Title: Raped Virgin Cheerleader
Author: Unknown




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"Suck my cock, Jamie," the boy in the uniform commanded, slapping Jamie's beautiful, tear-stained face with his fat, slimy cock. "Suck some mliitary cock, you trashy, cheerleading slut!"

Jamie was bent over like an animal in the middle of the mob of boys. It seemed to the daeed young cheerleader that every boy attending Rener's Military Academy must be gathered around her.

They were mauling her tender young body through her tight, blue and gold cheerleading uniform. They grabbed at her tits and slapped her ass and pinched her long, lean legs. Boys knelt on her forearms and calves, hurting her terribly and keeping her pinned in her degrading position.

It was more than the innocent sophomore cheerleader could stand, and she cried out in pain and protest as the boys manhandled her sexy young body. Moments before she had been walking home from her school, Eastport, across the campus of the military academy. It was the same way she walked home everyday after cheerleading practice.

Now a crowd of at least fifty boys had pulled her into the narrow space between two bulidings, forced her down on her hands and knees, and were taking liberties with her sexy body that no boy had never taken before. Jamie began to cry, sensing that she was not going to escape from these boys unscathed.

"There you go, cheer-tramp!" The ring-leader, a senior cadet named Gary, pushed his cock through the oval ring of Jamie's lips the moment she opened her mouth to cry. "Suck that cock, you trashy slut! Justt like you do with all those wimps at Eastport."

Jamie gagged, howling with revulsion as Gary's fat cock stretched her lips and pushed her jaws wide apart. She tried to jerk her head away, but the boys held her so tightly that she could barely move a muscle.

There was nothing Jamie could do as Gary pushed his fat, filthy cock over her tongue and into the warm, wet cavity of her mouth.

"Look at the silly little bitch take cock!" Gary shouted happily, pulling Jamie's head forward by her ears and pumping his hips at her face as though he was fucking a cunt instead of a mouth. "She loves it! I told you guys that all these Eastport cunts were nothing but slutty whores!"

Gary gritted his teeth with pleasure as he held Jamie's head in place and spitted her beautiful face on the long, fat length of his prick. Her lips were stretched obscenely around the huge girth of his cock. Her throat worked convulsively in a vain, desperate effort to expel the inches of wrist-thick fuck-rod he was pushing down her gullet. Gary drove relentlessly forward, feeding her all ten inches of his massive prick. By the time his balls were draped over her pretty chin Jamie was gagging and thrashing wildly. Her face was turning white with shock.

"None of those little Eastport assholes have pricks like that, do they, Jamie- slut'" Pat Funt, another of the senior cadets asked. He was tall and blond and good-looking, and as he spoke, he flopped out a rock-hard cock that was every bit as long as Gary's. "And you're never going to forget the fucking I'm going to give you with this big baby!"

Pat and Gary winked at each other as Pat dropped to his knees behind the bowed, beautiful cheerleader. They glanced at a couple of the other boys who had been in on the original plan to nab and train the sexy little slut. So far the plan was working perfectly.

Ever since school had started in the fall, Jamie Shields had been swinging her hot little ass across'the Academy's campus. She always wore the tightest, sexiest clothes, never wore bras, and swuug her ass as though she wanted to give every boy in the school the world's biggest hard-on. Next week the Academy was going to Eastport in a big football game, and that had given Gary, Pat and a few others the excuse they had needed to jump her sexy ass and make her pay for all the teasing she'd been doing.

There wasn't a single dog among the Eastport cheerleaders, but the beautiful sophomore was easily the pick of the litter. Jamie had the most beautiful face most of the boys at the Academy had ever seen. Her eyes were huge almonds, her cheeks sohigh and perfect that she could have been a fashion model. Her lips were so full and sensual that every boy Gary had talked to admitted that his fondest dream was to stick his cock between them.

Jamie had a perfect, coltish teenage body. Her legs were her best feature. Her thighs were full and creamy and fmely muscles. Her calves were perfectly turned, perfectl' shaped. Even her ankles and feet were flawless.

But if Jamie's legs were her best feature, her ass wasn't far behind. Jamie was a very thin girl, but her ass was a mound of firm, creamy flesh. It swept out beautifully from the long, shapely pillars of her legs, then swept back in to a waist that was long and narrow.

Jamie's tits weren't huge, but for a girl as slender as she was, they were bigger than average. But the size of Jamie's tits wasn't what was remarkable about them. Their shape was.

Jamie's tIts were perfect, upthrust cones. They stood out from her chest like firm little torpedoes, so perky that they seemed to beg to be taken into a man's hand or mouth, to be crushed together around a hard-thrusting cock. Her nipples were pink, always erect and over an inch long.

Now she was trapped on her hands and knees in a space no more than six feet wide. Her black hair was disheveled. Her cheerleading sweater was pulled up under her arms, baring her long, lean torso and her pert tits. There were boys pushing their knees into her forearms and calves, making her tremble with agony. There was a huge cock spitting her face, stretching her lips wide.

Jamie squlrined and twisted frantically against the boys who held her, writhing in a hopeless, sexy escape attempt. She was gagging and gasping for breath. Her face was pale and she was crying her eyes out. She was still the hottest-looking bitch any of the boys had ever seen.

"That's it, Jamie-whore," Pat said, flipping her short cheerleading skirt up over her creamy haunches and then ripping off her panties. "Keep shaking that sexy little ass and you'll be fucking fine before you know it."

Jamie screamed around the throat-clogging girth of Gary's huge prick when she felt the first pressure of Pat's cock-head against the pink lips of her pussy. She thrashed like a madwoman, almost throwing off the boys who crushed her arms and legs to the ground.

She arched her back and swung her lush ass in every direction, but there was nothing she could do to escape Pat's big cock. Finally he pounded his fist into the small of her back so hard that for an instant Jamie was paralyzed. And in that moment Pat fucked his fat cock inside her.

"I'm a virgin!" Jamie screamed around the fat sausage of Gary's cock. "Please don't-oh no! Oh no! Oh no! What are you doing!"

Pat closed his eyes against the pleasure of Jamie's super tight, super hot cunt. His cock was bigger than the tiny pink mouth of her pussy, and as he pushed his fat cock-head inside her petal-like cunt-lips they stretched almost to the point of tearing.

Jamie was a tall girl, but her cunt was tiny, virginal. Pat had fucked no more than three inches of his cock into Jamie's tiny cunt when he hit the fleshy wall of her cherry.

It didn't stop him.

Jamie stopped thrashing when Pat tore her cherry to shreds. At first it felt as though it was stretching. Then it gave way with a rush, and something hot and wet filled Jamie's tiny cunt. When she realized it was her virgin blood, she almost passed out.

Jamie had denied nice boys who really liked her, determined to save herself for the man she was going to marry. Now her virginity had been ripped away in a back alley by a vicious military cadet.

Pat dug his strong hands into Jamie's silky hips and fucked his cock in. It was like a fucking a hot, greasy latex glove. Jamie might be trembling like an injured deer, her fine muscles drawn tight as bow strings, her creamy skin dotted with gooseflesh and her beautiful face pale as if she were dying, but her cunt was reacting as though it loved everything his big cock was doing to it.

Pat backed out a couple inches and thrust into her again, stretching the tight elastic walls of her pussy. Jamie gasped and shivered as though she were dying.

Pat rabbit-fucked her with short, hard strokes until her tight, tiny pussy was taking every inch he had to give.

Gary was fucking her mouth with just as much vigor as Pat was fucking her cunt. He bludgeoned his fat prick back and forth through the restrictve tunnel of her throat, delighting in the way her gagging made it constrict around the fat stalk.

Jamie's mouth was filled with spit, and her saliva ran back down Gary's long, hard fuck-pole in sparkling rivers. She was swallowing convulsively in a vain attempt to clear her mouth of the spit, and every time she did, her tongue rubbed over the sensitive underside of Gary's cock. He knew that he was going to cum very soon.

"Lick it, trashy bitch!" he shouted, pulling back until his huge, spit slicked cock-head was resting against Jamie's lush lips. "Lick that big ugly prick! Lick it and kiss it and make it spit all over your nasty little face!"

Jamie gasped for air, gasped with pain, too, each time Pat's rock-hard cock fucked inside her tiny cunt.

She looked up at Gary with a sick despair, hoping that he wouldn't make her take so active a part in her own desecration. Her mouth was aiready chalky with the cool, slimy taste of his fuck-lube. The taste of pre-cum, and the fleshy, bland taste of his cock were aiready making it a struggle for her to keep from vomiting.

"Get to it, Jamie-slut," he said with a smirk when he saw her pleading stare, "or I'm going to smash up that trampy face until it's not so pretty anymore."

Gary smashed his fists down on top of Jamie's head to prove that he was serious. He beat her until she was weaving from side to side, dizzy and almost unconscious from the repeated blows. Jamie wished she could pass out to escape the brutal fucking Pat was giving her and the disgusting task of licking and kissing Gary's cock. But after a dozen blows Gary stopped hitting her and slapped his heavy, spit soaked cock back against her cheek.

