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Trent: The Babymaker

Chapter One


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Synopsis: Fifteen year old Trent just wanted to knock up his best friend's little sister and forget about her, but falling in love wasn't part of the plan! Things only get more complicated when Julie decides to show her new boyfriend off to her friends and Trent soon finds himself juggling romance with desire as the prettiest girls in seventh grade try to steal him away.

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The first time I came inside a girl, I was hooked. Not only because it felt great, but more because I imagined my sperm swimming around one of her eggs, a million of them wriggling like crazy until one got through. I'd seen a video at school just a few days before, in health class, and I'd thought that had to be the coolest thing ever. Seeing a girl get pregnant. After that, all I could think about was knocking someone up.

That might sound a little strange, I'm not sure, but I was only fifteen years old anyway, so I didn't tell anyone. I mean, all my friends liked talking about girls and sex, and which ones they wanted to do it with and all that. Some of the stuff they said could be pretty rude, you know, being high school kids like we were, but I never said anything about how badly I wanted to get a girl pregnant. That was my secret.

Three days after seeing that video, I was going a little crazy with the idea. Too many hormones probably, the same thing every teenage boy suffers, but I had it bad. Not jerking off didn't help either, that just made it worse, but I'd already decided I wouldn't be wasting any sperm. I had to save that stuff up and put it in a girl. Not just one girl either, but every single one I could. Every girl in school, in the whole city maybe. Shoot, I'd daydream about knocking up every girl in the world, but that's a lot of girls.

So I started with the closest one, my best friend's little sister, Julie.

Jules was thirteen and I knew she had a crush on me. I'd ignored it mostly, only because I was fifteen and it would be pretty uncool to like a little kid like her. I mean, she didn't even have any tits, just nipples that she covered up with a training bra under her t-shirts or whatever. Skinny hips and legs, but Jules had a nice butt and a really cute face. Brown eyes and wavy brown hair, nice brown too, not boring or anything, she'd grow up to be a little fox in a couple years probably. But not yet, she was still just a little kid and I ignored her.

After seeing that video though, I saw Julie in a whole other light. I knew she'd gotten her first period like a year before. Randy, my best friend, had told me how his little sister had freaked out and we'd laughed about it, but I hadn't had a clue. I didn't have any sisters, so what did I know about anything? I knew Jules was fertile though, and that made her special all of a sudden. It made her beautiful like you wouldn't believe and everytime I saw her, all I could think about was making her pregnant. Julie wasn't a little kid anymore, at least not on the inside where it counted, and best of all, I knew she liked me.


"Trent?" Julie blinked at me in the darkness of her bedroom and it was almost midnight probably.

"Yeah," I whispered. "Shhhh…"

"What are you doing?" she asked softly. "Where's Randy?"

"Sleeping," I said, sliding under the warm sheets to lay beside her.

"Get out!" she whispered loudly. "What are you doing?"

"It's okay," I told her, putting my hand on her tummy and the girl flinched a little. "I just wanna talk to you."

"About what?" she almost smiled. "I was sleeping."

"I know," I smiled back at her. "I wanted to wait until Randy was asleep."

"Why?" she asked with a soft swallow and Julie didn't seem to mind me rubbing her tummy through the cotton nightgown she liked to sleep in.

"Because I don't want him to tease you," I said, laying on my left side as I faced her.

"Tease me about what?" she wondered, definitely smiling now as she turned onto her right side and our faces were really close together on her pillow.

"About how much I like you," I told her.

"You do?" Julie asked and I could see her biting her bottom lip. She had her hands together like she was praying, pulled to her flat chest while I rubbed her hip through the cotton.

"Yeah," I nodded. "I like you a lot, Jules. I just, um…I didn't know how to tell you before."

"Oh," she nodded too and the girl's breathing grew a little quicker and I could smell her mouth all minty like toothpaste.

"But if Randy finds out…" I shrugged.

"Yeah," Julie agreed with a soft giggle. "He's a jerk."

"I know."

"How come you like me?"

"Why wouldn't I?"

"I mean, you didn't used to," Julie frowned a little. "You never even said hi or anything."

"I know," I sighed. "I'm sorry, but I was scared."

"You were not!" she giggled.

"Shhhh…" I laughed too. "I was! You're so cool, I was like…"

"I'm cool?"

"Yeah, Jules," I told her seriously. "You're cool and beautiful and…"

"I'm not beautiful," she sighed.

"You are too," I promised her. "That's why I was scared. Like, what if I said hi or something and you just laughed at me?"

"I wouldn't ever do that."

"I thought you would," I said. "I thought you were teasing me or whatever."

"I was not!"

"I know. But that's what I thought."


"Don't what?" I asked, playing my fingers along her bare thigh. Julie's nightgown had ridden up kind of high and I'd helped, lifting it even more as I'd stroked her hip.

"Don't touch me like that," she giggled.

"Why not?"

"Cause it…tickles."

"It does?" I smiled at her. "You ever kissed a boy?"

"No!" she laughed again.

"Yeah you have," I made a face at her. "I bet you kissed like ten boys already."

"I have not!"

"Do you have a boyfriend?"

"No," she swallowed hard. "Do you, um…have a girlfriend?"

"No," I shook my head as I rubbed her warm, smooth skin and Jules wasn't stopping me anymore.


"I want one though," I told her. "But…"


"I want you to be my girlfriend, Jules."

"You do?"

"Yeah," I breathed, nodding my head and shifting so we were even closer. My hand slipped behind her leg, moving up and down from her knee almost to her butt and that felt unbelievable nice, like petting warm silk except better.

"I kissed one boy before," she confessed with a nervous giggle.

"I knew it!" I grinned.

"Just a little one though."

"Can I kiss you?" I asked her. "Just a little one?"

"Yeah," she nodded.

I touched her lips with mine and that bed felt a hundred degrees warmer all of a sudden. I'd never kissed a girl before. I felt Julie's lips soft and kinda moist and it didn't last very long, just a second maybe, but it was still pretty amazing and I felt that kiss all over, you know?

