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Baker's Trio

By Anynom

Author's Notes: Don't read this if you're under 18 and don't try this at home. Had this idea for a while now, almost ready to bring it to life. It makes mention to my story "Just Deserts," so it's good to read that too. Enjoy.

One thing could definitely be said for Kevin Smith: He knew how to get his hands on talent.

The writer/director of such cult classics as "Clerks," "Chasing Amy" and "Dogma" was ready to do his final film in the little universe he had created. "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back" would be a great send-off featuring Smith's two most popular creations, the foul-mouthed, talkative Jay, played by Jason Mewes, and the aptly-titled, close-mouthed Bob,played by Smith himself.

As was typical for Smith, a lifelong comics buff who actually got to write a few comics recently, comic themes played a big role. The plot had Jay and Silent Bob learning of a comic book based on them being made into a movie. When they realized that the producers weren't going to be paying them a cent for it, they decided to take a trip to Hollywood and sabotage the film any way they could.

The movie would feature all of Smith's past stars: Chris Rock, George Carlin, Jason Lee, Joey Lauren Adams, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon (sending up their own images as "the Miramax poster boys") and more. Smith even found a way to get cameos by Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamil as a villain who got to wield a laser sword in classic Luke Skywalker fashion.

However, there were three actresses, all making their first appearances in a Smith film and whose characters would no doubt help boost the film's popularity: A trio of leather-clad lesbian jewel thieves who the two hapless slackers would run into. Just the idea of three gorgeous lesbians in tight latex jumpsuits was enough. But that they were all being played by actresses who had risen to stardom for incredibly sexy roles.

Eliza Dushku had been the first to hit it big. It was enough for fans of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" for her to show up in hot outfits, boasting about how hot and horny she was. Her sexed- up attitude, combined with her turn to evil midway through the season, got her a massive following.

Ali Larter had also taken off in one role, that of the conniving high school student trying to bed a new start jock in "Varsity Blues." She wrote herself into film immortality with the scene in which her character tries to seduce the jock wearing only whipped cream on her chest and around her pubic and ass region.

Finally, there was Shannon Elizabeth. A small-time actresses, she'd made her career with her turn as a hot foreign exchange student in "American Pie." Her scene topless and masturbating on a bed was for many the highlight of the entire film. She'd followed that up with a hot "Playboy" pictorial and a role in "Scary Movie." "Tomcats" may not have been the big hit she wanted but she was still flaunting the sexpot role while she could.

For the three, the film was a great gig, Kevin was a truly funny guy on and off-screen. Not only were they sexy as hell, they even got to parody their sexy images as well. They only played a brief role in the film but they knew they were the ones bringing in the guys so they went along with things. Still, it was good to get a break from it all.

"I'm telling you, you guys are going to love this," Shannon said as she led Ali and Eliza down the street towards some of the specialty shops around town. She was dressed in a light dress, the chest not overt but still fighting to hold back her more than ample breasts, her dark black hair framing her gorgeous face. "Found it a while back while I was getting this cake, it's awesome."

"Hey, I thought we were going to do some actual shopping," Eliza said, shaking her long dark hair behind her. She was dressed simply in jeans and a light t-shirt, her breasts not as big but still quite nice as seen by her shirt.

"Hey, it's Shannon's call, let's go along with it," Ali answered. She slid off her sunglasses and put them into her light jacket. She wore a blue blouse and light skirt that showed off her nice legs, her blond hair completing the trio of long locks of the women.

"Thanks, Ali," Shannon nodded. "Look, just take a look. We wanted to get something for Kevin anyway for the film ending, this will be a great place, come on!" She pushed open the door of the shop they had stopped before and, sharing a glance, Ali and Eliza followed.

It seemed to be just another simple bakery shop, rows of cakes on display in windows around it. It was quiet at the moment, the only occupant the man behind the counter. He had a good build with short red hair and a nice smile that grew as he saw the three women enter. "Hi!" he said. "Can I help you with something?"

"Thank God, he doesn't recognize us," Ali muttered.

"Tell me about it," Eliza whispered back. "I hear one more guy hit on 'Faith' and I'm gonna scream."

"Hi!" Shannon smiled as she came up to the man. "Um, is Becky here?"

"Guess you haven't been here in a while," the man said, shaking his head. "Becky decided to try out a new location, sold me the store. I'm Barry." "Aw, man, that's too bad," Shannon frowned. "I really liked how she'd show the stuff."

"Well, hey, she let me know before I took over," Barry said. "Taught me all her tricks and stuff, I can show you something right now, if you want."

"That'll be great," Shannon smiled. "We were looking for something for a friend of ours."

"Step right over here then and we'll see what's what," Barry said as he walked to a nearby cupboard, pulled it open and took out a round cake on a slightly raised stand. "Here you go," he said, putting it down on the counter so all three women could look at it, Eliza and Ali crowding slightly before Shannon to look at it. It looked to be a vanilla cake with a long circular streak of chocolate moving around it, rings seeming to form inside.

