Title: Three Ladies At Sea
Author: Dante




This is a complete work of fiction it contains graphic sexual descriptions and language. If you are a minor or if this is illegal in your area you must leave this page immediately. Pursuant to the Berne Convention, this work is copyright with all rights reserved by its author unless explicitly indicated.


• • 1, 2, 3, 4  • •

The audience loved the rending of living naked female meat, and they were getting their fill of it in this violent sex sport. Suzette was still jerking and twisting as her intestines and organs dangled from her wide open belly, and Rachael was wagging her blood-spurting stump of an arm, while all three were leaking crimson blood from their deep gash wounds. Rachael's heels pushed down as she raised her hips, and the vicious blades sliced into the huge bulging tits with devastating effect. They cut down through the fatty tit meat and silicone, releasing thick strands that dangled obscenely from the deep slashes. At the same time, Angella's blades did more meaningful damage, cutting deeply into the straining muscles on top of Rachael's upper legs. Total success would have given Angella the contest, except that Rachael's blades emerged from Angella's breasts and continued slicing downward viciously into her doubled up belly.

Because Angella had her legs raised so high, her body was bent in such a way it put her belly in direct line with the sharp descending heel blades, and she received a pair of deep long twin gashes right down to her hips. Angella's long legs dropped, and swung back so far that her heel blades came back and up, and dug into her own buttocks. Just as Suzette's blade had stuck into her pelvic bone, so did her own blades. The difference was that, unlike Suzette, Angella did not have the leverage to extract the painfully stuck blades, buried in her own ass meat.

She was now totally vulnerable to and at the mercy of the vicious heel blades of her dazzling Jewish foe. She was now completely unable to maneuver, because she could no longer move her legs. Angella was now completely helpless, and Rachael in total control. She looked with pleading eyes at Rachael, who looked down at the blood flowing down across her own gorgeous legs from the deep gashes Angella had cut in them seconds ago. Rachael responded to Angella's pleading eyes by raising her legs high, and then she slowly brought the vicious heel blade spurs down toward Angella's terrified face.

She carefully cut deep slashes down the sides of Angella's cheeks. Then, covering Angella's eyes with the sole of her foot, she sliced off one of her ears. Then raising her shapely bare feet, pressing them together on either side of the cables, she brought them down and slit open the Horrified bitch's bulging eyeballs. Now she went to work on the naked woman's ravished body. With her legs bent severely back, Angella's slashed belly was presented to the vengeful sadistic Jewess. Her big tits were now demolished, and the only thing left for major damage was her sliced gut bucket. She felt the cold bloodied steel sinking painfully into her side, and then another blade went in higher, wedging between her ribs.

The blade below Angella's ribs began slicing across the top of her belly, and she swung gently as she was being butchered alive. She was unable to scream because she was going into shock. She felt what was happening to her, but now even the pain was meaningless. She felt the loose flap of her belly flop forward when the slice across her front below her rib cage was complete, and she could feel the warmth of her viscera sliding down over her thighs, dropping to the sand floor of the arena. The roar in her ears was continuous now, and she was unaware if it was the sound of the crowd or the spinning feeling she was feeling taking over her brain.

Tony had his arm over Charlotte's shoulder, and he slid his hand under her gown to grasp her large soft striped breast. She had adapted to the sexual violence quickly, and was clearly excited at the carnal devastation of the beautiful bitches in the arena. She pointed out that the demolished carcass of Angella was still twitching as they were separated. Charlotte screamed in delight when the archers came into the arena, and began their demonstration of remarkable skill, using Rachael as a target. The show master had determined that the repair of the bitch would be too costly, and hardly worth while with the arm missing.

With so many other talented women waiting in the holding pens, and in the process of being brought into the system through the aggressive recruiting program, he judged that her maximum value was in completing the evening's entertainment, and she did not disappoint him. Rachael screamed and writhed as her lovely body took more than a hundred well-placed arrows in strategic places, which skillfully avoiding her vital organs, before one of the archers moved up to her to be at close range. He drew a huge cheer from the blood-lusting crowd when he released an arrow up under her chin with such force that the arrowhead emerged through the top of her skull, sticking out nearly six inches.

Tony and Charlotte filed out with the delighted crowd. They had got all they had expected and more on this outrageous last evening on the incredible Danish cruise ship. The lounge was filled with the talented fuck and suck girls, who were available to fill the needs of the clients, and could be taken to the private cabins for the night. There were no restrictions on the use of the girls, who ranged in age from ten to twenty-five, but there was a fee of five hundred dollars for their lives, and medical expenses were charged at double rate for treatment , plus a daily fee of twenty dollars to cover the period for recovery from damage done to them. Tony selected a delightful fourteen year old Spanish girl with deep black eyes, small round breasts, and a mane of long black shining hair than hung down to her buttocks. He and Charlotte selected a pair of long fine whips from the rack, and retired for a night of special fun.

* * * * * * *

Charlotte lay naked on her back, her knees raised and her gorgeous legs spread, enjoying the curious attention she was receiving from passers-by. She was reclining on the plush padded table, which had been placed in the broad passage outside the main dining hall to allow everyone coming on board the cruise ship to watch her receiving the special total body tattoo. Another cruise of the infamous show-vessel was about to begin, and the newly arriving passengers were being treated to a brief taste of the delights to follow during the week-long cruise.

The artist worked with his deepest piercing needle, to implant the brown ink with which her permanent tiger stripes were being applied. The man was a true craftsman, and he made the broad stripes both deep and bold. He wanted to ensure that they would never fade, because although he was certain the vain cunt whose lush satiny hide he was decorating would not live long, he had ambitions to obtain the carcass once she was killed, to make for himself a human tigress wall rug, to compliment the one he had made from the male lion he had obtained when it had proved too docile to attack women in the ship's large death pit arena.

Charlotte had painted tiger stripes on her upper body as a fun decoration for the feature event on the last cruise, when she was a paying guest. The slick talker Tony had encouraged her to become an entertainer, and she was delighted with the opportunity. As a school girl she had been the first in her class to sprout titties, and throughout her teens her mammary glands had continued to grow, until by the age of fifteen they were the larger than her mother's ample boobs.

Her remarkable breasts had continued to grow through her teenage years. At university, her large firm bosom and matching body and face earned her the Frosh Queen title at seventeen, and by the time she graduated at twenty-one, she was well known by everyone on campus. She was a naturally bright student, but found it much more exciting to launch affairs with her professors, and use sex to obtain the first class marks she was invariably awarded.

She graduated with an honors degree in liberal arts, and being practical by nature, enrolled in a secretarial school, and worked nights for an exclusive executive call-girl service. She quickly found a job as executive secretary to a Senior Vice President of a major arms division of General Dynamics. To qualify for the demanding but well paying position, she had been sent by the company to Sudan for a two month intense training program on the skills of a concubine. She lived in a harem, and was given instruction in the oriental mysteries of love and debauchery.

She was an excellent student, and learned to use sexual manipulations, contrived bizarre fantasies, tricks and methods that gave her enormous control over the men she serviced. This made her a valuable assistant in obtaining lucrative contracts. When she was not entertaining the penises of visiting VIP's, she kept in practice in the lavish bed on the company's executive jet, providing the kind of comfort to her boss that his wife could not.

When she lost her cool with an intolerant sadistic client, and with it a billion dollar contract, her boss suggested she take a vacation, and arranged her flight to Europe, and an introduction to her guide for the special erotic cruise, an Italian stud named Tony. Tony had shown her a good time, and had introduced her to some of the rare obscene acts that played in underground clubs in Northern Europe.

Some of the acts she saw were more than obscene. Tony carefully led her through a progression of hard core and sexually violent shows, allowing her to explore her more primitive and base instincts and tastes, until one night she was able to openly masturbate as she watched her first real snuff act.

A beautiful naked woman in her forties was gagged, hooded, and forced to kneel, knees spread, on a rough work bench. Her arms were strapped from the elbows to the wrists tightly with straps nailed to the bench. Her legs were spread and similarly strapped from the knees to her ankles to the bench's heavy planks. For more than an hour, the big sobbing bitch was tortured with long needles thrust into her meat and hot branding irons searing her flesh, including her breasts, nipples, cuntlips, feet and back.

For the startling finale, the barrel of a large 45 revolver was thrust deep into her vagina, and encouraged by the man holding the gun, the excited crowd counted down from ten. On "Zero!" the gun was fired, and blood spewed out around it from both her vagina and her anus as the large slug ripped up into the woman's naked torso.

Her belly and sides bulged as the bullet flattened and spread, compressing and tearing her organs and intestines as the monstrous bullet found its way through her. The big bitch, nailed in position, slumped, and her executioner cocked the hammer again.

He fired a second round into her cunt. The reaction was as severe as with the first bullet, and the woman's big tortured breasts rested on the table. He pulled the gun from her cunt and moved around in front of her. He removed her hood, to give everybody a look at the dead woman's look of terror, with her bulging eyes and bleeding nose.

That had been more than two months ago, and Charlotte still remembered with fascination the way that beautiful bitch had looked. She had watched the man return to her elevated rear end, thrust the gun deep into her anus, and violently discharge two more bullets into her carcass. It was so exciting that she had urinated in her panties. That was very embarrassing, but Tony had acted as if that were the natural thing to do. After that he had taken her on two cruises on this incredibly evil ship, where the most daring and outrageous things went on. She had enjoyed the debasing sexual acts by the beautiful entertainers, and had reveled in witnessing the violent sexual abuse entertainments of the female slaves.

She had somehow differentiated in her mind between the entertainers and the slaves, and recognized the distinction as being that the slaves were there to offer their lives in the sadistic games and events. She felt this kind of extreme human sacrifice was justified, for the enormous kicks it gave to the paying patrons, and she also thought the glamour of being a naked sex entertainer was highly attractive.

She had called her boss to get permission to take the second cruise, on which the beautiful slave woman Rachael had killed the slave woman Angela, and when the week long voyage was completed, she had, under Tony's influence, resigned from General Dynamics, and joined the staff of professional entertainers on board the ship. The painted tiger stripes had been her own idea, and Tony had pointed out that they made her distinctive in this highly competitive entertainment business. He had suggested the permanent tattoo, explaining that the paint could wash off or smear during an act and ruin the effect. He promised her that the special temporary ink would gradually fade, and be gone entirely within a couple of months.

Charlotte was persuaded, and stipulated that the work be done in public during the next cruise, to entice people to come on the following one to see her perform. She also mentioned that it would be unnecessary to let people know the ink was formulated to fade away. She thought it would be a nice touch if they saw her making an irreversible and bizarre spectacle of herself. They would, she guessed, think she was making an enormously daring step. In fact, the tattoo artist had formulated the permanent brown ink to contrast with and compliment the natural tones of her tanned white flesh. The deep penetration ensured the ink would stain not only her skin but also the thin layer of fat that gave her the sleek look she nurtured. The tiger stripes would accentuate the ripple of her finely developed muscle structure when she moved, and enhance her sleek appearance.

