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Angie and Gillian

By Anynom

(Don't read this if you're under 18 and don't try this at home.)
Author's Notes: This is a special treat for a special lady before she leaves the Net for a while. Thanks also to Latin Hypno for a pic he did that helped inspire this. Angie, this is for you. Enjoy.

Los Angeles was such a great place to visit. The weather was nice and warm, the accommodations not bad and walking the streets was a nice pastime. All in all, Angie was loving it a lot, even if she wasn't exactly here by choice.

It had been a while since Angelina Jolie had given a call to Angie but the moment she heard a phrase spoken over her phone, the leggy redhead had instantly felt total and complete obedience to the Oscar-winning actress, a state she had fallen into again and again since she'd been hypnotized by Angelina.

It was so strange for Angie to go through every day knowing deep down that she was Angelina's utter hypnotic slave but unable to do anything about it or tell anyone about it. It wasn't a totally bad thing. She'd always been infatuated with Angelina and being able to make love to her as much as possible could never be a bad thing as the actress was insatiable in bed.

However, Angelina could be just a tad too controlling, as was now as she could call Angie up and have her dump everything she had at work and her private life to come over to L.A., just so Angelina could have a "farewell fuck" before going off to work on a new movie abroad. The very least the actress could have done was to get Angie a return bus ticket instead of leaving her stranded and a bit strapped for cash in the heart of the major city.

So, Angie was walking the streets of L.A., trying to find a Western Union spot to wire a friend for some cash. She was working on the explanation as to why she was in L.A. and needed the money as she walked through a small shopping plaza. By pure happenstance, she was walking past the food court and glanced towards it, wishing she had enough money for a big lunch. She stopped in place, feeling an overwhelming sense of deja vu as a figure at a nearby table caught her eye.

Redheads aren't too common, so seeing one was enough to get attention. That her hair was a brilliant red made it all the easier to stand out. Of course, it also helped that she was very attractive, a small mole on one cheek highlighting her professional perfection, her small but shapely form clad in a lovely pink top and dark skirt. She was chewing on a salad and glanced about, letting Angie see her full on.

Angie fought to keep her jaw from dropping. She couldn't believe it. Less than ten feet away was the only woman on Earth besides Angelina who could get her wet just by appearing on a TV screen: Gillian Anderson, now entering her ninth (and final) season of the X-Files. Angie had always enjoyed the show, not because of the mystery or mythology but Gillian. She had long decided that if Gillian quit the show, she'd stop watching and indeed, her presence was the only reason she was watching the frankly lame eps of late.

Angie bit her lip to control herself, thoughts of her and Gillian together crashing together. She steeled herself, realizing that she belonged to Angelina and the actress could be quite unique with her punishments if Angie strayed in thought or deed. Angie managed a weak smile and turned to leave. God, she wanted to talk to Gillian so bad but she didn't think Angelina would approve. Taking a breath to steel herself, Angie walked off, convinced she would only be able to talk about spotting Gillian to others.

She was nearing the Western Union office, which was set in a quiet corner of the mall, away from the usual hustle and bustle when she heard footsteps behind her. She turned and was stunned to see Gillian there. She was a bit smaller in person but Angie didn't really reflect on that. She was just surprised to see such a big-name star coming after her.

Before she could open her mouth to ask, Angie's eyes fell on Gillian's and instantly the younger woman felt a rush of relaxation come over her. There was something about Gillian's eyes, her deep, piercing green eyes that just seemed to draw Angie in, taking up all of her concentration and focus. They seemed to twinkle a bit as Gillian stared at her and Angie felt another touch of arousal come over her as they did.

A buzz entered her mind as if someone was poking around in her brain, lowering her defenses but at the same time, making her feel safe and secure, that it was all right and she wouldn't be hurt. A flash went through Angie's mind, all her times with Angelina flowing through her brain in a second but all she could truly see were those brilliant green eyes.

