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Silver Fox

Part 1 [ 1 ]

© XXXecil
(Thanks to JS for creating the Body Shifters Universe: js9341b@yahoo.com)

The alien jiggled her tits at me. The creature seemed utterly consumed with sexual innuendo and interest - or....perhaps it thought that I was, and it was all simply to entice me into letting it free.

No chance of that happening; I may remind people of the 'absent-minded professor' smart-but- dumb mad scientist cliche, but I wasn't quite so absent-minded as to forget the threat this creature posed. And that was what I was here to assess - the black-budget, Area-51, off-the-radar wing of the federal goverment that didn't exist employed me for just such assessments.

"Determine whether 'Classified-Alien- Intelligence-Research Experiment-269 was a threat to national security. And if so, recommend a countermeasure to my department.

"Claire..." I nodded. It seemed appropriate I thought, as I typed in my thoughts and reports onto a keyboard that added them to a holographic screen, using cutting-edge tech that wouldn't be public for another 15 years.

"I love that name;" The Alien told me. "I'd love it even better if you opened this enclosure and fucked me." she-it said. I really wasn't sure whether 'Claire' could be referred to in that way. Yes, outwardly it had perfectly copied the body of a surprisingly voluptuous woman in her late twenties, with golden-blonde hair that curled at the shoulder length tips in a row, very fifties-June Cleaverish. Yet her blue, floral pattern dress seemed to push up her tits to form blatant, tantalizing cleavage striking to any observer. More like a wet-dream fantasy of a housewife.

But I couldn't let myself be fooled. The creature's exact biology was an unprecedented mystery. I had scanned, X-rayed, probed, and tested it...her... for days, and was beginning to get a picture that raised more questions than it answered.

"The entity designated CLAIRE-269 is composed of what appear to be a mass of partially differentiated pluripotent stem cells." I had clicked on a small voice-recorder that I often employed for spontaneous documentation of my insights as I paced my billion-dollar, underground laboratory.

"The cells are not unlike immature blood cells; but it's as if the entire biomass of the entity is made of these stem cells; like some sort of leukemic organism. The cells are flushed with an unknown enzyme that superficially resembles the hormone estrogen, yet with side-groups in a constant state of flux; this enzyme seems to catalyze.... thousands of reactions...in a way that defies everything I know about biochemistry." I shook my head in amazement. Claire giggled at my confusion.

As I paced and spoke into the recorder, I walked closer to the Alien's enclosure. It was a thick, plexiglass cube with a bed, a treadmill, a table with various educational aids used to determine the extent of the creature's intelligence, and a television mounted on the wall, off most of the time.

"Equally unusual is the DNA of the alien lifeform. I've examined thousands of cells, many of them have differing amounts of DNA, and the genes coded in the DNA are transcribed seemingly at random. It's as if the cells only obey their genetic code half of the time, in other situations they operate according to some independent rubric I have yet to determine.

"Most of it is identical to human DNA, yet the cells it produces couldn't possibly operate the way they do if the instructions implicit in human DNA were being followed. It's...It's chaos. I would never believe that an organism like this could survive, much less grow to adulthood. And it's levels of DNA actually seem to be...decreasing?" At that, Claire's beautiful face seemed downcast and anxious.

"Does this entity have... I just don't understand; everything on Earth....EVERYTHING... has a mechanism to replicate its own DNA, yet...I find no traces of any of the three DNA polymerases, and none of the normal enzymes that repair mutations. What will this creature do when its DNA finally depletes itself?" Claire swallowed; looking worried.

I sighed. What will I do if I have to report a bunch of 'unknown', 'cannot determine', to the advisory board? I was here because I could find answers to scientific conundrums that run-of-the- mill PhD's would never imagine. I slumped into my high-backed chair to ponder, resisting the urge to feel sorry for myself.

"I could've had the fame; I could've had acclaim from my peers, my pick of universities worldwide.... almost had the Nobel in my grip. But I got too cozy with a Grad Student that wouldn't take no for an answer - she couldn't prove anything... but the shame, the disgrace of it all..." But then Uncle Sam had come along with their doubled-edged offer. I could have access to data and equipment to make most scientists salivate, I would be given access to test subjects and inscrutable incidents to challenge the most ingenious intellects. Yes, there was the money too; but with all the clandestine- secrecy, there were severe limits to what I could do with the salary.

