Title: Kristen the Cruiser
Author: el Mano (ridge@ea.net)




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"I beg your pardon?" I said.

She looked up at me and said in a mean voice, "How can you expect me to be nice to you after what you did to me yesterday!"

"If you had acted more civilly to begin with, young lady, I wouldn't have had to be so rough. Like I told you before I left yesterday; you be nice, and I'll be nice. The choice is yours." I placed both hands on the wall on either side of her head and leaned toward the young blonde. She quickly turned her head to the side as I tried to kiss her. "Kristen, look at me," I commanded.

"Nooo," she whined.

"I said look at me," more menacingly this time. Slowly her head turned and her big blue eyes met mine. Again I leaned to her. She didn't turn away this time but as my lips moved closer to her sweet mouth, she shut her eyes tightly. "Open your eyes," I told her. They popped open.

As my lips met hers I gazed deep into her flashing blue eyes. I was quite turned on by the fear and humiliation I saw there. I continued to stare into her eyes as I slowly and gently kissed the frightened young teen. I noticed a tear begin to form at the corner of one eye. She was trembling slightly but otherwise held perfectly still. I could smell her sweet breath as I moved back from her mouth.

"Is my little 'reminder' still in place?" I asked.

Her face flushed bright red and a shocked look appeared in her eyes. "Uh..huh," she nodded in extreme embarrassment. She again averted her gaze.

"Look at me, Kristen," I again told her.

She looked up once more.

"Can you feel it in your tight little ass when you move? Did it push up into you when you sat at your desk in school today?" I asked smiling at the distressed young girl.

"Uh..huh," she answered nodding again. I could see that "inward look" in her eyes as she was feeling the hard rubber plug right now. "Good, that's very good," I said soothingly as I brought one hand to the trembling girl's cheek and stroked it gently.

"Is all my cum still up inside your little tummy?" I asked staring at her intently.

Her eyes grew very wide as I'm sure she thought about all my "baby juice" flowing into her womb. "Did any leak out of that pretty pussy of yours?" I asked.

She didn't answer; just stared at me in shock.

"Well?" I prompted.

"A little," she answered meekly, again looking down. I let her this time.

"Then you haven't taken a bath yet since I fucked you?"

She shook her pretty head. "That's a very good girl. Well, I'll just bet that your sweet pussy is pretty sticky and smelly just now so why don't you use my shower and get yourself cleaned up."

I knew my direct and slightly filthy language was having the desired effect upon my young captive as she again got a shocked look on her face. "You will find everything you need in there." I pointed to the door to the bathroom. "There is even a big soft robe for you to change into when you are finished. You may leave the clothes you have worn on the rack in the bathroom. Leave ALL of your clothes on the rack, Kristen!"

I moved away from the wall and let her by. I smiled as I noticed that she was still walking a little bow legged. "Kristen," I said as her hand touched the doorknob. She turned. "Leave 'our reminder' in!" Again she flushed red, then turned and entered the bathroom closing the door behind her.

When I heard the shower water start, I went to my little room and watched the young girl bathe herself. God she was lovely! I watched enthralled for several minutes as she scrubbed that tender little cunt of hers. I saw her probe herself with one finger trying no doubt to clean my cum from inside her.

As she bent down to wash her long legs, I could plainly see the wide flat flange of the butt plug I had placed in her yesterday afternoon. I saw her hand move to it and a slight grimace appear her sweet face . It must have poked her when she bent down. I beamed with delight. As she began to wash her long blonde hair, I checked the recorder, exited the sealed room and returned to the living room to wait.

A noticeable bulge rose in my sweatpants as the lovely young blonde stepped from the bathroom wearing the big dark blue terry cloth robe. She stood looking at me pensively in her bare feet. "Come over here, Kristen," I said.

Head and eyes down, she crossed the room to me holding the robe tightly around her slim body. I stood up from the big modular couch as she approached. I gently took her by the shoulders and holding her at arms length, I said to her, "You are the prettiest girl I have ever known, Kristen."

Her face flushed and I thought I saw just the tiniest hint of a smile. "Look up at me, Kristen. I always want you to look at me when I touch you." She looked up still blushing hotly. "That's nice, I love your pretty blue eyes." I turned her around slowly.

She flinched slightly as I took her long hair in my hands. "Don't worry," I said. "I want your pretty hair flowing free today," I said as I unfastened the big hair tie at the back of her head. As her sweet smelling hair fell free, I spread it out on the shoulders of the dark blue robe.

'Jesus, she was absolutely perfect,' I thought as I turned her back to face me. This time she looked me in the eye without prompting. I reached down to release the belt of her robe.

Her hands instinctively moved to stop me. I just stared into her eyes and said nothing. Her gaze averted momentarily as she released my wrists and her hands fell to her sides. I untied the knot at her slim waist then moved my hands up to the lapels of the big soft robe. Slowly I pulled the robe open. I did not look down but rather continued to watch Kristen's eyes as I gently pushed the robe back over her smooth shoulders and let it drop down her arms to the floor.

Her face flushed ever so slightly and her eyes began to water as she shivered involuntarily. I stepped back one step and admired the naked young girl for just a minute. Then I peeled off my shirt and stepped back in front of her. She stiffened as I took her warm shoulders in my hands and pulled her tender young body against mine.

I drew in a deep breath of her clean young scent and heard her utter a tiny gasp as her firm little nipples touched the hair on my chest. I hugged her tightly to me for several minutes basking in the warm feel of her young supple body against mine and the wonderful aroma of her long blonde hair. I nuzzled her neck and up under her ear.

"Put your arms around me," I breathed in her ear.

I felt her hands move around my waist. I held very still and just hugged her gently. I could feel her breathing speed up just a bit. I ran my hands down over her smooth muscular back and down onto her firm butt. She gasped as I gave her a little squeeze, but I immediately took my hands away and removed her hands from around my waist. Again I took her shoulders and held her at arms length.

"You're doing much better today, Kristen. Do you understand that I want you to come here every afternoon after school?"

She nodded saying nothing.

"Good, and when you arrive, I want you to undress right away. You can take a shower if you wish, but remain naked afterward. I always want you naked when you're here. Do you understand?"

"Yeah, but..." she replied timidly.

"But what, Kristen?"

"How long are you going to make me do these things?" she said in a pleading little voice.

"Until I am finished with you, Kristen, and that will probably be a good long time."

She looked totally crushed.

"Don't worry, I know you will begin to like the things I can show you, you'll see. Now come over here and sit down. I have some questions to ask you." The dejected young teen followed me to the couch. I smiled as I saw her wince when she sat. The plug no doubt pushing up into her tight rectum.

I sat next to the naked girl and smiled at her reassuringly. "How far have you and Rick gone, sex wise," I asked her point blank. She blushed and squirmed a little trying to get comfortable on the device inside her. She stared hard at her knees and whispered almost inaudibly, "All we do is kiss."

"What?" I said. "I can't hear you. Look at me when you speak. How far?" I asked again.

"We've only kissed," she said. "Rick and I don't believe in sex before marriage," she said holding her head up proudly and looking me in the eye. Some of the old haughty self-assuredness had returned.

"Well," I said chuckling, "I guess you and I put an end to that little theory, didn't we!"

She flushed and lowered her gaze.

"So you've never had a cock in your mouth then?" I asked.

"W--what," she said staring at me wide eyed, "No I...." she began before I cut her off.

"Actually, Kristen, you have had a cock in your mouth before. My cock to be precise."

"I don't believe you. That's just too gross," she said.

"The very same night that you and Lauren spent the night, I not only ate your sweet young pussy, but after fucking Lauren, I pulled my throbbing cock out of her fat wet pussy and shoved it down your eager little throat."

I watched as the color drained from the young teen's face.

"You actually sucked me dry in your sleep. You were such an eager little cock sucker as a child. A real natural! I filled that little tummy of yours full of my cum from the other end that night."

"You are disgusting!" she cried as she got up from the couch.

"We'll see about that," I said as I too stood up. I took her by the shoulders and pushed her down as I said, "Kneel, Kristen!"

"No! No way," she shouted angrily and began to struggle. I shook her hard to get her attention.

"I said kneel.... NOW!!!"

She looked at me with hate in her eyes but slowly she knelt down before me on the thick carpet. "Take my pants down."

Tears began to form in her eyes as she reached up and grasped the waist band of my sweats. Slowly she pulled them down. As she did, my big cock jumped out almost hitting her in the face. As she brought my pants down to the floor, I stepped out of them letting her pull them over my feet. She sat back on her haunches and stared up at me pleadingly.

"Oh, please don't make me do this, please. I think I will throw up."

"Don't you worry," I assured her. "I know from past experience that you are very good at this. I might have to show you some of the finer points of cock sucking, but before you know it you will have earned your wings. Now, go ahead and put it in your mouth." I jerked my muscles causing my nine inch member to jump up in front of the frightened girl.

