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Trent: The Babymaker

Chapter Two




Sunday afternoon probably wasn't the best time to be sneaking my thirteen year old girlfriend up to my bedroom, but I was just fifteen anyway…What did I know about it? I'd never had a girlfriend before and when Julie told me she wanted to "do it" again, I wasn't going to try and talk her out of it!

Jules was a little hottie anyway, except she was just in the seventh grade. That pretty much sucked because I was in high school and having a little kid for a girlfriend wouldn't impress anyone, you know? I really wanted a girl my own age, or even a little older would be really cool, but Julie had a serious crush on me anyway, so I'd kind of taken advantage of the situation. Mostly I just wanted to knock her up because making a girl pregnant had to be the absolute coolest thing in the world.

I didn't really plan on being her boyfriend though!

"Shhh…" I held a finger to my lips, holding Julie's hand as I peeked through the front door.

"Is your mom home?" she asked with a giggle and the girl wouldn't stop laughing!

"Yeah," I whispered, giving her a dirty look. "We gotta be quiet!"

"Sorry," Jules grinned at me, not looking very sorry at all.

"Come on…" I pulled her inside the house and towards the stairs. "I think she's in the kitchen."

"This is fun!" she giggled again and I rolled my eyes. It wasn't gonna be fun if my parents caught us!

I mean, it wasn't like I couldn't have a girlfriend, but I was pretty sure that they'd want her to be a little older than Jules. For sure my mom wouldn't let me bring her to my room! Mostly though, I just didn't want to tell my parents that I was dating my best friend's little sister. That would be so weird.

Jules smiled at me as I closed my bedroom door behind us and pushed the button on the doorknob to lock it. She looked so cute when she did that, like kind of shy and probably nervous, but happy too. Her big brown eyes were shining and Jules pulled some wavy brown hair out of her face as she looked around. Her jeans were falling down a little, kind of loose beneath her narrow hips so I could see the waistband of her white panties. For being just a little kid, Julie was way sexy and I especially liked her tummy for some reason. It was flat and soft now, but I could imagine it getting bigger and that really made me dick hard.

"You got a nice room," she whispered, sitting on my bed and kicking off her shoes. Jules didn't wear any socks and she wiggled her little pick toes at me.

"It's okay," I shrugged, sitting down next to her and we just sort of looked at each other for a few seconds.

"I love you, Trent," she swallowed hard and I hoped she wasn't going to change her mind.

"I love you too," I said, putting my left arm behind her back and reaching with my other arm so I could touch her tummy with my right hand.

This had been her idea anyway, coming to my house so we could have sex, so all she needed was to hear me say it. As soon as I touched her, Jules kissed me. Her small, pink tongue licked my lips and she was getting really good at making out. We both were, and I tickled her tongue with mine as I laid back on the bed and pulled her with me.

She let me do anything too and that seemed like the most amazing thing ever. Jules just smiled up at me, giggling softly as I pulled her yellow halter over head. She shook her hair loose and sat up so I could take off her bra. The catch was right in the front and she looked down, breathing hard as she watched my fingers. I think I was more scared than Jules, but I tried not to show it. I'd just never taken off a girl's bra before and when I finally got the little hook things undone, it just fell away from her chest.

Jules shivered a little and her skin had turned pink, but her nipples were almost red. She didn't really have boobs, just fat nipples, kind of long and hard and puffy. Julie fell back again and she didn't do anything except smile when I touched her. I'd felt her tits before, but now I could see them and I wished they were bigger, but she was still really pretty anyway.

"They hurt kinda," Jules whispered, licking her lips as I rubbed both of her nipples with my hands at the same time.

"They do?" I pulled my hands away.

"Not because of you!" she giggled. "That feels good. Do it some more."

"Oh!" I grinned at her and blushed a little. "I thought you meant I was…"

"Uh-uh," Jules sighed and nodded her head. "Just…Ummm…Harder too…"


"Yeah…Like this…"

She put her hands on mine and really pressed my hands against her nipples hard! I thought for sure that had to hurt, but Jules closed her eyes and smiled, kind of arching her back as she moved my hands around her tiny breasts. It wasn't just her nipples that were hard either. The boobs around them, the small mounds of fat, seemed to be thick and swollen too and I imagined what she'd be like with milk in her little tits. Julie would probably get some real boobs then and I don't know why I did it, but I leaned over her and kissed her tummy. I kinda licked her skin, just to try it, and then kissed her higher and she seemed to like that.

Julie moved our hands and I kissed her left nipple and she gasped softly, kind of flinching, but not because it hurt. She put her hands on my head and pulled me against her tit and I kissed it again and then I sucked it like I was a baby. That really made her move! Jules nodded her head and sort of half-giggled, half-sighed when I sucked her nipple hard. I could get all of her boob in my mouth and I even bit her a little bit, but not very hard.

"Yeah…Ummm…Oh! Like that…Harder…" she whispered and I did everything Jules told me to do.

While she taught me how much she liked having her tits kissed and sucked, I moved my hand down to her pants. I rubbed her pussy through the thin denim and the girl was steaming! God! I couldn't believe how hot Jules could get and she spread her legs and pushed up with her butt so I could rub her harder. I wondered for a second if she was one of those nymphomaniac girls I'd heard of, except nobody I knew had ever met one. Jules acted like it though and I started unsnapping her jeans when she pulled my mouth over to her other nipple.

She helped me too, that's what I mean. Jules kicked her legs when I started pushing her pants down and we giggled when I had to sit up and pull them inside out off her feet. She only wore her panties then and Julie scooted her butt along my bed until she was lying down with her head on my pillow, on her back and rubbing her tummy with a delicious smile on her face. Like she was full of hot chocolate or something, that's what she looked like, and I pulled off my t-shirt quickly. I took off my pants too and my socks. I pushed my jeans down and then I was just in my boxers.

