WARNING: This is a clitoridectomy story. If this is not your thing, then don't read it. It also contains torture and strong sexual content, although this is not really a sex story. If you find any of that offensive, are under the age of 21 or such material is prohibited in your state or country, then stop reading right here.

This story is intended for mature adults only. This story is fiction. Don't even think about trying any thing described in this story.

This story is a continuation of High Stakes Poker - F Solo, FF, BDSM, torture, clitorectomy
This story will make more sense if you read that story first.

Of Sluts and Sex Toys

By Liana M

@(C) Copyright 2011 by Liana M, all rights reserved.

anna25: happy clitless new year

I did not expect a reply. My messenger client did not show Janet online. I was surprised when I got a reply less than a minute later.

Janet: fuck you
anna25: i'm hoping to get fucked tonight
anna25: and to cum
anna25: how are you doing?
Janet: ok
anna25: Liana said it took her 6 months to adjust
anna25: and it's been 6 months
Janet: yeah, i've kind of adjusted
Janet: still get horny, but i've accepted i'm not going to cum
Janet: it doesn't bother me that much
anna25: but you still miss it, sometimes?
Janet: fuck yeah, like right now
anna25: i'm still really enjoying your clit
Janet: good for you
Janet: hey, I was chatting with a woman who asked for your nick so she could talk to you
anna25: about what
Janet: i told her i was clitless and how I lost it
Janet: she asked a lot about how i coped with it
Janet: she said she wanted to talk to you about how it felt to cut my clit off
Janet: how it felt to have it in a bottle
anna25: it is fucking hot, that is how it felt
Janet: yeah, I can imagine
Janet: but only imagine
anna25: that is the way it should be
anna25: i won your clit fair and square
anna25: and i intend to enjoy it
Janet: you were fucking lucky
anna25: but I did win it
Janet: so, ok if i give her you id?
anna25: sure
Janet: ok, she uses the nick yvette22

I wondered where Janet had come across this Yvette woman. Janet must be hiding from me now, so I cannot see when she is online. I guess she doesn't want me teasing her. I had won her clit in a fair poker game, so I had the right to tease her about being clitless.

It was a few days after New Years when I first got an offline pm from Yvette.

yvette22: hello Anna, i'm Janet's friend
yvette22: drop me a pm when you can

I added Yvette as a friend. Finally a few days later we connected.

yvette22: hi Anna :)
anna25: hi
yvette22: so you really won Janet's clit in a poker game?
anna25: i did
yvette22: you still have it?
anna25: in a bottle next to my bed
yvette22: what do you do with it?
anna25: i look at it when i play at night
yvette22: hot
anna25: really helps me get off, knowing janet isn't
yvette22: wow
anna25: fucking hot
yvette22: you really cut off Janet's clit yourself?
anna25: yeah, I did, with some help
yvette22: how did it feel to slice her clit off
anna25: at the time I was concentrating on doing a good job
anna25: getting all the clit, not cutting the hood
anna25: but after it was fucking hot holding it in my hand
yvette22: i've read the story, you did do some fucking
anna25: lol, yeah, i did
anna25: what is you interest?
yvette22: i'm into extreme s&m, noticed this IRC channel #clitRemoval, i was curious
yvette22: i first chatted with Janet there
anna25: never heard of that
yvette22: it's on dalnet, you should check it out
anna25: i might some time
yvette22: i've met a number of women there that want to lose their clit
yvette22: do you want to lose your clit?
anna25: fuck no
yvette22: then why did you risk it?
anna25: hard to explain
anna25: i guess i like risk
anna25: and the idea of taking janet's clit was fucking hot
yvette22: i can imagine that
yvette22: but what if you'd lost?
anna25: well, i'd be pissed and frustrated, but i suppose i would adjust
yvette22: you think you could handle it?
anna25: not much choice, would have to
yvette22: you were not scared of never cumming again?
anna25: of course i was sacred
yvette22: you don't have fantasies of being a sex toy?
anna25: i use sex toys, not sure what you mean
yvette22: most of the women i've chatted with have this fantasy
yvette22: clitless sex will be about satisfying their partner
yvette22: never about satisfying them
yvette22: they will just be a sex toy
yvette22: perhaps to be used by many partners
anna25: that is one way of looking at it
anna25: but i never thought about that
anna25: i thought of it as taking thousands of orgasms away from janet
anna25: denying her all that pleasure just to enhance my pleasure
anna25: to me that's what the poker game was about
anna25: who would win all the orgasms
yvette22: a different perspective
anna25: is that way janet thinks?
yvette22: not really
yvette22: janet wanted to lose her clit, though she wanted to take yours too
yvette22: now that it's gone, she is finding it a lot harder than she imagined
anna25: i knew that would happen
anna25: if i'd lost, i'm sure I would have found it a lot harder than i imagined
anna25: it was high stakes poker, losing was suppose to be costly
yvette22: that is for sure
yvette22: I have to get going, hope we can chat again
anna25: nice chatting, bye

Yvette seem interested in how Janet lost her clit, but I was not sure whether her interest was more than just curiosity. Chatting with her was fun though. Fun enough that I was pretty sure my panties were moist. I really wanted to get my fingers in them. Whatever Yvette's interests were, she reminded me how great it was that I won Janet's clit rather than vice versa. Now seemed a good time to do what Janet could not.

I almost ran into the bedroom, hastily pulled my clothes off and jumped onto the bed. I spread my legs wide and ran my hands over my nipples, squeezing them. My pussy was tingling and wet. I didn't really need much foreplay.

I spread my labia and ran my fingers over my hood. My clit tingled at the touch. I slowly massaged my hood. I wanted to take this slow, but my clit felt like it was going to explode. I paused and then started rubbing again. I thought about Janet hopelessly rubbing where her clit use to be. She could not even feel the tingle any more. I remembered what her clit looked like when I opened her hood flaps, what it felt like when I pulled on it, how it looked after I sliced it off.