The stripes she was receiving would remain as bold as ever for as long as she was permitted to live. There was no way she could possibly know that her assignment to Tony by her boss had been a purposeful sentence to death. Charlotte was already dead meat, and had unwittingly become a willing entertainer sex slave. The stripes were tattooed onto Charlotte's bare belly, magnificent breasts, gorgeous face and lithe legs in just over two days, and then she lay on her belly for the remainder of the application. By the time the cruise ship pulled into its birth, the ravishing young woman was converted to a striped cat, and would perform on the next cruise, which commenced in three days.

* * * * * * *

During the next three days Charlotte slept at the foot of Tony's bed, chained, as he preferred, by her collar to the steel wall bracket. She was delighted that he allowed her to be his personal pet. Although she could not be seen on deck while the ship was in port, he walked her as his pet cat, forcing her to crawl along the corridors to be seen by all of the big cruise ship's staff, controlling her by the leash attached to her collar. To avoid burning her knees on the carpet, she raised her ass in the air and moved like a cat on her hands and feet.

On the second night in port, while he butt fucked her on his bed, he lay on his back and held her face up. One of the women on staff came into the room and without saying a word, gave her the same treatment the late Jennifer and Angela had received in the same fashion in the past couple of months. The big cruel bitch pierced the lips of her vagina and clipped a stout gold ring into her pierced sex meat.

From that time onward, Tony walked her with her leash attached to her new cunt ring. The gorgeous cat bitch drew admiring stares as she was walked, which occurred at least a dozen times a day, and she was recognized by all the staff as the most beautiful and erotic woman aboard the ship.

Before they sailed, Tony enhanced her appearance by providing her with a real tiger tail, which was affixed to a long stout wooden plug which he thrust into her rectum. He further refined her look by gluing to her nails a set of heavy plastic talons, which he filed sharp and painted black. He had special contacts made for her that had a vertical iris, so that when she wore them, her eyes looked like those of a cat.

To complete her facade, he pierced her upper lip at an angle in six places, three on either side, and placed a heavy plastic strip under the lip, which circled in an arc to her molars on either side. Then he thrust six inch long black plastic strands from a broom through the holes, and bonded them to the strip of plastic, giving her permanent and convincing whiskers.

He further enhanced her alteration by fitting her with a pair of slip-on plastic cats teeth, that gave her the enlarged pointed canines of a cat. He had her long strawberry blonde hair cut short and combed into a pixie cut. The marvelous bitch with the incredible breasts took on the look of a fabulous human tiger. Having been introduced to total public and demeaning nudity during her lengthy tattooing, Charlotte began the first cruise by being paraded on the open decks among the passengers as she had been displayed to the crew. Tony wore his best white suit and shoes with spats when he walked the naked human tiger.

She was the hit of the "A" deck, and drew humiliating cat calls and whistles as she was paraded from deck to deck for the paying passengers. Guests would sneak a tug at her tail, and found it to be solidly rooted with the large plug filling her colon. She squealed when her tail was pulled, but the artificial appendage held firm in her anus, which was clearly revealed by the spread of her buttocks as she walked on her hands and feet. The gorgeous bitch knew enough to remain raised up on her toes, to enhance the appearance of her well-developed legs, and her sharp black talons clicked rhythmically as she crossed tiled flooring at the head of stairways, or the tiles at the side of the swimming pools. She gave a spectacular show just by moving at Tony's side.

Several of the men offered Tony handsome bribes just to let them have her for an hour in their private suites. Tony respectfully declined, saying he was saving her for her upcoming stage appearances. He was creating demand for the prime bitch slave, and it would pay off in attendance at her performances.

* * * * * * *

Passengers got into all the shows free, as long as there were seats available. However, it was to Tony's advantage to have standing room only at any shows were his girls appeared. That would maintain his preferred position as the leading supplier of live cunt meat to the cruise ship, and support the high fees he was able to demand. Tony's ladies were always the best, and he provided three out of four of the prime performers for the major cruise wrap-up event.

Charlotte's first show appearance was in one of the smaller theaters on the first evening out of port. A pair of well muscled women body builders wearing only high heeled shoes and leather gloves were boxing. They were battering each other with vicious blows to their large full breasts, and between rounds, Charlotte climbed into the ring and crawled around with a large card in her teeth which announced the number of the next round.

The best part of the fight was when one of the bitches, a redhead who was taking a beating turned and attempted to climb out of the ring over a neutral corner. The other cunt, a brunette, waited until she was about to go over the top, then landed a flurry of punishing blows to her foe's exposed cunt. Those flailing fists with the smooth unpadded leather gloves caused the battered vagina to swell up quickly, then the fleshy lips split and spurted out a spray of the redhead bitch's blood.

The damage was deeper than it appeared, and the hammering blows by the tight leather-bound fists actually bruised her uterus. This internal damage became apparent when the battered cunt began to bleed openly as the merciless sex organ pounding went on. This was the kind of severe sexual violence the cruise ship's patrons had come to see, and they were being rewarded in spades as a stream of hot piss sprayed from the damaged female sex organ.

The screaming redhead dropped back into the ring, screaming, and landed hard on her tailbone. She somehow managed to struggle back to her feet, but the brunette had her lined up, and with a roundhouse swing she decked her, knocking the cunt out cold as she broke her jaw, and won the exciting bitch boxing match.

The next bout was a wrestling contest, which featured another pair of well built young buxom beauties. These girls were younger than the boxers, in their late teens. Both the blonde and the redhead wore long high set pony tails, and had their full breasts enlarged by injections of the ship's secret formula. The blonde was Dutch and the redhead Hungarian. Neither spoke the other's language, but the fight was more about body damage that language, and both understood and showed excellent form in hurting the other.

Like the boxing, the rounds were five minutes in length. And like the boxing, there were no other apparent rules. The pretty nudes went at each other with a vengeance. Both had been promised severe punishment for losing, and the tactic produced excellent action. Charlotte sat on her haunches on the bench beside Tony, anchored by her cunt chain to an eye bolt on the bench as she watched with interest the lively teenaged nudes battling each other. She loved violent contests, and the nakedness of the combatants left nothing to the imagination. She fingered her erect clit with excitement as she watched the two athletic bodies struggling, each of the girls attempting to hurt the other as much as possible.

Without the encumbrance of the leather gloves the boxers had worn, the girls were able to do much more scratching and gouging than the female boxers could accomplish. Although their faces and tits were scraped and bleeding by the end of the second round, they concentrated their attention on each other's vagina. The violent action was much more sensual in the wrestling match, because the athletic young women were in intimate embrace in their furious struggle, and were often down on the blood speckled carpet as they twisted, writhed, and displayed their naked bodies, their prowess, and their highly erotic destructive abilities as they pinched, punched, squeezed, gouged and bit each other unmercifully.

The girls maintained a running high pitched commentary in two languages as they screamed and slandered each other as they battled. Gorgeous young naked asses were propped in the air, bare legs flexed and spread, pert vaginas and pouting rectums gaped open, squashed boobs bulged and ballooned, and nails and teeth tore at nakedness, providing bright red lines and streaks to contrast nicely with the light colored female flesh.

Charlotte often raised up on her toes as she squatted, feeling her legs going to sleep. Tony had clipped her cunt chain so close to the bench that she could not stretch, and could only lift about six inches, drawing her cunt chain tight. She was attracting admiring stares from the members of the audience even as the fight progressed. This arrogant bitch Charlotte was indeed a remarkable woman.

Her striped body and the interesting additions Tony had added to complete her "costume" made her feel like an animal, and aroused her animal instincts. She wanted to see a kill in the ring, but realized it might be too early in the cruise for a real killing. Usually it was at least the third night out before the events were permitted to progress to that elevated level of sophistication. Tonight she was going to have to be satisfied with a lavish display of female pulchritude, flesh damage and sparkling bitch blood.

At the end of the eighth round, the girls were not only badly battered, but were totally exhausted, and instead of crawling to their corners, they lay on the mat, one tits up and the other ass up, their legs akimbo, gasping for air. When she climbed into the ring to display the number 9, Charlotte gave in to temptation, got to her feet, and kicked her heels brutally into the ribs of the downed nudes.

The resulting popping and snapping of bitch ribs brought fresh screams from the exhausted and bleeding young nudes, and wild cheers from the excited crowd. The luscious cat bitch got into the act in a way the crowd had not expected, and they gave her credit for being more aggressive than they had before, which was to Tony's advantage. The referee jumped into ring and dragged the tiger woman out, to the jeers of the partisan spectators. Tony was delighted with the spirited cunt's progress. His American friend at General Dynamics had sent him a real prize.

* * * * * * *

Charlotte's next appearance was for an impromptu event that was not on the regular program. Tony awakened her at three o'clock in the morning, and after he got dressed, he placed her fangs in her mouth and thrust her tail plug up into her anus. He clipped her leash onto her cunt ring, and unchained her collar from the wall anchor. As drowsy as she was, the marvelous cat woman was wise enough to walk up on her toes and her hands as they moved down the long narrow hallway passage.

At the center of the ship, they took an elevator down four decks. Charlotte was surprised they were going so low. This would take them to one of the small theaters below the seating of the major arena with the exciting death pit. She was glad he had not forced her to crawl down several flights of stairs. She found going down very awkward in the position she was forced to assume, and was always afraid of falling. Besides, going down stairs in the rear-elevated crawl position made it impossible to look controlled and desirable, even naked as she was. That was the only reward she received from the humiliating treatment she was receiving.

They entered the largest of the small theaters, which seated about eighty people. Charlotte was startled to see that it was packed. She knew that even the seasoned lechers that made up the passengers on this ship had to sleep. She wondered what kind of entertainment would be arranged at this time of the morning. Tony walked her down the isle and up onto the stage. She quickly had everyone's attention. They moved to the middle of the stage, Charlotte wagging her ass as she pranced high on her toes, reveling in the exhibition she was making of herself. Tony positioned her with her raised ass toward the audience, then gripped her tail near its base, and pulled on it until her anus spread and the large wooden plug began to slide out.

He let everybody see the way her stretched rectum grasped at the shaft spreading it so painfully open, then he pushed it back in to the point that it filled her colon, and the round sphincter muscle closed over the narrow shaft that joined the tail to the enormous plug. Again he pulled the plug until most of it's eighteen inch length was exposed, then thrust in into her again, with her relieved rectum popping closed. He repeated this cycle several times, until it stirred an erotic response in her. Charlotte's arousal became apparent when her nipples and clitoris grew erect, then her vagina lips began to swell outward, and they actually dripped her vaginal fluid from her growing sexual excitement.

Her face turned beet red as she suddenly realized that her handler had skillfully triggered an erotic response by stimulating one of her secret erogenous zones, and that he was purposefully and publicly masturbating her asshole! This was the most degrading experience she could imagine, and she was getting hot from her forced involvement.

She felt more like a toy now than ever, and was startled that this realization further stimulated her sexual response. As she digested this unnerving fact, she was forced to confront the fact that she had found her real calling in life. Everything she had done since reaching puberty had contributed to her being here. She was the architect of her own woeful situation, and this profound understanding of herself was suddenly liberating. She began to push and suck on the thick plug with her lower digestive track to assist him in the demonstration of her utter sexual debasement.