We made out for a little while and I fingered her pussy through her panties at first. Jules played with my dick too, just rubbing it through my underwear while we Frenched and hugged each other. This was so cool and it got even better when Jules started pushing my boxers down. I knew what that meant and I could feel it anyway. I mean, her little pussy was hot and wet, her panties had a big wet spot and she wanted me to take them off for her, so I did.

We were naked!

"You got a big dick!" she giggled, looking down at my swollen cock and holding it in her small hand. It did look big compared to her.

"I want to put it in you," I whispered, kissing her neck and hair, just breathing her because Jules smelled so good.

"Yeah," she nodded, squirming her hips as I working my finger around inside her.

Her pussy felt really weird inside, but it was kind of cool too. Jules was really soft inside, and hot and wet like I said, but soft and tight. She had little bumps and like ridges and I dunno. It was just really weird feeling the inside of a girl, but it didn't gross me out or anything. I liked it and Jules didn't mind. She was moving her hips and sort of bouncing her butt off my bed. Sometimes she'd squeeze my hand between her thighs and make funny noises. Girls, I thought, were seriously amazing and I couldn't wait to put my dick inside her again.

I moved between her legs as Jules spread them around me. I kept myself up on my elbows mostly and slid a little higher until I could feel her pussy with my dick. She giggled softly and her eyes were really big and shining, staring up at me. Julie looked a little scared maybe, but her arms were tight around my back. She pulled me closer so we could make out a little more and I couldn't help but move, you know, like pushing my cock against her and trying to get it inside.

We made out for five more minutes probably, with my cock sort of rubbing her pussy, but not going in. My dick would start maybe, but then it would point up or down sometimes and just slide along her puffy slit and I'd pull back to try again. It was pretty fun anyway, except my cock really, really wanted to get inside her. It felt kind of weird, but Jules kissed me eagerly and she liked that game just fine. It must have felt good for her, having my dick rubbing her pussy all over. She moaned a lot, softly like a kitten purring and if my cock found her pussy just right, she'd gasp and blink at me, and roll her hips. She was doing that a lot, moving beneath me and I could feel her fat nipples rubbing my chest and her breathing became fast and ragged.

"Oh!" she kind of yelped and pulled me really hard against her all of a sudden, and Julie's pussy was going around in a little circle with the head of my cock jammed right up against her slit.

She kissed my face and neck and held her breath and then *POP* my cock found her hole finally and she was just as tight as before! I really pushed hard then and Julie shivered, squeezing her legs around me so tightly that it kind of hurt, but I didn't care. She was cumming, I'd figured that out, and that seemed like the best time to really push my cock inside her. Except, well, I didn't have much choice anyway. It wasn't like I planned it or anything. My body pushed all by itself, but it sounds cooler if I say I knew what I was doing, you know.

So I pushed and pulled and we were fucking. I was fucking my little girlfriend and Jules was all over my dick too. She moved like somebody put jumping beans in her butt or something and I guess she really liked sex a lot. I knew I did! I fucked her as hard and fast as I could, feeling her pussy squeezing my dick like it was trying to push me back out. Every time I got all the way inside her, Jules would go, "Uh-huh!" kind of high pitched and happy, and then her pussy would squeeze my dick so hard it almost came back out, so I'd push again.

I knew I was supposed to pull out. Jules hadn't said anything, but that was the plan. Her plan. My plan was different and I had no idea if I'd knocked her up Friday night, but I had another shot at her eggs now and I wasn't going to waste it. I couldn't fuck her very long anyway to tell the truth. Like two minutes or maybe three after I was inside her, I felt my balls getting tight. My cock too, like it was pulling back, getting smaller as it got ready to shoot and I wanted to hold it back. Don't ask me why, but I liked that feeling a lot. Anticipation.

I kissed her. I put my mouth on Julie's and pushed my tongue in her mouth and she sucked on it. I swear! Julie sucked my tongue like a pacifier or something and I got so tight my stomach started to hurt and then…"Mmmmph!" I moaned into her mouth and my dick started shooting all my semen inside her hot little hole. I came fast and hard, the cum flying out of my dick so quickly I couldn't even think straight! I'd never had a cum like that one and it was over way too fast. I never wanted it to stop, but it finally did and I'd had my cock jammed as far inside Jules as I could the whole time.

"What did you do?" she blinked at me, all red faced and breathing hard.

"Ummm…" I smiled at her.


"Shhh…" I kissed her again, but Julie turned her face and she was trying to push me off. My dick was still hard and still inside her.

"You put your stuff in me!" she whispered loudly. "Get up!"

"I'm sorry," I said lamely, pushing myself off, even though I totally didn't want to. My cock slid out of her easily and we both looked at her small, pink pussy.

"I don't see any," she frowned, kind of pulling at her pussy lips. They were red and sort of puffy, really wet too, but we didn't see any white semen or anything.

"It was just a little," I lied, thinking I'd put like a gallon of spunk inside her.

"It wasn't a little!" she frowned at me. "It's way up in me!"

"I'm sorry, Jules."

"I told you before…"

"I couldn't help it."

"…you gotta take it out first!"

"Just go to the bathroom," I suggested, pushing myself off the bed. "Come here…But you gotta be quiet though."

"God!" she looked ready to cry, but I think she was more mad than scared and I felt like a jerk, sort of.

"I couldn't help it," I told her again, pulling her hands so she'd get off my bed. "I love you so much, I wasn't thinking about it."

"Really?" she looked up at me and I nodded seriously.

"I can't even think when you're kissing me, Jules."

"Yeah," she smiled a little and nodded. "Me too."

"Next time," I promised her. "I swear. I'll never do it again."



"Okay," she giggled and stood up, hugging me. "I love you too."