But I would know the truth, I had told myself; the real answers that the UFO-religions would give their right-arms to discover....errh... well, that's what was supposed to happen. But in truth, the super-secret black-budget paranoia-wing of the government kept everything so compartmentalized that I had barely scratched the surface of the greater mysteries that the public wasn't meant to know.

Like Claire, for instance. I would ask her again the question that had nagged me.

"Are you ready to tell me your place of origin?" I tried to sound stern.

"MARS!" She squealed happily, then started giggling. "I have no idea, silly. Just like the last time you asked."

"Is your species a natural, unknown stock, or are you of extra-terrestrial origin?"

"Do you remember being conceived by your parents? " I frowned.

Still, I would continue, the answer was here....the answer was close. Claire began pressing herself against the plexiglass.

"If you want to learn about me; then you should feel me firsthand..." her breasts squeezed against the glass. "Feel my naked body against yours, fuck me with your hard, horny cock; you'd learn a lot from a roll in the hay!" Again, the creature was trying to distract me.

I began experimenting again with a blood sample from Claire inside a sealed, glass booth with gloves penetrating into the compartment.

"The quasi-estrogen hormone that exists at human-fatal concentrations in the creature's hemolymph has catalytic abilities that I must continue to explore." I said into my little black voice digital recorder as I began the tests.

"I've found that incredible textural changes are possible by bombarding the subject's tissue with various electromagnetic frequencies." I turned a dial inside the booth, there was a low, electric hum. The blood in the tube turned gray, and hardened into rubber. Adjusting the dial again, the mass in the test tube seemed to sprout a coat of fuzzy, brown fur. Another adjustment made the fluid as transparent as water. I scrutinized the sample, until an insight hit me. I turned back to the alien.

"Your clothes; it's all an illusion, isn't it? You're not really wearing anything, are you?"

"Bingo!" Claire confirmed with a smile and giggle. "I guess you don't like the slutty housewife look huh? Wellllll...." Claire shook her head, and somehow she was no longer wearing a blue floral- print dress, instead she was now clad in a pink bikini with nipples blatantly pointing through. Her body was lean, toned, perfectly voluptuous and yet with a strong suggestion of strength and vitality that sent a shiver of desire down my spine as she displayed her scantily-clad assets. Her hair was still 50's house-wife curly and blond. She could see the way I inhaled, how interested I was.

"Or maybe...." She shivered her body. "Something more cozy?" Her body had morphed before my eyes into a sizzling red lingerie with fishnet and pumps. Dressed to kill, boobs jutting upwards to best, sluttiest effect as she strutted and posed. The alien's mimicry was incredible - flawless.

"I know what you want... you want a bad girl; a dirty girl..." Claire crooned. She changed - shifted in less than a second, but now she was apparently naked, yet coated in what seemed to be slippery, wet mud barely concealing her female charms. The nude alien seductress turned her shapely ass at me, and I noticed that the words 'LADIES MUD -WRESTLING' were painted in moist clay upon her hips and the cheeks of her wide, shapely buttocks. That was amazing! The ability to use her own body to reproduce text! What else could Claire accomplish?

"But maybe you're the one who's been dirty....maybe you've been naughty..." With a shake of the head, the mud and nudity was replaced with a sleek layer of black, patent leather, with a dog- collar, spiked bracelets, and a chain going from a pierced lip to her ears. Somehow, a bullwhip was in her right hand and handcuffs seemed to be in her left.

"Meestress Claire vill punish you, leetle man! You vill beg to cum! But only vhen Meestress geeves you leave to do so!" Her eyes took on an air of lusty menace as she adapted to a dominatrix fantasy that made my face beet-red. Unconsciously, I leaned in closer to the spectacle. Claire moaned and writhed in her enclosure.