I rolled over and got the bottle with Janet's clit to look at. I had taken thousands of orgasms away from Janet in that instant when I sliced off the bit of flesh in this bottle. I set the bottle on the night stand and twisted around so I was facing the bottle. I moved the pillows behind me for some support and lay back down facing the bottle. I started to rub my hood again with my fingers. My clit was instantly tingling again. I knew I could cum in just seconds if I wanted. I fixed my eyes on the bottle as my fingers gently massaged my hood.

Suddenly I knew what I wanted. I sat up and grabbed the bottle. I held it in my hand to warm it up. I rubbed the bottle on my breasts and nipples. I lay back down and pushed the bottle across my stomach and between my legs. I worked the bottle around on to my hood and started to rub. I could feel the tension building. I pushed my hood flaps apart and gently pulled the bottle directly across my clit. Just a couple of strokes with the bottle made my pussy explode. The contractions radiated out across my stomach and down my legs. I twisted and turned pushing the bottle in my hood flaps. The contractions grew weaker. I kept the bottle resting on my clit to squeeze out a few more tiny pleasurable contractions.

I collapsed dropping the bottle on the bed next to me. I lost track of time. Probably slept for a minute or two. When I regained my senses, I picked up the bottle. It was wet and sticky.

"That's fucking awesome," I said out loud. "I really used Janet's clit to get off."

I'll have to tell Janet about this, next time I see her online I thought, but I did not see Janet online. A few days later Yvette was back.

yvette22: hi anna
anna25: hi, how are you?
yvette22: i'm great, how are you?
anna25: i'm good too, had a great time after our last chat
yvette22: really, how?
anna25: used the bottle with janet's clit to masturbate
yvette22: OMG, that if fucking hot
yvette22: was that the first time you did that?
anna25: yeah
yvette22: wow, i mean .... just wow
yvette22: have you told janet?
anna25: no, haven't seen her online
yvette22: is it ok if i tell her next time i see her?
anna25: go ahead, i think she is hiding from me
anna25: i bet she really misses her clit when you tell her that
yvette22: that is for sure
anna25: so what is your interest in this?
anna25: you thinking of having clit removed?
anna25: want to removed another woman's clit?
yvette22: i'm into extreme s&m, on the sub side
yvette22: one master i serve sometimes has mentioned it
yvette22: kind of a punishment if i was not obedient
yvette22: and i've met another sub that is clitless
anna25: wow, so are you thinking of going clitless?
yvette22: not sure, looking into what it means
anna25: it means you never cum again
yvette22: yeah, i realize that
yvette22: it means i'd be a sex toy for my master to use as he sees fit
yvette22: he would probably make me entertain all his friends too
anna25: how do you feel about that?
yvette22: i'm already almost a sex toy
yvette22: it's kinda hot to think of being a better sex toy
anna25: what about the never cumming part?
yvette22: well that sucks, but it's the difference between a sex toy and a slut
anna25: i don't think of myself as a slut
yvette22: you don't have a master telling you to entertain his friends i would guess
anna25: lol, no
anna25: i "entertain" who i want
yvette22: are you married? have bf?
anna25: no and no
yvette22: but you do entertain men or women?
anna25: some
yvette22: i read how you and liana picked up guys after taking Janet's clit
anna25: yeah, we did that
yvette22: i understand not wanting to think of yourself as a slut, but ...
yvette22: your clit is making you want to do these guys
anna25: you're telling me to give up my clit now?
yvette22: no, not at all
anna25: but you think i'm a slut
yvette22: i'd never said that
anna25: lol
yvette22: i know i'm a slut
yvette22: i'm trying to be a good slut for my master
yvette22: i can't decide if i should be a sex toy instead
anna25: so janet is a sex toy now?
yvette22: she is, but she doesn't really know it
anna25: interesting
anna25: never thought much about janet having sex with someone else
anna25: just staring at the scar where her clit use to be and trying to remember what it felt like to touch her clit
yvette22: she does that
yvette22: wait till she hears what you did with her clit bottle
anna25: yeah, but i won it fair and square
yvette22: that is so fucking hot
yvette22: were you scared when you played that game?
anna25: a little, but I tried to concentrate on the game
yvette22: to risk your clit, risk being changed to a sex toy, on a game of chance
yvette22: wow
anna25: pokers not all chance, some skill too
yvette22: still just fucking unbelievable
anna25: it was hot
yvette22: i think Liana is fucking hot too
anna25: yeah, she lost hers to some guy
yvette22: but she cut it off herself!!!!
anna25: yes, she did
yvette22: that would be so hot to watch
anna25: i'm sure it would be
yvette22: sorry, but i have to run
yvette22: see you later
anna25: bye

I got the feeling that Yvette had to run play with her clit. I liked that idea too. I headed for the bedroom to play with Janet's clit bottle again.

Chatting with Yvette certainly was fun. It got me so worked up. Why did chatting about taking clits make my clit tingle so much? I was sure I wanted to keep mine! It still was erotic as hell to chat about though.

I did not see Yvette online for a couple of weeks. Janet was making herself scarce too, probably hiding from me. I now frequently used the bottle with Janet's clit to enhance my play time. There was something so kinky about the idea of using Janet's clit to rube my own. I just could not resist doing it.