"You ready to kiss it now, you little slut'" another of the boys asked her.

Jamie thought his name was Wayne. He was pulling on her long, stiil nipples until she thought he was going to tear them off her body. "Come on, baby whore, stick out your pretty pink tongue and lick all over that big, fat cock-head!"

Jamie cried uncontrollably, but she stuck her tongue out between her full lips and brushed it over the blood-red, slimy head of Gary's prick. Gary moaned with p-jon as Jamie licked up the cool, sticky pre-cum from around his piss slit. He angled his cock so that it crossed the bridge of Jamie's nose, and when the trembling beauty ran her tongue over the underside of his cock, he almost came.

"Kiss it, Jamie-bitch," he said, plopping his fat cock-head right against her lips. "Give it a French kiss, you dirty little cheerleader slut!"

Jamie ran her tongue all over the bulging cock-head, then pursed her sexy lips and gave the fat crown a lingering wet kiss. She teased her tongue over the deep cleft of Gary's pissslit, tasting his fuck-lube as it leaked from the tiny hole. And as she kissed the fat head, she sucked on it gently, applying suction to just the tip of the jerking prick.

"Where'd you learn how to do that, you dirty cunt'" Gary asked, twisting his hands in Jamie's silky hair and pressing her face into his crotch. "Such a dirty little slut. I'm going to cum all over your slutty little face. Who wants next shot at the tramp's scummy little mouth'"

A moment later Jamie felt the first hot, slimy blast of jism against her full pouting lips. Cum spurted into her mouth, painting her soft pink tongue a dirty shade of silver. Cum frosted her lips like lipstick. Cum dripped down from her chin in long, stringy strands.

"All right, Gary!" Pat shouted, and he fucked Jamie more brutally than ever, swing his hips from side to side to plunge his savaging cock into her from different angles. "Get ready for some more, you sleazy little cock-tease! I'm going to cream your stuck-up little cunt!"

Gary gushed cum against Jamie's lips, filling her mouth and soiling her beautiful face. His cock was jerking wildly with each powerful discharge, and on the third blast it jerked up and away from her lips. Jamie recoiled in shame and disgust as Gary's cum-spewing cock sprayed fuck-slime right up her nose. The next blast glued Jamie's right eye shut and left fat globs of cum hanging from her long, dark lashes.

Cum drooled down her cheeks and rolled down the sides of her nose. Jamie coughed on the jism that had shot up her nose, and half her mouthful of cum poured out between her moistly parted lips. "Dirty slut!" Pat cried gleefully. He leaned down over Jamie's bowed back and pounded his cock into her. "Dirty, sleazy, slimy cunt! That's all you've ever been, Jamie! And now you're going to learn your fucking place!"

Jamie grunted with each brutal jab of Pat's long cock. He was wrecking her tiny cunt, ripping through the ragged remnants of her cherry and stretching the tiny pocket of her pussy until it tore with the strain. Her cunt was filled with blood and pussy-cream, as her inexperienced young body tried desperately to cope with the massive cock that was rutting inside her. Pat stirred the broth with every grinding, powerful thrust, crushing Jamie's slim young body beneath his brutally humping frame.

"I'm going to shoot!" Pat screamed grabbing Jamie's pert tits and smashing them flat against her chest. He looped his powerful legs around her silky thighs and pounded her svelte young body with short, brutal fuck-strokes. "The cheerleader slut's got the world's tightest fucking pussy! I'm going to wet it down with its first cum shower!"

Jamie's lean, sultry body bnckled with Pat's weight and the overwhelming assault of his rapid fucking. Her face slid down over the stalk of Gary's cock, and his last drops of jism left silver stains in her dark, lustrous hair. Gary wiped his cock clean in ber bair, and as soon as he moved away, another boy dropped down in front of her to take his place.

"No!" Jamie screamed, shaking her head as the boy pulled her up by her hair. "Please pull out! Pat, please, I'll do anything, but please don't cum inside my pussy! Please don't make me have a baby!"

Jamie had dreamed about the day she would give up her cherry to the man she married. Already that dream was shattered, pierced and ruined by Pat's long, spearing cock. Now he was going to cum and pollute her pristine body with his filthy cock-slime.

The boys had violated her at both ends aiready, and now Pat was going to contammate her with his slimy, disgusting fuck-filth. He was going to squirt billions of his sperm up inside her and any one of them could make her pregnant.

"Fuck on it, Jamie!" Pat shouted, gnawing on the back of her neck until he drew blood, pulling and smashing her tits until they were almost numb with pain. "Roll some sweet jism around in your dirty little pussy!" Pat fucked her faster and harder yet, his muscular ass a blur as he rocked her slim, sexy frame with savage fuck-strokes. His cock was moving no more than a few inches back and forth inside her battered cunt, and the friction he was getting from her stretched, skin-tight cunt was bringing his cum boiling up from his balls.

"You love it, Jamie!" he gasped, hugging her svelte young body so tight against his own that the beautiful cheerleader could barely breathe. "You're nothing but a cock-loving slut! Cunts like you, they need fucking and hurting! Then they cum and cum and cum! You're getting excited now, Jamie-whore! I can feel it inside your scummy little cunt!"

Jamie screamed in disgust at Pat's words, then screamed in horror as his jism exploded inside her tiny, grasping cunt. Her pussy felt rubbed raw by the rapid friction of his long prick.

She could feel his jism squirting up inside her womb. She felt as though she had been polluted with some deadly toxic waste. Pat's jism was so hot and slimy that Jamie's sleek young body shook with disgust. Her cunt felt like a sponge, soaking up every drop of Pat's horrible fuck filth. Jamie cried in revulsion, wishing desperately that there was some way she could stop her pussy from drinking down his tainted seed. Hoping against hope that it would not make a baby up inside her. But hope disappeared when she realized that there were more boys waiting to squirt her full of sperm, and that there was nothing she could do to stop the fact she was soon going to be swimming in sperm.

But suddenly she was trembling with another feeling.

Her clit had been rubbed too hard for too long for Jamie not to feel something. Burning pleasure spiked through her brutallzed cunt as Pat's bubbling-hot jism filled her up. Jamie couldn't keep her sweet young ass from jerking back against Pat's hard-thrusting cock. She couldn't stop her pale pink pussy-lips from quivering around the thick, thrusting stalk of rock- hard fuck-flesh. A glut of sticky pussy-cream rolled down her trembling, luscious thighs. The pleasure was so sudden and unexpected that before Jamie could stop herself she was gasping with lust and bucking her hips from side to side in a frenzied bump and grind.

"The cheerleader slut's getting off!" one of the boys shouted.

Jamie glanced around and saw dozens of leering, lusting faces-and dozens of hard, dripping cocks.

The boy who had taken Gary's place jerked her face around and rubbed his leaking cock all over her pert nose and full lips. Jamie's beautiful face was afready plastered with jism, and she barely noticed the new coat of fuck-lube the boy was laying on. His cock wasn't half the size of Gary's, and when he stuffed his prick-head between her lips Jamie sucked him to the roots with ease. She even squirined her lips around the crinkled bag of his balls, almost popping one inside her mouth alongside the boy's cock.

Pat's hard stomach slapped against her lush ass with loud smacking noises. Boys gathered around, making lewd comments about the way Jamie's sexy, creamy ass, and long, lean thighs shuddered the impact. They mocked her for bucking back against Pat's brutal fuck-lunges. They laughed at the gooey mix of blood and cum and cunt-cream that soaked Pat's cock, that dripped from the wide-stretched lips of Jamie's stearning pussy.

Pat pulled out of Jamie's cunt and almost ran around to her face. The other boy pulled his cock out of her mouth so that Pat could plunge his sloppy prick betweenJamie's open lips. Five inches of Pat's tacky cock were inside her mouth before the dazed beauty knew what was happening. She gagged then, and tried to pull her mouth off the filthy, disgusting spear of flesh, but it was,far too late. Pat plunged his cock all the way down Jamie's tight little throat, choking her, filling her mouth with the gooey mix of blood, pussy- juice, and jism that coated his prick.

Another boy dropped to his knees behind her, plunging his seven-inch cock fully into Jamie's rapidiy shrinking pussy in one, swift, sure stroke. Jamie sagged forward, gasping with pain.

Suddenly the taste of Pat's cock didn't seem so awful. She sucked it lovingly. The knowledge that his prick was soaked with her virgin blood and pussy-slime still made Jamie's stomach roil with disgust, but the renewed friction against her wriggling clit fogged her head and made her sweet young body burn with passion. She licked and sucked every drop of flick-filth off his huge, throat-clogging prick.

And then the other boy was back, and Jamie lathered his cock with her pink tongue and squirined her lips up and down his skinny cock-shaft. Her cheeks hollowed as she applied suction to his thin, stiff cock. She washed his prick with her spit, swirling her slobber into a tiny whirlpool around the hard rod of his cock.

