Title: Family Raped and Ravaged
Author: Donna Allen




This is a complete work of fiction it contains graphic sexual descriptions and language. If you are a minor or if this is illegal in your area you must leave this page immediately. Pursuant to the Berne Convention, this work is copyright with all rights reserved by its author unless explicitly indicated. All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to anyone either alive or dead is purely coincidental.


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"Christ, you sleep too much," he said. Ellen Wagner groaned. She was still half-asleep. Phil was already out of bed, dressing for his trip. She mumbled an answer. She was aware the sheet was down at her hips, her body uncovered. She pulled at the sheet and covered herself. She didn't want him to start anything. He had a habit of wanting to fuck at the most unlikely times. This morning, he was leaving to go on a business trip, but that wouldn't stop him. Cindy, their teenaged daughter, had slept at a friend's house last night, and Phil might decide to take advantage of the fact that they were alone.

She was right. He suddenly sat down on the bed and leaned over her. He was still in his underwear. He stretched out and cuddled behind her. She could feel his cock pressing against her ass as he kissed her neck.

"You're not sleeping," he said.

It was clear he wanted to fuck. He fondled her tits. He stroked her ass. She was naked under the sheet. She wanted him to go away.

"Please, Phil."

"Come on, let's have a little."

"I'm not awake yet. It's too early."

"I won't see you for two weeks."

"You should have thought of that last night."

"Come on, Ellen. Last night you had that TV show you were watching. And the night before, it was something else. You don't like it at night and you don't like it in the morning. What the hell are you saving it for?"

He continued kissing her neck. He squeezed her tits under the sheet. Then his hand slid down over her belly and between her legs. She couldn't stop him. They'd had long years of marriage and she'd never liked the fucking. Not ever. The problem went all the way back. She'd had a religious upbringing. A childhood filled with Sunday school and Bible reading and sermons against smoking and drinking and lust. Her mother always spoke against sex. They told her the devil was biding everywhere. Then she grew up and met Phil and they got married. Devil or no devil, she didn't like fucking. Sex was so messy, and sometimes it seemed sinful. Phil seemed to want to fuck all the time. Sometimes she blamed herself for their problems, but mostly she blamed Phil. He was a man, and men were like animals when it came to sex. Her mother had always said that, and she'd been right. It was sinful to take pleasure in sex.

She wanted more children, but Phil was against it. He insisted they stop with Cindy, and now she wouldn't have a second child, because she was already thirty-five, a good-looking thirty-five. Phil always told her how beautiful she was, and her friends told her too. Ellen knew men found her sexy. Sometimes she liked teasing them. She liked the idea that she could turn a man on. She liked getting their cocks up. She'd always liked that part about being a woman. She was something of a cock tease. In high school, she had liked getting the boys turned on, but she'd never done anything with them. It was the wickedness inside her. She felt awful about it.

She liked getting Phil aroused. It made her feel like she had some power over him. But at the moment, she wished he would go away. She groaned in protest as he forced her legs apart. In a moment he had his fingers in her pussy. She could feel his hard-on, his stiff cock pressing against her ass. He had his cock out of his shorts, and he kept pushing it between her ass cheeks. She could feel the heat of his prick-knob, as he slid his cock back and forth in the crack of her ass.

Then the sheet fell off, and she was completely naked. She chided herself for sleeping without anything. No wonder he was turned on. It was all her own fault. She hated it when he fucked her, and yet, she liked turning him on. It was crazy. Now he was at her and he wouldn't stop once he got like this. He had a long trip ahead of him, but he didn't care. He cared about nothing now except fucking her. Phil kept insisting, and finally she had to give in.

She told him it would have to be a quick one. "You don't have time for anything else. You'll be late for your plane."

He laughed. "Let me worry about that."

He quickly pulled his shorts off. He stroked her ass, and she felt him pulling her ass cheeks apart to look at her ass crack. She hated sex in daylight. It somehow made it so much more sinful to do it in the light. He stroked her cunt from behind. He muttered something about her being dry. He reached over to get the bottle of baby oil off the night table. In a moment, she felt his oily fingers in her pussy. He lubricated her cunt hole. Then his cock was pushing at her cunt mouth. His cock fucked inside her cunt hole. Phil groaned, as he slammed his prick home. He held her hips, as he screwed his cock around in her cunt.

"Yeah, that's good, honey."

He liked fucking her from behind. He always said she had a great looking ass. He liked fucking her when they were both on their sides, and she had her back to him. Now his hand squeezed her tits, as he started fucking his cock in and out, and she felt violated. He had a big cock and she hated having it invading her body. She couldn't help it. She supposed some women might like fucking, but not her. She always remembered her childhood, the church, the way everyone said sex was bad, and pleasure a sin. Getting married didn't change a thing.

She groaned now, as Phil fucked her. She prayed that he would finish soon. She hated the wetness down there. She hated the way he behaved like an animal when he fucked her. The rest of the time, he was easy to get along with, but when he fucked her, it was awful and she hated him. It was almost as if he suddenly became transformed into a complete stranger. He became a drooling victim of the devil. Or maybe he wasn't a victim at all. Maybe it was just what he wanted.

She was always afraid about Cindy. She didn't know what to do about Cindy and her boyfriends. Phil always encouraged Cindy to enjoy herself with her friends. Sometimes Ellen wondered how they ever got together in the first place. Maybe she and Phil didn't even belong together. As he fucked Ellen, Phil was also thinking about their marriage. He always had a good time fucking her. After all the years, she still turned him on, and he still enjoyed plowing in the old furrow. She had a great body, riper now than when she'd been a girl and even sexier. Solid tits and a gorgeous ass. Great legs and firm thighs. He loved fucking her like this. She had such a tight cunt when he took her like this. He'd always had fantasies about fucking her ass, but he'd never done it. She wouldn't allow it. She was old-fashioned about sex.

He was afraid that she would ruin Cindy. He hated the idea of Cindy growing up to be inhibited like her mother. A girl couldn't be happy like that. He hated Ellen's family. They were all religious nuts. They thought the answer to everything was in the Bible. "Fuck the Bible!" Phil thought.

Ellen's tit felt so good in his hand. She had fat juicy nipples, the tips long and thick, just the kind that he liked. He liked heavy tits that hung a bit from their weight, like Ellen's. She was still a great looking woman. She always drew the eyes of people when they were out somewhere. The people who looked at her probably thought she was hot-blooded. He was the only one who knew the truth. She wasn't hot-blooded at all, she was inhibited and repressed, and all the rest of it, that came with a religious brain-washing during childhood. That stupid fucking Sunday school, and her tight-assed parents. The preachers, the Bibles, and all the bull shit talk about the devil. If there was such a thing as the devil, then people like Ellen's mother and father worked for him.

He had no idea if Ellen had ever had an orgasm. Sometimes it seemed that something was happening when he fucked her, but he thought she faked it. He loved everything about her, except her attitude toward sex. In the meantime, Ellen was still praying that Phil would hurry up and finish with her. She tried not to move. She kept still ,and let him fuck her any way he wanted. She could feel the wetness between her thighs. Her juices were running. She hated it. She hoped he wouldn't make her roll over on her belly. Sometimes he wanted to fuck her like that. She would lie flat on her belly and he would get it in from the back. Or he would have her kneeling like a dog. She hated that the most. It was so obscene, like two animals. Sometimes he even played with her ass hole, and she had to push his hand away. That was the filthiest thing he ever did.

She could tell he was having a hot time now. She could hear him breathing hard, as he churned his fucker in her cunt. Yes, he was having a ball doing it. Well, she wasn't. She hated it, as always, but he was going on a trip, and she told herself she had to fulfill her wifely duties. It was sinful the way he took so much pleasure in fucking her. They were not having children anymore, and she didn't need the fucking.

Then she felt him speeding up. He was ramming her cunt now. She could hear him grunting. His hand squeezed her tit with more force. How she hated it. Like two beasts. That big prick of his fucking in and out of her pussy. The way he grunted each time he slammed against her. His hand was hurting her tit. The bed was shaking now. She was glad Cindy was out of the house. She hated it when Phil was so vigorous like this.