Randy saw that she was ready, and her turned her sideways, so that the audience could see the cooperative contractions of her stomach. At just the right moment, as she was pushing, he jerked the plug out of her, and everyone was startled that she suddenly shot a great turd across the stage as if it had been blown from the muzzle of a canon. This was a trick Tony had learned as a school boy vacationing in Cairo, and he had never forgotten it.

The impact of Charlotte's involuntary shit-shot on the crowd in this cruise ship's sex-show theater was as strong as he had experienced in Cairo. The boys had seen an Arab man perform this trick with a nude woman, then they had seen the bitch take a hose up the ass that filled her with water to the point that she looked pregnant. The bitch had been forced to hold the water in her guts for nearly half an hour as her large breasts and cunt were tortured with long steel needles.

When the moment of climax for the act arrived, she was position so that her ass faced the far wall, and she literally spray painted it with her high pressure release of muddied water. This enormously excited the young Italian boys, who were only twelve years old, but charged for adventure. After the show the boys had hired an Egyptian street prostitute to try the stunt on, and had taken her up to their hotel room. They had used a rolling pin they had stolen from the hotel's kitchen, and to their amazement, the trick had worked perfectly.

The boys had struggled to get the large rolling pin into the big bitch, and had whittled one end to make it smaller, just to get the tool started into the resistant opening, which they found at first to be more like a closure. When at last her anus spread sufficiently, they had fully inserted the enormous butt plug. They had used the woman's stained panties to gag her, and her nylons to tie the makeshift gag in place. They had then taken turns kicking the large swaying breasts of their kneeling captive bitch, causing the bouncing mammaries enormous distress. After she had shot her first stool across the room, they tried the trick again, this time aiming her ass at the open window, which faced a crowded street of venders and shoppers. This time the turd was softer, and it glanced off the window ledge, leaving a brown smudge before arching out into the street two stories below. It landed in a basket of fish, and it appeared that nobody had noticed.

They loaded the big plug into her again, giggling with glee at the effectiveness of their new human shit canon. They moved her closer to the window, in an attempt to improve the distance. The boys pistoned the heavy rolling pin violently in the naked Egyptian bitch's anus unmercifully, to build up suction, then suddenly jerked it out. She machine-gunned out a string of thin feces that jetted out of her, and flew into the middle of the street. The stream of tiny turds struck the faces, beards and robes of a group of Arab holy men. The boys were ecstatic when they saw the enraged religious men thought the human offal had been thrown at them by the female fish vendor. The proof was the fresh turd lying on her fish. To the amazement of the boys watching from above, they attacked her with their vicious curved knives. In a brilliant show of skill and violence, the pretty young bitch's clothing was ripped off her, and as the crowd of shoppers and venders watched in fascination, the nude woman was butchered and gutted for her abomination.

Undaunted, the four roguish boys once more jammed the poor woman's tortured butt with the brutish tool, and they laid her ass into the window. This time when the plug was jerked from her, she produced a shotgun blast of wet crap, which rained down onto the murder scene below. There was such chaos in the street that nobody saw the origin of the human excrement, which would have been clearly apparent had anyone looked up.

Unfortunately for the woman but to the delight of the school boys, the abuse with the rolling pin was much too much even for her well used anus, and the raw red shit-spewing orifice had hopelessly ruptured after the fourth repeat of the mean trick. They once more crammed the large round device inside her and pushed her out onto the fire escape, as naked as the day she was born, and then they had closed and locked the window.

The police had arrived, and the boys checked out of the hotel quickly to avoid awkward explanations. Tony had for the first time actively abused a woman, and learned that this was the most exciting thing in which he had ever taken part. When they got back to school, he and his friends began to abduct and sexually abuse girls and women on a regular basis. For Tony it was clear that he would build his career on creative bitch abuse. He had discovered the pleasure women could bring by sacrificing their dignity and much more.

When he finished school he had found his way into the Mafia, where his talents were appreciated. He found the need he could best fill was procurement. Tony had developed the remarkable ability to obtain through seduction some of the most remarkable women to be seen anywhere. One of the benefits of his excellent work was to observe the extreme forms of debasement and violent sexual abuse the acquired young women were given for the entertainment of patrons. These people with extraordinarily developed tastes for astounding terminal sexual violence were the enormously wealthy people who put out obscene amounts of money to see the profane treatment of these lovely young ladies.

When the group to which he belonged bought a cruise ship, to practice its degeneracy out of the reach of the laws of countries, Tony discovered the depth to which man could go to provide base pleasure. He had reached a new high with the succession of rare women he had lured into the company's service with Jennifer, Angela and now Charlotte. These remarkable cunts were exactly what the Organization required from him, and he had come across with the best.

A three foot wide riser, five feet high, stood at the side of the stage, and Tony told Charlotte to climb onto it. When she was squatting in place, he clipped her leash to the eye bolt in the center, holding her by her cunt in that erotic position. Her pierced and ringed vulva was in clear sight, and her striped breasts bulged beautifully between her arms as she supported her upper body. Her lean legs looked great in the tightly folded position, but Tony had realized long ago that terrific legs looked great in any position.

With Charlotte secured in the best seat in the house, where she could be observed by everyone in the small theater, Tony joined the audience. They had come down to the lower level theater to at this unusual time of night to observe an unusual event, and the congregation of sadism fans were ready.

A middle aged man in tight leather pants and a mini-vest, and polished high-cut black boots came onto the stage from the wings, leading a gorgeous woman by a fine gold chain through her nose. The piercing of her nose had been done within the last couple of minutes, and the blood was dripping from the fresh wound. She was in her underwear, which did nothing to hide her remarkable figure. Tony had seen her in a bikini at pool-side and in the audience at a couple of the sex shows. He had considered seducing the remarkable cunt, but now it was clear she had already changed her status on board the ship.

She was prime cuntmeat, the kind you would see in the best casinos of Monte Carlo, and on the pleasure yaughts that plied the azure waters of the Mediterranean. It was a rare treat to see a bitch of this class featured in a small exhibition, but this was a special occasion, and the unscheduled performance was a bonus, and the unusual was to be expected. Notice had been given only twenty minutes earlier, and when he was awakened to be told of the event, Tony had seized the opportunity to display his pet tiger. Now, having provided the preliminary entertainment, Charlotte was just a backdrop to the main event.

"Good evening, or should I say good morning, ladies and gentlemen," the man said. "I would like to introduce my lovely daughter, Samantha." There was an audible gasp from the audience. "She graduated from university last month with a Master of Psychology degree, and my gift to her was to take her on this cruise, to let her see some real human behavior." The audience laughed. "But the lovely bitch, who has accepted hundreds of thousands of my hard earned money so that she could have the best education, wear the best clothes, live in the best apartments, and drive the fastest cars, this blood of my blood, refused to comfort her father by sharing my bed tonight." He stuck his finger into the fold of her breasts and hooked the uplifting bra. "Samantha refused to suckle her own kin with the milk of her breasts, or comfort me with the pillows of these fabulous tits." He jerked the bra with such force that the material squeezed her big boobs impossibly, then burst, freeing them to bounce from the abuse. The full naked mammaries were as exciting when bare as when they were contained, elevated, and squeezed by the bra.

"My beautiful young daughter refused me the pleasure of the inner warmth of her vagina." He pulled the hem of her panties down far enough to reveal a patch of blonde pubic hair. "She would not climb onto my erection, and then wriggle and bounce as a human cock holster, to draw out my jetting spunk into her. The ungrateful little slut said it was evil to take my seed into her womb" He pulled the band of her panties lower, revealing the fold of flesh that covered her clit.

Samantha had shaved and trimmed her pubic hair to allow the daring bikini panties that were so popular on the Riviera. This trimming also made her naked pubic mound a perfect frame for her tender-lipped vagina. She was an incredible specimen. In the small theater, everyone had an excellent view, not only of the young woman's remarkable form pbut also of her intimate sex organs.

Her father stretched the panties outward and down pand the waist band dug a deep trench across her full firm buttocks. Then with a violent jerk phe ripped them off her. Now she wore only her heels phose pgarter belt and earrings. Her tight stomach and lean well muscled limbs showed that worked out regularly to keep her body as desirable as possible.

The strategy worked well. Samantha was an incredibly alluring creature pthe kind of fox that any of her father's guests pno matter what their stature pwould like to get alone in bed. And now she had raised the ire of her father pand was going to pay an immeasurable price. Jerking on her nose chain pher father moved her around the stage pforcing her to strut naked in her heels and hose for the ogling audience. They clearly liked what they saw. He took a stiff braided riding crop and slashed it across his daughter's beautiful boobs pthen brought it up under the firm mammaries pcausing them to bounce as they had done when he had torn off her bra. She provided the audience with clear shrill screams that raised the hackles on their necks. Samantha was really hurting.

Her lovely cunt was his next target. He used the woman-whip on the inside of her lovely knees pforcing her to part her legs. The whip found her delicate pussy lips pand flattened the delightful pouting sex organ ppainfully battering the young woman's intimate sex meat for the pleasure of the spectators. Samantha screamed at the top of her lungs pwith a burst of fresh energy with each lash of the brutal stiff whip. Her father put new energy into each bitch-birching blow, flagellating the tortured sex lips with such brutal force that they were soon bleeding. The sight of the vaginal blood got her father excited, and he increased his rapid stinging blows to the defenseless female organ. She alternately raised her legs as the whip struck her fuck muscle with repeated bruising blows. She was receiving no mercy from her irate father. Samantha was hyperventilating pand she gasped for breath between her sharp shrill staccato screams.

At last her father put down the brutal woman-whip. Two naked young men ptheir muscular bodies lightly oiled and gleaming pand their large erections displaying their circumcised penises pcame onto the stage. They grasped the girl and lifted her into the air pone on either side of her. The father opened his fly to display his large penis pand then he lay down on his back on the floor. The boys held Samantha's legs apart and raised pand slowly lowered her paligning her bare crotch with her father's rigid shaft. As she came into contact with the flared head of the large male organ pits head pressed against her anus. She screamed, and the naked young men holding her let her entire weight come onto her tightly puckered rectum against her father's rigid fuck rod.

Her father raised his hips pand quickly he was deep inside her. Her colon desperately gripped the length of his stout shaft pand her starfish anus squeezed its base in an involuntary milking action as she screamed a long squealing wail of total despair. The gorgeous young woman of such fine breeding was so distraught that she released an arc of her steaming golden urine across the stage pspurting her spray of piss toward the audience. The boys lifted Samantha pnearly raising her off the heavy invading penis pthen dropped her to once more grip its entire length with her abused fundament. They repeated this stimulating action psetting up a pumping motion passisting in the incestuous public butt-fucking the naked daughter was enduring. The audience applauded the obscene action as the naked boys finally lifted the man's gorgeous daughter clear of his runting penis. Her anus made an audible "pop" as it closed pand then she involuntarily farted.

