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Angie and Angelina

By Anynom

(Don't read this if you're under 18 and don't try this at home.)
Author's Notes: This is a special favor for a friend who wanted something hot with her and Angelina. So, here you are and hope you like it. Enjoy.

It was a nice, warm day in San Diego, a breeze cutting through the heat, making it a nice day to take a walk without getting too hot, just the way Angie liked it. The short but leggy and energetic woman with the long curly red hair sipped at her drink as she made her way down the street. She was wearing a light white shirt and dark shorts that showed off her legs, trying to get a little exercise done before heading to her apartment.

She was passing by a small park, not too crowded this time of day when she just happened to glance to the side and stopped. She saw a man and a woman sitting at a bench under a tree, protected by the shade and enjoying the quiet section to the park. The man was just a middle-aged man, wearing light slacks and a golf shirt while talking to a woman. But what a woman. Dressed in a light outfit that in no way hid the incredibly shapely body underneath, short dark hair framing a beautiful face highlighted by a pair of large and pouty lips.

Angie felt her jaw drop as she saw the woman. She recognized her immediately, how could she not? Angelina Jolie, her all-time favorite actresses, a woman she'd been obsessing over for years, only a few feet away from her.

Angie felt her mouth go dry at the sight of her. She'd had the hots for Angelina ever since she'd seen her in "Hackers," years ago. "Gia," with its great shots of Angelina in all her nude glory and lesbian scenes was a treasured spot in her video collection and she'd practically wept when Angelina had won the Oscar for "Girl Interrupted." And she'd seen Tomb Raider almost seven times already. And now, the girl of her dreams was only a few feet away.

Fighting the butterflies in her stomach, Angie walked over, licking her lips as she tried to calm herself. She had to talk to Angelina, she just had to, this was too good to pass up. Sure, it'd be better if the two could have some fun but Angie was willing to settle for an autograph. She came up as the conversation between Angelina and her friend had reached a lull and spoke. "Ms. Jolie?"

Angelina turned to look at her and Angie's mouth went dry again, her throat jumping as she stared into that gorgeous face. " name is Angie. I am such a big fan, oh God, I have seen everything you've ever been in, I just had to talk to you, I can't believe you're here, oh, I love you so much!"

Angie put a hand over her mouth, not believing she'd just said that. She felt incredible relief as Angelina smiled and waved a hand over. "Here, have a seat, you join our discussion."

Angie was more than happy to sit, seeing as how her knees felt weak. She sat down across from Angelina, the man between them smiling at her. "This is Jerry," Angie nodded. "Buddy of mine, wanted to get together with me quick long as I was in town."

"Hi," Angie said, giving him a brief glance.

"Jerry here's been spinning me some cock and bull story about his job," Angelina said, sipping at her coffee.

"Really?" Angie said, actually interested. "What do you do?"

"A hypnotist," Jerry said.

"Really?" Angie said, interested. "Wow, I kind of like reading on stuff like that."

"Yeah, but it's all bullshit," Angelina said. "I mean, there's no way you could just put someone under and make them do anything."

"Okay," Jerry nodded. "How about I prove it?"

"Excuse me?" Angelina said, raising an eyebrow.

"I'll hypnotize you right here and now," Jerry said in a challenging tone. "I'll put you right under and see what happens. Angie here can be a witness." He turned to Angie. "You don't mind, do you?"

"Um, no," Angie said, not believing she was hearing this.

"Well?" Jerry said back to Angelina. "What do you think?"

Angelina bit a pouty lip and then nodded. "Okay. Do your worst."

Nodding, Jerry reached into his pocket and pulled out a bright golden watch attached to a long chain that he held up before Angelina's face. The actress rolled her eyes and shook her head. "Come on, this is such bullshit."

"You said you wanted to try," Jerry pointed out. "Now, just relax, Angelina. Just try to relax now and watch the watch, just watch the watch, Angelina, just watch the watch. Just relax and watch the watch." He jerked the chain and started to swing the watch back and forth before Angelina's face, her eyes following its swinging motions. "Just watch the watch carefully, Angelina, just watch it swing back and forth, back and forth, just watch the watch, Angelina, just watch it swing, back and forth, back and forth, just watch the watch swing, Angelina, just watch it swing, back and forth, back and forth.

"It's so relaxing to watch it swing, Angelina, so relaxing to watch it swing. As you watch it swing back and forth, back and forth, you're feeling very relaxed, Angelina, very relaxed, sleepy in fact, you're feeling sleepy, Angelina, you're feeling very, very sleepy, very sleepy as you watch it swing back and forth, back and forth, just keep watching it swing and feel very sleepy, Angelina, feel very, very sleepy as you watch it swing."

