Utopia High 2:
Stories About Caryn's Asshole and More
by MechaBlade

Ms. Neer looked around the classroom. Caryn slid down in her seat. She had to go to the bathroom and did not want to be picked. Ms. Neer looked at her.

"Uh... Caryn. Will you go up for us?"

"Ms. Neer, I'd prefer-"

"Just go, Caryn." Caryn gracefully submitted and walked slowly to the front of the class. She stood on the desk and took off her long grey coat. "While Caryn is disrobing, I want to take time to talk about my favorite part of the body- the asshole. While some artist and art teachers may prefer a leg or a breast, I find comfort in the appealing sight of her little rosebud." Caryn stood naked on the desk. "Turn around, Caryn, and bend over. Spread your cheeks so everyone can get a better view." Caryn did as she was told. It reminded her of the last time she was spanked in front of the class. It had been a while. Almost a year. She was very embarrassed. She was not a fan being presented before large groups. "Look at the contours... bellisima." Her art class sketched Caryn's asshole. Caryn stared at the art on the wall, trying to hold it in. There was no way she could last until the end of the period.

"Ms. Neer! I really have to go to the bathroom!"

"I thought so. Well, that's another chapter, so we're not going to be able to finish using you today. However, Ms. Harrison has asked for a model for her bio class. Would you please run on down to 422?" Caryn's heart sunk. She thought she would get to go to the hall, but no, another group of peers to show herself off to. But it wasn't like she had a choice. She grabbed her pants. "No time for that, Dear." Caryn sighed and quickly walked naked to the Biology class.

"Okay, will umm... Christine? Will you come up for us? Yes, please be our model." Christine scaled the desk and began to strip. "Sweet Jesus..."

Caryn found room 422 and opened the door. Ms. Harrison was teaching.

"Hi, I'm Caryn.."

"Oh, are you the model?" Caryn nodded. "Great, I was worried I'd have to check the lavatories. Okay, just stand here in front of the class. Go when you can." Caryn was relieved. She didn't have to stand on anything or spread her buttcheeks. She was bent over with her hands on her knees. Ms. Harrison's biology class paid close attention to the human female as her asshole puckered and began to expel her scat onto a pan. Caryn smiled as she shed the extra weight. Students heard the melodious crackling sound. She pooped out a few more butt nuggets, then stood up. Ms. Harrison held up a tissue. "May I?" she asked. Caryn became nervous again, but she felt less shy after thinking about her performance in front of the class. She had provided a service for these people, and the boys probably found her butt attractive, she reflected.

"Go ahead," she shrugged and bent over a bit. Ms. Harrison wiped Caryn's arse. She is such a mother, Caryn thought.

"Thanks, Caryn. We'll send this down to Chemistry and see if they can guess what you had for breakfast." Caryn left to return to her art class as the principal entered. She greeted him and left.

"Was that a model?" he asked. Ms. Harrison looked around. She couldn't count on her kids to lie for her.

"Uh... yes..."

"I thought you were doing the demonstration this year," he told her.


"You are doing adult females, right?"

"Yes, well, I've been constipated lately," she said lowering her voice, to hide her embarrassment, "so I thought I'd use a student."

"If you push a little harder, I'm sure you can get it out before the bell rings. Why don't you try now?"

"I really don't think-" her voice became even lower and she looked downward.

"Does it matter?" he cruelly reminded her. She was silent and looked towards the pan on the table.

"Though..." she said hoarsely and swallowed, "Caryn did already go..."

"Betty, I think I might need you after school and, well,... you don't want it to hurt, do you? I'm in a.. rough mood today." She put on her smile and walked in front of the class.

"Class, though I was having a little trouble earlier this week, I'm going to demonstrate the end of the human female digestive system, to give you an adult example." She replaced the used pan with a new one. She lifted up her dress and pulled her panties down. She took Caryn's stance and pushed. She had eaten food that she believed would stop her up so she could say she was constipated, but she knew there would be consequences if she couldn't deliver. The class was somewhat astounded. This teacher had never shitted before them before. As bio was a lower level class, none of the boys were of age yet to force her to do anything. They would have been able to see her sitting at the teachers' toilets, but she always timed it so that she shat at home. The principal stood by the door.

