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Faeophobia: Zerg

Part 1 [1 2]

© Psion Biz


Chapter 1: Arrival

Years ago, when the Celestial Conjunction occured, allowing magic to return to Earth again. Now it is the 21st century and the fairy races have returned to Earth again. Nymphs, pixies, sprites, and elves all came to repopulate their species. Since their departure, their race began to die off due to inbreeding. Males of their kind were 1 in 20 and even if there was a sucessful pregnancy, the end result were more females. Though there are the rare male fae that came through the portal, there were some that made the passage.

Seraphiel was a normal wood elf that decided to go to college like most human teenagers. She was not exactly well endowed like her fae counter parts. She was shorter than most and did not have the exaggerated hips and tits to boot. She actually had the a more human look to her. Other than the red-orange hair that kept changing colors like a fire. Her lineage made her one of the lower wood elves. Most had dark green or green toned hair. She was a abbreation to the kind. Her mother cried to this day that she was born with fire hair instead of the normal green.

She was able to hold back her fae nature and somewhat repress her urges. It was so difficult when there were so many young human males that wanted to just fuck the shit out of her. She had kept with the human ideal of self control. She had dated here and there but it had always ended up with another pregnancy. She had birthed atleast 4 half-elves that were given up to the over crowded adoption agencies. She really wanted to fit in human society.

This night, she had left the dorms and drove down to Padre Island near Galveston. University of Houston was not the hub of all fae and magical studies but it was low cost and she had a limited scholarship. She stood at the sea wall and looked out the the ocean. Talking to herself,

'Mimi would love to be here.' Mimi is her roomie and a sea-nymph to boot.

Then she saw it. A large ball of fire that came from the sky. It broke appart in the sky and crashed into the horizon. One of the pieces crashed into the sea several miles out. The force of the crash sent vaporized gallons of gallons of seawater in a instant. She saw it hit the surface of the water just right at the horizon where the curve of the Earth limited her view. After a few moments she saw the tsunami it created. The giant 20 foot wave came crashing to the sea wall. Luckily it was just barely high enough to protect her. The warm salt water slammed her to the ground and carried her over to the strip mall just in front of the sea wall. The good thing was that it was the only one wave that came from the crash.

She got up and left for her car. Her entire dress was soaked and she was cold from the sea breeze that wrapped around her body. The cool air made her skin get goosebumps and her nipples got hard. The sensation of cold made her cunt just wet with anticipation for a hot thick cock to just ram inside of it. There were no men on the street here this late at night. She had forgotten her dildo and vibrator. Both would do right now just to even take the burning urge down a notch.

With that, she made it to her car and began to finger her clit. It was swollen to the size of a small grape. The next hour, was racked with lavacious moans of pleasure and insatiable lust. One hand kept the lips spread open while the other kept playing with the nub. Her hips ground into her driver seat. Juices oozed out of her wet lips and made the seat damp with sex. It didn't take long before her body was wracked in her first orgasm of the week. Sexual restraint just made her fae nature more potent as many of the fae found out. It was their core to fuck or get fucked. Her right hand slid the fingers inside and began to stroke her g-spot. The hyper-sensitivity made a second rocking orgasm flow through her wet cold body. The smell of her juices mixed in with the salt water that soaked into her seat. The fingers kept stroking and pretty soon a third and fourth flowed through her body.

After that short session, Seraphiel adjusted the seat and started her car. With that, she went back to campus to find James. He was always willing to let her have is long stick.


The next day at Seraphiel's astrology class...

"Hey did you see that meteor hit the Gulf?" said one of the students.

"Yah. It was so bad ass. I saw it on the news last night."

"I got to see it at the beach." Seraphiel piped it.

"You did?!? Sera that must of been so awesome." replied Jessica.

"Actually...no. I got hit with the tidal wave and I got all wet. My car stinks of salt water now and I don't have the money to get it cleaned. Mimi wouldn't mind the smell but I rather have it cleaned. And time is something I don't have already with my class load."

"Awe poor thing. I'm sure you can get some guy to do it for you." Jessica replied back. "I mean your a Fae. And guys will do anything just to get to your pussy."

"You make me sound like a slut."

"That is cuz we all are. Humans will never accept us as equals. We can't adhear to their social rules and such."


Later that week during lunch, Sera is interrupted by a young hottie. Jessica looked at him and giggled.

"Hi ladies. How is it going over here?" Said the human male. They all stared at him. "Was I too forward with you all? This is my first week here at UH and its actually my first time meeting any real Fae."

"Oh, really?" replied all 3 Fae girls at the same time.

"Sorry for not introducing myself. My name is Kevin Yi."

