WARNING: This is a clitoridectomy story. It contains female clitoris removal. If this is not your thing, then don't read it. It also contains torture and strong sexual content, although this is not really a sex story. If you find any of that offensive, are under the age of 21 or such material is prohibited in your state or country, then stop reading right here.

This story is intended for mature adults only. This story is fiction, although some parts may be based on real events. Most of this story came strictly from my imagination. Don't even think about trying any thing described in this story.

High Stakes Poker

By Liana M

@(C) Copyright 2010 by Liana M, all rights reserved.

A girl with the nick "hurtmypus" in an extreme BDSM chat room sounded like someone with my kind of fantasies, but I had no idea how this chance meeting would change our lives.

hurtmypus: hello r u a girl
anna25: hi, yes, 26, usa, you?
hurtmypus: 28 usa female
anna25: nice to meet you
hurtmypus: like wise
hurtmypus: so if i may ask what brings u here
anna25: i'm into S&M and have pretty extreme fantasies.
hurtmypus: what kind of fantasies
anna25: lots of extreme torture including clitorectomies
hurtmypus: really r u into clitorectomies
hurtmypus: that's something i have thought about having done
anna25: clitorectomy fantasies
hurtmypus: me too
anna25: why are you thinking about a clitorectomy?
hurtmypus: just way too sensitive
hurtmypus: what about u
anna25: well, i have weird fantasies
anna25: i think of it more as a punishment
hurtmypus: o yeah y
anna25: a clitorectomy means no more orgasms or at least a chance of no more
hurtmypus: yeah that's true
hurtmypus: how would u like it done
anna25: it depends on the fantasy
hurtmypus: what r a few of them
anna25: you may find this weird, but my favorite fantasy is a wager or game
hurtmypus: i don't think your weird at all
anna25: loser's clit is cut off and given to the winner as a trophy
hurtmypus: what do u mean wager
anna25: could be a bet on anything
anna25: like maybe poker
hurtmypus: that's pretty hot
hurtmypus: what would u do with another girls clit if u won it
anna25: i would keep it in a jar by my bed
anna25: so i could look at it and remember the girl i won it from can't do what i'm going to do
hurtmypus: lol now that's very hot
hurtmypus: kind of laughing at her as your doing it
anna25: yes
hurtmypus: that just turned me on
hurtmypus: lol
anna25: i think it is a hot fantasy
hurtmypus: its a very hot fantasy
hurtmypus: now what if u lost
anna25: that would be frustrating
hurtmypus: lol i hear ya
anna25: its a big bet, somebody wins, somebody loses
anna25: don't make bets you can't afford to lose
hurtmypus: well if i win it i would make sure to call u and tell u when i'm going to use mine
hurtmypus: kind of rub it in
anna25: lol
hurtmypus: do u think it would be cool to watch another girl get hers cut off
anna25: yes, definitely
anna25: would be hot to get 6 or 8 girls to play clitty poker
hurtmypus: i'd play
hurtmypus: how many other girls you got lined up?
anna25: lol, your the only one
hurtmypus: lol, looks like a one on one game

We chatted some about clit torture, but it was late and we both had to get to bed. We exchanged email addresses.

Her name was Janet and we chatted quite a bit after that first night. Janet was into serious clit torture and it is hard to find women interested in that.

One night when I was stuck at home because my friend was sick. I found Janet online. We chatted a bit. Janet thought I should torture my clit since I could not go out. I suggested a simple clit torture game. We would select a torture and roll two dice using an online dice roller. If the roll was 2 through 6, Janet did the torture. If the roll was 8 through 12, I did the torture. If the roll was 7, we both did the torture.

We started out whipping our clits with belts. First 10 strokes for the loser, then 20 and 30. We both lost several times and got our pussies red from the whipping. We were ready for something more intense. After a little discussion I proposed a clothespin applied directly to the clit. Janet added her own twist.

Anna25: clothespin clamped directly on the clit
Anna25: pull the hood back and put it right on your clit
Janet: for how long?
Anna25: we could start with 10 minutes
Janet: ok and if you want after its on we can play again if i have it on and lose again i have to twist it back and forth
Janet: however many times we decide
Janet: keep it interesting
Janet: how does that sound
Anna25: have never tried that
Janet: well we can try it now if you want
Janet: but the clip has to stay on while you twist
Janet: does that sound ok
Anna25: we could also make it depend on the number rolled
Anna25: like roll 2 or 3 you have to also twist it, roll 11 or 12 i have two twist it
Janet: ok
Janet: its a deal
Janet: how many twists
Anna25: i don't know 5?
Janet: ok
Janet: what about the other numbers
Anna25: just the clothespin, no twists, 7 we both have to do the clothespin
Janet: ok cool
Janet: so its your roll

I used the web site to roll the dice and email us both the results.

Anna25: you are not going to like the roll
Janet: haven't got the email yet
Anna25: you should soon
Janet: damn
Janet: lol ok so i have to put it on for 10 minutes
Anna25: and twist it
Janet: lol
Janet: 5 twists
Anna25: yep
Janet: i am puting it on
Anna25: ok
Janet: its on
Janet: its 1:18 here
Anna25: yes, 11:18 here
Janet: now for the twists how far
Janet: at least half way
Anna25: don't know
Anna25: not so far it comes off
Janet: ok you have to turn it a 1/4 of the way in each direction here i go
Janet: that stings but i think i could have gone farther
Janet: it hurt at first to put it on now its ok
Anna25: yes, first 30 seconds is the worse till you take it off
Janet: ok so now for the next roll
Janet: ready here i go i'm rolling
Anna25: your time is not even up yet?
Anna25: still have a minute or so to go
Janet: if my numbers come up i will twist it
Janet: just to keep the game going
Anna25: ok
Janet: that's why i thought of the twisting
Janet: i rolled
Janet: you won't believe it
Anna25: what does that mean?
Janet: did you get it yet
Anna25: yes, 7
Janet: so its been 10 minutes i guess i keep it on for another 10
Anna25: i guess this mean i have to put on a clothespin too?
Janet: yea, it does
Anna25: ok, i have my clothespin on too
Janet: cool
Anna25: we should roll again at the end of this 10 minutes, and loser has to keep her's on
Janet: ok cool
Janet: when did you put yours on
Janet: i'll just go off your time
Anna25: 11:32 i think
Janet: ok cool
Janet: hows yours feeling
Anna25: sore
Janet: lol
Anna25: but i'm managing
Anna25: i think we should do 1 more roll at 10 minutes
Anna25: then give our clits a rest
Janet: lol
Anna25: then maybe up the stakes
Janet: ok cool
Janet: ok it's time you roll
Anna25: here goes
Anna25: yeah, 6
Janet: really?
Anna25: it hurts to take it off
Janet: wow it was 6
Janet: so another 10 minutes
Anna25: more sore after it was off
Janet: how does yours feel
Janet: are you going to be ready in 10 minutes
Anna25: perhaps, but you need to rest it
Janet: no i don't think so
Janet: i haven't taken it off yet
Janet: so i should be fine
Anna25: but you need to take it off to get the real experience
Janet: ok i'm going to take it off
Anna25: ok
Janet: holy crap
Janet: fuck the hurts
Janet: holy fucking shit
Anna25: yeah, it really does
Janet: yeah
Janet: it looks so flat
Anna25: mine was a little bluish too
Janet: its getting a little better
Janet: so whats next
Anna25: don't know
Janet: if we are almost finished we should finish big
Janet: but not cutting it off big
Anna25: lol
Janet: something that will definitely hurt
Anna25: well, in my mind this is all connected with chastity
Janet: yes it is
Anna25: so in my mind, the final wager should be for who it allowed to cum tonight
Janet: yes
Janet: so that is the bet
Anna25: and for the next 24 hours
Janet: wow
Janet: ok deal
Janet: your roll
Anna25: best to get ourselves a little worked up before we roll
Janet: good idea
Janet: what turns you on the most
Anna25: gambling with my clit!
Janet: i like that
Janet: i think me losing mine gets me the most worked up
Anna25: a winner take all button bet would be very hot
Janet: mmm heck yeah it would be
Janet: mmm one of these days we are going to roll the dice for our clits
Anna25: in a few minutes one of us is losing the use of her clit for the next 24 hours
Janet: mmm yes you are
Janet: lol
Anna25: or maybe both of us
Janet: true
Anna25: if we roll 7
Janet: mmm
Janet: mmm someday we have to really put our clits to the test
Anna25: what do you mean by put our clits to the test?
Janet: well someday we have to bet them
Anna25: a high stakes poker game perhaps
Janet: clits would be high stakes!
Janet: i like it
Anna25: you ready to roll and see who gets to cum tonight and who doesn't?
Janet: mmm i am ready
Janet: its your roll
Anna25: looks like i'm going to bed horny, 8
Janet: that sucks
Anna25: my clit is still sore, lol
Janet: lol so probably better you don't use it tonight
Anna25: i bet yours is sore too
Janet: very
Janet: i'm not sure if i will use it or not
Janet: but probably will
Anna25: i could get off if i had won
Janet: o i will
Janet: i'm playing with it now
Janet: so if we do ever bet and i lose will you keep my clit
Anna25: of course
Janet: so do you really want a clit so you can keep it
Anna25: well, i want to keep the one i have attached
Janet: i mean another girls
Janet: lol
Anna25: if i win a clit in a fair wager, then i think i have every right to take her clit, if she had won, she would be taking mine
Janet: i can see that
Janet: well i am going to go make my self happy
Janet: and i will chat with you later
Anna25: ok, have fun
Janet: o def
Janet: lol
Janet: you have a good night
Anna25: as best i can
Janet: lol good night
Anna25: nite

