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Flesh and Magic

Part 1 [1 2 3 4]

© Flesh Goddess

BEFORE YOU READ ON : Know that this story is NOT about heroic people. These women kill innocent people, make men do despicable things, and rampantly raise hell wherever they wish. Not that I don't like heroic people or stories about them, but I've wanted to write this for a while - by no means am I showing disdain for heroics with this story. YES I do have fantasies about being Tavra, or Jynn, but I feel we ALL have our dark, power-hungry sides. By writing this story and things like it, I feel I can exorcise those demons and live that secret life, which allows me to be a good wife, co-worker, daughter, sister, etc in real life. Realize that if you want to read a story about high adventure, chivalry, virtue, and how the goodguys won the day, this is not the tale for you. Lastly, I don't play D&D regularly, though I have dabbled in it (and it was great!), so throw all your preconceptions away, and prepare for a lusty tale of two wenches and their quest for godhood.

Tavra moaned as her patron inserted his shaft into her. She spread her legs wider, closed her eyes, and tilted her head slightly to the side, allowing a bit of her dark hair to slide across her face. She inhaled again with the anticipation of what was to come next. He took position above her and began thrusting quickly, panting, almost whimpering as the waves of pleasure overtook him. Tavra clenched her teeth and touched her breast with one hand, clearing her hair away with the other, shutting her eyes tighter as her body spasmed slightly. She felt his hands on her breasts, one cupped above hers, squeezing tightly, almost amateurish, but the other sensations were too distracting for her to care.

After only a few seconds of his deep penetration, she was almost at orgasm, and was overtaken by the feeling right before, when her body and mind know what's next and the moment seems to stretch on forever, his pounding and her nerves exploding. She opened her mouth wide, arched her back, and moaned. Paralyzed by the ecstasy, she could only tremble slightly as his cock slid in and out of her smoothly. As the orgasm subsided, her whole body was overtaken by a strange tingling sensation. Her patron continued to thrust away, quicker now, approaching his own climax. Tavra could sense this, and another moment stretched on into infinity in anticipation again. This time, however, she knew it would be even more pleasurable than the last.

He began to cum inside of her, letting out gasps and moans of his own, thrusting rapidly, squeezing her breasts tightly. Tavra willed his juices to carry with them his precious life energy, which she absorbed. The feeling was debilitating - vaguely similar to, but much more intense than any orgasm could ever be. The sensation of him deep inside of her only heightened the pleasure. She arched her back once again and trembled, letting out a staggered breath as her whole body was bathed in the bliss. His thrusts began to slow as the life force seeped out of him with his cum, but Tavra was not finished. She willed his energy out of him, through his skin, and into her. She was lost in the ecstasy of absorbing his essence - her skin tingled with the passage of it, her whole body writhed in orgasm-like rapture, and she could feel her powers growing.

As the last of his energy became hers, the feelings of utter bliss subsided, and she could hear Jynn moaning across the next room. Tavra came to her senses, remembering where she was - in a cheap whorehouse she and Jynn had managed to "join" for the night so they could gather energy before their trip in the morning. The wooden walls showed signs of rot, but the curtains and rugs were elegant, if a tad bit stained. Tavra was laying in a pile of cushions while Jynn was riding her patron's cock on the bed.


She remembered how only two short nights ago she was awakened in her stony tomb by Jynn. This was the only memory she had, and even then it was hazy ; she recalled being led-out of a labyrinthine system of caves by her hand. Jynn was saying something, but she couldn't really make out what it was. As they left the cave, Tavra sensed something she wanted ahead, and began to move more quickly towards it. From there the haze thickened, and the next thing she remembered was the ecstasy. She was touching a man - a prisoner, draining the life from him slowly, feeling the power of another's soul-energy surge through her as he slowly slumped to the ground. The feeling was euphoric - more potent, constant, and long-lasting than an orgasm. She let loose with cries and moans loud enough to wake the dead, grimacing as the pleasure had been known to make her do.

When the prisoner was nothing more than a healthy-looking husk, she found herself kneeling in a pile of leaves, still touching him in order to siphon out the last vestiges of his energy. She looked around and saw trees, with a hill housing the cave behind them. Jynn was standing there too, a beautiful specimen - about the same height as her, 5' 6", with long, brown, curly hair down almost to her waist. Her hair wasn't as beautiful as Tavra's, but it was thick, more like a hay bale than Tavra's slick, straight, dark hair. Like Tavra, Jynn was naked - her body was a perfect paragon of youth and beauty, and her face alone could cripple almost any man with lust. She noticed that Jynn's breasts were not as large as hers, but she had more of an athletic build than she did. Her well-toned legs and arms lent a unique quality to her that could only add to her attractiveness.

Two other men, also obviously prisoners, stood near Jynn, staring at her naked body in awe, too mesmerized to notice their fallen comrade. Jynn was watching Tavra, smiling.

"More, my dear?" She said, motioning to the other two as she stepped away.

Without speaking, Tavra rushed at the men like a ravenous beast, clutching his head in her hands and draining the life from his body. Again the pleasure overtook her as new lifeforce flooded into her body. She could feel every nerve in her body explode with power as his vital forces quickened her. After what seemed like an hour of bathing in such pleasure, she dropped his corpse and moved to the next prisoner, doing the same to him. Once more she was paralyzed by the bliss, making groans, pants, and whimpers as he forcefully surrendered his life-force to her insatiable call.

"Very good, let's be on our way now, dear." Jynn helped Tavra up and began pulling her in the direction of the setting sun.

"Who are you? What just happened?" Tavra questioned as she moved along with her benefactor. She could feel twigs and rocks beneath her naked feet, but none of them were causing her pain or even difficulty walking. Without stopping or even turning back to look at Tavra, her benefactor said

"I am Jynn, and we are alike. To say that we feed upon life energies is inaccurate. We drain the energies of the living to become more powerful, well, actually so that we can feed other beings, but I'll explain that later, for now we must move - the forest would not be safe for you at night, my dear."

"Feed other beings? Where are we going?"

"There is little time. The basics are that the shattered parts of a being of some sort made us to give it energy. We were little more than mindless slaves of great power until I tatooed that rune on your inner thigh."

Tavra was able to catch a glimpse of some deep red paint on her inner thigh, but she could not quite make out what it was.

"Actually you were not a slave at all, but were in some sort of statis, trapped in that labyrinth, probably by someone who found out what you are. A mage of some power gave me my tatoo, and with his help I was able to free you as well. Now we're turning the tables as we seek out our masters in order to feast upon their power. Right now we're headed back to Gebton Hollow, a medium-sized city near your resting place. There we will feast upon some life force before we set out for Elezan, where I think my master is. There's a few other things I wanted to do there as well, but that's my main concern. Now once we get back to -"

Jynn's words were cut-short as four figures suddenly appeared in the forest around them. They brandished swords which looked to be in rather poor condition, and wore piecemeal armor - obviously whatever they could scavenge from those who passed by. Tavra and Jynn were surrounded. Advancing slowly, the two in the back producing manacles and chains from their belts.

"Now do as we say and we won't kill ya." The largest one said, raising his sword and adjusting his codpiece...

"Take him, I'll get the rest." Jynn said, moving towards one of them at unbelievable speed. Her great speed caught him off-guard, as she lifted him effortlessly into the air and threw him backwards about thirty feet. Tavra wasted no time moving at her designated opponent, who was distracted by his airborne comrade. She leapt upon him and started drinking his lifeforce instantly, losing herself in the bliss as he flailed about, trying to get her off of him. Her grip was strangely solid, as the larger man could not dislodge her. Tavra, however, was too lost in the ecstasy to realize this.