"I don't know," Eliza said, biting her lip. "We want to try and reward Kevin a bit more than this, I think."

"Maybe we need a little more cream on it," Ali said. It wasn't until Eliza and Shannon laughed that she realized how silly that comment was given her "Varsity Blues" scene. Rolling her eyes, she looked back down at the cake. "It just doesn't look like much."

"Maybe not now," Barry allowed. "Here, let me try it with this." He flicked a switch and the cake began to spin on the tray a bit. Not fast but still in a nice and smooth effect. The girls watched as it spun around and around, the trails on the cake seeming to flow easier and create an odd pattern, a pattern that soon resembled a spiral. The three women all looked down at the newly created spiral on the cake, watching it spin around and around before them.

"I really think it's a nice effect to watch," Barry said softly. "It's really a nice effect to just look into the spiral, it's nice to look right into the spiral, it's really nice just to look deeper and deeper into the spiral. Just keep looking, girls, just keep looking into the spiral, just keep looking into the spiral, let the spiral relax you, girls, let the spiral relax you. As you look deeper and deeper into the spiral, you can feel yourselves relaxing, girls, relaxing more and more as the spiral takes you in, the spiral is taking you in, girls, it's taking you in and relaxing you more and more, it's relaxing you more and more, girls, relaxing you more and more as the spiral welcomes you. Just relax more and more, girls, let the spiral swallow you and relax, relax, girls, all of you relax more and more as the spiral swallows you. Let the spiral swallow you, girls, let the spiral swallow you more and more, let it swallow you more and more, more and more......."

Shannon's eyes were already glazed over, completely hypnotized. Eliza was almost as deep, Ali a little more awake but Barry knew she would be under too before long. He smiled as he took in the three actresses. Becky should never have hired him to help her out and definitely should have made sure he wasn't around when she tried her special cake out on one of her customers. Barry had secretly watched from a storage closet as Becky put a woman under and took her into the storeroom for fun.

Unfortunately for Becky, Barry knew a little something about hypnosis too, although he preferred a shiny crystal to a cake. Surprisingly, the hypnotic Becky went under pretty fast and deep and it didn't take long for her to tell Barry all about her past "special clients" and how to trigger trances and put people under with her cakes. Soon after, Becky was "persuaded" to sell her store to Barry, giving him the opportunity to make a profit in more ways than one.

He'd hoped Shannon would drop by someday but he hadn't expected her to bring such lovely company. He watched as all three succumbed to the spiral before them before speaking. "You're now all relaxed, girls," he said. "You are all relaxed and you have all surrendered to the spiral."

" the....spiral....." The three intoned.

"I own the spiral, girls, so you've surrendered to me," Barry grinned.

"" the three said, still staring at the spinning cake before them. Barry wanted to take them all right here and now but knew he had to plan this carefully. "Listen to me very carefully, girls," Barry said. "I'm going to tell you a place to go to and what to do when you get there........"

Barry's nice home was the benefit of his skills, with donations from customers helping him manage his life. It was a great place to come home too. As Barry pulled in, he saw a strange car in his driveway and his grin grew as he realized he had something great to come home to.

He got out of the car and to the front door. Twisting the knob, he could see that it was unlocked, just like he hoped for. Smiling he entered and took in the sight before her.

"Hey, there," Eliza said. She was wearing the same style of bikini as she did in the movie "Bring it On," clinging to every curve of her nice body, her breasts shown well along with her nicely toned long legs. "We've been waiting for you."

"We?" Barry said, feigning innocence.

"Yes," an accented voice spoke behind him. Barry turned to see Shannon standing behind him. She wore only a pair of white panties and her large round breasts beckoned for his touch which Barry couldn't wait to do. "We are hoping for some fun," she said, using the same thick accent as her "America Pie" character, which added to the sexiness of the moment.

"Lots of it," Ali's voice spoke. Barry turned to see her walk out of the kitchen and felt his mouth go dry. She was completely naked, save for a liberal amount of whipped cream, tufts covering her nice breasts with a bright red cherry on each nipple and a large foamy covering over her lower torso, hiding her pussy and spreading around to her ass. She grinned sultry as she looked over Barry. "Wanna join in?"

"Thought you'd never ask," Barry grinned, divesting himself of his clothes in a flash as the three came up to them. Eliza kissed him first, a hot and passionate one. Then Shannon brought him in for a lighter kiss, then Ali took him, tickling his lips with her tongue. Before he knew it, Barry was naked before them as he looked around at each.

He settled on Ali and moved her towards the living room, lowering onto the light tarp he'd carefully had placed on the floor earlier (it wasn't the first time he'd had "dates" with a cream fetish). He glanced over to where Eliza and Shannon were moving forward. "Ladies, dig in," he announced as he moved down, pushing his face to Ali's pussy and began to lick away at the whipped cream covering it. Immediately, Eliza and Shannon each moved to one of Ali's breasts, tongues lapping away, Eliza swallowing one cherry whole, Shannon chewing hers a bit while licking away at Ali's tit.