I was sore and horny that night. I did my full 24 hours, but 24 hours and 1 minute later I was cumming like crazy.

The next few times we chatted the conversation always came back to the fantasy of wagering our clits.

Janet: But r u really ready to put your clit on the line no going back
Anna25: it is a fantasy for me right now, a super hot fantasy
Janet: If u lose it's gonna be no chickening out
Anna25: if i put my clit on the line, i wouldn't try to back out
Janet: You wouldn't back out
Anna25: there should be no backing out
Anna25: one of us is leaving clitless
Janet: that is hot
Anna25: what game/contest do you think we should use?
Janet: Um, I don't care
Janet: What do u think
Anna25: i think poker would be hot
Janet: I'm awful at poker but ok
Janet: U know you're going to be leaving with my clit
Anna25: great that you are awful at poker!!!!
Janet: Lmao
Anna25: thousands of orgasms at stake in that poker game
Janet: Lmao I am horrible at poker but that's good for you
Anna25: well, the thing about poker is, in the short term it is more luck
Janet: Yeah
Anna25: well, i have to get to bed
Janet: nite

A few weeks later I saw a new story on the web from one of my favorite authors, “The Naughty Bits Playoff”. In the story the author, Liana, bet her clit for a guy's penis. She lost the bet, cut off her clit and sent it to the guy!

That story made me so hot. I could not keep my fingers out of my panties. The story described the details of how she cut her clit off. It all sounded so easy. Of course, it was just a story.

I wrote an email to Liana telling her how much I liked the story. I asked her how she came up with all the details. I got a quick reply thanking me for writing. She said the details in the story were based on experience.

The details were based on experience? Whose experience? Liana's experience?

I could feel my panties getting moist as I read the email over and over. There was a woman that really cut her clit off! It was not a fantasy. It could be done. Two women could really play a poker game for clits. I came so hard imagining that.

Next time I chatted with Janet, I had to bring it up.

Anna25: hey
Janet: Hey there how r u
Anna25: i'm good
Anna25: you read the naughty bits playoff?
Janet: I loved it
Janet: so hot the way it ends
Anna25: super hot!!
Janet: imagine losing that bet
Anna25: high stakes
Anna25: hard to cum without a clit
Janet: that is for sure
Anna25: but that's why betting clits would be so hot
Anna25: loser is going to be horny as hell and wondering where her clit went
Anna25: while the winner is going to be staring at the losers clit to cum more often!!!
Janet: That is very hot
Janet: It is so fucking hot to think about
Anna25: it would be incredibly hot to win, would suck big time to lose
Janet: Lol maybe
Janet: I can't wait to have your little button in my hands
Anna25: you want me to be the one wondering where my clit went
Janet: Hmm yeah in a way
Janet: the idea of betting my clity is so hot
Anna25: i would get maximum pleasure out of winning yours!!!
Janet: I would hope
Anna25: well, if you are not enjoying your clit anymore, i should get to!
Janet: that is so hot

Over the next month Janet and I chatted once or twice a week. Our chat always came back to torturing our clits and the idea of betting them. For me it was an intense jilling fantasy.

Janet: hi Anna
Anna25: hi, how are you?
Janet: i'm good, how are you?
Anna25: i'm great, still have my clit
Janet: a temporary condition
Janet: i'll have it soon
Anna25: you wish
Anna25: you'll have to put yours on the line if you want to win mine
Janet: i will win it
Anna25: i have this fantasy i can't get out of my head
Anna25: i meet a woman in a hotel room
Anna25: we chat a while, get to know each other...
Anna25: then we play poker for clits …
Anna25: and one of us leaves with the other's clit in her purse
Janet: wow
Janet: that is hot
Janet: would the loser get a final orgasm
Anna25: maybe
Janet: if you were going to cut it off, it would be the best one of my life I just know
Janet: it gets me sooo excited
Janet: thinking about it getting cut off
Janet: it would make me so fucking horny forever
Anna25: would you like that last orgasm from masturbation or oral sex?
Janet: Both but by the women that is keeping my clit
Janet: It is the least she can do lol
Janet: Would u be willing to eat me out for my clit
Anna25: of course
Janet: Awesome
Anna25: i don't have a lot of experience at that, but i know what i like
Janet: Lol that's what I think and I can do it pretty good you just do what you like and you can't go wrong
Anna25: that would be hot, i could get you off, and then really get you off forever
Janet: Mmmm, you know how to get me worked up, I would love to make that bet
Janet: win or lose it would be hot
Anna25: but i bet you would love to win it too
Janet: Omg yes that would be amazing
Janet: I would be getting off to your clit almost every night
Janet: And I would be telling you all about it
Anna25: you would really enjoy it
Janet: Omg yes all the time I would be touching it all the time
Anna25: as if you don't already
Janet: Oh I do all the time, I think about seeing u laying there legs spread apart
Janet: And looking at your clit still attached
Janet: Then getting between your legs grabbing the scalpel pulling on your clit to make sure I get a lot
Anna25: the winner deserves all of it
Janet: Then looking in your eyes and placing the scalpel just under your clit
Janet: Then in one swipe its off of you there in between my fingers then placing it on your belly or putting your clit in your hand
Anna25: better practice your poker if you want to take my clit
Janet: i will cause i do really want to take yours

I was surprised how excited Janet got about the thought of losing her clit or taking mine. Next time we chatted, the conversation quickly came back to the same topic.