Jamie bucked and twisted against the boy who was flicking her cunt. His cock was nowhere near as big as Pat's, and he was far less expert in its use, but Jamie was on fire now, and she squeezed her battered pussy against the plunging shaft while she swung her ass in a sexy wringing motion.

"She loves it," one of the boys shouted. He jerked one of Jamie's hands out from under her, and she almost fell. Another boy did the same on her other side, and Jamie had to crouch back on her knees and bounce against the cock that was fucking her pussy. "The dirty little whore loves getting gang- banged! She's getting off thinking about taking us all on!"

"She's got the slutty little body to do it," the other boy said. They clamped Jamie's delicate, long-fingered hands around their throbbing cocks. "With that creamy ass and those sexy little tits, she could turn on a corpse!"

"And we've got the cocks," the boy fucking her said, groaning with delight as she bounced up and down on his stiff prick. "Two hundred big, hard pricks, all waiting to fuck the shit out of a prick-teasing Eastport gutter-slut."

Jamie moaned with shame and passion as the boys talked about her and cursed her and fucked her helpless, beautiful body. She felt degraded beyond measure by the way her body was responding to the boys' brutal gang-fuck. But she was also squirining with sexual excitement, and she was nearing the first orgasm of her life.

Just as certain as she was that she would soon have a baby up inside her, she was also certain that she was soon going to be cumming while they raped her. She was totally helpless to stop either thing from happening.


The two boys Jamie was beating off and the one she was sucking came at almost the same instant. The boys she was masturbating edged forward on their knees so they could hose down her beautiful face with the their gluey fuckslime. Jamie passively swallowed the cum the third boy was pumping down her throat, almost savoring the taste of jism as it rolled over her waiting tongue.

Her ravaged, innocent cunt felt as though it was being pierced with a hot iron, but her clit was buzzing and her crotch was sticky with pussy-cream. She gagged at the meaty taste of cock and the salty, slimy, hot taste of cum, but she washed it around her mouth and smacked her lips on it as though she had never tasted anything more delicious.

She wanted to cringe back away from the wet slapping of jism on her face, but she also rubbed the cocks that were plastering her all over her cheeks and chin and nose. The brutal, degrading gang-bang was shattering her sexy body and innocent mind with its pain and humiliation.

But it was also turning her on.

By the time the three boys pulled away, Jamie's face was dripping with dirty jism. It washed down over her cheeks and dribbled from the point of her chin. Spit-tainted jism drooled from the corners of Jamie's sexy mouth. Jism streaked her hair and crossed her forehead and rolled down her throat in sticky rivers.

"Cumming!" the boy fucking his cock up her cunt moaned, locking his hands around Jamie's narrow waist and yanking her back on his jerking cock. He filled her up with his cock-sliine. "The little bitch is tight! The little bitch is hot! Fucking cunt is making me cum!"

Jamie shrieked with pain and pleasure as her tiny pussy filled up with fuck- cream. The jism seemed to boil all the way up inside her stomach. Her cunt- lips contracted wildly around the base of his thrusting prick, and her clit vibrated as a tiny orgasm crested inside her.

"Oh!" Jamie gasped, her beautiful, cumstained face wide-eyed and dreamy with pleasure. "Oh! Oh, what are you doing to me' Please! No! Please, I can't be'No! Please! Oh God! I don't want to like'No! It's awful, it's wrong! OOOHHHHH!"

"The slut's getting off," a boy said, dropping to his knees in front of her and pulling her face up by twin handfuls of her hair. "This cheerleader's as hot as a firecracker! Fuck, she's having more fun than we are!"

Jamie moaned with pleasure and shame at the boy's scornful words. A moment later he reduced her cries to muffled whimpers by shoving the fat head of his stubby cock between her cum-stained lips. More boys dropped down on either side of her, lifting her jism-slick hands and fitting them around their hard cocks. Jamie jerked and sucked without having to be told. She knew what she was supposed to do.

Suddeuly her face was yanked off the cock she was sucking and twisted painfully back around over her shoulder. A new boy was kneeling behind her, and the ravaged cheerleader cried out in fear when she saw him. It was David Huntz, the biggest, meanest boy at the Academy. He had asked Jamie out before, even put his huge, rough hands on her sexy ass and pert young tits. Jamie had been terrified of him for months. Now he was kneeling between her legs, and her vulnerable cunt was just inches from the head of his massive, foot-long cock.

"Do you like it, Jamie'" Dave asked, waving his big cock around behind her. "You know you're a whore, Jamie. Stuck-up little high-class cheerleader, and here you are getting off while a bunch of guys fuck you in an alley. Back in the old days armies had camp whores, and that's just what you are lorus."

Dave grabbed Jamie's asscheeks and pulled them wide apart, revealing the tiny pink bud of her asshole. The sight of it almost hypnotized him. If her cunt was tighter than most girl's assholes, then how tight would her shitter be' Dave decided he was going to find out.

"Fuckers!" Jamie muttered, staring back over her shoulder like a surly shet. "I don't care what you do to me, I still hate you! And Eastport's still going to kick your asses this week!"

"You might hate us," David said with a small, mean grin, "but you like getting fucked, and like getting hurt. And that means you're going to just love this."

"Noooooo!" Jamie wailed when she felt the gigantic head of Dave's cock press against the tiny bud of her asshole. "No, you've got the wrong hole! No, Dave, no!"

Jamie thrashed in terror at the thought of Dave's monstrous cock splitting her tiny shitter open. She bucked like a wild, unbroken filly, arching her back and twisting her supple, slender body. There was no way she could escape the punishing advance of Dave's huge cock against her tight virgin asshole. Boys rushed in to help the big cadet. They grabbed Jamie's ankies and calves and thighs, lifting her knees from the ground and stretching her legs out so far to her sides that the terrified young beauty thought she was going to be broken apart like a wishbone.

They wrapped arms around her slender torso to keep her from twisting free and fought for the right to grab vicious, nalldigging handholds on her proud, bouncy tits. They jerked her arms out straight to either side, three boys holding each arm. Boys held her by her shoulders, throat, ears and hair. Jamie was held off the ground, unable to move in any way.

Five or six boys helped Dave by pulling Jamie's asscheeks wide apart. They pulled so hard on the creamy half moons that Jamie thought they were going to tear her asscheeks apart. She cried out at the pain, tears coursing down through the tacky jism that crusted her beautiful face. The boys just laughed at her pitiful pleading.

The boys Jamie had been sucking and beating off crowded back around her face, smearing their dripping, rock-hard cocks all over her cheeks, nose, lips, and chin. Other boys were rubbing their cocks over her long, sexy legs. Boys were even dragging their slimy pricks over her slender arms and ribs.

The very worst assault was the one Dave was committing on her tiny shitter. Jamie couldn't move at all. Her ass was spread as far apart as it would go, but Dave wasn't using a drop of lubrication, and even if he had, his massive cock was far too big for Jamie's tiny, virgin shitchute. The tiny mouth of her asshole resisted desperately against the invasion of Dave's huge cock- head, but slowly the tiny ring of muscle began to give way.

"Love it, don't you, Jamie'" Dave hissed, paddling her ass with one hand while he guided his monstrous cock into her tiny shitter with the other. "Now you're not a virgin anywhere, you hotssed little cunt. Tell us how much you fucking love it."

"Slow!" Jamie cried desperately, her big eyes alight with pain and fear. "Please, slow! Easy, Dave! Please! I'll try to make it good for you, Dave! Just please, please go slow!"

The boys laughed at her, called her filthy names and bragged about the way they were fucking the stuck-up little Eastport beauty queen.

A cock jerked against the small of her back, and Jamie cringed as ropes of burnng jism striped her spine. Another boy lost his load against her arm, soaking the crook of her elbow with slimy fuck-juice.

Jamie pleaded with the big cadet who was fucking her asshole, her begging punctuated by pain-filled screams as the tiny rings of muscle inside her asshole gave way and tore loose under the inhuman assault they were being subjected to.

Jamie almost passed out when Dave's gigantic prick-head popped fully inside her asshole. It felt as though she were shitting out a baseball bat. But this baseball bat was impossibly, horribly, being shoved inside her, not sliding out!

A boy lost his load against her face, and Jamie almost welcomed the sticky slide of jism over her nose and cheeks. Anything that could take her attention off the unnatural impalement of her young body seemed like relief to the paindrenched cheerleader.

Jism dripped from the tip of her nose and rolled into her mouth. The boy smacked her elegant face with his cock as he fouled her features, The cock- beating hurt, but it was nothing compared to what was happening to her tiny shitter.

"Now you're going to get it!" Dave gasped, locking his huge hands around her shapely hips. "Get ready for a ride, bitch! I hope I don't mess you up too bad!"

"Slow!" Jamie cried, squirming against the brutal handholds of almost fifty boys. "Please, Dave! Slow! Please, slow!"