"Are you a leg man, or a tit man? Well....I've got you covered both ways..." she said in a sultry tone. She actually was growing visibly taller; her legs elongating into sumptuous towers of muscled grace as the outer covering morphed from black, vinyl leggings into pantyhose with red high- heels. Her black vinyl bustier flowed and shifted to become a flimsy white T-shirt with the printed words:

Titopia Triple-XXX

Wet T-shirt


Moisture appeared from nowhere, dampening the apparent garment, clinging to her soft flesh beneath, exposing dark aureolas and plump swells of bosom. "Ahh... Tit-man, I see." Claire replied sagely, noticing my eyes fixed to her chest.

What began as mere apple-sized handfuls seemed to plump up then, the space between them tightening; cleavage deepening - and her impressive mams began to quiver and tense as though...they were preparing for something. Suddenly, her breasts seemed to leap in size; a slow but steady inflationary creep like a water balloon attached to a garden hose. Perfect, flowing expansion everywhere at once. Aureolas stretched beneath the flimsy, wet garment as apple-sized bosoms grew into grapefruits, inch-by-inch stretching larger, until the mammaries threatened to conceal her armpits, all the while the alien was moaning and writhing sensuously, pressing herself against the plexiglass, and as her juggs continued to expand, it became difficult to guage their full dimensions when resting, I could only compare them in size to flat objects.

The flat area pressed to the glass expanded from just larger than mere coaster size, until the space covered by soft, wet mammalian flesh was at least as wide as a pancake...

"NO!! No... I am... a scientist... ruled by reason... I will not allow you to distract me." I took several deep breaths. "You... are not a woman, not human. I don't know what you are... but this...mimicry does not deceive me." Claire giggled.

"I'm not trying to deceive you, Doctor! I'm trying to get you horny!"

"And you think I would be foolish enough to release you through sexual enticement? I don't think so." I turned my gaze away and ignored the worried expression on the alien's face as I focused on the experiments I was documenting. I didn't know what she was, but I had to figure it out!

So...that brings me to the agar plate experiment I had prepared two days ago. A small, plastic disk with a gel inside that provided nutrients for Paecilomyces lilacinus, a fungus related to penicillin. I wanted to see if and how a single cell of C.L.A.I.R.E.-269 would interact on the cellular level with other, better known organisms. With the equipment in this lab; I could also search back through video recordings over the past 48 hours through time-elapsed photography to study every minute detail of anything that might have happened. Yes, by glancing casually at the plate, it looked like the bluish-green fungus had grown like it was supposed to, but there was a strange, discolored spot that drew my attention.

I looked through my microscope, and through photographs taken by my computer through the microscope, and a very different picture began to emerge.

The single cell from Claire had latched onto one of the spore-producing hyphae of the fungus, and it seemed to be...ingesting the spores as they emerged. The cell began to multiply and multiply...and I could see through the recorded footage that as it grew, it took on the shape of the fungus, branching filaments under the microscope.

I watched fascinated as the mimicking cells grew around the fungus, attaching itself to the same area, and growing to cover the spore-producing hyphae, absorbing the spores as fast as they could be produced. Detailed studies of the chemical data also revealed a startling fact: The new mimic was...feeding the other fungus; the alien cells were secreting some kind of sugary surrogate food source that seemed to satisfy the fungus. Soon, the Paecilomyces stopped growing, stopped explanding, no longer putting out new vegetative hyphae that would allow it to expand and cover new territory. It was stunted. But only in that way.

My eyes widened as I studied the reproductive strutures of the paecilomyces.

"They've quadrupled in size!" The fungus was churning out more spores than should be possible, yet it refused to expand any further. The mimic had grown to encircle its prey, and now absorbed every last spore produced. And over the intervening hours; the mimic had grown and expanded, doing what the fungus should have done, grown to encompass the entire plate. The blue-greenish fuzz I saw was not the fungus itself, but rather an alien entity that had copied its appearance, and stolen the ecological niche of the original organism. Yet the fungus itself seemed healthy; just stunted. And overtaken by the mimic.

My mind grappled with the implications, wondering how much of what I saw could be extrapolated. And I looked upon the gorgeous, giggling woman in the enclosure with renewed suspicion.


