Title: Major Slut
Author: Conwic@aol.com




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Part 4 by conwic@aol.com

I also shared her with my Korean business partners. We were in the habit of meeting to split the drug take and talk about the next shipment about once a week. But it wasn't just a business meeting. No, Lee and his dozen relatives had to take their measure of me. Like I said, they were a clannish bunch. So I had to get drunk with them each time. They figure that they don't really know - or trust- a man until they have gotten drunk with him. I had to drink their local stuff, their sojhu, until we all were throwing up drunk. Now I went their hospitality one better, bringing Amanda to our meetings to entertain them. Letting them use her as their whore. They were very appreciative. They'd never had a Western woman before. But it was more than just sexual novelty with them. For them it was a sort of payback. They figured that the American Army had been fucking them for 40 years- taking their land, turning their prettiest women into whores and their men into houseboys. Now was their chance to fuck the American Army- in the long, tall person of Major Amanda Thompson. It was quite a sight.

She couldn't understand a word they said to her, but she understood what they wanted from her. I saw to that with a simple bit of stick and carrot- my quirt and her pipe. I thought it was fitting to dress Amanda like a cheap Korean whore- a tight dress which barely covered the vee of her sex, some cheap jewelry, and a pair of cheap plastic, " fuck me" high heels. Lots of makeup. No need to bother with underwear; I knew that she won't be wearing it long enough to matter. Nor did I bother with keeping her tied up once we inside the house. There was no place to run in that tiny main room. Unlike the soldiers, the Koreans wouldn't share her. They took her one at a time according to a strict family pecking order running from old to young. Lee, the patriarch of the family- the grandfather, I guess, was always first. He must have been in his sixties at least. He could still get it up, but it took a lot of help. As I and the rest of the family watched more or less respectfully, Amanda would have to work to get his withered old cock hard enough to let him cum and get it over with. She would strip for him- awkwardly and with great embarrassment- and play the part of a whore. Just as I ordered, Amanda would stand in front of the old gizzer, caressing and cupping her breasts and moving her hips as she mouthed the usual whore's come on- " You wantee fuckee..I fuckee good..". Sometimes that was enough. Usually, Amanda had to kneel before him and use her hands to get him hard, to handle his withered balls and cock until he was hard. Some nights, she had to suck his shriveled up old cock for 10 or 15 minutes until she could get him hard enough to fuck. Then she would assume the doggy position and guide him inside her. He would pump away at her, gripping her hips and thrusting in with everything he had until he would finally empty himself into her warm, not yet sloppy, cunt. He was a pleasure compared to the young ones. It was like mating with a wolf pack with them. While one of the younger ones fucked, the others watched and shouted what I guess was advice or maybe insults between drinks. The more brutal the way they took Amanda, the more "face" they gained among the others in the family. They were a pretty conventional group, most were big on the missionary position. But they made up in fury what they lacked in imagination. They preferred to take the nude, moaning Amanda on her back, pounding into her with all the strength of their wiry young bodies, not just raping her but literally attacking her sweaty, quivering body with their cocks, trying to beat her into submission with their dicks, to stab her to death with their hard cocks, to impale the Western bitch. But it was her breasts which really fascinated them. They loved to abuse those large mounds of Amanda's, to slap them hard just to see them bounce, to twist her nipples until they were white, to squeeze her breasts like they were kneading dough. All while they were on top of her, fucking the shit out of her, screaming into her face in Korean, their spittle mixing with Amanda's sweat and tears. Her breasts would be sore for days afterwards, as would her cunt.

Like I said, the younger Koreans fell on her like starving wolves- drunken starving wolves. Any one of them would have fucked her to death if I'd let them. But I won't let them go that far. In a strange way I'd become Amanda's protector as well as her tormentor. She had no one else to look to for protection. She no longer had any control over her own body. I had the control! She was mine! So, I kept them from hurting her too much while at the sametime I let them rape her strong, womanly body. But they didn't show me whatever it was I was looking for either. What I was doing to her- the abuse - just wasn't enough any more. I needed to subject Amanda to something more. And I needed something more from her, something more than her silent submission.

I finally found the key to what I had been looking for right under my nose. I'd brought Miss Rhee , the camp whore who Amanda - back when she was still Major Thompson- had run off, back to the club to keep those assholes occupied on nights when I didn't feel like sharing my Major Slut. She didn't have any business those nights I brought Amanda to the club. The men totally ignored her on those nights when they had their Major to use, but she was still there, a petite, short haired woman watching from her regular place at the corner of the bar. She was the only woman there except for Amanda. The club was awash with testosterone on those nights. You could smell it in the stale, smoky air in the club. That rutting horde could have been all over her in a minute, and I won't have helped her.. But still she stayed. It didn't take long to figure out why. I could see the excitement in her eyes. And eventually each evening, I would see one of her tiny hands disappear under her short skirt and between her crossed legs as she watched the men roughly rape Amanda's face and asshole, her face frozen in a sneer but her eyes fixed on the Major's suffering body. Even after two or three hours when I would call it quits for the night, Miss Rhee would still be there, watching. By then, I could almost smell her sopping wet cunt from across the room even over the smell of the sperm covering Amanda. From the bar, she would watch me as I counted the pennies lying on the table beside Amanda and those stuck to Amanda's skin by the sweat and the cum, each of them marking a penetration of the Major. The pennies were my way of keeping score. I saved them for Amanda. I kept the pennies- over two hundred of them by now- in a big glass jar by the bed. The pennies had long ago outgrown the bag around Amanda's neck I had used at first. But I still had them where she couldn't avoid seeing them. Boring being left in bondage for hours at a time. So, I allowed Amanda to fill in those empty times by counting the previous night's pennies. I would put the nude Amanda into a hogtie, her hands and feet bound tightly together behind her back, leaving Amanda trapped in a painful U-shape for hours. I would pile the previous night's pennies in a large pile by her face. It was her job to count the pennies- many of which were covered in dried man cum- as she used her lips, teeth, and tongue to move them from my pile to the penny jar on the floor beside her. An incorrect count was, of course, punished severely. I figured this gave Amanda something to think about during those empty times. Miss Rhee wouldn't leave until I finished my count and carried Amanda's unresisting body off to our room- to a long shower and then my turn with her exhausted body. One club night, I called an early halt to the festivities. After I counted the pennies- twenty three incidentally- I picked up Amanda's unresisting, nude, cum soaked body and slung it over my shoulder. I stopped by the door and called Miss Rhee over to me. She came reluctantly, but she came, unable to resist a closer look at the object of her fascination, Amanda's tall, strong, and battered nude body. Miss Rhee was short, like all Koreans, not even coming up to my shoulder and barely reaching Amanda's. Her body was slender but with a bit more heft than Koreans generally have. I figured that she was half American, the daughter of her predecessor as camp whore and some nameless G.I, which tended to make her lower than dog shit to the other Koreans. She couldn't have weighed over a hundred pounds on her best day. Her skin was a little darker and her lips a bit fuller than any Korean I'd seen. Probably had a Black G.I. for the proud daddy. Good looking in a doll like way. Jet black hair, cut in a wedge around her round face. Heavy makeup. Somewhere in her early twenties, she looked about sixteen to an American. Until you looked at the eyes. Then she looked forty. Her English was not very extensive; she'd never needed much more than " You wantee fuckee me?" and " ten dolar". Or maybe she understood English better than I did and only spoke in pidgin English because the G.I's expected it. I didn't know or care. She understood me well enough when I said, " You wantee fuckee Major Slut?"

I carried Amanda back to the room we shared, which had once been her room, and dumped her limp body on the bed. I didn't bother with the shower. I wanted to see her like this, with the cum still dripping out of her. My cumbucket. Her asshole was still half open with brownish cum still dripping slowly out of it. Her cunt was red, the lips puffy and open, with man cum that had dripped from her asshole coating them. Even the vee of her pubic hair was saturated in that cum. There was also a ring of white scum around her mouth. Her chin was covered in it. There were more sticky, white blotches on those high aristocratic cheekbones of hers, on her forehead, and in her short auburn hair. Her eyes were closed. She was totally out of it. I had given Amanda her usual ration of opium before I took her to the club to entertain her soldiers, as I always did. I did that because I wanted to fuck her mind as well as her body. I wanted her to have only dream like - or maybe I should say nightmare like- memories of these gang rapes. I wanted her to half remember a hazy world inhabited by faceless hard cocks where she was drowning in oceans of man cum, surreal memories which would haunt her occasional lucid moments. I wanted her to look at that jar of pennies and wonder if those images she half remembered of the men raping her ass were real or if she was going insane. That it loosened her up enough to survive the repeated assaults without being torn apart was an added, if important, benefit. But it did present a problem at the moment since I wanted her to know what was about to happen. And I wanted to see her react! About the time my mind was beginning to mull this problem, I felt a pair of tiny hands running over my back. I turned to find that Miss Rhee- working girl she was- had stripped off her clothes and was ready for action. Not an ounce of fat on her, except where it counted , and just enough there to produce a pair of teacup size breasts with dark, almost black nipples - erect and ready.

" You wanntee, I wakee Major for you."

Curious, I agreed. " I wannte! You wake Major, You fuckee Major."