"I knew it," Gillian intoned and Angie felt another thrill at hearing her voice, which sounded so much more sultry than on the show. "The minute I saw you, felt you, I knew you had someone else with a hold on your mind." She sighed. "So, Angelina is up to her old tricks, huh? You'd think someone who get themselves an Oscar could at least have a tad of tact."

Angie was finding it hard to form words but tried. " mind?"

"Yeah," Gillian smiled widely. "It's a little gift I have. I used to think it was just me and a few others but I've been discovering something rather unique lately."


Gillian's smile took on a wicked tone. "Almost all redheads can do it. You didn't know that, did you? Let me explain......what was your name?"

"Angie," the younger woman whispered, her eyes unblinking as she stared into Gillian's glowing orbs.

"All right," Gillian nodded, giving her eyes another little twinkle. "Let me reveal something, Angie. Redheads have a gift, a power, if you will. A power to control anyone we want. Anyone at all, Angie, we can control anyone at all."

Gillian looked Angie over, seeing a flush to her cheeks and a slight stain near the front of her skirt. "I'm guessing that's an idea that appeals to you quite a bit, eh?"

"Yeah....." Angie agreed. "It is....."

"All right, we do have this power," Gillian went on. "But this power must be released by someone in order to work, this power must be released by another redhead. And since I'm the only other redhead here...." She let that sly smile come back to her face. "Would you like me to release your power, Angie?"

"Yes...." Angie stammered, her lip quivering in anticipation of such an idea.

"Good," the actress said. "Look into my eyes, Angie. Deeper and deeper, look deeper into my eyes, Angie, look deeper and deeper, Angie, deeper and deeper......."

"Yes, Gillian....." Angie whispered, feeling herself becoming more and more lost in those beautiful eyes.

"But," Gillian said as Angie stared deeply into her. "To unleash your power, deeper and deeper into my eyes, to release your power, Angie, deeper and deeper into my eyes, you must reward me, Angie, deeper and deeper into my eyes. You want to reward me, don't you, Angie? Deeper and deeper into my eyes."


"Deeper and deeper......Very well, Angie. To reward me, release your will, deeper and deeper. Release your mind, deeper and deeper. Release your clothes, deeper and deeper. Deeper, Angie. Deeeeeper.....deeeeeper......deeeeeeper......."

"Deeper....."Angie whispered, hoplessly lost now. "Deeper.....deeeeeper.....deeeeeper....."

"Deeeeeper.....deeeeeper......deeeeeper......" Agnie helplessly intoned in the same flat voice she had been using all through the car ride from the mall to Gillian's apartment. Her daughter was apparently with a sitter and so Gillian had no trouble taking Angie to her bedroom.

"Release your clothes....." Gillian commanded, her green eyes boring into Angie's, giving the other woman no will whatsoever to resist her. Gillian had stepped into the bathroom as soon as the two were in the apartment, emerging dressed in a red robe with a nice dip in the front and, had it not been for those hypnotic eyes, Angie would be staring at the exposed flesh. As it was, Angie was going to be doing the exposing.

Angie's hands drifted to her shirt, pulling it over her head to reveal her naked top, her pert breasts erect and ready, the nipples tight and Angie let out a long sigh as Gillian's fingers lightly stroked her tits. She kept undressing, dropping her skirt to reveal her naked pussy (Angelina felt underwear took too much time and so had commanded her not to wear any). Angie stood naked before Gillian, her eyes never leaving the green ones throughout it all.

Gillian nodded in approval, circling around Angie and appraising her. She let her hands slide up and down Angie's ass, loving the moan the entranced woman let out. Gillian came back around and locked her eyes back on Angie's, the younger redhead's will extinguished by the power coming from Gillian's mind. Without a word, Gillian reached to the red robe and undid the sash in the front. With a shrug, she let it drop into a pool at her feet, revealing her gorgeous body. Angie managed to break away from Gillian's gaze to openly stare at "The X-Files" star in all her glory, her full and pointed breasts and red bush between those great legs showing off fully and making Angie wet.

Gillian looked at Angie again and spoke in a more commanding tone. "Release your body to me, Angie......At least for tonight and then you'll be free to control anyone you want."

