Title: Turning the Tables on Tammy
Author: Roger P. Tipe (rogerptipe@aol.com)




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It would be safe to say that Tammy had gotten herself into this mess on her own. She should have been smarter, should have been more careful. Then again, perhaps her carelessness was just her subconscious desire to be caught, thus assuring that she would get the kind of treatment she was now certain to receive for the rest of her life. However, the psychological intricacies of her ordeal were the last thing on Tammy's mind as she lay silently, perfectly still, face down on the floor of her father's private office at his exclusive country club.

She was sore from head to foot with the kind of wonderful fatigue that comes from hours of intense pleasure and dozens of orgasms. Her soft white skin was sticky with dried sweat and gobs of half dried cum. Tammy knew she was a mess, and yet she smiled ever so slightly as she waited quietly for what was to come next, with only the vaguest of thoughts as to what she had done to get here.

She had always been daring, much more so than her two older brothers, who were kept under control by her parents over bearing ways. Tammy was different, defiant of any authority and constantly challenging the rules. Her rebellious nature would never have been tolerated had she been a boy, but from day one, she was Daddy's Little Princess, and thus got away with whatever she did. Being a spoiled child had its advantages for Tammy. her father had made a considerable fortune in the computer industry, so her life was filled with expensive gifts, vacations and servants. Young Tammy loved it all.

By the time Tammy was half way through her four years at a very expensive private school, she had begun to blossom into quite a lovely young woman. Slender build, with large full breasts and strong athletic legs, gave her a body that had all the boys, (and some of the girls) drooling as she paraded around in her school uniform. She had also taken up modeling as a hobby, encouraged of course by her father, who was ever so proud of his young beauty. Given her experimental nature, it was no surprise that Tammy experimented sexually. However, unlike most of her young friends, she did not find it disgusting and boorish, but rather relished in the physical pleasure and more importantly, the power it seemed to have over the boys in her classes, as well as her teachers. It was from her encounters with these teachers that Tammy learned much about love making and the value of secrecy when it came to sex.

In he father's mind, Tammy graduated from high school as the best and the brightest in her class, as well as the most pristine, untouched girl in the world. What he did not know however, was that his Little Princess counted over three fourths of the boys in her graduating class among the sixty plus men she had already fucked. Not to mention the dozen or so staff members, including the silver haired principal who handed her her diploma with a sly knowing grin.

Sex in high school was easy enough to hide. Boys talked, but everyone knew they exaggerated. Even if the rumors about her happened to be true, Tammy could easily dismiss them. And the teachers? Who were they going to tell? Most of them were married, with careers at stake. None of them would dare risk that plus jail time just to tell her father what a slut she was becoming. Had she been truly smart, Tammy would have continued to chose men with more to lose than she had. However, once in college, the lure of sex was too great. her grades had forced her to attend a local state college. Not even her father's money could fix that. He was embarrassed by it, but Tammy loved the new freedom it gave her. She was thrilled to be surrounded by so many new and exciting men and women. It did not take long for her to discover all of the secluded spots on campus where she could slip away for some between class fucking. Now that she was eighteen and in college, her parents even relaxed the no parties rule and allowed her to attend a few frat parties. They still would not allow her to 'date' anyone without their approval, (which gave her a long list of dull rich boys who just did not measure up to Tammy's standards) She was able to have plenty of fun just by going to the weekly frat parties.

Never before had Tammy had such easy access to multiple partners. Once in high school, on a dare, she had done a gang bang with all 12 players on the basketball team, but the eight frats on campus, gave Tammy as much as she could handle. Soon, she was gang banging every weekend. It was like heaven

She still modeled a bit, just for fun, and it was through her association with a photographer that Tammy's demise was assured. Cal had photographed her many times, building a nice portfolio for her of fashion and bikini photos. One day, Cal asked Tammy, who by now sported a lovely set of 38d breasts, if she would consider doing some topless modeling for his private collection. Turned on by the idea, Tammy agreed. Soon, she was posing nude for a small group of Cal's photographer friends. She found it very arousing to be the center of their attention, as if they were fucking her with their cameras. Finally, one of the other photographers offered her five hundred dollars to do a video for a private collector. Well, Christmas was approaching and she did have her eye on a rather expensive watch for dear old daddy. All she had to do was fuck a gorgeous male model that the photographer provided for her. Tammy's indecision over this lasted about three seconds before she agreed.

To her delight, the model was as gorgeous a man as the photographer had described, Tall and deeply black, with the body of a god and a sexy smile. Now Tammy had fucked black men before and loved it. As an added thrill, she knew how much her father hated blacks and other minorities. Tammy had never shared these feelings, in fact they were the one thing she hated about her father. He could be such a bigot. Tammy was surprised at how quickly she warmed up to the idea of the camera. This beautiful man's huge prick help she to that. Before long, she was screaming and creaming on that huge black rod like a true slut. For the climax of the video, Tammy jerked the black man off onto her angelic face, and was surprised at the naughty thought which raced through her mind as his semen splashed on her. "Daddy would die if could see me now." It was the best money she had ever made.

Little did she know, the private collector who the video was for was none other than David Lee, a man her father's age, who had long ago been cheated out of a fortune by Tammy's father. The man had almost been ruined, and naturally always looked upon Tammy's family as an enemy. He had seen her around, she had grown up quite beautiful. His daughter went to school with Tammy. Unlike Tammy, David's daughter was not pretty and popular, in fact, more than once his little girl had come home crying because of something that bitch had done or said. Even around the club, Tammy strutted around making enemies, treating all the staff their as if they were shit on her shoes. David's hatred for her father was equal to his loathing of his perfect daughter. Imagine his surprise when he sat at his desk, popped in the new tape he had ordered from that sleaze ball videographer and saw that the young slut deep throating a ten inch black cock was none other than the daughter of his most hated enemy. Oh revenge would be sweet.

"Got to make a few phone calls" He thought to himself. But first he whipped out his cock and began to stoke it furiously as he watched rich little Tammy fuck like a cheap whore.



Tammy kept herself busy over the Christmas holidays by going to lots of parties. It seemed like each fraternity held their festivities on different nights, so she got fucked almost nightly for two weeks. Still, she wanted and need more. As she and her family sat at their usual table a the country club on December 29, Tammy allowed her mind to wander. She had been somewhat careful not to set any of these people know what a slut she was. She knew that most of them hated her. Resented her father's money and power, and most of all, were jealous of her beauty. "If they only knew...." She thought.

Tammy was somewhat surprised when David Lee, a man her father had almost destroyed in a business deal, came over to their table with his stupid cow of a daughter. She had gone to school with Tammy, but they had not been friends. Wendy Lee had gotten into Vasser, the stupid cow. Mr. Lee shook her father's hand, which was odd in itself. "Just wanted to wish all of you a very happy holiday." He said before leaving. Wendy shot Tammy a dirty look as she left. Who does that bitch think she is? She thought.

Half way through dinner, Tammy excused herself to go to the ladies room. Really, she needed to call her friends and the Delta Chi house to see if they were still going to have their big New Year's Eve Party. On her way back from the phone, Tammy ran into Mr. Lee, she tried to pass him, but he stopped her. "Tammy" he whispered. "I wanted to get you alone so I could talk to you."

"I'll bet " she thought. "What do you want?" She asked.

"Well, tomorrow afternoon, we are throwing a big surprise party for your father. He has just been voted San Marcos father of the year by the newspaper."

"So what does that have to do with me?" She asked.

"The paper would like for you to be there, since your brothers couldn't make it home for Christmas. Do you think you can be here at noon?" He asked.

"The club is closed tomorrow." She replied. "How are you going to get my father here?"

"That's all been taken care of. We just need to make sure that one of his kids is here. And keep it a secret, your mother and father must be surprised."

"OK, I'll try" Tammy said, although she knew she would be here. It was about time those jealous pricks gave her daddy some respect.

Tammy returned to her table and Mr. Lee left. He had lots of planning to do. Neither of them had seen that Wendy, not far away, had heard their conversation.