She didn't waste any time starting. She easily manhandled Amanda's big nude body into a spread eagle position on the bed, face up. Her waif like body had a lot more strength than it seemed. She gestured at Amanda's hands and held out one of her own. I pointed to the pile of ropes I kept by the bed for just this sort of thing. In a moment she had Amanda's hands and feet secured to the bed frame, effectively immobilizing the unresisting body of the larger woman. A quick search of the room, and she was ready to go to work on Amanda. Such enthusiasm! I was seeing a new side to Miss Rhee. She sat astride Amanda, her bottom resting on the older woman's right thighs. She looked like a child, perched there atop Amanda. For a moment she studied the terrain, the vast expanse of Amanda's nude body. Her small hands ran over the other woman's flat stomach up to the large cone shaped breasts, firm even now as Amanda lay on her back. She fingered the gold Major's insignia piercing one of Amanda's red nipples. Gently she explored both her breasts before moving onto Amanda's face, tracing her full lips with one finger and then stroking her hair like a child seeing something for the first time. Once she knew the terrain, she went over to the attack. She returned to Amanda's breasts again, cupping one large breast inside both her small hands before she lowered her lips to the nipple. She blew on that big soft, red nip of Amanda's, then licked at it like a cat lapping up milk. Miss Rhee repeated the process again. Amanda's eyes opened now. And her little finger size nipples became erect, hard enough to remain upright as Miss Rhee's tongue raked over them in cat like laps. It must have felt strange to Amanda. She would have become so used to the rough sex I took from her as well as the brutal gang rapes like tonight's, that she must have forgotten what a gentle touch felt like. Miss Rhee left that breast and went to her other one, the one with Amanda's rank impaling the nipple. She toyed with it for a moment, carefully rotating it and using it to stretch the impaled nipple. Gently, she pulled it away form the nipple until she found the clasp to the pin piercing Amanda's nub and opened it, removing the insignia of rank from Amanda's nipple for the first time since I had pierced her with it. Then she cupped the soft breast in both her hands and alternatively licked and blew on it. Amanda's eyes had closed again, but I knew she was still with us. She was moaning softly as Miss Rhee made love to her breast. She didn't opened her eyes again until Miss Rhee stopped caressing her breast. Then she saw the small woman leaning forward, pressing her small breasts against Amanda's larger ones as Miss Rhee locked her lips to Amanda's cum stained lips, her tongue thrusting inside Amanda's mouth in a wet lesbian kiss. That woke Amanda up. After she broke the kiss, Miss Rhee smiled for the first time. She was still smiling as she settled back on her heels, bent her head back to Amanda's right breast, took the big, erect nipple between her white teeth, and bit down hard. The sound that escaped Amanda's lips was halfway between a whipped dog whimper and a cry of surprise. She couldn't shift gears quickly enough to react. Amanda hadn't seen that coming. Nor had I. Miss Rhee shook her head from side to side like a terrier , Amanda's nipple still locked in her teeth. When she finally let go, I could see a tiny drop of Amanda's blood on Miss Rhee's lower lip. She smiled at Amanda as she licked that drop of Amanda's blood off her lip, and then she went on to the left breast, giving that nipple the same treatment. By now Amanda's body was bent like a bow as she fought her bonds, staring up at the smaller woman in disbelief as her pleasure vanished and was replaced by pain. Tiny drops of blood dotted both nipples now, only faintly distinguishable against the lighter red of the nipple. Miss Rhee licked those up as well. Then she sat back on Amanda's thigh, picked up the candle she had found earlier and a matchbook. As Amanda watched in growing horror, Miss Rhee lit the candle. She watched it burn intently , turning it in her hand to make the flame burn closer to the wax. When it was ready, Miss Rhee began.

Her targets were Amanda's breasts. She would carefully tip the burning candle to drop a glob of hot wax on one of Amanda's breasts, starting with the firm flesh at the base and working inward to the crushed nipples. She worked steadily, pausing each time to let the candle build up a quantity of the hot wax before again dropping that hot wax on Amanda's sensitive skin, alternating between breasts to prolong the ordeal for Amanda. There was nothing Amanda could do to stop her. She could only struggle against the ropes holding her hands and feet, the muscles of her strong body moving beautifully under the white, sweaty skin of her arms, legs and abdomen as she tried to escape the slow torture. Only Amanda's head was free to move, which it did, moving steadily from side to side as she shook her head in a futile, silent "NO". Her eyes remained fixed on the candle in Miss Rhee's hand as it dipped and hovered over her, bringing pain with each small movement of Miss Rhee's hand. She was mostly silent as Miss Rhee slowly encased her breasts in the hot wax. Just a soft moan at best, usually only the sound of Amanda sucking a tortured breath through her tightly clenched teeth each time a glob of hot wax hit the sensitive skin of her breasts. Miss Rhee was silent too. The two seemed to me to be in some contest of wills where the one to speak first must be the loser. But even if she didn't speak, Miss Rhee's breathing spoke for her. It became louder and more ragged as she slowly dripped the wax on Amanda's breasts. Bracing herself with one hand against the wall, Miss Rhee was riding Amanda's thigh. Miss Rhee was rubbing her clit against the hard muscles of her victim's leg as she used the candle on Amanda's breasts. The more Amanda struggled, the more Miss Rhee got off. Very clever of Miss Rhee. Miss Rhee slowly covered the skin of each breasts with the hot wax. It stuck to the skin as it cooled, the heat sinking into Amanda's breasts and building with each drop of hot wax until they must have seemed to Amanda to be on fire. On and on Miss Rhee went, slowly and methodically using her candle until both of those beautiful breasts were encased in a thin sheet of milky wax, under which the flesh of her tits had turned a bright, fire red. When Miss Rhee ran out of exposed breast flesh, she shifted her target. She then held the candle over Amanda's exposed right armpit. The soft shaven flesh there proved just as sensitive to the hot wax as Amanda's breasts had been- perhaps more so. Woman are so tender there. As each drop of the hot wax hit the white flesh and began to spread, Amanda struggled anew against the ropes holding her arms to the bed frame, exposing her armpits to the painfully hot wax. In a replay of her struggles as Miss Rhee punished her breasts, Amanda's strong body strained hopelessly against her bonds, desperate to escape the pain, her muscles moving under her sweat covered skin with a life of their own. Still, Amanda remained silent except for a soft moan when the wax first hit the untouched flesh of her left armpit. When both her armpits had been encased in the wax, Miss Rhee returned to her original target- Amanda's breasts. On Amanda's nipples the wax had cooled into little mounds, entirely covering both the erect, finger like nubs. Maybe Amanda hoped that would protect them from any more of Miss Rhee's hot wax. If so she was disappointed; that didn't stop the little Korean bitch. A nip with her teeth to break the wax along with a touch of the candle's flame, and the nipple was again vulnerable. Again and again, Miss Rhee covered Amanda's red, swollen nipples with the hot wax, pouring the heat into two of the most sensitive spots on Amanda's body as Amanda sweated and flexed helplessly underneath her, wallowing in the pain radiating from her breasts. Despite the cool temperature of the room, Amanda was covered with sweat from the heat generated by that little candle. It poured off her to soak the sheet underneath her nude body. Amanda remained silent through it all, only the odd moan escaping her tightly compressed lips. Silent but not impassive; now there were tears streaming from the corners of her eyes to match the sweat covering the rest of her strong body. I was impressed! Hard to draw a tear from Major Slut these days. The gang rape hadn't. I was even more surprised by what happened next. As I watched, Miss Rhee leaned forward and put her face just above the reclining Amanda's. Silently Miss Rhee licked those tears off Amanda's cheeks. First one cheek, then the other was licked clean of Amanda's salty tears in quick, cat-like moves. When the tears were gone, Miss Rhee traced her tongue across her cheek to Amanda's lips. She hovered there, her lips almost touching Amanda's for a moment, her eyes staring into Amanda's. Then Miss Rhee caught Amanda's lower lip in her small, sharp teeth, drawing blood as well a little cry of pain from Amanda.

By now the candle was just a stub. And Miss Rhee must have been very close to coming, courtesy of Amanda's hard thighs. I could see tracts of her juices on Amanda's skin. She planted that candle snub on Amanda's quivering stomach, the wax dripping down the short stub to run into her bellybutton, to free both her hands. Then Miss Rhee finished herself off, rubbing her clit harder and harder on the slick skin of Amanda's thigh as she rode Amanda like a jockey, both hands holding onto the larger woman's hips for support Not a sound escaped her mouth as the small Korean whore masturbated herself to a climax. Eyes locked on Amanda's eyes, she rode herself to a shuttering climax without any help from me. Finally, Miss Rhee came; she hissed between her teeth , her upper body leaning back and her head thrown up. Then it was over. Miss Rhee stared at Amanda's silent face for a moment, then she leaned forward and slapped Amanda across the face. Hard! Round one to Major Slut!

But Miss Rhee was not finished. She crouched between the Vee of Amanda's wide spread legs, her small body easily fitting between those well muscled legs. She turned to me- the first time she had acknowledged by existence since she picked up the candle- and said: " I fuckee Major Slut! Fuckee bitch good!".

One of Miss Rhee's small hands spread the puffy outer lips of Amanda's cunt, letting us both see the finer inner lips and between them the still tiny hole of her cunt. There were traces of cum on the lips, both cum which had dripped from Amanda's gang raped asshole and cum from the few men who had preferred her cunt to her sloppy asshole. Miss Rhee wiped her other hand over these traces of cum, using them as a lubricant for what all three of us knew was coming next. She slide two fingers into Amanda's cunt. Then three. She worked them in and out a little, experimenting or maybe just savoring the feeling of Amanda's cunt gripping them. Then she formed her small hand into a spear point, the thumb pressed into the palm. With that she impaled Amanda, forcing it into Amanda up to her wrist in one sudden push.

Amanda was finally giving it up! She threw back her head and screamed again as Miss Rhee's hand disappeared further inside Amanda. Now she was into her up to the wrist. I felt alive again! I unzipped my fly and pulled out my cock, stroking it as I watched, wanting to join in but afraid of missing something if I did. As I watched, Miss Rhee began to pump her arm in and out of Amanda, the muscles in her upper arm straining as she fought Amanda's body for control. " NNOOO...... ARRGGHHEEEE!"