One evening I noticed Yvette online again and decided to see if she wanted to chat again.

anna25: hi yvette
yvette22: hi, how are you?
anna25: i'm good, how about you?
yvette22: i'm great
yvette22: discussed sub sluts vs sub sex toys with a couple of my masters
anna25: what did they say?
yvette22: it is complicated
yvette22: i really enjoy my clit, but removing it and becoming a sex toy is the next step
yvette22: need to decided if i want to take that step
yvette22: to evolve
anna25: it would be a big step
anna25: and no going back
yvette22: that is for sure
anna25: so what do you think?
yvette22: i'm really not sure
yvette22: i really want to take that next step
yvette22: but i'm scared
anna25: well, don't take that step till you're sure
yvette22: yeah, i know
yvette22: but i'll never be sure
yvette22: how can you be sure about something like that
yvette22: you have to just go with your feelings
anna25: and what are you're feelings?
yvette22: i'm confused
yvette22: how did you feel when you agreed to bet your clit on a poker game?
anna25: i was scared, confused, couldn't believe i had agreed
yvette22: did you think about what never cumming again would be like?
anna25: all the time
yvette22: but you put you clit in the hands of fate
anna25: yeah, i did, still can't believe i did that
yvette22: i think it's hot
yvette22: and you won janet's clit
anna25: having her clit in a bottle is hot
yvette22: you, janet and liana are so hot
yvette22: you put you clits on the line
yvette22: liana even cut her own clit off when she lost
yvette22: could you do that?
anna25: you mean cut my own clit off?
yvette22: yeah, if you lost a bet?
anna25: i believe in honoring bets
anna25: don't make the bet if you can't pay off
yvette22: so you would do it?
anna25: if that's the bet, yeah
yvette22: hot
anna25: but not likely to make that bet
yvette22: i think it would be so erotic to watch a woman cut her own clit off
yvette22: remembering all the pleasure she had with it
yvette22: feeling that tingling
yvette22: knowing how badly she will miss that pleasure
yvette22: but she honors the wager
yvette22: slices off her own pleasure button
yvette22: and becomes a sex toy
anna25: wow, that would be hot
yvette22: liana really did it
anna25: that's right
yvette22: I think it would be fucking hot
anna25: could you do it, payoff that wager?
yvette22: hmmmmmm
yvette22: for the chance to see a woman do it
yvette22: i'd definitely make that wager
yvette22: i'd want to see her slice it off
yvette22: but she'd want to see me slice mine off
yvette22: she gave me the chance to win that thrill
yvette22: i'd pay off, if I lost
yvette22: give her the thrill she won
yvette22: and my clit too
anna25: wow, hot
yvette22: fucking hot
yvette22: if i'm fated to be a sex toy, so be it
anna25: so you are not sure, but you would let chance decide?
yvette22: yep, yep
yvette22: i think fate needs to decide
anna25: wow
yvette22: i got to run now, bye
anna25: bye

Yvette was really worked up tonight. I think she needed to run play with her clit. Chatting with Yvette always seemed to get me in that mood too. I headed to my bedroom.

I pulled my clothes off, got the bottle with Janet's clit and hopped onto the bed. Yvette really had a hot fantasy. Betting clits with another woman and the loser has to remove her own clit in front of the winner! Wow! I wonder if Janet could have done that? Could I have done that? I squeezed my nipples and ran the bottle over my hood.

I was so worked up. I wanted more. I got up and got my clover clamps. They are evil little clamps. I slipped one on each nipple, and I mean really on the nipple. Not behind the nipple like a wimp. When each clamp went closed, it sent a jolt of pain through my nipple. The first minute is really hard to stand, but after that the pain becomes duller and fades a bit. I started running the bottle around my pussy. I imagined Janet standing there with a scissors, blades on her clit, staring at me, then at her clit. She took a deep breath and closed the scissors. Her clit dropped to the floor. My pussy was gripped by intense orgasmic contractions and my nipples exploded in pain. If you have never masturbated with harsh nipple clamps right on your nipples, you have no idea how the exploding pain in your nipples resonates with the orgasmic contractions to make for a mind blowing orgasm.

As the orgasmic contractions subsided, I released the nipple clamps and collapsed on the bed. After drifting, half asleep, for some time, I regained my senses. I went to the bathroom to clean myself up and wash the bottle.

After I finished cleaning up, I stood there staring at Janet's clit floating in the bottle. Slicing that clit off Janet had been incredibly hot. I didn't think anything could top that, but Yvette surprise me. Her fantasy was unbelievably hot. Too bad we did not think of that before Janet and I played. Well it was fucking hot having Janet's clit. Cannot have everything.

The next evening I noticed Yvette come online and she immediately send me a message.

yvette22: hi
anna25: hi, how are you?
yvette22: i'm great, how are you?
anna25: i'm fine
yvett22: great, i've decided i want to do it
anna25: do what? become sex toy?
yvette22: maybe
yvette22: i mean make the bet with another woman
yvette22: either she de-clits herself for me
yvette22: or I de-clit myself for her
yvette22: i so want to do it
anna25: wow
yvette22: what about you?
anna25: it is a hot fantasy
yvette22: just a fantasy?
anna25: a fucking hot fantasy
yvette22: you don't want to make that fantasy real?
anna25: i did it once
anna25: i have janet's clit to show for it
anna25: would be doubly risky to do it again
yvette22: you don't find it a hot fantasy
anna25: fucking hot
yvette22: i bet you couldn't keep your fingers out of your panties after our last chat
anna25: lol, either could you
yvette22: see, you want it too
yvette22: how was that orgasm?
anna25: mindblowing
yvette22: i'm betting it was best orgasm ever
anna25: maybe
yvette22: fucking yeah, was my best ever
yvette22: you want it
yvette22: watch me slice my clit off
yvette22: right before your eyes
anna25: would be hot, that is for sure
anna25: but maybe i'd be the one slicing my clit off for you
yvette22: i hope so :)
yvette22: but no risk, no gain
yvette22: i'm not a good poker player
yvette22: so you'd have the advantage
yvette22: but i could still get lucky
anna25: i'm well aware
anna25: janet almost got lucky there
anna25: a few bad cards at the wrong time and i'd be staring where my clit use to be trying to remember what an orgasm felt like
yvette22: but janet is doing that
yvette22: you sliced her clit off and have it in a bottle
yvette22: i'm offering you the chance to see me slice my clit off
yvette22: how often will you have that chance
anna25: chance is the operative word
anna25: I really like the idea of winning your clit like that
anna25: but i already have one clit in a bottle
anna25: hard to enjoy it without my own
yvette22: well, i'm afraid of losing my clit too
yvette22: but nothing ventured, nothing gained
yvette22: i'm willing to put mine on the table
yvette22: for the chance to see you slice yours off
yvette22: put yours on the table
yvette22: and it is game on for the chance to watch me slice my clit off
yvette22: slice off all those orgasms, all that pleasure, right before your eyes
yvette22: i've got the guts to make that wager
yvette22: do you?
anna25: i've got guts
yvette22: that means game on?
anna25: game on