Tears streamed down Tammy's face as she drove home. Her terrible ordeal at the Country Club had left her humiliated, sore, deathly afraid and more pissed off than she had ever been during her young life. There just had to be a way out of this mess. She was not a stupid girl. David Lee's little gang rape, which may have left her impregnated with a Mexican baby, was just the beginning. That much she knew. There was no telling what David might have in store for her if she were to follow his orders and come to work for him. The thought of being forced to be his sex slave made Tammy's stomach turn, and for the third time on her way home, she pulled the car over to the side of the road and vomited..

That seemed to help her gather her wits a bit. There really was not way out. David Lee had the tape of Tammy and would use it against her in a heartbeat. One look at that tape and Tammy's father would kick her out of the house and never speak to her again. Not to mention what it would do to her entire family. Their good name would be ruined. Her only choice was to go along with David's plan to manipulate her until she could find some way to turn it around on him. The idea of being that bastard's sex slave was not at all pleasant, but neither was the alternative. Besides, he would want to keep her on a short leash and that would allow Tammy to search for weaknesses. Revenge was running a close second to self preservation on her list of reasons for going along with his plan.

Convincing her father to allow her to take a job with his chief competitor was actually easier than Tammy had feared. After his initial explosion, Mr. Douglas calmed down rather quickly. Just one mention for Tammy about the advantages of having someone close to Lee to monitor his maneuvers, got Tammy's father's mind racing with possibilities. Both companies were going after a small computer software firm and Douglas desperately wanted to gain the upper hand. In his mind, he assumed that this was Lee's intention in offering the job to his daughter.. Lee obviously hoped to get some inside dirt himself, not realizing that Douglas' innocent looking daughter was herself learning the wicked ways of cooperate America.

In the end, Mr. Douglas kissed his daughter on the forehead, secretly proud of how she was growing up to be quite a ruthless little business woman. The future of Douglas Enterprises looked exceptionally bright.



Mrs. Lee did not so much as notice her husband's pleasant demeanor at the breakfast table. She sat picking at her food thinking that the sooner he left, the soon she could wash down a couple of valium with some bourbon. Their daughter Wendy, however was very aware of her father's cheerful smirk as she picked at her omelet. Having seen her father's little game with that stuck up cunt Tammy Douglas, Wendy knew exactly why he was smiling. Daddy had himself a new toy, a young pretty one at that.

She had seen the tape that her father was using to hold Tammy captive. Had even seen where he had hidden a copy. As soon as he was gone and her mother was safely intoxicated beyond conciseness, Wendy would have the tape in her hands. Her father had always said that knowledge was power. A wicked grin crossed Wendy's thin lips at the thought of the amount of power her knowledge would give her. Tammy Douglas was going to have to pay for all the years of teasing and harassment she and people like her had given to Wendy. Oh was that little bitch going to pay.

David Lee could hardly wait to get to the office. He had such plans for his newest toy. His cock was raging at the thought of the depraved things he was going to make the prim and proper daughter of his biggest rival do. Before he was finished, that private school educated little debutante would be little more than a common street whore. Oh what fun it would be to see the look on her father's face as the entire town laughed at her. He was bursting to have his cock inside of Tammy's sweet pussy. It would take a great deal of control for him not to fuck her right away, but David knew that if he did that, he would be taking it far too easy on the little bitch. His plans were to completely abuse and humiliate the young model. when he was finished with her, she would be a complete mess and the Douglas family fortune would be in his hands. David chuckled wickedly at his plans. This was going to be so much fun.

As per his usual routine, David Lee met first with Lee Industries Chief of Operations, Stephanie Hughes. Ms. Huhges had been with the company for twelve years, had clawed her way to the top through sheer will and stop at nothing attitude. While she had shared David's bed many years earlier, he was quick to realize that her value to the company lie not between the sheets, but in the boardroom. Still, she was an attractive woman, and still caused David some distractions...on most days, but not today. Stephanie curiously raised an eyebrow upon recognizing the name of Mr. Lee's new hire. She listened intently to his instructions as to her training regimen. Working for a man like David Lee for a dozen years had taught Stephanie never to be too surprised, but this seemed to be rather risky. Still, the thought of supervising the daughter of a rival like this was enough to get the usually hard nosed businesswoman boiling with delight and passion.

Their meeting finished, Mr. Lee sat at his desk, waiting for Tammy's arrival. He would be greeting her personally each morning. Stephanie took her leave and decided to take a few moments to "check up on things down in the mailroom." This routine task could easily have been handled by a subordinate, but Stephanie Hughes had her own reasons for keeping a close eye on things in the mailroom. David smiled knowingly at her less than discreet motives.

Stephanie had been making every possible excuse to run down to the mailroom and check on Woody Turner, the newly promoted head of the mailroom. Fourteen years her junior, the twenty year old was the picture of masculine perfection, tall, well built with dark hair and piercing eyes. Woody had left college early when a blown knee ended his football career, voiding his scholarship. He had returned home not the conquering hero, but as a bit of a failure. Woody had been very fortunate to have landed the job with Lee Industries, but since taking the job, he had shown great aptitude and desire to advance.

The younger man had thus far shown no interest in Stephanie's flirtations, but she was not at all worried. Working for a man like David Lee had taught her many things. Among them, that eventually, everyone must pay the toll to move up the ladder. She had plans to personally collect many a nights pleasure from the young stud before letting him climb any higher.



Tammy arrived at precisely 8:30 AM as instructed. She walked confidently into Mr. Lee's office dressed in a conservatively long skirt, long sleeved blouse and jacket. Her low heels rounded out a very businesslike outfit. David had to admit to himself that she looked quite presentable, even somewhat formidable. However, this outfit would never do for what he had in mind. She looked like a mid level executive, and David knew that Tammy would be a good one. Except for one thing, he had a much lower level position for her. Tammy Douglas would never reach anything higher than entry level at Lee Industries, now matter how great she looked.

"Sit down." he order, gesturing to a chair across the desk from him. "You are prompt, I like that. In fact, I demand it. However, your attire is much too upscale for the position I have for you. I know your background and schooling was priming you to be an executive, but you'll be starting out at an entry level position, and not a highly skilled one at that. Here you are not different than the high school graduates I have diligently inputting invoices." He smiled a bit as her confident look faded. "I thought you might overdress, so I took the liberty of buying you a more appropriate outfit. You will find it hanging on the door. In the future, you will come to work dressed in a similar fashion. He motioned towards an outfit hanging on the back of his office door. Tammy obediently walked over to retrieve it. "Put it on." David said as she eyed the clothes. "Right now."

Tammy knew that this sort of sexual abuse would be coming, and at least if he got it over with now, she could forget about it for the rest of the day. She walked defiantly back over to the desk, tossing the outfit into her chair. Tammy was determined to do what she had to do, but no one said she had to enjoy herself. Without expression, she shed her expensive designer jacket and unbuttoned her blouse, carefully hanging both on the hanger. David was once again amazed at how firm her breasts were. As Tammy raised her arms and began to pull the very low cut sweater on, David protested. "I think you can do without the bra dear." he said matter of factly.

She tried to hide her growing disappointment, but Tammy had never been much of an actress. She knew that David Lee was not about to make it easy on her, but his plan seemed to include putting her to work dressed like a very fashion deficient steno poll reject. Avoiding his leering eyes, Tammy unfastened her bra and let it fall unceremoniously to the floor. Her breasts barely moved as she hurriedly raised her arms to put on the sweater. David let her hurry through this step of the ritual. It would be better to leave her some control now so that he could enjoy taking the last of it away from her at a later time.

The sweater, a full two sizes too small, served to accentuate Tammy's full breasts. "Now the skirt." David said, smiling. She unzipped her skirt and let it fall. The skirt David had selected was a much shorter, tight stretch material. As this as it was, there was no way for her to wear any panties. Without a word, Tammy complied with David's unspoken requirements. She slid her black panty hose down her long legs. Tammy did not even pause before removing her panties as well. This was a pleasant surprise for David who was planning to let Tammy wear panties for her first few days with the company.