Then he made a raspy noise in his throat as he started cuming. She could feel him pumping his cum-load in there. He groaned, as he pounded against her ass. His cock was like an animal burrowing inside her body. God shouldn't have made it like this. It was too awful for a woman. She couldn't bear it. She could feel his jism gushing out. She hated the sticky slime that came out of his cock. One time, he had cum in her hand, and she had been thoroughly disgusted with it.

He was finished now. His hand opened to release her tit. He pulled back, pulled his slimy cock out of her cunt, as he rolled over on his back with a groan.

She quickly left the bed and went to the bathroom. She closed and locked the door, and she sat down on the toilet to let his jism run out of her cunt. How disgusting it was. She wiped her pussy. She wanted to get to sleep again. She was glad they'd agreed he'd have breakfast at the airport. Now he'd get out of the house and leave her alone. When she went back to the bedroom, she found him already out of bed and dressing to leave. She climbed onto the bed and pulled the sheet over her.

Phil looked at her and smirked. "Tired?" he asked.

Ellen closed her eyes and replied, "There's nothing wrong with that."

"If you liked fucking, you wouldn't be so tired."

"Let's not have a fight."

"You really don't like it, do you?"

"I like it as much as I can."

"Bull shit!''

"Phil, you'll be late for the plane."

"You're frigid, Ellen."

"I'm not anything. I'm just an ordinary woman."

"Yeah, sure."

"I can't help it the way I was brought up."

"You're like an icebox in bed."

"And you're like an animal."

"Oh, shit!"

They continued bickering with each other and gradually it became hotter. She wished he'd leave. She wanted to cry, but she wouldn't give him the satisfaction. Thank God, Cindy was out of the house. Then finally Phil was ready to leave. He came over and sat on the edge of the bed.

"Okay, let's forget it. Let's not fight about it." he said, then leaned over and kissed her good-bye.

She kissed him back. She did love him. They were just two ordinary people, and they needed each other. He patted her cheek and smiled at her. "Take care of yourself while I'm gone. And Cindy too."

Then he walked out. She waited until she heard the front door close, and then she sighed and relaxed. All right, he's gone, she thought. After a while, she left the bed and turned the television on. She was depressed about the argument. The news was on, but she was too distracted to listen. She vaguely heard something about escaped convicts. She paid no attention to it. She had her own problems.

She yawned and rubbed her eyes, as she walked into the bathroom. She looked at herself in the bathroom mirror. Her eyes were bleary. She smiled at herself. Life wasn't that bad. She didn't have a hard life, not like some women. She and Phil had a nice house, and it was far enough away from the city to almost be in the country. Far enough away to hear the crickets at night. She liked it this way. She liked the isolation.

Sometimes Cindy complained it was too dull, but there was something to be said for being all the way out here, away from the wickedness of the city. She was happy that Phil made enough money to keep her at home. But now that Cindy was growing up, Ellen had been thinking about a job. She was in no rush. She squeezed some toothpaste out on the brush and brushed her teeth. After that she went to the kitchen and had some orange juice. She poured out some of the coffee Phil had made, sipped it and put it down. She thought about Phil fucking her before. Of course he was right about her being cold. She just didn't like fucking. She wasn't turned on by sex. Men didn't turn her on at all. She didn't like looking at Phil's cock and balls when he was naked. Sometimes it was nice when lie touched her. If he was very gentle, she sometimes liked to be touched. She liked it when he whispered in her ear. That was the way he'd courted her. It seemed so long ago, she could hardly remember it. All those evenings on her front porch, with her parents carefully watching them from inside. She liked romance She liked it when he told her she was beautiful.

She finally left the kitchen. She went back to the bedroom and into the bathroom again. She climbed into the shower and turned the water on. In a moment she was drenched.

She felt better under the shower. Phil would be gone a few weeks and maybe she'd have time to do something in the garden. She might even go into the city to do some shopping. It wasn't a bad life. A woman had to learn how to cope.

She lathered her body with a bar of soap. She thought of Phil again as she ran the soap over her tits. He always liked her tits. She fondled her body as she soaped herself. She slipped a hand between her legs to do her pussy. She ran the bar of soap between her cunt lips. Her pussy was still tender from the fucking. When she had her cunt gash soaped up, she touched her clit with her fingers. She remembered how Phil had once told her she had a big clit and that he was surprised because women with big clits were usually turned on to sex.

Well, he didn't know everything, did he? She started rubbing her clit slowly. She was no stranger to masturbation. She'd always done it. She couldn't remember the first time, but it had to be when she was very young. No matter how much she disliked fucking, she always came when she masturbated. Her little secret. Of course, it was sinful. But she told herself it was only a little sin. A woman needed some way to relieve the tension.

Now she tried her middle finger inside her cunt hole. She screwed the finger around a bit. Part of it was to get clean, but it did feel good if she did it just right. She used another finger to touch her ass hole. Every once in a while, Phil talked about fucking her ass. Of course, she wouldn't allow it. It was a filthy idea. And she was certain lie would tear her apart if he tried ass-fucking her.

She kept rubbing her cunt until she had a small orgasm. She never allowed herself anything more. Just a small climax to get some of the edge off her nerves.

She finally finished in the shower. She came out and dried herself off on the bathroom rug. She brushed her hair, then she put a robe on and went back to the kitchen.

The coffee in her cup was cold now, and she poured another cup out of the simmering pot. She sat at the kitchen table drinking the coffee as she stared out the kitchen window to the garden.

She wondered what went on in other marriages. The nearest home was a good distance away. Two old people. She didn't have many friends. Not since they'd moved here from Denver. She didn't mind it. Cindy seemed happy. And Phil was doing very well in his job.

Of course, she had this restlessness inside her. She told herself it was natural, because she wanted more children and it hadn't happened. Then suddenly she heard a noise somewhere in the house. Or maybe it was outside the house. She wasn't concerned. She'd always felt safe out here. Then she heard a noise again. and this time it was clear it was inside the house.

Another noise. She suddenly had a knot of fear in her chest. Then she gasped when a man suddenly appeared in the doorway to the kitchen.

He grinned at her. "Take it easy, baby. Just take it easy and don't try anything."

She sat there staring at him, paralyzed with fear. For the first time now, she noticed he had a knife in his hand. He wore a blue jumpsuit. Then she remembered the prison ten miles down the road. The convicts in the prison always wore blue jumpsuits.


He kept griming at her. "My name's Cal, honey. What's yours?"

She was terrified. She couldn't imagine how he had come into the house without anyone hearing him. Then she remembered she'd been in the shower. She trembled as she looked at him.

"What do you want?" she asked nervously.

He chuckled. "Don't try anything foolish."

"If it's money you want, I don't keep much in the house. But I'll give you what I have, if you go."

"I don't need your money, lady."

"Then . . . what?"

He grinned at her again. She had no doubt about the jumpsuit now. He was certainly a convict from the prison. Now she remembered the news broadcast about escaped convicts. This had to be one of them. That was what he was. The man standing in her kitchen was an escaped convict. She could hardly believe it. This was something that happened to other people. And the way he looked at her was tile most frightening thing of all. He seemed totally unafraid of her, as if he could do anything he wanted and get away with it.

He saw the recognition in her eyes. "I guess they had it on television."

She nodded. "Yes."

"What did they say?"

She told him she didn't remember much. Something about escaped convicts from the prison.

He grinned and said he was one of them. "Stand up, honey."

She trembled. "What for?"

"Never mind what for, just stand up!"

She was too afraid to refuse. She stood up. He looked her up and down and smiled. He said he wanted her to show him her bedroom.

"We'll be more comfortable on a bed," he remarked.

On a bed? Her stomach turned over as she walked past him. He chuckled and patted her ass as he followed her. He started talking about his time in prison. He said he needed a piece. He said he'd been locked up a long time and he wanted a woman.

She was desperate. It was obvious he was going to rape her. She thought about Cindy. Her daughter ought to be home from her friend's house soon.' She was afraid for Cindy. If only she could get him out of the house before Cindy arrived. Maybe if she gave him what he wanted, he would leave.

When they were finally in the master bedroom, he asked about her family. "Who else lives here?"

She told him. She lied and told him Phil would return soon. "He usually comes back in the morning about ten."

Cal laughed. "That's a lie, baby. I saw him drive away with luggage in his car."

Then he looked her up and down. "You never told me your name."


"Nice name. Who's the girl in that picture on the dresser?"

"That's my daughter. She's away at my mother's place and she won't be back for another week."