"I just can't..." she whined."

"Yes you can. Now come here." I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her up toward my waiting cock.

"Owwwww," she cried, "you're hurting me."

"Open your mouth and I'll stop," I told her.

Slowly her sweet mouth opened. Before she could change her mind, I grasped my shaft with the other hand and pushed the broad purple head in between her perfect white teeth and into her warm wet mouth."

"Gaaaawwwckkk," she gagged around the head of my dick.

I kept a handful of her hair in case she decided to bite. "That's right, baby, take it into your mouth," I groaned with pleasure. I held still for a minute as I gazed down at my cock shaft protruding from the mouth of the sweet young girl. "You're not going to bite me are you?" I asked her.

"Mmm...mmmm," she shook her head moving her warm mouth on me.

"Ok then, I'm going to let go of your hair."

She was looking up at me, mild panic in her eyes. I let go of her hair and slid my hand down behind her head. "Open wider, I want you to swallow me. I want you to swallow my dick deep into your mouth and throat."

"Mmmmmmppphh," she puffed through her nose as I pushed another inch into her mouth.

"Just relax your muscles and take me in, baby. I know you know how." I pushed harder feeling her head go back against my restraining hand. "That's it, take it all in," I groaned.

"Mmmmm..mmmmooowww," she moaned. Her body trembled as I felt the head of my cock touch the back of her throat. Good God this little girl had a great mouth. I saw panic rise in her eyes so I drew back slightly allowing her to get a breath.

"That's the ticket, Kristen, breathe when I pull back and open real wide when I press in. Once we get a rhythm going you won't have a problem. Are you OK?"

"Mm...Mmmm...Hmmm," she reluctantly nodded her head.

"OK, I want you to just hold still for a few minutes and I am going to gently fuck your mouth." Her eyes widened. "Here we go, baby. Breathe when I pull out and open when I push. Also if you want to make it nice for me, you might suck on me a little."

Without further delay, I slowly pulled my cock shaft out to the tip and then pushed back into the sweet warm mouth that surrounded me. God she was wonderful feeling! I watched her as she gamely tried to follow my instructions. I kept my hand on the back of her head to guide her and pumped slowly and evenly so she could get my rhythm. To my great delight she even began to gently suck my shaft as it withdrew from her hot wet mouth.

After a few minutes, I pulled my cock out of her mouth. "That was very nice, Kristen, but I am getting tired of standing. Let me just sit down here and we'll see what we can do," I told her.

I moved back and sat on the couch with my legs spread before me. "Come over here," I said gently, holding out a hand to her. She actually reached out and took my hand as she crawled on her knees over between my legs. As I felt her firm warm body press against my inner thighs, I took her small hand and placed in on my cock. You would have thought it had burned her. She jerked her hand away.

"Go ahead, honey, it won't bite you," I said chuckling. "Take the big cock in your hands, baby."

Slowly she grasped my cock in one small hand.

"Now it's time for you to learn some technique," I told her. I think her natural talent and curiosity were beginning to get the better of her fears.

"What do you want me to do?" she asked.

"First of all, I want you to practice stroking my cock with your warm little hand. Before you start, you might want to spit on your palm and on my cock head to get them both good and wet. Go ahead and do that now."

She looked at me questioningly for a second then raised up on her knees and leaning over, she spit a big drop of saliva onto the head of my cock. Next she spit in her hand.

"Ok, honey, go ahead now," I coaxed. I thought I was going to cum right then as her warm hand closed around my throbbing shaft and began to slowly work up and down the length of it.

"Yes, that's just right," I groaned. "Keep doing that." I let her pump my shaft for a minute or two and then said, "I want you to keep stroking me like that and I want you to put your sweet mouth back on me, will you do that for me, Kristen?"

She actually nodded with a little smile. I knew that cock sucking was her forte! Again she raised up on her knees and brought her hot wet mouth down over the head of my dick.

"Ahhhhhhggggg," I groaned as she closed her lips around me. She looked me in the eye, her blue eyes sparkling above the shaft of my cock. "Move your head up and down while you stroke me with your hand," I gasped.

The sweet teen began to bob her lovely blonde head up and down on my jerking dick. I could feel her teeth slide along the shaft as I passed into her mouth. She was really catching on fast as I felt the head of my dick meet the back of her young throat with each stroke of her head. I began to gently rub her head with one hand as I guided her up and down on my dick.

"Oh, God, Kristen, you're wonderful! Rub my balls now honey. Rub my tight balls with your other hand. Squeeze em gently, baby," I moaned barely able to see through my rising passion. "Oh God Damn!" I shouted as I felt the beginnings of an orgasm start to rise in my loins.

"What?!" she said pulling my cock from her hot mouth.

"Nothing, you just feel so great baby," I said. "I want to fuck your mouth again. Take your hands away and back up on the floor."

"Why?" she asked.

"Just do it," I said as I struggled to get off the sofa, clutching my now pulsing cock tightly. She looked frightened as she backed away from me on her hands and knees.

"That's far enough," I groaned, barely hanging on. "Stay just like that and open your mouth wide for me."

She was on her hands and knees as I crawled on my knees in front of her. Lifting her chin, I pushed my heaving cock into her hot little mouth as she opened for me. I kept a tight grip on my shaft as I slowly began to fuck in and out of her tight wet mouth. I could hear wet slurping noises coming from her mouth and nose as I sped up my tempo. I reached back over her hips and felt the rubber flange of the butt plug buried deep in her tender ass.

"Mmmmppphhh," she groaned as I slowly rotated the plug in her. As I felt my cum begin to rise, I croaked, "Ahhhggg, I'm going to cum in your mouth now, baby."

Her body stiffened. "Mmmmmoooo... mmmpphh... mmmmo," she groaned around the pistoning shaft of my cock. She tried to pull off me but I grabbed her head and pushed deep into her tight throat.

As I felt the first wave of jizz fire down my jerking shaft, I reached back and pushed the butt plug hard into the helpless teen's tight little rectum. "Gggggmmeee," she squealed around my cock before I drove into her throat cutting off her air.

"Ahhhhhhhhh... FUCK!" I shouted.

Her whole body quivered as the first wave of my cum shot down her tight throat and on into her belly. I could feel her throat muscles alternately contract and relax as the young girl sought to swallow the tremendous volume of viscous fluid being pumped relentlessly into her. "That's it, baby, swallow all that good cream into your tummy," I grunted.

She quivered each time I pressed on the plug as I filled her young body from both ends. I felt more and more hot cum pump from my jerking cock. I looked down to see a tiny trickle run out of Kristen's nose and down her upper lip. She had her eyes scrunched closed tightly.

Finally I was spent. The last few feeble spurts of cum to shoot from me went into Kristen's mouth as I pulled from her. She immediately began to cough and gasp for air. She was gagging and spitting cum for a few minutes before she fell in a shivering heap on the carpet in front of me, her knees drawn up to her chest. This seemed like as good a time as any so I leaned down and gently pulled the five inch rubber shaft slowly out of her tight anus.

"Uhhhhhggggg," she gasped softly as she coughed a little more. I leaned down and gently kissed her on the hip. I sat back and waited for her to recover. It took several minutes for her to come around but eventually she rose on her hands and stared at me with fire in her blue eyes.

"You practically choked me to death," she said venomously.

"I'm sorry, baby," I purred, "your hot little mouth just got me carried away, that's all." I smiled down at the shocked young girl. "So how did you like that cum. Did it taste good?" I smiled.

She just glared at me.

"Sit up here and let me feel that full little tummy of yours." She shook her head pouting. "Come on, Kristen... get up and let me rub your tummy."

Slowly the angry teen got to her knees and crawled over to me. I stood and pulled her to her feet. I turned her around facing away from me and then pulled her firm butt back against my flaccid cock. I reached up under her arms and cupped both her firm little tits.

Gently I massaged her, letting her tight little nipples slip between my fingers. At the same time I nuzzled my nose into her warm soft hair and breathed deeply. She smelled divine. So clean and sweet with just a hint of perspiration and the musky scent of my cum. Slowly I brought one hand down and gently began to rub her nicely rounded tummy.

"Mmmm, I'll bet you feel nice and full in there, don't you baby?" I murmured behind her ear. I continued to rub, pressing her warm little ass back against my slowly stiffening cock. "When you were younger and spent the night with us, I remember you wouldn't even eat breakfast the next morning. You said that you were still full from dinner. Little did you know, right, baby?" I told her, still rubbing her belly. "So nice and full with my cum, right baby? Nice and full," I said as I rubbed and soothed.

"Ohhhhh.... please stop," she moaned. "Please leave me alone," she whined.

"Shhhhhhh, little one. Be still now. Just relax and let your body go with the flow," I whispered.