As Tammy struggled to pull the tight skirt over her curvaceous hips, David leaned back in his chair, satisfied with his feeling of utter power over this beautiful young woman. As she slipped her feet into the black five inch pumps he had provided for her, he saw the last of her old self slip away, and he was pleased. The outfit was perfect. It made her look like an exceptionally cheap version of the minimum wage dolts he hired to do the shit work and keep the low level executives happy as they endlessly tried to fuck their way up the corporate ladder.

Satisfied with her overall look, David motioned for her to once again sit down in the chair. "You will be under the direct supervision of Stephanie Hughes and will report to me twice daily for special assignments." Tammy cringed at the added inflection David gave to the word 'special.' "The most important thing for you to know is that you will be required to work and work hard. I am not going to give you a free ride no matter how often I fuck you. You will be watched at all times my dear, so do be careful not to slack off." He paused, smiling. "And I would be careful about who you tell people you are. Your father's unscrupulous business practices have, over the years, caused me to make some rather unkind personnel moves. You would not be very popular, so be discreet if you know what's good for you.. Welcome aboard Miss Douglas, and do have a pleasant day."

Tammy sat in the chair for a moment, not sure what to do next. Surely this couldn't be all he had in mind. Not after yesterday. At last, she stood and hesitantly began to exit. "Oh yes, one last thing." Tammy's heart sank. "You are to follow every order given to you by Ms. Hughes as if it came from my very own lips. And Tammy, be here at noon, we'll have lunch." With that, David returned to his work and Tammy exited the office. Tammy walked past Mr. Lee's secretary, feeling the older woman's icy stare on her back as she walked by in her new, all too cheap, outfit.

Stephanie Hughes was waiting for Tammy and grinned wickedly at the getup David had put her in. "Oh, you will be a big hit in that." She said mockingly. Stephanie raised her hand to silence Tammy before she could even respond. "Now let's get you down to work Miss Douglas. You are already twenty minutes late."

Tammy was led down into a crowded room filled with a dozen or so workers, mostly young women, all sitting at computer terminals, frantically typing away. After a brief explanation, Stephanie left Tammy at a computer with a huge stack of invoices to be inputted before lunch. Alone now, Tammy wasn't sure how to feel. She had graduated at the top of her class and after only year of college, already knew more about how to run a company than half of the executives at her father's company. But here she was at a computer terminal, surrounded by a bunch of high school underachievers. None of whom were qualified to clean her house, let alone stare condescendingly at her as she sat typing away.

The work was harder than she could have imagined. Tammy's typing skills were decent, but the constant inputting soon had her hands and arms aching with overwork. The uncomfortable clothes did little to help her situation, constantly riding up on her thighs causing her to shift in her chair. As lunch approached, Tammy's to do pile was less than half finished. The other girls all seemed to be finished and had begun to gather themselves up for lunch.

Tammy pushed her chair back and started to stand when she felt a hand on her shoulder, pushing her back down. She heard a female voice scold her. "No one takes lunch until all of their work is done. No free rides down here, no matter who you fucked to get this job." Rage filled Tammy as the words hit her. Who was this girl? Tammy could run this whole company with her brains and education and here was some minimum wage tramp implying that she, Tammy Douglas, had to sleep with someone just to get some loser entry level position. It was a complete outrage. Luckily for Tammy, Stephanie Hughes interrupted before she could blow her cover.

"Lunch time Miss Douglas." She said rather gruffly.

The other girl chimed in. "But, Ms. Hughes, her work isn't finished. Policy says..."

Stephanie cut her off. "I know the policy Miss Siefert, thank you. But it seems as if Mr. Lee wants to personally welcome our newest member to the company. His orders state that she is to join him immediately while one of you catches her up on the work. Choose the one Miss Douglas."

Tammy stood silently, not responding. This was way too cruel. How could she work with these women if they all saw her getting special treatment, and to top it off she had to choose which of the girls had to pull her extra weight. The look on Ms. Hughes' face reminded Tammy of David's orders. Without looking up to meet the icy stares of her coworkers, Tammy pointed to the short, stocky blonde girl who had shoved her back into her chair. Stephanie smiled, this was a major mistake on Tammy's part, singling out the one girl in the group with any balls at all.

"All right Miss Siefert, get to work. Miss Douglas, you better get you ass up to the boss's office before lunch gets cold."

Tammy hurried out of the room, not daring to look up at the disapproving faces on the other girls. She knew that David would have something degrading planned for her upstairs, but at that point, anything had to be better than the naked hatred that the other girls were showing her.



David was waiting in his office, sipping a martini and smiling to himself. It had already been a very busy morning. The wheels were set in motion for a very big, if risky move later that week. Now he was ready for a bit of relaxation. At long last, he was going to get to fuck Tammy Douglas. His cock throbbed in his trousers when he heard a weak knock on his office door.

"Come in." He called.

As Tammy entered, David was again struck by her beauty. No cheap outfit could alter her fin features and magnificent body. She was stunning, the result of very good blood lines. This only made his desire to defile her grow more intense. "Sit down." He mumbled, still going over a pile of papers. Tammy sat, her hands folded in her lap, caressing the sore flesh of her palms. A hard half day's work was more than the little Princess was used to. David smiled, satisfied with how it had begun. Without looking up, he asked. "Enjoying your first day?"

Tammy grew angry. He was mocking her. "No." she blurted out, not thinking. "How could you do that to me? Making me single out someone to do my extra work for me. Do you know what they will all think?"

David looked up at her. "First, my dear, never raise your voice to me again. Second, I don't care what they will think. Third, how can I do it? Princess I own you. I can and will do anything I fucking please with your life. Best get used to that."

Tammy suddenly found herself without comment. She had been able to trick herself for a while that this was just an unpleasant job she would have to tolerate, but deep inside she knew that for the time being, David Lee did in fact own her. She struggled mightily to hold back tears. The last thing she wanted to do want give him that satisfaction.

Sensing she was near the breaking point, David decided it was time to proceed. "Lean back. " he ordered. "Spread your legs like the cheap whore you are." The days of using his power to fuck younger women had long ago lost their appeal to David, but this was so new and exciting. he felt like a teen ager discovering sexual power once again. He had the most beautiful young woman in town, the rich, well bred daughter of a rich and powerful man at his mercy and he was going to her in every way.

Tammy slid her ass to the front of the chair, spreading her tan thighs, exposing her pussy to David. She tried to block out his cruel words and pretend she was at home, giving herself pleasure. She closed her eyes and tried to block out the horror that had become her life.

"Open your eyes. : David barked. "Look at me while you touch yourself slut." He wanted to see all that spirit and fight drain from her as she became more and more his possession. "Touch your dirty pussy Tammy. You know you are just dying for release. All that fucking yesterday must have spoiled you, all those cock fucking you. You came so hard we were sure you would never stop. Finger your pussy and pretend its my cock."

Tammy was unable to block out the memories that he was bringing back. All those strange men holding her down and fucking her mercilessly. Just using her to fuck then dump their loads into her tight pussy. As her fingers stroked up and down the length of her slit, Tammy felt the lubrication begin to flow like a fountain. Another small piece of her will tore away and was lost forever.



When Tammy arrived at the country club the following day, she was dressed to impress. Her daddy had always been proud of how beautiful she was, and for this special occasion, she was going to make sure she looked her best. After all, her two lazy brothers hadn't even bothered to come home for Christmas, the pricks. Even though the club was closed down that day, it was fully staffed, apparently for the big surprise event. As she walked up to the door, Tammy could feel the eyes of the Mexican grounds crew as they sweltered in the afternoon sun. They watched her five foot seven inch frame strut by dressed in thin white long sleeved blouse, mid length white skirt and a nice pair of four inch heels. Her 38d-24-36 frame was a sight to behold for the tired workers who couldn't help but stare at her despite their loathing for the rude bitch who seemed to think that they couldn't understand her constant insults, besides, her father was that big jack ass who called them all stupid wetbacks.