"Oh!" Julie trembled, like a shiver went up her spine, and I guessed that she must have felt it the same way.

"Wow," I licked my lips. "You kiss good, Jules."

"Do I?"

"Yeah," I nodded. "I never kissed a girl before."

"You didn't?" She smiled at that, pleased that she was my first, I thought. "You want to kiss me again?"

"Oh yeah," I agreed.

I kissed her small mouth gently and I'd heard of French kissing. Like, who hasn't? And I touched her closed lips with the tip of my tongue, just to try it, and Julie opened right up for me. She wanted to French kiss too and I'll admit I was nervous, maybe even scared the first time I slipped a girl the tongue, but it was incredible how good that felt and Julie seemed to love it.

"Mmmm…" she kind of whimpered softly, tickling my tongue with hers as we learned how to do it.

Julie's left arm went over my shoulder and we moved while we kissed so that she could lay sort of on top of me. I sorta rolled onto my back and she lay on her tummy, with her chest partly on mine, cradled in my left arm as I held her with it. She touched my hair, holding my head gently while we kissed, and I'd brought my right hand up to her butt. Jules didn't even say anything or try to stop me. She let me rub her small, round ass through her panties and I'd never even imagined anything so nice.

She couldn't get enough of kissing, that was for sure, and maybe I couldn't either. We hardly stopped for air, we just moved our tongues back and forth, from her mouth into mine and back again. Julie would turn her head and rub our noses together, making those soft sounds deep in her throat. I could feel her small heart going fast like mine and both of us were damp with sweat, but we didn't care.

I played with her butt the whole time too. I worked my middle finger between her butt cheeks, pressing the nylon between them. I'd squeeze her cheeks and pull her against me and when my fingers went lower, finding her virgin sex from behind, I was surprised by how hot she felt. Jules had like a little fire going between her thighs, I swear, and her panties were wet. I could feel the moisture leaking from her pussy as I played with it, just kinda rubbing her through the thin crotch of her panties.

She didn't even stop me then! I kept waiting for her to say something, but Julie spread her legs even wider and sort of rocked her hips, rolling her butt as I began to finger her barely covered pussy. I couldn't really get inside her or anything, but I could play with her slit and that was seriously cool. I could feel her pussy lips, but only vaguely and maybe I imagined it more than anything else, but I knew my fingers were playing with a girl's real live pussy and Jules only kissed me harder.

"Oh ohhh oh!" She suddenly shivered and clutched me tightly, gasping and really moving her butt around like crazy.

I'd been sort of scratching at her pussy, more than rubbing it, and just flicking my middle finger against her slit. Julie had liked that a lot, but all of a sudden she started going sort of nuts and I wondered if I'd hurt her or something. She pulled her mouth away from mine and buried her face against my neck, kissing me there and making a soft, "Mmmmm…" sound, high pitched and kind of ragged like a purr, but I didn't know what that meant and I didn't think Jules did either.

"Oh, um…What did you do?" she asked breathlessly like a minute later, giggling and kind of wiping her face on my t-shirt. "What happened?"

"I don't know," I smiled at her. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah!" she grinned, nodding her head eagerly. "I felt really…good…down there."

"Okay," I smiled and the honest truth was that I'd never even heard of a girl cumming before. I didn't know they could. They never said anything about it in health class, you know? And it wasn't a big topic with my buddies at school either. Who cares how the girl feels? We just wanted to fuck them.

I knew all about boy orgasms though and right about then, after making out with Julie for a good half hour probably, I needed one! My cock felt so hard it almost hurt! I'd been hard ever since crawling into her bed, even before that while I'd lain in my sleeping bag in Randy's room, making my plans and waiting for him to fall asleep. I wore a t-shirt and boxers, that's all, and my cock was poking out through the unbuttoned fly. It was all I could do not to reach down and grab it, you know? A couple good strokes with my fist was all it would take to cum for the first time in three long days. My balls were full!

Jules didn't know my cock was loose, or if she did, the girl didn't care. She just wanted to kiss some more and that was fine with me. Whatever had happened to her, it only seemed to make her even more horny than before and her tongue darted into my mouth eagerly, as if she wanted to reward me for making her feel so good. I'd pulled my hand away from her pussy when she'd started acting all funny, but now I went back and this time I pulled the crotch aside, carefully and slowly in case she didn't like it, but I had to touch her bare pussy.

I pulled them down a little, tugging Jule's panties off her narrow hips, and she giggled into my mouth.

"What are you doing?" she wondered, taking a ragged breath.

"I just want to feel you," I said, pulling her panties down even more with my left hand while I rubbed her back with the right.

"Yeah," she nodded. "Touch me again, okay?"

"I will," I smiled at her, hardly believing my luck. I'd seriously expected her to tell me to stop, but she didn't.

Jules wanted to feel my fingers on her pussy as much as I wanted to feel her. She wanted to cum again and that makes sense, right? Everybody wants to feel good and we kissed deeply while I worked her panties down her butt and then her thighs. She even helped me, lifting her legs as much as she could, one at a time and kind of kicking until five awkward minutes later, her panties were somewhere near the foot of her bed.

I could really play with her then and it was tough concentrating on kissing her while I thought about what my fingers were doing, but Jules could kiss enough for both of us. I felt her bare pussy and she was burning up and unbelievably wet. Her panties had been soaked, but now I could really feel her juices. She felt puffy down there, kind of fat almost, but in a good way, and Jules didn't have any hair. Just soft skin, oily with her cum and hot with her excitement. I stroked her slit, finding her pussy lips and sliding my finger between them. They were soft too. God! Softer than anything and right at the top was where Jules liked it the most.

She had a little bump sorta thing and when I touched her there, Julie jerked slightly and gasped into my mouth. So I did it again and I rubbed it and flicked it with my finger, trying different things to see what she'd do, but mostly I had no idea what I was doing. I just played with her and after a minute or two, Jules started rocking her hips again, just like before. She spread her legs even wider and moved her whole body. She liked to rub her chest against mine, but I wasn't exactly sure why until I figured out that I could feel her puffy nipples through our clothes. They must have been super hard and I wondered if they hurt and that's why she wanted to rub them so badly.