I rubbed her full little tummy with one hand while with the other I kept up my fondling of her firm springy teenage titties. She moaned softly and I felt her ass squirm against my hot cock.

"That's right, honey, that's my little girl. You feel that big cock against your tight little ass? Feel that big stiff cock, baby?"

"Uhh..huh," she gasped instinctively. I smiled. She was losing control. Slowly I moved my hand lower.

"Mmmmmm," she breathed as I gently cupped her warm soft pussy. I kept my hand on her puffy pussy as I gently turned her around.

"Look at me, baby. Look at me while I rub your pussy." Her young face was flushed as with some effort she raised her big blue eyes to meet my gaze. I watched her eyes as I continued to rub her warm moist cunt. Gently squeezing and rubbing. Her breathing rate began to increase.

I could just begin to see that "inward stare" as her eyes kind of glazed over. I knew she was looking at the warm tingly feelings starting to form in the deepest part of her belly. I placed my other hand on one of her warm hips as I began to rub her harder and more rhythmically. I did not try to push a finger into her, I just rubbed and stared into her now blank blue eyes. She was completely between her thighs now. Her hips jerked once as she gasped in a little breath. "Does my little girl like this now," I cooed?

"Uhh..huuh..ohhhh.." she moaned as her little hips moved to my rubbing. Her eyes closed and her knees began to shake.

"I think we had better lie down." I held her by her warm little pussy as I steered her effortlessly back to the big navy blue couch. As the backs of her calves hit the side of the sofa she almost collapsed onto it. I followed her down and continued to rub and rub. Her firm legs were spread somewhat as she fell back on her back. Her long blonde hair spread beneath her head against the dark blue background of the couch material. What a pretty sight.

I gently spread her legs with one hand as I kept up my rubbing. As her thighs parted I removed my hand and looked down at the young girls' glistening labia just showing through the thin line of soft blonde hair. She look delicious. She was no longer looking at me but had her eyes closed. I got down on the floor and then slowly crawled up between her legs.

I slowly rubbed her firm muscular thighs with both hands all the while coaxing her legs wider and wider apart. I could feel the muscles in her thighs ripple beneath my touch as I dug my thumbs in and massaged her harder, moving slowly up toward that sweet spread pussy. Slowly I lowered my face to her. I breathed in a long deep breath of her sweet musky scent. I could feel her moist female heat against my cheeks as I moved my mouth closer still.

Kristen's eyes were still closed as she enjoyed my massaging. She did not know what was happening to her until the tip of my tongue slipped between her puffy young vulva and deep into her warm tasty pussy slit.

"Eeeeeeee..." she squealed as she tried to close her legs. As her firm thighs hugged my face I lowered my hungry mouth fully onto her warm young cunt and began to suck and probe with my tongue. She had jumped up on her elbows to look down at me over her heaving belly and hips.

"Noooooooo..." she cried as her head flew back passionately, causing her cunt to press harder into my face. My nose was crushed against her clit as I licked at her tasty young labia furiously. I dipped in and out of her quivering vaginal opening over and over as her hips bucked and her firm tummy heaved. She fell back again, her arms out to her sides palms pushing down flat on the bed grabbing handfuls of the sofa cover.

She was getting really wet and I figured she was only minutes away from a huge orgasm. I pulled my mouth back from her sweet pussy and said, "Get back up on your elbows, Kristen and look at me."

"Uhhhhh...oooooo," she moaned as her hips twisted from side to side, but with a heave she came back up. Her eyes were wild with passion as she watched me push her thighs apart further and then with my hands I spread her sweet pussy wide open before plunging my stiff tongue back into her. Her head fell back again.

"Look at me," I demanded between licks. Reluctantly she stared at me over her heaving young belly. The lusty "inward stare" filling her eyes. She was looking at me but seeing her quivering womb. I started licking her slit very slowly and tenderly from her asshole to the top of her pubic mound. As I arrived at her sweet spot, I stopped and said, "Do you like it when I eat your sweet pussy, baby, do you?" I swirled my tongue on her firm little clit.

"Uuuggghhhh," she moaned aloud as her head rocked back. She looked back over her belly again.

"Mmmmm," I murmured with my lips against her soft wet labia. "I know my little lover likes this. I can taste your sweet hot sticky juice running out of your belly and into my mouth. Mmmm, you taste so good, baby." I licked her again very slowly, reveling in her smooth salty taste as my tongue traveled over the soft inner lips of her tender young cunt, flicking quickly over her only once fucked vagina. "Look at me, baby."

Her face was flushed as her hips quivered. She was ready. I brought one hand up between her legs and swirled one finger and my thumb around in her steamy wet slit. "Look at me," I said again as she was about to rock her head back again. She tried to maintain eye contact. Her blue eyes were wide with hot passion.

"Ohhhhhhhhh..." she moaned as her body began to tremble. Without warning, I pushed one sticky finger deep into her ass in one fluid motion. At the same time I pressed my thumb into her quivering vagina. Her eyes rolled back in her head as her ass jumped off the couch.

"Look at me, Kristen, I want to look into your eyes while you cum for me. Look at me, baby.. Look at me, that's right," I said as I swirled my tongue on her clitoris and pumped my finger and thumb in and out of her quickly. She was staring wide eyed but seeing nothing as with one big heave of her hips she exploded into an orgasm of seismic proportions.

"Oh God! YES!!" she screamed. She did her best to look me in the eye right up to the very end. I was proud of my young lover as she finally threw herself back on the couch, her firm young thighs pressing together.

I jerked my hand out of her and clamped my mouth over her vagina and sucked the sweet juice of her orgasm out of her as it ran freely. I pushed her legs back apart and buried my mouth and nose in her hot wet cunt rubbing her juices all over my face and chin. With my lips I blew little bubbles at the entrance to her vagina.

"Bbbbbrrrrrrrr," I blew into her wet pussy, and then rubbed my face around in her some more. I just couldn't get enough of her. Finally I gave her sweet pussy one long slow lick from her ass hole up over her hot wet lips and then continuing on, I kissed my way up her firm sweaty body. I stopped to suckle each perfect breast. She was still panting heavily deep in the throws of after glow.

I crawled slowly up next to her and collapsed beside her warm young body. I nuzzled her ear. I placed one hand over one of her firm breasts and breathed in her sweet smell. The last thing I remember before we both fell asleep, was feeling her warm little hand covering mine on her breast.

>>> Kristen - Seven <<<

I awoke to the phone ringing. Sweet young Kristen was curled up against me on the big couch. I really didn't want to get up, she felt so good. Reluctantly I crawled off the couch. The slumbering young teen stirred and stretched, blinking the sleep from her eyes.

"What time is it?" she asked noticing it was almost dark in my living room.

I checked the clock on the way to get the phone. It was after 7:00 PM. "It's past 7:00," I called to Kristen as I picked up the phone. I heard her scramble up off the couch.

"Hello," I answered. "Oh, Hi, Lyle... Yeah, I'm just fine. How have you been, it's been awhile.... Yup, she's right here, we've been hard at it since about 4:30, just kinda lost track of the time. Kristen is a really bright girl. We were just getting ready to chow down when the phone rang."

I looked up to see Kristen standing in front of me in my big blue robe. "Say, Lyle, it's getting kinda late and I would like to wait for Lynn to get home before we eat. What say Kristen spends the night here? I can get her back sometime in the morning.... OK? Great! Yeah OK, just a sec, I'll put her on." I handed the phone to Kristen.

As she took the receiver, I gently took her by the shoulders and turned her to face away from me. "Hi, Mom," she said as I reached around her waist and untied the belt to the heavy terry cloth robe. She didn't struggle as I pulled it back over her shoulders and let it drop to the floor. "Yeah, I'm just fine," she said with a little shiver. "Uh..huh.." she said. "Well, yeah, but..." As she went on, I dropped to my knees behind her firm round little butt.

She gave an almost imperceptible squeak as I pushed my hand between her firm thighs and cupped her sex from behind. "Yeah, he is a really good teacher..." I heard her say as I let one finger stray in between her soft full vulva. She was still wet down there from our last bout of sex.

"Uh..huh.. Uugghh... Huh?... Oh nothing," she said into the phone. She looked around at me with a mild panicky look in her eye as I stood up close behind her. I just gave her a big smile as I pressed my now hard cock against her firm ass cheeks and rolled my hips.

"Noo," she grunted under her breath as she tried to move away from me. I brought one hand up and around her waist to her soft round tummy to prevent her escape.

"No, Mom, really.... I won't..." the nervous young teen went on with a slight tremor in her voice. She again turned to me, pleading with her pretty blue eyes as I began to rub the head of my throbbing cock between her firm ass cheeks and up and down in her hot moist slit. She almost forgot about her mother on the other end of the line.