Charlotte was surprised that the girl's digestive track pbeing explored in this public exhibition of debasement phad not been prepared. The sign was clear: her father's penis was coated with lumps of her thick dark offal. This beautiful jet-setter was not used to being made the brunt of rude and debasing jokes pand providing this sign of her unclean track as she was sodomized by her father was the ultimate humiliation pwhich was the point of the exercise. The men turned her around so that she had her back to the audience pand once more lowered the screaming and struggling girl pthis time bringing her battered vagina down onto the shit-smeared penis. "Suck your shit off my dick with your cunt pbitch!" her father said to her. As she came down onto him phis huge organ filled her womb. She was being filthied inside with her own smut. The audience loved it.

Once his penis was fully implanted in his daughter's reluctant cunt phe grasped her to hold her in place pand the boys released their hold. The man pulled his daughter forward so that her stuffed crotch was fully exposed to the audience pand her large firm mammaries were pressed against his chest to the point that they bulged obscenely. Then he began a heavy runting action pdriving his big dong repeatedly hard into her womb pforcing its head against her uterus with such force that the young bitch began to orgasm. She was disgusted at the humiliation pbut Charlotte and the audience knew well that a woman would be unable to resist coming into heat when she was treated with abusive sexual violence. The beautiful Samantha was no exception. She was moaning in ecstasy as she rode her father's rapidly runting shaft. She was being treated as raw fuck meat pand she performed the role well.

As the enticing daughter-fuck was progressing pthe two nude muscular boys returned pnow carrying an eight foot long and three inch thick steel pole. One end was flared like the bell of a trumpet pto a diameter of three feet. The other end of the shaft was tapered to a rounded point. They carried the long heavy pole in a horizontal position pand lined it up with Samantha's pretty puckered rectum. With her back turned, and being locked in the powerful embrace of her father, she was too busy with her futile struggle against the incestuous fucking to see the boys approach, and could not see the positioning of the enormous shaft. Samantha felt the cold steel probing her private netherlands, and was aware of the solid pressing nudge of the rounded tip, but she was totally unprepared for the sudden lunge that spread her anus impossibly wide as the steel found entry into her.

Charlotte felt that familiar knot deep in her gut as she realized she was witness to what was going to be a real snuff of the gorgeous girl. Her nipples were firmly erect with arousal, and she could feel her vagina flare out, and begin to drip with her growing sexual excitement. This was death time for the lovely bitch, by total anal impalement, as she was being fucked by her father. Incredible! The strapping naked boys, their bulging muscles rippling under their gleaming oiled skin, grasped the broad bell base of the long steel pole, and pushed on it with firm and even pressure to improve its purchase inside the lovely recipient.

Their cruel efforts were met by resistance as the screaming girl tried to move forward with it. Her father's grip on her was overpowering, with his hands gripping her shoulders and his raging penis solidly planted in her vagina, humping into her for all he was worth. Which was considerable, and not only in the monetary sense. Her father sported a prodigious phallus, supported by an impressive set of swinging balls, with the scrotum neatly shaved or plucked. The imposing organ was nearly ten inches long, and two and a half inched thick. The glans stood out like the head of an anchor, fully circumcised, and the opening on the end was large enough to host a ball point pen. The man, in his late forties, was an substantial stallion.

At last the thrusting was too much for her, and it made its way deeper into her, so that it was threatening the integrity of her stuffed colon. She tried to arch her back, and as she did so the merciless boys pushed hard, and the rounded point on the shaft split her intestineand entered the pack of her guts. The boys were not nearly through. They stood back and watched as the father responded to the new pressure inside his daughter and her erotic pain-driven response. As she writhed, he pumped franticallyuntil in moments he reached an impressive orgasmand ejaculated his seed into his own issue.

When at last his heaving balls were emptiedhe jerked his penis out of her. He moved around in front of the pretty young bitchand surprised everyone by spurting a reserve of his spunk all over her unhappy face. The gooey male spunk dripped slowly down her face and dangled from her nose and chin. She was totally humiliated in front of his friendsas he had intended for her. He got to his feetand she raised up onto her hands and knees. She tried to pull herself off the polebut it was much too thick and deeply implanted in her colon to slide out of her. Her father then did the unimaginable. As she looked up at him with pleading eyeshe pointed his long dong at her and began to urinatepissing on her face and hairthen directing his spray down the length of her naked back. The warm liquid splashed over her ribsand formed a puddle in the hollow of her spine.

She opened her mouth to screamand he directed his stream of piss into her beautiful open mouth. She had so easily fallen into his trapand now was suffering the horrendous consequences. Samantha had so easily fallen into her father's nefarious trapand now was suffering the horrendous consequences. The muscular boys now lifted the eight foot shaftthe gorgeous young Samantha perched on its pointed end, and stood it on its broad bell-shaped base. Now her own weight was her worst enemy. She stoodsuspended on the long steel pole that was firmly implanted in her rectumand was unable to move off it. She tried to grip the shaft with her feetbut the steel was too smooth for her to graspand her lovely legs worked in vain as the audience cheered her on.

The marvelous young jet-setter with the incredible figure was now certain to die by total impalementfor the entertainment of the sadistic and merciless audience. As they watched, Samantha panicked and she grabbed at the shaft in her anus with her hands. This proved to be uselessbut highly entertaining. She began to sink on the unforgiving steeland it steadily worked its way up into her as she slid slowly but steadily downward. She writhed and twisted beautifully in her uncontrolled horror as the shaft drove up through herand threw her head back for a final electrifying scream as the rounded point of the shaft found its way up through her throat and burst out through her mouth. The beautiful girlher eyes bulgedcontinued to sink until the flare at the base was too much for her spread buttocksand she at last came to a stopwith more than four feet of the shaft rising out of her wide-stretched mouth. Her father had got his revenge. The pretty and impetuous young Samantha would end her voyage in the cruise ship's incredible grinderand would be reduced to fish food.

* * * * * * *

Charlotte was not sure what time of day it was. She had been kept below decks for more than three days and was completely time disoriented. Day and night rolled into one as she had been taken from event to event with what seemed to be as little as one hour sleep in between. She had been in a state of high sexual arousal most of the time, as she had been a part of sex event after debasing act after gross debauchery feat. She had watched a pair of mature women being forced to have sex with a pair of runting donkeys, whose mammoth organs were hopelessly too large for the big bitches' pulsing vaginas. The two cunts had succumbed to the gross bestial degeneracy,but not before giving the spectators an incredible show with their hopeless naked struggle. The beasts ripped right through the women's organs, spilling their viscera as their bellies were split wide open by the runting bestial dongs for the entertianment of the audience.

She had seen lithe young athletic nudes battle each other using two by fours, each with a large spike sticking through it near the end. The results were devastating, and produced a remarkable and incredibly violent entertainment for the paying customers. The teenaged girls had gone at each other with a vengeance, battering their young enemy's nakednessdeeply puncturing the flesh and crunching bones. The ferocious young victor had actually ripped her opponent open, eviscerating the lovely broken naked female body.

Charlotte had been on stage and witnessed little girls who had undergone extreme sexual abuse, for the uncompromising entertainment of the remorseless audiences. A pair of little darlings, no more than nine years old, had been beaten and then violently raped by a couple of boys in their mid teens. The boys' sex organs were over-sized, having been enlarged with injections of the ship's own special drug, which gave a spectacular result to both male and female organs.

The boys were as devastating to the little girls as the donkeys had been on the women. The pretty children's pert virgin vaginas were stretched to the bursting pointand then ruptured, splitting open with the ferocity of the brutal sexual invasion.

"Take no prisoners," an elderly man cried from the audience. The cruel spectators would not be satisfied until the little rape victims were killed by their attackers. They got their wish. The boys pulled out of the little girls, and each grabbed a wrist and an ankle of one of the petite darlings. They pulled back, stretching her arms and legs wide as they struggled. She was too small to endure the violence, and one at a time her arms and legs were dislocated from their sockets.

She was dropped, and the other girl was given the same treatment. However, this time the boys jerked apart repeatedly, and continued the merciless abuse after the slender limbs were dislocated. The child's pretty ruptured vagina was pointed toward the audience, and the sadistic revelers had a perfect view as the alluring little female sex organ was further damaged as it actually split wide, ripping through to form a single opening with the girl's anus. As the patrons cheered, she was pulled wide open, and her pretty pink entrails dropped to the floor.

Charlotte had been an integral part of a pageant in which two pair of large athletic teenagers competed in the most bizarre race imaginable. One team was statuesque blonde Nordics, while the other was black haired and olive skinned Iranians. Each of them had a large iron stirrup pierced deeply into the generous meat of her pubic mound. When they kneeled side by side, their legs spread, these metal hoops with the flat broad bottom section were fully exposed, as was their cunt meat. Their drivers would stand in these stirrups, so that each tortured vagina bore half the weight of a naked male jockey.

A long course leather thong was used to bind the nearest breast of each girl to that of her team-mate, to keep them in line. They were otherwise unfettered. The event was staged on the ship's large upper deck, with the wide promenade which encircled the ship serving as the race track. The rules were simple. The race was a "Run 'Til You Drop" kind of ordeal, with all the spectators gambling on which team could outlast the other. Betting was heavy, with hundreds of thousands of dollars at stake. The title of the race was somewhat misleading, because the race was not completed when a runner fell, but when one of the fallen team members could no longer get back onto her hands and knees to continue.

Exhaustion of the participants was only one factor for endurance. There were two others. The first was the vicious woman-whips the jockeys carried, special woman-whips designed to bruise and slice the naked female flesh. The other factor was the tiger girl Charlotte. Her role was to put sufficient fear into the lovely athletic bitches to keep them crawling around the decks and struggling to endure. This was a role for which Charlotte was well suited, the kind of assignment she had long been waiting for, and one she was well prepared to play to the hilt.

Tony had taken hours each night teaching Charlotte to screech like a cat. Her sounds were unnervingdeso he conducted her training sessions down in the ship's workshop. It had been painful for her at firstdebut she had endured the scraping feeling in her throatdeand had learned to produce a harsh scream that became more and more cat-like as she progressed.

Tony had rewarded her improvement by reducing the pressure on the vicious clitoris clamp he had used to encourage her screams. When she got the throaty sounds the way he wanted themdehe further rewarded her by reducing the current and frequency of the cruel electrical jolts to her nipples through the vicious steel clamps he had attached to her sex meat for her training sessions. Charlotte was a good student of debauchery, and she soon became very attached to her powerful owner and handler. Tony had a knack for handling and motivating sumptuous bitchesdeand she responded perfectly to his kindness in choosing for her such appropriate rewardsdeand his wickedness in selecting heartless punishments.

Tony had prepared this stunning bitch very carefully. She had been exposed to progressively violent sexual sports and torture events until she was comfortable with the sadistic entertainment bitch killings which were the hit of these licentious sex-show cruises. The magnificent cat-girl Charlotte was now completely submissive to Tony's willdeand she was perfectly compliant to his total authority and masculine power.

Tony had finally brought the gorgeous submissive to the point where she would now willingly kill for him. She suspected that this was exactly what he would ask of her before the cruise was over. For now her role was just to damage the lovely female meat being so sadistically treated for the entertainment of the cruise ship's blood-lusting passengersdewho now lined the ship's upper deck to get a good view of the bitch race.