"Yes.....Gillian....." Angie whispered.

With that, Gillian moved in, her arms moving around Angie's body and to her ass, cupping and squeezing the hard cheeks, causing Angie to moan loudly. The moan was cut off as Gillian's lips pressed on hers and Angie felt a rush of pure lust come over her. Her hands moved to Gillian's body, sliding up and down the shapely hips, loving how the actress' tongue tangled with her own, their lips coming together faster as they fell onto the bed.

Gillian pushed Angie down on the sheets, moving down her body, laying kisses at her nipples and her sunken belly before coming to her wet bush. She took a moment to breathe in the wonderful sexy smell of Angie's sex before burrowing her face into it. Angie couldn't help but let out a sharp loud gasp as she felt Gillian's tongue probe into her, tickling her clit and circling her lips, her hands moving up and down Angie's thighs, sending ripples of pleasure through the young woman. Angie's groans grew louder as Gillian lapped away at her, tongue sliding all around Angie's pussy, driving the woman to pleasure she had never felt before with anyone. Given how she'd been wet ever since laying eyes on Gillian, it was no surprise that with a shriek, Angie came, her juices blasting outward and onto Gillian's waiting mouth, the actress swallowing and licking every drop that came.

Gillian broke away and slowly slid up Angie's body, pushing her chest into Angie's face. The entranced woman instantly reached up and cupped the firm and full breasts, giving them a hard squeeze as she brought them to her mouth. She put one in her mouth and suckled on it, tongue tickling the nipple hard as she went at it, Gillian loving how the other redhead was doing it. She rubbed her body against Angie's, their pussies rubbing together to give each great pleasure as Angie suckled on Gillian's tits.

After a few minutes of tit-sucking, Gillian moved up, sliding herself onto Angie's face, her pussy settling on the other woman's mouth. Instantly, Angie started to jab upwards with her tongue, tickling Gillian's clit as it dove in and out of her lips, licking all around the red bush, causing Gillian to moan in pleasure at it. She felt Angie's hands slide up to her ass, squeezing and kneading the round cheeks to give herself better access at Gillian's pussy and turn her on too. It was working well, Gillian moaning as she leaned back, her hands moving up to rub at her own tits, squeezing them hard as she slid around Angie's face, letting her tongue get at all of her.

"When I come," Gillian managed to get out, knowing Angie would hear every word. "When you feel my juices hit your will unleash your own power, Angie. You'll feel my power come on you and you'll come as well and thus come into your power fully. Just be ready, Angie, be ready, be ready......!" Gillian shrieked as she came, her juices splashing onto Angie's face and mouth, the woman swallowing it. Had she been fully awake, Angie would have felt an overwhelming awakening of her various senses, her mind more alive than ever before. But all she could feel was utter pleasure, pleasure that Gillian was about to return in full.

Angie's eyes opened and it took her a moment to realize her entire perceptions of life had changed. She felt more charged, more alive, more attuned to her surroundings. She could feel the presence of people on the street and even trace thoughts of them and knew that she could "push" them a bit into doing something, anything, really, anything she wanted. She sat up on the bed, trying to control herself and the feelings ignited within her.

"Feels wild the first time, doesn't it?" Angie turned to see Gillian propping herself up on one elbow, her breasts hanging beautifully over the sheets, a smile on her face as she watched Angie wake up to her new abilities.

"Holy shit," Angie whispered. "I could do it, couldn't I? I could control.....anyone."

"Yep," Gillian grinned. "Bet you've got something planned the next time you meet Angelina, huh?"

"Yeah, I do," Angie nodded. She looked at her fellow redhead and smiled. "But for right now, I think I want to submit one last time." With that, she moved in, kissing Gillian full on the lips as they sank to the bed, Angie's hand moving to Gillian's clit. She would use her new power for fun, that was for sure. But for now, she wanted to showcase how, as Bruce Springstien put it, it took a redheaded woman to get the dirty job done.


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