Kevin smiled at them. To Sera, Kevin looked almost like a elf except for the human skin tone. His oval eyes and facial structure is very similar to a elf's. The oddest thing was for her, that she could not sense any stirrings in him. He kept a conversation with all three of them and never once did she notice his cock getting hard. She knew he could smell their scents. This close proximity with a human male would drive any fae girl mad with lust. Sera could barely contain herself. Jessica and Mimi were agitated with lust as well.

"How about coming over to my dorm? We can get to know each other better." The other 2 fae girls made sour looks at Sera for picking him up first. The two girls whispered to Sera.

"Can we share him?" Mimi begged. "You can have first dibs but I really need something right now."

"Same here." pipped Jessica.

"Okay. Just give me atleast a hour by myself please? Then the two of you can have him. But only for an hour!" Kevin looked in surprise at how fast this was going.

"What?!" exclaimed Mimi.

"Is there a problem?" Kevin said shyly said.

"No. No problem." With that, Sera grabbed Kevin's hand and took him to her room.

Kevin totally lucked out on this encounter. I was probably going end up in a foursome. He had always dreamed of having a two some with hot girls but this was beyond his expectation.


"Hey, whats the rush?"

"Nothing, I just want some private time to get to know you."

She unlocked the door and before Kevin knew what happened, The door shut and his pants were already at his ankles. Sera looked at his soft cock and gasped in complete surprise.

"Is something wrong with you???" She gasped. "Your meat is deader than a sausage."

"Umm. yeah about that. Its hard for me to get it up." Sera's lips grappled his flacid little man and began to work her magic on it. She couldn't believe that he was not hard for her. Every other boy she came across was already a willing partner as soon as she shoved them on her bed. It took a few minutes with her lips and tongue to get him hard. Once it was hard, she quickly straddled him and started to ride him like a cow girl.

Kevin always enjoyed watching a girl's hips grind on top of him. Once he got going it wasn't going to stop. 'This Fae Bitch is going to be our first.' He sent the telepathic message back to the cerebrate. 'For the swarm and the Overmind'

His hands gripped her firm but small cute ass as she rode his cock. Kevin was completely raptured by the well formed tits that bounded up and down so slightly as she took his 6 inches completely inside of her. This was unlike any other feeling he had. Human women were good but, this was a completely different level of pleasure. It was as if her muscles were massaging his prick. Kevin sat up a bit more just to reach for her perky tits and his lips latched on to them. It was completely unexpected. He began to suck down the milk that was lactating from her nipple. The taste infused into his mouth. His mouth was a living orgasm as each drop touched his taste buds and the magical milk did its job.

It wasn't long before he started to cum into her. He gripped her hips and pressed her all the way down on his dick. He wanted to shot every drop into her waiting womb. During the whole fuck session, Sera noticed that his dick was actually getting longer as they both fucked. 'Did he cast a spell as they were mating?' she though to herself.

She felt him grab her hips give one last thrust. His semen pulsed out of his cock and into her cervix. Sera felt his cum shoot into her uterus and the cum just kept coming. She couldn't believe how much he shot inside of her. Looking down at him, his eyes rolled in the back of his head and a shallow whisper escapes hs lips.

"I'm cumming... I'm cumming...."

It was atleast 7 or 9 or more pulses from his cock and she could feel the cum inside her womb and all the extra that couldn't fit, was dripping out of her hole. She couldn't believe that he used virility magic to enhance his cum production. The boy that never met a Fae much less knew any magic. Then she felt something wrong. She couldn't put her finger on it but though the entire session was very enjoyable, she couldn't feel his libio at all still. Every other male, she could sense his desire for cunt. But, Kevin was completely different. It was as if she was fucking a dummy or something.

"Wow, sexy... That was totally awesome...." said the exhausted Kevin as he came out of his orgasmic daze. "I don't know if I can go a second round with you."

"Hey!" Exclaimed Sera. "I didn't even cum yet." She discarded the odd feeling and proceeded to get him hard again. Her lips sucked up the cum that her cunt missed. It was exquisite as any other human cum. There was a texture to the flavor that she could not put her finger on. It was almost different. That was the only word she could put to it. Her horny nature dismissed that thought and started to suck his manhood hard again.

Just as she mounted his cock again, her door opened and in walked Mimi and Jessica.

"Its been an hour and its our turn."

"I didn't even cum yet."

"You wore him out!" interjected Jessica. (Note: Jessica was human until she asked the fae to make her more like them to get more guys. Now she is a wanton sex creature like any other fae.) "Mimi, lets hook him up." With that cue, the two fae girls began to chant and the spell took effect almost right away. "The vitilization and restoration spell worked!"