Janet: i've been thinking about what we talked about last time
Janet: the hotel room and me slicing your clit off with a scalpel
Anna25: or me slicing yours off...
Janet: yeah, would you really do that?
Anna25: it is a hot fantasy
Janet: yes, but would you really do it, put your clit on the line
Anna25: maybe, would you?
Janet: definitely
Anna25: you aren't scared of losing it?
Janet: i figure the way i've been treating it, it's only a matter of time before i destroy it anyway
Janet: and winning yours would be so hot
Janet: if i'm going to lose mine, I want you to be the one to take it.
Janet: Have you ever fantasized about how u would cut mine off
Anna25: most of my fantasies are about clit guillotines, lol
Janet: So have you imagined my clit in it and watching as the blade slams closed
Anna25: yes, i have!
Janet: Mmm that's hot
Anna25: i like clitty russian roulette with the button cutter type guillotine
Janet: What do u imagine coming off, just my clit or the hood too
Anna25: guillotine would take the hood with it
Janet: Mmm
Janet: That's hot
Janet: I love the pics of the girl that had her clit and hood cut off at the same time
Janet: It makes it look more like a clit if the hood is still attached
Janet: If the hood wasn't attached I don't think it would look much like a clit
Anna25: yes, i think that is hot, that is what i imagine the clit guillotine would do
Janet: It is sooooo hot
Janet: Just so you know if I ever lose to you, you get to take my hood and clit but all in 1 piece
Anna25: unfortunately, i don't have one of those guillotines
Janet: Lol well then a scalpel will just have to do or a cigar cutter would work awesome just put it around my clit and hood and close it
Anna25: i was thinking just a scalpel
Janet: Cool a scalpel it is
Anna25: i have to go get some lunch
Janet: Ok cool I have to run too

Almost every night I would jill off thinking about this fantasy. I imagined locking my clit in the button cutter guillotine to give Janet a chance at taking it. Then we would lock Janet's clit in the button cutter for my chance to take her clit. Taking turns until one of our clits was in the tray.

The button cutter was a fantasy, of course. I suppose someone could build one, but I couldn't. A poker game with clits for the stakes was something I could really do. I was a pretty good poker player. I had even won a couple of tournaments at local card clubs. Winning a tournament though is a combination of luck and skill. You cannot win by skill alone. I had won in part because the other players underestimated my skill, or maybe they just wanted to lose their chips to an attractive young woman.

In the long run poker results depend on skill, but in the short run results depend more on luck. Bad poker players can win big if they are lucky. If bad players lost every time, they would give up poker quickly. They win often enough that they don't realize they are bad players. That is why poker is a good game.

While I would have an advantage over Janet in a poker game, Janet could get lucky and take my clit.

Janet: hi, how have you been?
Anna25: hi, i'm good, how are you?
Janet: good, can't stop thinking about it
Janet: the hotel room, the scalpel …
Anna25: and one of us leaves with a clit in her purse
Janet: yes
Anna25: hot fantasy
Janet: just a fantasy?
Anna25: you mean would i really do it? maybe
Janet: you aren't sure?
Anna25: not sure i could deal with losing
Anna25: you aren't afraid of losing?
Janet: no
Anna25: you know you'll still get horny without a clit
Janet: O yeah I know I will, that's why I'm not so worried about losing it
Janet: I'm ok with the idea of not getting off I have come to terms with that
Janet: And it might help calm me down
Anna25: that's good
Anna25: it's so exciting to think about
Janet: how about we take the first step to do more than think about it?
Anna25: what do you mean?
Janet: in the naughty bits playoff she split her hood
Janet: so she had better access to her clit
Janet: we could split our hoods
Anna25: to put our clits on the line?
Janet: exactly
Anna25: in the story she was cutting her own clit off
Anna25: wouldn't really need to split the hood for someone else to do it.
Janet: it would make it easier
Anna25: true
Janet: so what do you think?
Janet: are you ready to split your hood?
Anna25: i guess
Janet: even if we never do it, being able to open the hood and see that little clitty there is hot
Anna25: yeah, such a vulnerable little thing
Janet: one little slice and it's gone forever
Anna25: yep
Janet: so you ready to split your hood?
Anna25: let's do it
Anna25: do you know how to do it?
Janet: I think just a sharp scissors is all it takes
Anna25: clean it with alcohol first
Anna25: some antiseptic and gauze to make sure it doesn't heal back together
Janet: that sounds good
Janet: you got that stuff?
Anna25: I think so
Anna25: let me take a shower first
Janet: lol, yeah, right
Janet: see you later

I did take a shower and shaved too. Then I did something else and had to clean up my pussy again.

Anna25: back
Janet: was it a good one
Anna25: you know it was, i bet yours was too
Janet: of course
Anna25: you know if we meet, only one of us will be doing it after
Janet: yeah, and the other is going to be sooooo fucking horny
Anna25: for sure
Janet: ready to split your hood?
Anna25: yeah got the stuff here
Janet: lets go for it

I had put on a t-shirt after my shower, but I took it off and tossed it on the table. I thought I should be naked for this. I spread some old towels on the kitchen floor. I sat on one of the kitchen chairs and spread my legs as wide as I could. I put some alcohol on a pad and rubbed it around my hood. Then I pulled my hood back and rubbed some alcohol on my clit. My clit was still sensitive from cumming a few minutes before and the alcohol felt cold.

I took the alcohol and cleaned the blades on my best scissors.

Anna25: all cleaned, here goes
Anna25: hope there isn't too much blood

There was no reply from Janet. She might be ahead of me. I took the scissors and carefully slide the blade up under my hood. The position made it difficult to hold the scissors precisely. I closed my eyes and slowly closed the scissors blades. I felt the pain as the scissors cut into my hood. It was not that bad. I had felt worse, but I didn't want to see the blood.

When it felt like I had cut a few inches up, I opened my eyes. There was blood, but not as much as I feared. I set the scissors aside and wiped up the blood with some cotton pads. I inspected my work and decided I need to cut a bit further up. I cleaned up the scissors again with alcohol and slide the blade further up the hood. This time I didn't close my eyes, just slowly closed the blades.

I cleaned up all the blood with pads. I spread the two flaps of my hood to get a good look at my clit. It looked bigger than I expected. The hood had prevented me from seeing the whole clit all these years. I put pads between the two flaps of my hood to make sure they did not heal back together. I spread some antiseptic along each edge to try to prevent infection.

When I looked at my laptop, I saw Janet had replied.