The audience was startled at the incredible piercing of the young pubic mounds of the four athletic girlsdeand the incredible strain on the brutally pierced sex organs as their jockeys stood in the piercing ringsdepulling the fuck meat severely as the four tortured twats bore the weight of the two burly young men. The girls' screams told the story of their pain. The bizarre teams of naked girls were moved slowly around the promenade deck by their jockeys to give the crowd of aroused spectators a view of their sensuous pulchritude. Leading the parade was the striped cat-girldethe delicate lips of her fully exposed vagina glistening sumptuously with the moisture of her carnal arousal as she moved proudly on all fours like a real cat. She was spectacular. Only the lashing of the woman-whips on the naked flesh of the teen-aged nudes drew attention from her.

Charlotte had the time of her life. As the two teams of naked athletic teenaged girls crawled forwarddecarrying the full weight of their jockeys on the rings through their cuntsdeshe ran past them on all foursdeand as she passed she slashed at their bare buttocks and ribs with her sharp claws. The girls were forced to move up onto their hands and toes. This new elevated position raised the men they carried highdeand exposed their beautifully poutingdemeticulously trimmeddeand ruthlessly pierced vaginas. Raising up like that also spread their buttocksdefully revealing to the crowd of cheering spectators their lovely pink starfish anus rings.

These gorgeous young teens were prime bitch-meat. They screamed shrilly like real professional sex show girls as their riders' woman-whips slammed mercilessly against their nakednessdeand they shrieked hysterically as Charlotte attacked them with her vicious steel cat claws. After a strikedethe incredible Charlotte pranced away, her steel finger and toe nails clicking on the hardwood deckdeher beautiful head held highdeher large breasts swinging beneath herdeand her tail elevated and wagging proudly with he motion.

The spectators applauded and cheered the striped nude for her enthusiasm in punishing the teams of brutalized teens. She would hide in an alcovedethen as the girls passed would spring out at themdescreeching like a cat as she lashed at the girls' tanned and whip-welted flesh. She carried away bits of their skin on her clawsdeand left behind long bleeding scratches. When the girls were at full stride and the two teams were in hot competition, Charlotte held backdeletting the men riding the girls encourage their bizarre mounts on with the merciless lash of their brutal woman-whips.

The race was hotdefuriousdeand violent. The ruthless whipping of the battered naked flesh of the racing teams was unceasingdeand the compassionless riders flailed the delightfully straining meat of the defenseless nudesdeforcing them to run full out. Their running brought no relief. The bitch-whips found every private and delicate part of the naked athletes. Their boobsdebelliesdebacksdebuttocksdevulvas and faces were treated equally. Nor were their lean legs and arms spared.

Flecks of blood spattered the slick decksdemaking the footing hazardous for the four lovely young participants. The teams of tit-bound bitches ran on all fours past the large crowd of cheering spectatorsdebringing shouts of derision and insults to their fully displayed and severely abused femininity. They made an admirable spectacle. These lovely young ladies were amazing competitorsdeconsidering the severity of the brutal and merciless beating they were enduring under the flailing woman-whipsdeas they carried the weight of their assailant jockeys on their deeply pierced cunts. The deck wasdein most of its lengthdewide enough to accommodate the four bitches running side by side. It was even wider at the bow and sterndeproviding ample space for maneuveringdeso that passing was not only possibledebut occurred several times during the action packed violent and desperate cunt race.

During a pass attempt, each jockey would lash out viciously and with purpose at the naked mounts of his opponent, delivering savage and damaging blows to the voluptuous struggling and staggering athletes. The game girls gave their best, and the amazing race continued at a frantic pace for nearly twenty minutes. The marvelous young bitches were gasping and straining to maintain their balance as exhaustion began to effect their performance. It was then that Tony gave Charlotte her instructions. She hid behind a large lifeboat, at a point where most of the audience could see the arena of action. When the two teams of naked bitches approached her position they were running side by side. Suddenly the naked cat-woman sprung out in front of them, and startled the racing girls so much that they came to a halt, and reared up.

The nude cat with her tattooed stripes lashed out with her sharp talons at their exposed breasts and bellies. The cooperative jockeys' penises bounced at full rigid attention as they used their reins to hold their mounts in the erect and exposed posture. The results of the violent and merciless attack were truly devastating. The thick and short curved steel blades sliced deep parallel gashes across the offered bellies and bulging breasts of the lovely competitive teens. Charlotte loved the feeling of her extended claws ripping through the tight flesh of the naked athletes as she swung relentlessly at the tit and face-bound screaming females. This was living!

The monstrously abused teens collapsed under the assault, and their jockeys jumped out of the cunt-stirrups as the bitch teams fell onto their backs. Charlotte jumped onto the girls' bellies, waving her arms in victory. Her weight caused the battered and pierced cunts to bulge beautifully. On a sudden impulse, she dropped to her belly on top of one of the girls, and sunk her fangs into the screaming teenager's puffed out pussy meat.

The girl was hysterical, and her frantic movement helped Charlotte as she lifted her headI'and with her jaws tightly clamped in the girl's pierced pubic moundshe ripped open the delicate female sex organ. Everyone had gathered around them, and formed a ring to view the scene of carnal violence. Charlotte stood againthis time with the girl's blood dripping from her chin onto her large tattooed breasts as she received the applause and cheers of the audience. This marvelous cat-woman had reached the depths of degradation necessary to meet their extreme expectations. The vain bitch was ripe for the severe abuse she would face in the ship's infamous death-pit arena.

This very evening she would get the thrill of her lifeand give the passengers a show that they would long remember. The thrill for her would be of stark terror and horrornot a thrill of pleasure. As an entertainer on this highly specialized cruise shipshe was valued as a piece of attractive propertyand her value would be measured by her ability to give the passengers the thrills they had paid forby watching her suffering sexual degradation and humiliationthen severe painand finally a meaningless death.

Tony would be paid a high fee for providing the ship's operators with such a marvelous bitch. The cat-woman Charlotte was destined to live only hoursbecause the biggest sex show of this cruise was scheduled to take place this evening. It was clear to everyone Charlotte's preparation was completeas she stood there with the cunt flesh of the fallen teen clenched in her teethand with fresh blood dripping down her tattooed front. The big show of the cruise was always spectacular. It featured erotic costumes to rival the best of Las Vegas showsalthough they were designed to feature rather than cover the sex organs. The theme for this exhibition was "Circus"and the show was lavishly staged. Gorgeous buxom women and pretty little girls were decorated in bursts of plumage and sequined fabric that accentuated their nakedness. Bright red paint enhanced the visibility of their pouting lipserect nipples and exposed vaginas. Several of the large breasted women and teens had their boob firmly bound at the base to cause the amazing mammaries to bulge obscenely.

The theme of the show this time was "Circus"and the ship's large death-pit arena was decorated in the style of a big top. The ringmaster was dressed in tails with a top-hatand his erection stood out proudly from his open fly. He was well armedwith a large hunting knife in a scabbard attached to his belt on his lefta 45 revolver in a holster on his righta sharp short bladed gutting knife in his bootand a curved bladed machete in his belt. He also carried a vicious whipwhich he snapped with compelling command. He was in chargeand was not to be disobeyed by any flighty young bitch.

A pair of clowns sporting large dildos violently raped a pair of voluptuous women. Their weapons were much too large for the delicate cunts of the ladiesand their attack was both amusing to the audience and damaging to their beautiful victims. The advantage of a live show over viewing a film or video taped version of this kind of brutality was that the ladies were present in flesh and blood. These beautiful bitches were now beginning to show bothabundantly. The brutal shafts pounding inside them tore at their vaginal walls and the pad of their uterus. Blood slicked the pumping dildosshowing the audience the extent of their severe sexual abuse.

When the clowns climaxedthey pulled their artificial organs out of the real but damaged organs of their victims. The women screamed and rolled on the sand floor of the arena in agony and humiliationbut their ordeal was not yet over. A second pair of clowns appearedwearing much larger dildosand these were decorated with three inch long spikes. Now the vicious rape was going to get dirty. The merciless men raised the buttocks of the gorgeous womenand without preparationbegan thrusting their horrific weapons into the ladies. The spikes ripped their way through the tortured pussy lips as the thick shafts drove into the pain-racked cunts. The women screamed and the audience cheered at the brutal sexual violence being performed on the floor of the arena.

When the horrific dildos were at last pulled out of the lovely female victimsthe true effect of the monstrous fucking was revealed: on the spikes were hooked the ladies' bright colored intestines. By removing the monstrous dildosthe clowns were actually eviscerating the lovely women.

There was yet more to the incredible ordeal. The women writhing in agony in the sand were flipped over onto their hands and kneesand their hips were raised. Using their powerful hands to spread the feminine buttocksthe pair of compassionless clowns began to thrust their enormous weapons against the ladies tight and puckered rectums. The audience was startled at the early success as the strained anus rings were quickly ruptured by the force of the attackand the women took the huge shafts up into their colons. This was the kind of action the audience thirsted forand had paid so much to witness.

The two clowns drove their lethal weapons in a brutal pumping action into the screaming and shrieking ladies with violent sadistic passion. It was clear to the audience that the spikes were ripping the women's colons to shredsand after several heroic moments of the monstrous ass fuckingthe pair of women were literally fucked to death. The next act featured a pair of teenaged nudes who rode out into the ring standing on the back of a large prancing pony. The well-trained animal moved with a steady rhythm in a constant circle. The ringmaster stood in the middle of the ring, and the girls were within easy reach of his whip.

The girls were very good at the apparently difficult balancing act, as they had practiced the feat all week, but had not performed naked, nor with an audience, and had certainly not had to contend with the sting of the lash from that vicious whip. It was enormously entertaining to watch the erotic dance of distress as the girls desperately attempted to stay aboard the horses under the outrageous stinging assault of the long snaking woman-whip. At first the whistling whip caught their youthful round buttocks, and their bulging titties. To avoid the lash they demonstrated a trick they had learned. They were both able to drop onto their backs across the back of the pony, their legs spread for balance, and then to bound back up onto their feet, aided by the bouncing of the horse. The girls had learned their act well, and except for the narrowness of their ability, they might be mistaken for professional circus performers.

The ringmaster demonstrated his own skill. After a period, he shifted his attentions to the girls brightly painted cunt lips, bringing the flailing tip of his weapon up between their legs with remarkable effect. When a girl tried to drop on her back, the whip was there to meet her. The remarkable skill of the ringmaster brought cheers and applause as he repeatedly battered the delicate sex meat of the naked girls, bringing shrill piercing screams of acknowledgement as he stung their curled painted cunt-lips and erect clits. At last one of the girls fell, and she broke her leg as she hit the ground. As she lay writhing in pain and agony on her back, the horse adjusted its course, and intentionally trampled her. With each rotation, the horse ran over her, doing incredible damage to her naked form. It crushed one of her arms, burst open one of her breasts, and cracked several of her ribs in the first two passes.