"Ughhh... ughhnhh..." She soon felt her bowels moving, but put more drama into it so as to make it look like there was some truth in her words to the principal. "Oh god..." Her face became red. She passed a soft fart, which caused some snickering, but the students fell into a silent awe as their teacher's butthole expanded and she slowly expelled a hard stool. It hit the metal pan with a clang. She exhaled and inhaled, then pushed out a second, longer log. She turned around and wiped herself. The principal, seeing that she was done, left.

"Any questions?" she asked.

The principal walked to his office to pick something up and then was off to the Foreign Language department. Many argued that the principal had one of the best jobs there were. It was a good argument; between disciplining teachers and just plain having sex with them, a principal was never left unsatisfied. One could even enjoy seeing young teenage girls naked if that was his kick. He smiled thinking, "It's good to be king." He walked into the new teacher's office.

"Hello, Miss Jennings," he greeted.

"Hello," she nervously replied. There was no one else in the room as it was her free period. She was a young, tall teacher with a nicely rounded butt.
"I think you know why I'm here. You received the note didn't you?"

"Yes," she sadly said.

"Well, I'm sorry, but you must be punished. Take off your skirt and bend over by your desk." Miss Jennings pulled her skirt up and her panties to her ankles and held on to her desk, her butt facing the principal. The principal took out his crop and brought it down hard upon her behind.

"Aaah!" Miss Jennings yelped.

"You don't need to make quite as much noise about it. It's just the first one." He loved teasing her. He smacked her behind with the crop again. She suppressed her shout and just whimpered. He again laid the crop to her derriere.

"Ow! Oww!" she exclaimed. She sniffled and tears fell down her cheeks. The principal slammed the crop on her heinie.

"Aaaah!" she screamed as she stood up and backed away from the principal.

"What are you doing?"

"It hurts," she sniffed, pointing her butt away from him.


"And..." she looked around, backing up. "Um... I think I've learned my lesson."

"But we're not done yet, Annie." She almost tripped on the panties around her ankles while backing up, so she kicked them off.

"Don't hit me again!" she said and ran to the corner of the room. He ran after her.

"Annie, stop acting childish." She tried to dodge him. He cornered her and held her hands together with his left hand. He lifted them above her head and twisted her arms around so she'd turn around.

"No!" she said. When she was facing the corner, he began spanking her with the crop rapidly. She couldn't run as he was holding her hands. She screamed and cried until he was done.

After he was done, she slid down in the corner and sat on her tailbone to avoid further pain from her reddened ass. The principal watched her cry with admiration. Her position pointed her pussy and asshole up at him.

"Poor Annie," he said solemnly, lifting her head. "Let's go to my office, and I'll get you a wet towel to sit on." He gave her some Kleenex and they left her room.

As the principal swung the door open, he noticed he almost hit a student with the door. Obviously, the kid had been eavesdropping and had backed away when he heard the knob turning.

"Whoa, sorry," the principal said. "What were you doing by the door?"

"I... umm..," the boy stammered, "I had to give this paper to Miss Jennings." He showed the principal the paper. Miss Jennings just looked away, trying to hide her reddened eyes.

"Okay, put it on her desk." The boy went into the classroom and put the paper on Miss Jennings's desk. He left the room and as he headed back to class, he walked away slowly, trying to get a good look at Miss Jennings.

"What's your name son?" the principal asked.

"Huh?" he said, thinking he was in trouble. "Oh, Roger."

"Roger, do you want to see what Miss Jennings was screaming about? I know you heard her."

"I wasn't listening... that long." Roger realized what he was saying and nodded eagerly.

"Turn around, Annie." Although Annie Jennings was looking away from Roger, her body was facing him. She turned around and bent over slightly, knowing what was coming next. The principal moved her skirt up to show Roger her beaten ass. "This is what happens when your teacher misbehaves," he told Roger. Roger stared with admiration. Miss Jennings hung her head in humiliation.

"Can I... touch her?" The principal laughed.

"Maybe when you're older." He patted Roger on the head and escorted Miss Jennings to his office. The principal opened the door connecting his to the nurse's office. The nurse was sitting in her chair, reading pornography.