Tammy was a bit disappointed to have to spend an entire Sunday here when she had planned to go with her friends to the beach, but she had to keep up appearances. Inside, she was a bit surprised to find very few of the normal kitchen staff buzzing about. "They should keep these people out of sight so they don't ruin daddy's press coverage." She though walking past them towards the meeting hall where Mr. Lee had instructed her to wait. She was not surprised to see that he was not here yet. "Always late" she mumbled "Just like the Jemaco deal when my father took that contract from you and cost you all that money." Tammy smiled, her father's ruthless business practices were something she greatly admired in him. He wasn't afraid to go out and get what he wanted, by force if necessary. But where was everyone? The ceremony should be starting soon.

She sat and waited a few minutes before Mr. Lee entered the room. "It's about time" Tammy said. "Where is everyone?"

"Sorry to keep you waiting, but we have a few things to discuss before your father gets here." He replied, wheeling in a cart with a TV and VCR on it.

Tammy had a feeling that Mr. Lee was going to make a come on, at some point all men did. And as much as the her pussy needed to be fucked, there was no way an old loser like Mr. Lee was going to get anywhere with her. She stood up and headed for the door defiantly. "I don't have time for this sort of shit."

"I can see we won't be doing this the easy way." He said stepping in front of the door.

"Get the fuck out of my way, before I tell my father. You know what he'll do to, he'll ruin you."

"Shut up and sit down you little bitch!" He bellowed firmly. "This won't take a minute." He grabbed her by the arm and shoved her into a chair. Tammy was too shocked by him to even move. "How dare he lay a hand on me." She thought.

"OK, let's get right to the point Tammy. I've never liked you much. You're a spoiled stupid little bitch who thinks her shit is candy and in Princess of the world. Well, my dear, those days are over as of today. Starting now, you are going to be treated like the little gutter whore you are."

Tammy had never in her life been talked to like this. What did he think he was doing. One word of this to her father and Mr. Lee would be wiped out. He'd be on a offramp begging for change and his cow wife and daughter would be her personal maid for this outrage.

"That's right my dear, I know your dirty little secret. I always knew you were a slut, I just thought you might be smart enough to keep everyone from finding out. A girl in your position should be more discreet." The words were striking close to home now and for the first time, fear hit Tammy. Could he possibly know? She didn't think so, he was bluffing.

"Whatever it is you think you're talking about Mr. Lee, I suggest you stop right there. One more word from you and I'll be having this discussion with my father."

"Oh, that is the plan dear. See, I have invited your father down here. To watch a very special movie. Here I'll show you." Mr. Lee turned on the TV and hit the play button on the VCR. After a few agonizing seconds, the picture came clear. Then the truly agonizing realization hit her. There on the TV, Tammy saw own face with a huge black cock slapping against it as she sucked on a faceless man's prick. "The video." she whispered, too horrified to move.

"That's right. I am your private collector. You can only imagine my surprise when I realized who the how new model of the month was. I just wonder what dear old dad with think of his sweet Princess when he sees this. He'll especially like the part where she gets her cheeks busted by this huge nigger's prick won't he Tammy?"

His obvious enjoyment gave Tammy something to fight against. He wanted to think he had one, but she was smarter and more ruthless than he imagined. "Oh yes, I'm sure he will. And I am sure your board of directors, the church council, your wife and stupid cunt daughter will love to know how daddy orders special shot tapes of blacks raping poor white girls." She countered.

"Raped?" He laughed. "I have paid twenty dollar whores who didn't beg to be fucked this badly dear."

"Of course, that's because you were there with a gun, forcing me to do it. I think the police will love to hear all about that. Should get you put away for a good long time ass hole."

Tammy was fighting back well, as he knew she would. This is why he had waited a few weeks before moving in, he had to have a back up plan in case she didn't crack easily.

"So," she continued "What do you say you give me that tape and we can forget this ever happened, that is until I need some extra spending money. I think you should be more than happy to toss some cash my way in exchange for me not ruining you life."

Mr. Lee sat laughing for a long moment. "I'll give you credit slut, you don't go down without a fight. All right, you got me, I'll give in, but how about we see what else in on the tape. Then I'll give it to you."

Tammy's smile of victory was short lived as his last statement confused her a bit. Mr. Lee fast forwarded the tape for a minute, then hit play again. This time the image was less clear, rather dark and shaky, but it didn't take long to see that it was Tammy again. Someone was shooting a video through the window of the fraternity house. An uncontrolled squeak left Tammy's mouth as she watched herself on the screen. Naked, on her hands and knees, a cock in her pussy, another in her ass and a line of college guys waiting to cum all over her face. She remembered that night vividly. They had all fucked her so good.

"And in case you're wondering, there is more." He said triumphantly. "I've had people following you for a few weeks now. I have enough tape here to more than convince anyone who see this that you are in fact a cheap worthless slut. Even dear old dad. You know, this could just about kill the old bastard.....unless of course, you can convince me not to show him."

Tammy had to fight back tears as the ramifications of the video sunk in, but she was strong. He was enjoying this moment, but he had a lot to lose as well. her father could still ruin him if he showed anyone the tape. But what would daddy do to her? Years of being a Princess had left her with few survival skills and even fewer friends. Stiffen her lip, Tammy stood and took a step toward the door. "You do what you want, No one will believe you anyway." She said feebly.

Mr. Lee could tell by the tone of defeat in her voice that he would never actually have to show the video to her father, (a thought which actually did scare him. Who knows what the mean old son of a bitch might do to him. He breathed a secret sigh of relief as Tammy's step was visibly uninspired. She wasn't going anywhere. "Sit you ass down whore" He snapped. "Why don't you just wait here and we'll show daddy together and see what he says."

Tammy stopped, tears now rolled down her cheeks as she sat back down. There was no way out of this one. She did not want to beg him, but she could not let him show that tape to anyone. It would kill her father and destroy the entire family. Sniffling she asked the question he had so much wanted to hear. "What do you want in exchange for the tape."

Leaning on the table inches for the seated nineteen year old blonde, Mr. Lee felt his cock surge with energy. He was 46 years old and hadn't had a pussy this young and well bred in years. He wanted to enjoy this. What's more, he could do whatever he wanted to her. It was like paying a whore, except no whore he'd ever met had been so beautiful, perfect. And more importantly, no whore was the daughter of the man who had stolen his ideas and his fortune. For all the years Tammy's father had taken food from the mouths of his family, he was going to take it out tenfold on his precious little Princess. His mind reeled with all the wicked tortures he had in mind for little Tammy. It was all he could do to keep from cumming in his pants right then and there.



Wendy was suspicious of her father's talk with Tammy. She knew there was no such award going to Tammy's dad. The whole town hated and feared the bastard. Almost as much as she hated Tammy Douglas, the bitch who had made her high school years a dateless Hell. She and her friends were constantly tormenting her for her shy bookish nature, and her somewhat overweight frame. Wendy Lee was by no means fat, but she was a far cry from that 'model' bitch Tammy Dougals. That plus the ostracization from the popular crowd had made Wendy's high school years dateless and lonely. She was reduced to having to take her pimply faced younger cousin Harold, all of fourteen at the time, to her senior prom. While Wendy heard all the stories of Tammy's sexual exploits, (They couldn't have been true, no one was that big a slut) Wendy had to be satisfied with her fingers and various toys to satisfy her plump pussy. Each and every time her chubby fingers made he pussy cum, Wendy swore to one day get revenge on Wendy and girls like her.

Away at college, Wendy Lee found life no better, shy, unattractive and new at an all girls school did not bode well for one's sex life, unless of course, one like girls. Wendy found more and more, that didn't dislike that idea, but as of yet, she had not sampled a woman's pussy. She did find her revenge fantasies about Tammy growing increasingly more sexual. She was in the middle of one of these fantasies in the shower when she heard her father's car pull out of the driveway for his 'meeting' with Tammy.