"Huh? ... What?" ... she said. "Yes, mother, I understand that, but..." I positioned the tip of my dick outside the entrance to her tight birth canal and slowly pushed into her. "Oh God," she groaned. "Oh nothing, Mom... sorry... Ugghhh!!! What? ... Oh I just stubbed my tow, I'm on a walk around phone.... yeah, I'm OK, I think."

God almighty this young girl was tight. I pushed about four inches of cock into her quivering pussy, feeling her firm young muscles move inside her. I pulled back out so that only the blood engorged tip of my nine inch cock remained in her and slowly gave her two or three shallow pumps coating the head of my cock with her juice.

She again turned her head to look back over her shoulder at me. As she did, I reached out with my free hand and placed it against her soft cheek preventing her from looking away. A look of deep embarrassment and pleading graced her lovely face. I gave her another big smile and watched her eyes intently as I shoved all nine inches deep into her tight warm love canal.

Her eyes went wide and staring as she felt the tip of my dick push into the deepest part of her young belly. "Ooohhhhhhhh," she gasped as she dropped the phone receiver to the carpet. I pulled back out. As she bent down to pick up the phone, I rammed into her hard. "Uuuuggghhhhh," came her deep guttural grunt as she reached out her other hand to steady herself against the small telephone stand in the hall. "Yeah, Mom," said the young girl struggling to keep her voice even as I began to pick up a rhythm "Sorry," she panted, "I dropped the phone, I'm such a klutz this evening... Ohhh.. Uugghh... What? Oh it's nothing, Mom.

The girl's legs began to shake and she was breaking out in a light sweat as my throbbing cock pistoned in and out... in and out... in and out, forcing her tender young vaginal muscles to move out of the way with each stroke. I could feel her quivering inside. I moved my hand down from her little belly that by now was beginning to heave nicely and rhythmically to my thrusts to the top of her wet pussy slit.

I sought out and found her erect little clitoris and began to rub it in a circular motion in time to my fucking. I dropped my hand away from her cheek and she turned her head away.

"Mom.... Uugghh!!!... Listen, I gotta go," she grunted... Yeah, something's come up and I have to go... Ohhhhh!!!... No really, I'm fine... Agghh!!!... I'm fine Mom, I'll see you in the morning... What?... Mmmmm!!!... OK, Mom, I'll tell him..... Bye, Mom... OK.. Bye!"

She practically dropped the phone again as I rammed her hard, spearing her hot young cunt and crushing the head of my fuck engine into her tender cervix.

"Oh God!!" she wailed as I picked up the tempo of my fucking. She clutched the phone stand with both hands as I fucked her little brains out there in my front hall. I could smell the sweet musky scent of her young cunt as I fucked her into a lather. The air was filled with the sounds of wet pussy and passionate grunts and moans.

I now had her by her narrow waist with both hands and I pulled her back onto me with each stroke seeking to bore a hole in her womb. I felt her begin to shiver violently all over as the fervor of her cries and the rate of her panting increased dramatically. The young girl was getting close and so was I for that matter. I felt my balls begin to tighten. I grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her back upright. With one hand I turned her face to me.

"Look at me, baby," I panted. I kissed her and pushed my tongue into her sweet open mouth. She was gasping as I looked straight into her eyes. "Look at me now, baby and cum for me."

"Ohhhhhhhhhh...." she moaned as her eyes closed. I felt the first wave of cum race up the shaft of my cock and explode into the young girl's quivering pussy. Kristen's blue eyes flew open as she felt it splash against her cervix and flow deep into her belly. Her eyes became blank and rolled back as I felt her young cunt muscles clamp down on my hard cock. I pushed all the way into her belly and held as she climaxed, her inner muscles vibrating and pulsing around me.

"Aaaayyyyyeeeeeeeee," she squealed, as more and more of my cum. pumped into her womb. Again I pushed hard up into her young body raising her feet up off the floor as the last wave of jizz squirted inside her. I hugged her shivering body tightly for several minutes, then I let her back down to the floor. I felt warm fluid leak from her and run down my balls to drip on the hall carpet.

Slowly I withdrew my still twitching cock from her vaginal canal and let go of her waist. She fell forward and once more grabbed the phone stand her knees shaking. I knelt behind her and gently kissed her firm sweaty ass cheeks smelling the musky smell of our combined fluids steaming from between her legs. I rubbed a hand up between her thighs and cupped her firmly.

"What a fine pussy you have, my dear," I said. "I am so happy to know it is mine."

She stared around and down at me with a weak resigned look on her sweet face.

"By the way," I said grinning, "what did your mother have to say?"

Kristen glared back at me. "She said to ask you to take good care of me," she replied quietly as she turned her face away and hung her head between her shoulders. She squirmed a little but otherwise did not move as I pushed my thumb into her freshly fucked young cunt.

"Mmmmm, you're so warm and wet in there, baby, so soft and warm and wet." I moved my thumb slowly in and out. "Do you like it when I shove my big cock in there? Do you, baby? Yeah, I know you do. Rick just doesn't know what he's been missing. Remember old Rick, honey?"

She turned to look at me and at first I could see a small tear in the corner of one eye. Suddenly I saw anger flare in those startlingly blue eyes. "Some day, Rick will find out about this," she said in a slightly menacing tone of voice. I kept moving my thumb in and out... in and out... in and out as I smiled up at my haughty young captive. "And when he does, your really going to get it!" she said.

I slipped my thumb out of her dripping pussy and wiped my hand up and down her thigh. Then I stood pulling her up and turning her to face me. I reached down and again cupped her pussy. I pushed one finger in between her warm wet vulva and began to rub her.

She immediately dropped her gaze. "Look at me, Kristen. Remember, I always want you to look at me when I touch you."

Her eyes came slowly up to meet mine. They were beginning to brim with tears. I placed my other hand over one of her perfect firm little breasts and kneaded gently.

"You're right, you know... some day Rick might just find out about our little arrangement and when and if he does, I'll deal with it, but until that happens, this little pussy," I pushed my finger up into her. She groaned and a tear ran down one cheek. "is mine along with the rest of your lovely young body to do with as I please. Get used to it, Kristen, you belong to me now!"

>>> Kristen - Eight <<<

Kristen looked dejectedly down at my hand between her thighs and then back up at me. I could still see the belligerence in her expression. "Would you please take your hand away," she said. "I have to go to the bathroom."

Even after an intense fucking while she talked to her own mother on the telephone, she still was filled with haughty pride. I continued to rub her full warm pussy for another minute as I simply stared at her.

Finally, I took my hand away. "OK, Kristen, you may go to the bathroom now, but I am coming along to help."

"WHAT?!" she almost shouted in disbelief.

"You heard me, now get going, Lynn will be home soon and we both need to get cleaned up for her. We have a long night ahead of us."

The young teen looked at me icily once more and then turned on her heal and started back down the hall to the living room. She went straight to the bathroom and walked through the open door. I was right behind her when she quickly tried to shut the door in front of me. I just grabbed the door, pushed it open and shoved her through. I took her by the hair and marched her over to the toilet.

"Owwwww," she whined, bringing her hands up to mine. "Your hurting...."

I released her hair and spun her around. "Sit down and pee," I commanded. With a tremendously embarrassed look, the teenager squatted on the toilet, her knees drawn tightly together. She looked up at me with nervous eyes. I hoped that this further dose of humiliation would bring the strong willed young girl into line, but I had my doubts.

"Well?" I prompted staring hard at her.

She squirmed on the toilet seat and said, "I can't do it with you watching me."

"Try harder," I said, and spread those legs, I want to see."

She separated her legs a couple of inches and shivered. I knelt down in front of her and grabbed her knees. She tried to resist, but I spread her thighs wide apart. I looked closely at her pretty pussy suspended over the water in the porcelain bowl. I saw a drop of my cum drip from her and land in the water, "plink". I looked back up at the blushing young girl and said, "Push!"

"Ohhhh..." she whined.

I saw her flat tummy bulge as she flexed her muscles. Nothing. "I just can't," she moaned pitifully.

"Young lady, you had better start pissing right now or I am going to pull you off that toilet and fuck you until you do. Do I make myself clear?"

Kristen just stared at me in shock and said nothing. She looked down between her spread thighs, my hands still on her knees, and bore down. Again I saw her tummy flex.

Finally a little trickle started, then the flow picked up. Quickly I reached between her thighs and cupped her pussy. Immediately she clenched, cut off the flow of her urine and clamped her firm thighs closed on my hand. I looked up at her. She was flushed bright red.

"Open your legs, Kristen," I told her.

"But..." she started.

"I said spread those legs." I pinched one of her tender labia.

"Owwww!" she cried as her legs opened wide for me.