Janet: i'm done
Janet: how about you?
Anna25: just finished
Anna25: little sore, but not too bad
Janet: yeah, this is nothing
Janet: compared to needles and shit like that
Anna25: yeah, will see how i feel in the morning
Janet: i wouldn't play with it for a few days
Anna25: yeah, planning to give it a rest
Janet: so how does it feel to have your clit exposed?
Anna25: don't know, all covered up with gauze
Anna25: i'll know in a few days
Janet: we've taken the first step
Janet: i'm ready, are you?
Anna25: really tempting
Janet: and it will be more tempting in a few days Janet: really late here, got to go
Anna25: night
Janet: nite

I looked down at my pussy. What had I done? Had I really taken the first step? Was I going to meet Janet in a hotel room and make my fantasy real? It was an exciting but scary thought.

It took several days for the hood to heal enough I could stop using cotton pads. The area still felt sensitive so I delayed my urge to test my new direct clit access. Before I had been able to see my clit by pulling the hood up. My clit had looked like a small pinkish, whitish ball. Now I could see it wasn't really a ball. It was elongated and bigger than I thought, but still nothing like some of those pics I had seen of huge clits.

I looked for Janet online, but didn't see her for several days. She was probably giving things a rest till she healed.

As the days went by, I got hornier and hornier. Finally, after eight days I had to try. After getting in bed, I started gently rubbing my hood with the flaps held together. I went slowly, but it did not seem to hurt. I was so horny my clit was pulsating from only that indirect stimulation. As I felt the orgasm building, I pushed my fingers between the flaps to directly stimulate the clit. My clit exploded. Strong muscle spasms gripped my pussy, sending pleasurable sensations down my legs and across my stomach. After a dozen or more strong contractions, the spasms grew weaker. I kept my finger on my clit gently massaging out weaker and weaker contraction trying to extract every last bit of pleasure.

I'm not sure how long I lay on my bed after drifting in nirvana. When I finally gained consciousness I realized my fingers and pussy were soaking wet. I got up and cleaned up before heading back to bed. I had no trouble falling right to sleep.

I kept checking every night for Janet online, but it was several days before I finally saw her.

Anna25: hey girl, how are you?
Janet: i'm great, all healed
Anna25: yeah, i'm healed too
Janet: given it a test drive?
Anna25: oh yeah, works great
Janet: so are you ready to take the next step?
Anna25: don't know
Janet: want to enjoy that clit for a month or two first?
Anna25: it's a hot fantasy
Anna25: i'm just not sure
Janet: not sure you want to lose it?
Anna25: not sure about . . . things
Anna25: maybe you'd run out the door when i win
Janet: I wouldn't, would you?
Anna25: no, if i played and lost, i'd payoff
Janet: so would I . . . so no problem
Anna25: but for such high stakes, need more than just players word
Janet: what's your idea?
Anna25: not sure . . . chain ourselves to the table
Janet: will the chain be long enough to reach the bathroom?
Anna25: lol
Anna25: need a neutral 3rd party and chains
Janet: whats the 3rd party do?
Anna25: keeper of the keys
Anna25: unlocks the winner when the game is over
Janet: didn't think of that
Janet: who would you trust?
Anna25: most people would think we were crazy
Janet: yeah, need to find somebody into it
Anna25: don't know anyone, do you?
Janet: no, only you
Janet: and Liana
Anna25: Liana would be great!
Janet: she is just a story writer
Janet: does she even exist?
Anna25: somebody writes the stories
Anna25: i got an email reply
Anna25: i think she may even be clitless
Janet: really??? she cut it off?
Anna25: i'm not sure, the email was ambiguous
Janet: a clitless referee!
Janet: that is a hot idea
Anna25: seems fair the referee should be clitless
Janet: so if Liana will referee, are you up for it?
Anna25: yes!
Anna25: i'll email Liana and see if she is interested

Had I just agreed to play for clits? I guess only if Liana would referee. That was my out. Liana would probably think we were crazy and ignore us.

I composed an email to send to Liana.

To: Liana
From: Anna25
Subject: Neutral referee

I wrote to tell you how much I like your last story. My friend and I are planning a poker game where clits will be the stakes. While we are both excited about this, it is very high stakes wager. We think there should be a neutral third party to supervise.

We wonder if you would be the neutral third party for this game? If you are interested, maybe we can chat sometime. See if something can be worked out.


I reread the email several times. While the cursor hovered over the send button, I had second thoughts. How would Liana react? Would she think I was crazy? Trying to put her on?

I pressed the send button, and immediately regretted it. I wanted to send another message saying it was not a joke and we were serious, but that would sound stupid.

Oh well. I was not sure I wanted to make this fantasy real. If Liana ignored the email, that was a good excuse. I went to bed.

I didn't check my email until I got home from work the next day. I looked through the emails. There was a reply from Liana.

To: Anna25
From: Liana
Subject: re: Neutral referee

Your offer sounds like an interesting proposition, but have you really thought this through? Do both of you really understand what it means to lose?

Once your clit is gone, you should not expect to ever cum again. Some women are lucky and can still cum with difficulty, but don't count on it.

If you are serious and both of you think you can handle it, we could chat. My yahoo account is the same as my email. I should be on this evening.


Wow! She had replied and didn't dismiss the idea outright

I logged on and sent her an IM message, but she did not reply. She probably was not online yet.

An hour later I got a reply.

Liana: hi, Anna
Anna25: hi, thanks for chatting with me
Liana: no problem
Anna25: we understand what is at stake
Anna25: both janet and I have thought this through
Anna25: we understand what losing means
Liana: are you sure?
Anna25: yes, we are sure
Liana: i never really understood until mine was gone
Anna25: wow, how are you doing
Liana: it was hard at first, i'm doing ok now
Anna25: then you will do it?
Liana: i'd like to, but when? where?
Anna25: I think we are flexible
Liana: where are you in the world?
Anna25: i'm in calif, janet is in illinois
Liana: and where will this game be?
Anna25: a hotel room somewhere
Liana: any idea where?
Anna25: we are flexible
Liana: Vegas seems like the right place to me
Anna25: Vegas!
Anna25: great idea!
Liana: when?
Anna25: i haven't talked with janet about this yet, maybe 4th of July weekend?
Liana: i think I can make it then
Anna25: great, i'll get back to you when I know more

That is I how I came to be toasting a pina colada with Janet and Liana in Le Cabaret under the fake blue sky of the Paris Hotel Casino in Las Vegas.

"Going to be a hot night," Janet said.

"It must be a hundred out there," Liana said.

"But going to be hotter in our room," I said.

"Still chance to change your mind," Liana said.

"I'm not backing out now," I said.

"Me either. I want your clit," Janet said looking at me.

"Not just clits," Liana said. "Thousands of orgasms at stake."

"Really high stakes," I said.

"Only one of us cums on Sunday," Janet said.

"And it isn't going to be me," Liana replied.

Janet and I looked at each other.

"A toast," Liana said. "To great future climaxes."

We raised our glasses. I took a sip of my pina colada. I was hoping it was my future climaxes we were drinking to.

"Time to get this game going," Janet said.

We finished our drinks and walked over to the elevators. I noticed we were attracting some glances from men both young and old.

Liana was 30ish, but she had not let her figure go when she lost her clit. She was slim and wearing a rose pink A-line dress with some embroidery around the neckline. The dress showed off her curves nicely. She had shoulder length redish brown hair.

Janet had a look that I can only describe as restrained goth. She was wearing your basic little black strapless dress. She had short black hair.