Barry had licked away enough cream to expose Ali's blond clit. He let his tongue drag and dip inside a few times before rising up and parting Ali's legs, allowing him to slide in his cock. He started to pump away at it, pushing his rod in and out of Ali's pussy, the shaft stained with bits of cream. Ali was groaning away at each thrust of his rod into her, helped by the fact that Shannon and Eliza were both licking away at her tit, Eliza taking a whole nipple in her mouth, cream covering her face as she licked away at Ali's erect nipple. Shannon was taking long and smooth swallows of cream, letting her tongue drag along Ali's left breast. All the while, Barry kept on pumping away at the cream-covered pussy, his strokes hard, the entire experience driving Ali to the edge. Barry looked up and saw that Shannon had one hand in her panties, fingering herself with Eliza doing the same. The sight of the two fingering themselves with licking at Ali's breasts was enough to make Barry lose control and let loose inside Ali, the actress screaming at the incredible orgasm.

Barry pulled out of her and moved over to Shannon, pulling her away. He kissed her hard, loving the taste of cream on her face. He moved them over, lying down and pulling her onto him. He pulled her up so her could let his face be engulfed by her incredible chest, the breasts hanging beautifully over him, the sharp nipples so eager to be played with. Shannon closed her eyes and moaned as Barry kneaded her breasts hard, squeezing them as Shannon started to slide herself onto his rod.

Meanwhile, Eliza had moved onto Ali, the two kissing each other hard as Eliza rubbed her body on top of the blond actress. Ali pushed aside Eliza's skimpy top, revealing her pointed and full breasts, licking the nipples as Eliza moved on her, the brunette's face lost in lust as Ali licked at her nipples, massaging her tits.

Eliza suddenly broke away and turned Ali over, revealing her still whipped cream ass. Eliza moved down and let her mouth begin to run all over Ali's round ass, tongue dragging up the whipped cream. As she did, she let her fingers drift along to Ali's pussy, parting the lips and working inside it, fingering the blonde as she kept licking at Ali's ass.

Meanwhile, Shannon had sat herself up so she was riding Barry's cock long and hard, breasts bouncing with every thrust forward onto him. Barry's hands were kneading away at Shannon's hard tits, squeezing them hard as she rode him. "Yes!" she cried in her accented voice. "Yes, orgasm me like that!" Her accented cries rose to a crescendo as Barry let loose, blasting his wad into her and causing her to arch back in ecstasy. That was echoed a few moments later when Ali, rubbing herself on the floor, felt herself come onto Eliza's fingers, the dark-haired girl moving her face down from her tongue to her pussy to lick at the juices.

Barry groaned as he pushed Shannon off and moved to Eliza. He gripped her tight ass, squeezing it hard and loving how she moaned as he did. "How do you want it?" he asked. "Wanna lick Shannon," Eliza gasped. "And have you take me from behind."

A few moments later, they were an interesting group. Eliza was on her hands and knees as Barry moved his cock into her waiting hole. He immediately began pumping her from behind, Eliza groaning as she felt him go at her from that position. She moved forward and buried her face into Shannon's waiting pussy. She started to lick away, thrust back and forth by Barry's intense moves, his hands squeezing her buttocks as he fucked her from behind, Eliza's breasts bouncing with every move forward.

There was movement and suddenly Eliza felt a tongue on her clit. She realized that Ali, not wanting to be left out, had slid under her and was now reaching up to lick at Eliza's pussy even as Barry fucked her ass. Eliza groaned louder, as did Barry when Ali's tongue would occasionally slide along his balls. Shannon couldn't see any of this, she had her eyes closed, face in ecstasy as she withered on the floor. Her hands pressed her large tits together as Eliza's tongue lapped away at her pussy, brief breaks when she'd be pulled back by Barry's thrusts.

Below them, Ali kept right at it, moving her tongue from Eliza's pussy to Barry's balls and even licking his shaft a bit before returning the favor Eliza had done with her tongue licking earlier. Eliza groaned through the juices coming out of Shannon's pussy as Barry kept slamming into her behind. Barry grit his teeth and let loose, blasting his wad into Eliza's behind. Her cries were muffled first as she came onto Ali and then Shannon came onto her, the dark haired actress crying out in joy.

Barry had so many positions to put them through the night. Having Ali sit on Shannon, Shannon licking her pussy while Ali sucked Barry's cock. Eliza doing a little cock sucking as Ali and Shannon did a 69. Giving Shannon a nice tit fucking while Eliza rode Ali's face hard. The three girls in a wild orgy of limbs, licking and sucking away at each other as Barry watched. It was a great night but it had to end.

Barry had them clean up (with some nice fun in the shower) and then redress. Putting them back under and removing all the sexed-up programming, he had them go back to their car and drive off. They would wake up at Eliza's hotel, remembering only a night of partying, nothing more. Subconcisouly, they each had special triggers Barry could use at any time and they each had the feeling to tell any beautiful female co-stars about the special shop and how the owner just seemed to have the ingredients for a fun night.


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