"That's better," I said as I rubbed her gently. Her eyes met mine with a look of utter disbelief and then she looked away. "Look at me, Kristen and finish what you started," I said nodding at the toilet.

"But your hand," she whined. Still looking away.

"Look at me, Kristen," I said squeezing her plump wet pussy. Slowly she looked up and locked eyes with me. I smiled at her seeing the frustration and humiliation I was looking for in her blue eyes.

"Now go ahead and finish peeing," I said staring at the embarrassed girl. "Pay no attention to my hand if that will help, I don't care, just do it now," I said in a more commanding tone.

I saw the concentration in her gaze as she bore down once more. I moved a finger into her warm wet slit still slick with cum and rubbed her gently. I could feel her little piss hole kind of bulge outward just above her vagina as she pushed. She began to tremble with the effort and humiliation. "That's it, baby," I said rubbing her. "Push, baby. That's right."

Finally I felt her warm urine on my hand once more. She let out a long sigh as her tummy relaxed. I cupped my hand and let it fill with her hot urine. She had lowered her eyes in her relief.

"Look at me, baby," I said as I rubbed a handful of her urine up onto her full pussy. "Oh god," she groaned, a look of disgust on her pretty face. She must have really had to go because her flow never abated as I rubbed more of her piss into her hot cunt. I dipped one finger up into her sticky vagina and then out and back to rub over her flowing piss hole.

"Oh no, please," she whimpered as I allowed my cupped hand to fill once more. As I rubbed this last handful of urine all over her young pussy, I moved one finger back down her slit past her vaginal opening and then pushed it up into her tight ass hole. I held my hand tightly against her full pussy allowing the last of her piss to run down against her and dribble through my fingers. I held my hand there for a while after she had finished as I slowly fucked my finger in and out of her tight little ass.

I looked her in the eye and said, "How do you like that, baby? Does it feel good to pee while I finger that tight little ass hole of yours? Do you like it when I rub your piss into your hot cunt?"

She just stared.

"Well, baby, do you?" I asked again.

"No," she said meekly.

I continued to finger fuck her. "You don't? Good! that's good," I said smiling up at the distressed teen. "Because if you're good, I won't have to come up with little games like this to punish you, although I kind of enjoyed it myself."

I slowly and evenly fucked her ass as I stared at her. "Don't look down, honey. I want you to tell me you are sorry for acting the way you did earlier." The look Kristen gave me could have stopped a bus.

"Now, now," I said pushing my finger deeper into her.

"Ohhhh... owww!" she moaned as she tried to shift her butt on the seat.

"Don't say something you will regret, baby. Just tell me you're sorry, and I'll stop."

"OK," she said acidly. "I'm sorry!!"

"That didn't sound too sincere, Kristen. Why don't you give me a little kiss to prove to me that you mean it." I could feel the electricity of her frustration as she battled to control her anger. "Kiss me, Kristen. Let me know you're sorry for being a bad girl."

I didn't move a muscle except for my constantly fucking finger in her ass. I wanted to make her lean to me. Slowly the young teen leaned forward on the toilet seat. I watched her fiery blue eyes as she pressed her sweet lips to mine and gave me a quick little kiss.

"Now tell me you're sorry," I told her.

"I'm sorry for being bad," she murmured much more humbly this time.

"Good, that's good, baby. I'm satisfied that you mean it. Thank you. Your apology is accepted."

Slowly I removed my finger from her tight anus and stood up. She slumped down putting her elbows on her knees. "I'll leave you now, honey. You go ahead and finish up and take a shower. When you're finished, I'll take one." I turned and walked out of the bathroom.

I gave the young woman about ten minutes before I went back into the bathroom. She was still in the shower as I had hoped. I crossed the room to the shower, opened the door and stepped into the steamy cubicle with the startled young teenager.

"What?!" she said fearing the worst. She backed to the other side of the stall.

"Nothing," I said. "I just thought I'd join you. Want me to wash your back?"

"Um, well... OK, I guess," she replied pensively.

I took the washcloth from her and laid it over my shoulder. "Turn around," I said gently. I took her long wet hair in both hands and carefully laid it around her right shoulder. I then soaped up the washcloth and began to gently scrub her shoulders, her narrow back and waist. She reached out and placed her palms flat on the wall of the shower enclosure to steady herself.

When I had her pretty well lathered up, I dropped the rag and used my hands to massage her shoulders, working out the knots of fear and anger. I worked my way down the center of her back using my thumbs to kneed the firm muscles beneath her flawlessly smooth skin. As I rubbed her I had to admire her lovely trim figure; narrow waist slim hips and shoulders.

She was truly a lovely young girl. I felt pretty lucky to be showering with her. I could feel her muscles relax under my soothing touch. I think she was about ready to purr. I stopped and taking her by the shoulders, I turned her back around to face me. "You see," I said, "I can be nice."

"Yeah, I guess so, maybe," she said looking down at her feet. She was not all that comfortable having a strange man in her shower, I suppose. Especially one who at any moment was capable of making her do things she had only read about or dreamed of. I didn't respond, but rather bent down, picked up the washcloth and proceeded to scrub myself down. Kristen just stood there since I was blocking the exit to the shower.

"Want to wash my cock for me?" I asked matter-of-factly.

"No, not especially," she replied flatly.

"Well, OK then, maybe some other time. We need to hurry anyway, Lynn will be home soon and the three of us have a busy night ahead."

"What do you mean by that," the young girl asked, apprehension very apparent in her voice.

"I mean the evening is young! You and Lynn and I are going to play all night. You'll probably be pretty tired by morning since you, my dear, are going to be the center of attention; the very place I have noticed you love to be when you are around other people." I smiled at the semi-distressed expression that graced her lovely face. "You all done in here?" I asked brightly.

"I guess so," she replied.

"Great, let's get outta here then. You hungry?"

"Kinda," she said.

"OK, let's get dried off and then I'll whip dinner together. A young girl like you needs a good meal to keep her strength up," I said as I winked at her. I shut off the water and stepped out of the shower. Kristen followed a second or two later. I grabbed a big fluffy towel off the rack and tossed it to her. I dried myself off with another towel and then said, "I guess you know where everything is? Blow dryer is in the top left hand drawer. You'll find a new tooth brush in the bottom right. Get yourself ready and I'll be in the kitchen."

"Where's my robe?" she asked, momentarily forgetting one of my "house rules" for her.

"Remember, Kristen, I told you that you are to be naked at all times when you are under this roof," I said rather sternly. "I will expect you to remember and follow the rules while you are a guest in my house." I turned and left the young girl standing there staring.

Lynn came home about ten minutes later.

"Hello," she called as she let herself in the door.

"Hi," I shouted from the kitchen. "I'm in here."

My lovely friend Lynn walked into the kitchen and came over and gave me a big hug. Lynn and I didn't actually live together formally, but we did spend a lot of time together. There was no possessiveness on either side. We both had other friends. It was a good arrangement.

"You hungry?" I asked.

"Starved," she said. "What a day! I'm sure glad it's Friday. I don't think I could take one more hour in that office without killing someone."

"Well you're home now and you can relax. I have a fun evening in store for us." I told her.

"Did our 'guest' arrive this afternoon?"

"Oh yeah, she's here alright. I've been keeping her entertained." I winked. "Kristen," I shouted! "Come in here and say hello to Lynn. She's been dying to see you again."

There was no reply, but a few minutes later, the naked young girl appeared shyly peeking around the jam of the kitchen door. "Come on in, Kristen. Don't be bashful. After all Lynn knows you pretty well already," I said chuckling.

Slowly she stepped through the door and into the kitchen. Her face was blazing red with embarrassment. I'll tell you... if you don't have a naked sixteen-year-old girl yet to decorate your house, I suggest you go right out and get one! She was magnificent. Her hair was clean and combed and hanging loose down her back. Her eyes sparkled with just a hint of worry. Her trim young body was clean and shining white. Her perking young breasts were standing out proud topped with those lovely little strawberry nipples. Her blonde "Mohawk" was positively enticing.

"Oh my," said Lynn! "Hello, Kristen. You sure look pretty tonight!"

"Doesn't she," I said. "Why I think she looks good enough to eat," I laid the serving spoon I was using on the edge of the sink. I dried my hands with a dishtowel and walked over to the blushing young girl. Without a word, I knelt in front of her and pushed my face into her soft sweet smelling pussy.

She gasped and started to back away. I steered her by her hips and crawled along on my knees. Soon her ass came to rest against a kitchen cabinet. As she pressed back against the counter, I spread her thighs just a bit with my hands and after taking a long deep draft of her sweet young scent, I pushed my tongue in between her puffy vulva and began to lick her clitoral area, my nose nestled into her narrow curly bush.

Again she gave a deep gasp. I looked up at her from below her flat tummy. At first she was staring down at me in disbelief, but she quickly looked away. She was mortified. I purposely made lots of loud sucking noises as I licked the trembling young teenager. Finally, I drew back and smacked my lips.