Jynn turned to the men behind them, focusing on one, she licked her lips and fingered her cunt gently, gazing deep into his eyes. Her whole body began to sway and move, dancing, snaking towards him in almost unnatural ways. She willed him to be hers, for her to be the only thing in his world that mattered, for him to be uncontrollably attracted to her and at the same time unable to act because of the incredible beauty, and thus it was so. He stopped his charge, standing dumbfounded at the vision before him.

The fourth attacker was on Jynn, swinging his sword wildly, it was obvious to her that he was no veteran, but she was. Deftly ducking under one of his swings, she came up under his sword arm and grabbed his off-hand while bringing her other hand up into his face. At the first touch of skin-to-skin contact, she began siphoning his energy - her eyes turned-up in her head and her mouth opened wide in pleasure as she bathed in the power flowing from him into her. She opened the floodgates, draining him as quickly as possible, knowing that her mesmerized victim would only remain so for as long as he could see her, and not much longer than a couple of minutes. Still, Jynn took no chances and drained him in a matter of seconds, almost collapsing as the great rush of energy filled her.

She sucked him dry and dropped him, realizing that she hadn't paid much attention to how much her powers had grown from all of the energy she had drained all this time. Her ability to steal life-essence had quickened, and moved to a new level. As she noticed one of them was charging her, she turned and decided to try something.

As Tavra finished sucking the energy from her foe's body, she turned to see one of the highwaymen dead at Jynn's feet, while another stood dumbfounded, almost hypnotized by Jynn. The one she had thrown had gotten up and began to charge Jynn, who had just turned to face him.

Concentrating, Jynn willed his vital energies out of him and into her. A white smoke appeared from his body and moved towards Jynn like an intagiable tentacle, snaking through the air almost instantly. It seemed to reach between Jynn's spread legs and into her cunt. It was then that Tavra realized Jynn was draining the life from him at range. Jynn put her hands on her hips and spread her legs a little more, inhaling deeply and squinting as if she was in pain, but Tavra knew it was quite the opposite as she saw her friend's body convulse and writhe with delight. At the end of her inhaled breath she titled her head back slightly and moaned between her teeth at the orgasmic pleasure. His charge slowed as he neared Jynn, until he fell to one knee a few feet in front of her. Tavra could tell he was trying to get up, but Jynn was quickly sapping the strength from him. After almost half a minute, he stopped moving, but Jynn was still draining him.

Tavra saw her opportunity for more life-force and charged towards the mesmerized highwayman. She clasped his face on with both her hands and began taking his energy, sucking in his life and reveling in the ecstasy. She shut her eyes tightly, her face contorted into a grimace of pleasure as every inch of her body was lit-up by new energy being drawn into it.

Still panting from the intense rush of power, the two surveyed the area.

"We should probably take their clothes - we can use them once we get into town. I'll tell you more as we get situated." Jynn's words were assuring as well as commanding. Tavra only nodded, still catching her breath from the intense rapture she had just experienced. Moments later they had stripped the bodies and were wearing the ratty, moldy clothes.

They continued on in silence, moving quickly through the woods. At some point Tavra noticed that they were both barefoot, but that the twigs and rocks were not bothering her feet. Before she could be perplexed at this, she noticed she could also see in the dark to some extent. Though there were no moons out tonight, the forest landscape had a soft twilight glow to it. It took her a bit to notice that she couldn't see very far into the distance, but the immediate surroundings were easily navigable with the strange ambient lighting. She also noticed that they were moving through the forest quite quickly, not growing tired, even in their slow jog between bushes and trees. They had been traveling at this constant pace for some time, perhaps a couple of hours, but neither of them were even breathing hard. Tavra had to know what the extent of these powers she had were.

"Jynn, I'm not tired, and I can see in the night. The rocks and branches don't cut me, what else can we do?"

"I'm not entirely sure. I know we can do all the things you just mentioned. It has to do with the amount of life-force we have. You, for example, are relatively weak compared to me. If we were to keep-up this pace for several days continuously, you would eventually get tired and either have to rest, or drain more energy. I, however, would take much longer to become tired, and would need less rest. Simple branches and other implements of nature can't harm you, but swords and other forged products can. In my state, forged weapons do little damage to me, but there are things which are enchanted by mages, or forged of certain metals which can harm us. P'jurium, for example, will harm us, and Saradite causes us pain just by coming into contact with it, but those metals are rare, and enchanted weapons are even more so. I've never quite figured-out how our vision works, only that it does. Darkness only limits our vision to a short distance."

"What else?"

"There are others like us, who still work for their masters - they will undoubtedly attempt to destroy us, or to erase the tattoos so that we can be enslaved once again. All of us have different powers, but those are the common ones."

"Well, how am I supposed to find out what I can do then?"

"You'll get certain impulses or feelings that you can do something. When I drained that man from a distance, I had a feeling that I could do that with my will, as if someone was informing me that I had that ability. Here, uproot this tree." She said, stopping and pointing at a small tree. It looked to be about two inches in diameter, perhaps thirteen feet tall. Upon closer examination, Tavra realized that it didn't look that difficult - a strong warrior could do such a thing with some work. She grappled tightly it with both hands, squatting to get more leverage on it.

"Can I drain it?" She said as she began lifting.

"No, plants don't have the right kind of energy. You can tell what you can drain if you pay attention. Next time we're near people just stop and look at them for a moment - you'll see." Jynn watched as Tavra continued to strain against the tree. It was firmly rooted, yet it did seem to move a slight bit. Tavra was straining quite hard for the little bit of movement the tree was making. Finally, after almost a minute of struggling with it, Tavra gave up. Jynn merely held out her hand and helped Tavra up, smirking a slight bit. "Don't worry, with more energy you should be able to throw trees around like they were leaves." Tavra examined her work and turned in the direction they were travelling, almost trying to forget that she had failed to uproot such a small tree.

"Well, what else can I do?"

"Yes, well you probably don't need it, but most of us can incapacitate the opposite sex with enough temptation." Jynn smiled widely as she said this - there was a certain spark of enjoyment in her eye which Tavra found almost sadistic, though this did not alarm her. "Depending on how you do it, they can stay mesmerized by you for seconds, or days." There was a short pause as Jynn eyed her companion - she had never quite realized how beautiful Tavra was.

Jynn could almost be jealous of her great beauty - she could have been a nobleman's courtesan, or a rich merchant's mistress. Tavra's long, obsidian hair was amazing - all the way down to her perfect waist. That was the feature that stuck-out in her mind most - Tavra's flawless, sculpted curves, especially around her hips and buttocks. No other woman had a figure as perfect as hers. Her breasts were perfectly-sized as well - courtesan-size. Only women with breasts as large and well-proportioned as hers could ever hope to be courtesans, while women with breasts that were Jynn's size would only ever be able to serve the masses as an everyday prostitute. Tavra's face was a mask of unparalleled beauty. She had a look that drew the deepest lusts out of men - the kind of face that every man would want to see contorted in orgasmic pleasure. Her eyes were deep brown, with a slight oriental air about them, and her lips were perfectly-shaped, full, and bursting with passion. Every man would want to see those lips wrapped around his cock or shaped into an "o" as her body was wracked with spasms of ecstasy.

"You, however, are quite beautiful and could probably do that on your own. But we also have a unique control over the minds of men. When we enter the city, stealth and control will become exceedingly important, and that power will be very useful there. With enough control and practice, you can make a man do just about anything. Usually though, I just incapacitate them so that I can drain their energy later. It's quite easy to do, just make them want you."

"Make them want me?"