He didn't go slow.

The boys were chanting for Dave to fuck her, to do his huge-cocked, brutal best to ruin her tiny shit-chute. Dave grinned and nodded, then stabbed his big prick deep into the tiny tunnel of Jamie's shitter.

It was like nothing Jamie had ever felt before. Dave's huge cock tore her tiny asshole apart. Inch after inch of hugely thick fuck-meat plunged up her tight asshole, tearing loose her ass muscles, spreading the tiny chute wider than it had ever been meant to go. It felt to Jamie as though a new hole were being drilled in her body. Her shitter was tearing and the sharp agony of her ass hole being split sent lightning bolts of agony shooting up her back and down her long, slender legs. She broke into a sweat even though the day was cold, and she twisted madly against the grips of the boys who were holding her.

Dave clenched his eyes shut against the exquisite pleasure Jamie's tiny, constricted shitter was giving him. Her asshute was so tight and so hot that he was already close to cumming. He plunged his cock into her little shitter until his heavy balls smacked against the pink lips of her pussy. By the time he pulled back out, it took every bit of control he had to keep from blowing his load inside her.

Jamie gasped for air like a fish out of water, her body trembling and slick with sweat as Dave buried a foot of arm-thick cock up her tiny, torn shitter. She couldn't breathe. She couldn't move. Pain flared up her spine and through her stomach and down her creamy soft inner thighs. A boy splashed her face with his gooey jism, but Jamie didn't even flinch. Every bit of her awareness was concentrated on her spread shitter, and the huge cock that was making it burst at its seams.

The boys screamed and cheered when Dave pulled his cock back out of Jamie's wounded asshole. His prick was smeared with shit and dripping with blood. He laughed along with the others and fucked it back inside her.

"Slow! " she cried hopelessly, her voice almost inaudible over her ragged gasping. "Dave, please, slow! Go slow-ahhhhhh! Slow!"

"Hurts, doesn't it'" Dave asked, his eyes gleaming with satisfaction as he stabbed his ruining cock through the tatters of Jamie's asshole. "But you stiil like it, you stuck-up, cheerleading slut! Cunts like you spend their whole fucking lives waiting for some man to put you to work doing what you were fucking made for!"

"Hurts, Dave!" Jamie moaned in a tiny voice. "Hurts bad! Please go easy! Please slow down!"

Dave laughed and fucked Jamie even harder, thrusting his cock through her tattered shitter like a hard-striking piston. The wet tug and pull of her asschute on his enornous cock was pulling him qulckiy toward orgasm, but he was too excited to slow down. Jamie's shitter was damp with blood and sweat and fuck-lube, and the added lubrication made the fucking easier and more enjoyable for the big cadet.

Things weren't getting any easier for Jamie, though. Every thrust of Dave's cock into her shredded asshole felt like the running of a white-hot poker through her tender body. She could hw the wet plunging noises that were coming from her asshole with every stroke of Dave's massive cock, and she knew that he had torn her open. Even the terrifying knowledge that she'd been fucked bloody on his huge cock was nothing compared to the continued pain of having his prick fuck deep inside her bowels.

Jamie's lean, sinuous body writhed in the hands that held her above the floor. Her big brown eyes were glazed, and her mouth hung limply open. Boys pelted her face with their jism, and it drooled down over her perfect features in a shifting wave of dirty white.

Her sexy, rounded asscheeks flexed against the hands that held them spread wide, and her asshole dialated and relaxed around the jabbing stalk of Dave's big cock. Her creamy white skin was bathed in glistening sweat. Every muscle in her lean, sexy body trembled. She was being overwhelmed by the ass-fuck, and she was starting to lose control of her body.

"Dave!" she cried breathlessly, feeling the fist-sized head of his cock reach almost to her chest with every punishing thrust. "Cum inside me, Dave! Please cum! Hurting me bad, Dave! You're hurting me so bad!"

"You love it, gutter-slut!" Dave growled, fucking her shitter with his cock, making her sexy asscheeks bounce with every ruining thru5t. "You're the kind of whore who'll love every-thing we do to you."

Jamie whimpered with shame and pain-because Dave was right. She felt paralyzed from the cock-torture Dave was giving her, but her cunt was still twitching and bubbling, and even her torn, bloody ass was starting to feel hot and itchy with the slide of Dave's prick. Her injured asshole began to twist and tug on Dave's hard ramming cock. Contracting her shitter around his monstrous cock made the pain a thousand times worse, but Jamie couldn't stop it.

"Drop the whore!" Dave bellowed, pounding his fist so powerfully into the small of Jamie's back that the world spun around her. "I'm cumming!" The other boys released Jamie, letting her fall to the hard ground. Dave followed her down, pinning her to the ground with his cock. He dug his hands under her and closed his fists around her pert, pretty tits. Then he used her tits for handles, pulling her back against his brutalizing cock in perfect tempo with his powerful fuck-thrusts.

Jamie couldn't beg Dave anymore. She couldn't scream. All she could do was lie passively beneath him. She was hardly conscious at all, cock- beaten almost to the point of insensibility. Dave pulled her against him by her perky tits, then pushed her back with his ass-savaging fuck-strokes. Jamie twitched and trembled beneath him, her sexy, supple body bathed in sweat. Another orgasm made her cunt leak and twitch, but the only outward sign was a long, dreamy moan and a slight rippling of her hips.

And then Dave filled her shit-chute with jism. Jamie screamed, but her voice was so weak that the boys made fun of her. She squirmed, but she was like a fly caught in a web. Dave's jism burning into her torn asshole like liquld fire. Jamie felt more dirty, more degraded than she ever had as he administered a fuck-slime enema.

When Dave pulled his huge cock from Jamie's wrecked shitter, cum and blood began to pour out of the torn, stretched hole. The boys laughed and made jokes, and Jamie trembled in pain, fear, and shame. When Dave came around to her face and showed her his cock, she cried at the bloody, shit-streaked mess she saw. But when he rubbed it over her face, cleaning his cock, another tiny orgasm rippled through her.

This time her hips bounced off the ground, her sexy ass wiggling up invitingly at the boys.

Cum dripped from her cunt and asshole. More drooled from her parted lips. Blood drooled from her cunt, asshole, and mouth, too.

The next boy who reached her turned her over onto her back before he slid his long, skinny cock inside her cunt. He grabbed Jamie's long, sexy legs and forced them up until they rested on the floor on either side of her head. Boys knelt beside her on both sides and took turns spearing their fat cocks into her open mouth. The innocent young beauty was taking on three boys at once again, and everywhere she looked there were more lusting boys waiting to be serviced, more hard, dripping cocks waiting to pump their loads into and onto her sultry little body. The boy fucking her cunt smashed her pert tits together and sucked on both her long, stiff nipples at the same time. He bit the spiky nubs of flesh until Jamie thought he was going to tear them off. At the same time he was drumming his long cock inside her sloppy, twice-fucked cunt. Jamie whined in pain as he rabbit-fucked the little cunt-hole, but before long she was urging her ass up off the floor to meet his rapid stroking.

The boys kneeling beside her turned her head in first one direction and then the other. Spit mixed with pre-cum slopped down over Jamie's tacky cheeks as the boys took turns spearing their cocks into her wet, warm mouth. When one of the boys had his cock out of her mouth he would drag it all over her pretty, scummy face, rubbing the spit and pre-cum and drying jism into a frothy paste on her features. Jamie let them use her mouth anyway they wanted to.

She was too tired to fight them. Jamie realized that she was going to have to satisfy the lust of every boy at the Academy. She didn't think she could survive the task, but just the thought of trying mixed an unwanted burst of lust in with her fear and pain and shame.

The boy fucking her cunt was the first to cum, and he shot a load that filled Jamiee's drenched pussy to the brim. Blast after blast of gooey, hot jism exploded inside her tiny, ravaged cunt, and Jamie grunted at the force with which it exploded inside her. The boy stuffed almost one whole tit inside his mouth while he soaked her pussy, biting down on the tender, creamy flesh and jerking his head from side to side until Jamie shook with pain.

The boy -on her left side was the first of the two guys she was sucking to cum. The other boy didn't seem to want to be left behind, and he jerked his cock like a madman until he was spurting too. Jamie's already-dirtied face all but disappeared under a blizzard of jism. It filled her open mouth and trickied into her ears and made her long, straight nose look like a ski slope.

More boys fucked her while she was on her back. At one time Jamie was servicing seven boys at once, a cock buried in her cunt, three boys surrounding her face, two hard cocks filling her hands, and a boy straddling her chest, fucking his cock between her firm, creamy tits.

It was the boy fucking her tits who made Jamie cum. There was something about the way his hard, hot cock slid between her crushed tits that seemed incredibly sexy. When his fuck-lube slicked down the soft tunnel of her cleavage, Jamie couldn't keep herself from trembling with desire. And when his cock started spitting cum, striping the crease between her tits with gluey lines of white, a powerful climax shook the sexy cheerleader's sultry young body. The thought that a man could cum just touching her pretty tits was too much for the dark-haired beauty to stand.