So tired... and it still didn't make sense. I sipped a cup of coffee as I leaned up against the enclosure that kept the beautiful alien parasite contained. The creature was as gorgeous as ever, yet it...she walked around her cell with a worried expression. Claire's breasts were larger than their normal resting state, and she rubbed them as though they were irritating her. I wasn't sure if I should continue to converse with the alien. It's only motive would be to escape the cage, and while it was remarkable how intelligent it...she was, I just didn't think I could trust anything she might tell me. And I really didn't know if it was an it...or a she. I poured over notebook sketchings I'd tried to make of its weird enzymes. The alien had enough estrogen for fifty women, (or something like estrogen) Yet, I could make no sense out of its DNA. This thing shouldn't even be alive! I scratched my head as I sat, and took another sip of coffee. And another...and...and...ooh.....rather sleepy....hmm....must not have...gotten...enough...last night...


Claire massaged her tits. The Doctor hadn't noticed her, absorbed as he was trying to figure out her biology. Her breasts had produced a milk that was laced with a highly potent sedative that would incapacitate a human almost immediately; and luckily the Doctor had placed his coffee near a series of perforations in the plexiglass that allowed air into the enclosure. And he was so consumed in his cipherings, that he didn't notice Claire milking her own hard-nippled breasts, until a thin dribble of her white lactate had landed into his coffee.

She'd planned for this eventuality. The Doctor should be unconscious for half and hour, long enough to do what was needed!

Yesterday she had noticed a tiny rupture in the lining of the door that sealed her into the enclosure. She had probed and studied it when the Doctor had been gone. And now she knew what to do. Her index finger elongated into a thin, pointed, metallic needle, which she then inserted into the tiny rupture, and probed...and stabbed...and probed. Finally, there was a crackling and a spark as a particular wire was severed. The seal on the door unlocked, and Claire stepped out into freedom. She smiled; her dress melting away to reveal the splendid curves of her ripe, nude body as she appraised the sprawling, unconscious scientist.


I awoke naked. And tied to a chair, withe many, many rolls of duct tape. Enough rolls of duct tape to hold down a 300-pound NFL linebacker, and I was just a lean, wiry, aging, salt-and-pepper haired scientist. I knew better than to scream; gagged tightly as I was.

I saw myself, standing in my own lab, wearing my exact same clothes. I was spiky haired, graying everywhere, with a dimpled chin and slim build and five-o-clock shadow. It was the mimic, C.L.A.I.R.E. - 269. And I knew what my threat- assessment report would read. The alien walked over to the outer barricade that sealed in my laboratory, and placed her....its hand over the security scanner mounted on the wall. A green sliver of light ran down the panel.


DR. Darrien E. Cecil, Ph.D, MT, CDCLS, (ASCP) Ed.d Professor Emeritus Level 12 Employee

After what I'd seen, I should have guessed that the alien's shapeshifing abilities were refined enough to copy my fingerprints! But I'd assumed it couldn't ecape the enclosure! No helping it now.

Claire (copying my appearance exactly) opened the door and stood outside in the dimly-lit hallway beyond. Smiled. Looked around for a few moments. The barricade came down again, sealing the lab shut. The Alien placed its hand on the outer security pad, and again its fingerprints were recognized as my own, and the lab opened again.

The alien produced from a pocket in its...my labcoat a syringe. I recognized the label, I recognized the tube. My heart sank. The alien read the label.

"Batrachotoxin - derived from the South American Poison Arrow frog; among the deadliest poisons known to man. In case you need a way to kill the specimen?" It said accusingly, in my own voice.

It was the end. I swallowed. Puffed out my chest, and resolved to meet death with dignity. I closed my eyes.

The creature threw the loaded syringe into the wastebasket. When I turned to look at it again it...she... had again become the naked blonde woman with the toned body of a breast-augmented professional gold-digger.

"I COULD have become you and escaped. I COULD have killed you if I was aggressive. You believe all I want is escape; but that's not true." The naked woman sat on my lap, and began to kiss me. I was as helpless to resist this as I was to resist the poison injection that had never come.

She kissed, and kissed, and moaned as she unzipped my pants. Maybe the creature wasn't kidding with all of her sexual enticements! A few moments of pumping and my modest cock was rock solid. She smiled in pleasure and began to grind her pelvis, inching it down, pushing herself onto my cock, forcing my erect manhood to enter her slippery depths. My heart was racing! I'd gone from certain death to a hot lay in seconds! It was all too much to handle.