A hoof slashed and gashed her cunt, causing her to bleed profusely from her ruined crotch. Then the trained animal hit her belly on three consecutive passes, ripping it wide open. She somehow lasted several circuits of the incredible prancing, until at last one of the hooves came down on her mouth, and drove her chin right back through the back of her neck, severing her spinal cord.

The other girl was not so lucky. She somehow remained aboard the horse during this inhuman action, and once her friend was clearly dead, the attention of the ringmaster and the audience was returned to her. Seeing the horrible fate of her fallen companion, the nude teen still aboard the galloping horse involuntarily let loose from her anus a string of thick turds, blowing them from her colon as if they had been shot from a canon.

The battery of firm turds fell to the pit floor and rolled, coating themselves in a blanket of grains of sand like sausages, to the delight of the audience. Because of the blood and gore spilt in the death-pit arena each week, the sand was treated with a powerful deodorant, and in seconds there was no hint of the nastiness she had produced.

The ships passengers favored the spirited girls in their mid teens, and were getting a marvelous performance from this terrified young woman. The whip renewed its brutal assault on her delicate vagina, and with each painful blow the audience could see the muscles of her stomach tighten in a snapping action that matched the sharp slap of the merciless woman-whip. When she fell onto her belly across the back of the horse, he brought the whip down into the crack between her buttocks, and snapped it at just the right instant. The tip slammed into her anus with such force that it split the tight impudent muscle of her puckered anus, rupturing the shit-control device.

The girl flipped onto her back, trying desperately to remain aboard the unstable platform of the horse's back, terrified that she might share her friend's abhorrent fate. The ringmaster was now dealing the blows from the woman-whip with much more authority and power. He split her bobbing breasts, and actually ripped off a pert nipple.

The screaming young nude finally fell from her mount, and the clowns quickly grabbed her before the horse got its hooves into her. They caught the excited animal, and with one of them on each of her limbs, moved her under the belly of the animal so that her abused cunt was in contact with the head of the beast's erection. She threw back her head and screamed in horror as the cruel clowns jerked her onto the rigid shaft, matching the runting action of the aroused stallion. When the animal's penis was securely holstered in the human sheath, the girl's cunt was fully stuffed, although less than a third of the enormous penis had gained entry. The clowns holding her arms now released them, and joined the others, so that there were two men on each of her legs.

They pulled steadily as the stallion thrust its hips, and gradually the beast increased its penetration of the helpless young bitch. Not only had it stuffed her womb, but now it was hammering her uterus with such force that the internal sex organ was ripped free, and the long animal dong reached through her intestines to press against and bruise her kidneys. She was getting an incredibly painful deep gut fucking, and the audience loved it.

The tapered shaft of the stallion stretched the flesh of her cunt so severely that the bottom of the female sex organ finally split, making her vagina and ruptured anus into a single opening. In fact, the heinous bestial fucking was just beginning. The men holding her legs jerked her further onto the invading shaft, and it pounded against the bottom of her stomach, causing her to cough up the contents, spitting the liquid mess between the horse's front hooves. As with the offal, her vomit was quickly absorbed in the sand, and covered with the scuffling of the horse and the men as they advanced the deep gut-fuck of the helpless teenager. This was a preliminary act, and was not to be dragged out for the benefit of the participants.

The efforts of the clowns, accompanied by the impressive power of the large horse, soon produced results. The bitch's pelvis snapped, and in moments her crotch began to rip, as the enormous horse cock split her tummy, ripping up toward her navel. The effect was fantastic for the audience, who saw the girl banging her head on the ground in agony as the horse reached orgasm, pounding the cum-spurting head of its penis against her rapidly beating heart, smashing the beautiful teenager's vital organ as she died a dreadful yet spectacular death, to the elated cheers of the ecstatic audience.

The final warm-up act preceding the main event featured a buxom woman and a small and lean girl, who's slender figure echoed the shape of the full grown woman, with the exception of chest development. The girl was no more than eight years old, and she wore the same kind of well fitting high heeled shoes as the adult woman. She had obviously had substantial training in the high heeled shoes, because she moved in them as well as her counterpart. They both also wore extravagant costumes that hid none of their intimate charms, but which in fact accentuated their most private parts. The blatantly obscene sexuality of the pair was exciting for the perverted audience.

The woman's large nipples had been pierced at the base, and she wore large iron rings through them. The child's ears had been pierced at the top rather than through the lobes, and after parading around the ring to be inspected by the appreciative audience, the child was held in front of the woman, with her back to her. The iron rings dangling from the points of the woman's breasts were attached to her ears, then were permanently clamped in place. The two were now a number.

The woman's arms were pulled severely behind her back, forcing her shoulders forward and her breasts to bulge. A tight leather sleeve glove was fitted over her arms, and it was laced up to hold her arms in their drastically restricted position. The woman's hair was woven into a long braid. A strip of barbed wire was tied securely to the end of the braid, and her head was pulled back.

One of the clowns lifted the little girl and held her off the ground, restricted by the attachment of her ears to the woman's nipples. The barbed wire was taken down between the woman's legs, and was drawn through between the child's legs as well. The wire was wrapped around the child's waist, and fastened to itself in front of her. The clown holding the girl released her, and she sat on the wire, pulling the woman's head back to the extreme with her weight, and her legs would not reach the floor.

The wire cut into the child's waist, her little pussy and her crotch, as well as digging deeply into the woman's cunt. Sharp barbs dug into the flesh of both of the naked females, bringing forth sharp piercing screams from both of them. The pair were sensational. At the same time, her ears and the woman's nipples took half the strain of the child's weight, which was nearly eighty pounds.

The sight of the wire disappearing between the tender lips of the little girl's cuntlet was enhanced by view of the sharp barbs piercing her delicate flesh, bringing out droplets of brightly glistening red blood. The woman looked as if her neck would snap as her head was pulled back so severely that her face looked backward. At the same time, her big breasts were stretched radically by the girl's weight.

This was only the beginning of the weird event. One of the clowns gave the little girl a mace, one of the most barbaric weapons of medieval times. The evil weapon consisted of a stout handle, an eighteen inch length of chain, connected to a ten pound iron ball, which bristled with sharp inch-long spikes. Although the girl had her back to the woman to whom she was attached, the woman was totally defenseless, and at the mercy of the child.

This was the most bizarre struggle imaginable. The large woman's legs were free, and a remarkable sight in those spike heeled shoes as she struggled to keep her balance under the blows of the damaging mace. She had no way to strike back at the child, but she was a game bitch, and she was as active as her highly restrictive binding allowed. It was not enough. The girl was driven by the intense pain in her naked groin and her ears swing the mace ferociously, bashing the damaging spiked steel ball into the meat of the large woman to whom she was bound.

The mace was incredibly effective, even in the hands of a child. The little girl swung it wildly, unable to turn her head, which was ringed by the ears to the woman's nipples. She bashed it horizontally, striking the woman's back on either side, driving the spikes into the meat and cracking ribs. She swung it between her legs, bringing the ball up between the woman's legs to sink it into the mature vagina. Blood dripped from ripped cunt lips, fat pubes and slashed buttocks. The girl had to be careful not to hit herself with the vicious spiked ball. It was small enough at ten pounds that she could manage it, and yet heavy enough to do severe damage as it was swung in an arc with the leverage of the eighteen inch chain.

The brutal blows from the vicious mace were telling, and the woman was soon staggering, struggling just to remain upright. Her struggle was telling on both of them, for with every movement she made, the wire cut deeper into both of their vaginas. To amplify the damage were the long sharp barbs on the wire, which tore at the delicate female flesh with even the slightest shift in position.

The woman was fortunate, in one respect, in that the wire only contacted her vagina, anus, and the full cleavage of her buttocks. The girl had to endure barbs through her immature sex organ, into the ring muscle of her little anus, and around her waist as well. The desperate and continuous movement of the big woman ensured the brutal barbs did their part in magnifying the vicarious entertainment of the large audience.

Suddenly the child hit the jackpot. She had just swung the mace between her legs, landing a direct and damaging blow to the cunt of the woman. She was breathing hard from her effort with the heavy weapon, when in impulse she swung the spiked steel ball over her head. It was difficult to tell if she were just winding up for another cunt blow, but that was academic, because the mace smashed into the face of the woman, crushing her nose and right cheek, and popping out the right eyeball from the force of the blow.

The big bitch's knees trembled, then she pitched forward, toppling over on top of the small girl, pinning the child's head between her large and bulging breasts with her dead weight, and burying the child's pretty little face in the sand. The distressed little girl panicked, and kicked and struggled desperately, face down with the large woman on top of her. Her position was hopeless, and after nearly two minutes of the frantic kicking of her lively legs she lost vigor. Soon the beautiful bare limbs were reduced to quivering as the naked little girl suffocated to death under the weight of her dead opponent.

For the final display leading up to the main event, three rings were quickly set up. The arena was darkened, and bright spotlights illuminated selected areas. The ringmaster drew his pistol and fired it into the air. A pair of women in red capes entered and paraded around the arena. The capes came down to just above their knees, and they wore high cut boots with high heels. on their heads they wore extensive feathered headpieces, and their arms were folded in front of them under the capes, out of sight. The only apparent difference between the beautiful Nordic blondes was that one wore white boots while the other wore black.

When they had completed the circuit, they stood back to back in the center ring, facing either side, and in a grand gesture, swept open their capes. The audience cheered the sight they revealed: they were stark naked beneath the robes, and both bitches were ripely pregnant. Two Trapeze swings were lowered from the overhead rails, and the girls had their arms pulled behind them and secured over the bars on the swing. This position forced their monstrous milk-swollen tit meat to bulge out obscenely. The swings were elevated, lifting the pregnant young nudes off the arena floor, facing each other from a distance of about ten feet. The clowns grabbed at the girl's, gripping their cunts, and pulled the two swell bellies more than twenty feet apart.

They then released them at the same time, so that they swung rapidly toward each other, and their big bellies hit each other with a sickening thump. The girls screamed at the unexpected rough treatment, and they were once again pulled wide apart. This time when they swung together they raised their legs in an attempt to protect themselves, and the result was that their gorgeous lean legs acted as battering rams, their boots driving deep into the other's grotesquely swollen belly.

As this belly-battering continued, a voluptuous woman dressed in the feathers of and leathers of a wild Indian was tied up in the middle of the ring nearest the bow of the ship. Two well-tanned men in Indian costumes rode horses that circled the ring, and as they circled the strung-up bitch, they strung their bows and began shooting arrows at her. They began with near misses, then caught her limbs, being careful to minimize the damage. As the act progressed, they showed their true marksmanship by sinking their arrows into her ample meat, catching her breasts and her belly, without striking any of her vital organs.

The ringmaster fired another shot in the air, and a statuesque girl that everyone immediately recognized as the bartender from the A deck lounge appeared, her wrists and ankles manacled with heavy chains. She was paraded around the arena as the others had been, then she was taken to the stern end circus ring. The ringmaster introduce Patricia, a seventeen year old they had all got to know during the past week by frequenting her bar. Regular clients knew her as the cheery and carefree bartender who had never uncovered her impressive breasts in the six months she had worked on board this nefarious ship. She had, the ringmaster explained, begun in the past three weeks stealing things from the rooms of other female workers, and was about to receive her just punishment. The audience was fully aware of how heavy the hand of justice could be on this ship, and they were not about to be disappointed.