What had I done? What demon had possessed me to make me type that?

yvette22: where and when?
anna25: where are you?
yvette22: new york
anna25: california
yvette22: well las vegas is in between
anna25: that will work
anna25: if we are going to do it though, you need to split your hood
yvette22: no problem, i'll do that tonight
anna25: you know how to do it?
yvette22: i think so, story tells how you did it
anna25: just don't forget to separate the flaps with gauze pads
anna25: otherwise the flaps can heal back together
yvette22: i remember
yvette22: i assume there will be a clit inspection
anna25: of course, make sure we both have the bits to wager
yvette22: what about liana?
anna25: she might be interested
yvette22: i'd really like to meet her
anna25: i'll try to get a hold of her
yvette22: then it's game on

Game on? How had I been so stupid as to say that? I could not believe I had agreed to play again. I could end up without a clit!

She said she wasn't a very good poker player. I just hope that she really had no clue.

It took a couple of months to work out all the logistics, but finally Yvette, Liana and I met at the swank Inside The Chandelier Lounge of the new Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas.

"It is so cool to meet you in person," Yvette said to Liana. "I have admired you ever since I read your story."

Yvette was a petite woman in her early twenties with over the shoulder blonde hair and blue eyes. She was dressed in a party dress with a colorful flora print. The only thing that betrayed her unusual tastes was single sliver labret piercing below the bottom of her lip.

"Well, thank you," Liana said. "Although being admired for losing was never my goal."

"Oh, I don't just admire you for losing," Yvette said. "I admire your courage to wager it all and paying off the wager when you lost."

"Or being really stupid," Liana laughed.

"You were not stupid," Yvette said. "You were a woman of your word. You wagered, lost and paid off."

"Some nights I still miss it like you wouldn't believe," Liana said. "But that is my punishment."

"Losing is not suppose to be pleasant," I said.

"Oh, I know," Yvette said. "I've talked to Janet too."

"How is Janet doing," Liana asked.

"She is doing better," Yevette said. "She said the first few months were really rough."

"They were for me," Liana said. "It gets better, but it will never be the same. You always will really miss it sometimes."

"The game is for keeps," I said.

"Yes it is," Liana said. "But either of you can still change her mind. Once the first card is dealt, only one of you will be leaving with her clit."

"I'm not changing my mind," Yvette said.

"Me either," I injected.

"I want to make the wager like you did, Liana," Yvette said. "I'm hopping I win, but I'm prepared to pay up if I lose."

"I'm prepared to pay up too," I said, hoping Yvette was a terrible poker player, because I really didn't want to pay off.

"There are tens of thousands of orgasms at stake," Liana said. "And only one of you will be able to enjoy them. I know what it is like to lose all those orgasms, and it is not fun."

"But winning is fun," I said. "Your orgasms are even better knowing you took all the losers away."

"I'm looking forward to winning all yours," Yvette said with a big smile.

"No way," I said with a smile.

"Well then, a toast," Liana said. "To the great orgasms one of you will be having tomorrow."

We raised out glasses and I took a sip of my pina colada.

"Are you ready?" Liana asked.

"I'm ready," I said.

"Let's do it," Yvette said.

I left my drink unfinished and we walked towards the elevators up to the room. The Cosmopolitan was a brand new hotel and with business being light in Las Vegas right now, the hotel did not seem crowded. There were of course a lot of typical tourist types, but there were other well dressed guests so I didn't feel that out of place.

Liana was the tallest and her shoulder length red hair stood out beautifully against her greenish blue party dress. It was sleeveless with a high neck line, a large satin bow at the waist and a flared knee length skirt.

Yvette was barely taller than I am. Her colorful dress had a low cut neckline and a slightly flared kneel length skirt.

I was wearing a classic little black party dress, only it was dark blue instead of black. It had a strapless, tight fitting top and a tight mid thigh length skirt.

All together we were three hot, sexy young women dressed to kill. None of the tourists in the elevator could imagine that one of us would be killing her clit before the night was over!

We reached our floor and walked to the room. Yvette unlocked the door and lead us in.

"Wow," Liana said. "This room is incredible."

"Yeah," Yvette said. "And it has a wrap wraparound terrace with views of the strip."

"Amazing," Liana said walking over to the sliding glass doors. "This room must cost a fortune."

"It's expensive, but not that bad," Yvette said. "Besides, for this occasion, nothing but the best."

"Hear, hear," I said. "Nothing but the best."

We walked through the bedroom into the living room area.

"Look," Liana said. "A dinning area, a kitchen, a bar, this is like an apartment."

"All the comforts of home," I said.

"Yes, indeed," Yvette said. "So how do we start? Do we show our clits first?"

"That is a good idea," Liana said. "Everyone should see the stakes."

"Ok, let's do it," I said.