"Mmmm...Mm, Kristen. You do taste sweet tonight! But perhaps I had better save you for dessert. I have a meal to prepare. A tear swelled in one blue eye as she stood trembling in anger and humiliation. She started for the door.

"Wait a minute, young lady," I said. "I want you to stay right here with us. I, for one, like to look at you."

She stopped and turned back to face Lynn and me. She said nothing, just stood staring intently at her feet. I almost felt sorry for the young woman, but she needed the conditioning so I shrugged it off.

We ate a fairly leisurely meal. I had made a wicked chicken casserole, which I served with a somewhat sweet white wine. I don't normally like the sweeter wines, but tonight I needed the taste to mask the approximately 20 mg. of Dexedrine elixir I had placed in Kristen's glass. It was going to be a long night for her and I was sure the young girl would need the boost.

As we ate, I said to Lynn. "Kristen's had a lot of new experiences since you last saw her." A look of horror flashed across the teen's pretty face.

"I have taught her several new ways to make me happy," I went on. "She's also no longer a virgin, are you, Kristen?"

She glared hotly at me.

"I just kinda broke her in for her boyfriend, Rick, who doesn't seem to know what he's got here. She's been well fucked twice now. Once yesterday and once about an hour ago. It takes her awhile still to warm up to the occasion, but once she does, she's a hot little number and she cums like a freight train," I said smiling at the furious young girl.

"She has also re-acquired her long forgotten talent for cock sucking. She is still pretty good, but slightly out of practice," I said to Lynn. All the while I looked directly at Kristen. I could feel her malevolence toward me. 'Good,' I thought. 'We'll have that all fucked out of her by morning.'

"I thought you had that 'freshly fucked' look about you when you walked in, Kristen," Lynn said, joining the game. "Doesn't he have a nice big cock?" she said nodding my way. Don't you just love the feel of it banging away deep in your belly, I know I do!"

Kristen didn't answer, she just sat staring down at her unfinished dinner. "Aren't you hungry?" I asked.

"You two have ruined my appetite," she snapped.

"Well, OK, but there's more if you are hungry later. That is if you're not too full from dessert." I winked at Lynn.

"Kristen, you may be excused from the table now. Go out into the living room and find a good CD you like and put it on. Nothing too heavy, OK?"

"Alright," she answered as she got up to leave.

"Lynn and I will be along as soon as we clean up the dishes." She didn't answer, but I had time to admire her young naked form from behind as she left the kitchen. 'What a nice little ass,' I thought. 'I'll bet it's tighter than hell!'

>>> Kristen - Nine <<<

Lynn and I squared away the kitchen and washed the dishes as we discussed our plans for the evening. When we were finished, Lynn went to the living room while I made a quick stop at my secret equipment room to set up the cameras and recorders.

I looked out through the big one way mirror to see young Kristen sitting naked on the couch, with my girl friend standing in front of her. I flipped on a monitor speaker as Kristen began to say something to Lynn. "Please don't make me do these things tonight," she pleaded. "If you'll just let me go, I'll get Rick to help and we'll pay you whatever you want."

"Jesus," I thought, "Only sixteen and already into bribery." I watched as I saw Lynn smile sympathetically down at the young girl on the sofa. She reached down and took the naked teenager by the hands and pulled her up so that she was standing in front of her.

Kristen smiled sweetly thinking that Lynn was going to help her to escape. Without warning, Lynn put her arms around Kristen and stepped into her. As she hugged the startled young girl, Lynn tipped her head to the side slightly and planted a big open mouth kiss on Kristen's unsuspecting lips.

Kristen began to struggle immediately but Lynn was the stronger of the two. She held the struggling girl tightly and kissed her hard. When she finally released her, Kristen sat heavily on the couch, flushed and shaking. "That's my Lynn," I thought smiling as I locked the door to my room behind me and strolled into the living room.

"Hi ladies," I said as I walked into the room. "Well, why don't we get started. Time's a waistin'!" I smiled. "Kristen," I said addressing the shaken young woman. She looked my way. "Do you ever masturbate?"

She flushed a deeper shade of red. "Uh..huh," I said. "Judging by the blush on your pretty face, I'd say the answer is 'yes'. That's good," I said. "It's a healthy thing for a young girl to do."

Kristen looked away quickly.

"Why don't you show Lynn and me how you masturbate at home in your room. Show us how you rub your pretty pussy. Make yourself all wet for me, OK?"

You could practically feel the heat radiate off the blushing teenager. "Go ahead, baby, play with your pretty pussy while Lynn and I get undressed."

Finally Kristen was able to speak. "Please don't make me do this," she whined. "I want to go home...." She sobbed once.

"This is your home for tonight, honey, and Lynn and I are your friends so go ahead and show us how nice and wet you can make yourself."

"Oh pleeessseee," she pleaded.

"Start rubbing your pussy, NOW, Kristen," I commanded.

With a distressed look on her pretty face she slowly moved one small hand down to cup herself. "That's right, now show me how you rub your pussy at home." I coaxed. Reluctantly the young girl began to gently rub her magnificent little pussy.

"Spread your legs more so we can see how wet you're getting, baby," I said.

Slowly her legs separated wider. I could just get a glimpse of her soft pink labia as her little hand rubbed up and down between her firm thighs.

"That's nice," I said. "You keep doing that while Lynn and I get undressed and then perhaps we'll join you."

Kristen looked away totally embarrassed. Lynn and I quickly removed our clothes as we watched Kristen masturbate. Once we were both naked, we went over to the young girl on the couch and knelt in front of her, one of us at each of Kristen's knees. The teen closed her legs together in embarrassment.

"Open your legs, baby," I said as I gently took her by the knees and helped to spread her thighs. "That's right, Lynnie and I want to get a good look at your pretty pussy. Doesn't Kristen have a pretty pussy, Lynn?"

"She sure does," she answered in a lusty tone. "I remember how good she tastes too," she went on.

"Mmmm. I know," I said. "I ate her sweet pussy earlier this evening."

Kristen was blushing hotly as she sought to look away from the two of us. "Keep rubbing yourself down there," I coaxed the young girl. "Don't stop. Make yourself all nice and wet, baby."

Her hand kept rubbing.

"Look at us, Kristen, we want to see your pretty face while you masturbate for us." She turned back to face us but her eyes were still downcast in shame. I could see her little labia beginning to glisten with the first hints of her sweet nectar. I could smell her sweet scent begin to rise from between her tender thighs.

"I'd say our little friend is beginning to warm up, Lynnie." I smiled over at my girl friend who was intently watching Kristen's pussy. "Let me just check," I said as I moved my hand from Kristen's knee to her warm inner thigh. She stiffened and inhaled a quick breath. "It's OK, baby. I just want to see how wet you are." I looked at her pretty face. Her expressions changing rapidly mirroring the sensory inputs coming from between her legs.

I gently moved my hand up her soft warm thigh. I could feel her warm female moisture on the back of my hand as I got close to her pussy. "Move your hand, baby. Let me feel your pussy," I said gently. Kristen moved her hand reluctantly and allowed me to put three fingertips in between her puffy vulva and gently caress her soft moist labia. She gasped as I first touched her. "Mmmm... That's nice, Kristen. You are getting nice and wet."

I gently wiggled my fingertips in between her inner lips and slowly moved them up and down in her sticky little slit. I gently massaged around the hood of her little clit with my index finger. With my middle finger I played at the entrance to her tight vagina and with my ring finger I pushed lightly at her rubbery little anus.

"Uuugghh," she groaned as ever so slowly I worked her tender young cunt into a lather. I wiggled my index finger against her little clit and dipped my middle finger just inside her vaginal opening. I continued to press lightly against her rubbery little anus as well. I could feel her getting hotter and hotter from my manipulations. After a minute or two, I entered her with my middle finger.

"Ohhhhhh," she moaned as her head went back.

"Yeah, baby," I cooed. "Doesn't that feel nice?" As she looked back down at me I could see her blue eyes begin to cloud with passion. I pushed my finger as deep into her as I could and then pulled it out coated with her warm sticky juice. I popped it in my mouth and sucked on it while she watched.

"Mmmm," I said. "This is my dessert." I pushed my finger back into the tight teenager. I moved it slowly inside her for awhile getting it well coated with juice again and then pulling it slowly out of her, I said, "I don't want you to feel left out, Kristen. I want you to taste your sweet pussy off my finger. Will you do that now for me?" I held my sticky finger up in front of her.

"Do I have too?" she whined.

"Yes, baby you have to. Now go ahead while it's still nice and fresh. Open your mouth." Slowly her lips parted and I pushed my finger into her warm wet mouth. "Close your lips around my finger now and suck it clean," I ordered.