Angie couldn't believe this. She was watching Angelina Jolie being hypnotized right in front of her. Angelina's eyes were drooping, fixed on the swinging watch and the blank look was making Angie feel so wet right now. She had to admit, it was hot to watch, Angelina's face becoming more and more blank as she watched the watch swing before her. Angie had to admit, it was something to watch, the nice way the watch glinted in a patch of light with every arc, back and forth, back and forth, it was so nice to watch.

"Sleepy, Angelina, you're feeling so very, very sleepy, so very sleepy, Angelina, so very, very sleepy. Your eyes are so heavy, Angelina, so very heavy, your eyes are so heavy and you're so sleepy, Angelina, so very, very sleepy. Close your eyes, Angelina, close your heavy, heavy eyes and sleep, Angelina, go into a nice, deep sleep, a deep sleep, Angelina, just go into a deep sleep."

Angelina's eyes fluttered shut, her head slumping slightly as Angie felt herself almost ready to come right then and there at the sigh. "Wow," she whispered, watching the watch continue to swing right before Angelina's sleeping face. "That was....I......"

"Nice, isn't it?" Jerry nodded. He turned to Angie, the watch still swinging, only now in her face. Angie felt her eyes automatically go to it, following its swinging motions before her eyes. "Just watch it, Angie," Jerry said in a soft voice. "Just watch the watch swing, back and forth, back and forth, just watch it swing, Angie, just watch it swing back and forth, back and forth. You're so sleepy now, Angie, you're so very sleepy, so very, very sleepy, your eyes are so heavy, Angie, so very heavy, so sleepy, you're so very, very sleepy, you should close your heavy eyes and sleep, Angie, you should close your heavy, heavy eyes and sleep, go into a deep, deep sleep."

Angie wasn't even aware of her eyes shutting, unaware of anything except the incredible sleepiness she suddenly felt. Her head slumped, Jerry's voice flowing into her ears, making her fall deeper and deeper into a trance state, her body slumping in the seat as Jerry brought her down deep, so deep that she never even heard him say "Okay, she's under, you can quit acting."

"I do, I'm out of work," Angelina smiled as she opened her eyes and looked at Angie. "You sure she's under?"

"Unlike you, she wasn't faking," Jerry said as he lowered the watch. "She's very suggestible, excellent subject, I have to say. Yes, she's under."

"Thanks, Jerry," Angelina said. "You picked up the cue right away."

"Well, I do know you," Jerry smiled. "When you brought it up, I had an idea what you wanted." He looked over at Angie and smiled. "Very nice. If I wasn't as gay as a French horn, I'd be going for her myself."

"And not me?" Angelina said jokingly.

"Well......" Jerry smiled. "Anything you want to do?"

"Just questions," Angelina said.

Nodding, Jerry turned back to the entranced Angie. "Angie, in a moment, you will hear Angelina's voice. You will listen to it and answer anything she says truthfully, do you understand?"

"Yes....." Angie whispered, eyes still shut.

Smiling, Angelina leaned in closely. "Angie, when you said you loved me, did you mean that?" "Yes...." Angie whispered. "I've wanted you....for years......"

"Really," Angelina said, smiling. She glanced at Jerry and nodded. "I think Billy would understand a little exception here." She turned back to Angie and spoke. "Angie, do you want me to make love to you?"

"Oh, yes...." Angie said, slight excitement on her face. "Please, yes......"

Angelina held out her hand. Without a word, Jerry put the watch into it as she rose. "Angie, open your eyes," Angelina said. "Open your eyes but remain deeply asleep." Angie did so, her eyes instantly hooking onto and widening at the watch swinging before her.

"Listen carefully, Angie," Angelina said. "You will follow me to my hotel now, you will follow me and you'll do what I say, you'll do whatever I say, Angie."

" say....." Angie whispered as Angelina and she rose up. "Check you later, Jerry," Angelina said as she took Angie by the arm and led her away.

Angelina's hotel wasn't too far away, which was a good thing since she didn't relish the idea of taking a hypnotized woman halfway across town with no one noticing. But soon, she was in her massive suite, Angie walking behind her with stiff movements. Angelina had felt herself getting hotter the entire walk over and couldn't take it anymore. In seconds, she had stripped away her clothes, revealing her incredible body, all its magnificent tattoos on display as she slowly moved to the oblivious Angie.

Angelina held the watch back up and Angie instantly focused on it, deep in a trance as Angelina put a hand on her shoulder. Firmly, Angelina pushed Angie down onto her knees, the redhead staring up at the swinging watch. "You want me, don't you, Angie? You want me to make love to you right now, don't you?"