Julie stayed in the bathroom for a long time and I started getting nervous. I'd dressed and made my bed again, except it had a little wet spot on it, but I couldn't do anything about that. Mom and Dad were downstairs. I could smell something cooking, like pork chops maybe, and the television was on. I kept waiting for Julie and I almost knocked on the bathroom door to ask her what she was doing in there when it opened.

"You put a lot in me!" she frowned.

"I did?" I made an apologetic face. "Sorry."

"It's okay," she shrugged. "I got it out anyway."

"Good," I smiled at her and Jules smiled back and gave me a hug.

"Next time you gotta pull out though," she said and I agreed quickly, just happy there would be a next time, you know? I could have fucked her again right then, except it was getting late and we were both dressed and everything, but my dick was hard!

I'd spunked her good!

Getting Julie out of my house was like a secret mission for James Bond or somebody. The stairs went right down to the living room and Dad was watching a football game. I thought about asking Julie if she could just sorta hang out in my room until we were eating dinner and then she could sneak out by herself, but as soon as I thought that plan up, I knew it would sound bad. What kind of a jerk would do something like that to his girlfriend?

Except Jules wasn't my real girlfriend, was she? Julie was just a kid that I wanted to fuck. A little seventh grader who had a stupid crush on me and liked to make out and everything. It wasn't like I was really gonna date her…except it kind of felt like that. I didn't want to make her mad or hurt or anything. I liked the way she liked me and I liked fucking her and I liked her. I mean, I sorta liked her. Kind of. It was confusing and I didn't know what I felt, except I wasn't gonna make her sneak out of my house by herself, so…

"You, um…" I cleared my throat as we stood in the hallway upstairs, "…want to stay for dinner?"

I couldn't believe I was asking her that!

"Really?" she smiled at me and nodded quickly. "Okay."

"But, I gotta ask my mom first."

"I know."

"She might be a little, uh…mad. Sorta."

"Because I was in your room?"

"Yeah," I nodded, trying to understand why I was doing this, but seeing her smile was so cool. "We'll just say we were playing the Playstation. Okay?"

"Yeah," Jules giggled and I liked that sound a lot too. "What games you got?"

"Oh, um…" I made a face trying to think of a game a girl might like, "…Final Fantasy?"

"Okay," she shrugged. "Is your mom, um…is she gonna like me?"

"Of course," I smiled at her. "She's seen you before."

"Yeah, but…" Jules giggled nervously, "…I wasn't your girlfriend before."

"Oh," I shrugged. "We won't tell her about that. Okay?"

"We won't?" she looked kind of disappointed.

"Not right away," I said. "I mean, later, if she's not too mad, I'll tell her and…"

"Yeah," Jules smiled again. "I wanna tell everybody!"

"Uh, yeah," I smiled back. "Me too."

"I love you," she hugged me again and girls were so weird sometimes!


"Soooo…" Dad smiled at Julie, "…you bumped into each other at the mall, huh?"

"Yeah," I nodded and it was kind of a weird supper, but at least my parents were acting nice.

"Trent took me to a movie," Julie said with a smile.

"Really," Mom nodded. "Which one?"

"Harry Potter," I answered. "It was okay."

"It was fun!" Jules giggled and I made a face inside, but outside I just ate some pork chop.

"I didn't think you liked Harry Potter," Mom looked at me and she was suspicious, I thought.

"He didn't really want to see it," Julie said before I could say anything. "But Trent's so nice…"

"Cost a lot of money taking a girl to a movie," Dad chuckled. "You're going to have to find a job pretty soon."

"Dave…" Mom gave him a little look.

"What?" Dad shrugged. "It's the truth. Trent's got a girlfriend now, right?"

"Uh…" I swallowed hard because I didn't think they knew. Jules giggled again and her face was a little pink.

They let it go, thank goodness, probably because Julie was there and they didn't want to embarrass her anymore than she already was. Except, I didn't think Jules was very embarrassed at all. She seemed perfectly happy that my parents knew she was my new girlfriend and of course her parents would know as well, since Jules had called her mom to ask if she could stay for dinner. That meant Randy would know his little sister was at my house and I didn't have any little sisters for Jules to play with, so…

My life was kind of ending, I figured. Just because I liked her smile. And her giggle. And the way she liked to look up suddenly with her eyes, those really soft brown ones, like catching me staring at her and making me feel shy for no reason at all. Jules. I wasn't supposed to like her that much! But I did all of a sudden and I wished I didn't. Sort of. Maybe. I didn't know, except I liked being around her and especially kissing her and most especially fucking her. Fucking was great, but even when we weren't doing that…Why did I like her now?

"Your mom and dad are really nice," Julie said, holding my hand as we walked to her house.

"Yeah," I nodded. "They're kind of normal sometimes."

"Was your mom mad?" she asked and I hadn't really planned on walking Jules home, but Mom had made it sound like I'd better.

"Kinda," I said. "Maybe. I couldn't really tell."

"I hope not," she sighed. "I had a lot of fun today."

"Me too," I agreed, thinking that was like the understatement of the year! All we'd done was make out mostly.

"Are we gonna go out again?"

"Yeah," I looked at her. "Maybe. Do you want to?"

"Of course I do!" she giggled, sort of leaning against me while we walked slowly. It wasn't very far anyway.

"Like next weekend," I said. "We can do something maybe."

"Like what?"

"I dunno," I chuckled. "Uh…You ever ride the go-carts?"

"Oh yeah!" she grinned at me. "I wanna do that!"

"Okay," I smiled back at her.

"I'm really good at it too!"

"Me too!"

"I'll race you!" Jules laughed. "I'll beat you too!"

"You will not!"

"I will too! You'll see. We went like ten times last summer."

"So? That doesn't mean you can beat me."

"I beat everybody. I beat Randy all the time!"

"Anybody can beat Randy," I rolled my eyes. "He sucks at go-carts."

"Yeah!" Jules laughed again. "But I don't!"

"Yeah, yeah," I laughed too. "We'll see."