Cal smiled. "Then it's just the two of us, isn't it?"

She looked away. "I guess so."

He ordered her to get her robe off. He said he wanted to look at her. "I've been looking at magazines for four years. Show me something real, cutie."

Ellen was dismayed. There wasn't any way she could refuse him. He could easily kill her if he wanted to. Her only chance was to do what he wanted and pray that he wouldn't harm her, or harm Cindy. The idea of him touching Cindy was too much to think about.

She slipped the robe off and draped it over the back of a chair. Trembling, she stood there naked.

He snickered. "Oh, yeah!"

He looked her over. He said he liked her tits. Then he ordered her to turn so he could see her ass. She turned her back to him. She felt his hot eyes on her body. When at last he told her to face him again, she turned and saw that he had his cock dangling out of an opening in the front of his jumpsuit. He took a hold of his cock with one hand. In the other hand, he held his knife. He smiled at her.

"Oscar here says hello."

She stared at his big ugly prick. She was mesmerized by it. She watched his fingers as he slowly stroked his cock shaft.

"Do you like cock, baby?"

Ellen quivered. "I... I don't know."

He laughed. "Christ, lady, you've got a husband, haven't you? Doesn't he have a dick?"

She was in a helpless daze. When he told her to get down on her knees, she moved like a robot. He came forward. He ordered her to suck his cock as he pulled his foreskin back to show her his cock head. She was nauseated by the smell of his prick, repelled by his cock flesh. She thought of Cindy again. She thought of the knife he was holding. She had to do it.

He coaxed her. He pushed his cock against her lips, and after a moment she opened them. His warm prick slid inside her mouth. Warm and fat, forcing her jaws open with its bulk. She did her best not to retch. She prayed she would faint, but of course it didn't happen. Cal chuckled, as he held half the length of his cock inside her open mouth.

"Yeah, that's good, baby. You look good."

Then he made her take more cock. His cock meat continued sliding over her tongue. The smell of him was awful. He smelled like he hadn't bathed in a month. She hated what he was doing to her. She hardly ever sucked Phil. She hated it when Phil made her do it. Now she had this big prick forced inside her mouth. He pulled at her head and told her to take more. In a moment, his prick-knob was pushing at her throat. She felt like gagging. She was afraid she would choke, but she was also afraid he'd be angry if she gagged, so she held her breath and took it.

Then at last he pulled back and she could breathe again. He started fucking her mouth slowly while he talked to her. He told her she had nice lips. He fucked his cock slowly in and out of her open mouth and stroked her head. He seemed almost affectionate. He told her how bad things had been in prison. He said he wanted her to be nice to him. He said if she was nice to him, nothing bad would happen to her.

After a while, he started fucking her mouth more forcefully. He muttered as he did it. She could tell he was getting close. She prayed he would pull his cock out of her mouth before he came, but he continued fucking his prick in her mouth until the end. He grunted as he came. He held her head in place as he spurted his cum-load over her tongue. She took his hot cum-load down her throat. This was the first time in her life she had ever done it, and she thought she would die. All that ugly slime sliding downs her throat. Phil had never done that to her. If she sucked Phil's cock, it was always a prelude to fucking. He always came in her pussy. Cal finally let her pull her face away. He used his fingers on his cock, and another big spurt of cum suddenly shot out and hit her face. He laughed when he saw it. He said now she could think of herself as being baptized again.

She groaned as she wiped her face with her hand. She got up and sank down again into a nearby chair. Cal chuckled and started talking about cock sucking. He asked her if she sucked her husband's cock.

"You don't seem too experienced," he said.

"Please . . . I don't know what you want. You ought to go now, before they catch you."

He laughed and told her to suck his cock again. He said he wanted her to get his prick hard again. He said she had a pretty mouth. When she made no move to obey him, he came to her and slapped her face. She started crying. He pulled at her head. He threatened her with his knife until she took his cock in her mouth again.

This time, she was sitting in a chair and the strain wasn't as great. His cock wasn't completely soft. He brought his balls out and jiggled them against her chin as she sucked his prick. He had big hairy balls, and the smell of them was overpowering. She quivered with disgust when he told her to lick his balls. But she did it. She let his cock fall out of her mouth and she moved her lips to his hairy ball-bag. She licked his balls until he grew tired of it.

He told her to suck his cock again. She continued sucking his cock until he had another hard-on. He taunted her. He said she had the mouth of a cock sucker.

"Nice lips. Next time, you do me with lipstick. You'll put on a nice red lipstick for me, huh?"

Next time? She trembled as he pulled his cock out of her mouth. He rubbed his cock-knob over her face, the tip of his prick leaving wet streaks on her cheeks.

He told her to get on the bed. She did what he wanted, then she watched as he got out of the jumpsuit. He put the knife down as he did it.

"You try anything and I'll cut your face," he warned.

His underwear came off. He had a big hairy body. Lots of dark hair around his cock and balls and over his stomach and chest. He lifted his balls in his hand and smiled at her.

"Show me some pussy, baby. Open your legs."

She moved her thighs apart. She saw the lust in his eyes, and she prayed he would fuck her and leave before Cindy arrived home. She was in a panic that he would get hold of Cindy and rape her.

He came onto the bed now and knelt between her legs. His cock swayed like a club, a heavy prick with a fat knob, almost purplish in color. He told her to pull her knees back, and when she did what he wanted he mounted her. He worked his cock inside her cunt. He groaned as he fucked in.

"Tight, baby, tight. You're a gorgeous piece."

She was tight because she was dry, but he didn't seem to care about that, or about hurting her. What he cared about was the way her cunt grabbed at his cock as he fucked in. When he had his prick all the way inside her cunt channel, he lay down on top of her. He told her to get her legs around him. He started fucking her. His cock sawed in and out and he held her ass in his hands. He squeezed her ass cheeks as he pounded her cunt.

She could smell his foul breath. She kept her eyes closed. She prayed he'd be quick. She could feel his big balls slapping against her ass as he fucked her.

Then suddenly he pulled his prick out. He knelt back on the mattress and told her to turn over and get on her knees. She trembled with fear that he'd want to fuck her ass, but she had no choice. She rolled over and positioned herself on her knees with her ass facing him and her head down. He chuckled as he stroked her ass cheeks.

"It's a nice butt. Come on, get those legs apart. You're acting like you don't even know how to fuck."

She did what he wanted. He tickled her cunt lips with his fingers. He spread her cunt wide open. Then she felt his cock again. She was thankful he was fucking her cunt and not her ass. He grunted as he drove his prick home. Leaning over her, he grabbed her tits in his hands and growled in her ear.

"I bet you're a hot fuck with your old man. Come on, let's see some of it. Shake your ass, baby!"

He started pounding her pussy. His belly slapped her ass cheeks each time he fucked in. He was kneeling back now, holding her hips with his hands, as he fucked her. She felt his big cock sliding in and out of her cunt. Her pussy was wet. She could feel the lubrication in her cunt channel. She was mortified by it. God, how she hated him! He continued pounding her pussy from the rear, until finally he shot off in her cunt. He grunted as he came. He rolled his hips around as he churned his cock in her pussy. Then at last he pulled out and patted her ass.

"Nice tight cunt. I thought maybe you'd have a fucked-out pussy, but you're still good." He told her to turn around and take his cock in her mouth. He wanted her to clean his prick. "Suck it off, honey. I like a clean dick."

She sucked his limp cock, until he pushed her away. Then he left the bed and looked at the photos of her and Phil and Cindy on the dresser. He questioned her about her husband and daughter. He said he would hurt her if she lied. She had to tell him what Phil did for a living. Then he asked where Cindy was. "And don't give me any bull shit."

She trembled as she told him the truth. She said Cindy was at a friend's house. She was so afraid of him.

Cal smiled. "You lied before, huh? You got this cute teenage pussy in the house and you don't want me to get near it."

He had such evil in his eyes. She felt so degraded by him. He'd fucked her twice, and she'd sucked his cock before and after. Now he made her leave the bed. He told her to come into the bathroom with him. He said he didn't trust her. She had to stand there and watch him piss. She was completely digested by it. He saw the look on her face and he laughed at her.