She made a horrible face as I felt her warm tongue and lips move against my finger. As she sucked, I wiggled my finger in her mouth.

"Isn't that nice," I said as I withdrew my finger from her warm mouth. Want some more?"

"No thank you," she said shaking her head.

"Oh, come on, sure you do," I said as I pushed my finger deep into her hot little pussy once more. She grunted and her head went back again. I moved my finger in and out of her slowly several times as I rubbed her hardening clit with my thumb. Her hips were beginning to move. "Here you go, baby. Second helping is all ready."

I pulled out of her. This time my finger was coated all the way to my knuckles as was the back of my hand. Her juices were almost dripping off my hand. She was one wet little girl. She opened her mouth without prompting as I held my dripping digit up to her. I shoved it way back into her warm mouth this time. She almost gagged before closing her lips around my finger.

"That's it, baby suck my finger clean." I moved it in her mouth as she sucked gently, her eyes wide and staring at me. "Now I want you to lick all of your pussy juice off my hand for me," I instructed.

Slowly her little pink tongue went to work on the back of my hand. I moved it around so she could reach every last drop. "OK, Kristen that's a real good girl," I said smiling up at her. "Now it's Lynnie's turn. You want to taste some of this don't you Lynn?"

"You bet," she said enthusiastically. "But I don't want it off your finger. I want to go right to the source."

Without another word, she slipped over between Kristen's spread legs leaned down between her thighs and placed her mouth over her wet pussy.

"Oh god... Don't!" the young girl moaned as she grabbed Lynn by the hair and tried to pull her sucking mouth off her pussy. I stood up quickly and took Kristen by the wrists.

"Let go of her hair, Kristen," I said sternly.

"But... oh nooooo," she panted as Lynn's tongue found it's mark. I saw the young teen's firm tummy heave. She released her grip on Lynn's hair and looked up at me in mild distress. Her eyes searching mine. I smiled down at her and said, "Why don't we lay you back so you can relax and enjoy this." She gave another soft moan as Lynn continued to lick and suck her down there. Her little fists opened and closed in my grasp.

Lynn must have been listening, because she came up from between Kristen's quivering thighs and lifting her by the knees, helped me to swing her around on the wide couch. I laid the young girl back as Lynn spread her legs wide. She placed one of Kristen's calves up over the back of the sofa and bought her other knee up and then let her leg fall to the side. She immediately returned her mouth to Kristen's hot little pussy.

Kristen's hips came off the couch a little as she arched her back. "Ohhhh," she whimpered softly, shutting her eyes.

"That's right, baby." I cooed leaning close to her ear. "Let Lynnie eat your sweet little cunt. Doesn't her tongue feel good?"

I reached down and began to squeeze one of her perfect breasts, rubbing my fingers over her tight nipple. Again the young woman's back arched as I looked down over her heaving belly to see Lynn's cheek muscles working furiously as she drove her tongue in and out of Kristen's tasty vagina. The young girl was getting pretty worked up by this time. Her blonde head was rolling from side to side and she was panting heavily. I placed one hand to her soft cheek to stop her head from rolling and then leaned down and pressed my tongue into her partially opened mouth. She tasted as sweet as ever as I played tag with her little tongue.

I thrilled as she unexpectedly began to kiss me hungrily. Her big blue eyes were tightly closed and her hips were humping up and down to Lynn's licking. I kept my mouth open and let her little tongue entered at will. I felt it dance over my teeth and then into my mouth as I sucked it gently. I pulled reluctantly away from Kristen's sweet mouth, knelt closer to her on the couch and pressed the head of my stiff prick to her slightly parted lips.

"Suck my cock, baby," I prompted. "Suck my cock like you did awhile ago."

The teen's big blue eyes opened just a bit and to my great joy, so did her lovely mouth. Her eyes grew wider as I pushed my cock deep into her warm wet mouth.

"Oh yes," I moaned as I felt her little tongue move around on the bottom of my cock shaft. I looked down to see Lynn's big shining green eyes flashing as she looked at me over Kristen's heaving pubic mound, her nose buried in soft blonde hair. Lynn shook her head from side to side several times very quickly with her mouth pressed hard to Kristen's little pussy. This drove Kristen crazy!

"Mmmmmmppphhh!!!" she groaned around the shaft of my cock as her hips leapt up off the couch. I began to slowly pump my cock in and out of the teenager's tight hot mouth as Lynn continued her work on the other end. Kristen suddenly began to pant rhythmically as I noticed that Lynn was now dog lapping the young woman's sizzling hot cunt. Loud slurping noises filled the room and the strong scent of hot female permeated the air. I matched Lynn's rhythm with my cock and soon we were playing the young girl like a finely tuned instrument. I could feel my muscles begin to tighten.

The first signs for me. I didn't want to cum in her mouth this time so I said to Lynn, "Let's switch ends!" I slowly pulled my cock from Kristen's warm mouth as her head immediately began to roll to Lynn's sucking, her blue eyes closed tightly. I moved to the other end of the couch and began to rub Kristen's hard little clit at the same rhythm as Lynn licked.

I don't think Kristen even noticed as Lynn slowly got up and I took her place between the young girls widely spread thighs. I ran my fingers slowly up and down in her sopping wet pussy. I could see her juices running out of her vagina and down over her little ass hole. I bent down and licked her tasty little pussy a few times sucking up some of that tasty nectar. Kristen was almost comatose with passion. She was moaning loudly now with each lick.

I barely broke stride as I took one last long lick and then placed the head of my cock at her entrance and pushed all nine inches into her in one fluid motion.

"Ohhhhhhhh..." she moaned. God she was great! Her resilient teenage pussy had barely been stretched from my last two "visits". She felt just like she did the very first time. As I entered her, I leaned forward over her and dropped to my hands looking down into her wide staring eyes.

Kristen instinctively brought her knees up on either side of my thighs and arched her back. I looked down and saw her flat little tummy bulge out as her muscles reacted to my deep penetration. As I began my long slow strokes, her hands came up to my elbows and she held on tightly. Her eyes closed and she rolled her head back forcing her chest up high.

As I picked up my pace, she fell back and began to pant, "Uhh... uhh... uhh... uhh... uhh... uhh... uhh...uhh..." her head rolling from side to side. I felt her firm vaginal muscles clamp and release on my pistoning shaft as I pulled it all the way out to the head and then back deep into her causing spasms to spread through her belly with each stroke. Kristen's young body was by now on "auto-pilot."

All fear and reason had left her. She was fucking me back with total abandon. "That's it, baby. Fuck me, baby. Fuck my hard cock. Fuck me hard, baby," I gasped down at her as I humped her. She must have heard me because her eyes opened. They were hazy with lust and the "Inward Stare".

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah..." she moaned as my cock fucked in and out of her quivering love canal. I had all but forgotten poor Lynn. I almost didn't notice her tap me on the shoulder. I was so into fucking the hot young teenager beneath me. "Remember me," she said smiling.

"Oh, sorry," I grunted. "Hop aboard!" I pushed myself up and back on my haunches. I grabbed Kristen's tight little butt and lifted as I slid her back onto me, her butt up off the couch, her firm thighs laying over mine and her back arched. I took her by her narrow waist and began to fuck her in short quick strokes. Lynn climbed up on the couch and lowered herself down over Kristen's face. Kristen struggled weakly at first.

Then I felt her pussy clench once as Lynn's sweet cunt landed on her mouth. I never slowed my fucking, and soon the young girl was again a slave to her juices. What a wonderful sight it was to see Lynn's narrow waist and wide hips grinding sexily on Kristen's face. The teen's chin was just visible between Lynn's ass cheeks. I reached out and began to squeeze and pinch Kristen's firm young tits as I pushed in deep and ground my stiff cock around in her belly.

"Uuugghhh," she grunted as she felt my dick head mash against the back of her vaginal canal. Her tummy again bulged in response to my deep probing cock. Soon Lynn lifted her weight off Kristen and held her pussy up so that the force of my thrusts moved Kristen's mouth against her. When I saw this I began to hammer harder into Kristen's tight pussy. This caused Kristen's head to really bounce up and down. I saw Lynn's back arch as she let out a long guttural groan.

I was driving both girls crazy. I felt it was only a matter of minutes before there was going to be a real cum fest right there on my couch. Kristen's little cunt was beginning to contract and release rhythmically and she was virtually spurting juice out all over my balls and thighs. Lynn's shoulders and head were thrown back and her back was arched, her long dark hair spilling down to her waist and I could feel my balls really start to throb.

Kristen went off first. Her little ass bucked up high, almost popping my cock out of her as she shook violently inside and out. "Mmmmo... uuuggghhh!!!" she grunted into Lynn's cunt as she came. Her tight quaking pussy muscles sent me off next. I felt the "giant sneeze" form in my groin.