Amanda was screaming non-stop now. Miss Rhee's arm punched its way inside Amanda's cunt, slowly sinking deeper and deeper into the larger woman. I thought I could see the fist moving under Amanda's skin, like some invading snake twisting and butting its way into her womb. Amanda's big strong body moved around Miss Rhee's invading arm, trying to escape it, trying to crush it. But she couldn't. The arm invading her continued to penetrate deeper and deeper. Now Amanda looked like a human size puppet controlled by the tiny Miss Rhee. In response to each twist and thrust of Miss Rhee's arm, Amanda danced and arched on the bed, moving helplessly in response to the hand inside her, Amanda's screams marking each inch of progress by Miss Rhee's tiny fist. Miss Rhee's arm was soon sunk up to the elbow inside Amanda. She was thrusting into Amanda with her entire strength, twisting her arm and battering at Amanda's womb as Amanda frantically danced on her back in response. It was as if she wanted to reach inside Amanda and tear her heart out. I could not wait any longer. I straddled Amanda's head with my body, my cock raking across her agonized face. As she screamed again, I thrust into her open mouth. I gripped her thrashing head with both hands and raped her mouth. Uncaring of the teeth raking over my cock, I thrust deep into her, battering the back of her throat with the tip of my cock. She screamed around my cock, her tongue inadvertently, wetly caressing me as I fucked her warm mouth. I could feel the jarring, feel her body move in response to Miss Rhee's arm battering against her womb. I locked her head back so that I could stare into her eyes as I raped her, raped Amanda's face- raped her, not some anonymous hole. I thrust into her throat as deeply as I could while at the sametime Miss Rhee was doing the same to her other hole. Together we used Amanda's screaming, thrashing, helpless body, penetrating deeper into Amanda than she had ever experienced before or even through possible. I felt as if my cock and Miss Rhee's hand would meet somewhere inside Amanda if only we could keep this up. And I could see from the fear in Amanda's eyes that she had the same thought.

I fucked Amanda's mouth relentlessly. The head of my cock butting against her gullet, the underside riding over her tongue. I didn't care if her teeth scraped over my cock. I watched Amanda's face turn red from lack of air as I fuck her mouth. Hard to scream and breath, especially when there is a large cock in your mouth. Every few minutes I would slow down to let her catch a breath of air. Then it was back to battering her throat. She continued to scream as Miss Rhee and I invaded her body from opposite ends. Then the screams increased. Turning my head to the right, I realized why. Miss Rhee's other hand had also disappeared into Amanda's body. One hand was sunk up to the elbow inside Amanda's cunt. The other arm had disappeared halfway to the elbow into Amanda's gang raped asshole. Miss Rhee was alternating thrusts- now thrusting into Amanda's asshole with one arm, now thrusting into Amanda's cunt with the other- in a two stroke rhyme like an old steam engine. Every hole in Amanda's abused body was filled- to a depth which she had never before experienced. I was half way down her throat. Miss Rhee was to her womb- maybe beyond- and deep in Amanda's asshole. I could see Miss Rhee's arms struggling inside Amanda, fighting for room where there wasn't suppose to be any.

. I don't know how long we continued. It seemed forever- especially to Amanda. Harder and harder we fucked her, trying to beat Amanda's strong body into submission with my cock and her fists. I felt as if my cock were made of iron; as if it was a weapon with which to bludgeon Amanda, to rape her mouth. And I felt as if I could go on raping her mouth, stretching it around my cock, forever. I could hear Miss Rhee's ragged breathing and the harsh guttural of her curses as she pumped her arms in and out of Amanda, along with a new sound. Now I could hear a wet, sucking sound coming from Amanda, the sound of wet flesh impacting on wet flesh. It took me a minute to realize that it was coming from Amanda's cunt. Soon, I could see her juices covering Miss Rhee's arm, shining in the room's lights. Suddenly, I could feel Amanda's body tightening. Then I could feel her shaking underneath me. It was as if she was having some sort of fit, an epileptic fit maybe. For a second I thought she was choking. I pulled half way out to let her breath, but the shaking continued. Unbelievable! THE SLUT WAS CUMMING! We were raping every hole in her body, and Major Slut was cumming! The sight of her cumming drove me over the edge. I thrust as deep into Amanda's throat as I could as she bucked underneath me and held it there until I came. I filled her with my hot cum. The cum shot out of my cock in burst after burst of hot sperm. With each burst, I pulled my still hard cock a little further out of her throat, so that by my fourth burst of cum I was no longer dumping my cum directly down her throat but shooting it onto her tongue. I wanted her to taste it! I wiped the last drops of my cum on her face, smearing my shirking cock over her lips and cheek as I stared into her open, blank eyes, her body still shaking as she rode out the Mother of all climaxes.

Part 5 By conwic@aol.com

After I had emptied my cum onto Amanda, I climbed off her bound body and staggered to a chair. Without emotion, drained, I watched as Miss Rhee pulled her hands out of Amanda and took my place on Amanda's face. She took Amanda's face in her small cum covered hands and pulled Amanda's face into her cunt. All I could hear were the small liquid sounds of Amanda's lips and tongue working on Miss Rhee's very wet cunt. And Miss Rhee's moans. I don't know how long she rode Amanda's face. I watched Amanda work to satisfy Miss Rhee, bringing her organism after organism, the smell of two women in heat heavy in the air in that small room. I loved the smell of pussy in the night! I could feel it recharging my cock, getting me ready for another shot at Amanda. There was no doubt in my military mind that I had found the ultimate punishment for Amanda. There was no one was cruel to a woman as another woman. Miss Rhee definitely knew how to hurt Amanda in ways I'd never suspect! And to make her cum while doing it! But there was something about this which I didn't like. Miss Rhee was just a bit too possessive of my slut. Miss Rhee was going to need some sorting out. The thought of doing that made my cock even harder.

But before I had a chance to sort out Miss Rhee, a letter from Amanda's younger sister came. That put such a scare into me that I lost interest in either Amanda or Miss Rhee- for the moment. All I could think about was whether or not the sister suspected something. The letter worried me. It was so damn mysterious with its:

I have to talk to you. I think you know why. I am flying out to Korea space available. Since I'll be taking whatever is going in that direction, I don't know exactly when I'll get there or where I'll land. I'll call you when I arrive. Karen

I knew a little about Amanda's family from the letters and pictures I found in her room. And from the ones she received after she became my slut. Hard to open your mail when your hands are tied, so I would read her mail to her. I enjoyed reading those letters out loud to her as she lay there on the floor at my feet, gagged and in a hog tie, her eyes glaring at me as I read her little secrets aloud. So, I already knew that Amanda had a younger sister named Karen. I knew she was just out of college, so I guessed she was 21 or 22. I even knew that she had joined the Army too. There was a picture of her on Amanda's desk, all nervous looking in her brand new Class A uniform as Amanda pinned a second lieutenant's gold bar on her right shoulder. On the other side of Karen was an older man, hair white but still husky, pinning a bar on her other shoulder. He, I found, was their father; his name was Thor, if you can believe that. There was a family resemblance all right; they were a healthy looking bunch, typical Minnesota Swedes except for the dark hair. Karen had the same cheek bones and wide mouth as Amanda. She was almost as tall, the same sturdy build, and had some muscles of her own judging by another picture Amanda had with Karen in a victory pose with 3 other girls from her college swim team. Nice body- long, strong legs, slender waist, and a pair of breasts which almost matched Amanda's. She was a younger version of Amanda, though her shoulder length reddish hair softened her look compared to Amanda's butch cut. The hair and the lost puppy dog look in her eyes made her look a lot different from the self confident ball breaker her older sister had been. Softer definitely; weaker maybe. In her picture, Karen seemed to be asking you to like her. And afraid that you won't. Something Amanda would never do. I couldn't quite put my finger on, but it was there. The letters weren't any help. She wrote once a week, regular as clockwork, but there was nothing personal in any of Karen's letters, no sharing of secrets with her big sis. They were more like reports to her superior officer. I wished I 'd had some of Amanda's letters to her, but I sure wasn't going to have Amanda writing letters to anyone. I figured that was the problem. That little Karen must have become suspicious of the lack of letters from Amanda. The big question was, who had she told about this suspicion. The rational thing to do was run. I had a pile of money in that bank in the Caribbean by now. I could just disappear. I knew that was what I should do, but I knew that I wouldn't do it. I sweated about it for a day or so, then I just didn't care anymore. I was going to play this thing out, take it as far as it would go! By the time Karen's phone call arrived a day later, I was looking forward to introducing Karen to the new Amanda and was making plans with Miss Rhee on how to do just that. The voice on the phone didn't seem suspicious. I told her who I was and that her sister was "tied up" at the moment and could not come to the phone. Which was the truth; Amanda was tied up at the moment- in a tight hog tie, her hands and feet tied together to bend her nude body into a 'U" shape, a pair of my used underwear held in her mouth by a bootlaces, tied so that she was lying on her belly and breasts on the cold concrete floor of our room. Karen said that she had just arrived at the air base in Pusan and wanted to know what to do next. I told her that Pusan wasn't far from the station and that her sister would send the station's truck to pick her up. I told her to just sit tight and someone would be there in an hour or so. Then I alerted Miss Rhee- or "Mistress" Rhee as I had Amanda addressing her now- to make her preparation, grabbed Johnson to drive, and lit out in the cargo Humvee.

It didn't take us but a little over an hour to get to the Air Force base near Pusan. I sat there in the front seat, sweating every minute of it. The guard at the gate just waved us through. Now I really began to get nervous. Suppose this was a trap? At the terminal building, I looked around for men busy doing nothing before going in, but saw no one. The area was deserted. It was the same inside. I spotted a tall woman in the Army summer uniform easily enough. I knew it had to be her; she looked so much like a younger version of Amanda. The big difference was the hair. Her's was a bit shorter now but still longer, and redder, than Amanda's- framing her face and giving her that soft, feminine look. God, she was beautiful! Not proud beautiful like her sister, but prom queen beautiful. But I could sense something in her just from looking at her. Or rather the lack of something. Deep inside, I knew that she had none of her sister's iron backbone.