I didn't know why the idea of racing go-carts with Jules sounded like fun. I mean, it shouldn't have been fun at all, but I was looking forward to it already. Probably because I liked it so much anyway. Still, the idea of seeing Jules driving around and giggling and most likely crashing into old tires made me grin. I couldn't help it. Like just imagining her having fun made me feel warm inside, or bigger inside, or…something. It was weird and I tried not to think about it too much.

"Are you gonna come in?" Jules asked me when we got to her house and I shook my head.

"I better get home," I told her. "In case my mom really is mad."

"Oh," she kind of shrugged and we just looked at each other.

"I'll probably come over this week though," I said. "I mean, with Randy, you know, after school or whatever."

"Yeah," she bit her bottom lip and I don't know why, but I kissed her. Just really quickly on the lips and that made her smile and turn a little pink.

"Bye," I said, before she could say anything like tell me she loved me again. I always felt weird when she said that.


"Trent?" Mom knocked on my door and opened it slowly, peeking around it as I shoved an old Maxim magazine under my pillow.

"Hi Mom," I swallowed hard and picked up my pencil, since I was supposed to be doing my homework.

"I was wondering if we could talk for a minute," she said, not wondering at all because I didn't have a choice and we both knew it.

"Uh…sure," I nodded and I had an idea what this was gonna be about.

"Julie's a nice girl," she said, sitting on my desk chair and not really smiling, but not frowning either.

"Yeah. She's okay."

"How old is she now?"


"Uh-huh," Mom nodded like she already knew that and probably she did. "That's kind of young for a girlfriend. Don't you think?"

"I don't know," I licked my lips. "She's really cool though."

"She's nice, I know."

"She wants to go to the go-carts with me next weekend."

"Okay," Mom took a deep breath. "I'm just not sure that Julie's ready for a boyfriend."

"She likes me," I shrugged. "We just hang out a little."

"Right. I know. You've been Randy's friend for a long time and she has a little crush on you…"

"Yeah," I smiled nervously.

"Girls are like that, especially at her age," Mom said. "It doesn't mean that she's ready to date."

"We just went to a movie, Mom."

"I know."

"And she had two friends with her anyway," I explained. "Angie and Lisa, I had to pay for them too, so…"

"Trent," Mom held up her hand. "I just don't want to see either of you hurt. Julie's too young for this and I think her mother's going to tell her the same thing."

"She is?" I narrowed my eyes and my stomach was all knotted up. It kind of hurt, being told that I couldn't see Jules again.

"I talked to Carol on the phone," Mom nodded. "She didn't know anything about this."


"She knew Julie likes you, but she didn't know you were taking her to a movie."

"We just sort of bumped into each other."

"And you hate the mall," Mom said. "And I know you hate Harry Potter…"

"I don't hate the mall."

"…and you didn't just bump into her," Mom stared at me. "Did you?"

"No," I looked down.

"You're a good looking boy," Mom said. "There are a lot of girls your own age…"

"I love her," I said and then I blinked because I hadn't meant to say anything like that at all! I hadn't even thought of saying it.

"Trent…" Mom smiled and sighed.

"I mean, I sorta…" I shrugged.

"You're too young for that," she told me.

"I know," I frowned, still trying to understand why I'd said that and most especially why it sounded like the truth.

"You let her go. Let her grow up a little more. When she's sixteen or seventeen, then maybe…"

"Three years?" I blinked at her. "But that's forever!"

"It's not forever," Mom laughed lightly.

"But…I'll be like…in college or something."

"Yes you will," Mom nodded. "You'll probably have a girlfriend too and Julie will have a boyfriend and…"

"So you don't want me to see her at all," I frowned.


"Forget it," I stared down at my stupid homework and I didn't want to act like a little kid, but I felt sick inside.

"You'll be alright," Mom sighed, trying to hug me and kissing the top of my head like I was still her little boy. "This is for the best. For both of you."

That was how my mom laid down the law in our house. She didn't yell or make a lot of threats. She didn't get mad. She just talked, making it seem like we were almost having a real discussion, but in truth we weren't discussing anything. Mom had made up her mind that Julie was too young for me and I couldn't be her boyfriend. That was it. End of discussion.

If I got mad, if I yelled and stomped my feet and slammed the doors, nothing would change. Except I'd probably get grounded or something. Mom would get mad then, Dad too, but it wouldn't change her mind. Even if I knew how to argue back, say the right words and make a good point, it wouldn't have done me any good and I wasn't that smart anyway.

I should have been happy about it, part of me thought. Now I had a good reason not to be Julie's boyfriend. I'd fucked her and put a lot of sperm in her and maybe, I hoped, knocked her up. But even if I hadn't, I could still say I'd fucked a girl and I wouldn't have to waste my money on her and listen to her tell me she loved me, and I wouldn't have to take her go-carting or look into her eyes and listen to her giggle. I wouldn't have to love her back anymore, but…I wanted all that stuff!

I felt like I was dying.

"Trent? What's up, buddy?" Dad smiled at me and I wiped my eyes real quickly. I wasn't really crying anyway.

"Just homework," I said, looking down.

"Your mom talk to you?" he asked and I nodded.


"How you feeling?" he wondered, sitting down in the same chair Mom had sat in.


"Well, I'm sure your Mom explained, so…"


"…I thought it was about time we, uh…talked," Dad cleared his throat. "About sex."

"Sex?" I looked up, narrowing my eyes.

"Yeah," he chuckled and I think Dad was a little nervous for some reason. "Uh, I guess you're getting to that age and, uh…Well, I want to make sure you know…"

"I know where babies come from," I smiled at him.

"Right. Yeah," he nodded. "But there's more to it than that, um…I know you and Julie didn't, ah…"

"Have sex?" I blinked at him.

"You didn't. Did you?" he smiled so I'd know he was teasing and I shook my head.