"Yes, seduce them, draw them in with your body, will them to be the only thing in the world that matters to them, own their souls. You'll understand more once you try it - just let your own animal magnetism and lust come out in the way you present yourself to them. It doesn't always work, but most men do not have the will to resist us. Just keep in mind that we need to remain unknown for the most part, until you are stronger. We should keep moving, come on."


Squatting over her patron, Jynn used her knees to slide up and down his long shaft as she threw her head back and bit her lower lip. Her right arm was supporting her on the bed while her left was used to keep her face clear of her hair, which, like her, was bouncing all over the place. He wasn't all that much to look at, but all she needed him for was the pleasure he was giving. Though she looked forward to the utter bliss of draining his essence, she was of the opinion that nothing quite compared to the feeling of having a cock deep inside of her as her pussy throbbed orgasms through her.

She grinned at him, and then winced as more pre-orgasmic feeling shot through her. Jynn repeatedly flexed her insides around his manhood in order to more properly feel him. She could tell that he was trying very hard not to cum yet, as he had obviously paid well for these ladies of the night. His hands slowly made their way up to her breasts and started gently squeezing them, playing with her nipples every so often. He was no expert, but he did at least have an idea of what he was doing.

She noticed that Tavra was no longer making noise behind her. Turning her head to check on her student, she saw the girl pushing away the empty husk of her patron, revealing her wonderful, naked body. Perhaps it was the feeling of fucking, but she felt a spark of attraction for Tavra - she knew it was the same lust that men felt when they saw her face, consumed with the lust to make her cum, causing her perfect face to strain in pleasure.

The verge of her third orgasm snapped her attention back to her patron, who was also about to cum. Jynn braced herself, for she had only had it happen one other time, but the combination of her orgasm and energy drain at the same time would skyrocket her to new realms of enjoyment. Opening her mouth wide, she inhaled deeply and spurted-out the words "I'mgonnacum, I'mgonnacum!" just as she was reaching her climax, and so was he.

Time seemed to slow. She felt the warm cum enter her, carrying with it his primal essence. Her body trembled as the absorbtion of his energies intertwined with her orgasm. She instinctively fucked harder and faster, throwing her head back as his life-force flowed through her. Every moment was an eternity as she tried to slide up and down his cock faster. Jynn's eyes rolled back in her head and she began to feel dizzy with ecstasy. By now he was almost unconscious from being drained, but she was still drawing his life-force into her. The pleasure seemed to drag on for hours, and all the while she continued to mercilessly fuck him. When she could once again make sense of the world around her, she noticed the last bits of his essence were flowing into her, and that Tavra was putting the clothes back on her victim, as they had planned.

Tavra had managed to seduce some of the servants at the brothel, both male and female. They eagerly did as she asked, not bothering to wonder why the "drunk patrons" they had been removing from Jynn and Tavra's room never moved again. Still, Tavra was clever in telling them to put the bodies in an alley, where they would not be inspected for several days, which would allow the two of them time to feed and escape. Jynn's little student was learning quickly.

Jynn slid from her patron's still-hard organ, stood-up, and stretched. She looked behind her to see Tavra squatting and putting the shirt back on the man she'd just drained. Again a lust for Tavra briefly flashed through her, and was gone as quickly as it came.

"Shall we have more, my dear?" she asked, gathering the clothes of her own victim. Tavra turned and got up, her left hand wiping the cum from herself.

"Yes, please, just let me clean-up first."

"Oh, there's no need for that, just work your magic on them and they won't care once they're in your arms." Jynn retorted, smiling as she clothed the corpse.

"I suppose you're right." She smiled back at Jynn and opened her patron's cash pouch. She counted the money inside quickly, and then blurted "Wow, almost 300."

"Great. After our next batch we can go buy some really NICE clothes and still have some left over. I have just the outfit in mind for you, dear." She commented, still smiling widely as she finished clothing the body. "Ok, looks like they're ready to go, get the boy." Jynn said, pouring a glass of wine for their next victims.

Tavra nodded and went to the door. She knew she would only have to peek out into the hallway to find the servant boy in question. She did find it a bit strange that she hadn't even used her powers on him like she had the others, yet he still obeyed her every wish, and was always at their beck and call. Tavra opened the door and heard the sounds of someone shuffling around the corner.

"Gathim? I think we have more drunkards in here, honey!"

Instantly the young man appeared from around the corner, his soft, slim face smiling brightly at her.

Gathim was his name, and he had instantly taken a liking to her, even though the two of them showed up dirty and in rags. Ever since they had come to the brothel he had started loitering in the hall, listening to the two beautiful women have sex over and over again. He was a bit amazed at their stamina, and perplexed as to how the men could get so drunk so quickly, but the two women, especially the dark-haired one, were so beautiful...

The young man didn't even know their names, and he wasn't sure if anyone else in the brothel did either. None of that mattered though, for he now had a new goal - to be with her, just once. Gathim had counted his money many times over, but he had so little, and he knew that women like her don't come cheaply. It was almost painful to think about, for he knew that she would instantly fall in love with him, and they could run away together, start a new life, and perhaps even carve-out a merchant empire of their own somewhere.

"Again, miss?" he said, smiling as he made his way towards their room. Tavra smiled back and went back inside, leavig the door slightly ajar as an obvious symbol of his welcome. He entered and found two more men, obviously unconscious. He would have paide mor attention to the fact that they were fully clothed, except that her naked body was there, calling to him. The soft candlelight made her skin almost glow, and her hair was shrouded all around her, down to her waist. She stood by the other girl's patron and turned to face him - he melted in her beauty. Something inside of him, perhaps his hope to impress her, jolted him back to his job, and he began dragging the first drunkard from the room. It wasn't long before he had made it outside with the body.

"Wow, you're good! He didn't even notice me here!" Jynn commented, her eyes wide with amazement.

"But I...that's just the thing Jynn, I haven't used my powers on him yet. Any town idiot could tell those men aren't drunk. I just don't know what's come over him. You sure you didn't warp his mind somehow?"

Jynn threw her head back and laughed. "Tavra, my dear, I am glad to have found a travelling companion who is as witty as she is beautiful!" Tavra smirked briefly, still somewhat confused by the boy's willingness to cooperate. She wandered over to the window and peeked-out. It was still night, but the sky was just beginning to show the first hints of dawn. Turning from the window, she eagerly paced in front of the door. Jynn noticed this, but before she could ask what was wrong, they heard the servant boy in the hall.

"Ladies? Are you ready for the next batch?"

Tavra immediately replied with an affirmative. Her eagerness almost surprised Jynn, but she realized why Tavra was pacing - she wanted to ingest more energy. Tavra was turned towards the door now, anticipating their next victims.

Three soldiers entered the room and began taking off their armor and weapons. Tavra gave Jynn a look of concern, but she couldn't have seen it - she was already too busy smiling at them and fondling herself. Tavra took her position standing over by the mound of pillows, waiting for one of them to come to her. Jynn was already all over one of them, who was quite hastily disrobing by now.

"Well, guess that leaves you for both of us." One of the others said, looking at Tavra. She gave them a look of dismay, as if she didn't know what they had in mind, but quickly recovered with a smile and a demure, playful gaze.

"Where and how do you want me?"

"Get on all fours." he nonchalantly ordered as he began disrobing. Tavra complied, sinking to her knees and hunching-over. One of them moved next to her and laid down, motioning for her to get on top. Again she complied, and he sunk his hard cock into her. She squinted her eyes and whimpered, feeling the presence of the second soldier behind her. She arched her back a bit to make herself more accessible to him, and he proceeded to deeply penetrate her ass. Tavra responded with a deep sigh, her face grimacing at the double-entry. The two of them began to thrust, but not in unison - it was clear that they each had their own interests in mind. Nevertheless, she wailed as her flesh was suddenly awash in a sea of pleasure. Their hands and skin seemed to be all over her, grabbing, feeling, probing, leaving no inch of her body untouched. Heavy waves of orgasmic delight built-up, causing her to cry out as she came. The two continued their relentless thrusting, and after a few more moments of pounding deeper and deeper into her, her body shook as a second climax approached. She arched her back and screamed as it thundered over her. Seeing this, the two soldiers lost their concentration, and shortly afterwards were growling out in pleasure themselves as they came.