" Lieutenant Thompson?"

" No, I'm Lieutenant Lutgren" She replied with a serious expression. Then she smiled, and looked all of eighteen with her " please like me smile". It last about a second until she remembered she wasn't suppose to smile at the enlisted swine and went back to her serious, officer face, the one she must have learned from her sister.

" Thompson is my sister's married name. Are you from her unit?"

" Yes, Ma am. Sorry. Major Thompson..." It seemed strange to be referring to Amanda as Major Thompson. If I used her old rank at all, it was to call her Major Slut. " Major Thompson sent me to pick you up. I'll get your bags."

With that I grabbed her bags and started walking, all the while waiting for the shouts, the running men with guns. But they never appeared. She just stood there for a minute with her mouth open, uncertain what to do; then she followed me out to the Humvee. There were seats for three in the front of the Humvee, but it was close. So close I could smell her- the sweat and the perfume and the flower like scent of her hair. So close that she couldn't help but touch us every time the vehicle swayed. And I could tell that made her uncomfortable. I had her in the middle. She wanted to talk, even though that was next to impossible with the noise of the diesel engine. But she went on and on, almost shouting questions about Amanda, about Korea, about the commo station. The driver ignored her. He just concentrated on the road like I'd told him to do. I gave her short answers, mostly grunts, which I could see were making her uneasy. I didn't care. I was already thinking about the next stage, about breaking her just as I had broken her sister Amanda.

I didn't wait long to start my next stage either. As soon as we hit an empty stretch of road, I had Johnson pull over. I got Karen- I had already made the transition to thinking of her as Karen, my slut, rather than as the Lieutenant- to follow me to the cargo area of the Humvee. I told her some bullshit about how I smelled something and was afraid that a bottle of cleaning compound had broken and was going to soak into her bags. She climbed into the small canvas enclosed cargo area willingly enough. Threaten a woman's clothes, and she'll do anything to save them. But there was no cleaning compound, nothing back there except her two bags. When she turned to tell me that she didn't see anything wrong, I put the blade of my buck knife up under her chin. She froze! I slapped a handcuff on her left wrist and spun her around so she was facing the front of the Humvee. Keeping the knife at her throat, I ran the other cuff around a chain I'd secured to the spare tire which was bolted to the back of the cab and snapped it shut around Karen's right wrist. Then I forced her to her knees and squatted on my knees behind her, my body pressing her's into the tire, my knife still at her throat. " Please don't hurt me." She managed to stammer. " I'll do whatever you want"

I knew that she would. There was no fight in her, no backbone. I could feel her eyes following the blade of my knife as I brought it up to her face and moved it in a lazy figure eight there. She followed it like it was a snake. I could feel her body shake with her fear. Satisfied with the impression I had made on her, I move the knife down her body, using it to slowly cut the buttons off her light green summer uniform blouse. I like the way she flinched each time the knife's blade slipped between her and the blouse. It must have felt cold as ice against her skin as it touched her. When the blouse was hanging open, I slipped the knife under her bra between her two soft, solid breasts. I let her feel the sharp edge of the blade against her skin as I slipped it in. That brought a whine from her, and a little whispered "no". She gave a little sob of relief when I turned the blade and used it to cut the bra instead of her. Then I cut each shoulder strap and pulled the whole bra off her, leaving her nude under her open blouse. The uniform pants were next. I unbuttoned them and forced them down to her knees. I used the knife on her panties- light blue ones I remember. Not very military. I cut each side of them and then pulled them free from between her legs. I laid them on the tire in case I needed them later for a gag. But first, I brought them to my face, covering my face with them, smelling that glorious scent of woman. It made my cock even harder. She didn't fight me, didn't struggle at all. Karen definitely didn't have Amanda's back bone. She hadn't said much so far, just whimpered and cringed as the knife played over her. But I knew that she would find her voice soon enough. I pounded on the back of the cab to let Johnson know to start driving. The noise of the vehicle would drown out most of the sounds she made. As the truck moved out, I left her for a moment to pull down the canvas at the rear of the cargo compartment so no one would see us. That left us in almost total darkness. I unbuttoned my pants and pulled then down to let my erect cock free. I pressed my self against Karen's back, letting my cock rest against her bare asscheeks. She jerked when my cock touched her- like it had burned her skin. I wrapped one arm around her again, resting the knife against one of her fear erect nipples, toying with it with the tip of my knife. I let the other hand roam over her bare skin, feeling her flat stomach, the weight of her other breast, the fine hairs between her legs. Karen flinched every time I touched her, her body shaking in fear. I could smell that fear in the sweat pouting off her now. I put my lips next to her delicate ear and whispered to her about how beautiful she was as I inhaled her scents- the cold sweat of her fear, her day old perfume, and the flower scent of her hair. But, business before pleasure. With the tip of my knife bending her nipple back- and my cock hard against her ass- I began to ask her some questions. I ask her why she had come, who she had talked to about her trip, what did she know about Amanda and me. She wasn't very coherent initially. She just kept begging me not to hurt her. But I was persistent. I kept asking the same questions there in the total darkness, whispering them into her ear in a lover's voice as my knife pricked her nipple. Eventually, the terrorized girl's answers began to make sense.

I learned that she didn't suspect anything. The thought that her " I'm in charge here" big sister could ever be in trouble that she couldn't handle never crossed her mind. She said that she hadn't told anyone about her trip. That she had been at home on her thirty days leave after her basic officer training and before reporting to her first duty station and just decided to come on a whim . At first, I didn't believe her. I figured that she must have at least told her father even if he hadn't sent her. I put the tip of my knife under that nipple and twisted it a little. Just enough to draw a little blood as I whispered into her ear that she was lying to me. That I'd cut her nipple off if she didn't tell the truth. She was crying and swearing that she was telling me the truth. Then she blurted out that she had come to Korea to face up to her big sister. To Amanda. And to put her out of her life. From there, it all spilled out, her whole sorry life story starting with the third grade. How all she had ever heard when she was growing up was how great Amanda was. And how she had been expected to be the over achiever that Amanda was in school and in sports. I heard how she had spent her whole life trying to live up to other people's expectations of her, expectations that she was just like Amanda. And not quite making it! Now she just couldn't do it any longer. The visit home had been the last straw. She told me she hated the Army; that she was a terrible officer. But when she got home and told her father this, he won't listen to her. He still wanted her to be a career officer like he had been and Amanda was. He kept asking her, " Why can't you be more like Amanda?" -just like he had all her life She stormed out of the house and to a motel. A day of crying and a bottle of liquor later, she had decided to fly to Korea and have it out once and for all with the sister who had dominated her life.

I had to laugh. She had finally decided to have a life of her own, finally gets the nerve to face up to her sister, and she runs into me. This girl- and she was a girl, not a woman like Amanda- had no luck at all! But it was great for me; I was home free! No one would come looking for her. I'd heard all I needed from Karen. It was time to gag her and get on with the fun part of my plan. I used her own panties to gag her, forcing them into her mouth and tying them there with a lace from her shoes. I hoped she enjoyed the womanly taste of the panties she had worn for the last 10-12 hours as much as I had enjoyed their smell. I put up the knife. I wanted both hands free. In her kneeling position pressed up against the spare tire there was only one hole available- her asshole. Luckily it was the one I wanted. I spit on one hand and used those fingers to penetrate her asshole. God, she was tight. It was a struggle to get first one, then two, and finally three of my fingers past her sphincter and into the hot asschute beyond. She was screaming into her gag now and shaking her head "no", as if that made any difference to me. I kept my lips close to her ear, against her sweet smelling hair so I could whisper into her ear. I told her how this was the way I took her sister and about how much Amanda enjoyed taking it up her ass. I told her a lot about the things Amanda and I did. I don't think she believed them then, but she would later.

There in the darkness, in the back of the moving truck, I sodomized Karen for the first time in her young life. God, she was tight. I spread her asscheeks with my hands and wedged my cock against her. I had to use one hand to get myself started inside her asshole. Once I had wedged the head inside her, I grabbed both her breasts and rode her hard. She bucked like a bronco, trying to get away from my cock. But there was no where to go. I'd get a little further inside her asschute with each of her bucks. It was like being inside a vice inside an oven - hotter and tighter than anything I've ever felt. Tighter than Amanda was that first night. A lot tighter than she'd been for a long time. I held her against me, using her breasts as handles, forcing her back against my larger body. As I fucked her I rolled her nubs- they were already erect- between my fingers and thumb as I squeezed and pulled on the rest of her breast meat. She threw her head back and howled into her gag as I rode her, her strong body fighting me every inch of the way. I was using my cock like a battering ram, to impale her, to tear her open. To reach a part of her no one had ever possessed before and mark it as mine. She struggled as long as she could, not giving up until I had penetrated her to her depths, until my cock had buried it's self to the balls inside her ass. Through it all I was whispering in to her ear, telling her how good it felt inside her , how hot she was, and how tight. I told her how I had taken Amanda in just this way, raping her ass as she bucked and screamed underneath me. I told her how her ass felt even tighter, even better, than her sister's. And I ask her how it felt to finally be better at something than Amanda.