The principal's favorite part of his job was actually the nurse. The school board had some say in who was picked, but the nurse was basically picked by the principal. Unlike the teachers, he could set certain standards in beauty and in service. Of course, he picked the most beautiful and kinkiest nurse that applied.

She was wearing the typical nurse uniform: high heels, white stockings, white panties, a tight little white top showing ample cleavage, and, of course, a cute little white hat under her blazing red hair. She looked up as he walked in.

"Candi, I need a towel," he requested. She got up, found a hand towel for Miss Jennings to sit on, and wet it. The principal took the towel, walked back to his office, and closed the door. The nurse went back to her porn magazine. She touched herself as she came across an especially depraved pic. The secretary sent a girl in, handing the nurse her sheet.

"Hello... Gabby," Candi said, "It says here that you're having stomach problems, and you haven't been able to defecate for several days."

"Yes," Gabby said shyly.

"Well, all I think you need is a little enema." Candi put on her gloves. "Undress and get on the table." Gabby stripped down as instructed and got on all fours on the wax-paper-covered table. The nurse lubed up Gabby's asshole and stuck in the nozzle. "How's that feel?"

"Kinda uncomfortable."

"Great," Candi said, ignoring her words completely. She turned the water on and warm water entered Gabby's bowels. Gabby was heavily backed up, and it took a short time for the water to fill up her colon.

"I feel like I need to go now," Gabby told the nurse.

"Just a little longer." Gabby was a little happy that she had been cured, but worried that she wouldn't be able to hold it all in. The nurse turned off the water and withdrew the nozzle. "Okay, you can use the toilet outside now." Gabby ran naked into the hall and let out a torrent of feces into the toilet. She sighed happily and sat there for a moment. Then she returned to the nurse's office.

"All better?" the nurse asked. Gabby nodded and redressed. "Great." As Gabby left, the secretary sent another girl in.

"Hello, Janice," Candi said. "It says here that you have a sore throat."

"Yeah," Janice said hoarsely.

"Well, all I think you need is a little enema." Candi put on her gloves.

Gabby walked to the teacher's lounge. She had been told to make sure she was "clean", so she thought the enema was a good idea. She opened the door.

"Congratulations on your retirement, Bob!" Steve Green said as Bob opened his gift.

"A tie rack!" he announced to the circle of co-workers around him. Everyone clapped. Mr. Van Straussenberger stepped forward.

"Bob, for your retirement, me and a couple other teachers got you what we know you've really been yearning for. Gabby, come here." Gabby stepped forward and Bob Freeman eyed her freshman body. The teachers all knew he was a big pedophile. Gabby stared uneasily at the near-sexagenarian. She had had a feeling that this would involve sex.

"She's nice, but I'm a little out of my age range..." he laughed, figuring this could be a joke.

"No, it's okay," Sam Van Straussenberger said, "we got a permit." He showed him the permit. Ordinarily, sex between a man of his age and Gabby's age would be illegal. But for a price, such exceptions were made. A wide smile crossed Bob's face. "Well, let's leave so he can 'unwrap' his present." Everyone said their congratulations and farewells as they left. Betty Harrison kissed Bob on the cheek and said, "Happy retirement, Bob." She then walked to the principal's office.

Betty looked at her watch. She was right on time. As she was let in the principal's office, she could see he was waiting for her. Miss Jennings had left long ago.

"Hello, Bernard," she said.

The principal had sex with her, on the desk. The principal liked having sex on his desk and always kept it fairly clean. But he didn't fuck Ms. Harrison roughly as she worried he might. "So," she said afterwards, "you weren't in a rough mood after all, were you?"

"Well, about that..." he started, but was interrupted by the nurse's knocking. She cracked the door open.

"You ready for me?" she asked.

"Yes, Candi, we are." Candi walked in. Instead of her panties, she wore a giant strap-on around her waist.

"Top," the principal told her. Candi took off her top, revealing her pert, full breasts. "Candi, would you be so courteous as to take Betty up the ass?" Betty's spirits sunk as she realized this question was a request directed towards her. Betty got off the desk and faced away from Candi. Bernard and Candi smiled blissfully as they both entered Betty. Betty moaned.