Tavra, just recovering from the orgasm, drew their energies into her through their cum. The ecstasy of draining two men at once was maddening. She felt their lifeforces filling her, and for a moment the sensation made her feel akin to a god. Her head swam in the overwhelming sensation of power, and there seemed to be nothing in the world but the feeling of their energy passing into her.

By that time, Jynn had already finished with her patron and was clothing the body. Tavra sighed as she removed the still-warm cocks from inside of her, mumbling something incoherent as she got up.

"What was that, my dear?" Jynn responded, smiling.

"That....was....amazing... Jynn, I want more."

"See? I told you - taking in energy is wonderful, but taking it through their cum makes it unbelievable. You can have more tomorrow, if we make good time. There's an outpost on the way to Elezan, I'm sure it's FULL of anxious soldiers who haven't seen a woman in ages." She smiled as she continued clothing the body.

"I want them. All of them. I want to bathe in their energies. I feel my powers growing with each bit of lifeforce I drain. It...it feels so good."

"That's the pleasure talking. Yes one of the perks of taking in energy is the feeling. It's quite amazing - there's nothing else like it in the world, not even an orgasm comes close, does it?"

"No, it doesn't. Jynn, I just drained two people, just like the others, but the feeling was far beyond normal, why was that?"

"Well, the more lifeforce you take in at one time, the more intense the ecstasy. When you are touching someone with only one finger, you cannot drain as much from them as you could if, say, your naked body was pressed against theirs. If two naked bodies are pressed up against yours, you can drain twice the energy at one time, thus doubling the feeling. On top of that, when you transfer their energy using specific parts of your body, such as your tongue or cunt, the pleasure is heightened to unbelievable levels, and if you were to drain two men at one time through their cum, well, I'm sure you're familiar with the feeling -draining done through a medium, like semen, or blood, or spit, is much more exciting. Get those bodies dressed, we need to go shopping soon and get on the road."


Shakaam knelt down to examine the remains his soldiers had told him of. He removed the blanket from the body, examining it for marks, but, just as he had been told, there were no signs of violent death. He could tell from the arrangement of all the bodies that they had been placed there, rather sloppily too - all sitting with their legs straight, backs against the wall, as if they had just stopped for a while to rest.

"Sir, we've stripped three of them as you requested." The lieutenant was jarred from his close inspection by one of his soldiers. Shakaam nodded, stood up, and strolled over to the stripped bodies and knelt by it. He looked it over closely, lifting its arms and moving the head around before finally turning it on its side. After going over the body for several long minutes, he stood up and said "Summon the seer." Runners were dispatched and the rest of his men grumbled amongst themselves. When the lieutenant wanted the seer, they knew it meant he didn't know what was going on.

After almost an hour passed, the seer and an escort of soldiers returned. Clad in deep blue robes, his face hidden by a veil with arcane markings, he approached the lieutenant and nodded. The two of them knelt by the body of one of his soldiers , a younger man, each of them touching one of his shoulders.

He saw a woman, beautiful beyond compare, in every way, straddling a man, making love to him. Her face was strained as she rose and fell upon her companion's cock, and she cried and whimpered with pleasure. Her hair was slightly curly, brownish, and flawlessly kept - as if she had very recently been professionally groomed. Her athletic build revealed perfectly-toned arms and legs, but smaller breasts - even that seemed attractive somehow. Shakaam was amazed - in all his journeys and wars, even the most gorgeous demoness could not compare to her.

The lieutenant watched as she and her companion reached their climaxes at the same time. Her movements drew Shakaam in, and her lover stopped moving, but she continued riding his cock, still in the midst of her orgasm. He was astounded by the length of time that her climax seemed to last, and when she was finished, her breathing slowed and she simply left the man. It was obvious from her body language that he was indeed not her lover, but merely a passing guest, or perhaps even someone she did not know.

Then the vision became hazy, and shifted to a young man, about 18, who came in and began dragging her ex-lover out of the room. He eventually made it out into the alley, where there were several other bodies, and proceeded to sit the corpse up against the wall. Shakaam couldn't get a good description of the youth - by that point the vision had started to decay already. He made note of general height and weight, hair color, and general musculature, but got little more.

As the vision faded, Shakaam found himself still in awe over the woman's beauty. He was snapped back to reality when the seer finally rose and began walking away, escorted by soldiers.

"Your report, sir?" One of his men asked.

"It... wasn't... it wasn't what I thought originally. This one's gonna be... tough." The lieutenant stood, straightened his uniform, and ordered "Gather the bodies and burn them. We don't need any walking dead like the last time to top all this off." With his gruff, commanding voice, his men began loading the bodies onto waiting wagons as he made his way into the brothel.

This early in the morning most of the attendants were asleep, though there were a large number of whores in the lobby, looking dejected and tired. Indeed, none of them came close to the beauty of the woman he saw in the vision - all of them looked trashy, and their hair was largely unkept. Some he found downright repulsive, He approached one, a blonde, and spoke

"I'm looking for a young blonde man, a servant -"

"Gathim. He left last night. Probably went chasing those two bitches. I hope he rots!" One of the whores blurted, cutting-off the lieutenant. Her outburst was followed by similar disgruntled mumblings about the women in question.

"I see. These women...what did they look like?" The whores again collectively expressed their disgust with the women in question with random slurs, calling them "hags," "slugs," and "worthless." Lt. Shakaam thanked them for their time and went upstairs, the whores still angrily chanting obscenities. He could tell from their reactions that they were merely jealous and eager to be rid of the two beauties. Such pettiness disgusted him.

At the top of the stairs he was met by an older man in highly stylized chainmail. His tabard was not decorated with anything, and was simply black with a single yellow stripe running down it. Shakaam was slightly disturbed at the fact that he wore no emblem anywhere - meaning he was either some sort of mercenary, or someone who belonged to a society so powerful and secret that he did not have to wear one. A scimitar hung from his belt, and a buckler was still strapped to his left arm. His face was rough and lightly-tanned, with a short, dark beard with some grey highlights. Four large scars in the shape of a clawmark made their way down his right cheek, and his blue eyes seemed to burn with an icy hatred.

"Lieutenant, we must speak." His voice was low and gravelly, yet forceful and commanding.

"Of course. I believe we have not been introduced. I am Lieutenant Shakaam of the Ghosamm Imperial Guard." Shakaam nodded and offered his hand in friendship, but the man did not seem to notice.

"I am Jarif Moonet, and I am after the same women you are. They must be hunted down and destroyed, and you will help me."

Shakaam was slightly disgruntled by the unknown man's command, but this quickly changed into surprise as Jarif produced an official document signed by Shakaam's superiors, authorizing the release of the lieutenant into the command of one Jarif Moonet.

"What in Charnus? Who ARE you?"

"I belong to a very powerful and ancient society. We have some sway over the monarchy, that is all you need to know. Gather whatever belongings you will need for travel - we will provide the rest. You have one hour. Meet me back here." Jarif pushed past the bewildered lieutenant and quickly left the building. Shakaam sat down, confused. He slouched and stared at the floor below, pondering the morning's events.