"Relax.... sorry I had to scare you..." Claire whispered in my ear. "Just lay back... and let it happen..." Her pussy was fantastic. The slick walls of her cunt twisted and teased and tantalized my rigid member, and this wash of pleasure was all the more stimulating from the relief that my life was to be spared. Death and sex in one breath; stimulating like nothing else.

My body tensed and with a throaty moan I felt the rising tide of heat and lust and knew that my climax was upon me. Would my alien lover be disappointed that I came so soon? I'd had that trouble with women in the past. My apparent ineptness in bed had made it hard to keep a wife, and easier to accept a position in a totally clandestine facility, cut off from public knowledge.

But Claire was overjoyed! She howled in pleasure and her body rippled, almost as if she was...sucking up my seed? Her pussy moved and pulsed against my rock hard shaft with impressive dexterity.

"Relax..." There wasn't much I could do, and I found myself slowly, unavoidably drifting back to sleep.

....To be awakened again by a naked body pressed against my own, still tied in the chair. This time my gag was off, and a soft, brown-tipped nippled was thrust into my mouth; and reflexively I drank the hot, sweet milk that spurted forth. It was liquid bliss. Sweet without being cloying, invigorating and yet relaxing. A comforting warmth spread through me, and while I felt contented everywhere, I slowly found that my cock was even harder than before, needing attention.

And yet, when she impaled herself upon my member yet again, she seemed even more relieved, moaning her pleasure at male penetration. It was difficult to say how long I was subdued. In this facility, with everything so super-topsecret, it wasn't unusual to go days without seeing another researcher, or a guard. Unless an alarm was sounded, Claire could probably keep me tied up here as her sex-slave for a week before a search would be mounted.

After my second climactic orgasm within her hot, clenching pussy all doubts were dispelled. I felt a sense of complacent trust for this entity, and I could no longer think of Claire as an it; I may not understand her DNA, but she was utterly female.

It took longer next time; I was drifting in an out of consciousness, but I was aware that I was spurting yet another full load of hot seed into her wet pussy as she straddled me. No...more than that, the cum blasted forth for longer than ever, my spasms of pleasure prolonged as I seeded her womb with an extra-sized load of manseed. Claire was panting and moaning with such passion that it almost sounded painful! But to reassure me, she embraced and kissed me fiercely, then thrust a nipple in my mouth to suckle from her intoxicating milk as she stroked my head tenderly. It was eerie how contented I was a captive of this alien lifeform. But then, I was getting regular sex.

Then, Claire placed two razorblades in my hand from a nearby cabinet. (I use them to cut parafilm to seal test tubes)

"Cut yourself free. I'm going back to the enclosure."


But sure enough the naked, honey-blonde sex -pot tapped a key on the control panel, then walked into the plexiglass door, which sealed behind her. The computer confirmed that the lock was secure. I cut through the duct tape little by little until my arms were free. Then I was able to yank the rest off my legs.

"You've gone back into the enclosure...?"

"Yes; what's more important to me is trust." Claire said, now wearing a pink silk nightgown barely reaching to her legs, and scarcely hiding her breasts. "You believed that everything I said was to trick you so I could escape. But I had my chance to escape; and didn't take it. I put myself back here. Where I'm at your mercy. You can continue your experiments, or retaliate against me."

"But what is it you really want?" I stood up.

"Take me home. To your place." Claire insisted with a gleam in her green eyes.


"You need it, don't you?" I surmised, as we drove off in my expensive, but non-descript Lexus down the lonely road to the apartments were staff members lived for this black-box, non-existent agency.

Claire was rubbing my crotch with a doe-eyed smile; she was wearing a white lab coat, her hair tying itself up in a neat bun, and she was actually able to grow out something that closely resembled an I.D. badge - that, along with my company, allowed her to pass unchallenged through the facility with me. No one knew her, but they knew me, and she had I.D., so security never questioned us.

"You...you need to have sex with me...?" It was as much a statement as a question. She was rubbing my groin to hardness....again!