All I knew was that I had to put my dick inside her pussy. I wanted to fuck her and put my cum inside a girl and knock her up. And Jules started doing that thing again, really moving around as I played with her pussy, kissing me like she couldn't get enough of it, and I knew this was when I had to do it. She wouldn't say no, not when everything felt too good. I pulled the girl towards me, on top of me as I lay on my back, and her knees straddled my hips without really thinking about it. That must have been even better for Jules anyway, since she could really rub her tits against my chest that way.

If she'd felt my cock before, and she must have, Jules probably hadn't realized what it was. Or maybe she did, but when I reached down and started rubbing the head against her pussy, she definitely felt that! Julie sort of jerked, like she wanted to get away, but I held her tightly with my right arm around her waist and she didn't let go of my head. She held me tightly with both hands, kissing my mouth and cheeks while I rubbed my cock along her slit and found that funny bump with it. I rubbed her there too and I thought I could cum just from doing that.

Jules liked it anyway. She rolled her hips and pushed herself back, sort of grinding her pussy against my dick. When I went inside her, it happened mostly by accident, I swear. I didn't really push or anything, I was just holding my cock in my left hand, teasing her pussy with it, when all of a sudden Jules pushed against me and…*POP*…my cock was inside her! Like almost half of my dick went inside her hole and she felt so hot and tight, God! It almost hurt because her pussy seemed way too small for me. I could feel her buttery sex squeezing my dick hard as it stretched around me and even pushed me back out a little, but there was no way I could let that happen!

"Ohhhh!" Jules pushed herself up on her arms, arching her back and groaning loudly, and then she just went kinda…nuts!

She shoved her burning sex against me even harder, about the same time I'd decided I had to push if I was going to get all of my dick inside her pussy. So it was kind of luck more than anything else and we both gasped as the rest of my cock drove into her pussy all at once. Every inch of it too! Jules was half laying on me, with her knees spread and her arms straight, her eyes were shut tightly and I think she might have been crying a little. Her body shook and all I could feel was her pussy squeezing my cock really hard and really fast, like vibrating inside kinda, and then I started cumming too.

I couldn't have stopped it if I'd wanted to and I didn't! My cock hurt! I swear, it felt like the pipes were too small for all the cum I pumped into Julie's pussy. Every rapid pulse of semen that shot out of my dick brought a mix of pain and pleasure like I'd never imagined. My balls were tight and they'd jerk up into my gut, pushing hot sperm into Julie's sweet hole. I think she felt it too, because she just fell on me, collapsing onto my chest and kissing my face all over. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her back, feeling Julie's cheeks wet and her nose kinda runny, but I didn't care. I was making her pregnant!

"I love you…" she breathed, over and over. "I love you so much, Trent. I love you."

My cock didn't get soft either, even after I'd finished cumming, and that was cool. I hadn't really gotten to fuck her at all. I mean, as soon as I'd gotten my dick all the way inside Julie's cherry pussy, I'd started cumming. That didn't seem fair at all to me, so I started moving slowly while I held her. Jules didn't move very much after that, she just laid on top of me, kissing my neck mostly, sometimes my face, and breathing softly while I worked my cock back and forth. She was unbelievably tight and totally soaked with my cum, but I don't think very much was coming out of her. Her pussy just wouldn't let go of my dick and after two or three minutes, she moved her hips a little, sort of rocking against me gently.

"That feels good," she whispered.

"Yeah," I nodded. "You're really hot inside."

"I know!" she giggled weakly, kissing me again and her soft brown hair covered my face. "I never felt like this before."

"Does it hurt?" I wondered.

"It kinda did," she nodded. "But just for a second."

"Okay," I smiled. "I didn't mean to hurt you."

"I know." She kissed my mouth. "I love you."

"I love you too, Jules," I said, even though I didn't. I just didn't want her to get mad and make me stop or anything. That would suck!

"You're my boyfriend," she smiled, laying on top of me and putting her cheek on my shoulder. "I always dreamed of this."

"You did?" I breathed, moving my cock faster and I reached down to grab Julie's butt, pulling her against me because that felt really good.

"Yeah," she sighed. "But…you didn't put your stuff in me yet, right?"


"You gotta take it out," she said, "or it'll be bad."

"It will?"

"Yeah," she giggled. "Don't you know where babies come from?"

"Yeah." I pulled her down and pushed with my hips, feeling her cum-filled pussy massaging my cock.

"Just don't put your stuff in me," she said again and I couldn't believe she didn't know I'd already put a big, huge load of ball juice inside her.

"I won't," I promised.

"Good." She kissed me again. "I'm not supposed to do this. Mom's gonna kill me if she finds out."

"I won't tell her," I said seriously and Julie giggled.

"Shut-up!" She kissed me and sighed. "Are you gonna do it pretty soon?"

"I think so."

"Okay," she nodded. "It kinda hurts a little now."

"Sorry," I breathed and kissed her mouth, and I really didn't want to hurt the girl at all. I didn't love her, I knew that, but I did like her a lot.

"I'm gonna…Ummmm…"

I winced and pulled out at the last possible second, just like I'd promised, and the first jet of semen spattered right on her open pussy, but then my cock stood straight up sorta, like the shaft of my dick rode along her slit with the head rubbing between Julie's butt cheeks. Hot cum started shooting all over her ass, my cock erupting like a volcano or something. I kept moving as if we were still fucking too. I held her hips and Jules rocked her butt with me, which was really nice of her, I thought. It felt great anyway and Julie kissed me too, really tonguing my mouth deeply, probably because she knew how nice kissing and cumming go together.

My cock made a real mess too. I had a lot of cum and if my first orgasm had been as big as the second…God! I must have put like a big glass of spunk inside Julie's pussy, and she didn't even know! She'd been so busy cumming that she hadn't even realized I'd been cumming with her! My dick had stayed hard and I'd been fucking her again a minute later, so yeah, Jules had no idea I'd pumped like a million spermies inside her. I found that idea pretty intense and I probably could have fucked her again, except it was really late.