Lieutenant Shakaam approached the brothel, his mind half wanting to pursue the mysterious, beautiful woman, and half wanting to stay in Gebton Hollow just out of spite. As he rounded the corner he saw sixteen of the Imperial Elite Guards and their horses with Jarif, who was already mounted. For a split second he paused in surprise, but managed to make his next footfall look like he never faltered.

"She must be dangerous...that or I'm being set-up." He thought. As he approached, the guards stood at attention, and Jarif himself nodded to Shakaam.

The lot of them mounted horses and began riding east, on the road to Kemaj. The Elite Guard were silent the entire time, and so was Jarif. Finally, Shakaam could stand the silence no longer.

"Who are these women, and why are we so intent on capturing them?" Without looking at the lieutenant, Jarif responded in his low, gritty voice.

"I would think you had a vested interest in catching them. They killed your assistant, did they not?"

"I'm asking the questions here. Now why -"

"No. You are probing for information, which I will give you. Understand though that you are NOT in command here. I need your investigative skills for this task." Jarif still wasn't looking at Shakaam as he spoke. His eyes and mind were fixated upon the road before him.

"Then you should share information." Shakaam was obviously fed-up with his travelling companion. Jarif sighed and finally glanced towards Shakaam.

"For lack of a better name, we call them the Dark Maidens. To make a metaphor, they are sponges for lifeforce. Their slightest touch can drain a man in moments, depending on their power level. Unfortunately, unlike other beings, such as vampires, they do not use up this energy to stay alive. Each bit of energy they take in makes them more powerful than before - hence the sponge metaphor. They have other powers as well, invulnerability to weapons, great strength, the ability to hypnotize the opposite sex with their great beauty, and each time they drain life from someone, all of their powers, including their ability to steal energy, grow stronger. They must be stopped before they grow too powerful, lest we have godlike beings walking the land."

"So...do they have a weakness?"

"Yes, weapons forged from P'jurium will harm them, as will some magics. I have a special magical device which can imprison them indefinitely as well. My guards carry P'jurium daggers, since it is too rare to make swords from. My scimitar, however, is pure P'jurium, and I have slain one of their kind already.

"One? How many are there?"

"That is not known. I have only seen two in action, and one of them I slew. The other I have been tracking for some time, but she seems to have picked up another along the way. They may be gathering together for more safety. If that is the case, then we must stop them before they meet with any others. If they are smart, they will be careful not to leave too many bodies in their wake. That is why I need you - your investigative skills can discern normal death from their life drain."

"Why didn't you just get a seer?"

"Most seers cannot use their vision as often as I may need. If we run across three bodies in one week, even a good seer would be exhausted and near death if we were to find a fourth. Also a seer cannot track in the same manner as you, lieutenant."

There was a prolonged silence. Shakaam began thinking about his involvement with this group, and what kind of an vendetta they might have against these women. True, they were killing innocent people and must be stopped, but in his business he learned long ago that everyone has an agenda. Shakaam pondered what theirs was, and what this secret society that was using him was up to in all of this.

"Besides," Jarif continued, after the long pause, "I don't trust the Seers Guild. Do you remember the incident a few years ago in Elezan?"

"The one where the Seers Guild there was responsible for the slum killings?"

"Yes, that's the one."

"But that was cleared-up. All those responsible were executed for murder and treason, as I recall. You don't think they learned their lesson?"

"Somewhat. They were trying to drum-up more business for themselves, and though the Guild heads were punished, it did serve to point out that they have a sort of monopoly. A good Seer can make a vision last a few minutes and share it with someone. Finding a good Seer with morals is difficult. For all we know, they could be leaving-out crucial bits of evidence so that they remain in business. No, there is too much at stake here for simple greed to cause our failure."

Shakaam looked at him, somewhat disgusted. While the Lieutenant was a bit paranoid, as he thought any good investigator should be, this man excelled at such paranoia. He realized just how dangerous Jarif might be - a politically powerful man such as him with paranoid delusions could destroy the Empire from within. His thoughts turned again to the women he pursued, and what he misinformation he might have been given about them.

"The only thing we have working for us." Jarif continued, "is their need for pleasure. They find the act of draining lifeforce extremely pleasurable, and have a hard time resisting the urge to do so. This means that we will more than likely find a trail of bodies leading right to them."


It was a normal day at Arvord's Citadel - the morning patrol had returned from its sweep of the main road, returning with three simple thieves who were trying to be highwaymen. Baron Ahgran Arvord was overseeing the training of his soldiers in the courtyard when they entered. Two women, dressed like merchant's courtesans, both of breathtaking comeliness. The first was wearing something like a long, black cape with a large collar to it, flared high around her head. It was partially pulled around her front and held by a button just below her breasts, allowing them and her legs to be shown with almost full view, and her figure to be accentuated all at the same time. Her privates were hidden only by some expensive black lingere, but her dress emphasized her figure and her well-toned thighs, not her crotch. Her hair was light brown, with large curls, almost down to her waist. She was young, probably in her early twenties, and in good health. Her skin held a light, uniform tan, and her winning smile showed pearl-white teeth.

The other, however, was almost beyond description. The Baron instantly knew he had to have her. Her hips were the stuff of legend - no woman who looked upon them could not feel some small tinge of jealousy, and no man who looked upon them could not want her. Shrouding her legs was a tight, long skirt, deep blue and slit at the sides all the way up to her waist, revealing awe-inspiring legs. The slit was placed slightly forward so that those directly in front of her could see a hint of each leg. As she walked by, the piece of fabric covering her backside fluttered, revealing that she was wearing nothing underneath. A deep purple halter-top, which was more like a bag for her giant breasts, was tied-off behind her neck. The fabric strained just enough to reveal the outlines of her large nipples while giving a good idea of how perfectly-shaped her breasts were, leaving little to the imagination. Where it tied-together at her neck formed an interesting collar, arousing some hints of kinky fetish domination gear while forming a triangle to direct attention towards her picturesque face. She too was probably in her early twenties, with a face that made men want to defile her and worship her all at the same time. Flawless bow lips that called to every man in the compound, and perfectly-kept straight black hair, lustrous and full, parted in the center - it flowed freely, without a single wave, down just below her waist, providing a background for her hips.

Every man in the fort was held for a moment, in shock at their beauty and grace as they strode through the main gates. The Baron himself marvelled at the dark-haired one for a long minute, then regained his posturing, knowing that his wife may be watching. He turned back to his trainees and ordered them to form-up and run the courtyard twice. They clumsily got into formation, still gawking at the two women, and began to slowly jog to the walls. In that moment Baron Arvord contemplated taking her as his mistress, or at least a slave, but he would have to think about it, for she was most obviously a VERY high-class whore. First, he would have to concoct a legitimate reason to talk with her, perhaps after dinner, when his wife was listening to music. The women made their way to the guest rooms, and immediately off-duty warriors began to line-up at the door.

"Sergeant, what are those two girls doing in my barracks?" He called to the Gate Sergeant.

"Sir, they are...ladies of the night - we did not think you would mind the men having a little...relaxation...later...sir." The Baron paused a moment before answering.

"Very good... But ask my approval next time!"


Jynn squatted by the overturned wagon and gripped it firmly. She contemplated simply pushing it out of the way, but decided that a show of strength was in order. Besides, she was of the opinion that as long as she had the ability, she might as well use it. She lifted it and effortlessly swung-around, knocking three charging guards back. Tossing it effortlessly to the side, she rushed one of the now-crippled guards and took his hand, funneling his energies into her. The ecstasy flowing through her was great, but she managed to focus enough to begin draining a second guard from a distance. A smoky, white tendril emerged from his body and serpentined its way into Jynn's cunt. At its arrival she inhaled suddenly, as if she wasn't expecting it, and cried-out in pleasure.