Once I was all the way in, I stopped to enjoy the feeling of her heat and way her asschute gripped me- hard like a hand trying to crush my cock. It was then that she stopped fighting me, stopped bucking. She put her head down. I could feel her body relax in my grip. It was as if she had given up, had surrendered to my superior force. I began to ride her again. Gentler this time, slowly building the force of my cock thrusts, using my cock like a cock instead of like a battering ram. Her body moved with mine, limp in my arms, as I sodomized her. I used one hand to turn her face toward mine so that her cheek was against my face. As my cock moved inside her, I licked her soft cheeks, tasting the salt in her tears and her sweat. In the darkness I could not see her, nor could she see me. It was purely the feel of her body against mine, the smell of sex. and the warmth of our two bodies- like fucking must be for a blind man. I rode her for what seemed to be hours there in the darkness. I lost all track of time. With each thrust I made into her, her body becoming limper and limper in my arms until she became like a puppet controlled by my cock, moving this way and that in response to my movements. She didn't resist me any more; she moved with me, letting me control her, use her, as I wished. I don't know exactly when I came inside her asshole. My cock stayed hard enough to keep fucking even after I had filled her with my cum. I could feel it against my cock, running down the sides; it's wetness making her passage slick and keeping me going even longer. As my cock softened, I stopped fucking and just soaked, enjoying the heat and wetness of her asschute. I could have stayed inside her forever if only my cock had held out. In my frustration, I chewed on Karen's neck, biting hard enough to draw blood. I am not sure, but I think she came when I bit her. Or maybe, the bite just surprised her. I have started wondering about that a lot lately during those long Kansas nights.

But I didn't have much time to think about it then. The driver pulled over the truck to tell me we were getting near the ferry that would take us to the island. And there were always Korean police at the ferry. So I checked Karen's gag and the handcuffs, and tied her feet together. I stayed back there with her to make sure she kept quiet as we used the ferry She didn't make a sound, just lay slumped against the tire, motionless. I was quiet too, thinking about all she had told me. As I looked for the angle here, a new plan formed in my mind, one that built on my original idea. I had the driver drop us off near the showers and then tell "Mistress" Rhee I was back.. I cleaned Karen up a little there, washed the tears and sweat off her face. I wiped off her body, but left the cum, blood, and traces of shit on her asscheeks and upper thighs as a memento of my butt fucking. It was also a useful little reminder to Karen of her new statue as my whore. When Mistress Rhee appeared, I had her put Karen's makeup on. Like I told Karen, I wanted her to look her best when she saw her sister. Then I recuffed her with her hands behind her back. I left on her light summer uniform blouse with its lieutenant's epaulets- and left it open to expose her breasts- but stripped her of her pants and pantyhose, exposing those long smooth swimmer's legs and that nice red vee between them. I left her shoes. She was pretty passive as I washed and dressed her, not resisting, but not doing anything for herself. It was like she was in a state of shock. Not surprising considering. I also made her take a couple of short puffs from Amanda's opium pipe. A little something to loosen her up for the night's work. Then I put a gag in her mouth, one Mistress Rhee had made for Amanda. The little Korean whore was really getting into this " Mistress" bit. It consisted of a leather strap which buckled around the head to hold a cock-like piece of soft wood about 4 inches long in the mouth. I could see it already had Amanda's teeth marks on the base. Thorough it all , Karen let us handle her body without a struggle or even a word of protest. Only when I told her that I was going to take her to see Amanda did she show a real response. That got her attention. I could see the hope appear in her eyes. She thought it was over. She thought that her big sister was going to save her now from the big, bad sergeant! But right behind that glimmer of hope, I could see the dread in her eyes at the thought of her big sister Amanda seeing her looking like this- naked except for her uniform blouse, her face made up like a whore's, and the evidence of my earlier sodomy still leaking out of her asshole.

Part 6 by conwic@aol.com

I left Mistress Rhee there with Karen as I went to the club to explain that I had something "special" for that night and to explain the ground rules- stay away from Karen- to my eager assholes. Then I went back to the showers and stayed with Karen a few minutes while Mistress Rhee took Amanda to the club and got her started. As I lead a shaky Karen through the darkness across the compound to the club, I told her that she was going to get a chance to see her sister in action, on duty so to speak. I suspect she must have wondered what duty her sister could be performing at that late hour in the dingy corrugated metal building we were approaching. But she kept her thoughts to herself; which come to think of it, is the reason you gag a woman. I opened the door and thrust her through; she didn't seem too anxious to go into what looked like a very seedy bar even if her sister was inside. Though familiar enough to me, it still took me a minute to adjust my eyes to the dim lights, the shouting of the men, and the thick smoke. It must have taken Karen longer. I watched her as she looked frantically for her sister Amanda. I watched as her eyes were drawn to the brightly lit stage, to the nude female form kneeling there, her arms tightly bound behind her back by ropes which encircled her entire torso. The bound, kneeling woman had on a blindfold, making her face hard to recognize. But there was no mistaking the short, hair, the strong, if no longer tanned body with it's voluptuous breasts, or the shiny golden major's leaf impaling the woman's right breast. Still Karen shook her head, refusing to admit to herself that the captive woman in front of her was her big sister Amanda. But then, I don't think she had ever seen Amanda, nude, on her knees in front of a man, her face spotted with man cum -looking every inch the slut- until now. Hard to see the proud, professional looking Major Thompson in the degraded, whorish creature in the spotlight. I'd left Amanda's outfit up to Mistress Rhee, and she had come through. Amanda looked like she had been dressed by Frederick's of Korea, wearing just a pair of open crotch fishnet stockings and some very high heels. The rest of her body nude, shiny in the lights from her sweat. Around Amanda's neck was a dog collar. Standing behind her holding the leash attached to that collar was Mistress Rhee in her best whore's cheap, very short , very tight dress and - instead of her usual cheap plastic shoes- a pair of shiny black vinyl boots reaching up to her knees. Another Frederick's of Korea creation, I guess. In her hand was a folded belt which she was using on Amanda's bare breasts! She used the leash to force the kneeling Amanda to arch her back, making Amanda's breasts thrust forward invitingly- if involuntarily. It looked as if Amanda was offering her breasts to Mistress Rhee for her punishment. Already, Amanda's full, meaty breasts were covered with long, angry welts from Mistress Rhee's belt. As we watched, Mistress Rhee gave her another stroke, lashing the leather belt across Amanda's pointy, pain hardened nipples as well as the solid flesh of her jutting breasts.

I hadn't given Amanda her usual drugs tonight. And we'd been cutting back on Amanda's ration of opium for the last two days, leaving her on the edges of DT's. She was desperate- wild animal in a trap desperate. Now that animal like desperation came through in the way she moved her body on the stage. Instead of her usual semi-stupor, she was alert, searching for her opportunity. She wanted her drugs and would do anything- no matter how humiliating- for them. But to Karen, it just looked like her sister, the sister to whom she had felt inferior to all her life, was a world class slut desperate not just for sex but for the most degrading sex. And that was what Amanda was getting. Promoted by another blow to her breasts by Mistress Rhee's belt, she was now begging the unseen man in front of her to let her suck his cock!

" AAUGHEE.. I'm sorry Mistress. Please Sir, let me lick your cock.. I want to lick your cock. I want your cum... I'll be a good whore.."

With every curve and muscle of her big body highlighted by the spotlight, Amanda leaned well forward, letting the man guide her open mouth onto his cock. She sucked it like she was dying of thirst and his cum was the only thing to drink. Amanda moved like the pro she had become, swallowing his cock to the balls with each bob of her head. Mistress Rhee gave the grinning man Amanda's leash, using her now free hand to caress Amanda's cunt, masturbating the larger woman with two teasing fingers as she continued to use the belt on Amanda's hanging breasts while Amanda frantically sucked on the cock in her mouth. The man was getting close. Karen and I watched as he used the leash to hold her head still so that he could face fuck her- hard! I could feel Karen stiffen beside me as she finally admitted to herself that this whore was her sister Amanda. And that Amanda wasn't going to be saving her any time soon. I suspect she also begin to think about the men in the audience who were looking at her and what they might be thinking. I moved behind her, holding her against me and running my hands inside her open shirt to caresses her soft, warm breasts. I held her close as I whispered into her ear all the things I wanted her to hear, my warm breath and the hypnotic drone of my voice filling her ear. I'm not sure what I told her. I remember I told her things like I was her only protection; that if she didn't do what I wanted, she would be the one on her knees on that stage, and it would be her own fault. Like what she saw in front of her was Amanda's own fault. . I told her that her sister wasn't going to help her; that it was her sister who had got her into this. That her sister was a fraud, that she was a lying slut just pretending to be so perfect. Again and again, I repeated some of the stuff she had told me when she was spilling her guts to me in the truck. Reminding her how her sister had ruined her life, and how she need to pay Amanda back for that. It wasn't a hard sell, especially with the opium in her. And I was telling her things she wanted to hear. As I spoke, Karen watched Amanda suck one man to completion, swallowing every drop of his cum under her pint sized Mistress's urging. Then her Mistress made Amanda crawl on her knees to the next table, all the while slapping Amanda's buttcheeks with the belt. When she got to the table, she ordered Amanda to sit up and bark for her supper like the bitch that she was, emphasizing her command by snapping the tip of the belt between Amanda's legs to strike her red swollen cunt lips. Amanda did just as she commanded, sitting back with her buttocks on her feet and barking like a dog in front of the laughing, drunken audience of men- men who had once been her subordinates. That man stood up and turned around, dropping his pants to presented his bare butt to the blindfolded Amanda. When Mistress Rhee told Amanda that it was time to eat shit, Amanda didn't hesitate. She just replied : "Yes, Mistress, thank you Mistress" and went to work. Amanda was spared knowing that the asshole she was licking belonged to the club's fat, greasy Korean cook, but Karen was not. She watched her sister eat that man's asshole, pressing her face into the crack of his ass with apparent enthusiasm. I could feel Karen's body shake with her revulsion at the sight of this. She would have been screaming her disgust at her sister but for the gag filling her mouth. I kept whispering in her ear about her lying sister as I walked her unwilling body into the light until she was standing beside her sister, who -blindfolded and unaware of her sister's presence -continued her degrading task of licking the Korean's asshole. I let her watch Amanda's tongue at work for a minute. Then I gestured the cook out of the way and spun Karen into his place, pushing her recently fucked asshole against Amanda's mouth. When Amanda's tongue hit her asshole, Karen would have jumped six feet but for my weight holding her back. I held her there as Amanda obediently cleaned the cum, the blood, and the traces of shit off Karen's ass with her tongue. I stared into Karen's big blue eyes as her sister licked her asshole and watched the foundations of Karen's world crumble. Her sister disgusted her! Amanda was a Whore!