The two clowns not working with the pregnant girls at center ring dragged in a large cross made of heavy beams, and erected it in the middle of the ring. Then they brought forward a cart and a step-ladder. One of the clowns climbed the ladder, and the other lifted the gorgeous bartender up to him. She was placed against the heinous but simple device facing the vertical beam, and she laid her arms over the cross beam to support herself as the clown released her. The other clown climbed onto the cart to assist, and passed up a heavy sledge hammer and a sixteen inch long spike. The terrified girl's large breasts embraced the large vertical beam just below the cross beam, and the clown on the ladder delighted the audience by driving the huge spike through the side of her breast, and right on through, nailing the bulging mammary to the cross. His accomplice reached up and drove a second spike through the other breast on the other side of the beam, attaching it to the cross in the same fashion.

The third and fourth spikes went down into the top of the cross beam, driven through her upper arms. Then her shoes were removed, and with the top of one resting against the sole of the other, a single spike was driven through each and on into the vertical beam. Her chin rested against the top of the vertical beam, and with her screaming mouth held open, a spike was driven down under her tongue and into the top of the post.

Four more spikes were driven through her calves and upper legs into the sides of the vertical beam. Another was angled through her anus, emerging above her pubic mound, and it also was driven home into the sturdy post, anchoring her impressive butt to the cross. Her sensuous squirming was now severely restricted by the heinous spikes.

Now that the young buxom bitch was securely spiked to the sturdy cross, the clowns became more creative, driving the long spikes into and though other parts of her body, demonstrating the same level of skill as the marksmen on horseback at the other end of the ship, who were piercing the squirming torso of their human female target regularly without striking any of her vital organs. The voluptuous bitch was as mobile as her bindings would allow. She twisted around and writhed for the full enjoyment of the audience as she took arrows into her big boobs, buttocks and her tightly stretched tummy. A pair of arrows found her lower belly at the same time, and she responded by pissing golden urine that turned red as the internal damage found her bladder. Amazingly, she took several shots in the back which missed her kidneys, spine and lungs.

The ringmaster introduced the ship's mascot, the captain's dog. It was a large Great Dane, a massive beige coated beast with an enormous dong swinging between its legs. Riding on its back was a near-naked ten year old girl, who was having the time of her life as the huge dog bounded around the ring. Then she saw the events being featured in each ring.

On command, the dog moved over to the ringmaster, and he lifted the screaming girl off the animal's back. He placed the distressed child over a bench, face up, and bound her wrists and ankles in place. She lay, stark naked and screaming, as the huge dog licked her immature little cunnie with its large wet tongue, then the hound reared up and climbed over her. It's monstrous penis quickly found her hairless little slit, and with remarkable skill, the beast worked the head of the wet organ into the girl's . The pressure of the rigid shaft thrusting against her little hymen was irresistible, and with a series of rapid lunges, the dog's dong burst through, ending the pretty little lady's virginity. Her ruby blood spurted from around the invading canine penis as the beast drove home its big cock. With the huge dog's thick long shaft pistoning into the screaming child and it massive balls slapping against her ass, the bestial fucking was under way.

With the other acts well under way, the whole audience's attention was attracted back to the center ring by blood gushing down the inner thighs of the swinging pregnant bitches. Both had broken the other's waterbag, both were experiencing frequent labor pains, and birthing by both of the young ladies was imminent. The clowns were now pulling the girls twenty-five feet apart, so that they were now hitting each other at a closing speed of thirty miles per hour. The results were startling. They raised their legs as the closed on each other, and twisted to position themselves to get the other while avoiding the kicking female boots attacking them. They were both bruised and bleeding from their big battered boobs and from the vicious blows to their damaged exposed naked crotches. Shrill screeching screams filled the arena each time the bitches were swung together.

They had both learned early in the contest the damaging capability of the spike heels on their boots, and both had applied this knowledge with a vengeance. The girl wearing the white boots managed to kick the toe of her boot so hard that it entered the other's cunt and stuck, with the heel jammed deep into her opponent's anus. This gave the girl with black boots a distinct advantage, because they while were held together and in ideal kicking range with the jammed foot, Black Boots had both of her legs free while White Boots had just one leg with which she could inflict damage on her foe.

Black Boots flailed at the large belly of her opponent, and she developed the tactic of stabbing the spike heels into the bitch's cunt and lower belly, with telling effect. The vicious weapons dug into the exposed tender meat three or four inches with each kick, piercing the girl mercilessly, leaving blood-spurting stab wounds with each savage kick. The best the other girl could do was to scrape the other's buttocks with her free foot, and when she finally managed to jerk her other foot free, it was at the of the cost of her boot, which remained firmly lodged in the battered cunt. Her bare foot could not inflict half the damage a boot could, but there was one advantage gained. The cunt blocked with the jammed boot would not be able to give birth to the baby, and the mother would be under extreme duress because of it.

The full effect of the forceful blows that each of the girls had inflicted on each other and endured were now telling. White Boots' bleeding cunt spread, and the dark top of her infants head showed in the enlarged opening. As she squirmed in her agony, the entire head emerged. Black Boots was not so fortunate. She screamed and kicked in desperation as her baby, forced down her birthing canal by the severity of the action, was stopped by the boot jammed in her vagina and rectum.

The two were pulled wide apart again, and then released to swing at each other, resuming the severe belly battering contest. In this forced birthing competition, each of the beautiful participants had gone far beyond the limits of defending herself from the battering by the other. The damage had been so hurtful that they were now actively retaliating, and doing all the damage they could to their opponent.

Now that White Boots' baby was in sight, the small head protruding obscenely from its mother's cunt became a prime target for the viciously kicking black boots, and the infant was given a severe concussion before its shoulders had emerged. White Boots attempted to twist away on the next swing, but she instinctively raised her gorgeous legs to protect herself, and Black Boots got a heel into the mouth of the screaming emerging infant. The kick was so powerful that the heel emerged under the new child's chin, and as they began to swing away again, the heel remained jammed in the baby's jawbone.

She jerked desperately, assisted by the hysterically frantic twisting of the mother, and White Boots' gripping cunt began to lose its hold on the emerging infant, accelerating the birthing process. The baby was jerked by the heel through its jaw, and it slipped quickly out of the cunt of White Boots, like a piglet sliding down a greased chute.

The positioning of the infant pressing down inside the womb of Black Boots caused a gradual spreading of her vagina, loosening its grip on the offending boot, and her frantic squirming and desperate kicking slowly eased her anus grip on the jammed boot's heel. At last the boot dropped, and as she was swung once more against the body of her enemy she took a direct blow to her swollen belly. The force of the blow was so great that the sprog spit out of her like a ball shot from a canon. The long umbilical cord stretched out behind the ejected baby, looking like a streamer or a pink and white strip of ribbon.

The party was rolling, and the audience was now ready for the main event. All that remained was to dispatch the bitches still in the arena, all of whom had miraculously remained alive. The four clowns each retrieved a six foot long tent pole. These three inch thick wooden shafts had a sharpened end, and had been sanded smooth. The poles' points were directed into the rectum of the arrow-filled and crucified bitches, and into the distended vagina of each of the new mothers.

The four men worked simultaneously, thrusting the thick poles forcefully up into inner workings of the tortured torsos of the naked women, impaling them alive. The men demonstrated their strength and skill as they lunged and guided the thick poles through their helpless female victims. The audience cheered as the bloodied tips of the shafts emerged from the gaping mouths of the naked bitches. The clowns heaved on the poles once more, and they slid further into the four nude female carcasses until about a foot and a half stuck out of either end of the dead bitches.

The Great Dane had long since shot its load of spunk into the bleeding cuntlet of the little girl, and the huge lump at the base of the monstrous prick had kept it locked inside her. At last the beast pulled free. The ringmaster walked calmly over to the girl, drew his revolver, and thrust the cold muzzle of the 45 into her bleeding cuntlet. Giving a few seconds for breathlessly watching audience to grasp the full effect, he amazed them by pulling the trigger three times, blasting the large slugs up through the naked torso of the child. The impaled bodies were cut down and dragged out of the arena, and the rings and implements were removed. The ship's infamous death-pit was ready for the main event of the cruise.

Now it was time for Charlotte to perform. She had not been rehearsed, and had no idea what she was to do. The arena was dark as she was thrust out through the holding door. Suddenly a hot beam from a spotlight caught her, then two more, so that she was lit from three sides. She had gone down on all fours as she had entered, as she had been so well trained to do, and the bright circles of light revealed her incredibly feline femininity. Her deep brown tattoo marks stood out boldly, as did her painted and flared pussy lips.

Her tail, extending from the huge plug thrust into her anus, stood up proudly, and she crept forward on the blood-stained sand-covered floor of the pit like a great hunter, which was the only thing she could think of to do her small pool of light in the stark darkness of the arena.

As she moved, slinking with all the grace of a cat, she was suddenly aware of the silence from the darkened stands. She knew that they were filled with observers, and was impressed that she was so good she could captivate the imagination of this debauched gathering of lechers. Her confidence grew as she realized the power she had over the crowd. Clearly they were captivated by her grace and her magnificence. She knew she was the best physical specimen aboard the cruise ship, and she basked in the glory of the silent tribute the audience was paying to her.

As she moved across the expanse of sand, the glare of the lights striking her kept her eyes from adjusting to the pitch black of the arena. Another of her senses caught her attention. It was a faint pungent smell she had noticed once before, and she struggled to identify it. A deep rattle, as if from the ship's great engines, but somewhat closer, caused her to stop in her tracks. She remained motionless, the hair on the back of her neck bristling as her mind gradually drew the scent and sound together.

Suddenly the sound was there again, much closer this time, and she felt a sudden cold sweat. She remembered the smell. She had first encountered that disquieting odor at the Cincinnati Zoo. She had experienced it again as a teenager sneaking between the animal trailers at the circus. Most recently she had smelled it on board this ship, when she had last heard that sound. She had been with Tony in the ship's large hold learning to screech like a cat, and they had passed by the animal holding pens. They had rounded a corner and she had been face to face, through strong bars, with a huge Indian Tiger.

The thick tail plug filling her colon prevented Charlotte from shitting herself, but the urge to defecate out of cold fear was compelling. Large female cats are renown for their ability to urinate great It is not uncommon for circus cats to shoot a jet of spray into a cage four yards away. Charlotte proved her worth as a human tigress as she spurted a steady stream of her hot piss upward from her elevated cunt through the beam of the spotlights, driven by her stark fear.

Now the sound was unmistakable as the tiger growled again, more aggressively this time, and much closer to the naked female human in the spotlight. Suddenly it head entered the beam of the light, and Charlotte screeched out in relief. It was the large male, a tame cat that was used in several of the erotic shows in the ship's many small sex theaters. She reached forward, and put her arm around the animal's neck.