By the time twenty more boys had fucked her mouth and cunt and ass and tits, Jamie was barely conscious. Sometimes it seemed to her that she must be dreaming everything that was happening. But when Gary had the cadets force her to squat and ride cocks. Jamie knew how terribly real everything was that was happening to her.

Jamie had already been fucked to the point of exhaustion. Squatting like a catcher, being forced to bounce up and down on the stiff, spearing cock of a boy lying comfortably beneath her, was almost more than she could stand. The boy's cock seemed to stab even deeper inside her in her new position, and the tired muscles in her long, sexy legs burned with pain at every grinding bounce she executed on the stiff pole of fuck-flesh. Boys circled around her, sticking their cocks into her scummy, pretty face. While Jamie bounced on the cock in her cunt, three more cocks took turns probing her tight throat and two more hot, slimy pricks filled her hands.

Jism rained down on her from the boys who stood around her. It splattered her face, tits, and shoulders, and ran down her flawless back and flat, shuddering belly in greasy white rivers.

Boys shot their cum in her hair and onto her trembling, overworked legs. Boys shot their cum into her waiting mouth until Jamie couldn't swallow anymore, and it bubbled back out over her lips in a sheet of silvery stickiness.

The boy fucking her cunt came, showering her drenched pussy with another load of jism. The boy who took his place fucked his cock up her ravaged little asshole. Jamie jiggled and convulsed in agony as she rode the boy's hard cock.

An endless supply of hardocked boys marched up to take their turns sticking their cocks down her throat and into her hands. Before long Jamie's fingers were webbed together with cum and her mouth was coated with gummy, drying jism. Jamie wasn't certain what was happening when two boys wiggled underneath her. There were four cocks poking over her dirty face, two more in her hands, and three more wrapped in her shining black hair, so she didn't have much chance to see what they were doing. She knew instantly, though, when she felt the hard push of their pricks up against her asshole and pussy.

Jamie cried, her tears making tracks through the deep coat of cum the boys had painted her with. She didn't beg, though, knowing that the boys wouldn't care what she wanted. She was nothing more than an animal to them, a beautiful fuck toy to satisfy any perverted desire they might have. - As far as the boys were concerned, she only existed for their pleasure. Her only purpose was to service their cocks and take their abuse. And after the long afternoon of brutal mob rape, Jamie was beginning to wonder if they might not be right.

The two cocks tore through her body like a single, huge cock. Jamie felt as though her two battered fuck-holes were being torn open, turned into one big cavity at the bottom of her sexy body. She felt stufted full of cock. She could feel the two cocks rubbing against each other through the thin wall of flesh that separated her cunt from her asshole. It was that friction that made the svelte young beauty squirm with pleasure, that made her gyrate her hips and bounce her ass with more energy than she thought she had left.

Mter the two boys filled her sodden fuckholes with their cum, Jamie toppled onto her side. The boys tried to get her back up, but the muscles in her long, sexy legs were so knotted that she couldn't even stand. There were still boys with hard cocks, though, and so they took turns fucking her as she drifted through a daze of lust and pain.

Jamie was double-fucked five more times as she lay on her side. Five more boys fucked her throat, laughing and joking at the way her lips blubbered around their thick fuck-meat and their cum slid from her slack mouth. A couple more boys fucked her tits, and other boys jacked off all over her svelte body. By the time they were finished, they had fucked the beautiful cheerleader unconscious.

"Cther around her," Gary said at last, as the gorgeous young girl twitched and whimpered in a pool of cum. "Time to wake the hot-assed little tramp up and get down to business."

While the boys lined up around Jamie's limp, sultry body, Gary watched her with satisfaction. Cuin slithered from her wide-spread asshole and cunt. Clotted, drying jism slipped from her open mouth. Her slender, sexy body was stained with so much cum that she looked as though she had been painted in dirty silver.

Her cunt was red and swollen, her nipples so hard and dark that they looked like raspberries. Her tits and lips were swollen with lust, and her cunt and shitter flexed and qulvered even empty of thrusting cock. Her hips continued to gyrate in random. sexy movements.

"Gentlemen," Pat said with a grin, winking at Gary, "start your engines."

The first row of boys started pissing on Jamie.


Jamie came awake drowning.

At first she thought the boys had decided to throw her in Luce Park Lake and kill her. She flapped her arms and legs frantically, trying to swim to safety. Then she realized what was really happening, and she wished they had just drowned her.

They were pissing on her.

Twenty boys were standing around her in a circle, and there were dozens more holding their cocks in their hands, waiting for their turns. The streams of piss were hitting her everywhere. They splashed over her tits, forining a qulckly rushing piss river through her silky cleavage. They soaked her hair, matting her lustrous black tresses flat against her head. They tattoed her between the qulvering lips of her pussy, filling her cunt more full of burning, piss than it had been of jism. Gummy clots of cum washed out of her pussy.

Piss splashed into the crack of her ass, burning the stretched, torn mouth of her pulverized shitter. Piss filled the tiny cup of her navel and made the creamy skin of her leg and flanks and stomach sparkle wetly. Boys pissed on her hands and feet and arms and neck. Every inch of her gorgeous young body was soaked with piss. But the worst was the piss that hit her in her face. Jamie gagged on the mouthfuls of piss that gushed into her open mouth. Her eyes burned at the piss that splashed into her eyes. She couldn't even draw a breath because of the piss that flowed up her nose. At least ten of the boys who surrounded her were aiming their streams of piss at her beautiful, upturned face. Their combined streams of piss hit the gorgeous cheerleader with the force of a firehose blast.

The piss quickly washed away the crusted cum that painted the teenager's sexy young body. As the second rank of boys stepped up to take their turns, Jamie's lean, sinuous body was clean of jism and glistening with piss. She looked like a sexy water nymph, soaking wet from the sea. Only the awful smell and the look of sickened humiliation on Jamie's face would have revealed that she was being drenched in piss, not water. Jamie could barely comprehend what was happening to her. They were pissing on her, pissing on her like she was nothing but a filthy toilet, an open sewer, a fucked-out whore who would let her customers do anything for a twenty dollar fee. The bys pissing on her showed Jamie what they really thought of her, what she really represented to them.

Then her cunt began to get hot.

"Stop!" she gasped, still gagging on the piss that flooded into her open mouth. "Stop it, you lousy bastards! You can't do this to me! I'll get you all!"

"Shut up, slut!" Gary shouted, and suddenly he pounced on her, wrapping her piss-soaked hair in his powerful hands and slamming her head against the ground. "Open up your mouth, you hot-assed little cunt! Open up your mouth, cheerleader, I'm going to piss down your cocksucking throat!"

He pounded Jamie's head into the pissmuddied ground a dozen times, making the world tilt wildly and dark spots dance in front of Jamie's eyes. Then he stuffed his cock between her swollen lips and started hosing his piss down her throat.

"You've got a lot of things to learn, Jamie slut!" Gary growled, filling her stomach with his burning piss. "They teach us tactics in our school, and they teach us about how to break the enemy! You're the fucking enemy, bitch, and we're going to use your slutty little ass in our plans! We're going to win that fucking foot-ball game this week, and you're fucking going to help us! Understand'" Jamie nodded her head frantically, choking on the strong stream of piss Gary was squirting down her throat. For some reason her battered pussy was squlrming and her clit was buzzing with excitement.

Without warning, Pat plunged his cock inside the tiny, swollen mouth and started pissing. A climax ripped its way through Jamie's sleek young body, making her thrash and tremble.

"We're going to break your pissy little ass," Pat said with a sniirk, emptying his bladder inside Jamie's tortured pussy. "And then we're going to train you to do a little job for us. We ean't brain-wash you, because an air-headed cheerleading slut like you probably doesn't have a brain, so we're going to pussy-wash you instead!"

Jamie choked on piss. Piss sizzled its way into her torn, wounded pussy. Then Dave dropped onto the ground and fucked his huge cock up her shitter. When he started pissing up her asshole, Jamie nearly went out of her mind.

"We're going to fuck you up so bad you won't even recognize yourself. whore," he said, fucking his cock deeper up her asshole while he force-fed her a piss enema. "You still think you're a high-class little piece of ass, but we're going to change all that shit. By the time we're fucking done with you you'll know you're nothing but a cheap, piece of shit whore. We're going to mark your ass for life, you stuck-up gutter-slut."

Jamie cried, thrashing and twisting between the three evil cadets. These were the leaders, the popular seniors who must have planned her kidnapping and assault. She knew the other kids would go along with whatever these three told them to do.

Their piss filled her mouth and cunt and asshole, burning her and drenching her and turning her on. Jamie's lean, sexy body twisted and hunched on the two cocks that were spewing piss up her fuck-holes.