I pulled Karen, all nice and clean now as well as totally disgusted, away from Amanda- who never even knew she was there- and let the cook have Amanda's mouth again. This time for his cock. Karen watched Amanda suck that shriveled worm of a cock to erection and then continue, totally repulsed by the sheer slutiness of her sister's actions but unable to tear her eyes from the sight. I figured now was my moment. I uncuffed Karen and gave her Rhee's belt. Then I told her to punish Amanda for everything that her sister had done to her. I didn't even threaten Karen if she didn't obey. I didn't need to. Karen laid into Amanda's ass like an avenging angle. Raising that belt above here head, she used it as hard as she could on her sister's full buttocks. With each stroke, Karen left a muddy red stripe across the tanned flesh. As she beat her sister's ass, Karen was screaming incoherently into her gag. I unbuckled it for her. Now She was flaying Amanda with her tongue as well as with the belt, alternating blows with insults.


Ah! I love it when a plan comes together!

At first Amanda just kept on sucking the cook's cock. Mistress Rhee's training was apparently first rate, not to mention that Amanda had lately developed a very high tolerance for pain. But eventually, Karen's screams penetrated even her cock focused mind. She stopped sucking cock. Still blindfolded, she could not see who was screaming at her. She tired to rise, but Mistress Rhee and I held her down. She could only add her screams to her sister's, calling out "Karen?" as her sister whipped her ass until it was a beet red, all the while screaming " WHORE" and "SLUT" at her. And at the same time, the cook was beating off right in front of Amanda's face, eventually spurting his mass of white cum all over her upturned, searching face. Between the two sisters screaming at each other and the shouts of the drunken men, my head started to throb, like I'd sat too close to the speakers at a nightclub. I screamed out "ENOUGH" and grabbed the belt. Unbelievably, Karen fought me for possession of that belt. She wanted to keep beating her sister's ass until it was bloody! I had to slap her hard before I could jerk the belt away from Karen. That left her standing there dazed and confused, looking like a kid caught red handed doing what she shouldn't have been doing, wondering perhaps if this was real or some kind of Freudian nightmare. I called a couple of men from the crowd to help me. I was just winging it now; I had no idea what I was going to do until I did it. I had them stand Amanda up. I grabbed a table and pulled it into the lights, jamming it hard against the wall to steady it. As the two grinning men held Amanda, I stripped off my shirt and unzipped my pants to get at my aching cock. I wanted to feel her back against my naked chest as I raped her ass just as I had raped her sister's earlier. Her asshole was loose from the countless number of times Amanda had been sodomized lately, so I had no trouble entering her as she stood there, her strong legs apart, her arms held by the two men. I leaned back , supporting my weight on the table and wrapping my arms around Amanda in a bear hug, pressing her sweaty, strong body against my bare chest. Then I told the two men to spread her legs as far as they would go. This made her virtually sit on my cock, her weight easily driving it deep inside her warm, loose channel. Her bruised butt rested on my lap. I could feel the results of the whipping she had received in the hot skin pressing against mine. I called on Mistress Rhee to fist fuck Amanda as I fucked her asshole. But as the little Korean knelt to go to work, I changed my mind and stopped her. I told her to use two fists, her fist and Karen's. She looked at me for moment as she tried to understand the words before she realized what I wanted. When she did, she gave me a big, evil, shit eating grin to match my own and went to work. She grabbed Karen's left hand in her right hand and pulled her to her knees along with her between the fishnet encased legs of the blindfolded Amanda. That let Karen get a good look at her sister's cunt for the first time, nicely framed by the crotchless fishnet. She saw a pair of red swollen cunt lips still dripping man cum from an earlier fuck- the cunt of a ten dollar whore on payday. Mistress Rhee intertwined her fingers with Karen's to form one huge fist consisting of both her right hand and Karen's left hand. Then she put that super fist at the opening to Amanda's cunt. Karen didn't fight her actions. She went along passively, but she went along. That was good enough for me. Together the two women's joined fist pressed against Amanda's vulva. The fist disappeared past the cunt lips and out of my sight, into Amanda. I could feel her body tighten as their fists began to penetrate her. I didn't want Amanda to miss this, to miss seeing her own sister join with a Korean whore to fist fuck her. I pulled Amanda's blindfold off, letting her for the first time see for herself that it really was her sister Karen who had whipped and abused her.

Her anguished "KAREN..NO!" turned into a scream as their combined fists pushed its way through her vagina's opening and into her body. I could feel the fist now, a pressure against the base of my cock. I held onto Amanda tightly as she began to fight the fist impaling her. It took everything I had plus the strength of the two men holding her legs to keep her under control as that giant fist impaled her, as the two handed fist of Karen and Rhee slowly penetrated into Amanda's cunt hole. It must have been like giving birth- in reverse! I could feel its progress through the thin membrane of skin separating my cock form their fists as it slowly, steadily forced its way deeper into Amanda. That big fist was pressing against the underside of my cock as it filled Amanda, trying to crush my hard cock as it filled Amanda. As it moved inside her, Amanda began to find her voice again between the screams, the tears, and the grunts.


While she was screaming and crying, I was screaming at Karen too, telling her that her sister fucked her, now it was Karen's turn to fuck her sister. The men had surrounded the two women. They were chanting " Fuck her, Fuck her" and stomping their feet in time with the chant. It was like some like some African war chant, low and mean. I could see it scared the shit out of Amanda. I don't think Karen even noticed. She had become so intent on raping her sister. Now she was chanting alone with the rest of us, but soft like.

" Fuck you AMANDA...fuck you... fuck you AMANDA..fuck you "

The two fist were in Amanda half way up to their elbows. Mistress Rhee started punching into Amanda with their joined fists, drawing back a few inches and then punching forward as if they would batter their way through Amanda's cervix and rip out her heart. I could see Karen pick up the rhythm. They were both punching into Amanda's womb as hard was they could. The sensation felt great on my cock; it was as if I was getting a hand job as I raped her asshole! The pressure from the fist moved along the sensitive underside of my cock as her body convulsed with each punch. Each time she spasmed it felt as if Amanda's asshole was a hot, wet hand squeezing my cock. I didn't move at all; I just let that big fist masturbate my cock.

I watched Karen over Amanda's shoulder, her face framed between Amanda's wobbling breasts. She had a fixed grin on her face as she punched into her sister's pussy like this was the most fun she'd had all week. Really weird. I guess Mistress Rhee thought so too. She was looking at Karen kind of funny over her shoulder. Then Rhee just sort of slid back, pulling her hand out of Amanda without breaking rhythm, leaving Karen alone inside Amanda's cunt. Karen never noticed her departure. She just kept punching her fist into Amanda's cunt. Chanting her " FUCK YOU AMANDA" as she punched in and out.. The force and speed of her punches increased now that she was on her own. It was like she wanted to punish her sister for twenty years of unhappiness in five minutes of pussy punching. And I guess she did a pretty good job of it! Amanda had gone from bucking and fighting to limp as a dishrag by now. The two men had let go of her feet, leaving her hanging in my arms, her big sweaty body jerking with every one of her sister's pussy punches, her breasts wobbling like jello. Amanda had stopped screaming and was just moaning, a low constant moan like her body had over-loaded her mind so that nothing came out of her mouth but static. I could feel her body shake with each thrust of Karen's fist. And between the thrusts, I could feel her body spasm like she was cumming, cumming from being fisted by her own sister! I wasn't in much better shape. My cock was throbbing. It was so hard it hurt. I wasn't going to last much longer. It felt too good, like I was getting a hand job and ass fucking her all at once. The men were still surrounding us, still chanting, some beating off as they watched with their cum shooting on to Amanda's nude body, others holding their cum for later. I held on as long as I could. When I came, it felt like and explosion. I did see stars for just a second. Karen kept punching against Amanda's womb after I came, keeping me half hard enough to enjoy the periodic spasms of Amanda's limp, sweat slick body as my cock soaked in the warm, sperm filled chamber of her asshole. It was as close as I have come to complete and absolute bliss. And it lasted for all of 30 seconds. Story of my life.