"No," I lied, trying really hard not to look guilty, but I don't think Dad could imagine Jules having sex with me anyway, since she was just a little kid.

"Good," he nodded. "But someday you might meet a girl and take her out on a date, and the first thing is that you don't force a girl to do anything she doesn't want to do. Right?"

"I wouldn't do that."

"I know," Dad nodded. "I'm just saying, no means no and if a girl tells you to stop, you have to stop."

"Yeah. They told us that in school."

"They did?" he smiled. "Oh. Okay, well, now I'm telling you at home."

"Okay, Dad."

"And the next thing is, um…Well, you shouldn't have sex," he told me and I laughed nervously. So did he. "I mean, you should wait until you meet the girl you know you want to marry and…"


"…and, yeah, ummm…" Dad pursed his lips. "But if you can't wait, then…Do you know what condoms are?"

"Yeah, Dad," I rolled my eyes. "They told us about those too."

"Okay. Good," he grinned. "That makes it easy. You should always use protection, okay? I'm not giving you permission here. I don't want you having sex with the first girl you find."

We both laughed.

"I'm just saying, you should be prepared," Dad told me. "It takes two to tango and whatever happens is as much your responsibility as it is the girl's. See?"


"The last thing you need is a pregnant girlfriend," he said. "That just changes everything and you want to build your life around the future, not the past. Okay?"

"Uhhh…" I shrugged because sometimes I didn't really understand my dad.

"Do you have any condoms?" he asked me.

"What? Uh…No."

"Hmmm…" Dad glanced over his shoulder and then reached into his trousers, pulling three foil packs out of his pocket. "Here. You take these and keep them handy, alright?"

"Okay," I sort of blinked as he put the three condoms in my hand.

"Like I said, that's not permission," Dad told me. "It's just precaution. Put one in your wallet and…"

"Um, okay."

"…let's keep this between you and me," Dad lowered his voice. "Your mom doesn't need to know."

"She doesn't?" I narrowed my eyes because I never even imagined my parents might have secrets, even little ones.

"No," he smiled. "So keep those in a safe place and if the need ever, uh…arises…" he chuckled, "…make sure you use them."

"Uh, sure Dad."

"Good," he nodded. "Any questions?"

"Nope," I shook my head, thinking this was really weird. Getting a girl pregnant was all I wanted to do!


"You went out with my sister?" Randy stared at me and I'd just come around the corner to meet him like always did.

"What?" I asked innocently as we started walking towards school

"Julie," he said. "You took her to a movie?"

"Sorta," I shrugged like it wasn't a big deal. "We just bumped into each other…"

"Yeah right!" Randy rolled his eyes. "She had dinner at your house, dude!


"So she's my sister!" he said, making it sound like I was a jerk or something.

"We just hung out for a little bit."

"Did you kiss her?"

"What?" I made a face at him.

"Did you make out with my sister?"

"No! She's just a little kid."

"You liar!" Randy stared at me and he looked really mad all of a sudden. "You kissed her."

"What? When?"

"Last night," he told me. "My mom saw you kiss her through the window."

"Just a little one," I admitted with a hard swallow. "I walked her home and I kissed her goodbye. So what?"

"It's still a kiss!"

"Chill out, dude!" I stared at him. "God! You know what she's like! Jules wouldn't leave me alone. What was I sposed to do?"

"You didn't have to kiss her," Randy frowned and he did know what Julie was like, and that she had a major crush on me.

We walked for a couple blocks without saying anything and I guessed Randy was calming down a little. I mean, I was his best friend and Julie was always trying to get my attention, smiling and giggling and annoying us. Randy could understand how I might have ended up with her at the mall without really meaning to, and how she could sorta invite herself to do stuff. I wouldn't want to hurt her feelings and probably she'd been begging for a kiss, right? That's what Randy might have figured. I hoped so anyway.

"What, um…What did your mom say?" I wondered.

"I dunno," Randy shrugged. "Julie was crying, so…"

"She was?"

"Last night. Yeah. I think Mom grounded her or something."

"She did?"

"Maybe," Randy shrugged. "Good for her anyway. Stupid rugrat. You shouldn't have kissed her."

"Yeah, yeah…" I sighed, but mostly I was frowning because the idea of Julie crying made my gut ache.

"If anybody else kisses her, I'm gonna pound him," Randy decided.

"You are?"

"Oh yeah," he nodded seriously. "You're gonna help me. Right?"

"Help you pound somebody?" I almost laughed, but I didn't.

"She's my sister, dude."

"I know," I agreed. "Yeah. Um…We'll pound him."

"Cool," Randy smiled at me. "I was gonna pound you at first."

"Yeah right!" I did laugh then. Randy was a little bigger than me, but we'd fought like a zillion times and neither of us ever won. But those hadn't been serious fights either.

"Just don't kiss her again."

"Why would I?" I asked, making it sound like the last thing on earth I'd ever want to do, but inside I knew I'd kiss Jules again the first chance I got. No matter what Randy said or what my mom said or anything. I wanted to kiss her.


The good news, and it seemed like a miracle to me, was that nobody at school had heard about me making out with Jules in the movie theater. Like two dozen middle school girls had seen us together, but I hadn't seen any high school kids there besides me and I guess the news hadn't gotten across town yet. But maybe I was just being paranoid too. Like why would it be a big deal anyway, except I knew Julie would be hearing about it from her friends. Seventh graders were big on that kinda stuff, like who liked who and who did what…I was just glad Randy hadn't heard about it, you know?

We had a pretty normal walk home that afternoon, except I sorta wanted Randy to invite me to his house like he usually did.

"You wanna hang out for awhile?" I asked when he didn't say anything. "Play some 360 or something?"

"Ummm…" Randy made a face. "My mom said you couldn't really come over for awhile."

"She did?" I blinked at that because Randy's mom always liked me, I thought.

"Yeah," he shrugged. "Cause of Julie."