Her mouth milked Gary's pissing cock until her flat little tummy felt bloated with his waste. But she couldn't seem to stop cumming as they filled her helpless young body with their piss. The boys could see her excitement and they mocked her for it, mak ing her feel more degraded-and more excited- than ever.

When they had finished, piss was running from her cunt and asshole. Piss dripped from her lips, too, and Jamie kept her mouth open, expecting the last few boys to take their turns pissing on or in her lovely, soiled body. Instead Gary yanked her hands above her head and Pat tied a leather leash around them. Dave grabbed the end and began to pull her through the alley.

Jamie tried to crawl, but each time she managed to make it to her hands and knees one of the boys would kick her back down. After a few tries she was too beaten and exhausted to do anything but let herself be pulled along after the big cadet. The other guys followed, dancing around Jamie's twisting body.

They kicked her and spit on her. Some of the boys jacked off on her, and the boys who hadn't gotten a chance to piss on her in the alley washed the fresh cum away with stinning streams of urine. The boys tore away the few scraps of her cheerleader outfit that still clung to her sleek, sexy body.

A couple of the boys pulled out their belts and striped Jamie's perfect, creamy ass with lines of fiery red. Jamie whimpered in pain, jerking her ass from side to side in a desperate attempt to escape the brutal whipping. A few of the boys even kicked her in the head, as though they wanted to kick her to death.

Dave dragged Jamie into one of the campus buildings. The beaten young beauty tried to get up when she saw him dragging her toward the stairs, but one of the boys kicked her hands out from under her, and another planted his foot on her sexy ass and flattened her on the floor. A moment later Dave yanked her onto the stair-case, and Jamie tumbled helplessly down.

The boys laughed and cheered as Jamie bounced down the steep staircase. Dave stepped out of her way and let her fall almost to the bottom. It was only two steps from the landing that the sexy young cheerleader pulled up short, and that was because she had reached the end of her leash. The leather bit into her wrists until they bled, and the sudden, painful jerking of her arms and shoulders was almost worse than the battering fall down the stairs.

Dave pulled her down the second staircase just as he had the first. By the time Jamie hit the floor of the basement she was barely conscious. Her svelte young body was so full of pain that even breathing made her cry with agony. When she saw what was waiting for her in the darkened basement, she cried with fear as well. The boys had constructed a torture chamber, and Jamie could see that she was to be its first victim. There were whips and paddies on the wall, branding irons in a dark metal heater, leather and rubber clothing hanging on hooks. There were other things in the room that Jamie didn't even recognize, but everything looked dangerous, everything looked as though it had been designed to inflict pain on the body and break the spirit.

"Please!" she whispered, staring up at the leering faces that surrounded her. "Please, I'll be good! I'll your good little whore!"

"Who the fuck wants you'" Pat said with a manIacal laugh. "You don't know how to fuck, you don't know how to suck-shit, cheerleader, you don't know how to do shit! About the only thing you're good for is getting pissed on, and we've already done that!"

"The rest of you guys head out," Gary said, walking to a strangely altered exercise bike and making some adjustments. "Me and Pat and Dave will hook her up and take the first shift. We don't want to attract any fucking attention. Does everybody know when their shifts are'"

The rest of the boys nodded and began to shuffle from the room. For long moments Jamie lay still and stunned on the floor, until all the boys except Dave, Gary, and Pat were gone. Then Pat had locked the basement door.

For some reason Jamie was more frightened than ever to be alone with just these three. She began to cry helplessly as she looked up into their evil faces. When Pat walked toward her with one of the rubber outfits from the wall, she could contain her fear no longer.

"I'll be yours," she said, her voice cracking."You guys can do anything to me you want. I'll be your girlfriend.. . I'll be your whore for as long as you want. I promise I will. Just please let me go. Please don't hurt me."

"Put this on," Pat said, throwing the rubber outfit in her face. "I'm going to time you, and every niinute it takes you to squeeze your slutty little bod into that baby means ten lhes when you're done taking your first lesson."

Dave unfastened the strap that held Jamie's hands together, and the three older boys watched while the beautiful sophomore cheerleader pulled on the shameful rubber costume.

It took all the energy Jamie had just to roll to her knees and unfold the black rubber outfit. When she slipped her foot into the right leg of the outfit and realized how hard it was going to be to put it on, she cried like a baby.

Jamie was a slender, tiny girl, but the rubber jumpsuit was half her size. The rubber was so thin that it molded to every bump and contour on her sexy body. It was so tight that it made Jamie think she might smother if she put it on. It took every ounce of strength she had to pull it up her long, lean legs. By the time she had stretched it painfully around her lush, creamy thighs, Jamie collapsed on the floor, completely exhausted.

"Three minutes," Pat said with a disappointed sigh. "You've got a long way to go, piss-drinker."

The crotch of the leather suit was slit, revealing the swollen pink lips of Jamie's cunt and the tight, dark crevice of her ass. Jamie's slender arms trembled with the effort of pulling the skintight rubber up over her full, sexy ass. She squirmed over the floor like a sexy snake. She looked like some lewd exotic danger, twisting and jerking her sexy little body across the cold basement floor.

"She's perfect," Gary said, jerking on his long, hard cock. "Look at those pretty little tits. Every fucking jock at that stupid school will cum all over himself trying to get at her."

"Fuck that," Pat said as Jamie pulled the rubber slowly and painfully up her torso. "The little slut's got the best ass I've ever seen. And those legs are unbelievable. They'll fuck her until they can't stand up, much less play a fucking football game."

Pulling the rubber suit over her tits was the most painful part of all. The rubber crushed her perky tits, flattened them against her chest and spread them until they looked like two soft, comfortable pillows.

There were holes for her nipples, and with her tits crushed so cruelly by the tight rubber, the tiny nubs of flesh swelled and throbbed. Her nipples spiked out unbelievably hard and long.

Pat leaned over and pinched them until Jamie squirmed with pain and cried for him to stop. He just pinched them harder, then checked his watch.

"Six minutes, Jamie-bitch," he said with a shake of his head. "That means sixty lashes. Shit, you're not going to have any skin left on that sweet little ass by the time I'm done with you."

"Whore, you've got a lot of proving to do!" Dave growled as Jamie pulled the rubber over her arms and onto her shoulders. She almost broke her wrist zipping it up her back. "Far as I'm concerned, you've got little-girl tits, a stuck-up face, and a scrawny body! And you don't know how to fuck or suck worth a shit! You better shape up fucking fast, or there's not going to be any of you fucking left by the time the game rolls around!"

Jamie collapsed on the floor, the rubber suit finally on. The three cadets gathered close around her.

"Shit," Dave said, raspy-voiced with lust. "Look at the bitch now."

Every line and curve of Jamie's sleek, sexy body was molded by the rubber suit. Her long, lean legs, full, curvy ass, hourglass waist, and high, proud tits all looked as though they had been coated in a thin layer of shining black paint. The plump bulge of her pussy jutted obscenely through the tight rubber. Even the way the exhausted, sexy cheerleader moved, her svelte body writhing slowly, sinuously with pain and fatigue, added to the sexiness of what the boys were seeing. Each of them was tempted to call the other boys back in and let the gangbang continue. A bitch as sexy as Jamie needed constant fucking.

But there was something else she needed too, and that was training. Dave grabbed her by a handful of her hair and hauled her roughiy to her feet.


"No!" Jamie moaned, too tired to scream at the pain that burned through her scalp. "Please don't make me do anything right now! Let me rest for just a second! Please! Just a second and then I'll do whatever you want!"

"Move your ass, you lazy whore!" Dave growled, pulling her to her feet and then throwing her stomach-down over the bicycle that sat in the middle of the room. "Let's strap the slut down and let her get to work! I'm about ready to hit the sack!" Jamie gasped when she saw what was sticking out of the seat of the bicycle. There were two huge dildos, shaped exactly like hard, ugly male cocks, each one at least a foot long. Just leaning on the seat made the dildos thrust up and down slowly. Jamie could see the mechanism under the seat that pistoned the dildos up and down. It was activated by pressure on the seat, and Jamie knew that pedaling the bike would cause the dlldos to plunge up and down at lightning speed.

She didn't have time to see anything else before the three big cadets grabbed her and pulled her leg over the side of the bike. Jamie struggled desperately, urging her fucked-out, worn-out body to frantic motion in a vain attempt to escape the horror the boys had planned for her. It was no use. In moments she felt the two huge dildos splitting open her swollen fuckholes. Dave and Gary pulled her down to the base of the seat, filling her asshole and cunt with the fat rubber cocks.

"Please, guys!" Jamie moaned, her voice cracking. "You've got to let me go sometime! I won't tell anybody about what you did, I promise! Just please don't do this! I can't take any more of this!"

"You're going to take a hell of a lot more of this," Pat said with a smirk. "And your parents aren't expecting you for a couple days. I conned one of your dumb slut friends into saying you were staying over at her house."

Cold terror froze Jamie. The idea that she would be at the mercy of the boys for several days was almost more than she could stand.