"God damn girl!" I shouted as I began to hose down Kristen's cervix with jet after jet of hot sticky cum. As Kristen's young body arched again and she continued to shake, Lynn suddenly screamed and clamped her ass down on Kristen's face. I could see her pussy juices flow down the young teen's cheeks and chin as Lynn lustily ground her firm ass on Kristen's mouth. She too started shaking all over. The air in my apartment had taken on a distinct musky odor as the three of us pumped bodily fluids into each other.

Lynn was the first to crawl from the pile of bodies. She moved to the end of the couch and lay snoozing peacefully. I fell forward onto Kristen began kissing her deeply, her warm arms around my neck and back, my flaccid cock still in her tender belly. She groaned softly as I pulled out of her. "That was fantastic," I said smiling down at her.

"Yeah, she said." I received my first warm return smile from her.

We all rallied after a while. Kristen was first up. The combination of her young age and the stimulant I had given her, I suppose. "What's next?" Lynn asked.

"Well," I said looking over at Kristen on the couch. "It seems our little friend is a bit more willing to play. Is that right, Kristen?"

"I guess so," she said demurely. She was beginning to come back down to earth. I was sitting on an ottoman across from her.

"Come over here for a second, Kristen."

She didn't argue but rather got to her feet and walked over slowly. She did have a worried look on her face, obviously wondering what I had in mind. As she stopped before me I leaned forward and placed my hand between her thighs cupping her warm moist pussy. She flinched away ever so slightly as I pushed a finger into her wet slit.

"Spread your legs a little," I told her.

As she did, I moved my hand further back between her firm legs. I slowly moved my hand back and forth running my finger from one end of her female slit to the other squeezing her softly as I rubbed. "Mmmm," I said. "The girl is still sopping wet down here... and so hot."

Kristen looked down at my hand between her legs first and then up at me with a quizzical look. "What do you want?" she asked nervously.

"I just want to touch you, baby," I replied watching her expression carefully. "I just like to touch your pussy. It feels so warm and soft and wet."

She blushed hotly.

"You know what might be nice?" I said to her. "It might be nice if you were to shave for me like Lynn. There is nothing nicer than the feel of a smooth hairless pussy against my tongue. You should know, you've been eating Lynn's pussy too."

Kristen looked really worried, but I continued before she could speak. "Don't get me wrong, I think your little "Mohawk" is as cute as it can be, but I just like a change every now and then." I smiled up at her as I continued to gently stroke her. I could feel the remnants of the mixture of my cum and her juices and maybe some of Lynn's saliva between the teen's warm thighs. I rubbed the combination of juices around on her pussy lips and inner thighs, dipping my finger into her from time to time for more.

"What do you think of that idea, Kristen?"

"I just can't," she said in a small voice. "I have to go to gym class at school. When I change for practice, people will see!" she whined.

"That's OK," I said still rubbing. "You have a lovely little pussy and you should show it off."

"Please," she pleaded. "I'll do anything you want, just please don't make me shave."

"No, baby, I want to see your sweet pussy as bare as it was when you were eleven. Lynn, will you help Kristen get rid of all that pubic hair?"

"Sure will, Lynn said happily. Come on Kristen," she said as she rose and took the luscious teenage girl by the hand. I removed my hand from her warm pussy and patted her on the butt as Lynn led the shattered looking girl to the bathroom. "Clean her up a bit too, Lynn. I probably will want to taste her when she's ready."

I sat and waited for about fifteen minutes. I was about to go see what was happening in the bathroom when the door opened. Lynn came out first. Slowly Kristen moved through the door. She was blushing hotly as she tried to cover herself with a hand. "Take your hand away and come here, Kristen."

As she removed her hand, my hard on returned with a vengeance. She walked slowly toward me. Her freshly shaved young pussy seemed to shine. Her full puffy vulva seemed to be even more pronounced without the covering of blonde curly hair. Kristen's inner labia were very thin so they did not protrude from between her outer lips at all. She was perfect.

As she stood before me blushing, I got to my knees in front of her. This time she knew what to expect, because as I brought my mouth to her she spread her thighs slightly. I brought my hands up behind her firm round ass and pulled her sweet smooth pussy onto my hungry mouth. I pushed her ass cheeks together and then spread them wide apart as I pushed my tongue deep into her warm moist young pussy slit. She moaned out loud, and brought her small hands to my head to steady herself.

After I got my initial taste, I licked her smooth vulva and just rubbed my mouth and nose around on her reveling in the feel of her soft smooth pussy against my lips. "I love your new look," I said to Kristen as I held her back at arms length to admire her.

"Well," Lynn said suddenly, "It's been great, but I have to run."

"You're leaving?" I said.

"Yeah, it's getting late and I have a dentist appointment at nine. Besides I thought I'd give you two love birds a night alone," she said smiling.

"OK," I said, "but you're coming over tomorrow I hope?"

"Sure, I'll be here, especially if Kristen is coming over."

"No, Kristen won't be coming back until after school on Monday, but you know you're welcome anytime."

Kristen just stood there saying nothing.

"OK, then," Lynn said. "I'm outta here."

"Bye, bye," I said blowing her a kiss. Lynn left. I looked at my watch. Jesus, it was almost 11:30! Kristen was still pretty wired but I needed to get to bed. "Well, Kristen," I said, "It's past my bedtime. What say we turn in?"

"Do you have a guest room?" she asked, "or am I supposed to sleep out here?"

"Oh, no, baby. You're sleeping with me now," I said smiling at the shocked young girl.

"What?!" she said in an alarmed little voice.

"Oh yeah, honey, I want to fuck you before I go to sleep. And I want my cock to go soft in your warm hole, and I want to fuck you again first thing in the morning. I love to make love in the morning. It's one of my very most favorite things to do. I think you'll like it too."

She was speechless, as I put my arm around her warm shoulders and led her back to my bed. I fucked her twice again that night. The second time I had her on her side and entered her from behind.

We fell asleep after a mammoth mutual orgasm, nestled together like spoons, my cock buried deep in her womb, her sweaty body against me, her warm hair spread over my face and pillow.


Saturday morning came way too early! I awoke to find Kristen still sleeping soundly beside me. I gently rolled over to look at her. She was so beautiful in her sleep. I secretly hoped that she would never leave and that neither Rick nor anyone else would ever lay a hand on her. She was stretched out on her back with her long blonde hair spread out around her head. I gently lifted the sheet and pulled it back. She stirred slightly but did not wake up.

I just lay there for fifteen minutes or more drinking in the sight of her lovely firm young body. Her pretty little breasts rose and fell in time with her gentle breathing. Her luscious freshly shaved young pussy held my eye for a full five minutes. After a few more minutes I just couldn't resist. I started with the firm little breast nearest to me.

I gently cupped it and squeezed gently. Her shoulders shifted in her sleep. Slowly I began to rub one of her little strawberry colored nipples. I could feel it begin to get hard under my loving attention. Once it was standing proud, I pinched it gently. Kristen gasped softly. I moved to her other breast and repeated the same process. Next I reached down and gently cupped her tender pussy. She again stirred and took a deep slow breath.

I began to rub slowly and gently. Her hips moved slightly a few times, and she moaned softly once or twice. I squeezed her puffy vulva gently. She felt wonderful. After several minutes, the stimulation must have seeped into her dreams, because her blue eyes fluttered open. She looked over at me with a sleepy uncertain look as I gently rubbed her.

"Good morning," I said.

"Hi," she said. A tear formed in her eye as she turned away from me.

"What's wrong?" I murmured into her ear.

"You're always touching me," she said softly. "When are you going to leave me alone?" she asked still looking at the wall.

"Mmm, maybe some day, baby." I kissed her sweet neck. "Maybe some day. There's always the hope, though, that you'll begin to like my attentions," I said as I slipped a finger into her. "But right now, I need my wake up fuck."

She didn't resist as I pulled her legs apart and rolled on top of her. I worked the head of my stiffening cock up and down in her warm moist pussy. I put a hand to her cheek and turned her face to me as I slowly entered her.

Her eyes went wide as she felt me penetrate deep inside. I fucked her for over and hour bringing her through several climaxes of epic proportions. By the time I had finished with her, she was deep in a mindless state of lust and sexual fervor. She offered no feedback for about the first ten minutes, but after her second orgasm, she became a most willing partner.

I found myself wishing that I could keep the beautiful young woman in a constant state of arousal, because in that state, she gave back.

After a shower and breakfast, it was time to take Kristen home. As she walked into the living room, I said, "It sure looks strange to see you dressed." She shot me a sour look. "You will be back on Monday, right?"

"I suppose so," she said in a resigned tone.

"Good, before you go there is one more thing." I held up the butt plug.

"Ohhh nooooo, not that," she whined.

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