"Mmm.... there's more to it than that; with all those degrees, you'll figure it out." she purred.

"The sperm...." The missing DNA; the way her cells just defied all logic, the fact that she seemed to have no way to replicate DNA, the way it was diminishing...."I should have realized it sooner!" I chastized myself. "You... consume sperm; for the genetic material! You need to absorb DNA just to keep your cells running!"

"You ARE worth a nobel prize!" She nuzzled my neck. "And I'll make it worth your while!" Amazing that I was actually considering this - removing an classified alien test subject from my lab to my home. Funny how - at ease I felt. Three fuckings and she'd gained my trust. Well, that was more than I'd got from my first wife in six months!

But by then, she'd already gotten my zipper undone, and her lips were around my cock. I tried to tell myself that it was a....psychological experiment... to test the creature's motives... but deep down, I wanted to get laid... needed it! My delvings into science had only proved the most temporary distraction from Man's universal hunger. Ohh... her lips...my cock... it was.. it was like she had two tongues! Maybe three!

"YAH! I'm...I'm driving here!" I reminded Claire as she slurped and lapped up my hardening cock as though it were a popsicle. She only giggled, and her clothes melted away - that tight, trim, sleek, soft body. I moaned and placed my hand upon her naked ass - so silken soft, like a warm velvet bubble of female delight. Trying to keep one hand on the wheel I reached over and lower, lower down her ass - until I found the engorged lips of a juicy cunt. Claire shivered and pressed her ass into my grip. And I realized what I had found - an inexhaustible sexual vessel! One that had already proved she wished me no harm!

But soon, it was too much... I had to pull over as the fires of lust and climax built up in my groin - I drove to the shoulder of the lonely Nevada highway and slowed down, amidst Claire's squeals of delight as my cock began to erupt with hot spunk.


The dwellings of the un-acknowledged scientists of the non-existent facility where arranged in a series of neat little identical townhouses, large enough for a taste of luxurious comfort, yet drab enough on the outside not to draw attention.

Visitors were not strictly forbidden, yet anyone seen on the premises would be subject to covert surveillance. But they wouldn't find anything on Claire. Realizing that a labcoat might draw suspicion, (the science was all classified) the creature morphed her exterior into a black-sequined cocktail dress riding high on her pert ass, and with breasts that seemed to jut aggressively from her chest.

Claire was now my hot date! She gave me a knowing wink.


If it hadn't been so pleasurable, I would have been more disturbed. Strange that my dick was hard yet again. I was reclining in my favorite sofa after a sumptuous dinner that Claire had rapidly and expediently prepared for me, as my cock began to tent my pants with a conspicuous hardness not seen since my teen years.

"Why... why are you doing this for me?" She was mixing up ingredients for a massive, whip-cream banana-split as I lounged in comfort.

"Because I know it will please you."

"You've only known me for four days as the scientist assigned to study your nature. Why do you care about my pleasure?"

She cocked her blond head, as if the question itself was one she had never considered. "Pure instinct." She declared as she unzipped my fly, mercifully allowing my raging cock ful breathing room. Her eyes lit up with a wicked whim and she spattered half of the the creamy confection she was stirring onto my crotch.

"Yea - wha -"

And she was on me. Her face in my crotch, licking-sucking, nibbling, fellating. She cocked her head and began ramming it like a piston upon my member, creating a sensation potently similar to actual coitus. Her hands, they slid under my shirt, gentle, silken soft - cooing, caressing me. Hold on, how many hands did she have? She was pinching both my nipples, caressing my ass as I sat, and she seemed to be tickling my balls as she slurped up whip-cream and cock with fanatical relish. I felt soothed; relieved and excited all at once - until the explosion.

My mind and thoughts dissolved in white-hot pleasure as both kinds of cream jetted from my rigidly aroused manmeat into the plump, red lips of this alien seductress that had subdued me with pleasures.

Now that was strange; I'd just had the most cataclysmically, toe-curling orgasm that I can remember; yet.... somehow it seemed that I wasn't fully spent. As if my cock still had power yet in reserve. After licking me clean over and over, seemingly with two tongues; Claire moaned and hooked her arms under mine and began to hoist me upwards...