We'd been having sex for like an hour and a half probably. My lips felt bruised and swollen, and my tongue actually hurt after all that French kissing we'd done. My whole body felt sticky with sweat and my boxers and part of my t-shirt were wet with cum and all that. Julie felt the same way, I think. Her panties were wet and buried under the sheets, her nightgown had some serious stains, and her sheets were damp and stained as well. The blood was a little freaky. I hadn't expected that, but it was just a little bit and mostly on my boxers. I don't think Julie saw it really, but she probably had some on her thighs too, I wasn't sure.

"I better go back to Randy's room," I told her and Julie nodded.

"Yeah," she said. "I'm gonna go to the bathroom."

"Okay, um…"

"You got some on my pussy," she said, sitting on the bed and looking down, but I couldn't really see anything in the dim light.

"I did?"

"Just a little," she said. "It's okay. I don't think you got any inside."

"Good," I smiled at her.

"I love you, Trent," she whispered and I had to kiss her. I mean, I wanted to, but I had to as well and she deserved it.

"I love you, Jules," I told her, kissing her lips as she sat there. "Goodnight."

"Goodnight," she sort of waved as I slipped out of her bedroom.


The next morning, Saturday morning, we slept late as usual. Julie had already gotten up by the time Randy and me wandered into the kitchen looking for some cereal or something. I was starving and I felt like the king of the earth or something. I'd fucked a girl! I wasn't a virgin anymore and I'd even cum inside her! I'd spermed my best friend's little sister and that was way cool, but it kinda sucked too because I couldn't tell him. I wanted to tell everyone, you know? But I couldn't do that! Still, it felt pretty awesome and especially when I saw Jules sitting in the kitchen eating Lucky Charms.

She coulda been pregnant already!

"Hi Trent!" She smiled at me, like a big huge, happy smile and I smiled back, but then Randy gave us funny looks, so I stopped.

"What's wrong with you?" Randy asked his sister and Julie frowned at him.

"Wouldn't you like to know!" She rolled her eyes.

"Not really," he waved her off and I gave Julie a real smile behind her brother's back.

Julie giggled and blushed a little and she looked prettier than I remembered her ever being. I mean, she'd always been cute, like I said, but on that particular morning, yeah, Jules was sorta beautiful, I thought. She kind of glowed or something, except she didn't. She looked about the same in a pair of old, faded jeans and a yellow halter top with her training bra underneath it. I could see the straps and I almost wished she wasn't wearing it, just because I wanted to see her nipples poking through her top. That woulda been cool and mostly I was thinking I wanted to fuck her again. I wanted to cum inside her and make sure she got seriously knocked up.

My dick was hard in my own jeans and I sat down quickly at the table to hide it.

"Did you sleep good last night?" Julie asked me, smiling and flirting with her soft brown eyes.

"Yeah," I nodded. "I guess so."

"I did too," she said. "I had some nice dreams."

"Oh." I poured some cereal.

"Did you have any dreams?"

"Me?" I shrugged, wondering what she was talking about.

"What are you talking about?" Randy sat down then and he hated his sister. Well, not hated her, but you know, he didn't like her very much as anything but his annoying little sister.

"Nothing you'd understand," she said, kinda sticking her tongue out at him.

"Shut-up!" Randy shook his head and they were always like that.

"What are you gonna do today, Trent?" Julie asked me, and this was only a little weird. Randy knew she liked me a lot.

"I gotta go home and mow the lawn," I said, eating my cereal slowly.

"That's too bad," she sighed.

"What do you care?" Randy asked her.

"I was hoping you were gonna hang out a little bit," Jules continued, ignoring him. "I gotta clean my room."

"Yes, you do," her mom agreed, walking into the kitchen with a full laundry basket. "After you start the washing machine…Good morning, Trent."

"Uh, good morning, Mrs. Collins," I blinked at her, hoping she couldn't tell that I'd fucked her daughter. I felt like she'd see it all over my face and Julie was blushing.

Mrs. Collins was pretty cool, but kind of hyper about cleaning her house, especially on the weekends. My mom was the same way though and I was probably lucky Dad wanted me to mow the lawn. I hated cleaning the house. Anyway, I didn't hang out at Randy's house very long after eating breakfast and I didn't get a chance to talk to Julie either, which was okay. I wasn't really sure what I'd say to her anyway. She thought I was her boyfriend, but I couldn't go out with a thirteen year old and definitely not my best friend's little sister! That would be crazy!

So, I did what any boy would do in a case like that…I totally avoided her!

"Trent! Telephone!" Mom yelled that afternoon and I'd just gotten out of the shower after mowing the grass.

"Who is it?" I yelled back.

"A girl," Mom almost laughed. "I think it's Randy's sister."

"Oh," I frowned. "I'm in the shower, Mom!"


A half hour later I was in my room playing Warcraft on the computer…

"Trent! Telephone!" Mom yelled up the stairs. "It's that Julie girl again!"

"Ummm…" I made a face. "I'll call her back, Mom! I'm kinda busy!"

Twenty minutes later I was kicking some serious Elf butt…

"Trent! Telephone!" Mom yelled again.

"I'm busy!"

"Come down here!" she yelled back. "Now!"

Mom had a lot of patience for being old like she was, but that had been a lot of yelling for one afternoon.

"I'm not your secretary," Mom told me with a sarcastic smile, holding the phone out as I came down the stairs.

"Sorry." I gave her my contrite smile, she always liked that one.

"Trent?" Julie's voice filled my ear and she sounded sort of worried.

"Hey, Jules," I said, making it sound like I was happy to hear from her and Mom sorta sniffed and walked away.

"I thought you didn't wanna talk to me or something," Julie said.

"What? No, I was just…"

"Do you still like me?"

"Yeah," I nodded into the phone. "Of course I do."


"Yeah. Why wouldn't I?"