I kicked my heels off and reached around my back to unzipped my dress. I wiggled it off my hips and let it fall to the floor. I unfastened my black bra and slide it away from my 32A breast. My breasts were so small, I didn't really need a bra, but I was afraid my barbell nipple piercings would show without a bra. I slipped my black lace panties down my thigh and stepped out of them. I picked up my dress and underwear and stacked them a couch.

Yvette was not far behind me. She was removing her panties. When she stood up I could see her slender, petite figure. She had shoulder length blonde hair in contrast to my black hair, but her breasts were no bigger than mine. Her skin was pale almost white. There were some hints of faded tan lines, but it had been a while since her body had seen much sun.

I sat down on one of the big soft chairs.

"Come and take a look," I said.

I spread my legs wide and parted my inner labia and then spread the flaps of my split hood.

Yvette walked over and bent down to get a good look.

"Nice," Yvette said. "I cannot wait to see you cut it off!"

"You'll be waiting a long time," I said. "Have to beat me at poker first. Ok, let's see yours."

Yvette took my place as I stood up, and spread her legs very wide. She was completely shaved. She spread her inner labia and then parted the flaps of her hood.

I leaned in to take a look. Her clit look substantially larger than mine.

"Hmmm, that will be a nice one for my collection," I said.

"As you said, you have to beat me at poker first," Yvette said. "And I feel lucky tonight."

Yvette stood up.

"Liana, I know you are just here to deal and observe," Yvette said. "But I would really like to see were your clit use to be."

"Well, of course," Liana said.

Liana removed her shoes and unzipped her dress. She lay her dress on the couch.

"You're both naked, so I'm feeling over dressed," Liana said as she reached behind and unfastened her bra. She slide her bra down her arms. While Liana's breasts were only average size, they were huge compared to Yvette's or mine. Liana slipped her panties off and stacked them with her bra on the couch.

Yvette and I had both shaved our nether regions completely clean, but Liana had a nicely trimmed racing stripe.

Liana sat down on the couch and spread her legs wide.

"Ok, have a look," Liana said spreading her hood flaps.

Yvette leaned into for a good look.

"Wow," Yvette said. "Just a little scare is all that is left."

"Well, the bet was for all my clit," Liana said. "So I paid off in full."

"As you should," Yvette said. "Our bet is for the whole clit too. Looser should pay off in full."

"Absolutely," I said. "No cheating and trying to leave a little bit in hopes of still being able to cum."

"So you both agree that the loser will cut off all of her clit," Liana said. "And the loser will do that with full knowledge she is cutting off all her orgasms with it."

"I agree," Yvette said. "And I'm looking forward to watching Anna pay off, but I will honor the bet in the unlikely event I lose."

"I agree too," I said, "And it's not that unlikely you'll lose."

"Well, good luck to both of you," Liana said. "I don't want to see either of you lose, but I would be lying if I didn't admit I was looking forward to seeing one of you pay off."

"You deserve that opportunity," Yvette said. "You've earned it."

"Thank you," Liana said."So are you going to lock yourselves up?"

"I don't think so," I said. "We didn't bring any chains."

"We trust each other," Yvette said.

"Ok," Liana said, "I think it is time for the game to begin."

I went back in the bedroom to get my bag with playing cards and chips out of my bag. I carried them in and set them one the table in the kitchenette area. I handed the decks of cards to Liana to shuffle. I counted out chips for both of us.

"Ok," I said. "One million dollars each."

"But we are not playing for money," Yvette said.

"True," I said. "Each dollar is like one millionth of a clit."

"We ready to go?" Liana asked.

"Blinds start at $5000/$10,000," I said.

"Let me see," Yvette said. "$5000 is .... one two hundredth of a clit."

"Yep," I said. "And $10,000 is one hundredth of a clit."

We posted out blinds and Liana dealt out our cards.

Yvette folded the small blind so I won the first hand with total junk cards.

We each folded our small blinds for a few hands. Then I picked up 7 8 on the button/small blind. I raised to $20,000.

Yvette looked surprised. She looked at me, then looked at her cards again. She seemed not sure what to do.

"It's $10,000 to call," I said.

Yvette looked at her cards yet again.

"I want to raise," Yvette said.

"How much?" I asked.

"All of it," Yvette said pushing forward her stack of chips.

"You want to go all in?" I asked.

"Yes," Yvette said. "That's it. All in."

What on earth did she have? She must have aces or something.

"I fold," I said.

"Great," Yvette said as she pulled all the pot into her stack.

Was Yvette for real? Had she just bluffed me? I was totally confused.

We both folded blinds again for a few hands. Then I got K J. I decided to give this hand a try.

"I raise to $20,000" I said.

Yvette looked at me for a few seconds.

"I'm all in," Yvette said pushing all her chips towards the pot.

What! She could not possibly have aces again. She must be bluffing. On the other hand, my hand was not that strong. No way was I going to bet my clit on it.

"I fold," I said shaking my head.

This was crazy. Was Yvette going to go all in every time I bet? That would make this game really tricky. Did I have to wait until I had aces and then bet? What had I gotten myself into?

We went back to folding our blinds for a few hands. Then suddenly Yvette changed tactics. She started raising every small blind to $50,000. I was getting a really bad run of cards and folded everything. I clearly could not keep this up very long.

Yvette again raised her small blind to $50,000. I looked down at my cards and found K A. Well, I can't just keep folding till I get aces I thought.

"I call," I said pushing another $40,000 into the pot.

I figured Yvette would go all in on the flop, so I either had to flop top pair or I would have to fold to her all in bet.

Liana burned a card and flipped over the flop. My heart jumped. The flop was 9 A Q.

I checked. Yvette stared at me, then back at the board.

"I bet $50,000," she said.