"Oh." I frowned.

"We can hang out at your house," he said, but kind of sheepishly because Randy knew my feelings were hurt.

"Nah," I shook my head. "I'm gonna work on my science project anyway."

"Yeah," he said. "See ya later, dude."

"Yeah," I sighed and he went one way and I went the other.

Jules called me though and she must have been waiting for Randy to get home so she'd know when I got home. The phone was ringing as soon as I unlocked the door.

"Trent?" her soft voice trembled and I frowned.

"Yeah. Jules? Are you okay?"

"My mom said I can't see you anymore."

"She did?"

"I'm too little for a boyfriend she said."


"She wasn't really mad."


"I told her I love you."

"I told my mom I love you too."

"You did?"


"What did she say?"

"You're too young to be my girlfriend."


"Did you really get grounded?"

"Kinda. Mom told me I can't go anyplace."

"That sucks."

"Yeah. I wanna see you so bad."

"Me too."

"I still love you."

"I still love you too."

"You're still my boyfriend. Right?"

"Yeah," I whispered, even though I was alone in the house. "If you're still my girlfriend."

"I am," Jules giggled, cheering up a little maybe. "Everybody at school was talking about us."

"They were?"

"Yeah. My friends are all jealous."

"Heh!" I smiled at that.

"It's so cool," Jules sighed. "They know we were making out and everything."

"Everything?" I teased her.

"No!" she giggled. "Not everything, just…um, you know. We were making out."

"Yeah," I sighed. "I like making out with you a lot."

"Me too," Jules whispered. "I like the everything part too."

"I wanna do it again."

"Me too," she breathed. "It didn't even hurt yesterday."

"Can you sneak out?"

"What? No!" Julie giggled. "My mom would kill me."

"My mom's working," I told her. "She doesn't get home until six."


"Uh-huh," I glanced at the clock and it was only quarter to four. "You could come over for like an hour."

"Maybe, ummmm…"

"But I don't want to get you in trouble."



"Is your mom working tomorrow?"


"Okay," Jules giggled. "I'll tell my mom I have a thing after school."


"And then we can do it."

"Yeah," I nodded into the phone. "I love you, Jules."

"I love you, Trent. I gotta go."

She hung up the phone before I could even say goodbye and I felt all hot and light inside, like one of those big balloons and my heart was the basket underneath. Jules was gonna come over, except tomorrow seemed like a hundred years away, but still…Jules was still my girlfriend and even though she was just thirteen or whatever, I didn't care. She didn't seem like it, not anymore. She was different now and I didn't care what my mom said, she wasn't too young to be my girlfriend. Jules was perfect.


I picked up the phone on the second ring because I'd just hung up like ten seconds ago.

"Jules?" I smiled, thinking it had to be her, but it wasn't.

"Trent?" a girl's voice giggled and I narrowed my eyes.

"Who's this?"

"Lisa!" she said. "Wassup?"

"Ummm…nothing," I said, wondering why she'd call me and how she even had my number.

"You thought I was Julie?"

"Yeah," I shrugged. "I thought she was calling me back."

"Calling you back?" the girl laughed. "She said she got in trouble."

"A little."

"She got grounded," Lisa said, sounding almost happy about it even though they were best friends.

"I guess. Yeah."

"Too bad. You guys can't make out or anything anymore, huh?"


"You wanna come over to my house for awhile?"

"Your house?" I sort of laughed. "Why?"

"I dunno," her voice shrugged. "We could just hang out or whatever."

"I don't even know where you live," I said. "How come you know my phone number?"

"Your dad gave it to me."

"He did?"

"Yeah," she giggled. "On my appointment slip. In case of emergency."

"Like if your braces fall out?" I laughed.

"Maybe," she was laughing too. "I dunno. So, you wanna come over?"

"I dunno…" I frowned, thinking of Jules, but imagining cute little Lisa with her bright hazel eyes and soft auburn hair. That thirteen year old body, nice and round with just a touch of baby fat in all the right places. She had a little tummy and I remembered her cute belly button and how sexy it had looked, and her round butt, and…

"I'm all alone," she sighed. "My mom and dad won't be home for like hours."

"Yeah?" I swallowed hard. "Um…where do you live?"

"Right by Julie," she giggled. "Like two blocks away. Like if you leave her house, go right two streets and take a left. It's the big green house. The ugly one."

"I seen that house," I agreed. "With the white shutter things on the windows. Right?"

"Yeah! That's where I live," she laughed. "Hurry up. Okay?"

"Okay," I nodded at the phone, thinking this was kind of bad, but Lisa sounded really cute when she laughed and my dick was hard. It always got hard, sometimes for no reason at all, but now it had one. I just had to make sure I took the long way around so Jules wouldn't see me going past her house. That would be kinda bad too.


Lisa smiled when she opened her door and she looked even better than I remembered, for being a little seventh grader, I mean. She wore a skirt too, which was cool because I could see her legs and they weren't really skinny or anything. They were smooth and kind of brown after the summer and her skirt was a short one too, like it might have been a year old or something and Lisa had outgrown it. She had a t-shirt on and no bra either. Definitely no bra and I think I saw her tits before I saw anything else and I know my face got red. Lisa's nipples were as puffy as Julie's and they weren't hiding even a little bit!

"Come on," Lisa giggled as she grabbed my hand. "We can watch some TV or something."

"Okay," I nodded, looking around her house and it was nice, I guessed. They all look pretty much the same, except they all smell different. Lisa's house smelled like gingerbread kind of and I liked it.

"Like this…" Lisa said, sitting close to me on a large sofa, like almost on me, she was so close.

"What are you watching?" I wondered and she still held my hand, kind of playing with my fingers.

"I dunno," she shrugged, looking at me and smiling through her auburn bangs. "You mostly."

"Oh," I smiled and felt warm all over.

"Julie's really lucky she got a boyfriend like you."