After he finished pissing, he told her to sit on the toilet. She sat down. He smiled at her and told her to piss. He pointed the knife at her and warned her. She was helpless. She did have to go, but to do it this way, with someone watching her, was so awful. She started pissing when he moved the knife close to her face. He laughed at her. He told her not to be so bashful.

"Now flush the toilet and let's get down to the kitchen."

He made her walk in front of him. They were both still naked. When they were inside the kitchen, he unlocked the back door. Then he told her to make some breakfast for him.

He said, "I want bacon and eggs and toast. And don't burn the fucking toast. I hate it when the toast is burned."

"Can I put something on?"

"Fuck that! I want you naked." he said, "I like looking at you just the way you are."

He squeezed her tits and laughed, as he slapped her on the ass. "You're nice to look at, you know that honey."

She set about getting him breakfast. Once more hoping that afterwards he would leave. Maybe he'd forget about Cindy. She worked at the stove making his bacon and eggs, while he sat at the kitchen table. He turned the television on. He talked to her about the soap opera on the screen.

"I used to watch the soaps in the can all the time." he said.

She was conscious of his eyes on her body, as she moved around the kitchen. She prayed Cindy wouldn't come home. What could she do? She thought of running out the back door, but she was certain that he would catch her first. She had to play along with him until she could think of something. There was still a chance, that after he had breakfast he'd clear out. He'd already cum twice, and she doubted he would want to fuck her again. Then she felt his hand on her ass as she stood at the sink. He laughed as he tickled her cunt from behind.

"Hold still honey."

But she squirmed when he touched her ass hole. He said she had a great ass, and that he liked a woman with a good ass. Then he slapped her ass and told her to bend over the sink. When she complied, he told her to spread her ass cheeks with her hands. She hesitated a moment, then she did that, too. She felt him looking at her ass hole. She felt so awful having him do that. He touched her ass hole with his finger.

"You get enough here from your old man?"

"Please don't . . ."

"Answer the question."

"He doesn't . . . I mean, I've never.

Cal laughed. "Cherry ass? Jesus Christ, a cherry ass!"

He pressed against her now as he played with her ass. She felt his cock rubbing up and down her ass crack. She was desperately afraid now, afraid that he'd fuck her in the ass, but what he wanted was her cunt again. He spread her cunt hole with his fingers, then he pushed his cock inside of her cunt channel and started fucking her. He held onto her hips, as his cock fucked in and out of her pussy. He told her to move her ass.

She was amazed that his cock was hard again. Then she remembered he'd been in prison. She was probably the first woman he'd had sex with in years. She felt his big balls slapping against her cunt lips each time he rammed into her. He talked to her about her cunt. He said he liked her body. The pace picked up and he was soon pounding her from behind. He grunted while he fucked her. She kept her head hanging over the sink and her legs wide apart, as he fucked harder and harder.

His big hands squeezed her hips, and when he finally he shot off inside of her cunt, she felt the wetness moving around inside of her cunt hole. She felt so helpless. He made her feel like a helpless animal. He kept his cock fucking in and out of her cunt, even after his balls were drained. Suddenly the back door opened, and another man came in, pushing Cindy in front of him.

The new man closed the door quickly. Cindy's eyes were wide with shock. The new man grinned at Cal.

"Fucking up a storm, huh?" he said, putting his arm around Cindy, "Look what I found outside."

He wore a blue jumpsuit just like Cal's. Another convict! Ellen's heart sank, as she realized now that there were two of them, and they had Cindy.


"Yeah, that's nice," he said.

Ellen was on her back, on the bed, in her bedroom, doubled over and tied up, her wrists and ankles fastened to the bedposts with rope. She had her weight resting almost completely on her shoulders. Her legs were pulled all the way over her head. She was naked, her cunt and ass completely exposed by the position.

The second man was alone in the room with her. His name was Mickey. He stood by the bed and grinned down at her. He was the one who had tied her up. Now he stood there, enjoying the view. Cal was downstairs with Cindy. Ellen was so afraid for the girl. These men were beasts. She and Cindy would be lucky to get out of this alive.

Mickey taunted Ellen. "Comfortable, sweetie? We don't want you to be uncomfortable."

He sat down on the edge of the bed and stroked the undersides of her thighs. His hand moved down to her ass and he tickled her cunt. His fingers probed between her cunt lips. He rubbed her cunt and grinned when she moaned and squirmed.

"How does it feel? What do you like, two fingers or three fingers? Hell, this is definitely a two-finger pussy, I couldn't possibly get three in there. Cal said you had a tight cunt, and he was right."

Ellen started sobbing. "I don't want you to hurt my daughter."

Mickey just grinned. He kept rubbing her cunt with his fingers, but just on the outside. He rubbed up and down between her cunt lips. She was terrified of them, terrified of what would happen to Cindy. She felt so helpless as Mickey fondled her. He laughed, as he pulled at her cunt hair. She felt his fingers pushing between her cunt lips again. Then his fingers were inside her cunt hole.

He fucked her pussy with his middle finger and forefinger. She squirmed when he touched her ass hole, with the other fingers of his hand. Then his fingers came out of her cunt, and he brought some of her cunt juice down to her ass hole. He rubbed the juice over the outside of her ass hole. This time one of his fingers slipped inside her ass.

Ellen groaned. He pushed his fingers inside her cunt again. Now he had fingers in her cunt and her ass at the same time. He started fucking his fingers in and out. He watched her face. She could see that he was enjoying her misery. He finger fucked her ass hole and cunt, while he giggled at her misery.

"Tight little ass hole!" he said.

She closed her eyes and tried not to listen. Then he sped up his finger fucking. He slipped another finger inside of her ass hole, and now he had two in there. Two fingers in her cunt and two fingers in her ass. No one had ever violated her like this. Even Phil had never had a finger inside of her ass. She felt like she had to shit. She was horrified at what he was doing to her body, horrified at the inevitable invasion of her most secret of places.

She could feel his thick fingers all the way inside her cunt and ass. He was much worse than Cal. This one was a complete animal. Finally his fingers came out. He wiped them on his jumpsuit and stood up. She watched him as he stripped, and in a moment he was naked. He had a muscular body, a hard chest and belly, and a long, thick cock.

He climbed onto the bed and knelt in front of her raised ass. He smiled at her, as he stroked her ass cheeks, and fingered her cunt again. Then he positioned his cock head at the entrance to her cunt hole and pushed. His big cock slid inside of her open and well stretched out cunt. He grunted as he fucked himself into her. She felt his cock stuff and stretch her cunt channel. She had never felt so filled up down there in all of her life.

He started fucking her slowly. He screwed his ass around. His eyes stayed on his cock shaft, as it fucked in and out of her tight pussy. Each time he pushed forward, he ground his balls against her ass.

"You've got a great pussy, baby! This is nice, tight cunt. Are you feeling me in there? Yeah, you're feeling it, all right. You like Mickey's cock, huh?"

He laughed at her as he pushed forward again. Then he slowed down again. He pulled back slowly and thrust into her again. He seemed to get some sort of perverse enjoyment out of watching his cock fucking in and out of her cunt. He was in no hurry. Once again he told her that she had a nice tight pussy. He teased her about it. He asked her if she and her husband fucked a lot. He said he that liked women her age, as he liked them broken in. He said he liked watching her tits flopping around while he fucked her.

She reminded him of a girlfriend he once had. His girlfriend used to jerk him off with her tits, and take his jism on her face. She liked doing that better than anything else. She said that jism was good for her complexion.

"She had a ripe cunt, just like yours. What I like is a wet pussy, and yours is really getting wet. Now Cal, he likes them younger."

Yes, she could feel it. She could feel her cunt juices dripping down over her ass hole, as he fucked her. Then he pulled his cock out of her cunt. He rubbed his prick-knob over her clit, and giggled when she groaned. "Oh so you like that, huh?"

He fingered her ass hole again. He spread her ass hole apart with his fingers. Then he moved his cock head into alignment with the ring of her ass hole and pushed it up against it. Ellen was terrified. He pushed forward. She felt the pain, crying out from the agony that she felt. He kept pushing forward and finally his cock-knob stretched her ass hole out enough, and popped inside.

A grunt of satisfaction came out of his throat. He stopped pushing forward, with just his cock head inside of her ass, he lowered his head, as he looked down at it.

"Boy that's really nice. I like to see an ass hole stretched around my prick. You like it, baby? Come on, you can tell me that you like it."