Yvette had bet half the pot, which looked like a continuation bet with nothing. I suspected she had nothing, but worrying about the bet sizing was giving Yvette way to much credit for knowing what she was doing. I knew I should raise, but I figured if I did, Yvette would go all in again. I just called.

Liana burned another card and turned over a 5 for the turn.

That should not have helped Yvette, but she probably had random cards so who could tell. I checked.

Yvette thought for a minute.

"I bet $50,000," she said.

Now she was betting one quarter of the pot, which is a mini-bet. That is crazy.

"I call," I said.

Liana burned another card and dealt 9.

If Yvette had a nine. she just picked up trips. There were lots of ways I could be beat, but there always are by the river. I checked.

Yvette stared at me for several seconds, then back at the board.

"Your clit is mine," Yvette said. "All in."

Holy shit. Two nines on the board. Did she really have a nine? I stared at the board thinking. My rational mind told me Yvette had to be bluffing, but it was my clit that was on the line here, not just some silly tournament or some money. Even if I waited for aces, I could still lose to two pair or something, and it was not clear I could even hold out until I got aces with Yvette stealing my blinds all the time.

"I called" I said pushing my chips in.

I flipped over my cards.

"What do you have?" I asked of Yvette.

"I forgot," Yvette said flipping over her cards.

Yvette had T 6.

No pair and ten high. Holy cow. She had tried a bold face bluff on the river with absolutely nothing.

"Shit," Yvette said. "I was hoping I had a nine."

Hoping she had a nine? Had she looked at her cards? Could she really have forgotten what she had?

"Does this mean I lost?" Yvette asked in a distressed tone.

"Not yet," I said. "You had more chips, so I couldn't cover all of your bet."

Liana started to count up my stack of chips. Then counted up the same amount of chips from Yvette's stack. Liana pushed the big stack to me, and the small stack back to Yvette. Yvette had a little over $100,000 left.

"Oh," Yvette said. "I don't have very many chips left."

Now I had a big advantage on Yvette. Would she change her tactics or would she continue to play crazily.

We folded a few hands back and forth. I folded a couple of hands I might have normally raised. Finally I got A J and raised to $20,000.

Yvette looked at her cards, then at me and folded.

Obviously, she was being more careful now. Yvette folded her small blind. On my small blind I got T 7 and raised. This was just a steal attempt and it worked. Yvette folded.

Yvette's stack was now less than $100,000. I figured she was going to catch on that I was stealing soon.

Next hand Yvette raised her small blind. I check my cards. I had 3 2. I had to fold.

Next small blind I got K T and raised. Yvette folded.

Over the next hands I stole more blinds from Yvette than she stole from me and her stack dwindles to less than $50,000.

"Blinds are now $10,000 and $20,000," Liana anounced.

This meant that Yvette only had around two and half big blinds.

"I'm all in," Yvette said as she pushed all her remaining chips into the pot.

Did Yvette really have a good hand or was she bluffing again?

I checked my cards and found 6 5. I debated calling, but decided to fold.

Next hand I stole the blind back with K 6.

Yvette folded her small blind and had to post half her stack for the next big blind.

I check my cards. I had 6 T and I raised enough to put Yvette all in. I didn't want her to wait till she had better cards.

Much to my amazement, Yvette folded. She now only had $20,000 left.

Yvette posted her small blind, checked her cards and went all in, which was only a call.

Yvette flipped over A T.

I flipped my cards over and found 6 7.

Liana burned a card and dealt the flop. Unfortunately it was 7 A 3.

I had a pair of sevens, but Yvette had a pair of aces. The board ran out with J 4, so Yvette managed to double up to $40,000.

We folded back and forth with a few steals. Yvette would get up a little and then go back down. Yvette pushed all in from the small blind a few times, but I always had junk cards.

In the small blind/button I found 6 7. Not great, but I decided to steal. I bet enough to put Yvette all in.

Yvette looked at her cards.

"I'm all in," Yvette said.

Liana burned a card and spread out the flop. It was 3 7 Q.

I had a pair anyway.

Liana burned and dealt the turn card, a 5.

I was hoping Yvette had big cards and not a queen.

Liana burned and dealt a 8 for the river.

I quickly flipped over my cards.

"I have a pair of sevens," I said.

Yvette turned over one card, a A.

Was Yvette trying to slow roll me?

Yvette fipped over the other card, a J.

"Shit," Yvette said. "I was hoping that was a queen."

"You didn't remember?" I asked.

"Fuck," Yvette said. "This means I lost doesn't it?"

"It sure does," I said with a smile.

"Shit," Yvette said. "Well, let's get it over with before I lose my nerve. Where should I do it?"

"Couch would be good," Liana said. "I'll get some towels."

Liana went to the bathroom and came back with a stack of bath towels. She spread several of them out on the couch and a couple more on the floor.

"I have Emla cream," Liana said. "It is a very good topical pain killer."

"I don't want that," Yvette said. "I want to feel it."

"Ok," Liana said. "I have these surgical scissors. I think that is the best way and you can use tweezers or just your fingers to pull your clit up. I used tweezers to make sure I got all of mine."

"Yeah, fine," Yvette said.

"Need to clean them with alcohol," Liana said.

Liana took a gauze pad and poured some alcohol on it. She rubbed it on on the blades of the scissors and the tweezers.

"Just pull the clit up with tweezers and push the scissors as far down as possible," Liana said handing them to Yvette.

"To make sure you get all of it," I said.

"Fucking yeah," Yvette said. "Wouldn't want to cheat you out of any of your winnings."

Yvette sat down on the couch in the middle of the towels. She spread her legs very wide.

"Let's clean your clit with alcohol too," Liana said.

Liana knelt down, spread Yvette's hood flaps and rubbed the gauze pad over her clit and the inside of the hood.