"I don't know," she sighed. "Maybe you think I'm a…you know…"

"What?" I asked, because I didn't know.

"…a slut?" she whispered. "Because of what we did last night?"

"No!" I said, and the surprise in my voice was real. "I don't think that at all, Jules."

"Really?" she asked hopefully.

"Yeah," I told her. "I swear. I was just sorta busy before."

"Okay," she said and I could hear her smile.


"I love you," Julie whispered and I looked around, but Mom was in the kitchen and Dad was outside working on his car.

"I love you too," I whispered back.

"God!" she giggled. "I was scared. I'm sorry."

"Don't be scared," I laughed too. "What are you doing?"

"Just nothing," she said. "What are you doing?"

"Talking to you."

"Besides that!"

"Nothing," I said. "Waiting for dinner mostly."

"Me too."

"Did anybody find out?" I asked, because I had been a little worried. "I mean, like…your mom or anybody?"

"No," Julie said. "I washed the sheets and everything. They were kinda messy."

"They were?"

"There was some, um…blood."


"It's okay though," Jules said quickly. "I heard about that stuff before."


"Like, you know…" she giggled, "…you broke my cherry thing."


"It still kinda hurts."

"It does?"

"Just a little."

"I'm sorry."

"It's not your fault. I liked it anyway."

"Me too."

"I wanna do it some more."

"You do?"

"Don't you?"

"Yeah!" I laughed and Julie giggled. "I wanna do it a lot."

"Me too."


"But, um…you gotta be more careful next time."

"I do?"

"Yeah," she told me seriously. "I think some of your stuff got in me."

"Oh, ummm…I pulled it out though."

"I know, but when I woke up this morning, I was pretty, uh…you know…"


"Yeah," she giggled. "It was kinda gross."


"I mean, not really gross. Just…"



"I wanna tell my friends, okay?"


"That I got a boyfriend," she laughed happily. "Not everything else though."

"Oh, yeah, um…"

"They probably won't believe me."

"They won't?"

"Can I have a picture?"

"Of what?"

"Of you!"

"Ummm…maybe," I laughed. "Why?"

"So I can show my friends," Jules told me. "So you gotta write something, okay?"

"You mean on the back?"

"Yeah," she sighed. "Like, um…Love Trent or something."

"I'll see if I can find one," I promised.

"They got a picture machine at the mall."

"They do?"

"We could get our picture take together," she said. "If you want."

"At the mall?"

"Yeah. You want to?"




"I'm gonna go with Angie and Lisa," Julie explained. "You could meet me there."

"Oh, I don't know…"

"Please? I'll ditch them," she giggled. "We can like, I dunno, see a movie or something."


"Like two o'clock?"

"Yeah," I shrugged and Julie sounded so excited about it I just didn't want to say no. I kind of liked the way she giggled.

"You will? You promise?"

"Yeah," I agreed. "At two o'clock."

"By the Cinnabunz," she said. "I'll meet you there."


"I love you," she whispered, giggling and making me feel hot inside.

"I love you too."

"Alright. Bye!"

"Bye," I said, but she'd already hung up the phone.


Julie hadn't ditched her friends of course; she wanted to show off her new boyfriend. She was probably the only girl in seventh grade to have one, but maybe not. Either way, I suddenly found myself being introduced to her best friends, Lisa and Angie, as Julie's fifteen year old boyfriend and this wasn't going to be much of a secret for very long, a blind man could see that.

I'd met those two girls before, or seen them around, I should say. Once in awhile they'd be over at Julie's house while I was hanging out with Randy, but we'd never spoken or anything like that. They were just little girls, or so I'd thought before, but with my new perspective on things…It was hard not to look at any girl and not imagine what she'd look like with a big, swollen belly.

Angie was the tallest of the three, kind of a willowy blonde girl and thirteen like her two friends. She didn't have any tits or anything, none of them did, but she didn't bother with a bra either and I could see her pointy nipples poking through her pink t-shirt. It had Barbie on it. Angie wore white shorts and she had nice legs, really tan from the summer and long, that's where she got all her height from and the girl was nearly as tall as I was. Her face was pink and pretty and I liked her blue eyes a lot.

Lisa was about as tall as Jules, so like five feet maybe, and a little bigger all around. Not fat, or even chubby, but she had some baby-fat on her hips and a soft little tummy, a nice round butt too. Her hair was auburn and her eyes were hazel, I guess, sort of brown with a little gold in them. She looked very pretty, although I thought Julie was the prettiest out of all of them. Lisa wore a short, blue sweater, like an old one that she'd outgrown, so it showed off her tummy and her bellybutton and I thought that was pretty sexy. She had pink painter pants on, with a lot of pockets and loops and all that.

Julie wore old, faded jeans, really soft ones with bell bottoms sorta and daisies sewn onto the back pockets. Those pants really grabbed her butt and thighs nicely though. For being just a kid, Jules had a sweet little butt! She had a halter top on too, that same yellow one she'd worn Saturday morning, and her bra beneath that. I wished she'd take it off, just because it would have been seriously sexy seeing her nipples poking out, but Julie never left the house without her bra, I didn't think. Probably because her parents wouldn't let her and that was too bad.

They all had their purses and a lot of kiddie costume jewelry, clips in their hair and even a little makeup. Jules had put on some pink lip gloss or something, but it looked cute. They were typical thirteen year old girls, trying to look older and act cool and all that, but mostly all they did was look at me and giggle a lot. Angie and Lisa were whispering and Julie sorta rolled her eyes, but she knew they were jealous of her too.

Her friends were checking me out and I knew I wasn't ugly or anything. I'd dressed like I always do, just jeans and a t-shirt, my starter jacket and sneakers. My black hair was kinda combed, but if it was too combed, it wasn't cool, so I'd messed it up a little. My face was clean and my dad's a dentist so I had great teeth anyway. My blue eyes looked the same as they always did, you know. Lots of girls liked me and I always got those stupid notes and whispers at school, like "So and so likes you, Trent…" So yeah, I knew Julie was happy and I guess that was okay.