Ellen moaned and said, "Oh God, you're killing me!"

Mickey laughed and asked, "Doesn't your old man fuck your ass?"

"No one has ever done that." she moaned, obviously in pain.

He giggled with glee at the idea that he was the first man to ever fuck her ass. He pushed forward again and his big hands grabbed her thighs, as he fucked his cock completely into her ass. The pain was tremendous and she wanted to pass out, but she couldn't. He kept pushing his cock into her ass, until finally it was all inside of her. She could feel his balls against her ass cheeks.

He held still and teased her again. "Yeah, well now you're gonna do it, right? Your ass hole is wide open, baby and I bet you feel like shitting. You better not though, or you'll get it all over your nice bed here. Come on, look at me! Don't be bashful. Now that you know what it's like, how come you waited so long to get fucked in the ass?"

He told her how tight and hot her ass was, and forced her to look at him. He slapped her ass and pinched it, and called her a stupid cunt, as he brutally pinched her clit. Then he started to fuck her ass slowly. He grunted as he looked down to see his long, thick cock, sliding in and out of her tight ass, as the tender lining gripped his prick tightly, clinging to it. She was doubled over so much, that she too could see everything that was happening, as he fucked her virgin ass hole.

She found it hard to believe that this was really happening to her, after all these years. Phil had always wanted to put his cock into her ass, and now it was a stranger who was doing it. She wanted God to strike him dead, strike them both dead. She watched as his cock slid in and out of her stretched anus. The pain was unbearable. She couldn't understand why she wasn't bleeding. His face looked so cruel and he seemed so delighted by her misery.

Then he laughed and told her to look at his cock. She looked down at it, and she wanted to die. Oh God, I can't stand it, she thought. This wasn't anything that a woman should have to go through. She saw her shit on his cock. His cock had brown streaks all over it. The sight of this was too much for her. She closed her eyes and he slapped her face. He told her he wanted her to watch while he fucked her ass for the very first time ever. He forced her to look down at it. She had to watch his shit-streaked cock fucking in and out of her gaping ass hole.

He was fucking her faster now. His hands were gripping her legs at her knees, his lips pulled back over his teeth, as he hissed and grunted. Her ass hole was wide open, and she didn't feel any real pain anymore. Now she only had the mental anguish. The sight of her own shit on his cock revolted her. All of her life she'd been a neat and clean woman. She'd even been that way as a girl.

Nothing in her life had prepared her for this. Then he suddenly pulled his cock out of her ass. He straightened up on his knees. He pumped his cock with his fist, and in a moment his prick was spurting as he began to cum. His jism came out in great globs, to splatter over her face and tits. He laughed at her as he did it.

He said, "You know, I like fucking you. We're going to have a good time together." he shoved two fingers up her ass, churned them around, and added, "Like butter baby. You're broken in, and it's going to get better and better, each new time that you take it up your sexy butt."


Meanwhile, Cal had Cindy downstairs in the living room. He had her on his lap. Her tee shirt and her bra were off and her girlish tits were bare. She had full young tits with juicy pink nipples. The girl was still in a state of shock. She was frightened to death of him. He tried to soothe her. He palmed one of her tits and told her he wouldn't hurt her if she behaved herself.

"You just be a good girl, and everything will be fine."

He played with her nipples. He seemed fascinated by her young tits. She looked down at his hand, at his thick fingers as they squeezed her flesh. She'd had sex before. She'd been fucked by her boyfriend, but only during the past month. Less than a dozen times, in the back seat of his car. She'd never been with a man Cal's age. She watched the way his hands played with her tits. She thought about her mother upstairs. She wondered if the men would kill them. Maybe they would. A shudder went through her as she thought about it. She knew these men were the escaped convicts that they were talking about on the news. She was terribly afraid.

She was also confused, because his fondling of her tit was turning her on. She couldn't understand how she could be turned on and afraid at the same time. It didn't make any sense. Now Cal teased her tits again. He told her he liked them.

"They'll get bigger in a few years, but they're okay for now. You're a beautiful girl, you know. But if you want me to be nice to you, you have to be nice to me. You want to be nice, don't you, honey? Get off my lap now. Come on, honey, get off."

He made her stand in front of him half naked, just as she was. Then he told her to peel her shorts off. She hesitated, but she realized that she didn't dare disobey him. He saw the hesitation, and he warned her. She trembled with her fear of him and so she did what he wanted. She unbuttoned her shorts and slowly pushed them down over her hips. Her tits jiggled as she moved, and she blushed as she realized it.

"All the way, honey."

The shorts came off. She was now wearing nothing but her white panties. He made her bend over a bit and shake her tits at him. He laughed when she did it. Then he told her to get her panties off.

"Old Cal wants a good look at your snatch, doll."

He leaned forward and helped her get her panties off her feet. When she straightened up, she was completely naked. It was the first time that anyone, man or boy, had seen her like this since she was in diapers. Cal said nothing as he looked at her. He gazed hotly at her tits and pussy. She had blonde hair on her cunt mound. He told her to turn around, and he looked at her ass.

Now she could hear him muttering something to himself. He reached out and she felt him touch her ass with his fingers. His hand moved lightly over the curves of her ass.

"Christ honey, you're perfect." he said.

Then he told her to turn around again, and she did it. Now she could see the bulge of his cock in his jumpsuit. She remembered what he looked like when she'd seen him fucking her mother in the kitchen. She remembered his hairy body and his huge cock and balls.

He rose and slowly unzipped his jumpsuit. He climbed out of it, peeled it off his legs, and in a moment, he too was naked. She couldn't avoid staring at his naked body. There was so much of him. He made her boyfriend look like a baby. But of course she'd never seen Jerry completely naked like this. But even if she had, she knew Jerry would be a skinny kid compared to Cal. Cal's cock looked as big as a baseball bat. His balls were so huge, and had so much dark hair around them. Yes, he did make Jerry look like a baby. Cal grinned at her and told her to take hold of his cock.

"I call him Oscar honey, so say hello to Oscar."

She was mesmerized by it. His prick was hard, sticking straight out and weaving from side to side. She reached out and took hold of it. She could hardly close her fingers around his thick cock shaft. He told her to get down on her knees. She knew what he wanted, but she slowly dropped down to her knees in front of him anyway. He chuckled and patted her head.

"We're going to get along fine, aren't we?"

The tip of his cock was dripping and he said, "In your mouth, baby. Oscar likes to be sucked on."

He warned her, when she hesitated. She quivered and opened her mouth. Cal grunted and pushed forward, stuffing his cock head between her young lips. It was the biggest cock she'd ever sucked. He made a sound of pleasure as he pushed his prick inside her mouth. He told her to hold her head still, and then a moment later he started fucking her face slowly.

As he looked down at her he said, "You look beautiful, especially with a mouth full of my cock!"

After a few more fuck-strokes in her mouth, he pulled out. He held his cock in his fist and rubbed his cock head back and forth over her lips.

"Like it?" he asked.

She shivered as she looked up at him. "I . . I don't know."

He laughed. "Sure, you like it. Every girl likes sucking cock. Any real girl, anyway."

He told her to get up and bend over on the sofa. He patted her on her ass as she did so. When she was bent over the way he wanted her, he came up behind her and stroked her ass. Then he leaned over her and started kissing her back. His mouth worked over her soft skin. He kissed his way down her back to her ass cheeks, and she shivered from the feel of his wet lips. He then bent down behind her and kissed her ass. She quivered as she felt his mouth and tongue working in her ass crack. He spread her ass cheeks apart with his hands and pushed his face inside of her ass crack. She groaned as he lapped his tongue back and forth over her ass hole. Then she felt more pressure and she realized that he had his lips pressed up against her ass hole. She could feel him sucking her ass, really sucking on it. She felt his teeth nibbling at her ass hole, and it made her go wild.

Then she felt his tongue pushing inside of it, and she thought she'd faint from the pleasure of it. It was the first time anyone had ever done this to her. She couldn't help wriggling her hips. She pushed her ass back against his face. He was like an animal as he ate her ass. His tongue fucked in and out. Then finally he pulled his face away and he stood up. He bent over her back again, his hands fondling her hanging tits. He kissed her neck and whispered in her ear. "Just let yourself go, honey."