Part 7 By conwic@aol.com

I was satisfied now, but it struck me that Karen hadn't had a chance to cum yet. After the pleasure I had raping her asshole, it seemed only polite that I give her a cum in return. I certainly wasn't in any shape to do it right then however. And I didn't want to share her with the other men- or Rhee- just yet. So that left Amanda. I slipped out of Amanda's ass and let her limp body lay back on the table. Even now, Karen was still pussy punching her. I had to pull her off Amanda. I grabbed the hand that had been inside Amanda. It was covered with a scum of pussy juice, blood, and man cum. Karen did not resist as I placed her hand against Amanda's mouth. I had to twist Amanda's nipples to get her attention though; she was still lost in the passion of Karen's fisting of her cunt. Once awake and reminded of the drugs to come, Amanda performed beautifully. She licked her little sister scum covered hand clean, like a kid licking the spoon used to stir the cake batter. Her tongue darted out to captured each precious drop of her own cum and blood flavored pussy juices- the drippings of her own cunt- which covered Karen's hand and forearm. Karen passively let me hold her hand to her sister's mouth; the expression on her face was stony, an expression of contempt. She watched her sister lick her hand and uttered only one word- " WHORE!" Amanda flinched as if Karen had struck her. Karen's expression of contempt stayed on her face even as I lifted her on to the table and had her mount her sister's face. I ran a finger over her cunt before I shoved it down on Amanda's tear streaked face. It was wet- just like Amanda's. "Matching creaming cunts from sister sluts." That's what I whispered into Karen's ear as I pressed her cunt down hard onto her sister's face. Then it was Karen's turn to flinch. I used one hand to twist Amanda's nipple to encourage her to get to work on her sister's cunt as I used the other hand to support Karen as she straddled her sister's face. Amanda responded to the pain from her nipples by going to work on her sister's dripping cunt. Amanda responded well to pain by now. It was our main medium of communication. I could hear the little wet sounds from Amanda's mouth between the shouts and cheers of the men waiting to rape Amanda. Of course, by this time, Amanda's cunt or asshole- I didn't see or care which- was back in play. There was already a scrawny PFC in-between Amanda's legs, plowing into her with all his might even as she started to eat out her sister. And a line forming behind him. Karen got to watch - and have her sister lick her cunt- as man after man raped Amanda's strong, nude body, brutally used Amanda's two fucked out holes to relieve themselves in while they used her breasts as hand holds. Karen watched in fascination as man after man used her sister, their faces either blank as they concentrated on the feeling of their cocks moving inside Amanda or grinningly lecherous as they stared at Karen and imagined that it was her on the end of their cock.. I took my hand from Amanda's breasts then and used it to move Karen's hips back and forth on Amanda's face. Quickly, Karen picked up on the motion and began to ride her sister's face on her own. I whispered into Karen's ear as she sat atop Amanda, telling her to use her sister's face, to use Amanda like the slut that she was. I also told her not to cum until I gave her permission, and emphasized my words by brushing back her uniform blouse and giving her right nipple a vicious twist. I continued to hold Karen's arms as she rode her sister's face, not to keep her there but to keep her form falling off as her sister's tongue gave her such pleasure that Karen's back bone seemed to melt away. I held Karen's slender, sweat covered body erect, watching her ride Amanda's face. Every time I saw Karen start to break her rhythm in anticipation of cumming, I would twist her nipple again as I hissed in her ear, " NOT YET, BITCH!" to keep her from cumming. All the while she was still softly chanting " Fuck you Amanda" as she joined us in raping her own sister. I let her enjoy herself on top of Amanda until my shit stained cock began to show some signs of life again. Then I told her that she could cum. It didn't take her but a moment to bring herself off on Amanda's tongue, twisting her body and grinding her gushing cunt into Amanda's face. It was quite a show; I doubt that she ever had cum with such violence in her young life. Then I dragged her off of Amanda's face. She fought me too, fought to keep riding her slut sister's face to another cum! I had to give her a hard slap to bring her to heel. I pushed her down on to her knees there on the floor beside her sister, one hand holding her sweat drenched red hair in a death grip. I simply told her to " suck my dick" as I pressed my hard, shit stained cock against her soft face. She didn't fight me now. She wrapped her hands around me, using both hands to hold me as she kissed the hard, slimy cock. I watched as she stuck out her tongue and licked her own sister's shit off my cock, licking my cock like you lick the melting ice cream off the side of an ice cream cone. She wasn't very experienced, but I knew that would change. Just the sight of her flushed, eager face worshipping my cock and the wet feeling of her tongue moving over me were enough to make me want to shoot off. The feeling of her warm tongue running all over my cock- licking it and cleaning it of Amanda's shit and my own cum- felt so good that it made me shiver. I had to have her mouth! I grabbed her head in my hands and thrust my cock into her mouth. Karen screamed and squirmed against me. I filled her mouth with my cock despite her protest, taking her mouth as roughly as I had taken her asshole earlier in the same day. I used that mouth like a cunt, fucking it hard, uncaring of her cries. I pounded my hips against her lips, my cock reaching into and down her throat as she gagged and screamed around it. But then, her hands stopped beating vainly against my legs and reached around my body, gripping my buttcheeks in both her hands as she hung on for dear life in what was to be the ride of her life. Harder and harder I fucked her face, ramming my cock over her soft wet tongue and down her hot throat, mindless of the pain from her teeth scrapping over my cock's length as I thrust it in and out of her mouth. I lasted a long time, I suppose. I could see her face turn redder and redder as she struggled to breath around my cock. But I didn't care. Fortunately for her, I came before she ran entirely out of air. I held her face against my cock hair as I came, forcing her to swallow her first load of my cum- the first of many loads to come. I could feel the surge of my cum leave my cock and shot down her throat. For the second and third blasts of my cum, I pulled back a bit to shot into her mouth instead of straight down her throat. I filled her mouth with my hot cum, more than before. Trickles of my cum appeared at the corners of her mouth as her cheeks ballooned out and her eyes bulged with her surprise. I throttled her with one hand as I filled her mouth, wrapping my hand around her tender throat to keep her from swallowing the rest of my cum. I had plans for that cum.

" Hold it bitch.. Don't you swallow that cum!"

Still keeping a grip on her throat I lifted her up on her feet and then bent her over her sister as she lay on the table, Amanda's muscular body shaking from the force of the cocks fucking her, her mouth open , moaning in response to the cocks battering her strong body. I forced her face against Amanda's face- a face covered in Karen's cunt juices- and gave Karen a sharp goose in her no doubt still sore asshole as I told her,

" Now! Give your slut sister a big sloppy kiss! Show her how glad you are to see her. Let her taste the cock you've been sucking, taste your master's cock! Share my cum with your slut sister!"

The thick, white cum rolled out of Karen's open mouth to fall slowly into Amanda's open mouth. As the taste of my cum filled Amanda's mouth, she finally opened her eyes to stared into her sister's eyes. As Amanda mouthed the word "WHY?', I pressed Karen's face hard against Amanda's, holding it there as the rest of my cum flowed from Karen's mouth into her sister's.

I stood the two sister's up, side by side. They were quite a sight. Both stared back at us impassively, too exhausted and shell shocked to even worry about what was coming next, but each too ashamed to look the other in the face. Karen still had on her open uniform blouse, soaked with sweat and the men's cum by now. The rest of her body was nude, sweat covered but unsullied- except for the remnants of my cum around the corners of her mouth and her own cunt juices covering her crotch and upper legs . Amanda was totally nude except for the crotchless whore's hosiery and the gold major's leaf piercing her nipple. Her nude, sweat covered body was literally coated with man cum. There were globs of it covering her face, her sore, red breasts, her asscheeks and the tops of her thighs, her swollen, angry red cunt, and even her stomach. The vee of her pubic hair was white, matted with men's cum. I could see the cum rolling out of her open, red asshole. As she tottered on her high heels, I gave her reward, the one thing in this world she wanted more than anything else. Her opium. Then, as the men and Mistress Rhee gathered in a semi-circle around us, I gave Karen her reward. I had with me a second lieutenant's insignia of rank from Karen's luggage, a shiny, gold bar. In a parody of the pinning ceremony from that picture of Karen in Amanda's room, I called out:

" Attention to orders. In recognition of her whorish nature and perverse sexual desires, Karen Thompson is promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Slut and assigned duties commensurate with her nature. In other words men, say hello to our new whore! Miss Rhee, grab a hold of her arms."

As the men cheered and catcalled, I bent over and took Karen's right nipple in my mouth. I flicked it with my tongue and sucked on it with my lips unit the nipple became hard. I could taste her sweat- and her fear. Mistress Rhee stepped behind Karen and grabbed her elbows, holding her upright as her knees began to buckle. I held that nipple between my thumb and forefinger and pulled it out as far as it would go, turning her cupcake size breast into a cone. With my other hand, I slowly pushed the pin on the back of the gold second lieutenant's bar into and then through the tough, red nub of the nipple. When it came out the other side, I quickly locked the retaining pin over the end, securing it on Karen's breast. Now it was official. Karen was Lieutenant Slut just like her sister Amanda was Major Slut. I slept that night with my newest fuck toy and left Amanda to sleep on the floor like a dog, her arms tied behind her back and the leash to her collar tied to the bed frame. Too exhausted to even dream, I just slept, my arms tightly wrapped around Karen. I awake the next morning to the feeling of her body stirring. Without thinking, forgetting that she was my captive and I her rapist, I began to make love to her. I took her gently- or at least as gently as I've ever taken a woman- and she responded in the same way. It was as if we were lovers. Looking back on that lovemaking, it was the strangest part of the whole story- how we made love there in front of the stunned Amanda . I've wondered about it a lot these last few years, and since I've got nothing if not time, done a lot of reading to try to figure it out. Psychology books mainly, the library is loaded with them for some reason. I suppose a psychiatrist would call it a classic example of the Stockholm Syndrome, where the captive begins to identify with his or her captor and tries to curry favor with them. Like the Jews who identified with and even imitated their Nazi captors. Maybe. Or maybe it was because of a deeper need in Karen's mind. What they call a conditioned response; in Karen's case, a response developed as a child, learning to submit to power. Maybe Karen desperately tried to please me because I represented power and authority within the bounds of that compound. Because I literally had the power of life and death over her and everyone else. That would explain why she submitted herself so totally to me. And why she treated her sister Amanda so cruelly. After all in Karen's mind, Amanda was one who had failed her- by seeming to be so strong but then proving herself to be weak by allowing herself to become nothing more than my slut. And that failure made Karen angry. No sooner had I let the Karen up to go to the bathroom after our lovemaking, than she spit in the disapproving face of her bound big sister and called her a "SLUT".