I just wondered how long it would take before the whole city knew I had a thirteen year old girlfriend. That would be sort of embarrassing, but I couldn't let Julie know that! I had to pretend like being her boyfriend was the coolest thing in the world, but holding her hand and walking through the mall on a Sunday afternoon, with her two friends laughing all the way…I was begging for trouble. Somebody from my high school would see us for sure and then I'd get a hard time about robbing the cradle and picking up girls from the playground or whatever. Two years is a big difference and once a guy got in high school, well, middle school girls were kids.

Don't blame me for that either, it's just the way it is.

"Oh! we gotta get some pictures!" Julie giggled, tugging me towards the Photo-Magic! photo booth machine.

"Sure," I said, smiling at her, but inside I was like, great…more evidence!

"Ummm…" Julie was looking at me expectantly. "It's five dollars."

"It is?" I almost shrugged, but at the last second I figured it out. "Oh. Yeah, uh…here…"

"Cool!" Jules grinned at her two friends and they giggled and I tried to remember how much money I'd brought with me.

We were officially on a date now and I'd probably end up paying for everything, I was sure.

"Come on!" she said, pushing me into the booth. "I gotta sit on your lap."

"Okay," I nodded, sitting down on the little shelf seat thing. "There isn't much room in here."

"Yeah there is!" Julie laughed, dropping her sweet, round butt on my thighs and my arms went around her automatically.

"I guess so," I sighed, and that wasn't so bad. I had my arms around Julie's soft tummy and my face buried in her hair. Jeeze, she smelled good too! Like strawberry baby powder.

"Don't peek!" she told her two friend, pulling the curtain closed with a giggle. "I missed you," she whispered a second later, turning her head and looking into my eyes.

"I missed you too," I told her softly, even though I'd just seen her like the day before.

"You wanna kiss me first?" she asked, making it obvious what she wanted and I nodded.


She kissed me, actually, touching my lips with hers and then our mouths were open and it seemed like we were still in her bedroom. My tongue slipped right between Julie's lips and she sighed, teasing it with her own as she turned a little more. I rubbed her tummy and then my right hand went a little higher until I felt her bra under the halter top she wore. Jules didn't stop me at all, if anything she leaned into my hand with a soft moan, holding my head with her fingers in my hair.

My cock grew hard immediately, and painfully. It hurt because Jules was sitting on it funny and I shifted a little and she moved a bit and then the bulge of my dick pressed right against her pussy through our clothes and she giggled. Jules knew exactly what that was and the girl rolled her butt around while we made out. I wished we were naked. God! I wanted to put my cock inside her so badly, I could almost taste it. We were both hot and smiling when we stopped for air and the only reason we did that was because Angie had started knocking on the booth.

"What are you guys doing in there?" she asked.

"Yeah! Hurry up!" Lisa added.

"We're busy!" Julie giggled and then she kissed me again, just as Angie pulled the curtain open.

"Oh!" Angie sort of gasped and Lisa giggled.

"God! Get a room or something!"

"Hey!" Julie made a face and I just smiled, looking guilty because I had both hands on Julie's tits, but not underneath her top or anything.

"We better take the pictures," I said and Julie nodded.

"Yeah," she agreed. "Hold on…"

She fed the five dollar bill into the slot and a little TV screen turned on so we could see ourselves. The machine took four pictures and in three of them we were making out. Julie had a serious thing for kissing and I wondered if all girls were like that or if it was just her. I didn't complain anyway, but it just seemed sort of strange to me. I thought guys were the only ones who really liked sex stuff and girls just mostly said no a lot. But Jules acted like she was as horny as I was!

"That's so cool," Lisa decided, holding the pictures while Angie looked over her shoulder.

"I wish I had a boyfriend," Angie sighed and I caught her looking at me. She looked away real quickly as her face turned pink.

"Me too," Lisa said, reluctantly handing the pictures back to Julie. "You better make sure your mom doesn't see those!"

"I know!" Jules giggled, putting them in her purse.

"What do you want to do now?" I asked, thinking there wasn't much to do. Malls suck.

"We're gonna see a movie," Lisa said. "Right?"

"Yeah! Harry Potter," Angie agreed.

"You wanna watch a movie with us?" Julie asked. "The new Harry Potter one?"

"Harry Potter?" I sort of made a face, but Jules started to frown, so I forced myself to smile and nod. "Yeah," I said. "That sounds cool."

"Awesome!" She practically jumped up and down, grabbing my arm and everything was okay again.

Harry Potter? That was like little kid stuff! I wouldn't mind seeing a movie, but something cool like the new Terminator movie. I heard like half the earth got blown up and the robots were chopping everybody's arms and legs off and all that stuff. But all the cool movies are rated R and everything, so sneaking in with three giggling seventh grade girls would be impossible probably. It was hard enough when it was just me and Randy!

"Is, um…Is Trent gonna pay for everybody?" Angie asked Julie. "Or just you or what?"

"I dunno," Jules shrugged and they all looked at me like I was a millionaire or something.

"Uhhh…" I looked at Julie and I hadn't even been planning on paying for her!

I mean, it's like six bucks to see a movie. I figured I'd buy a popcorn and we could share it or something, but I knew that wasn't gonna work! I had to pay for her ticket and probably her friends too, or else they'd think Julie's boyfriend was a cheap jerk. I could see it in her eyes, you know? Jules was kind of pleading with me to be the best boyfriend in the world and I'd never been on a date before in my life anyway! This was so unfair!

"How much is it?" I wondered, stalling for time because math had never been my best subject, especially in my head.

"It's the matinee deal," Lisa said, like she was an expert. "So it's only three dollars each."

"If you guys say you're twelve it's only two dollars," Julie grinned at them.

"I'm not gonna say I'm twelve!" Angie narrowed her eyes.

"No way!" Lisa agreed. "That would be so bogus!"

"Totally!" Angie nodded.

"Bogus?" I smiled at them, but they didn't smile back.

"I don't look twelve anyway," Angie said, staring at me. "Do I?"