Then she felt his cock head pushing at her cunt hole and he pushed it inside of her. He grunted as his big prick stretched her pussy. He teased her because he realized now that she wasn't a virgin. Holding her slender hips in his hands, he rammed his cock deep inside of her cunt. The way she was bent over with her legs spread wide apart, she could feel everything. She felt his cock stretching her pussy out wider than it ever had been stretched before and his balls were slapping up against her clit with each inwards thrust.

Still holding her hips, he started fucking her. He fucked hard and fast as he told her, "You know, you're even a better fuck than your mother. You've got a really hot little pussy, doll. Real nice."

Cindy closed her eyes. She hated him. She was afraid he'd kill her. She was afraid for her mother as well. She told herself she was too young to die, but most of all, she hated him because she was afraid that she might learn to like it. His cock felt so huge. Each time he rammed in, she felt his big fucker pushing at her insides. She wanted to touch his prick. She slid her hand down along her belly until her fingers made contact with his sliding cock. She ran her fingertips around the cock-stretched mouth of her cunt hole. She had her pussy juices on her fingers. His cock was drenched with her cunt juices. She groaned and made a grab at his swinging balls. She caught his balls and held them in her small hand. His hairy balls were so massive.

Then he cried out, pounding her cunt as he shot his load of cum into her unprotected womb. She could feel him going off inside her cunt channel. She felt his cock jerking around inside of her pussy. She wondered how soon it would be before they would kill her.


Cal looked down at Ellen and smiled. She was still tied up on the bed. Mickey was still down stairs with Cindy. Cal wore one of Phil's robes, and it made Ellen miserable to see him in it. She still had Mickey's jism on her tits and face.

Cal teased her about it. "You're a fucking mess. Did you like Mickey?"

Ellen sobbed and said, "He's an animal!"

Cal chuckled, "You'd better be a good girl. You've got to be nice to both of us. If you're good to us, we won't hurt Cindy."

He then teased Ellen about Cindy and said, "You know that little Cindy is a cute little dish."

He could see the fear in Ellen's eyes. Ellen was terrified of what they might do to Cindy.

She told Cal "I'll do any thing you want, as long as you leave her alone."

Cal was amused and asked, "Anything?"

"I don't want you to hurt her."

He told Ellen he didn't trust her. He sat down on the edge of the bed and ran his hand over her ass. He teased her about Mickey fucking her ass hole. Mickey had told him. He touched her cunt with his fingers. She started babbling about Cindy again. She begged him. She said she would do anything to save Cindy from harm.

Cal giggled, but she didn't know a thing about what had already happened between him and Cindy. Now Mickey was with the girl and probably already fucking her. He pulled at Ellen's cunt lips with his fingers.

"You like the girl, huh?"

"She's my daughter."

He watched Ellen's face as he slid two fingers inside her cunt. He snickered at the way that she winced. He said he wanted her to like it, when they did things to her. She groaned and said she would try. Anything to save Cindy from them.

Finally, he untied her. She whimpered as she unwound her arms and legs. He told her to roll over, and she did. Then he told her to kneel on the mattress with her head down. She did it. He sat beside her and stroked her body. He bounced her tits around with his hand. He stroked her ass. He tickled her ass crack and laughed when she squirmed. He fingered her cunt from behind and then rubbed his fingers across her ass hole.

He asked her about Mickey and had she liked his cock in her ass? He played with her cunt and made her tell him how Mickey had fucked her ass. He seemed annoyed that Mickey had taken her ass first.

"He's an ass hole freak. I should've fucked you in the ass when I had you to myself. He's a fucking crazy freak when it comes to asses."

Then she felt one of his fingers fucking inside her ass hole. He told her to open her ass up. He added another finger to the first one. He turned his fingers around inside her shitter. His hand squeezed one of her tits, while he finger-fucked her ass hole.

She kept her head down and her eyes closed. There was nothing she could do about it. She had to do whatever he wanted. She wondered what Cindy was doing. Would Cal keep his word about Cindy? She prayed they'd be decent enough to let the girl alone. She didn't know if they would, but she had to chance it.

Cal rose now and laughed, as he patted Ellen's ass. He said he liked her body.

"You're in good shape. Just stay like that. Keep your head down and your ass up in the air."

He slipped out of the robe he was wearing and lies climbed onto the bed behind her. She quivered, as she felt his fingers in her cunt. She felt him moving her cunt juice from her cunt to her ass hole. She thought of begging him not to fuck her ass, but she knew it would be useless. Mickey had fucked her ass, and now Cal would do the same. He told her she was smart to save Cindy.

"You don't want to get the kid ruined, huh?" He told Ellen. "I like a woman who knows how to use her ass hole. "Mickey, he doesn't care what kind of an ass he fucks. Me, I like them educated."

Then she felt his prick-knob pushing against her ass hole. She groaned as she felt the pain. Cal giggled and told her to open up. She pushed out as though she was taking a shit, to open her ass up for him. His cock head popped in and he made a sound of approval.

He slowly fucked more of his cock inside her ass. He teased her about it, telling her what her ass hole looked like, as his cock stretched it out wide. Finally, he was all the way in, his entire cock was impaled in her ass. His balls were pushed up against her cunt. He told her to reach between her legs and play with his balls. She reached underneath her and took a hold of his ball sack. She wanted to make it good for him. She wanted him to cum quickly, she had to protect Cindy.

He started fucking her ass. He gripped her ass cheeks with his big hands. After a few fuck strokes, he laughed and told her he had made her shit on his cock. She played with his balls, as his prick continued to pound in and out of her ass hole. The pain was gone now. Her ass was wide open to his cock and her misery was complete.

Finally he shot off inside of her ass. He cried out as he came. He pumped his jism into her shitter, as he continued to pound her ass with his long, thick cock, and laughed as he slapped her ass. When he was done, he felt his cock in her cum filled ass and wriggled it around to tease her. At last he pulled his prick out. He snickered and teased her about all of the shit that he now had on his cock.

"I ought to slap you around for not being clean. Fucking broads don't know how to take care of themselves."

He laughed and told her to turn around to look at his shitty cock and she did. A wave of revulsion swept over her, as she gazed at his shit streaked cock. She lay there helplessly, as he taunted her. His cock looked like a red sausage covered with brown streaks. Then he told her to take his cock into her mouth. "You can clean it up now."

She wanted to die. "Please..."

He laughed and reminded her about Cindy. "You do whatever I want, or else."

She crawled to him. She had to do it. She opened her mouth and he chuckled as he pushed his shit-streaked cock between her lips.

"Go on baby, clean it up."

She started sucking his cock clean. He patted her on her head and chuckled as she took all of his limp cock in her mouth. She sucked his prick until it was clean. She licked all around the cock-knob and his cock shaft, down to his balls. The taste of her shit was finally gone. Now all she had was the taste of his cock, and the smell of him. He was such an animal. The thought of him touching Cindy was too awful to even consider.

When she wanted to pull away from him, Cal told her to stay put. He held her head down with both hands. He pulled his cock back, until he had only his cock head in her mouth. He said he was doing her a favor by letting her be his slave.

"I'm going to piss into your mouth, honey. Either you allow me to do this, and swallow it all, or you'll get hurt pretty bad. And the girl will get hurt too!"

He told her to keep swallowing until he was finished. Then he suddenly started. The piss gushed out and Ellen's mind whirled with shock. She was unable to deal with it. Never in her wildest nightmares, had she ever imagined anything this horrible would happen to her. She knelt there with her lips closed over his cock-tip as he pissed into her mouth. She was afraid to pull away. She had to take it. She swallowed as fast as she could, grateful now to have only his cock head in her mouth. She'd be unable to swallow if she had any more of his cock in her mouth. He kept on pissing, it seemed endless. He chuckled as he watched her drink his piss down.

"Nice baby, that's very nice. You and my dick are getting to be good friends. That's the way it should be, right?" He patted her head and said she was a good little slave.

She hated him. His piss burned her throat, and the degradation she had suffered made her want to die. Then finally the steady stream stopped. Now he gave her just little spurts of piss, as he finished. His fingers were stroking her cheek while he laughed at her.

He said, "I'll piss in your mouth whenever I feel like it. I want you to know who is the boss. I want you to have only one idea in your mind, and that is to keep me and my buddy happy. Just think about your little girl baby. Just think about the girl."