The big cat responded by licking her tattooed belly and breasts with a show of affection. The tender feeling of its warm tongue was followed by a coolness as its saliva dried. She could smell the thick mustiness of its breath, and her eyes bulged at the close-up view of the animal's yellowed teeth. This middle aged tiger was well known to like playing with naked women. He was tame, and as safe as a house cat. Charlotte climbed up onto its back, sat upright, and rode triumphantly around the large arena on the animal's back. She felt the sensual rub of its soft coat against her bare vagina, and then through the short soft hair she felt the powerful muscles shifting against her hot cunt. As her vaginal juices started to flow, she dampened the broad back upon which she rode. This was exciting. Charlotte felt like the queen of the ship at the moment.

She heard the audience now, as they murmured to each other, and encouraged her bold performance. She leaned back on the beast, thrusting her bare vagina forward, and squeezing her shoulders so that her large breasts bulged impressively. The big cat walked steadily, used to this kind of movement on its back.

The sight of this remarkable tattooed nude they had all become accustomed to over the past week of the cruise, bizarrely masquerading as a tiger, now riding obscenely on the back of a real jungle cat, was as erotic as anything any of the jaded crowd of spectators had ever seen. She was truly magnificent, as was the beast, and the contrast between the two caused erections to dribble and vaginas to sweat throughout the packed arena.

Charlotte moved up onto her knees, and held her arms out, then one leg, and finally she felt the confidence to stand up tall on the broad back of the jungle beast. She liked the attention that the big spotlights brought, but she wished that they would allow her to see. The crowd in the stand let her know they were there and appreciated her performance. From somewhere in the darkness she heard the ringmaster's shrill whistle, and suddenly the cat beneath her unexpectedly bolted to one side, causing her to crash to the arena's sand floor. The spotlights stayed on her, and she felt the dreaded fear return.

She heard the growl again, but this time it was different. This time it was a lighter, though somehow more aggressive sound. Suddenly there was the echoing snap of two new spotlights coming on, and in an instant glare they lit a tiger stalking her. This one was not the friendly male. It was a smaller female, with a true killer glint in its eye. This animal would not provide a mount for her.

Now she was so frightened that she was able to shit out the thick plug that had filled her colon and had firmly anchored her striped tiger tail. The crowd gasped with real surprise at the size of the thick tail plug that emerged. Her tail fell to the floor, discarded by her stressed colon. The crude display of her talented anus continued as she ejected four sturdy turds. The dark brown offal logs rolled and were quickly coated in the arena's blood-stained kitty litter, and to complement the discharge, she let loose again a streaming jet of urine.

This was not play-school. This was the notorious death-pit arena, and she was starring in the main event. Charlotte had somehow blocked this fact from her mind as she had entered the arena, but now there was no question remaining in her mind. She was dead bitch-meat. She knew with certainty she would not be allowed by the ringmaster to leave the arena alive. She was here to be hunted, brought down and torn to pieces, alive, by these carnivorous killers. Tony had created Charlotte the Cat to be nothing more than live bait, to die as human catfood. The gorgeous woman was going to make a delectable morsel for the big cats, and would satisfy their feeding needs for the next several days. There was little chance the tattoo artist would get much of this beautiful hide to salvage.

Now the level of the lights in the arena was gradually brought up, so that everyone could see the entire area. There was no longer any need to hide the cats from the girl. The female cat slowly circled her, and the male joined into the exciting cunt-hunt. They were on opposite sides of her, a common tactic which meant she could watch only one of them at a time. It was a clever game, and worked every time.

Charlotte recognized, even in her state of near shock at her desperate situation, that the male was merely a decoy, and did not represent a threat. Had she not safely climbed onto his back and ridden him around the large arena? Had she not allowed him to lick her pussy, her tummy and her breasts with his large warm tongue? A sudden chill ran up her spine as she remembered the size of those yellowed fangs, and the repugnant odor of its breath. She felt totally vulnerable.

The male growled, and moved closer. Charlotte reversed her field, and attempted to move out from between them. The big cats effortlessly shifted, keeping her between them. She saw no avenue of escape. Suddenly, in a totally unreasoned panic move, she sprung to her feet, and ran upright toward the far end of the arena. She hit the far wall, attempting in vain to climb the rough surface, which was designed to encourage but make impossible such desperate attempts.

Now the best she could produce in terror from her puckered anus was a thin string of little turds, which were never-the-less visible from the furthest seats in the arena.

The adrenalin was flowing in the bitch, but at this stage in the event, the audience responded only with polite applause. As she dropped back to the arena floor, gasping for air, Charlotte looked back, and saw that the animals were slowly strolling toward her rather than coming after her in hot pursuit. They as well as she realized that there was no escape for her, and that her position was not only desperate but was truly hopeless. With this horrid fact becoming a true reality in her mind there came to her a rare form of courage.

Charlotte now drained her bladder of its remaining contents, and in a remarkable and unpredictable move, she ran directly at the large male. She was going to test its position and resolve. The big cat raised an enormous paw and hit the running nude square in the chest, flattening her big breasts and knocking her backward onto the ground.

She doubled over, winded by the powerful blow. The male cat circled her, the female standing watching from a distance. The cat-woman slowly got to her feet, caught her breath, and charged toward the big male again. The cat again raised its paw, and she dodged to one side, and courageously leaped onto its back. The huge male raised its head, roared, and then, to everyone's surprise, sat. Slowly it began to roll onto its side, and Charlotte had to abandon her position of relative safety to avoid being crushed. As soon as she was off, the big cat got back to its feet and moved toward her. This time she turned away and sprinted away.

The female cat showed an explosion of energy as it leaped after her, and in five long powerful yet graceful strides, it caught its erotic naked prey and brought her down. The male then sprung into action, and grasped her right thigh in its powerful jaws like a chicken drumstick. She rolled onto her back, screaming hysterically, and the female got her entire left breast into its mouth, clamping its muscular jaws firmly so that its huge teeth dug deep into the fallen woman's tender tit meat.

The two beasts pulled back, stretching her between them. The male re-clamped its jaws several times, and Charlotte felt with horror the monstrous teeth grinding against the bone. Her mammary meat ripped, and was terribly shredded by the female cat's efforts. blood spurted from the wounds, sheeting the floor. The female took hold of her left wrist, and the male slid its jaws down to her right ankle. This time her voluptuously developed body was stretched even more severely by the big cats, with their huge feline teeth crushing her flesh and bones. Something had to give, and at last the upper bone of her arm was pulled out of its socket. The horrific struggle continued, and the audience was delighted to see the flesh of her arm pit rip, stretch, then tear apart, so that the lovely arm came free.

As soon as the bitch's arm came off, the male grabbed her hip in his jaws and flipped her over. She landed on her knees and obscenely bulging breasts, with her ass propped high in the air. The big cat took full advantage of her vulnerability, and it mounted her, ramming its huge dong deep into her exposed vagina. Charlotte's anguished moan turned to a wail of despair. While the male tiger humped into her, the female moved around her, was attracted to the bleeding lower leg where the male had gripped her, and she settled down, and gnawed at the fresh meat, until she actually chewed the woman's foot right off. At last the male tiger reached climax, and ejaculated his hot thick spunk into the impossibly stretched womb of the downed human impostor. The big cat dismounted, and the audience was amazed to see that the huge red penis was still spurting great gobs of its semen onto the nakedness of his victim.

Without hesitation, he pressed the tip of his dong against the nub of her anus, found the dimpled opening in the buttocks well, and with a powerful thrust, brutally penetrated the tight opening. Charlotte screamed with the excruciating pain of the abrupt anal entry, and the agony of the humiliating ass rape. She was in no position to resist, and although she was losing blood from the disarmed shoulder and the stump of her footless leg, she had not yet lost much of her strength.

She heaved her ass in resistance to the gross bestial fucking she was receiving. The men and women in the audience had cast experienced eyes on that marvelous cunt and asshole of hers all week long, imagining in their mind's eye the kind of brutalized penetration her twin sex vestibules were now obtaining. Every thrust of the humping male tiger caused her to slide in her own blood and gore, which was spreading over a widening area. With her remarkable figure, Charlotte was prime fuck-show meat, and was delivering with all the cock-jerking action the audience could wish.

When the tiger finally jerked its enormous penis from her anus, it again amazed the audience by dribbling more steaming spunk onto the ruptured female orifice. The female cat was sitting back, watching and waiting. She was most interested in the succulent internal organs, and knew that in this sex show ring, the total domination and humiliation of the naked prey must be achieved before opening her and digging out the best parts of their captured quarry.

The male sank its teeth into Charlotte's side, and lifted her in the air. Heaving its massive head, it tossed her high, ripping open the layered muscles of her side, ripping open her belly. Great loops of her intestines snaked out of her as she flew, along with a delicate lace of her blood, which spread in an elyptical pattern on the pale sand. She landed hard on her ass, and more of her entrails were jolted out of her. The cavity of her torso was largely emptied when the cats move in to get the best of her internal offerings, and she twisted as she fell onto her side, attempting to conceal the terrible opening ripped in the torn meat of her tender flank. It was no defense against the trained killer cats. Without hesitation, the two carnivores grabbed her tummy flesh and pulled, their jaws locked in her meat. In seconds they had ripped her wide open.

Now Charlotte saw that her life could only be measured in mere seconds. She was numbed to the pain from the shock of the stark brutality she was experiencing from the deadly cats. However, her mind remained clear and alert. She was going to experience the full measure of debauchery as she was eaten alive by the monstrous cats.

While the female tiger got its muzzle inside her and dragged out her liver, the male grabbed her cunt in its massive jaws, sinking its teeth deep into her pubic meat. It jerked its head back, pulling viciously at the very pit of her femininity. She was startled at the erotic sight of witnessing her own sex organ, including her inner gonads, being ripped from her. It was an orgasmic experience, but her vital orgasm equipment was being removed by the large male cat, and was no longer functional.

The male lifted its jaws high grasping the severed female sex organs, including the uterus and ovaries, and held them in full view. He suddenly lost interest in the morsel and dropped it. The female tiger dropped the liver she had been chewing, and once more they closed in on their fallen prey. The female closed its mouth over Charlotte's face, and began to slowly squeeze the powerful jaws closed as the male thrust its muzzle inside her and grabbed her rapidly pounding heart in its jaws. In unison the two snuffed out the bitch's life in spectacular fashion. These were true show cats, and had given the audience the thrilling climax they had come to see.

To complete the exhibition, the male cat mounted the female, and the audience watched the natural mating dance of the wild beasts in which the tigers reaped their reward for the impressive bitch killing. The audience watched the beastial fucking for several moments, then filed out to find further amusement to fill their time until the ship docked. They were all far too sexually excited to sleep, and there were plenty of bizarre and violent sexual diversions to be found in the ship's many small theaters, which catered to the tastes of all who boarded this evil vessel. Once more nature had run a carefully altered course, reproducing beautifully choreographed death for entertainment as a part of the life cycle, and the infamous death-pit had again lived up to its depraved name.

The End