"Ummm…" I shrugged, thinking maybe she did, since she'd only been thirteen for like three months or something.

"See?" Angie stuck her tongue out at Julie. "Trent doesn't think so."

"God!" Jules rolled her eyes. "Make a big deal. I was just saying…"

"It's okay," I said. "I can pay for everybody."

"Cool!" Angie smiled at me.

"But you gotta buy your own popcorn," I told her with a smile.

"I can't eat popcorn anyway," Lisa shrugged. "It gets stuck in my braces."

"You got braces?" I looked at her. "Where"

"They're on the inside…" she said, opening her mouth and sort pulling at her left cheek with her finger, "…eeeegh?"

"Oh yeah," I nodded. "I had those before too. I hated it!"

"Me too!" Lisa smiled at me. "You know your dad's my orthodontist, right?"

"He is?"

"Yeah," she nodded. "He's really nice. You kinda look like him a lot."

"Yeah," I shrugged. "Everybody says that."

"He's really handsome," she sucked her lips.

"I guess," I said. "My mom says so."

"Heh!" Lisa giggled and her hazel eyes were shining. "You got great teeth."

"I do?" I laughed.

"Oh yeah," she nodded. "I love your teeth."

"Huh," I gave her a cheesy smile. "You're gonna have nice teeth too."

"You think so?" Lisa pulled some hair out of her face.

"God! Shut-up about teeth already," Julie frowned, grabbing my hand and sort of pulling me so I'd walk next to her.

I hadn't really realized it, but I'd kind of slowed down so that I was walking with Lisa, and Julie had gotten sort of annoyed with that, I thought.

"He's got great teeth?" I heard Angie whisper with a giggle. "You're so retarded, Lisa."


"Hey Jenny!" Jules giggled, waving to some girls she knew from school.

"Hey Shelly, what's up?" Angie knew someone else sitting on the other side of the theater.

"Brenda! Hi!" Lisa knew some girls sitting in the front and I just rolled my eyes. It seemed like half the middle school was there, at least the girl half, and they all giggled and wondered who I was and all that. I felt like a monkey in the zoo or something.

I'd never taken a girl to a movie before, much less three of them. I sat between Julie and Angie, who got a dirty look from Lisa because she'd wanted to sit next to me. The popcorn cost more than the movie did and I was down to my last five bucks. Girlfriends are expensive, I realized, and I'd have to find a real job if we kept this up! Mowing lawns wasn't gonna cut it, you know?

"You're such a good boyfriend," Julie sighed, slumping down low in her seat and pulling me down with her.

"You're a way cool girlfriend," I whispered as the previews played on the big screen.

I had my left arm around her shoulder and now that the lights were down, I pulled Julie a little closer. She didn't mind and her right hand found my thigh, rubbing me up and down through my jeans, making my cock hard. I couldn't help it. She looked so good, even for a little kid, and smelled so sweet. All I wanted to do was make out with her again and Jules didn't mind.

She turned her head as soon as she felt my face in her soft, brown hair and we started kissing gently. Her tiny mouth opened right up for my tongue and she was unbelievable soft inside. It was like licking a cloud and her small tongue tickled mine for a moment before we really started Frenching. The wet, swishing sound seemed kind of loud to me, but I didn't care. I swallowed Julie's spit and tried to breathe through my nose, hugging her to me with the stupid armrest between us.

Jules sort of pushed the popcorn she'd been holding at Lisa, since her friend sat on the other side. I could hear them giggling, Lisa and Angie, I mean, watching Julie and me kiss between them. We were doing more than that too. I really thought Jules would stop me when I went for her tits, but she didn't. Maybe she wanted to really impress her best friends, I didn't know, but she didn't even flinch when I worked my hand underneath her halter, feeling her lush, smooth tummy and going higher.

"Ummmm…" she sighed into my mouth as I pushed Julie's training bra up, over her barely there tits so I could find her nipples with my fingers.

I'd never really touched her there before, not like that, and I sorta figured they'd be like mine or something. Maybe a little bigger or whatever, but no, they were way different! Julie's nipples were hot! They were hard too, like I was rubbing my fingers over fat little pebbles that had been baking in the sun all day. Even the part around them was hard, the brown skin that had little goosebumps, and I loved rubbing her nipples. Jules loved it too and the harder I did it, the deeper she'd kiss me. It was like I'd found a switch, except Jules didn't really need one. She was like the Energizer Make-out Bunny or something anyway. That girl loved to kiss!

Her right hand stayed on my neck and in my hair mostly, but her left hand reached across her body and found my leg. She stroked me the way she'd been doing it in the beginning, except now her hand went even higher. I was playing with her tits and Jules wanted to play with something too…My cock! She wasn't shy at all, not even with her friends sitting right there, eating popcorn and watching everything we did. Jules grabbed the bulge of my aching dick through my pants and started rubbing it, wrapping her fingers around it, sort of, and squeezing me while we Frenched out.

How long we did that, I had no idea. Time was like broken or something. It didn't work at all. I figured I'd better go for third base before the movie ended, since Jules was really massaging my cock good. I moved my hand down, away from her wonderful nipples and across her tummy, and when I found her crotch, Julie spread her legs for me. I wished she'd been wearing a dress, that would have been totally awesome, but Julie had those jeans on and they were so soft and thin anyway that I could feel her hot little pussy burning through. She felt damp too, I mean, not like really wet, but just humid or something and I tried to finger her through the denim while we kissed and that was way cool.

We made out like that for the whole movie without hardly stopping for anything but some fresh air once in awhile. By the time the credits were rolling my tongue felt numb and it almost hurt just to talk. I think Jules felt the same way and she made funny faces and kind of moved her jaw around until she saw me grinning at her. Then she just giggled, shrugging her shoulders and turning a little pink, except we were both pretty flushed and sweating already. My cock was aching too and I just wanted to jerk off or something. I wanted to fuck her, that's what I really wanted, but all I could do was try and push it into a comfortable position and hope it started getting soft before my balls exploded.

"Come on," Lisa said as soon as we were out of the theater. "I need to use the bathroom."