Wendy had three fingers pumping in and out of her open pussy as she held the showerhead down between her legs. The warm jets of water, pulsating on her swollen clit, driving her crazy, making her entire body tense up, almost there. Her mind raced with images of revenge against Tammy. In her mind, she had Tammy tied on her knees with her hands tied behind her back. A black leather blindfold hid her fate from Tammy. A line of homeless men and women, unshowered, unclean and mostly old and diseased were standing in front of lovely Tammy waiting their turn to use her mouth as a cum depository. The cum of a dozen homeless bums dripped out of Tammy's rich pristine mouth as she struggled to get away. Behind her, Wendy knelt, driving a huge black strap on dildo up her precious ass hole. Wendy had both hands full of that perfect long blonde hair, which had always made her jealous (her own thin mousy blonde hair was always cut short to hid its lack of body) Wendy could feel the orgasms flowing through her body as the water and the depraved revenge images sent her over the top. Had anyone been in the house, they would have heard the girl screaming out in anger and ecstasy.





Back at the club, David stood over a now weeping Tammy, stroking her beautiful blonde hair. "Maybe" he thought, "I'll make her shave it all off. Won't look so fucking pretty bald will she?"

"Please" Tammy sobbed. "Don't show my father the video. I'll never treat you that way again. I'll even give you all the money I can get my hands on, and I will never do this sort of thing again. From now on I'll be a good girl I swear."

David grabbed Tammy by the hair, forcing her to look up at him. "Oh you won't ever treat anyone this way again, that's for sure. I'll see to that, from now on you are going to be very nice to everyone. And as for your money dear, there is not enough money in the entire world to stop me from having you do my bidding." He pointed to the TV screen and made her watch herself in action. "As for you not doing that again...I beg to differ. You'll be doing it even more, only now it will be when and with whom I order you to do it, not to satisfy your slut pussy."

Through teary eyes, Tammy could see Mr. Lee laughing as on screen she bounced wildly on some frat boy's fat cock. She truly looked like a dick starved whore. "why wasn't I more careful?" she thought to herself again.

"I won't be your slave." she whimpered, trying her best to sound defiant and strong. "No matter what you say or do."

"Oh i believe you will. One look at this tape and dear old dad will kick his little slut right out into he streets. How long do you think you'll last then dear?" David Lee was in Heaven, it was too much. He knew he had to do something to her quickly or he would explode. Moving closer to her, David said. "Take out my cock."

Tammy turned her head away. "No. I won't do it, I'm not like that."

"Come now dear, from the looks of this tape, you are a regular cum drinking whore. You love it. Now, you just better get to work, and pray you are as good as you look. Come on sweetie, take out my cock."

Tammy turned her face upwards towards him. It had been a long time since anyone had needed to ask her to do that. She was rather accustomed to taking the initiative. Still, this was not someone she particularly wanted to be with. "If I do, will you promise not to show the tape to my daddy?" She pleaded.

David just laughed. "Oh my dear, sweet Tammy, this is only the beginning. I can't promise you this is all you have to do, but I will make you this promise. If you don't suck my cock right now, I will show your this tape to your daddy and to the entire fucking club."

A look of horror struck Tammy's face. "Oh please no mister Lee, don't do that." she moaned.

"Then suck me." He barked. Tammy's trembling fingers unzipped David's trousers. They fell to his feet as she pulled his boxer shorts down over his hips. His stiff prick popped up, smacking Tammy under her chin. She jumped back a bit surprised. David snorted, "Don't worry sweetie, it won't bite you."

Tammy was embarrassed by her own reaction. She had sucked over two hundred fifty cocks in her young life, but this was somehow frightening. This man knew her secrets and could use that knowledge to hurt her and destroy her father. She had no choice but to do as this man said and hope his imagination was not as wicked as his grin.

David Lee had a rather short cock, even throbbing as it was now, it was barely five inches long. However, it was exceptionally thick, measuring a full three and three quarters an inch across. In all his years with his wife, David had never gotten her used to it's thickness. Oh he had plans for this spoiled young bitch. She was going to do things to his thick prick that only whores had done in for him in the past. Even better, she was going to do it for free, and beg him for more.

Tammy was a bit surprised by the girth of Mr. Lee's member. It wasn't very long, but it was so big around. A horrifying vision struck her as she thought of this fist like cock invading her tight body. "I had better suck him really good." She thought to herself shuddering.

"Do you like my cock, whore?" David snapped as Tammy wrapped her delicate young fingers around the thick shaft. It was too big to even fit in her hand.

Keeping her head down, Tammy whined. "Stop calling me that."

"You are right dear," David taunted. "Whore's get paid. You're doing this for free, so I guess you're just a slut. But don't worry, once I start pimping you out around town, then you'll be a proper whore."

Tammy knew that he was trying to humiliate her with his harsh words and fought the urge to cry again as she stroked his dick. "Besides, " she thought "This won't take long." Judging from the pre-cum that dribbled fro the big purple head of his cock, Mr. Lee would be a very fast shooter.

"Go on" he said, seeing her staring at the pre-cum. "Give it a lick slut girl. You should get used to the taste of my cum. You'll be enjoying it for a quite some time."

Tammy tried to ignore his cruel words and concentrate on getting this over with. She snaked out her tongue to sample the clear fuck fluid that ran from Mr. Lee's prick. The salty taste was very familiar. Tammy loved the taste of man spunk and no amount of anger or humiliation could change the fact that giving head turned her on. To her utter horror and shame, Tammy felt her nipples go hard beneath her blouse and felt her pussy begin to drip.

"Oh God," she thought. "What kind of slut have I become?"

She closed her lips around the huge head of Mr. Lee's cock. It stuffed her mouth full of cock meat. Getting this beer can of a cock into her mouth was going to be a challenge. Tammy had learned to deep throat expertly, and could easily handle at least twelve inches down her throat, (A feat she had accomplished many times) but this one was so wide.

Her soft tongue swirled around the bulbous head of his dick, wetting it with her spit. Looking down at her, David though she was even more beautiful like this, her soft full lips stretched tightly around his fat cock. He couldn't wait to throat fuck her. His wife had never been able to do it, and none of the whore's he had paid to do it were one tenth as beautiful as the lovely Tammy Douglas.

She started to suck hard on the head of his prick, trying to avoid having him shove it in her mouth. She felt that with some good lip and tongue action, he would shoot before face fucking her. That might just suffocate her. "After all" she though arrogantly, "with that old cow of a wife he has, this is no doubt the best head the old guy has had in years. He should be grateful."

Grateful he was not however. What David was feeling was pure ecstasy. Not only was this the best head he had in years, but it was a pure slap in the face to Tammy and her bastard of a father. Tammy had been the belle of the ball all her life, the untouchable virgin Princess of her father's corrupt Kingdom and now he was about to force his thick cock down her throat until she gagged. Oh how he wished he were getting this on videotape.

Tammy flinched as David stroked her cheek. She seemed to know what was coming next and definitely did not want him to grab her head and start thrusting. She puled back off his cock, which made an audible pop as it left her lips.

"Now, now dear, why so jumpy?" David mocked. I'm just admiring your skin, you know your father always brags about how little Princess has the most perfect skin when he shows us your stupid modeling pictures. Must be from all that cum the boys rub on your face." David laughed aloud as he pulled Tammy to her feet.

"Oh God," she though, "what is he going to do to me?"

"Sit on the table, "David ordered, shoving her back, her ass hitting the edge of the giant meeting table roughly. Before she could utter a word of protest, David spun her around facing away from him and pushed her down onto her back. A few seconds worth of positioning, had the young bitch lying on her back with her face hanging over the table. She knew what this position was best for.

"No" she squealed. "Don't shove that thing down my throat, it's too wide." Tears streamed from Tammy's face.

"Shut up" David barked. "I told you to do as I say or daddy sees everything." He slapped her across the face with his prick. "Now open wide, slut, time for me to open that throat of yours."

Just then, the door to the conference room opened. Both of them looked towards the door. Miguel, one of the waiters from the dining hall popped his head in. "I'm saved" thought Tammy.

"What do you want Miguel?" barked David.

Tammy seized the moment "Help me Miguel, he's raping me, call the police. Help!" She screamed to the man.

Miguel, who had been screamed at many times by young Tammy, smiled at her. In broken English he replied. "Sorry I no speaka the English." They all knew it was a lie, and Miguel and David burst into laugher.

"What is going on?" though Tammy in horror. "Why won't he help me?"

"Sorry sir." Miguel said to David. "Would you or the young lady like anything to drink?" Now his English was perfect, with only a hint of an accent.