Meanwhile, Mickey had taken Cindy to her room. He was on her bed. He had her sucking his balls. He stroked her head as she licked and nibbled at his ball, bag. He liked her because she was young. He liked them young. The mother was nice, but the girl was peaches and cream. Great little ass. Nothing beat the ass of a pretty teenaged girl. Smooth tight skin, and the ass hole was so perfect.

In prison, he had dreamed about asses like this one. What a little dream boat she was. He loved watching her cute little nose pressed against his balls. He stroked her head again, running his fingers through her fine blonde hair. Yeah, Cal could have the mother. In prison, Cal had chewed his ear off about the women he liked. Cal was a man for tits and pussy. Old Mickey liked a cute set of buns and a nice tight ass hole. Hot and tight, squeezing down on his cock at the right moment. A girl had to know how to squeeze, to be good at ass-fucking.

He teased Cindy. He told her to take his balls in her mouth. He spread his legs apart and made her lift his balls, to get them inside her mouth. He made her shift her body around, so that he could fondle her ass, while she sucked his balls.

DAMN! Her ass was perfect. What a stroke of luck he and Cal had had. Two broads after all that time in the pen. He took a swig out of the bottle of bourbon he'd brought into the room with him. He stuck his middle finger into Cindy's cunt hole and churned it around. She had a tight little pussy. That was the advantage of the young ones. A cunt like this one sucked on a cock without even trying.

He was already half drunk and he picked up the knife from the night stand. He giggled, as he touched the knife to one of her ass cheeks. She turned her head to look at the knife. She moaned softly. He could see her trembling. He teased her with the knife. He drew the point back and forth over the smooth flesh of her ass. He told her he wanted her mouth under his balls.

"Do some rimming, baby. Do you know what that is?"

She shook her head and said, "No, I'm not sure."

He laughed and said, "It means you do some licking around my ass hole. Outside and inside."

A shudder went through her. She blushed as she met his gaze. Then he threatened her with the knife again, and she blanched. He pulled his knees back to his chest to expose his ass hole and said, "Get down there and suck it, kid."

She moved her face to his crotch again. This time she licked under his ball bag and licked her way down to his hairy ass hole. He taunted her as she did so, then he grunted, as he felt her tongue on his ass hole.

"Yeah, baby, that's it. Tickle the old glory hole. First you get it good and wet, and then you suck it."

She rolled her tongue around the outside of his ass hole. He could see her doing it very clearly, her wet lips and her pink tongue fluttering over his ass hole. He played with her cunt while she was licking his ass. Then his finger moved to her ass hole and he licked it with his fingertip. He told her to get her tongue inside of his ass now. He opened his ass to her tongue as it went in and groaned as he felt her do it. There was nothing like it. It was the one thing that always set him off.

He looked down at her blonde head. What a cute little piece she was. A real honey, the way she was sucking his ass. She had a gorgeous little mouth.

Finally, he pushed her face away from his ass. He told her to suck his cock. He wagged his prick at her face and ordered her to get her lips over his cock knob. She seemed relieved and closed her mouth over his cock head and started sucking his prick. He watched her mouth and told her to suck deeper. She gradually took all of his cock into her mouth, all of it until her nose pushed against his cock bush. He chuckled as he watched. He liked seeing a broad with her mouth stuffed full of cock. Her lips were stretched wide around the base of his cock shaft. He could feel his prick-knob in her throat. Then a moment later he laughed as she gagged and pulled back.

"Fuck me with your mouth, honey," he demanded.

She knew what to do. He watched her lips as her mouth slid up and down on his cock shaft. Her luscious little mouth looked delicious around his prick. His prick and balls were all wet with her saliva. He wondered what she did with her boyfriends, as Cal had told him she wasn't cherry before this. He played with her cunt and ass, as she sucked him.

He continued drinking the bourbon out of the bottle. He thought about fucking her. His prick was getting hard as she sucked on it. She was good. She worked on him with diligence, because she was afraid of him.

Cindy continued wondering about her mother, as she sucked on Mickey's cock. She wondered what Cal was doing to her. Mickey's cock was stuffed her into her mouth and she told herself she'd rather suck his cock, than suck his ass. In addition, she was afraid that if she didn't make it good for him, that he would hurt her. She took a hold of his big balls, his balls were so huge. His cock was hard now, hard like iron.

He finally pushed her away and told her to kneel on the bed. After she did so, he pushed her head down and stroked her ass. He chuckled as he tickled her between her legs. He fingered her cunt and tickled her ass hole. Then he bent down and started licking her cunt from behind. She groaned as she felt his mouth on her pussy. He chuckled against her cunt flesh. Her cunt and ass turned him on. He sucked her cunt lips, stuck his tongue inside her cunt hole and sucked out a wad of her cunt juice. She had a fresh young taste. This was prime pussy, hot young cunt, running like a waterfall with tasty cunt juice.

He played with her tits as he sucked her pussy. He fondled her ass cheeks. Then he moved his mouth up to the ring of her ass hole. She squirmed when she felt his tongue on her ass hole, making him laugh. He rimmed her ass hole. He rolled his tongue around her shit hole, while his hands squeezed her ass cheeks. Then he pushed his tongue inside of her ass, all the way until his mouth was flush up against her ass hole. His tongue fluttered around inside of her hot shitter making her moan. He started fucking her ass with his tongue. He was crazy about her ass.

Then at last he pulled his face away and he straightened up on his knees. He looked down at her pink wet ass hole. Snickering at the sight of it, he brought his prick-knob up to the tiny hole. He rubbed his cock head back and forth over her little pink ass hole. As he pushed in, she groaned. He kept pushing and watched his cock-knob squeezed into her tiny ass hole. He stopped when just his cock head was inside of her ass.

"Just hold still." he said.

"Please don't, it hurts so much." she moaned in pain.

He laughed, "Your ass belongs to me, baby. I fucked your mother's ass just a while ago, but I like yours better."

Then he pushed forward again sliding more of his cock into her ass. When she tried to move forward herself, he slapped her ass real hard.

"You move again, and I'll stick the knife up your cunt." he threatened.

He continued fucking his cock up her ass. Finally he had it all inside of her. His balls were pressed up against her cunt lips. He wriggled it around a bit. He held her ass-cheeks with his hands as he slowly pulled back. He watched his cock pull slowly out of her stretched ass hole. He pulled out until just his prick-knob was inside of her and then he pushed forward again. He fucked his cock all the way into her butt, then he pulled back once again. Eventually he began to fuck her ass with a steady pistoning movement of his cock.

She moaned constantly, as he continued fucking her ass. He hissed from the pleasure of it, it was good. He couldn't hold back because it felt so good. He finally made a croaking sound in his throat and let go as he blasted a load of cum into her ass, his jism spurting out of his piss hole and blasting inside of her ass guts. He called her a honey as he wriggled against her ass cheeks.


Late that evening, a young woman named Rita arrived at the house. Ellen and Cindy were in the living room, both wearing robes and frightened, as they sat beside each other on the sofa. The two men were now dressed in Phil's clothes.

Rita obviously knew both men very well. Ellen listened to them talk and she deduced that the men worked for someone named Vic, and that Rita was Vic's girlfriend. She had been sent to bring Cal and Mickey to Vic. Cal had evidently spoken to Vic on the telephone and told him about Ellen and Cindy.

Now Ellen learned that she and Cindy were to go with the two men and Rita that very night. The orders had come directly from Vic and Rita seemed uninterested in their plight.

Once again, Ellen tried offering them money, but they just laughed at her. Rita kept looking at Cindy in a really strange sort of way, and Ellen was soon more worried than ever. She trembled whenever she thought about what she had been forced to do with the men, but Cindy seemed subdued. They hadn't had any time alone together and Ellen wanted to question Cindy about what the men had forced her to do, but she hadn't had a chance.

Finally, Rita said that it was time to go. The two men quickly tied up Ellen and Cindy. They used two of Phil's ties to knot the gags around their mouths. After that, Ellen and Cindy were carried out of the house, and into the van that Rita had brought. They were put into the back of the van, with the two men. Rita went around to the front, climbed in and drove the van away.