"Yikes, that's cold," Yvette said.

"Don't want to get an infection," Liana said.

"Fuck no," Yvette said.

"Ok," Liana said. "All set."

Yvette looked at Liana then back at me.

"I guess this is it," Yvette said.

Yvette spread her hood flaps with one hand. She used the tweezers to grab the top of her clit. She winced when the tweezers closed on her clit.

"Fuck," Yvette said.

Yvette slid the scissors between her hood flaps and around her clit. She check the position of the blades and pushed them down towards the base of her clit.

Yvette took a deep breath.

"Can't be a slut forever," Yvette said.

Yvette firmly closed the scissor blade. Her clit popped into the air and landed on the towel on the floor.

"Fuck," Yvette screamed. "God that hurt."

Yvette cupped her hand over the wound.

"Let's get you fixed up," Liana said.

Liana knelt between Yvette's legs. She cleaned up the area and applied the medical supper glue to seal the wound and stop the bleeding.

Liana looked around on the floor and picked up Yvette's clit.

"I think this is yours now," Liana said towards me.

Liana got a small bottle out of her bag and dropped it into the bottle. She handed it to me.

"I have a maxipad for your panties and some sleeping pills," Liana s aid. "It would be good to sleep for the next day or so."

Yvette reached into her purse and pulled out a card.

"Call this number," she said, handing the card to Liana. "It's one of my masters. He will take care of me."

Liana went to bedroom to call. I looked at my new winnings. Yvette's clit was bigger than mine, but it was still such a tiny bit of flesh. It was amazing how many nerves where concentrated in that tiny thing and how removing it made orgasm impossible or at least extremely difficult for women.

"He'll be here in a few minutes," Liana said coming back into the room.

"I've fantasized about this," Yvette said. "Playing poker for clits, but you never know if you can really cut your fuck'n clit off, till that moment comes. Liana, if you were not here, I'm not sure I could have done it. With you watching, I knew I had to do it. No backing out."

"Well, you did it," Liana said. "You payed off. You can be proud of that."

"You paid off in full," I said holding up the bottle with Yvette's clit. "Now I will have two clits to stimulate mine."

"Well fuck you," Yvette said. "I hope you enjoy my fucking clit. God I can't believe how lucky you were."

"You made the game interesting," I said.

"Interesting?" Yvette said. "It would've been a fuck of a lot more interesting if I'd hit some cards and it was your clit in that bottle now."

Yvette really had no clue how to play poker, but that had made her a really dangerous and unpredictable opponent.

"God, that is really getting fucking sore," Yvette said.

"You really should take the pain killers and sleeping pills," Liana said holding out the bottles of pills.

"Ok," Yvette said. "I cut it off without pain killers."

"Yes you did," Liana said. "Very brave."

There was a knock at the door. Liana and I looked at each other. All of use were still naked.

"Just a minute," Liana yelled.

Liana and I started to get dressed as quickly as we could.

"Are you getting dressed?" I asked Yvette.

"I guess," Yvette said. "Don't worry, Jake sees me naked all the time."

Liana and I finished getting our dress back on and helped each other zip them up. Then we both went to answer the door.

"Hi, I'm Jake, Yvette's friend," the man at the door said.

Jake was short, and looked to be in his forties.

"I'm Liana," Lisan said.

"And I'm Anna," I said.

"Good evening ladies," Jake said as he step in.

"So which one of you ladies won Yvette's clit?" Jake asked.

"I did," I said.

"I knew Yvette was going to lose," Jake said. "She doesn't know shit about poker."

"I'll say," I said laughing. "But that makes her more dangerous."

We walked through the bedroom into the living room where Yvette was still sitting naked on the couch.

"Come on," Jake said. "Get your clothes on."

"Yes sir," Yvette replied.

Yvette slipped the maxipad Liana had given her into her panties before putting them on. Then she put on her bra and dress. Liana helped her zip up the dress.

"Ladies, don't worry about Yvette," Jake said. "I will take very good care of her. Make sure she heals up real good."

"Ok," I said. "Good luck."

"Wish I had some good luck earlier," Yvette said. "You're the slut here now Anna. Have a fucking great time."

"I will," I said.

"Night ladies," Jake said.

Jake turned and walked back towards the door with Yvette following him. They let themselves out and we heard the door close.

Liana and I looked at each other.

"Well, that was different," I said.

"Yeah," Liana said. "Never did understand subs."

"I hope she enjoys being a sex toy or whatever," I said.

"I hope so too," Liana said. "But there will always be times that she really misses it. I know I do. In fact this is one of those times."

"Yeah, I bet," I said. "I'm fuck'n horny."

"But you can do something about that," Liana said. "I can't and neither can Yvette now."

"Or Janet," I added.

"So, anything planned?" Liana asked.

"You mean go find a guy?" I asked.

"Something like that," Liana replied.

"Well, we have a bed right here," I said. "And guys are so hit or miss."

Liana looked at me and smiled.

"I thought you'd never ask," she said.

We quickly got out of our clothes again and into to bed. We hugged each other and let our hands explore each others body. Liana started sucking on my nipples. She slowly worked her way down, licking my belle button. She began to lick my inner thighs, slowly working her way to my pussy in the center.

Liana licked all around my clit, but her tongue avoided the magic button. Finally she ran her tongue directly up my pussy and right into my hood, gently parting the hood flaps. Then her tongue ran directly over my clit, sending shivers down my spine. I thust my hips up into Liana's face and put my hands on her head to make sure she kept it up. She slowly ran her tongue over my clit. I straighten my legs and fought to keep from cumming as her tongue flicked across my clit faster.