"He's in on it too." Realized Tammy, and her heart sank.

"I'd love a brandy Miguel." Replied David, "however, I do believe, Miss Douglas here will have plenty to drink soon enough." Both men laughed again.

"Very good sir." Miguel said, taking a glance at the TV screen before exiting. "Nice video," he mocked. "I've seen it three times already." He left them alone.

"Now, where were we?" Teased David. "Oh yes, I was about to fuck your precious face. Open wide slut."

Fear and helplessness overwhelmed Tammy, what did he have planned for her? How many people were in on it? Who had he shown the video to already? Sobbing again, Tammy opened her mouth and waited for the thick shaft to invade her mouth.

David did not make her wait long for it, grabbing her by the side of her head, he thrust the length of his cock into her mouth in one stroke. Most of his rather short cock filled her mouth, but when it did hit the back of her throat, Tammy felt the thick cock force her throat open. Tammy's gag reflex kicked in, trying to expel the intrusion, but David held her face tightly in his hands, forcing her to keep his cock buried in her throat. Gagging and in some pain as her throat struggled to loosen up, Tammy squirmed on the table.

"Hold still." David shouted. He wanted to stretch her throat out, and needed her to stop moving to keep from shooting off right down her throat. That just wouldn't do, oh no, he had other plans.

Desperately breathing through her nose, Tammy felt her throat begin to give in to the violating cock. Her jaw was stretched to its max by the width of his cock, but she took it. A brief sense of depraved pride rushed over her as she thought of her accomplished mouth and her cockscuking talents. Again she was ashamed to feel her pussy juices flowing.

Having recovered from his near orgasm, David regained his composure and began his onslaught once again. Reaching down, he ripped open Tammy's thin white blouse, sending buttons flying across the large black table. Tammy moaned weakly around David's prick. "Quiet pet." He cooed, "I just want you to be good and comfortable." He tore open the front clasp on her bra, allowing her full breasts to spill out into view. They were huge and so firm, with silver dollar sized dark patches. Gumdrop sized nipples poked out of the centers of the dark areolas. "Oh, my little slut is turned on by being forced to throat fuck eh?" David's mocking voice brought tears once again to Tammy's eyes. To her shame, he was right, her body was responding to the pleasure she always felt with a cock in her mouth. Never mind, that he was forcing her, her pussy didn't know any better.

David took each of her nipples between his rough fingers. "Now slut," he chanted. "I'm going to fuck your throat good and hard. You take it like a good slut or I'll tear into your nipples like you've never had done." To emphasize his point, David gave her nips a very hard squeeze, causing her to let out a muffled scream. The pain shot from her tits down to her pussy and made her even wetter. As David began to pump in and out of her mouth, he caressed her huge breasts roughly, kneading them like huge wads of dough. Now opened up, Tammy's throat graciously accepted his prick, but her breath still came in short snorts through her nose. If David had plugged her nose, she would have suffocated.

His fast rhythm soon had Tammy lulled into a semi trace. No longer painful, his cock just filled her mouth in a rather pleasant manner. She let herself go a bit and began to enjoy herself a bit. That was a big mistake. As she writhed around on the table, Tammy's skirt rode up around her waist. Now David had a clear view of her modes white panties. The damp spot in the center was unmistakable. It was clear that Tammy was getting hot by being forced to suck his cock. That nearly made him shoot his load right then.

"So, " he mocked. "My slut gets wet sucking cock?"

Tammy shook her head around his cock, trying to hide her arousal, but it was no use. David pinched her nipples hard again, sending pain throughout Tammy's body. "Yes you are slut! Now I want you to play with your precious pussy while I fuck your face. I want Daddy's little Princess to fuck herself while she gets raped and degraded like she knows she deserves."

His words stung her badly, making her feel more ashamed than she had ever felt in her life. How could he be doing this to her? How could she be liking it so much? No matter, though, she knew she had best do what he said. All she had to do was finger her pussy and fake an orgasm when he wanted her to, play the role of the filthy slut he wanted her to be. Reaching down with her left hand, Tammy pulled her panties away from he pussy, "God," she thought. "I'm soaked." With her other hand, she rubbed a finger along her slit, again amazed by the amount of fluid she was spewing. Her pussy felt as if it had been fucked by a dozen men and was oozing their sperm.

"Don't play with it gently like a Sunday school teacher!" David yelled. "Fuck your cunt like the slut you are!" David had picked up his pace and was really pounding in and out of her mouth now. his heavy balls slapped against her eyes. "Won't be long now." They both thought together.

Tammy followed orders, jamming three fingers in and out of herself, matching David's rhythm. With her other hand still holding her panties, she used that thumb to rub her swollen clitoris. "What a show I'm giving him." She thought to herself, still trying to convince herself that she was not really about to cum. Soon however, her body began to betray her. Loud moaning escaped around David's cock and Tammy's stomach began to spasm.

Seeing that his captive slut was going to orgasm soon, David let lose a stream of degrading talk designed to forever ingrain verbal humiliation into her brain as a cause of sexual climax. From this day forward, Tammy would cum whenever anyone called her filthy names.

"That's it" he bellowed. "Little slut can't get enough cock down her throat. Work those fingers in you rich little cunt, just dreaming of gang fucking dozens of men, drinking gallons of cum. Fuck that sloppy nigger fucked cunt for me, you are nothing but my cum toilet now, and you love it don't you. It makes you cum just thinking about me spraying your pretty little model's face with dirty sperm. Think you'll make a good model after I have the staff all cum on that rich bitch face." As David screamed insults at her, Tammy felt her mind begin to reel, the first waves of multiple climax began to hit her body. From the corner of her eye, she could see Migues standing a few feet away, watching her, smiling at her.

"This is it." She thought, "I can't stop. Oh daddy, I'm sorry."

Tammy's body thrust up off the table, just as David pulled his cock from her throat and jerked it off. The pain it caused upon withdrawal added to her screams of pleasure which now escaped from the young blonde's mouth. All over the county club grounds her cries of lust could be heard. A smile could be found on the faces of all the workers who heard that bitch Tammy Douglas cry out..

David's verbal abuse did not stop as his cock exploded onto Tammy's face, but she could not make any of it out. Her head was exploding with passion along with her pussy which was still spasming, well into its third orgasm and showing no signs of slowing down. She had three fingers from each hand inside of herself now, dying to coax out all the climaxes she had in her. She could feel David begin to spray her face and instinctively opened wide and extended her tongue, catching a stream of his seed in her mouth and gobbling it up. Mindlessly, her mouth sought out the pumping jizz gusher and she locked her lips over it, swallowing spurts of cream as if it were life blood.

David's orgasm almost knocked him off his feet. He exploded all over Tammy's face as he degraded her with his words. Somehow, he doubted if she was hearing him anymore, her body was twisting and writhing around as she came like he'd never seen any woman cum before. To his delight, she caught his spurting cock in her mouth and sucked the rest of the cum out, actually milking more out of his draining balls. David finally fell backwards into a chair and watched as Tammy rode out the final few minutes of her awesome series of orgasms. She finally collapsed on the table her chest rising and falling, out of breath. She was a mess. The beautiful daughter of a rich man was now sweating like a pig with her hands up her slimly cunt and a ton of white sticky cum all over her face and dripping from her whore's mouth. David grabbed his brandy from Miguel, pleased with Tammy's first lesson. Tammy lay still, exhausted and ashamed from her incredible orgasm, loving the taste of Mr. Lee's cum in her mouth and still pumping slowly in her pussy. Miguel, the quiet kitchen help smiled silently as he began to plan his own revenge on the white bitch who had so often insulted he and the other staff members.

All three of them were unaware of the pair of eyes who had seen the whole thing.....and the evil smile that went along with them.

Continued soon.............





Wendy Lee had gone to the club certain that she would find her father having an affair with Tammy Douglas. That would fit. She had know that her father had seen women on the side, and sleeping with a married man would be just Tammy's style. Admittedly, Wendy did not have much of a plan as to what she was going to do, but it was no accident she had brought along a .22 caliber handgun she had found in her mother's dresser drawer. "Which one am I going to use this on?" She found herself thinking as she pulled into the club's long driveway.

