a spot on a soap opera and more.

I'd resigned myself to having to do the interview and dealing with Jerri. I had handled prima donnas before, much to my dismay and frayed nerves. I tried to just roll with it but occasionally (okay, more than occasionally), the ones who really ripped into me got my own special form of payback.

I met Jerri at a hotel near the beach where she was living while finishing up yet another television appearance. She was dress in a loose pair of jeans and t-shirt, her dark curly hair framing her attractive face. I steeled myself for the worse as I shook her hand, the two of us taking a seat at a table set on the small balcony just outside the room.

Well, I have to admit to being mildly surprised at how the interview proceeded. Yes, there were flashes of ego, that came with the territory in Hollywood. But she was a far cry from the bitch that came off on the show. Guess they really did do editing for dramatic effect.

Well, what can I say? I'm near a beautiful woman, alone, a quiet night, it's pretty damn obvious what was going to happen. I just decided to let things progress and decide just how to do the deed. As it happens, Jerri herself gave me the entry I needed.

"Love the view," she said, glancing down at the seaside below, a light breeze blowing her dark hair. She glanced to the candle on the table between our drinks and sighed. "Great. Another damn flame. You have absolutely no idea how sick you can get of torches after all those voting off ceremonies."

"Well, the flame is a very primal thing," I said carefully, moving my hand towards the candle, picking it up and holding it before her eyes. "It's something that kind of speaks to something in human nature, all human nature. Just take a look at it. Watch the flame, Jerri, watch it carefully. Watch how it flickers in the wind, just watch it, Jerri, watch the wonderful flame, Jerri, watch the wonderful flame. Just watch it flicker, Jerri, watch it flicker about in the breeze, watch it flicker, Jerri, just watch the wonderful flame, Jerri, watch the wonderful flame, just watch the wonderful flame, Jerri. It's very relaxing, Jerri, it's very relaxing to watch the flame, Jerri, it's relaxing to watch the flame, just keep watching the flame, Jerri, keep watching the flame, watch the flame, Jerri, watch the flame carefully, Jerri, watch the flame very, very carefully, Jerri, feel yourself relaxing more and more as you watch the flame, watch the flame and feel yourself relax more and more, Jerri, relax more and more as you watch the flame."

Jerri's eyes were glued to the flame indeed, facial muscles relaxing in that way I knew so well. "Yes, very relaxed, Jerri, very relaxed, so very relaxed. Your mind is relaxed as you watch the wonderful flame, Jerri, your body relaxed as you watch the flame, very relaxed as you watch the flame, Jerri, so very relaxed as you watch the flame, Jerri, so very relaxed now, Jerri, so very, very relaxed. You're so very relaxed, Jerri, you're so very, very relaxed. You feel so relaxed, Jerri, you want to close your eyes, you want to close your eyes, Jerri, I know you enjoy watching the flame but you have to close your eyes, Jerri, you have to close your eyes and relax completely, just close your eyes and relax, Jerri, relax."

Jerri's eyes fluttered closed, head slumping forward as I led her into a trance. "Open your eyes, Jerri but remain deeply relaxed." Jerri's eyes half opened, immediately focusing on the flickering flame before her. "Look into the flame, Jerri, look deeply into the flame," I intoned. "Just keep looking into the wonderful flame and you feel so relaxed, Jerri, you feel so very relaxed. So relaxed now, Jerri, so relaxed that you'll do whatever I say, Jerri, you'll do whatever I say, Jerri."

" say...." she whispered. The idea of controlling a woman who tried to manipulate other people just gave me a thrill and it continued as I stood up, holding the candle and walking into the room, Jerri rising from her chair and following, eyes still stuck to the candle, letting me lead her right into the bedroom.

I swiftly put the candle down and undressed, sitting on the bed, still holding the candle. "Undress, Jerri," I commanded. "And as you do, you'll feel very aroused so that when you're naked, you'll want sex very, very much." I watched her undress, pulling her shirt over her head to reveal a white bra. Unsnapping it freed her full and firm breasts. She quickly shucked her jeans and panties as well, letting me see the whole package. I have to say, if "Playboy" did make the deal, they'd have quite the beauty for it.

I turned, placing the candle on the end table and turning back just in time to have Jerri practically attack me, launching herself on my body and laying a big wet one on my face. Given how she freely talked about her sexual desires on the show, I guess I shouldn't have been so surprised, not that I was complaining, running my hands down her back and to her nice ass, giving it a tight squeeze, causing her to moan in pleasure. We continued to kiss as she pressed against my body, her breasts on my chest.

She sat up, maneuvering herself so she was on my hard cock, immediately beginning to rock back and forth on me, her breasts bouncing with every move forward, groaning as she did. I let my hands drift up to those gorgeous tits, squeezing them hard and pushing them together as she rode me. I grunted as I drove my shaft up into her, letting her impale herself on my manhood. I groaned louder as she rocked on me, her breasts continuing to be kneaded in my hands and moving down on me as I kept going. Groaning, I felt myself build and loved how Jerri shrieked as I came into her, shooting my wad into her body and shaking her entire frame.

Jerri collapsed on me, kissing me on the mouth again as we rolled around. I moved over her and glanced towards the candle, a sudden thought coming to me. I usually don't go for especially kinky stuff but I just couldn't resist this. I leaned over and picked up the candle, lifting it over Jerri's body. "You will feel no pain over this, Jerri," I whispered. "Only pleasure." I tilted and let the wax drip down and onto Jerri's chest. She hissed, involuntarily tensing as the wax spread over her breasts, dripping down her cleavage.

I moved myself back towards her, letting her legs hook around my waist as I brought my cock to her pussy. I let my hands drift over her chest again, feeling my hands over the wax as I began to pump into her. I didn't know where else the night would take us but I was sure of one thing. They give me and some of my other controller pals our own reality show and the ratings would be through the roof. Not to mention our fan base......


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