"Yeah. Maybe," I nodded, but mostly I wished we wouldn't talk about her. It made me feel funny thinking about Jules while Lisa held my hand.

"All she talks about is how good you kiss her," she sighed.

"She kisses good too," I said. "I like her a lot."

"I know," Lisa shrugged. "Too bad she's grounded, huh?"


"Or else you could be sitting with her right now."

"Maybe," I looked down at my hand and Lisa was spreading my fingers and sort of pulling on them a little.

"You could be making out with her and everything."

"And everything?" I laughed nervously, remembering my phone call with Jules.

"If I had a boyfriend, I'd definitely be making out right now."

"You would?"

"Yeah," Lisa bit her lip, looking into my eyes. "We could do it…if you want."

"Uh, I don't know, um…"

"I mean, I know you like Julie, but…" Lisa shrugged, "…she isn't here and I don't even have a boyfriend."

"Yeah, but she's your best friend," I said slowly. "Right?"

I could feel my cock throbbing as the girl turned a little, putting her right knee on my thigh and spreading her legs so I could see the inside of her thighs. I could almost see her panties, the way she was sitting, and Lisa was definitely seriously cute. Her nipples were dark enough that I could see them, and all puffy and hard, she didn't have hardly any tits, just nipples poking against her t-shirt and I wanted to kiss them for her.

"I won't tell her," Lisa promised. "If you won't."

"No, uh…" I shook my head, "…I won't."

"Good," she smiled, leaning closer so that my hand was touching her tummy. She pressed my palm against her with her hand over mine. "I never did it before."

"You didn't?"

"Uh-uh," she shook her head. "You'll show me how though. Won't you, Trent?"

It seemed so totally unfair, but this was what Lisa wanted. I mean, five minutes after sitting down on the couch, we were making out. That was her plan too and I felt like I didn't even have a choice, except I knew I did. Way back when we'd been talking on the phone, that's when I could have said no, but after that? It wasn't even a question anymore and I didn't really understand how that worked.

Part of me didn't want to do it. I swear, like a little voice in my head told me not to, but the rest of me wouldn't listen. When the voice tried to tell me that I loved Jules, I ignored it. Like maybe I only loved Jules because I'd never kissed anybody else. So this wasn't really bad, it was just double-checking, that's all. If I made out with Lisa and then I still loved Jules afterwards, well, that would be good to know. So I was really doing myself a favor, and her too, since it would be totally unfair to keep saying I loved Julie if I really didn't.

Or something like that.

"Mmmphh…" I sighed into Lisa's mouth and she tasted like butterscotch.

Her tongue was small like Julie's, but different too and she moved differently and sounded different. She tasted and smelled different. I kissed Lisa the best I knew how and she kept her eyes open, those gorgeous hazel eyes all brown flecked with gold and maybe a little green in there too. She did what I did mostly, imitating me as she learned how to French kiss and when I moved my hand, sliding it under her t-shirt so I could feel her warm, soft skin, she sighed and nodded her head and kissed me harder.

Lisa was just like Julie that way!

I fingered her belly button for a minute while Lisa licked around the inside of my mouth, and then I slid my hand higher. I found her little tits under her shirt, feeling them nice and fat and really hard. I kind of squeezed the left one, grabbing a lot of her creamy skin and rubbing my palm against her nipple. Lisa groaned and let me push her back on the sofa so that she laid lengthwise on it with her head resting on the overstuffed armrest.

Her left leg stayed on the floor, but her right leg went high, her heel on the back of the sofa above us. I moved with her, laying between her spread legs and that was super comfortable. I kept my hand under her t-shirt, rubbing her tits and especially pushing my thumb against her nipples. Lisa seemed to love that and my cock was trapped in my jeans, making a serious bulge that I rubbed against her panty covered sex. It was like we were fucking, except we weren't. Lisa moved beneath me, lifting her hips and kind of grinding her pussy against me, and all the while we kissed like crazy. She loved making out just as much as Julie did.

Lisa was more quiet though, all of her sighs and moans and gasps were really soft. Her eyes were shining when they were open, but mostly she kept them closed now that she was laying down. Her hands were on my back, like scratching me through my shirt and that felt good. Sometimes she'd find my neck and then my hair, holding my mouth against hers for a really long, deep kiss. That always made her move, really pushing her crotch against mine and I didn't have to feel her to know Lisa was hot and wet down there, but I did anyway.

I pushed my arm down between us, mostly because my cock was so hard it hurt. It was like bent inside my pants and I unzipped my jeans and pulled it free. I was just about ready to cum by then, after making out for at least half an hour, probably a lot longer than that. We were both hot and sticky. Lisa's face was flushed pink and I sucked on her bottom lip for a second and then I even bit it, just a little. I chewed her lips and Lisa gave a soft, low sigh and then she wanted to do that to mine.

She nibbled my lips even as I found her wet panties and pulled them aside. We couldn't take them off. We couldn't move, there was no way I could get off her for that, so I just pulled her panty to the side and pushed with my hips. The head of my cock found her small sex and she was burning up and so wet I thought the girl had peed herself or something, I swear! Jules got wet too, but not like that! I kind of grunted and groaned a little, trying to figure out what I was doing as I held her panty and tried to grab my cock and aim it all at the same time.

"Ow! Owwww! Ahhh!" Lisa gasped loudly and her body went really stiff, like every muscle inside her was tense as she stared at me.

"Ughhh…" I groaned, making a face as I pushed my cock inside her hole and she was tight! I could barely get inside her at all. I think I got the head inside and then she like pushed me right back out, so I did it again, harder this time and really gave her a push!

"Ohhh…Ouch! Stop!" Lisa gasped again and she was breathing hard, but now I had like half my cock inside her and I wasn't going to pull it out.

"Are you okay?" I breathed and she licked her lips, sort of narrowing her eyes like she had to think about it.