Once at the club, she had waited for Tammy to arrive, then followed her to the main meeting hall. Deciding to get a closer look, Wendy sneaked around outside to a large window where she could watch without being discovered. The large hedge around the building gave her a perfect hiding place. Her heart broke when she was her father was waiting for Tammy. Even though she had her suspicions about his extra marital affairs, seeing it was almost too much for her to bear. "Well" she thought "That bitch won't soon forget fucking around with my family." Her hand began absentmindedly stroking the cold gun in her hand.

For whatever reason, Wendy stood outside watching the scene unfold. To her surprise, Tammy seemed less than receptive to her father. Their words were somewhat muffled, but it was clearly not exactly as she had first thought. To her shock, her father brought in a TV set. Wendy almost collapsed when she was Tammy fucking on the screen. "That little slut." Wendy thought to herself. "Isn't that just like her." Wendy had heard all the stories about Tammy in high school and was one of the few who believed every single one of them.

As she watched, Wendy leaned closer to the glass, straining to hear what was going on inside. Before too long, it became apparent. her father was not having an affair with Tammy. No, he was blackmailing the little cunt. Suddenly, she wasn't angry with her father. In fact, she smiled broadly at just how devious he was. All the years of suffering Mr. Douglas had caused her family was all going to come down on little Tammy. What could be more perfect.

Wendy wasn't thrilled by the idea of watching her father have sex, she had always found the idea of her parents doing it as rather sick. However, the lure of seeing any man dominate the former prom queen, cheerleader, perfect girl was just too muchRog resist. It was like every fantasy she had ever had. The beautiful model, most popular girl who had teased her and made sure she had no friends was now being forced to suck off her father. It gave Wendy such perverse pleasure to hear Tammy moan and cry while her much older dad shoved his stiff prick down her throat.

Wendy's hand slipped down between her thighs as her father laid Tammy on the table. Prone and helpless, the one time home coming queen of her school was reduced to a slobbering hole for men to fuck and disregard like so much chewed tobacco. Any man, it appeared, since Miguel had come and gone with not a word of objection. The sights of Tammy's spread thighs and her fingers furiously fucking her pussy were so erotic to Wendy. So many nights, the chubby girl had done the same thing to her own tight little hole.

Too turned on to stop, Wendy undid her shorts and pulled them down around her thick thighs. She pulled aside her sopping wet panties to gain access to her burning cunt. She began to finger herself in the same increasingly rapid rhythm as Tammy. Not satisfied with that, Wendy let the cold steel of the pistol rub along her slit, slipping the barrel up inside herself like an obscene dildo, bringing herself to orgasm at the same time that daddy's new whore was getting off and being showered in cum. Afraid that her muffled cries of lust would alert them to her presence, Wendy pulled up her shorts and left quickly. There would be plenty of time for her to use daddy's new toy for herself later. "Besides" she thought "daddy's revenge lacks imagination." Laughing, Wendy sped off, she had much planning to do.



It took Tammy several minutes to catch her breath after her tremendous orgasm. She felt like she had exploded. Her hands were soaked, her legs weak, her clit throbbed, her throat ached and perhaps most of all, her heart wept, for deep inside, she had loved the way Mr. Lee had just treated her.

David Lee sat back in his chair, trying to regain his composure. he hadn't cum like that in years. Normally, after shooting his wad, it took a while before David was ready to go again, but this time his cock was already rising again, just seconds after its eruption. The mere thought of the things he had in store for Tammy had his pole up and throbbing in record time.

Wanting to take advantage of Tammy before she had time to think, David rose and took his drink from Miguel. The two men leered at Tammy who still lay on her back, panties held aside by her hand. "What do you think Miguel?" David asked menacingly.

"Oh yes, I believe she will do nicely." replied the other man.

"Good, they deserve a bonus for all they have endured. Go and get them." David ordered. Without a word, Miguel was gone.

"What does he mean, get them?" thought Tammy outloud, snapping out of her semi euphoric state of post orgasmic bliss. Gathering her wits a bit, Tammy attempted to make a stand against her tormentor. She whirled around and made a dash for the door. David had figured Tammy wasn't broken yet. Oh no, she was used to getting her way and would not be so quick to give up to the inevitable punishment that lie ahead. Tammy hadn't taken her second step for the freedom before David shot out his leg in front of her, sending the girl sprawling flat on her face to the floor, knocking the wind out of her. David chuckled, looking down on his prone captive as she choked and gasped for her lost breath. Sprawled out in front of him, she was even more desirable. He moved swiftly to her side, grabbing a handful of her hair and pulled her to her feet.

"You aren't going anywhere just yet my lieelt pet." He mocked, shoving her back into a chair. "You have a lot of payback still."

"What do you mean?" she asked, c onfused. "I did what you asked. You promised."

"Shut up you stupid little bitch. I told you this was just the beginning. It's time you learned a little respect. You haven't been the nicest little lady to the help around here, so when word got out about our little game, the kitchen and grounds staff here at the club started lining up for their shot at your precious body. They have put up with a lot of shit from you over the years, and as a bonus, I am going to let them have you."

"NOOOOOOOOO" Tammy cried, terrified at the idea of all those filthy hands on her, taking advantage of her soft white skin and tender young pussy. "You can't do this to me." She was again sobbing aloud.

"When are you going to realize that I can do whatever the fuck I want to with you. I own you now Tammy. You are my whore, to do with as I please. If I say suck my cock you will do it and like it. It I say fuck the kitchen help, you will do it with a smile. Plus....." His words were cut off as the door opened and Miguel came back in, this time with friends. Three other members from the kitchen staff and four of the groundskeepers followed him, along with one of the waitresses. Tammy started to scream, but shut up when David's hand slapped down herd next to her on the chair.

"These are the one's who have worked the hardest sir." Said Miguel. "They are the ones I recommend for the bonus."

"Very good Miguel. These all look like fine strapping young lads, but what of the senorita? asked David.

Miguel smiled broadly. "Rosa, works in the dining area mister Lee. Miss Douglas has never spared her a cruel comment or a dirty look."

"Is this true Rosa?" asked David.

Tammy's head fell in shame. It was true, she had often made rude remarks to Rosa, believing that the woman couldn't hear or couldn't understand her insults.

"Jess sir" she responded in a heavy accent. "De leetle bitch she says to me what a cheap whore, or stupid wetback slut blows de staff for a dollar."

One of the workers laughed "But it's true Rosa." he giggled.

Miguel continued. "Well, sir, it is true, Rosa is the staffs favorite entertainment. She does provide sexual services to all of the staff here for a small fee, but it is only to feed her children."

David turned to Tammy. "You see, you stupid little cunt, Rosa has to work to feed her family. You wouldn't understand that because you have never worked a day in your worthless life. However, I believe Rosa has much to teach you." He turned to Rosa. "Dear, have you been busy today?" David knew the answer, it was another part of the plan.

"Jes sir, I have fucked ten men dis morning. Dey all came in my pussy." she responded.

"Well then," continued David. "I believe you need to have some relief. Since Tammy is a cum sucking little tramp, I think she can clean out your dirty whore's pussy really well."

"God no." Tammy cried and leapt to her feet in an attempt to escape. The men blocked her way and threw her back onto her chair. David was on her instantly, grabbing her chin and pulling her face close to his. "Listen you little cooze, you have two choices. One, you can cooperate and maybe I don't show the tape, or two, you fight, you fight, these men rape you and I show the tape to daddy. You decide." She couldn't say the words, but Tammy's eyes dropped, giving David the answer he wanted. He stood and addressed the small group.

"Gentleman and lady, you have worked very hard for the enjoyment of the club's members. Along the way, this worthless piece of white trash had not treated you with any respect. Now as a reward for hard work and tolerance, I am giving her to you. She is yours to do with as you please. I ask only that you allow her slutty mouth to first occupy itself with the task of sucking all the cum from Rosa's pussy." David stepped aside. "Miguel, you will stay also."