Tavra held two of them high by their throats against the wall, hungrily devouring their lifeforces at the same time. The last vestiges of them flowed into her, and she dropped them, still breathing heavily from the intense pleasure of the dark feast. As per her request, they had been bathing in the power of these unfortunate soldiers all day, and there were many more barracading themselves inside the keep. The courtyard was strewn with their fallen corpses, broken weapons, and debris. Tavra surveyed the scene and realized that most of the kills were hers. If they kept up this pace, the two of them could destroy entire armies by themselves. She grew lustful at the thought of draining so many people and began looking for her next victim, but it looked as though everyone were dead already. Across the courtyard she sensed what she wanted - living beings that would suit her needs. She also heard Jynn moaning loudly from that direction. Hoping that Jynn had left something for her, she rushed over with unearthly speed, finding Jynn already taking the energies of two soldiers at once. Tavra spotted a third soldier trying to play dead amongst the others, and instantly she was upon him.

"Please...no!" he said, trying to fight her off. He was strong, but her strength had grown immensely since she had last tested it. He held up his hand, catching her in the chest and trying to stop her from getting any closer, but she was too strong for him. She grappled his arm and pushed slightly - hearing it snap as he screamed made her smile. She placed her hands on the sides of his face and began to siphon his lifeforce into her. The experience was still as pleasurable as the first time, causing her to close her eyes tightly and open her mouth wide. Her fingers straighened until only her palms were making contact with his skin, and she found she could slow the rate at which she drew in his energy. She took her time, reveling in the power surging through her.

Jynn finished-off her victims and surveyed the tower. She sensed the life force inside, guessing there to be almost a hundred more soldiers in there, surely they had blockaded themselves in by now.

In an effort to protect their lord, the warriors in the courtyard had moved the wagon in front of the door and overturned it. Back when it happened, Jynn saw them doing this, and giggled at the strain on their faces as they flipped the wagon over, knowing that she would easily be able to toss it out of the way as if it were no more than a bag of feathers. They were good warriors, loyal too, but they were absolutely no match for Jynn and Tavra. Their weapons mostly broke when used against Jynn and they passed straight through Tavra. Some of them tried using their fists, but that had little effect, as their great strength turned any fisticuffs into a one-sided battle. Jynn reveled in the conquering of these men - she felt like a village bully who was overpowering legions of smaller children for sheer amusement. Still, she wondered how they would get inside the tower - beating on the doors could take all day, and the keep had already sounded the call for reinforcements. No, they had to find another way in if they were to continue their feast.

She hadn't planned it all to go this way. They originally seduced their way into the barracks, offering themselves up as whores for the enjoyment of the warriors. The fucking and draining was wonderful, but then Tavra seemed to get greedy, and began draining them as they came in. Some of them noticed this and sounded the alarm. From then on it was a constant battle. Still, the energies they had gathered here today would serve them well in Elezan, as Jynn was familiar with the dangers that lurked in the city there.

After finishing her victim, Tavra turned to examine the tower as well. A random arrow from an arrow slit passed right through her head, signaling that the warriors inside were still trying to resist. Annoyed, Tavra went to the wagon and tore-off a large portion of its side. Hefting it under her arm as if it were a ram, she charged the doors, causing them to buckle slightly as she made impact. Jynn realized the genius at work and picked-up the remaining portions of the wagon, ripping off pieces to form a primitive but large battering ram. She tore bits off with no effort - her fingers simply grasped a chunk of wood and dug in, allowing her to precisely flake-away pieces. Tavra backed-up and took another charge at the doors, which buckled only slightly again.

"Help me with this, dear." Jynn asked. Her voice still had a politely commanding quality about it, as a mentor's voice should be. The got on opposide sides of the large battering ram Jynn had fashioned and charged the doors. Their incredible strength and speed caused the doors to buckle even more, sending splinters flying from it. With such a palpable hit they both stopped for a moment in shock - it was obviously a very well-made set of doors to withstand such punishment. Quickly they backed up and began to charge again. The second attempt was a bit slower, as Jynn was slightly distracted by the bouncing of Tavra's breasts as she ran. They were so large and perfectly-shaped, and the manner in which they moved drew her in - she had never seen breasts like that, nor had she seen them move so gracefully. This time the impact chipped a chunk of wood off the door, which was all Jynn needed.

Dropping her side of the battering ram, she grabbed at the place where the chunk had come off, sinking her fingers in and using it as a handhold. Placing her other hand on the door, she ripped a large portion away, revealing a dimly-lit room inside. Both of them attacked the doors ferociously and with great speed, tearing-away at them with a mixture of conviction, power, and feral rage which would frighten most men.

It didn't take long for them to destroy the door, only to find an iron portcullis behind it. Beyond that was a man dressed in rich red robes, holding a sword, most likely the lord of the keep. Beside him stood several guards, well armed and in plate-mail, and behind them was a small team of archers, bows at the ready.

"Stop! What is it you want from us? Name it and I will give it to you!" spoke the noble, his speech not showing any obvious sign of fear.

"We want your lifeforce, fool, and we will take it from you whether you give it or not!" hissed Tavra as she gripped the portcullis and began trying to bend it. She strained and gritted her teeth, and the bars began to move slowly apart. At the sight of this, some of the guards took a step back, but the noble stood his ground - she was beautiful even in her rage. Jynn only smiled at her lovely companion, for she could not have replied with a better answer.

"Then I challenge one of you to a duel!" Arvord said, raising his sword and his head so he looked slightly down at them. Tavra stopped bending, a slight look of bewilderment came across her face.

"What are the terms? You know your weapons cannot harm us, and we are strong enough to rip a man to shreds - what could you possibly challenge us with?" Jynn spurted, smiling widely. There was a brief pause before her enemy answered.

"Your friend and I make love. Whoever reaches their climax first loses. The winner takes whatever they want from the loser. If I win, you must both serve me forever, doing everything I ask."

"As I said, you are a fool. Nothing can stop me from bending these bars and taking your lifeforce anyway!" Tavra chuckled as she spoke, gripping the bars once more as if to continue her work.

"Ah, but if it is lifeforce you want, then I know of a place in the forest where you can find a large amount of it." he responded, smiling. Another pause ensued, Tavra looked at Jynn, who only smiled and raised her eyebrows. "That is the second part of the challenge - that if I reach my climax first, I will agree to lead you there, in person."

Tavra let go of the bars and backed-up a step. Jynn followed, coming in close to speak.

"He obviously wants you, my dear. He doesn't understand that women don't have sex the same way as men do - that we don't cum for just anyone. Besides, I'll show you a little trick." Jynn whispered, smiling widely and nodding with the excitement of a child.

Tavra looked at her quizzically, raising an eyebrow in disbelief. "Trust me my dear - we have nothing to lose! He wants you, it's obvious! He'll probably cum the moment he touches you! Besides, either way it goes, we can just drain him at our leisure!" Jynn continued, taking her companion's hand in hers. Tavra shifted her gaze to the floor, deep in thought. She remembered the boy at the brothel, and how attracted he was to her, and then she looked back at the noble.

"Sir noble, you have a deal. Name the time and place and you will feel a climax..." She ran her hands down to her crotch and paused slightly to gently finger her labia. "...mmmmnh, like no other." Every man in the room immediately began to grow hard at that sight - some even lowered their weapons and glared at her in awe.

Trying to retain his composure at such a marvelous sight, Ahgran quickly spoke "Ten minutes, in my room, at the top of the tower! My men shall escort you there. No tricks."

Tavra continued to lightly finger her pussy lips, now moving her left hand up to her breasts. Feeling herself, she tilted her head back slightly and drowsily closed her eyes, letting out a long "Yeeeesssss...." She stopped suddenly and gave him a look of desire, putting her already wet finger to her mouth and placing it between her teeth. The two women turned and slowly stepped-out into the courtyard, giggling. Every guard in the room suddenly caught themselves masturbating to her motions, and quickly stopped, some a little slower than others though.