"Yeah," she nodded. "But it hurts."

"I'm sorry," I said and I meant it, I really did, and I leaned down to kiss her tenderly.

"Is it all in me?" Lisa asked softly and she didn't move at all.

"Almost," I told her. "Just kiss a little more, it'll feel better. I promise."

"Did you, um…do this before?"

"With Julie," I smiled at her. "We do it all the time."

"Okay," Lisa swallowed hard. "I want to do it too. Okay. Yeah."

"Yeah," I whispered and maybe knowing that Julie liked to fuck was all Lisa needed to know.

We kissed some more, slowly at first, as if she was afraid that just making out would make it hurt again. It didn't though and after a minute or two we were kissing almost frantically. My cock was in her now and I had to be careful not to move, except I had to push a little too because her tight little hole kept trying to push me back out. It seemed like a weird game of tug-of-war or something, but it felt amazing and mostly I just wanted to push the rest of my dick inside her and fuck Lisa like crazy! That had to be the hardest thing ever, making out with the girl, feeling my cock being squeezed by her pussy, and not being able to move.

But like three minutes later, everything was fine. Better than fine. Lisa's leg fell off the sofa and she sort of wrapped it around my hips. She brought her other leg up and did the same thing with that one and I knew her pussy wasn't hurting too much anymore. Lisa was moving again, flicking her tongue all over mine with those happy little sighs, squirming so her fat nipples would rub against my chest, and pulling me into her pussy with her heels in the small of my back. Lisa wanted to fuck and that's what we were doing.

I don't know if she came or not, since she was really different from Jules that way, but I suspected Lisa did. I mean, she was wet enough, that was for sure, and when my cock was all the way inside for the first time, when I felt the strange sensation of my cockhead bumping into the bottom of her pussy, she really pulled me against her hard. Lisa didn't make any noise, she just kissed me and tried to crush me mostly, like squeezing the air out of me while her pussy seemed to throb around my cock.

I didn't get to pump her but ten or twelve times probably before I started cumming. What a great cum though! Almost as good as the ones I had with Julie, except not quite that great. I'd pushed and pulled my dick inside her pussy for a minute and then I was spurting hard, closing my eyes against the rush of pleasure I always got when my balls got tight and started spraying sperm out of my dick. I made sure I was way deep inside her too. I kissed Lisa with my tongue playing across her braces and my dick was like denting the bottom of her pussy, maybe even her cervix, but I wasn't totally sure where exactly that might be. The pictures in school didn't really show it very good, but it had to be down there somewhere!

"Ummmm…" I sighed, grinning and nodded my head as I drank cool air into my lungs. "That felt really good. Did you feel it?"

"I think so," Lisa nodded and her eyes were all shiny and not really looking at me at all. "I felt…something. Yeah. Ohhh…"

She must have cum, I figured. I'd seen that dizzy look on Julie's face before and the girl wasn't feeling any pain, that was for sure. Lisa had her legs so tight around me I could barely breathe and she wasn't letting go. That was fine with me because I'd dumped a day's worth of spunk in her womb and now my dick was swimming in the stuff, still hard and not letting any of it get out. I really hoped she was getting pregnant right then and just the idea made me kiss her again.

Lisa kissed me back and before we knew it, we were fucking again. My cock just didn't get soft when it was inside a girl, at least not after only cumming one time. That was so awesome too. I fucked her slowly, not pulling out hardly at all, but just a sliding my dick a little, back and forth, sort of rocking my body against hers while we kissed. Lisa's tongue fluttered around my mouth and her hands were all over my back and shoulders. She enjoyed it a lot, I could tell, otherwise she would have pushed me away or just lain there or something. But she didn't. Lisa moved with me, lifting her butt and rolling her hips around, licking across my teeth and playing with my tongue.

I came again after maybe ten minutes, except it seemed like ten seconds to me. I'd fucked her harder at the end. I couldn't help it. Slow had been nice, but when I felt my cum starting, I really had to fuck her and Lisa winced a little, made faces at me when I drove my cock in and out of her fast and hard, but she didn't stop me and when I started cumming she smiled.

"I feel it!" she gasped, pulling me down so she could kiss me while I came inside her for the second time.

Jules liked to kiss when she was cumming, but I guess Lisa liked to kiss while I was cumming. That was cool with me and I just couldn't believe Lisa hadn't even told me to pull out or anything. That was way awesome! I'd spunked her twice and after my balls emptied inside her hot pussy that second time, I did start getting kind of soft. The walls of her creamy sex sorta pushed me out then, even though I wouldn't have minded staying inside the girl for the rest of my life. She pushed me out though and I pushed myself off her slowly.

"Oh wow!" Lisa smiled, breathing hard and licking her lips. "Did I do it better than Julie?"

"Um…yeah," I smiled at her, nodding my head as I looked down at my dick, soft now and wet as I put it away.

"Cool," she sighed. "That kinda hurt though."

"I know. I tried to be careful."

"I know you did," she smiled up at me. "Do you like me more than Julie?"

"I like you a lot," I told her, not really sure what I should say. I felt my stomach tight now that I'd cum and all I could think about was Jules and how I'd just fucked her best friend. It hurt me inside, but I didn't know why. I didn't like it and I just wanted to leave all of a sudden. I felt kind of sick.

"How much?" Lisa insisted, sitting up slowly and staring at me, looking like she was almost going to be mad or something.

"A lot," I said with a hard swallow. "I really like you a lot, Lisa."

"Do you love me?" she asked, reaching for me, grabbing my left arm and pulling herself up all the way as I sat between her still spread legs.

"Yeah. I love you," I said softly, knowing it was what she wanted to hear.

"I love you too," Lisa breathed, rewarding me with a big smile and then hugging me and kissing my mouth.

I kissed her back too, even though I just wanted to find Jules and tell her I was sorry.


        Chapter 3