Wait a sec...she was bigger! A lot bigger! Not so much her shape, but her volume was far greater. She seemed at least a head taller than me; and I felt corded muscles beneath the smooth arms that now gripped me. I couldn't see much of her, her super-model face was buried in my own, and her tongue was wrestling with my own.

"Mmmm... Sorry Doctor... mmmph...I didn't tell you...*SLURP*... I'm insatiable... Ooohhhhhhhh" She moaned against my lips as her hands...at least five different hands, teased me with feathery softness all over my middle-aged body.

"For sex?" I surmised.

"For...humans... sex is about.... quenching a desire... for me... sex makes me want more sex...with you..." She was carrying me by my arms from thudding into one wall after another as our frenzied coupling continued. "Tried to be... a good girl.... but I'm dirty inside...filthier than the horniest hooker...and after that whip-cream... we both are!" Somehow, she had found my bathroom. I was luxuriating in the taut femininity of Claire's impossibly growing body and was neither directing nor interfering with her progress.

Our bodies were locked together, my legs embracing her thighs and ass - infinitely soft; yet firm with health and fertility. Above all where her breasts; Triple-D mountains of womanhood that seemed to inflate when touched; I had but to tease a nipple with my tongue and her mammaries seemed to angle towards me deliberately, inflating as if to make all my world a sweeping slope of creamy skin and nubbly nipples.

In my peripheral vision, I thought I saw a third arm emerging from beneath the two that held and caressed me that seemed to elongate towards the shower, but a sweeping swell of pure tit blotted out my sliver of vision - boobflesh eclipsing my field of view at a rate of an inch every two seconds.

Yes, there was no doubt that somehow; despite it all, my exertions had not taxed my full reservoirs of cum. My manmeat surged again, raw and hot and ripe and rigid towards a pussy that seemed to fondle my shaft with deliberate dexterity.

And we were wet, and slick and nude under the prickling spray. Strange; there had been no bars of soap, no one had grabbed any shampoo; but there was a slippery quality to Claire, as I burrowed into her bosom, I felt a lavender-scented oil seemingly... emerging from her skin. My alien amour self-lubricated with a fragrant oil that clung to us both. On me, it singed and tingled, as if to kindle an erotic heat on my flesh that could only be quenched with a ferocious rutting against my lusty mate.

Her flesh gleamed and dripped and throbbed with desire and energy as she ground herself against me. As we thrust against each other, as the oil seeped deeper into my mind and flesh, the flowing chemical heat driving me onward, I was compelled to literally scream my lust!

There was no doubt she was taller than me now; and I took a perverse delight in being eye- level with her burgeoning tits as we stood nude, slick and dripping with water, lust, and Claire's- oil.

"How big?" I queried, hefting a great, perky boob in my grasp. Claire moaned in response, opening her mouth wide, taking in more water from the shower - as mamms began to balloon. I held my fingers in tight position around her left tit as she expanded herself, and it took less than seven seconds of mammalian blossoming for my mid three fingers to be entirely obscured between swelling, rising valleys of raw tit.

To quantify them now was a challenge; her breasts jiggled at the delicate cusp between full- blown bowling-ball voluptuousity and cartoonish absurdity. The pressure from my hand upon her flesh made Claire moan, and spurt. The water she was taking in seemed to be converting into tight streams of hot lactate; as if she were some eerie, nude water filter that jetted out creamy milk. It was sweet and nourishing in a way that electrified my senses and sent a tingle through my spine.

"Bigger..." she moaned,the experience a source of scintillating pleasure for her as I rutted within her slippery sanctum; moist from water and girlcum alike.

"Bigger..." I agreed. And Claire panted with pleasure and exertion as her tits quivered; swelling yet further. She strained, grunted - and I came... I exploded - erupted - ejected my seed - my white-hot reward into a cunt more accepting and desirous than I had ever imagined possible. It was as if all tension, regret, and fear was leaving through my dick - in its place only light-hearted, spine- tingling bliss of the sort to send a man into laughing delirium.