I hadn't expected Karen's cruelty to her sister. But I was ready to use it because I had learned from Miss Rhee to respect a woman's cruelty. I decided to experiment, to see if I could really trust Karen to dominate Amanda. I called Karen back. I suggested to Karen that instead of cleaning herself she should let her slut sister do the job for her. That suggestion was all the license she needed. I untied Amanda's leash and handed it to her. Karen sat down in a cushioned chair and pulled Amanda to her by the leash, forcing her sister to scramble forward on her knees. Karen pulled Amanda to her, until Amanda was squatting between Karen's spread legs. The traces of our fuck were apparent to Amanda on and between Karen's cunt lips, evidence all the more painful to Amanda because it was not there as a result of a forceful rape. To her mind, Karen had voluntarily fucked me, an act even more perverted to Amanda's mind than the whipping and forced sex to which Karen had subjected her last night. Amanda knew exactly what Karen planned. Karen was going to force her to lick her- Karen's- cunt clean of my cum, to force her own sister to pleasure her with her tongue. Amanda had done this many times with Miss Rhee, of course. But this was her own sister! Still, Amanda knew that there was no escape after she looked back over her shoulder and saw me pick up the belt from the table. I moved toward them, positioning myself beside Karen's chair where I had a good view of Amanda's face as she lowered it into her sister's wet cunt and began to lick. Karen pressed Amanda's face into her cunt with one hand while the other hand- the one still holding Amanda's leash- toyed with the second lieutenant's bar piercing Karen's nipple. I watched as Amanda unwillingly pleasured Karen. The only sounds in the room were the liquid sounds of Amanda's tongue at work on Karen's flesh, Karen's heavy breathing, and Karen's running commentary.

" Hmmm..yes, good slut....Amanda the slut....Amanda the whore.. dirty Amanda, licking her little sister's cunt.....Amanda the dyke...you like licking cunt, don't you Amanda... licking his cum out of my cunt... not so high and mighty now, eh bitch...does it taste good..hmm..his cum and my cunt...does it taste good to you you dirty whore dyke....eat it, you filthy whore..just like you ate cum last night... Amanda the camp whore..Amanda the drug addict... the druggie whore who will do anything for a fix..right whore?..... hmm.. too bad your ex-husband couldn't see you now...does he know what a slut you are?.. does he know how you like to eat pussy, whore?.. does he know how you like to fuck everything with pants...eh?..does he know how you like having men beat your ass as you lick their assholes.... is that why he left you, slut? ...cause you kept fucking all his friends.....eat me good, whore!... maybe I'll piss in your mouth later.... would you like that Major Slut, ma'm?....... hmmm, .....good..harder...harder slut!... eat me harder..or I'll shove a baseball bat up your dirty whore cunt...you whore..bitch.slut..whore..God damn you, Amanda..eat me..harder..harder...harder you whore.....ARRGHHEEE!"

Karen had passed her test with flying colors. I began to let her use Amanda more and more. I let her wash and clothe the bound Amanda; let her use Amanda for her own pleasures, let her punish Amanda. I even let her join in whipping Amanda around the pole for her PT. Which meant that I let Miss Rhee use Amanda less and less. That was mistake. Korean woman can be the queen bitches of the universe, especially when you take something away from them that they think is their's. As Miss Rhee saw it, she was Amanda's lesbian lover and mistress. As she saw it, Amanda was her fuck toy. Now I was taking Amanda away from her by letting Karen use Amanda. She let me know that she won't take this. But I didn't take her protests too seriously. I thought of her as the club whore, nothing more. What, I figured, could she do? I was tired of her airs. I decided it was time to teach her a lesson. The next time she led Amanda into the club for her "session", I had a little surprise prepared for them both. Although she didn't know it, Miss Rhee was going to join Amanda that night. She fought like the devil, but her tiny body could do little against half a dozen men. They tied her down on a table face down and proceeded to strip her of her whore's dress. Then they raped her ass, man after man after man, as she hysterically screamed and cursed them in Korean. First I made Amanda watch- watch her little whore mistress being sodomized like the cheap whore she was. When some of the fire had gone out of Miss Rhee, I had Amanda join her on that table. I tied Amanda to the table face down just like Miss Rhee but facing in the opposite direction, with Amanda's face beside Miss Rhee's ass. Then I let the men have them both to punish them for their betrayal. I had the men take the two bound women one at a time. Two men would use Amanda's asshole and mouth; then the same two men would switch to Miss Rhee. The man who had been in Amanda's mouth would use Miss Rhee's asshole, and the man who had been in Amanda's ass would now put his shit covered cock into Miss Rhee's mouth. After a while, they would switch back, giving Amanda a taste of oriental asshole. I watched along with Karen, letting her use my quirt on the backs of the two women as I used Karen's asshole to satisfy myself. That went on forever, for man after man, all night. That I figured would teach them both Miss Rhee's place. I didn't see it then. But Miss Rhee was not broken. She was mad! Afterwards, she seemed as meek as a kitten. But she was boiling inside. She bided her time. Things still seemed to be going perfectly. But I was not paying attention; I was too taken up in watching Karen putting her bigger, stronger sister Amanda through her paces. One morning, I woke up to find Amanda and Miss Rhee were missing. Also missing was PFC Jonas and the Humvee. I don't know how- probably by using sex- but Miss Rhee had gotten him to take them out of the compound hidden in the back of the Humvee and across to the mainland. Amanda wouldn't have been a problem. She would have gone willingly with Miss Rhee. That last night in the club had created some kind of bond between them. I figured that they had to be headed for Soul. There isn't much else in Korea in the way of the big city. I should have run, been on the first plane out of Korea. But I just couldn't let her have Amanda. Amanda was mine! So, I tried to find the two of them in Seoul. I knew they could be in Etywan, the sex district of Seoul. How else could they survive except by Miss Rhee turning tricks or , more likely, by pimping Amanda to Koreans with a taste for American women. What I didn't count on was that some of the men lost their nerve when they saw Amanda was gone. As soon as I left the compound, they gave the whole thing up to our higher HQ. The MP's were waiting for me when I reached Seoul.

Initially, I figured I was headed for life if not hanging. At least I guessed they still hung military prisoners; they hadn't executed one since the fifties. The list of charges against me was two pages long: mutiny, rape, assault on a superior officer, misappropriation, conduct prejudicial to good order and discipline, drug dealing- virtually every crime in the UCMJ except abusing a public animal. I did know enough not to depend on the military lawyer they assigned me. I tapped my Caribbean bank accounts for a civilian lawyer- a very good one- from the states. It was well worth it. Seems the Army had several big problems in prosecuting me. First, Amanda was still missing, so she couldn't testify against me. Second, Karen was- bless her heart- still on my side. She wouldn't testify against me and was saying that everything was her sister's fault. That Amanda wanted to be raped by her own men. They quickly declared her incompetent- crazy as a bedbug by their lights- but knew that they couldn't keep her off the stand if my lawyer pressed it. Which he threatened to do if this went to trial. She was the only American witness who was not a co-conspirator. And they couldn't convict me solely on the testimony of my partners in crime, my fellow rapists- at least according to my attorney. There were no Korean witnesses. They had all disappeared. And third, the whole thing was an embarrassment to the Army. They wanted it to quietly go away. So, I went from thinking about my last meal to bickering about a plea bargain. I held out for eight years. I figured I could do that much. Eventually, they gave in, and I got my plea bargain. That was seven years ago. It hasn't been so bad. You get a better class of felons at the military prison at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas than in civilian federal prisons. Oh, its not the country club prison where they sent the white collar crooks, but its OK. Aside from the occasional pederast, they're pretty much a decent group here as far as murders and thieves go. I 'm in the enlisted section. Even here in prison, they have separate areas for the officers and for the enlisted swine like me. I have a cell to myself. My neighbor used to be a Delta force commando before they caught him padding his expenses on undercover missions. Nice guy. We talk a lot. I've had a chance to do a lot of reading here, and I've learned how to use a computer. Part of my vocational training. Learned more about using a computer than the guards know, in fact. Which is how I am talking to you now. Very useful tool, the internet. Amazing what information you can find once you know how and have the time to search. I've located Karen. In fact, I know a lot about what she is doing and thinking these days. I've even broken into her computer and read her e-mail, the window to her soul. They - the Army-declared her cured four years ago and discharged her from their mental faculty. She has a new life as a civilian. But she hasn't forgotten me. She thinks about me almost every day judging from the entries in her computer.

It hasn't been as easy to find Amanda. She never reappeared. A couple of years ago, I found someone online who would- for a fee- trace Amanda and Miss Rhee. Again using the computer, I made funds available, drawing on the bank accounts they never found. It seems I was right. While she was in Seoul, Miss Rhee went into the business of pimping Amanda to wealthy Koreans who wanted a different experience, not just sex with a Western woman but whippings and bondage as well, all for a steep price. The collapse of the Korean economy a couple of years back put a crimp in her earnings, so like any smart multinational business Miss Rhee moved her operation to an even poorer third world country. She moved her assets- Amanda- to Thailand, where she apparently hoped to attract some of the Japanese who travel there to buy sex. Sadly, it didn't work out as she had planned. My source tells me that she had a falling out with her local "protection". Miss Rhee and Amanda are both now the property of a club owner in Bangkok. Amanda is reserved for the high payers on the exclusive top floor of the club, but Miss Rhee I am told is once again a common whore working the floor at this club, struggling to meet her daily quota of 20 paying customers in a twelve hour shift.

I'll be getting out in 10 months. I still have about $ 90,000 in the bank. I plan to use this money to look up old friends. First Karen in Minnesota. Then the two of us will take a trip to Thailand to look up two more old friends. Living- and life- is cheap in Thailand. I think I'll settle down there. Surrounded by my old friends.

The End