I am a petite Vietnamese. Only 5' 1" and just under a hundred pounds. I frequently wear black too, but today I was wearing a fitted, ruched red dress with a single wide strap that started in the middle and went over my left shoulder. My breasts were small, only 32A, but this dressed was fitted so they showed. My black hair was shoulder length in back, shorter on the sides, with bangs.

In the elevator full of middle aged tourists in shorts and t-shirts, the three of us attracted a lot of attention. If they only knew what kind of gambling we were going to do tonight!

The elevator finally arrived at our floor and we walked to the Calais Suite.

"Wow," Liana said as she walked in the door. "This must be really expensive."

"Nothing but the best for such an important occasion," I said.

"We only got it because of a cancellation," Janet said.

The suite had a separate bedroom and living/dining room. There was a black wooden dining room table with seating for four, as well as couch, chairs and small bar.

"Let's get things set up," I said. I picked the vase of flowers on the dining room table and moved it to the bar.

Then I went in the bedroom to get my poker equipment, 4 decks of cards and a big box of assorted poker chips. Janet was getting an assortment of chains, leather cuffs and locks.

"You girls came equipped for this," Liana said.

"We will both be chained to the table for the duration of the game," Janet said. "You will be holding the keys to unlock the winner at the end."

"Oh, yes," Liana said. "That's what I'm here for."

"Can you deal too?" I asked.

"I suppose," Liana said. "Holdem?"

"Yep," I said.

"Before we get started," Liana said. "Don't you think you ought to show what you are wagering? Just to make sure you both still have it."

"Put our money ... er ... clits on the table," Janet said.

"Good idea," I said.

I unzipped my dress, pushed the strap down over my arm and slid out of the dress. I laid the dress on the couch. I unfastened my bra and set it aside. I was wearing a bra only to cover my barbell nipple piercings. I did not need a bra for support. I pushed my panties down and stepped out of them.

Janet was not far behind me in undressing.

"I'll go first," I said.

I sat down in one of the big soft chairs next to the window. I leaned back and spread my legs wide. I've usually been trimmed with a racing strip, but for this occasion I had shaved myself clean. My clit was tingling in anticipation. I gently spread the flaps of my hood to reveal my clit.

"There is the little button," I said.

Janet leaned in to take a closer look.

"Is going to look good in a bottle on my night stand," Janet said.

"You have to win it first," I said. "Your turn."

Janet sat down in the other chair. She was still wearing her bra. Her breast were much bigger than mine, probably a C or D cup. She quickly spread her legs and pulled her hood flaps open. Her clit was larger than mine too.

"Now that is a nice big one," I said. "You are going to miss it when it is gone."

"Ha," said Janet. "Not a chance."

"As much as you abuse that clit," I said. "I'm not even sure it still works."

"Oh, it works just fine," Janet said.

"You torture you clit?" Liana asked.

"Yes, we both do," Janet replied.

"But she does it much more than I do," I said.

"I use to torture my clit too," Liana said. "When I still had one."

"Hmmm, How do we know you don't still have a clit," Janet said. "We showed you ours. Can you show us where yours use to be."

Liana giggled.

"Don't believe me, eh," Liana said as she started to unzip her dress. "Ok, I'll show you."

Liana lay her dress on the couch. She then slipped her panties off and sat down on the couch. She spread her legs wide and then slowly spread her hood. It was pink inside, but there was no clit. There was just a hint of a scare where the clit had been.

"Amazing," I said.

"That is hot Liana," Janet said.

Liana closed her legs again.

"One of you will be like that tomorrow," Liana said.

"Anna will be like that," Janet said.

"You got to win first," I said.

"We've all seen the stakes," Liana said, "Are we ready to start?"

"Yes," Janet said.

"Let's go for it," I said.

"Then let the game begin," Liana said. "Only one of us will have a clit tomorrow."

"Let's drink a toast," I said.

Janet went and got a bottle of white wine out of the refrigerator and poured three glasses.

"Ok," Janet said raising her glass. "May the best clit win."

We all took a sip of wine.

"Those who are about to be clitless salute you," I said as I raise my glass.

"Time to get chained to the table," Janet said.

We went over to the dining room table. Janet had fastened two long chains. Each chain was fastened to a leather cuff. Janet fastened one cuff to my leg with a padlock.

Janet handed the key to Liana.

"You won't need this key," Janet said. "Anna is going to lose."

"Hey," I said. "Even if I lose, you still need the key to let me go eventually."

Janet locked herself into the other leather cuff.

"True," Janet said as she handed the other key to Liana. "But this is the key you will need first."

Liana dropped the two keys in an envelope and set it on a table at the other end of the room.

"Hey we should have put our panties back on before the cuffs," I said.

"Too late now," Janet said. "Might as well play naked."

I was already naked. Janet unfastened her bra and tossed it away. Janet had nipple rings to go with her large breasts.

"Well, if you are going to be naked," Liana said. "Then I guess you dealer should be naked too."

Liana unfastened her bra and tossed it on the couch. Liana's breast were larger than mine, but smaller than Janet's. Both Liana and Janet's breast sagged a little without a bra, while mine were perky.

I started cutting out the chips.

"These chips are $100,000 each," I said counting out 8 for each of us. "These are $10,000 chips," I said, counting out 15 chips for each of us. "These chips are $5000 chips," I said, counting out 10 chips.

"So a million dollars each," I said. "Blinds start at $5000/$10,000"

"Let the game begin," Liana said.

At first Janet was very cautions. I would always raise or fold my small blind, but Janet usually just called. When she did raise, I knew she had a good hand. We traded small wins back and forth, but we both were careful and didn't take any risks. When the blinds went up to $10,000/$20,000 I was up only up a little.

Janet clearly didn't know what she was doing, but that made her less predictable and a more dangerous opponent.

I had been raising to $40,000 on any hand I wanted to play, so when I got K K, I just raised to $40,000 like other hands. Janet called, but folded to a small flop bet.

Some hands later I got A Q and raised to $40,000. Janet called. The flop was ace high. I bet $60,000 and much to my surprise, Janet called. The turn was a queen. I now had top two pair. I bet $200,000.

Janet looked surprised. She counted out $400,000 in chips.

"Raise," she said and she pushed the chips into the pot.

I was shocked. Would Janet do this with a lesser 2 pair? She could not have a straight or flush on the board, but she might have a set. If I called, Janet might push the river.

I folded.

Janet flashed pocked 3s. There was a 3 on the flop, so she had a set. I had dodged a bullet by folding, but Janet was now ahead in chips.

A while later Janet raised to $40,000. I looked at A 5, and called. The flop was A 3 8. We both checked. The turn was a 4. I checked and Janet bet $40,000.

That seemed to be a bet Janet wanted me to call, so I called.

The river was a 2. I checked and Janet bet $100,000.

I was sure I had her with my straight. I raised to $200,000.

Janet stared at me for what seemed like a very long time, and then just called.

I showed my straight. Janet tossed her A K on the table in disgust.

The binds moved up to $20,000/$40,000. Janet was becoming more aggressive. She was raising preflop a lot and her raises were usually $100,000. As much as she was raising, I figured she had to be bluffing most of the time. She still folded to most of my raises.

Janet raised to $100,000 and I looked at my cards and see A Q. I called.