Claire said - and did something that I wouldn't understand for a long time - not until it was too late: Clutching her voluminous boobs, great and grand enough to house pumpkins, she howled -

"WE.....ARE.....ALIIIIVE!!!" And her body seemed to bulge and ripple - swelling and pushing in odd directions. Her breasts seemed to be pulling apart... and then - then dividing?! For a moment I beheld a moaning, thrashing, four-breasted goddess in the throes of some passionate exertion that no human could fully appreciate. It was as if her body was pulling away from itself... until - with a wet slurp - Claire's features distorted and seemed to separate down the middle.

With a jiggle and a pant, two shapes began to solidify. They were women. Maybe girls more precisely. Claire was not to be seen. Instead were two, young, tight-bodied young ladies that seemed to possess the lean energy and soft-skinned youth of high-school cheerleaders. Perky bodies; trim and slim and young and hot. They were brunettes; but each had a strange, streak of white near their hairline - a rare trait in humans. These girls were identical, perky nymphettes that at once began posturing their lean bodies for my view.

"I'm Clara! Said the right one.

"I'm Cara! Said her sister. I think that's when I lost consciousness.


I was in bed when I woke up. The sight of them, these two smiling teenage girls that were not teenagers, assured me that the madness had not been a dream. Perfect, naked taut and tight cheerleader physiques; yet these she-creatures could not be more than a few hours old.

"We we worried about you Master!" Bemoaned one of the identical pair.

"But we're here for you now, to take care of you, and fuck you." It sounded so sweet. In a twisted way.

"Uhmm...ah... M-Master?" I questioned.

"Of course; you inseminated our parent, and she was able to complete her lifecycle thanks to your sperm."

"That means that we are bound to you by instinct; to serve and pleasure you. We're your concubines."

"Are we?" Asked the other, a quizzical expression in her green eyes. "I can do a lot more for him than just put out; I mean sure - I'm his 24/7 fucktoy, but we can work too."

I needed to slow this down a little.

"Wait..wait.. a sec..." I breathed. "You are...Claire's offspring; and because I had sex with her, that means that you two are now my sex-slaves?"

The teen beauty on the right frowned. "Well, to call us slaves would imply that we were unwilling. Nothing...could be..." she plastered my lean chest with kisses. "Further...from the truth. "We must serve you, and pleasure you, and work towards the day when you reward us with your sperm, and complete our lifecycles too." Overcome with the strange mandates of her alien libido, the auburn- haired girl-creature moaned, embraced me, and began nuzzling my throat with cooing sounds. Demonstrating a sex-laced affection that would seem pathological for a normal, human girl.

The enormity of my error hit me then. "Damn! I was too busy thinking with my little head, and I missed out on a golden opportunity for data! This...that was like bacterial fission!" I slapped my palm to my head "Could have learned so much if I'd been in the lab!"

"Don't worry Master; just fuck us again, and again, and you'll be able to study our next split in the lab!"

"If we get enough sperm!" reminded the other, as she inhaled my now hardening cock. The bliss temporarily turned my joints to water, and I slid backwards to the warm sheets. The auburn and white-striped young hottie slurped and suckled my man-meat with practiced skill, so much so.... ahh.... it felt like she must have had at least two tongues dancing and caressing my oh-so-sensitive member.

"We'll both cum...*SLURP* to the lab *MMPOP* with you today; *SUCK* then Cara will come *MMMM* home -*SLURP* to serve and pleasure you. *SUCKLE* Next day, we'll *SUCK* rotate, and I'll come *AHHHHMMMM...* home with you." They seemed to have it all figured out.

"But...but why?" I managed to gasp, as reason was beginning to fail under this erotic assault.

"It's a good idea; we WANT you to understand us." Said the one who I think named herself Clara. Her sister was giving me an impossible, three- tongued blow-job, as she stroked and nuzzled. "Your government is afraid that we're a threat to National Security; and captured our parent, and sent us here for study in secret - they don't know what to do with us, what to make of us.

"We'll prove to you that we're peaceful girls that only want symbiosis with men. We'll serve you - you fuck us. It's a match made in heaven." She purred, kissing my throat.

No, that was just...ridiculous; their had to be more to it! And I would discover what it was!

End of Part 1 [ 1 ]

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