The cocks speared so deep inside her body that Jamie couldn't keep from squirming, trying to ease the terrible pressure they exerted on her already battered fuck-holes. The foot-long pole that skewered her pussy pressed harshly against her cervix, stretched her swollen, beaten cunt to the very limits of its elasticity. The ten-inch dildo that clogged her asshole made her asscheeks feel as though they were being pulled apart, and made her legs feel as though they were no longer joined to the same body. She could feel the fat rubber head of the dildo pushing deep inside her asshole, making her bend forward over the bike in a desperate effort to relieve the pressure.

"Hurts!" she whimpered, looking in vain for some sign of sympathy from one of the boys. "Hurts so bad!"

"Now for the fun part," Gary said. He clipped a huge, sharp-edged alligator clip on each of Jamie's fat, hard nipples, letting the cruel metal teeth bite deep into her tender flesh. Jamie screamed as she watched the steel jaws indent her sensitive nipple-flesh. A tiny drop of blood oozed from the hard nubbins of flesh. The pain was so bad that Jamie thought her nipples had been ruined, torn from her firm, pretty tits forever.

"No! Gary! No, please no!" Jamie screamed in terror as Gary ran a finger between her swollen pink cunt-lips. "Not there, Gary! Please don't! Oh damn you, don't do this!"

It was too late. Gary let the clip snap shut on her clit and Jamie's world exploded in a haze of agony. She twisted and thrashed on the bicycle, causing the twin dildos to fuck brutally into her pussy and asshole.

She grabbed for the clips on her nipples, ready to tear them off in spite of the terrible punishment she knew would follow, but Pat stepped in and caught her wrists. Jamie fought so savagely that Dave had to step in to help him, and between them, they fit Jamie's hands into two hard rubber gloves they had molded to the handles of the bike. They snapped catches around her wrist, and the luscious young cheerleader howled in almost animal frustration at not being able to move her hands. When they strapped her feet to the pedals, Jamie screeched like a banshee, maddened by her pain and humiliation.

"Turn on the switches, guys," Gary said, checking the bicycle and the other equipment like a general inspecting his troops. "The game's simple, Jamie- slut. There's a certain speed you need to pedal that bike at. When you pedal it that fast you'll get fucked. When you pedal it slower you'll get hurt. We already saw what a in-heat little whore you are, so this should be an easy decision to make. And in the morning we'll come and let you loose. Shoot, that's only ten hours away."

"No, Gary!" Jamie cried, her voice shaking, tears running down her beautiful young face. "Please don't do this to me!"

"The faster you go, the faster the dildos will fuck you," Gary said, obviously proud of his work. Dave flipped a switch and Jamie felt a faint tickling in her cunt and asshole. "And the faster they'll vibrate. They'll have a sleazy whore like you creaming all over the place in no time."

Jamie squirmed uncomfortably on the two huge prods. Even though the two monster dildos were hurting her terribly, deeply violating her tenderized fuck- holes, her cunt was beginning to get hot, her shit-chute beginning to feel tingly. Jamie felt so ashamed of herself that she wanted to die.

"The faster you bike, the harder the chains attached to the clips on your nipples and clit will pull," Gary said with a shrug. "I guess that might hurt some, but it'll hurt a lot more if you go slow. Show her why, Pat."

Pat flipped a switch.

Jamie tried to scream. She couldn't. She couldn't breathe or scream or move. All she could do was shake like a spastic, drool like an imbecile, gurgle like a baby. A huge charge of electricity jolted her sleek young body, making her bounce on the bike like a frenzied dancer.

It felt as though her nipples and clit were being burned away. The pain from the clips was still there, still grinding and piercing and horrible, but it was nothing compared to the lightning bolts of raw electric current that were shooting through her slender young body through the metal clips. Jamie was too dazed to fully understand what was happening, but she knew the only thing she had to. With a force of will she would never have thought she had, she forced her numb legs to push the pedals.

Jamie screamed with sudden pleasure as the two huge dildos began to thrust deep inside her cunt and asshole. They vibrated more power-fully, massaging the injured flesh of her fuckholes until it felt as if every inch of her insides was tingling.

Jamie pedaled faster and faster determined to drive away the kllling bolts of electricity. The muscles in her shapely, slender legs were already exhausted. Every push of the pedals made deep, aching pain settle more heavily on them. But Jamie knew she had to pedal as fast as she could. She was certain that much more of the electrical current would kill her.

The chains that connected the nipple and clit clamps to the generator began to contract and loosen in time to her pedaling, and Jamie sighed with pain as they pulled her sex flesh brutally tight. The sight of her nipples being pulled out to over three inches long made Jamie sick. She was glad she couldn't see how far her tiny pink clit was being dragged.

The dildos in her cunt and ass were plunging up and ownwith ruthless, brutal precision. They rocked her body, sent thundering shock waves of pain rumbling through her slender frame. Jamie grunted with each powerful impact of the twin probes inside her.

But they vibrated faster too, and the electrical massage they gave her was making Jamie undulate in sensual pleasure. Her hips bucked back and forth in short, quick fucking motions. Every once in a while her ass would rotate in a wide, slow circle, as if savoring every inch of dildo she had shoved up inside her. Her cunt was filling with pussy-cream, and much as it shamed her, there was nothing Jamie could do to stop it.

The three male cadets watched in lusting wonder as Jamie's slender, athletic body labored to pedal the bike fast enough to keep her from being shocked. The rubber-bound beauty was gyrating over the bike like some sleek, sexy snake. Her sexy legs seemed longer than ever as she pedaled the bike. Her tits stretched with her nipples as the clamps pulled them taut, seeming bigger and pointier than ever. Gary stooped down and turned on a series of heaters that surrounded the bike, then nodded to Pat to flip the switch that would complete Jamie's torture.

"That rubber's going to be good and hot," Gary said, stepping back as Pat flipped the last switch. "With you working so hard to keep the bike going, you should get toasty real quick. These heaters are just to make sure you don't catch a chill."

Jamie moaned in misery. Her young body was already bathed in sweat beneath the skintight rubber she was wearing. Now hot air assailed her from every side, making it hard to breathe, hard to move. Sweat poured down her beautiful face in fast-moving rivers.

"This last part is mine," Pat said. Jamie barely heard his words through the horrible misery she was feeling. "It's not as sophisticated as Gary's stuff, but my dad's a plumber, and I learned a little bit from him."

Jamie turned her wide, frightened eyes toward the pipe that jutted toward her face from the ceiling. She had ignored it until now. But now she knew what it was for. When she heard a toilet flushing deep inside the building, she whimpered like a badly punished dog.

"Here it comes," Pat said with a giggle. Jamie cringed and tried to duck to one side, but there was nothing she could do to escape the rush of toilet water that came blasting out of the pipe. It splahed into her upturned face, then cascaded down over her sultry, rubber- clad body. The water was tinted yellow and smelled terrible, and a soaked wad of toilet paper smacked Jamie right across the bridge of her nose.

A moment later another toilet flushed. This time there were dark clods of shit mixed in with the yellow waste water. Jamie retched uncontrollably as she was pelted with brown turds. One hit her right cheek and another landed in her hair, seeming to take forever to slide out and fall down her back.

Jamie cried bitterly, but a shudder of passion tickled through her willowy body.

"You love it, cow!" Gary snarled. He picked up another dildo, one even bigger than the two that were punching into her body, and held it up in front of her. "Just this one last thing, Jamie. Hold this big rubber prick in yur mouth. If it's on the fucking floor in the morning, you're going to stay on this bike until you fucking croak!"

"You can hold onto it," Dave said with a laugh as Gary stuffed it into her mouth. "You look just like a little bitch doggy, holding a bone in your mouth."

"The only bone she wants," Pat said, slapping Jamie so hard that she almost passed out. "Get your exercise, you doggy slut. We'll be back for you in the morning. Maybe!"

The boys laughed and each one of them stepped up in front of her and slapped Jamie hard across the face, then back-handed her, causing the helpless teenage victim's head to snap first one way and then another. Finally Gary punched her hard in the forehead, then Pat did the same. Jamie was barely conscious when they filed out of the basement.

Then Jamie was alone, strapped to the torture bike, fucking herself with two huge, vibrating dildos while she held a third in her mouth. She began her first night of torture and bondage as a slave of the Rener Military Academy.

As she heard the door slam, she thought again of the gallons of sperm they had squirted up into her unprotected womb and wondered if she was pregnant and if she was, would she ever know whose baby she would have.


Jamie whimpered and pedaled faster. Her cunt was clutching around the pumping dildo that pierced it. Her pussy-juice drenched the seat of the bike and dripped onto the floor beneath her. The tiny, savaged mouth of her asshole sucked and winked around the fat stalk of the dildo that was spiking through it, working in harmony with Jamie's pussy as she rushed faster and faster toward her climax.