Flop was J 4 9. We both checked. Turn was a 3. Janet bet another $100,000 into the pot. Was she bluffing? I thought she was, but how could I call? I had a flush draw, but 5 to 1 odds of making it. I didn't have the odds to call, but I might have the best hand. Hoping Janet didn't have a pair, I called. The river was a 6. Janet bet $200,000. Janet had been reluctant to bet the turn with a bluff earlier. She must have a pair. I folded.

My chip stack was getting small.

A few hands later Janet raised to $100,000 again. I looked at my hand and found T T. I called.

Flop was Q T 6. Bingo.

Janet bet $100,000. She must have a pair. I called.

Turn was A. There were two hearts now but no flush possible yet. Janet bet $100,000. Wow! Did she have KJ for the straight? I had to call.

River was 5, no flush possible. Janet bet $200,000. Well, this was it. I had to go all in to cover her bet, so my clit was on the line. If Janet had KJ, I was clitless. I pushed my clips into the pot.

"Yahoo," yelled Janet. "Your clit is a mine."

Janet turned over A 6.

I calmly turned over my tens for a set.

"Damn," Janet said. "You lucked out that time."

I stacked my chips. Janet still had more chips than I did, but we were close to even.

After that I stole a few blinds from Janet with moderate hands. She suddenly seemed more cautious. She was not raising preflop anymore. When she did raise, I always folded weak holdings.

Janet completed her small blind without raising. I looked at my cards and found A 4. I just checked. Flop was J 4 4. Janet bet $50,000.

It was unlikely she had a four. Did she have a jack or a pocket pair. I just called.

Turn was a 7. Janet bet $100,000. Wow. What on earth did she have. Should I raise now or just call? I decided to just call. River was Q. Janet bet $200,000. That bet scared me. I could just call it and play it safe. If Janet had QQ, JJ or 77 she had me beat, but those hands seem very unlikely. If I raised her, she would raise me back with any of those hands. In a tournament I would definitely raise here, but that could put my clit in the pot again. I had to be careful. I just called.

Janet flipped over pocket kings. I showed my trip fours.

"God, you are a luck box," Janet said. "I can't beat you."

I was now substantially ahead on chips, but Janet still had a good stack. I started to attack her blinds. The blinds moved up to $40,000/$80,000. Janet hit what must have been a dry spell of cards. I was raising every hand and she folded most. I even stole her blind with 9 3. Janet's stack had dwindled to little more than the $80,000 big blind.

I had T 8 and raised to $100,000 because Janet didn't even have enough chips to cover that bet. Janet called with all her chips. She flipped over A 8.

"Come on," Janet said.

I flipped over my T 8.

"I've got you," Janet said.

"Well preflop you do," I replied.

Liana burned a card, counted out the three cards for the flop, then turned them over.

Flop was T 3 K.

"Come on," I said. "No aces."

Turn was a 7.

"Ace," Janet said.

River was an A.

"Alright," Janet yelled. Janet's breasts bounced up and down as she waved her hands in the air.

Of course she was still very low on chips.

We traded a few small pots. Janet gained a few more chips in the exchange.

Then Janet bet all in from the small blind. I looked at my hand. I had K T. If Janet had a strong hand, she would just make a small raise hoping for a call. Going all in must be a steal attempt. My hand should be a slight favorite or at least even money, but it wasn't money we were betting. Janet had her clit in the pot, and even if she won and doubled up, I would still be ahead on chips. I called.

Janet flipped over her cards and stood up. She had a Q J, better than what I expected. I flipped over my K T.

Liana burned a card, counted out the 3 flop cards and flipped them over. They were J 8 5.

Damn, Janet had a pair.

Liana burned a card and flipped over a 2.

"Give me a king," I said.

Liana burned another card and flipped over a 3.

"Yah," Janet exclaimed with delight, her breast bouncing as she danced around. "I'm back in the game."

Janet became more aggressive. A few hands later Janet put in her usual raise to $150,000. I had T 9 and called.

Liana spread out the flop of 8 J 2. I had an open ended straight draw. Janet checked and I checked.

Liana burned a card, and flipped over the 2. Janet's eyes seem to light up at the second two. Did she have A2 or something. She checked. I checked too.

Liana burned another card and put the 4 on the board.

Janet stared at me longer than usual and then checked. I was unlikely to win without a bluff river bet, but the way Janet was acting, she had something and was waiting for me to bluff. I just checked.

"What," Janet said, flipping over 2 2. "Why didn't you bet."

"Cause I had nada," I said, flipping over my cards.

I dodged a bullet there. If I had rivered the straight, I would have put Janet all in and she would have doubled up again. As it was Janet's stack was getting closer to mine.

A few hands later I found Q Q in the small blind. I raised to $150,000. Janet looked at her cards, thought for a minute and called.

Liana spread out the flop. It was 6 3 2. Great flop for me, but chances were Janet had nothing. I checked and Janet checked.

Liana burned and dealt a 5 as the turn. If Janet had a four, she had a straight, but I thought that was very unlikely. I checked. Janet checked too.

Liana delt the river, a J.

I bet $150,000. Janet stared at me for a minute then threw her cards away.

"You must have something better than mine," Janet said.

A few hands later I won a similar pot with A 4. Neither of us had a pair, but my ace high was good.

After we folded a few blinds, I got A 4 and raised to $150,000. Janet called.

Liana spread out a flop of 8 3 9. I checked and Janet checked.

Liana dealt the A as the turn. Bingo. I checked expecting Janet to bluff, but she checked too.

Liana dealt a 7 as the river.

I bet $150,000. Janet stared at me for a while.

"I'm all in," Janet said.

Yikes. Did she have the diamond flush? A set? Some two pair hand? I didn't think she would be bluffing here.

I shook my head and tossed my hand away.

"I hope you weren't bluffing," I said.

"Never," replied Janet. "I'm not bluffing you out of your clit, I'm taking it fair and square."

After folding blinds back and forth I won a small pot with 9 8 when I got a 8 high flop. Janet folded to my bet. That put me back slightly ahead in chips.

We both folded away for a while. Janet raised again to $150,000. I peaked and had 7 8. I called.

Liana burned a card, dealt out the flop cards and flipped them over. The flop was 3 6 5. I had an open ended straight draw, but no pair. On the other hand, Janet probably didn't have a pair either. Janet checked. I decided to try to steal the pot and bet $150,000.

Janet thought for a long time, and then just called. What did she have?

Liana burned a card and turned over 9 for the turn giving me a straight. My heart jumped, but I tried to remain outwardly clam. Janet must have something. Maybe a pair? two pair? a set? Janet checked.

I eyed Janet's stack. I wanted to bet some amount less than her stack, but not so small too look suspicious. I bet $150,000.

Janet stared at me.

"You're bluffing," Janet said. "Maybe you have a flush draw, but you got nada."

I did not say a thing and tried to keep my face blank.

"All in," Janet announced pushing all her chips.

Holy crap. I looked at the board. I had the nuts, but I could be beaten by a flush on the river. I called.

Janet flipped over A 5. So she had a pair and the nut flush draw. I flipped my cards over and Janet's mouth dropped open.

"Shit," Janet said. "Give me a spade."

Liana burned a card, and dealt the river, a 2.