They drove for a very long time. Ellen and Cindy huddled together on the floor of the van. Ellen's fear was now intense and she couldn't believe what was happening to them. This whole thing was like a crazy nightmare. Her wrists hurt from the ropes and the gag hurt her mouth. The two men were sitting there drinking beer while they talked. They seemed uninterested in Ellen and Cindy for the moment. They talked about how great it was going be to be free again. "No more cops on my ass." Mickey said. "I hate them fucking cops."

Finally, the van stopped, and they found themselves in a garage of some strange house. Cal and Mickey pulled Ellen and Cindy outside. Their ankles were untied, so that they could walk under their own power. They were then pushed through the open door and into what looked like a large house. They were then led down a hallway and into a room. The two men left Ellen and Cindy alone but locked the door behind them as they walked out. Ellen and Cindy sat beside each other on a sofa.

Ellen wanted to ask Cindy about what had had happened between her and the men, but the gag prevented her from talking. Then she heard people talking just outside of the room. She listened carefully and realized that they were talking about her and Cindy.

The door opened and a man came in. He was a thin man with a suntan and gray hair. He was well dressed. He looked like someone in command. He smiled down at Ellen and Cindy and said "My name is Vic Benson."

Then he just looked at them. His face was expressionless. After a while, he sort of chuckled softly to himself. He almost seemed amused by them.

He said, "I thought that you'd be a bother, but that maybe I was wrong!"

He walked casually over to a phone and picked it up. He spoke so softly as he talked on the phone that Ellen couldn't make a word out. Then Vic put the phone down and returned to where they were again. He started talking about Cal and Mickey saying, "I understand that my men have been rough with you." He laughed and added, "Two gorillas, just out of prison and they see two pretty girls that they just can't resist. Well, not exactly two girls. One girl and her mother, right? That's real cute, isn't it? Anyway, you ladies don't seem any worse for it. Ellen and Cindy, isn't it? Welcome to my house." he said, chuckling afterwards, as if the idea of welcoming them to his house was quite amusing.

Then someone knocked on the door. Rita came in with a large man and smiled at Vic. "Getting interested, huh?"

The large man had a bald head and piggish-looking eyes. Vie spoke to him, calling him Otto. After a while, Vic told Otto to untie the two women. Otto worked on Cindy first. He got the ropes and the gag untied. Then he bent over Ellen and untied her also. Ellen shuddered as he touched her. Vic told them to stand up.

Ellen immediately started talking. She begged him to let her and Cindy go. "I promise that we won't say anything to anyone."

Vic smiled and told her, "Shut up. I'll let you know when you can talk." He looked at Otto and added, "Get their robes off."

Otto showed his yellow teeth, as he grinned widely. "Sure thing Mr. Benson."

He took a hold of Cindy's robe and pulled it away from her. His eyes filled with lust as her young, naked body was revealed. Ellen was horrified. They had her daughter standing there naked, and there wasn't a thing that she could do about it. Then Otto stripped off Ellen's robe, and she was just as naked as Cindy. Mother and daughter stood there, huddled together in fear of what was happening to them.

Vic ordered them, "Stand over there, in the center of the room, and stand straight, so that we can get a good look at you."

The initial shock had passed, but Ellen still tried to maintain some dignity. She held Cindy's hand, but otherwise she was complying with his orders, standing straight, with her chin raised in defiance.

"I hope you go to prison for life for this." Ellen spat out.

Vic laughed and then sent Otto away. After the door closed, Vic walked around them, looking them over, like the connoisseur of female flesh that he was. Rita sat in a chair, sipping her drink. When Ellen tried to take Cindy into her arms, Vic warned them to remain separated.

Finally, Vic started talking to Rita about them. "What do you think? What the hell are we going to do with them? The circuit?"

Rita shrugged. "They're pretty enough."

"I bet we can get ten grand for the two of them."

"Maybe more, if they go as a team."

They agreed that there was a bigger market for the mother and daughter as a combo. They seemed totally unconcerned that Ellen and Cindy had heard every word they said. Ellen was now more frightened than ever. Vic Benson seemed awful. At first she had thought that he was more human than Cal and Mickey, but now she realized that he was really worse. Vic was the boss. If anything terrible happened to them, it would be Vic's fault.

Ellen wondered when the police would even start looking for them. Phil might call the house, but then again, he might not. It might be days before anyone even realized that they'd been kidnaped. She felt so awful standing there naked in front of them, and in front of Cindy. She and Cindy had hardly ever seen each other totally naked. Ellen told herself that the poor girl would never recover from this nightmare.

Rita kept looking at Cindy in such a strange way, and finally told Vic, "I want some time alone with the girl. You don't mind, do you, Vic?"

Vic chuckled and replied, "You can't wait, huh? Okay, go ahead on. You can have her, while I try out the mother."

Vic took Ellen's arm and led her out of the room. They left Cindy alone with Rita. Ellen thought about resisting, but she decided it would be useless. Instead, she just pleaded with Vic to leave Cindy alone. "She's just a baby."

Vic was amused and replied, "She's not such a baby anymore. Anyway, if you behave yourself, I'll do what I can."

He forced her to walk down the long hall to a large room. When they were inside the room, he told her to stand still. He picked up a phone and spoke into it as he kept his eyes on her. Then he put the phone down and started questioning her about Cal and Mickey. "Tell me everything." he said.

Ellen looked at him, and quivered at the way his eyes raked over her naked body. "I don't understand." she replied.

"Everything." he said with a soft laugh, "You know, I want you to tell me what they did to you at your house."

She clammed up, she couldn't possibly talk about those horrible things with a man, or anyone for that matter, it was just too horrible.

Vic was amused with her silence and said, "You're too old to be so bashful. You know, you have a nice body, for a woman who has a teenaged daughter."

He came over to her. She trembled as he hefted her tits in his hands.

"I bet you know how to wrap these around a cock and make a guy feel good."

He laughed at the way that she quivered as he touched her. He stroked her ass with one hand, while he played with her nipples. "You've got a nice ass. I like a woman with a solid ass. Now bend over with your hands on your knees." he ordered her.

When she hesitated, he threatened her. She pleaded with him, as she went down to her knees. He calmly told her to shut up. There was no anger in his voice, merely a tone of complete authority.

He said, "You'd be better off by not talking. By the way, are you healthy. I don't like women who aren't healthy."

Finally, he allowed her to straighten up. He smiled at her, as he pulled on one of her nipples and said, "We'll see what you can do."

Then suddenly the door opened and Otto came in. His eyes were mocking as he gazed at Ellen. Vic spoke to him, said something about a swing. Otto grinned and walked over to the wall. He started pushing some buttons in a panel. Ellen heard something moving above her head and looked up to see something coming down from the ceiling, an apparatus of some sort. Frightened, she stepped out of the way. The contraption came all the way down and hung there, in the center of the room.

Then Otto grabbed Ellen and pushed her into the device. In a moment, she had restraints all over her body, leaving her arms and legs fixed in place. Otto returned to the panel of buttons and soon the device started moving. Ellen found herself suspended off of the floor, her limbs forced into such a position that her knees were pulled up to her chin and left her hanging there with her cunt and ass exposed.

Otto returned to her and made some further adjustments to the restraints. Then he went back to the buttons again, to get things just perfect. All this time Vic had been watching Ellen without showing any emotion. He had his hands in his pockets. He seemed to be looking at Ellen, as she were a new possession, rather than a human being. When he was finished, he sent Otto away. The big man left the room, closing door behind him as he left.

Vic said nothing as he gazed at Ellen. He studied her exposed cunt and ass. Then he came over to her and touched her thighs. She swung slowly around on the suspension. She moaned softly, she was frightened out of her wits. She felt so helpless. Vic touched her cunt, then his fingers probed between her cunt lips. He smiled at her as he spread her cunt lips and peered into her cunt hole.

Ellen groaned "Please let me go."

Vic snickered. "You just got here. By the way, do you need to piss? Maybe you'd like to see your little girl in this thing."


"Do you need to piss?"

"Yes you bastard, I do!" She thought he would free her from the device so that she could go to the bathroom. Instead, he told her, "Don't worry about the rug. Go ahead and do it."

He stroked her cunt and ass, as he coaxed her body to piss. She was going crazy with fear and embarrassment, but she started pissing, unable to prevent it. His hand was right there, and her piss gushed out over his fingers. He seemed pleased and he rubbed his hand over her cunt as she continued pissing.

"That's good. That was very nice." he commented.

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