"Yes....." Angie whispered.

"You don't mind if you're my love slave, do you, Angie?"


"You want to be my love slave, don't you?"


"Call me Mistress, Slave Angie."


Angelina slowly lowered the watch and backed up a bit. "Take off all your clothes from where you are, Angie." The shirt was simple to go, as was the bra, revealing Angie's pert breasts. Her skirt unhooked and she had to work a bit to slide the panties off while kneeling to show off her red bush. She knelt, naked and wide-eyed, waiting for another order.

It wasn't long in coming as Angelina lay down on the bed, legs spread. "Come over here and lick my breasts, Angie," she commanded and Angie moved up, crawling onto the bed and moving her head down to Angelina's ample bosom. Her tongue reached out and licked the nipples, tightening them under her touch as he hands reached over to push Angelina's breasts together hard, letting her lick at the soft curves.

Angelina sighed and cupped Angie's buttocks, holding her in as she licked at her tits, their pussies rubbing together in a way Angelina just loved. She let Angie keep on licking away at her, hands and tongue sliding over her tits for almost two minutes before bringing her up, pulling her in so she could kiss her on the mouth. An electric thrill went through the two women as Angelina's amazing lips pressed on Angie's, tongues mingling in a kiss that lasted several minutes, broken only by the occasional need for oxygen.

"Sit on my face, Slave Angie," Angelina said huskily. Instantly, her face was covered by Angie's red-haired pussy as the hypnotized woman sat upon her. Angelina's hands immediately went around to Angie's buttocks, spreading the cheeks as she tried to lick all of the pussy she could. Damn, she was hot and she could tell Angie was too, her slit already soaked and ready for Angelina's tongue, which drove in and out of the red snatch.

Angie moaned as she felt Angelina lick away at her and then gasped as she felt Angelina's fingers slide into her ass, wiggling inside. Angelina was betting this was turning Angie's arousal on further and she'd win that bet. Angie moaned, rocking back and forth on Angelina's face, her clit rubbing on her tongue, Angelina licking her cunt out as hard as she could, her fingers digging into Angie's asshole, wiggling inside to turn her on further. With a shriek, Angie arched her back as she came, unleashing her juices onto Angelina's face.

After licking all the cum she could, Angelina gently but firmly pushed Angie off of her, then brought her back down to her chest. She let Angie lick at her breasts a little more before pushing her away again. Angelina turned around on the bed so she was lying on her stomach, her round ass right in Angie's face. "Lick me from here," she commanded. "Kiss my ass and cunt, Slave Angie!"

"Yes, Mistress," Angie whispered as she moved herself down, pushing her face right to Angelina's rear end. She started to lay kisses down on the buttocks, moving all around Angelina's ass until she could push her mouth to her pussy. Her tongue immediately started to lick at it, sliding up and down Angelina's opening, the feeling turning the actress on immensely. She sighed, rubbing herself on the sheets, encouraging Angie to keep on licking.

The hypnotized redhead rubbed and squeezed Angie's buttocks hard, trying to urge the dark-haired actress to come soon. Angelina was trying to hold it in, wanting this to last as long as possible, loving the idea of a hypnotized woman having her face in Angelina's ass, licking and rubbing and kissing as hard as she could. Angelina closed her eyes as she started to feel herself begin to let loose, tiny spurts of juices coming onto Angie's face. She tried to hold it in as long as possible but one stab of Angie's tongue into her clit combined with a squeeze of her cheeks and Angelina was coming, blasting her orgasm onto Angie's face.

They made love for the rest of the afternoon and most of the night, in every position possible. In the shower, washing each other's chests and backs. Back on the bed in a 69. Angelina sitting on Angie and pulling her pussy up to lick at her. Angie licking Angelina's breasts while being fingered and much, much more.

Finally, Angelina lay on her, waving the watch before Angie's face. "You will remember this," she said softly. "You will remember this but will be unable to tell anyone about it, none of it to anyone. But you will always know you are mine, you will always know you're my slave. Even if you're with other women, I'll always be the one you think of, I'll always be the one you think of when you finger yourself to sleep every night. When I call you, you'll come to me, no matter where I am or what you're doing, you'll come to me. Always remember that, Angie. Always."

Angelina smiled and leaned down to kiss Angie again. She could have made her forget everything but this was so much more fun. Now, Angie would go through her days remembering the incredible pleasure of being a slave to her idol. And how that would thrill her no matter what. How many other stars could be so literal when they said they owned their fans?

Angie, this one's for you. Hope you liked it.


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