Janet let out a gasp. I could not believe my luck. How could Janet be so stupid as go all in with a pair of fives and a flush draw.

"I was sure you were bluffing," Janet said. "There were no big cards out there. You always play big cards."

"Not always, I guess," I said with a broad smile. "That lesson cost you your clit."

Liana walk over to get the envelope with the keys. I sat down and lifted my foot up so Liana could unlock it.

"So where are we going to do it?" I asked.

"I think this table would do fine," Liana said.

"Fuck you," Janet said. "You just got lucky."

"Are you trying to renege?" I asked.

"Fuck no," Janet said. "You can have my clit. I'm just saying you were fucking lucky that's all."

"Yeah," I said. "I was lucky."

Lucky to be playing against someone stupid enough to go all in with a pair of fives and a flush draw.

I cleared all the cards and chips off the table.

Liana and I both looked at Janet.

"OK, OK," Janet said. She sat down on the table and slid around to face us.

"Lay down and spread your legs," Liana said.

Janet looked at us.

"I still can't fucking believe you won," Janet said.

"Believe it," I said. "Soon you can look were your clit use to be, if you still can't believe it."

"You need to lay down," Liana said. "I have a pain killer. It will be over in a few minutes."

Janet slowly laid back on the table. She spread her arms above her head and spread her legs. Her eyes seem focused on the ceiling above.

"Fasten her arms to the table legs," Liana said as she handed me a couple of leather cuffs with ropes attached. "I'll tie the legs."

Liana picked up a towel.

"We should get this under you," Liana said.

She slide the towel under Janet's bottom.

I fastened the cuffs to Janet's wrists and then pulled the cords under the table. I climbed under the table and secured the ropes to the table legs.

Liana was busy unpacking some equipment.

"You want a final orgasm?" I asked.

"Fuck, yeah," Janet replied. "You promised."

Liana smiled.

"I will always remember my last orgasm," Liana said.

"I'm sure Janet will remember her last one too," I said.

I went around the table and stood between Janet's legs. I bent over and ran my tongue up her pussy to her hood. She was very wet and tasted salty. Janet moaned a little. I ran my tongue back and forth on her hood. I started slowly and gently. As Janet moaned louder, my tongue got faster and pressed down harder.

Janet's hips began rocking rythmically. I could tell Janet was getting close. I ran the tip of my tongue up into her hood, opening the flaps. I flicked my tongue back and forth directly on her clit. Janet cried out and tried to push her pelvis into my face, but the ropes restrained her. Janet cried out and her body convulsed within the constraints of the ropes. I did my best to keep my tongue on her clit as her body trashed around.

When Janet started to relax, I slowed down, took my tongue out of her hood flaps, but still kept some gentle pressure on the hood. I slowly massaged her hood hopping I was nursing a few more small contractions out of it.

Finally, I lifted my head.

"That was you're last orgasm," I said. "I hope it was a good one."

Janet didn't reply.

"That was hot," Liana said. "Thank you for sharing."

"Now it is time to collect my winnings," I said.

"Indeed," Liana said. "Time to collect all those orgasms Janet will not be having."

Liana went over to the bar and came back with a tube.

"This is Emla cream," Liana said. "It's a topical pain killer. I imagine your clit is pretty sensitive right now. It will help some, but there will probably still be some pain."

Janet did not say anything. She still seemed to be out of it.

Liana gently spread Janet's hood and started rubbing the Emla cream all around the clit and inside of the hood. Janet's clit was going to sleep, never to wake again, but my clit was tingling.

"That should do it," Liana said.

"How long will the pain killer take?" I asked.

"A few minutes," Liana said.

"This is medical grade super glue," Liana said. "We will use it to seal the wound."

"Superglue?" I asked.

"Yes, but medical grade," Liana said.

"OK," I said. "Learn something every day."

"Let's see how her clit is doing," Liana said.

Liana went to the table and spread Janet's hood. She gently touched her clit and rubbed it.

"How does that feel?" Liana asked.

"Shit," Janet said. "I can't even feel my clit anymore."

"And you won't be feeling it," I said. "Ever again."

Liana took a small scalpel and cleaned the blade with some alcohol. Then she handed the scalpel and a pair of tweezers to me.

"Get a hold of the clit and pull up on it with the tweezers," Liana said. "Then cut it off as low down as possible. You want to make sure you get all of it."

"Fuck you," said Janet. "Yeah, take it all."

"I'll hold her hood open for you," Liana said. "And I trust Janet won't give us any trouble."

"Why would I give you trouble?" Janet said with a sarcastic voice. "You're only cutting my fucking clit off."

"I won it fair and square," I said.

My clit was tingling with excitement and my heart was racing as Liana spread Janet's hood flaps. Janet's clit was an elongated pinkish white blub. I grabbed the top of the clit with the tweezers. Janet barely reacted. Clearly the pain killer was working. I worked the scalpel up to the base of the clit, pushed it down to cut as low as possible, then sliced Janet's clit off in a single stroke.

The scalpel was very sharp and it hardly took any force to slice all the way through. I lifed Janet's clit away with the tweezers.

"Got it," I said holding it up in the tweezers.

Liana spread some antiseptic on a cotton pad and cleaned up the blood that was running from the wound. Then she took the tube of super glue and squeezed some of it onto the wound. The bleeding quickly stopped.

"There," Liana said. "Let it dry for a few minutes and should be good to move around."

Liana then handed me a bottle. I dropped Janet's clit into the bottle.

I walked over and shoved the bottle in Janet's face.

"Your former clit," I said. "Now mine."

"Fuck," Janet said. "Can you unfasten me now?"

"I guess we can," Liana said. "Don't try to touch it. You are going to be really sore when the pain killer wears off. You'll be a lot better in 5 days or so, but it'll take 3 or 4 weeks to completely heal."

"And even when you are completely healed, you'll still be clitless," I said waving the bottle.

Liana reached under the table and untied the ropes to Janet's feet. I went around and untied Janet's hands. Then I unfastened the leather cuffs.

Janet sat up on the table and looked down at her pussy. She gentle spread her hood flaps.

"Fuck," Janet said.

"You can fuck all you want," I said. "But you are not cumming." I waved the bottle to show her clit.

"Fuck you," Janet said as she climbed down off the table. "You were so fucking lucky."

"Lucky?" I said. "Yeah it was all luck, but I'm still leaving with your clit in my purse and I'm the one that is going to cum tonight."

"I bet you are turned on," Liana said. "I know I am, but I can't do anything about it."

"Well, I can," I said. "And I will as soon as I get back to my room."

Liana stared at me.

"Well...," she said. "We could ... you know ... show Janet."

I looked at Liana not sure that she meant what I thought.

"I mean show Janet what she won't be doing," Liana said.

"You mean ...," I said. "... masturbate?"

"If you like," Liana said. "But I was thinking ... I could help ..."

"Oh," I said. "And make Janet watch?"

"Yes," Liana said. "You won Janet's clit, so she should reward you, but I can understand why you would be afraid of that. I'd be happy to do the honors. You would be getting your clit licked by a clitless woman."

"Wow, hot idea," I said. "I think we should tie Janet to a chair to make sure she watches."

We both turned and looked at Janet.

"A good idea," Liana said.

"What?" Janet asked.

