Erotica by MechaBlade

The Dungeon Collection
The Journal Series


Rape Stories

 (nc, asphyxiation)
 Mena finds herself at the mercy of an unknown strangler.  She also finds herself becoming aroused.

DH-90: W-5 [20.4 KB]
 (alien rape)
 Oh, the horrors that occur when aliens find their way into a women's army base. Tentacle rape. Almost snuff.

The Girl Gets It [31 KB]
 (rape, anal, scat scene in epilogue)
 A group of criminals take turns raping a hostage.

Go, Collector's Edition
 Twist on the movie Go. After leaving Claire at Todd's apartment, Ronna takes a little longer to get back.

 (rape, anal)
 Polly wants a cracker.  I think I should get off her first.

Quarter 'Til
 A college student commits the perfect crime.

Rapeworld Post: Drew Barrymore Arrives
(slavery, rape)
 Drew Barrymore is kidnapped and sent to a slave trainer's private island.
Rapeworld Post: Drew's Anal Training
(slavery, rape, anal)
 Marcell uses his methods to further Drew's slave education.
Rapeworld Post: Ann Curry's Arrival
(slavery, rape, anal)
 Ann Curry's barely out of the box before Marcell takes her anally.

Remission of Sin
 A soldier is punished for endangering the lives of her squadron.

Struck By Cupid's Arrow
 The Greek God Eros falls for a mortal who doesn't share his feelings.

Scat Stories

American Pie, Collector's Edition
 A new twist on the movie American Pie.

Ashley's Little Show
 Terrorists take over a high school and force Ashley to display her charms for the class.

The Eighth Wonder
 In this short story I tried to illustrate the beauty of female defecation.

First Commandment
 (dom/sub, anal, scat)
 June tries Demetrius's patience when she breaks the rules.
Side of the Road
 (dom/sub, scat)
 June must take a shit outside.

Robberies 'N Shit
 When you gotta go, you gotta go...

 (scat, ws, death, humiliation)
 Fun fact: hanging victims often void their bowels before they die. This is Petra's story.

Utopia High
 (scat, ws, sub, farting, anal, humiliation)
 Here, females are governed by a different set of rules- even in high school. Poorly written.

Utopia High 2: Stories About Caryn's Asshole and More
 (scat, sub, spanking, anal, humiliation)
 The long awaited sequel. An unapolegetic tour of my id.

Utopia High 3: Lovers and Fighters [57 KB]
 (scat, ws, sub, anal, humiliation)
 Girl wrestling, cunnilingus education, fat girls, teacher-student reunions, and amidst all this rampant fucking: a love story. I really don't expect anyone else to like this stuff.

Regular Stories (Non-scat and Non-rape)

Bitch-Ass Sister
 (incest, young couple, fem-dom)
 A sister fucks with her little brother.

 Sam really shouldn't, but Charlie finds a moral loophole.
 Ben ordinarily wouldn't, but Lisa finds his criterial loophole.

Flirting Is for Bitches
 Lars wants it, she needs it.  Who says romance is dead?
The Wingman
 Looking for some Friday fun, Lars calls the mysterious redhead. They have a very hot conversation.

Porn Story #3ACX06
 (interracial, anal, spanking, nc)
 A compilation of all my pet peeves of erotica writers and readers. Content is more comedic than erotic.

Plus Dental
 Dan's boss really sucks.
Plus Dental 2
 What's good for the gander is good for the goose.

Quarter-Mile High Club
 Your plane is going down and you have only a few minutes to live. What do you do?

The Storm
 A man decides to test his girlfriend's limits after catching her cheating.

To Entreat Don Vinzetti
 The generous Godfather grants favors to those who seek his powerful influence. However, to have your request heard, you had better bring along your wife or mistress or daughter.

The Dungeon Collection:
There's a thousand stories about the largest sexual slavery Dungeon in America.

Welcome to the Dungeon [23 K]
 (slavery, rape, humiliation)
 A cop becomes a slave at The Dungeon.

Welcome to the Dungeon, Part 2 [31 K]
 (slavery, rape, anal, humiliation)
 Janet plans her escape, recruiting the help of a horny lesbian.

Welcome to the Dungeon, Part 3 [23 K]
 (scat, ws, slavery, rape, anal, humiliation, death)
 Janet and her co-conspirators are punished for their disobedience.
 One of the main bounty hunters employed by the Dungeon. He enjoys "the choice."

 (rape, abduction)
 The other main bounty hunter. He likes "the chase."

Positive Reinforcement [30.5K]
 (slavery, rape, spanking, anal)
 Daphne hates Desiree. However, they must put aside their differences to service a couple of clients. This story explores both the Dungeon's reward system and the feuds that occur between slaves.

Journal of Events Series:
The fuckingest guy in high school tells of his comedic sexual exploits.

Journal of Events: Small Girls
 The one that started the series. Nothing special.

JoE: Sharon
 A night with Sharon.

JoE: Lara
 Flashback of an old girlfriend ...and her mother. Almost fem dom.

JoE: Shelly
 (scat, ws)
 Shelly, the 10 who takes dumps, takes on the narrator and Sharon.

JoE: Donkey Punch
 (domination, anal)
 Shelly gets donkey punched.

JoE: Jesse the Bronco
 (domination, humiliation)
 The Bronco is tried on a girl jock.

JoE: One Night Stand
 (scat, ws)
 Shelly gets drunk and the narrator gets laid.

JoE: Revenge
 (nc, ws, anal)
 Bad things happen to little girls who spread rumors...

JoE: Friends with Benefits
 Will the narrator risk friendship for sex? That's what friends are for...

JoE: Booty
 If Elaine won't fuck him, Paz will.


nc  = non-consensual (rape lite)
scat = scene of female defecation; voyeuristic scat (efro, not scatplay)
sub = submission (implies female submission); somewhat consentual
dom = domination (implies male domination); not quite nc
ws  = watersports: generally, a scene of female urination
new story

Fetishes in parentheses are not a plot description, but the theme(s) that some may find offensive (e.g. "Go" is much more than a rape story).