Liana's tongue became faster and pushed down harder. I knew I could not hold out much longer. I pushed my hips into her face and felt the contractions grip my pussy and radiate out across my stomach and down my legs. My body trashed on the bed as the ecstasy of the little death flowed through my body. When the contractions faded Liana slowed her tongue but kept it on my clit squeezing out ever smaller pleasurable contractions. Finally I pushed her head away and rolled over. Liana crawled up the bed and hugged my body tight against hers.

I probably drifted off for a few minutes. When I woke up we were still hugging each other.

"Wow," I said. "Who the fuck needs a cock. You are incredible. I wish I could return the favor."

"I wish you could too!" Liana said. "But don't worry, I enjoyed it. I like snuggling."

"I'm glad," I said, as I hugged Liana again.

We laid on the bed in each others arms and I drifted off to sleep for a while.

When I woke up Liana was already awake.

"So you want to go hit some spots and see what is happening?" Liana asked.

"Hmmm," I said. "I don't know. We have this room till tomorrow. We could just spend the night."

"Great idea," Liana said.

"You were really good," I said. "I really wish there was something I could do for you."

"Well ....," Lian said shyly. "There is something ..."

"What?" I asked.

"I hope you don't think this is too forward," Liana said. "But I'd love to see you use the bottle with Yvette's clit."

"Oh wow," I said. "I've done that with Janet's bottle. It is hot. Sure, no problem."

I got up and got the little bottle with the remains of Yvette's clit.

"This won't be getting Yvette off anymore," I said. "So only right it gets me off."

"Absolutely," Liana said.

I lay down on the bed and spread my legs to give Liana a good view. I ran my hands around my pussy and stuck my finger inside. I was starting to get wet again. I warmed the bottle up in my hands, then started to rube the bottle over my pussy. I ran it up between my hood flaps and right over my clit. I was feeling that tingle in my clit again.

I took it slowly. I did not want to cum too quickly. I used the bottle like a small dildo, plunging it all the way inside me. The bottle was covered in my juices and I ran it around my pussy. I ran it up between my hood flaps and slide it back and forth right over my bare clit.

That simulation was too much for me. I cried out as the first big contraction gripped my pussy. I pushed the bottle down and rubbed it on my clit. Contraction after contraction gripped my pussy and radiated down my legs. My clit became very sensitive and I relaxed the pressure on the bottle. I ran the bottle up and down my hood, using gentle pressure to squeeze out a couple more weak contractions before I collapsed on the bed.

"God," Liana said. "That was hot. I wish that was my clit in your bottle."

I rolled over so I could see Liana.

"I think you wish you still had a clit," I said.

"Well, that too," Liana said. "But I'm not sure XN appreciates it the way you would."

"I fucking appreciate still having my clit," I said. "And I enjoy it more knowing Yvette and Janet fucking miss theirs."

I moved over next to Liana again and hugged her.

"We have the room tonight," I said. "We can spend the night."

"You talked me into it," Liana said.

Even though the night was still relatively young, I fell asleep pretty quickly from all the exercise.

Liana left the next morning.

I spent a few extra days in Las Vegas taking money off of tourists that just couldn't believe a girl could play poker. I also found a few guys that made me appreciate winning that game with Yvette. They didn't rock my world quite as much as Liana did that first night, but they were hot anyway.

I sent Yvette an email after I got home, wishing her well. I didn't expect to hear form her. I had not heard from Janet for weeks. I was surprised to get a brief reply the next day. Yvette just said she was not as sore as the first few days, but still pretty sore.

I wished Yvette well, and didn't hear from her again for several months. Late one night I got a pm from Yvette.

yvette22: hi, how are you?
anna25: i'm great, how are you doing?
yvette22: i'm all right
yvette22: adjusting to being a sex toy
anna25: how is that?
yvette22: well, it is fucking hot
yvette22: but it can be frustrating sometimes
yvette22: are you still a slut?
anna25: lol, not really a slut,but i'm enjoying myself
yvette22: i bet
yvette22: well, i'm definitely a sex toy now
yvette22: you still have my clit in the bottle
anna25: yep
yvette22: and you play with it?
anna25: frequently
yvette22: awesome
yvette22: being a sex toy is really hot
yvette22: but sometimes I wish i had that clit back
yvette22: at least long enough to get off one more time
anna25: i can imagine
yvette22: yeah, but just imagine
yvette22: you have no idea what it is like not cumming like ever!!!
anna25: i suppose not, but i think it is hot you do
yvette22: i exist to serve, get you hot and get you off
yvette22: at least that is what my master tells me
anna25: i guess you are doing a good job, cause having your clit is so fucking hot
yvette22: i'm glad you are enjoying it, but i have to run now

I got the bottles with Janet's and Yvette's clits out of my nightstand and held them in my hand. It was amazing how removing such a tiny bit of flesh could change a woman's life. It had changed Yvette from a slut to a sex toy, at least in her mind.

Was I a slut? I had fucked a few guys I just met on vacation, but that doesn't make a girl a slut. What are vacations for anyway? Who defines the fucking slut line? To me a slut as a woman that casually fucks guys I wouldn't. She obviously has lower standards. Or maybe she just sees something in them I am missing. In reality "slut" is just a slur word for a woman you don't like. It has no real meaning.

Was Liana a sex toy? Was Janet? Any one can pickup a toy and play with it. That wasn't Liana or Janet. Removing your clit didn't make you a sex toy unless you thought it did.

The clit is a woman's magic button and removing the clit is about making it impossible for her to cum. That is what the game was about. I held two losers clits in my hand right now as proof Janet and Yvette were not cumming tonight. All they can do is try to remember what it felt like to cum. I was going to use their clits to get me to nirvana. Those clits had brought Janet and Yvette to thousands of orgasms, but I won them fair and square. Their bottled clits were my sex toys now. I was going to use my special toys to achieve the ecstasy only a woman who risked her magic button can comprehend.

Liana M

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