"Sit down in this chair," I said pointing to one of the dinning room chairs.

"What are you going to do," Janet said as she slowly sat down in the chair. "Use toothpicks to keep my eyes open."

"Hardly," I said, as I tied Janet's hands to the back of the chair. "You can close your eyes, but you are going to hear."

I looked around.

"Let's use this chair," I said.

I turned one of the big, soft chairs to face Janet.

"I'll get a towel," I said.

I came back from the bathroom and spread the towel on the chair.

I turned and looked at Liana.

"I've never done this before," Liana said sheepishly.

Liana was several inches taller than I was and I had to look up at her.

"I'm sure you will do a good job," I said.

I smiled and stood up on my tiptoes to kiss Liana on the lips. As I pulled Liana closer her breasts pressed against my chest. Liana had a nice figure and her breast while not big were larger than my 32As.

Liana's hands ran over my breasts and down to my pussy.

"Hmmm," Liana said. "You are wet."

I sat down in the chair, slide down and spread my legs wide. Liana knelt between my legs and kissed my stomach. She ran her tongue along my thighs and then around my pussy. She spread my labia and ran her tongue up my pussy to the hood, pushing it apart and running her tongue right over my clit. My clit was instantly tingling and I struggled to avoid cumming too quickly. Liana slowly began to flick her tongue back and forth on my hood.

I looked up at Janet. She closed her eyes and looked away, but she had clearly been watching. I closed my eyes and moaned softly as Liana's tongue gently massaged my clit through the hood. I placed my hands on Liana's head to make sure she didn't stop. The tension was building in my pelvis. I couldn't hold it back much longer.

Liana pushed her tongue between my hood flaps and ran her tongue back and forth over my clit. I cried out as the waves of pleasure radiated out from my pussy. I trust my hips shoving my pussy into Liana's face. She somehow kept her tongue on my clit as the waves of pleasure rolled across my stomach and down my legs.

I let my hips drop back on the chair. Liana pressed her tongue gently on my hood applying small motion and light pressure that eeked out smaller and smaller contractions. When the contractions were undetectable, I pushed Liana away and lay back in the chair.

I opened my eyes. Liana was still kneeling between my legs with a smile on her face. Janet quickly looked away.

"God, that was fantastic," I said after a few moments.

"Now that your disgusting little display is over," Janet said. "Can you fucking untie me. I think those pain killers are starting to wear off."

"No problem," Liana said as she stood up.

Liana untied Janet releasing her from the chair.

I gathered my senses and stood up.

"Did you enjoy the show?" I asked Janet.

"Fuck you," Janet said.

"Oh, I'll be doing some fucking soon," I said. "Just I'll be cumming when I fuck and you won't."

Janet glared at me.

"I have some pain killers and sleeping pills you can take," Liana said. "You should get as much sleep as you can over the next couple of days."

"Yeah," Janet said. "You two can have a fucking good time tonight."

Janet took the pills and walked into the bedroom.

"I'll be back later to check on you," Liana said, but Janet just closed the door without answering.

Liana and I looked at each other. We were both naked.

"Want to go have some fun?" I asked.

"Of course," Liana said. "God that was hot. This is one of those times when I really miss my clit."

"You do?" I asked.

"Oh god, yes" Liana said. "I'm so horny right now."

"Then maybe we should get out there and have some fucking fun," I said.

Liana smiled and went to find her clothes.

A few minutes later we were both dressed, and I walked out of the hotel room with Janet's clit in my purse.

We met in the lobby an hour later after freshening up in our rooms. We were both sharply dressed and I could see we were attracting some stares from the tourists. We ended up across the street at the Fontana Bar in the Bellagio to watch the light show and sip some champagne.

It didn't take long before we attracted the attention of several young men. We chatted and drank with a few, before Liana left with someone who had caught her fancy. I guess she was really horny.

I took a little while longer, before leaving with the most promising looking young guy. He turned out to have a pretty average cock, but he knew how to please a woman, so we both had a fulfilling night.

The next morning Liana and I met for a late breakfast. She had checked on Janet, but had to leave now.

After breakfast and thanking Liana for all her help, I went up and woke Janet to move her out of the suite to her other room. We had only rented that expensive suite for 1 night. Janet was groggy, but I got her in some underwear and a robe and convinced her to take the elevator down to her other room.

I checked us out of the suite and headed out to find a little poker action. Cash games lack some of the excitement of betting your clit, but I had to find something interesting to do for the next couple days. I found some soft tourist filled games where the old men just didn't believe I knew what I was doing and paid me off over and over.

I checked on Janet that night and again the next morning. She seemed to be getting better, was still sore and kind of out of it.

When I went back to check on Janet again before dinner, the key card did not work anymore and the hotel said that Janet had checked out.

I left Janet some messages and emailed her to make sure everything was alright, but I didn't hear from her for weeks.

Finally, in early August I got a brief email.

To: Anna25
From: Janet
Subject: re:How are you

I'm fine. All healed now.

I replied asking how she was adjusting, but didn't get an answer.

Out of the blue in late October I got a chat message.

Janet: hey, how are you?
Anna25: i'm great, how are you?
Janet: i'm ok, i'm adjusting
Anna25: adjusting to being clitless?
Janet: yeah, it sucks, but i'm getting use to it
Janet: hope you are enjoying my clit
Anna25: i do, it is right on my night stand
Anna25: look at every night
Janet: every night?
Janet: while masturbating?
Anna25: yeah, i really enjoy those orgasms
Anna25: knowing your not having any more
Anna25: cause i've got your clit right there in my hand
Janet: fuuuuuck
Janet: that is so hot
Janet: and i can't do a fucking thing about it
Anna25: but I can
Anna25: I was just about to go play
Janet: then go play
Janet: I just wanted you to know how fucking hard it is to be horny and not able to get any relief
Janet: and how fucking much i wish i had your clit in a bottle now
Anna25: so you regret making the bet?
Janet: no, it was fucking hot
Janet: i knew i would lose
Janet: just harder to adjust than i expected
Anna25: i thought it was hot too, and i'm really glad i won
Janet: well, i'm glad you're still getting off
Janet: i've tried really hard to get off, but it looks like it just isn't happening
Anna25: that is the way it is suppose to be
Anna25: i won your clit
Janet: yeah, that clit got me off thousands of times, I hope you enjoy it as much as i fucking miss it

That night I stared at the tiny mound of flesh in the bottle that had been Janet's clit. There was so much pleasure concentrated in those nerve endings. I slowly rubbed my clit with my finger, letting the tension build to the point it was hard to resist cumming. Janet could never feel this. I had all her important nerve endings right there in the bottle. My pussy exploded and waves of pleasure rolled across my body.

I tightened the muscles in my legs to make it more intense and finally collapsed on my bed. I drifted off into a nirvana state where my mind had been cleansed of carnal desires.

As I regained my senses, I picked up the bottle again and looked at what remained of Janet's clit. My fingers could get me to nirvana, but Janet had lost her key to ecstasy. It made me hot to know I held that key right in my hand. Somewhere out there tonight Janet was horny as hell but could only look where her clit use to be and try to remember what an orgasm felt like.


I would like to thank Janet for being the inspiration for this story and for providing some of the dialog. I want to thank Dani for her frequent chats and suggestions.

Liana M

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