Of course they all had to use the bathroom then. I stood there, leaning against the wall while they walked off with their heads together, giggling and whispering. Angie and Lisa just wanted to talk to Jules about what it was like making out with a boy, probably. They'd been watching us more than the movie and I felt a little self-conscious about it now that it was over and I'd started cooling off a little.

"Hi!" A girl smiled at me, two of them actually, and they were cute and two of the girls that Jules and her friends had said hello to in the theater.

"Hey," I smiled back.

"I'm Jenny," the other one said, a short girl with strawberry blonde hair and freckles across her pretty face. She had nice little tits too, like real ones, and she sort of pushed them out a little so I couldn't help but notice.

"I'm Sandy," the first girl told me with a lick her lips. She stood a bit taller than her friend, with a nice round body. Like a gymnast, I thought. She looked sort of athletic anyway, with real thighs under her skirt and hips and smallish, but real boobs like her friend. She had blonde hair, almost brown, and a cute face with really dark brown eyes.

"I'm Trent," I said, nodding like I was agreeing with myself.

"Cool," Sandy nodded as well. "You're Julie's boyfriend, huh?"

"How old are you?" Jenny wondered. "You go to high school?"

"Yeah, um…" I smiled, looking between them, "…I'm fifteen."

"Okay," Jenny said, making it sound like she wasn't impressed. "We go to the middle school."

"What are you going out with Julie for?" Sandy asked me and I narrowed my eyes at her.

"I like her," I shrugged. "She's really cool."

"I guess," Sandy sighed as if she didn't believe me.

"You been her boyfriend for a long time?" Jenny asked.

"Just since Friday," I told her. "You have a boyfriend?"

"Not yet," she smiled and dipped her head slightly.

"So you're not like…really serious or anything," Sandy said. "Right?"

"With Julie?" I shrugged. "I don't know. I guess not."

"Cool," Jenny grinned.

"Why?" I asked them, because they were sort of looking at each other and making little faces.

"You want to, um…come over sometime?" Sandy asked.

"To Sandy's house," Jenny nodded. "Her mom works nights."

"She does?" I smiled, but I wasn't sure what that had to do with anything.

"Jenny comes over all the time," Sandy said, looking at her friend and the other girl smiled.

"Yeah, we like to hang out," she agreed. "You could hang out with us sometime…"

"If you want to," Jenny said.

"Uh, I dunno," I shrugged, thinking this was pretty strange, being invited to hang out with a couple thirteen year old girls that I didn't even know.

"We saw you and Julie," Sandy giggled, pulling some blonde hair out of eyes, twisting a little on her hips.

"We know how to do it too," Jenny said, glancing over her shoulder and leaning a little closer.

"You guys made out before?" I grinned at them. "I thought you didn't have boyfriends."

"We do it with each other," Jenny whispered with a little red in her cheeks. "Like practice, you know?"

"You do?" I blinked at her and Sandy giggled nervously.

"We could do it with you," Sandy said. "Better than Julie."

"Way better than Julie," Jenny agreed.

"Oh, that's cool," I grinned at them.

"So…" Jenny tilted her head and she had one of those impish smiles, like full of trouble, you know?

"You wanna?" Sandy asked and I nodded.

"Okay," I said, mostly because my dick wasn't ever gonna forgive me if I said no. "When?"

"Tomorrow night?" Jenny suggested. "Or any weeknight is cool."

"My mom's a nurse," Sandy said.

"Give him your phone number," Jenny nudged her friend. "Before Julie comes back."

"Yeah," I agreed, thinking that sounded like a good idea and I looked at the restroom door nervously.

Eight seconds after Sandy had written down her address and phone number on a scrap of paper from her purse, the restroom door opened, but it was just Angie by herself and she sort of gave Jenny and Sandy a dirty look as they walked away.

"What did they want?" she asked, but I gnored that question.

"Where's Julie?" I wondered.

"She's coming," the girl grinned at me. "She got kinda…wet."

"She did?" I narrowed my eyes, not understanding what she meant.

"You must really know how to kiss good," Angie giggled.

"Um…I guess so," I smiled at her. "It's pretty fun anyway."

"Yeah, um…" she looked over her shoulder, "…you wanna try it with me?"


"Yeah," she licked her lips and I was still thinking about Sandy and Jenny and now…Angie? "Julie doesn't have to know."

"Oh, um…Maybe…" I said carefully.

"I want to try it," Angie said softly, "with a man who knows how."

"Yeah," I swallowed hard because she looked like an angel, all tall and thin, golden haired. Angie definitely had the right name and kissing her would be way cool.

"Okay," she giggled nervously. "Um…You want my phone number?"

"I don't have a pen," I frowned.

"I already wrote it down," Angie made a little face as she pushed a flattened out gum wrapper in my hand.

"Oh," I laughed softly and she bit her lip, looking into my eyes and for being just thirteen, Angie was as tall as I was and I wanted to kiss her right then.

"Hey!" Julie grinned at me as she came out of the bathroom and I shoved my hand in my pocket.

"Hi," I smiled back at her.

"Sorry I took so long," Jules giggled and took my arm, hugging me against her as we started walking. "You made me feel really good," she whispered. "Can we go to your house?"

"My house?" I whispered back, looking down into her shining brown eyes.

"Yeah," she nodded. "I wanna…you know…do it."

"You do?" I blinked at her and Jules laughed at the look on my face.

"Don't you?" she asked.

"God, yeah!" I laughed too. "I just…Okay, yeah, um…"

Julie wanted to fuck! God! Like I was gonna say no? I just didn't really understand it because girls weren't supposed to like sex that much. At least that's the way all the guys at school made it sound. That's the way all the girls I knew acted. I mean, they just wanted to flirt, but I never heard of a girl asking a boy to have sex with her. I'd never heard of two girls practicing making out before either though. And Julie's best friend Angie wanted to make out with me?

I kinda felt like someone was playing a big joke on me and I really hoped I wasn't dreaming or I was gonna be seriously mad when I woke up!


        Chapter 2