Miguel bowed slightly to the other man, then took over. He approached Tammy and stood her up for the others to examine. He looked her up and down for a long moment, then turned to David. "Sir, if I may pass on this opportunity. You see, I love my wife and to insult her womanhood by entering this common street whore would defile our wedding vows." He spat at Tammy's feet and stepped away, standing next to David, who had to fight back the laugher at the theatrics of it all. Miguel's wife was three hundred pounds of frightening woman. The real reason he couldn't fuck Tammy was that he had just dropped two loads of cum into Rosa that Tammy would soon be tasting.

Tammy felt her face turn red with shame at the situation. This glorified waiter was turning her down not out of goodness or decency, but because he deemed her unworthy of soiling his vows. Tears washed her eyes again as the others closed in around her. The seven men formed a tight circled around her and began to roughly remove her expensive clothing, careful to rip each piece at every opportunity. Tammy thought of struggling at first, but a short glare from David, who turned the video back on as a reminder, shut Tammy up quickly. When she was down to her bra and panties, the men parted, allowing Rosa to stroll up to Tammy. The Mexican woman was about ten years older than Tammy, but looked closer to forty than twenty nine. She had lived a hard life and already had seven children. She only took the minimum wag job at the club because it made it easy for her to pick up whoring money on the side. A rather large woman, Rosa looked like she could crush the rich teen between her strong thighs.

Rosa had done as instructed this morning. She had let ten men fuck her and cum inside of her, something she never did, then left their seed in her pussy and did not shower. David had wanted the smell of sex to be all over the older woman. That, plus the kitchen and sweat smell were strong on the woman as she stood looking Tammy up and down. Finally she gave Tammy her first of many orders. "Take my clothes off." she said sternly.

When she turned around, Rosa felt Tammy's shaking fingers pull down the zipper at the back of her uniform. With a shrug of her shoulders, Rosa was naked, except for a tightly stretched pair of panties. Rosa propped her full frame onto the edge of the table, with her legs dangling, the visibly wet crotch of her panties at the edge, and leaned back. "Well" she snorted. "Get to work cleaning me out. I have more customers to get to."

Tammy tried to step back, but strong hands held her in place. There was no way she was going to escape. Even if she could, Mr. Lee would show the tape to her father, and then she would be in deep shit. "How bad can it be?" thought Tammy. It wasn't like she had never gone down on a woman before. To her horror, Tammy soon saw how bad it could be. As Rosa pulled off her panties, Tammy got a look at the prostitute's pussy. To this point, Tammy had been with maybe a dozen women, all of them fresh young girls like her who were beautiful and perfectly clean. This was not the case with Rosa however. The wetness on her panties had not been from her own juices entirely, but rather from leakage. All the creamy loads that had been recently dumped into her pussy were now leaking out, making a mess of her dark, hairy lips. There was half dried cum stuck to the lips, to the thick bush, it looked a mess. Tammy's stomach turned.

"You should get used to a pussy like that dear" mocked David. "Once you take over for Rosa as the staff whore, your own sweet young pussy will soon look just like that."

Rosa laughed evily and spread her legs, allowing even more cum to drip from between her legs. "Hurry up. I don't have all day." She barked. Like the others, Rosa was enjoying Tammy's torment a great deal. She felt strong hands on her hips, holding her in place, while other hands pushed her over at the waist so that her face was on the same level as Rosa's oozing slit. The men around her cackled and shouted out encouragement, as Tammy felt herself being pushed slowly between the large woman's parted thighs.

"This is it." Tammy thought, closing her eyes as her nose caught the first whiffs of the scent of an aroused pussy, sweat, kitchen grime and a dozen or so semen deposits. Fighting back the urge to gag, Tammy felt her nose bump the woman's bulging lower stomach. "God" she thought. "I hope I don't ever want to get pregnant. I'll have to start using the pill before....."

There was no time to think about that, though as one of the men shoved Tammy's ass forward, forcing her face deep into Rosa's crotch. The smell was overwhelming, but it was nothing compared to the taste. Normally, Tammy love the sweet taste of pussy, and the strong manly taste of cum, but in Rosa, there was not the familiar fresh taste. Instead it was as if she had not washed in days, and the cum had dried and curdled into sour lumps that stuck to Tammy's face. "She has her moth closed." Rosa grumbled.

David stepped in closer and turned Tammy's to face him. "Now dear, you have a job here. Since you are not quite ready to be a full fledged whore yet, we have to put you to good use. For now, your job is to clean out Rosa, and make her nice and fresh. Sort of a human douche." with that, he shoved Tammy's face back to Rosa's pussy. "Now lick!"

Tammy reluctantly opened her mouth and began to tongue Rosa'a gaping slit. The strong taste of cum and the older woman's now flowing juices filled her taste buds. There was so much in there, in her stretched pussy, as if a hundred men had dumped thier seed into her, and now it was up to Tammy to lick each of them out and swallow. When she thought of those dirty, grimy men who had paid their twenty bucks to pump Rosa, she felt the shame well up inside her. Now, some of those same men were watching hersuck the seed from her womb for free. Mindlessly licking Rosa and ingesting cum like it was candy. As the while, they leered at her. The rich little bitch who was too good to so much as give them the time of day, was not sucking their cum from a whore's snatch. Deep inside of her, Tammy knew that she would be their next whore. To her shame, that thought made her pussy twitch and made her dive in and suck with new enthusiasm.

As Tammy licked, the other men stood around shouting and cheering her on. One of them grabbed the side of Tammy's panties and tore them off with one strong rip. He then spread her legs, leaving her wobbling on her heels. They stepped back and examined the fine specimen. Her beautiful long legs spread wide. Her nice round ass, naked and exposed for them all to enjoy. Even her pussy lips were visible from this angle. The puffy, swollen lips were dripping with her own arousal. "They can all see" she thought in horror. "They can see how wet I am, and how hot this all makes me. It's so degrading." Then Tammy could feel hands on her legs, running up and down the length of them. How often had they seen her lying by the pool rubbing suntan oil on those perfect long legs, and how they had received such dirty looks for so much as looking before. No more of that treatment. Mr. Lee had promised them that Tammy would be their plaything for as long as they wanted.

Tammy continued to suck streams of half dried cum out of Rosa. There seemed to be a never-ending supply of the strong bitter goo. She was swallowing more and more of it, knowing that if she did not do as she was told, there could be much worse punishments in store for her. By now, Rosa was moaning and writhing on the table, her own excitement growing towards a climax. Tammy felt her face squeezed tightly between her giant thighs and her face shoved deeper by chubby hands. In Rosa's job, there was little time to enjoy herself, time was money after all. Now she was getting a first class tongue job but that prissy young miss who could be so cruel to the help. "Not so proper now are you?" she squealed as her body spasmed in an as intense an orgasm as she had ever had. Tammy lapped up the flowing juices from the whore's spamsing pussy, actually enjoying the freshe new taste coming from Rosa. She slowed as Rosa finally stopped cumming, thinking that her torment might be ending as well. No such luck however, as Rosa clamed down again on her head. "Don't stop little miss. I need a lot more work to relax these tired bones. Plus some of today's Johns did me in my ass, I think it needs to be cleaned up too."

Tammy had little time to even consider this horror, however, as she felt one of the worker's hard pricks rub against her inner thigh. It was hot and bare, sending Tammy into a new panic. She had stopped taking the pill three months ago when her father had almost caught her with it. Now she relied on a diaphragm and condoms to keep her safe. Since she had come for a tribute to daddy, she had not inserted her diaphragm, and it was clear this brute did not have a condom.

She turned to David. "Please no." she cried. "I don't have any protection. Make them wear a rubber or something so I don't get pregn...."

Her cries were cut off as Rosa shoved her face back into her crotch. David's voice boomed in Tammy's ears. "You should have thought of that before slut. A good whore is always prepared. These men deserve a bonus and that means fucking your pussy bare. Whatever happens, happens."

Rosa half whispered down to Tammy. "Won't daddy be pleased when you bring home a leetle brown bambino for heem?" The thought nearly drove Tammy crazy as she felt the first hard cock press against her tight pussy lips. "

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