Kevin gripped Sera's head and began to push her face down to the base of his cock. His tip touched the back of her throat and he let her up but quickly forced her head back down on his dick. "Man girls. THIS is so fucking sexy to just watch a girl give head." The other two fae girls just nodded in agreement. "Know what, Sera? You are one of the best fucks I've ever had. And you deserve a to drink a whole load this time." That was her que to start really working on his meat. It throbbed with aniticipation of another orgasm. "Oh yeah... That feels so good." Moaned Kevin. He watched her deep throat his cock time after time. She used her tongue on the sensitive parts of his head and he could feel his climax coming soon.

Jessica and Mimi couldn't take just being voyeurs only. Jessica bum rushed Kevin and his face was coverd in a wet horny slick pussy. She kept grinding her pussy into his face and it was soon covered in pussy juice. Jessica's scent and aroma fused into his face and he could smell her with every breath. Kevin's tongue spasmed out and attacked her clit. It was already so engorged that it was almost the size of a dime.

"Suck my tits bitch. Yes, you the one that isn't doing anything." ordered Kevin. Mimi mindlessly obeyed him. It was almost like a complusion that she should obey him. "Pleasure me with your lips and tongue." On his command, she floated to him and started to suck on his nipples. He moaned in pleasure as his cock and chest were covered.

Jessica's pussy was dripping wet. Her juices started to drip down the sides of his mouth. She gripped his head and pressed it into her pussy lips. She spasmed for those moments as she shot cum into his mouth. Kevin recieved it without any complaints. The taste of it was just mind numbing pleasure. It was definatly better than any recreational drug he took. It felt like he was on E but better than any drug he's ever taken. He swallowed as much as he could before it started to dribble out of his mouth.

"I need cock!" exclaimed Jessica. "That wasn't enough." She pushed Sera off of Kevin's dick and mounted it. It was pure bliss as she felt it penatrate her. The sudden swap from a warm mouth and tongue to a hot tight hole made him shoot another load. Jessica kept grinding her hips into him until she finally had her second orgasm. This time, she could feel his tip pressing against her cervix and the cum just filled her up. She fell off the bed as the orgasm racked her body like a jolt of electricity. Mimi was the last to get some of his cock. Her mouth latched on to his dick as it was still spraying hot fresh cum. She kept drinking it until it stopped. The taste of human cum was nectar of the gods to the fae bitch. She kept her hot mouth on it and continued to give him a blowjob that rocked his senses. Her tongue just lapped around his head and she could taste the other girls that were on it. It just made her even more hot for drinking his cum. She gave his cock no mercy. That tongue kept stimulating the ridge on the top of his dick and it wasn't long before he shot another smaller load into her hungry mouth.

Kevin's dick was still pretty hard when Mimi finally mounted him like her two friends and rode it out. All she could feel was the awesome hardness and the pleasure from just fucking him. Her fairy lust had control of her. Kevin watched the show from below. Her beautiful hips and he could see his cock sliding in and out of that hot sexy cunt. She bent over to nibble on his ear but got her tits grabbed and sucked. The milk from these fae bitches was a drug to him. He couldn't get enough. Just as his stomache started to feel full, he felt the sensation in his crotch. His cock was going to blow another load. The smell of her was so intoxicating. She dripped all over him and he could feel the wetness. The sea-nymph was continually wet and then it shot out. She took him all the way in until his cock was pressing against the back of her vagina. He kept shooting his load and it finally stopped after ten or so pulses.

Jessica came out of her daze and pushed him down on his back. "Ready for some more lover boy?" she said seductively in a coy way.

Her wet pussy smothered his mouth before he could get any words in. Sera came out of her after orgasm reverie and joined in the fun again. She grabbed Kevin's left hand and thrusted it into her wanton hole. His two fingers slid in the slick wetness and started to finger her g-spot. Jessica laid there playing with her clit and tits as his fingers did all the work on that end. The smell of just hot sex kept penetrating his brain. All his self control was gone and the fairy lust had control of his hybrid body. The good thing was that his enhanced body was just as effective as six minor stamina potions. Each potion would give a human male about 4 to 6 hours of endurance. Being that his was a modified body, he could last at most 36 straight hours before actually requiring any stamina potions. The fuck fest continued until the fae girls actually couldn't handle anymore. His dick was still hard since he could still smell their pheromones in the room. The scent of fae bitches in heat was so thick in the room that any male that walks by would be immediately a sex craved animal. The virus that Kevin carried finally took effect on the fae girls. They laid there mindlessly playing with their clits and massaging their tits. Kevin could see their eyes have all rolled up and all he could see was the whites of their eyes. All they felt was a indescribable unending orgasm as the virus stimulated the pleasure centers of the brain and began to do its dirty work.

End of Part 1 [1 2]

© Psion Biz

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