The Baron left the room, obviously aroused. He could feel the wetness in his pants already, and the anticipation caused his heart to race. "Bring me the Gosharb Dust." He quietly commanded a lieutenant. Ahgran knew that the rare and magical dust was normally used to ritually prepare for a battle, but in this case, it would give his mind greater focus so that he would not cum when faced with his adversary's goddess-like good looks.

Outside Jynn turned to her travelling companion and excitedly said "That was FABULOUS Tavra! Did you see?! Did you see that every man in there was pleasuring themselves to what you were doing?! You own them already! All of them! Oh I'm so proud!" She wanted to hug her companion tightly, but something inside of her feared that would be crossing that hazy mentor-student line.

"Yeah, I...wow, were they really?" She replied, somewhat shocked at her own abilities. Jynn nodded quickly, showing great enthusiasm. "I was really focusing on the noble in there, not the rest....so...what's this 'trick' you were going to show me?"

"Well, first off, I know that he's got access to some magic dust which he will use to stop himself from cumming. Your job, obviously, is to make him WANT to cum so badly that he does so regardless of how much control he has. You know how good it feels when you take energy from someone - that's just a side effect of new energy entering your body. We not only have the ability to force energy out of others, but also to force it from us INTO others... do you see where I'm going with this?"

Tavra's eyes grew wide and she began to grin slightly. "I see - that's how we once gave the stolen energy to those beings that made us!"

"Exactly. Now, regardless of how much control he has, his mind can't stop some bodily reactions, and if you were to give him energy, his body would react...." She nodded as she spoke. "Just remember to do it before YOU cum, and remember what I said - funnel the energy to him through his genitals or his tongue, or both. There's no WAY he can resist then."

"I'm not sure...how do I...well I know how to drain energy from people, but I don't know how to GIVE it away."

"Easy. You just will it into them. However much you want. Give him a short, intense burst. It's not like we can't take it back later." There was an evil grin on her face as she spoke - Tavra could see devious plans forming in Jynn's eyes, but she did not shy away from that - it was her request that they come here in the first place, and she was the one who had intended to kill every man here.

Tavra nodded and looked towards the tower, then back at Jynn. "Well, I think I'll go a bit early." Jynn nodded and the two stepped back inside. The portcullis was raised and there was a small detachment of guards there barring the way to the stairs. At their approach, two of them nodded and stepped aside. Tavra began to ascend the stairs, leaving Jynn with the guards.

At the top of the tower, Baron Arvord had finished snorting a long line of his mind dust. He carefully brushed-away the brownish-olive remains from his nose and began to set his bedroom up for the coming ecstasy. As he did so, his mind cleared, and his thoughts turned once again to his wife. Though the past few years had been difficult, she was entirely different from this other woman - she would not hurt him or his men, nor would she ever be as beautiful. Arvord attempted to shake any desire for this woman from his mind, focusing instead upon his lovely wife. They had been together for almost ten years, and even in troubled times he never looked at another woman in this way, but this one had some strange and obviously magical hold over him. No, he would not be forced into anything. She would not control him, for he had done it - he had forced all lust for her out of his mind. As soon as she reached her climax, he'd force her to leave and never return. There was no way he could ever cum for this woman.

"My liege, your...appointment has arrived." spoke one of his door guards. Before he could respond, she had effortlessly pushed her way past him and strode into the room, still naked. She slinked towards him, placing one foot slowly in front of the other, her hands sliding up and down her thighs.

"My liege... I like that. Surely a powerful man such as yourself has a name. What is it?"

All trace of control slipped from his mind as she spoke. Once again he felt his pants dampen in anticipation, and his mouth gape in awe. His heart raced and he felt a strange weakness mixed with uncontrollable excitement inside him - he was going to have this woman, victory or not, he would have his way with her at least once.

"Baron Ahgran Arvord...and you are?" he spoke, attempting to regain his composure.

"I am called Tavra...shall we... get started?" She was close to him now, asserting her will against his. There was no way to know if he as resisting, as she was still quite new to her powers, but she could tell he was not as in control as he would like to be.

"Y-yes. First, I shall oil you." He grabbed an intricate glass bottle in the shape of a bird, filled with a clear substance. It was a clever maneuver, she thought, for him to try arousing her first by touch.

"No, I think I shall oil you." She concentrated hard, grasping the bottle and his will at the same time, wrenching them both from him. He stood stunned as she removed his pants, leaving them down by his ankles, and began rubbing the oil onto his body. At first he wanted to resist, as it was unwise for him to allow her to arouse him so, but something was stopping him - something very base and animalistic wanted her to serve him in such a way. The sensation of her hands smoothly running across his body only made him want her more - he summoned all of his faculties to resist taking her right then, violently, forcefully. He wasn't sure how much longer he could keep up his resistance, but if he gave in, he would surely lose the challenge.

"Enough! .....We....ahhhh...." He inhaled deeply and regained some control as he continued. "Enough taunting.....on your back, wench!" His words were strong and commanding, but the tone only served to anger Tavra.

"No milord, I think you want to cum.....yes...right now....." She spoke softly, with less authority, but with more power. Once again she pinned his will to the floor with her own, forcefully accessing his desire. She had reached his genitals and was just starting to oil them, gently running her hands up and down his shaft while her other hand moved along his scrotum. For some reason, she had expected more from a noble - she thought he would be much, much larger than an ordinary man, not the same size. Waves of pleasure began to build in him, and though he wanted to cry out in anger and resistance, he could do nothing but writhe in rapture.

Tavra channeled some of her power through her hands and into him. Arvord felt curiously awake and stronger, yet less in-control. His body had taken-over, and he found himself a slave to it - where once he was the chariot driver, he was now only a passenger. He stood and watched in slow motion with a mix of terror and ecstasy as he shot cum into the air. A tide of bliss washed over him, pleasing him as never before. The next surge came and he fired a second burst of his seed, this time it landed on her shoulder. Again the feeling overtook his body, and his third shot dribbled onto her breasts. He growled loudly, almost screaming - in all his experience with hundreds of women, none of them had ever made him feel this way. As the orgasm passed he sprayed his remaining load onto her leg and the floor.

Tavra smiled up at him and then looked at the semen slowly making its way down her torso. "I guess this means I win...." She looked back up at him, still massaging his organ, but her face contorted in pleasure. Arvord suddenly felt weaker again, more than before. Her face was so lovely in that position that he almost didn't realize what she was doing. Tavra gasped as she slowly siphoned a little more than what she gave him back into her. The feeling of complete control filled her with lust, and she wanted to take it all, but she wanted to enjoy it. Thus, she began to slowly drink-in his essence.

"No! Stop! That was NOT the deal! We were supposed to make love! You haven't won yet!" He cried-out, still feeling the after-effects of an almost crippling orgasm.

Tavra's lungs filled as she slowly inhaled the air, and his energy. "Ahhhh, but you climaxed.....ahhhh...." The Baron realized he didn't have long until she absorbed all of his energy, but something within him strangely wanted to give it to her. She suddenly stopped, and her half-closed eyes opened all the way. "Fine, get on and let's get this over with." She angrily got on her back and spread her legs.

The Baron saw his chance - though tired, he could still pull a victory out of this. He had made love to hundreds, perhaps thousands of women, and had experience beyond measure at pleasing them. Besides, it was obvious that she didn't understand how men had sex - he had just climaxed a few moments ago, and his body needed a short rest to recuperate before he could cum again. Smiling, he squatted before her and guided his shaft in with his hands.