"Mmmmmm!" Jamie moaned around the fat stalk of rubber cock that filled her mouth. "Mmmmm... ohhhh-ah! Ah! Ah!"

Jamie's pussy felt like so much shredded meat. Her asshole felt stretched wide enough to drive a truck through. The muscles in her long, sexy legs were knotting and cramping with the effort of pedaling the bike. It was hard for the exhausted young beauty to keep from passing out from pure exhaustion. But her lust was driving her on, fueling her beaten, ravished body with enough energy to keep on going.

"Ah! Ah! Oooooh!" Jamiee's eyes rolled and her head lolled in slow, lazy circles on her shoulders. "Oh! Ah! Ah! Ahhhhhh!"

The clips were tearing her nipples and clit, stretching them so far that Jamie didn't believe they would ever be the same. Her nipples were pulled out over four inches. Her clit was yanked even farther. She would have sold her soul for a drink of water. Her body was bathed in sweat. She squished as she moved from the quarts of sweat the skintight rubber suit had trapped against her hard-working body.

"Aaagggghhhhh!" Jamie screamed as the orgasm hit her. Her sleek body writhed and twisted against the bonds that held it in place. "Eeeeyyyyaaa!"

She twisted and squirmed against the bike, her lean, sexy body going rigid as the shock waves of ecstasy overcame the worst of the pain she was feeling. For an instant she stood up straight in the bike, her flawless body trembling and taut with orgasm, her nipples and clit pulled impossibly far and her arms and legs straining against the cuffs that held them in place.

It wasn't until the electricity hit her that Jamie realized she had stopped pedaling the bike. She screamed as lightning bolts of agony shot through the clips that cut into her nipples and clit. Her teeth chattered against the dildo she was holding in her mouth. Spit from her watering mouth poured from the corners of her lips. Her body trembled more powerfully than ever, shaking with the high voltage shock she was receiving.

But her orgasm kept on building.

Jamie screamed like a dying woman around the huge rubber dildo, shaking her head from side to side as though in a frantic effort to deny the climax that was mushrooming inside her sexy body, the pain that was flowering through her every cell.

She tried to pump the pedals, but the muscles in her shapely legs had turned to mush. She fell forward over the handlebars, gurgling and drooling as the electricity flooded through her.

The dildos slowed their thrusting inside her cunt, but the voltage that poured through her body made her shake up and down on the probes as if she was engaged in the world's wildest fuck.

Jamie couldn't stop cununing. The pain was blinding her. Her heart was beating so loud that she could hear it thundering in her ears. She couldn't breathe. She couldn't control her arms or legs or head. But she was climaxing again and again and again.

Her slippery pussy-cream poured down over the rubber cock that speared deep inside her. Before long the seat of the bike was drenched with her cunt-cream. Her pussy-juices flowed down over the sides of the hard rubber platform like an obscene sex fountain, splattering to the floor below.

Her cunt milked the slowing dildo for every last inch of thrust, every last buzz of vibration. Her asshole contracted around the dildo that pierced it until the pain from her shit-chute was almost equal to that of the electricity which danced through her svelte young body.

A toilet flushed above her and an explosion of toilet water splashed into Jamie's face. Soiled toilet paper slapped her beautiful face, and a fat brown turd landed on her right shoulder. Jamie screamed her way through another orgasm.

The electricity burned her nipples and clit like open fires. Even the splashing waves of her pussy-cream couldn't put out the blaze that was blistering her tortured little clit. Through a haze of pain and lust Jamie realized that she had to start pedaling again. Much more of the electricity might kill her.

And she had to have the dildos pumping inside her, had to feel the delicious vibrations they sent shooting up through her pain-drenched pussy and asshole.

Slowly, her lean body trembling with the flow of electricity and the strain of working her exhausted muscles, Jamie began to pedal. The first hard thrust of the rubber cocks inside her cunt and shitter started her cumming again.

Jamie lost track of how many times she cliinaxed. After a while her orgasms began to blur together. At one point during what Jamie's dazed young thought 'night have been the early morning, her legs stopped working. The muscles had just frozen up. At first there had been a deep, painful burning through her lush thighs and long, lean calves. Then Jamie hadn't been able to straighten her legs. Finally she could see the muscles jumping and bunching visibly beneath her creamy, silky skin. Mter that they had stopped working.

And Jamie found out what real torture was all about.

Gary and the others hadn't told her that after a while the dildos would start vibrating and pumping again, or that the chains would start stretching her nipples and clit once more. But after she had endured the steady beat of electricity through her broken, sexy body for a full fifteen minutes, that was exactly what happened.

Jamie didn't have the energy to scream as the huge rubber cocks started churning and buzzing inside her cunt and asshole. She whimpered when the chains pulled taut on her nipples and clit, but she didn't even raise her head from her chest. She came again, though, splattering her pussyeam all over the soaked seat of the bike.

With each passing moment the dildos fucked harder and faster into her cunt and asshole. Their vibrating increased until Jamie's fuckholes were burning unbearably with the friction. The chains hooked to her nipples and clit pulled harder than ever.

Her sexy young body jerked and trembled atop the torture bike. She was bathed in her own sweat, the rubber suit so full of fluid in places that it was bagging out away from her svelte young body. As another orgasm blasted its way through her devastated, paralyzed body, Jamie began to pass out. Just as she was beginning to fade out, though, a toilet flushed and another load of pissy water exploded into her beautiful face. Jamie coughed and choked and climaxed, lost in a world of agonized lust. Then she dropped the dildo from between her teeth.

Jamie cried out bitterly at the loss of the dildo. She had held onto it faithfully, dperate not to give Gary and the others any further reason to mistreat her sexy little body. Now all her work had gone for nothing.

Orgasm after orgasm shattered the beautiful cheerleaders bound body. The electricity made her jerk and shudder like a badly controlled puppet. The twin dildos fucked her cunt and shitter until blood dripped down onto the seat of the bike. Her nipples and clit pulled down onto the seat of the bike. Her nipples and clit pulled almost six inches under the unrelenting pressure of the chains. Piss and shit and toilet water flushed down on her perfect face, soiling her elegant features and staining her rubber jumpsuit. Mter a few hours, Jamie's slim, sultry body hung motionless over the handlebars, fucked and tortured insensible by the sex bike.

She whimpered in shame the first time the electrical current teased her piss from her body.

After that she was beyond shame, beyond anything except the pain and the climaxes. Finally her body was numb, her cunt and asshole fucked so swollen that she couldn't feel anything, her body so used to the electricity that she barely noticed it. The fmal torture was the heat that smothered her and stole the moisture from her body. Even after she had become numb to everything else that was happenlng to her, the heat continued to punish her sexy body, continued to force her swollen cunt through painful, boiling orgasms.

By the time morning came and the boys came in to get her Jamie was unconscious. Her eyes were still open, glazed and staring, but she was no longer aware of anything that was happening. Her svelte, sweat-drenched body shivered and shuddered with the constant flow of electricity. The savage pumpmg of the twin dildos bounced her off the bike seat. Her legs and arms swung limply, and her head lolled on her shoulders. "Stupid slut!" Pat screamed. He pulled a whip down from the wall and lashed it across Jamie's rubber-clad ass. "You dropped the fucking dildo, cheer-bitch! And you made a fucking mess of the whole fucking basement!"

Jamie didn't react to the bite of the whip, even when Pat used a knife to rip the rubber suit open and whipped her bare, sweaty ass. Dave cut the rest of the rubber suit off her limp body as Gary switched off the bike. Quarts of trapped sweat gushed out of the cut rubber, splashing all over everything.

"Fuck!" Dave shouted as the wash of sweat splattered over his shoes. He tore the last of the suit away and pulled the clips off Jamie's nipples and clit. "Shit, Gary, this bike really fucked the cheerleader up!"

He pulled Jamie off the bike and tossed her on the floor. Pat lashed her across her stomach and tits a few times, then stopped as Gary joined them to look down on the prostrate beauty.

Jamie had lost at least ten pounds during her night of sexual torment. The rubber suit, the heat, and the frenzied activitiy of pedaling the bike to fuck herself had drained Jamie's sleek body of every extra ounce of moisture. She had looked like a fine racing horse before, a thoroughbred of a girl with lines as sleek and sexy as any the boys had ever seen before. Mter her night on the bike, though, she looked like a beast of the jungle, a panther or leopard driven wild by hunger and operating on pure instinct. Her creamy skin sparkled with her sweat, her ribs made clear ridges in her silky flesh and her stomach was a sucked in little cavity that seemed hardly to be there at all.

The dildos beating her agonized pussy and asshole had changed them as well. The last traces of Jamie's petal-pink cunt were gone. That pristine hole had been replaced by a slash of blood-red, the cunt-lips swollen and peeled back, the inner lips iniky with pussy-cream. The mouth of Jamie's cunt spasmed, as though searching desperately for another cock to fill it. Her pinched, stretched clit peeked out between the fat red lips of her cunt like a questing worm.

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