Tavra bit her lower lip and squinted as he entered her. Though there was no attraction for him, the feeling of a man filling her always made her wince. He thrusted, slowly at first, panting as he feigned ecstasy - she too faked the feeling and response, but as his hands roamed her body, she found his experience had put her on the defensive as her body reacted in spite of her mind. He stopped to turn her on her side, placing one of her legs on his shoulder. Continuing his thrusting, he slowly moved his hand to her ass - he could feel his body aroused again, and his will would not last long, even reinforced by the magical dust. He executed what he considered his "prize move" : he gently probed her anus with his fingers, massaging and playing with it. Though this would not make her cum by itself, he knew it would bring her many steps closer. Tavra gasped and shut her eyes tightly at this - her body was still that of a human, and it was very aroused now - there was no doubt that he knew what he was doing to her. Each thrust into her gave her undeniable pleasure as she began a rapid climb to orgasm. She knew she had to claim victory now or she might not have the focus in a few seconds.

Again she opened her energy to him, giving as much as she could for a few brief seconds. Ahgran was filled with power - he uncontrollably came again, firing everything he could into her. He howled with pleasure, mixed with rage, and rammed as hard as he could, clawing at her thighs and breasts almost violently. He felt strong once more, both physically and mentally - new power rushed through him, centered in his genitals. His penis throbbed with delight as he continued leaving is seed in her. Tavra had begun to climax as well, and with that, draw the energy she had given him back into her. Though he had already cum, he found himself unable to stop thrusting into her as her face strained and she cried-out.

He stopped thrusting just as she was finishing-up. Panting, she realized that he was unconscious, perhaps dead. As her head cleared, she realized that he was indeed still alive, but was dangerously low on life energy. Tavra allowed some of her own to flow back into him. After a few seconds he began to stir once again, groaning softly. She used her strength to lift him off of her and stand up, feeling revitalized. His motions had smeared some of the cum on her body, but she wanted a few drops to remain visible on her shoulder and dripping down her inner thigh, as a sign of his weakness - it would humiliate him in front of his men. Picking him up by his armpits, she pulled his face in close to hers.

"You lost, Baron! Now you will watch as I drink the lifeforce of every one of your remaining men, slowly. Then you will honor your words and lead us to this fountain of lifeforce in the woods."

"No, my men....they were not part of the deal....you can't...please..." he pleaded weakly, still trying to catch his breath.

"Wrong. You said that the winner could take whatever they want from the loser. Now, do you prefer to watch, or shall I leave you here to prepare for our journey?" Her words carried with them a venom which frightened him. To these women, he and his men were nothing more than weak cattle, and they were very powerful wolves.

"I will...do whatever you ask...but please...may I make one request...please?"

"Name it and I shall consider it." She moved him to the bed and dropped him.

"Please...I will watch you kill my men if that is...if that is what you wish....but please spare my...my wife." Tavra could tell he was on the verge of tears as he spoke. She wanted him to watch as they feasted upon the energies of each of his men, and there was little one woman could do to harm them...or so she thought.

"You will watch? You ARE a wretched human being - surely not a 'noble' of any sort. You have a deal!" She smiled as she helped him up. "Now, shall we?" She began to lead him downstairs.


"Ahhhh....yeeeeessss....it feeeeelssss....so....goooood....mmmmnh...." Tavra enjoyed taunting the Baron, making him watch as his men died meaningless deaths at his orders. She held the man by the back of his neck, face-first against the wall as he squirmed. As slowly as she could, she absorbed his energies, looking back at the Baron, slightly exaggerating as she grimaced in pleasure.

Baron Arvord wanted to feel remorse, or even pity, but he couldn't. He could only look on in fascination as the vision of beauty before him bathed in decadent ecstasy. She had done something vile to him, and he understood it. Standing there, naked before his own servants, he had become her servant, and even worse, a large part of him wanted that.

Indeed, there were many things floating-around in his head - his mind had become a soup of desire, hatred, disgust, and fear. In the center of it all was her, and through all the rage he felt for his current situation, he could not help but lust again for her body.

She dropped the lifeless husk and breathed deeply, smiling at the Baron. Across the room she heard Jynn whimper as she enjoyed her victim's essence. The last servant came up the stairs carrying several sacks and a backpack. He set them down behind the Baron and spoke.

"Sire, your travelling equipment is ready."

"Good, have you sent my wife on her way?" His eyes remained locked with Tavra's as he spoke.

"Yes sire. She wanted to see you, but I told her -"

"You have done well. Thank you. I want to tell you that I could not have asked for better servants, and that no matter what happens after this, you will always remain in my thoughts. Do not fear, for one day....servant?"

While he spoke, the servant had moved in front of him and towards Tavra. Part of him wanted to curse her, but he was too fascinated at the sight of the servant gripping the girl's breasts and suckling on one. She tilted her head up and closed her eyes - he could tell that his words had fallen on deaf ears.

"Ahhhhh...I feel....his lifeforce....flowing....out of him.....and....into me....making me...stronger...mmmnh...." She locked her arms around him and turned so that the Arvord could still see her face. The servant went limp but she continued to drain him, reveling in the power.

As she dropped the body, she noticed the Baron was pleasuring himself too. She took delight in this, and smiled as she looked down at his hand sliding down his shaft. As her gaze shifted, Arvord realized what he had been doing, and quickly stopped. She looked back up at him, her face half-pouting, half-smiling, and then walked around him.

Something within him snapped - he regained control once again, fully realizing all that had happened. On the wall beside him he saw his father's sword, an ancient blade, rumored to have slain a dragon - maybe it could harm her. He grabbed it and spun - Tavra was still walking towards the stairs, unaware of any danger. He lunged at her, swinging for her neck.

He grinned slightly as he connected - the sword passed through her neck cleanly, encountering no resistance as it sliced through bone and sinew. He had overcompensated though, swinging too hard and having to turn halfway before taking a look at his handiwork.

Tavra was standing there, unharmed, with her hands on her hips, giving him a look of tired annoyance. He looked down at the sword and found that there as no blood on it or the floor - the blade had gone right through her! With amazing speed, she made a grab for the sword, but the Baron anticipated her move and was able to deftly swing his arm under hers. He watched as the sword went right through her side, leaving no mark, as if she had no more substance than the air he breathed.

Annoyed, she made a grab for his arm which he was not able to avoid. Her mammoth strength held him tightly, causing him to grit his teeth and grimace in pain. Something instinctive inside of him told him to release the sword, for his own safety, but he defiantly held on. She put her other hand on his shoulder and grasped him hard. Unable to resist her might, he cried-out and fell to his knees, still gripping the sword. Angered, she looked down at him and spoke.

"Arvord, I'm only going to tell you once. Let go of the sword."

As she spoke, she loosened her grip and he looked up at her. When his eyes met her breasts all resistance faded. His arm went limp and despite his urge to rebel, he heard the sword clamor on the ground. She let go of him and picked up the sword, he sunk forward and held his arm. Tavra examined the sword and looked at him "Nice piece of work. Don't know WHY you'd think that it could hurt me though."

He was still mesmerized by the sight of her, half with a lustful appetite to have her again and half with a remorseful rage. He watched as she bent the sword tip to handle, then folded it again like a piece of paper. She threw the glob of metal across the room and looked down at him menacingly.

"Now, Baron, for that little display, you're going to burn down your own fortress."

Ahgran wanted to cry. He wanted to feel the wave of remorse and anger wash over him. He wanted to feel anything but attraction to this woman who had broken him, but her haunting beauty gripped his mind as she did his body.

He slowly rose and moved towards a torch on the wall...

End of Part 1 [1 2 3 4]

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