Tina & Tami (Twins) – Babysitting Grace

by Chrian

Please do not read this before reading from The Beginning or you will be lost.

Shortly after the twins arrived at Mary’s house to baby-sit for little six-year-old Grace Tami decided to head home to get the DVD of their mom and Derek. Tami did not even tell Tina what she was up to when she left…just that she had forgotten something and would be right back. Well that part about being right back just did not happen.

Tina sat on the couch watching Power Puff girls with Grace…”This is soooo boring.” Tina kept thinking as little Grace lay on her belly, hands propping up her head, and knees bent with her feet resting on her bottom.

Grace was wearing shorts that had pretty loose fitting leg holes. While the clock ticked and tocked Tina had to find something to keep her mind off of boredom. “What is taking Tami so long…” Tina said in barely a whisper not meant for Grace to hear. But Tina had found out that if she lay on the couch just right she could see into the little six-year-old’s leg holes…far enough to see her pink little panties with white and red hearts on them.

Pretty soon Power Puff Girls went off and Grace turned her head toward Tina…”Can I play a computer game…” Grace asked bouncing off the floor and without waiting for an answer headed over to the computer.

“Uggg…” Tina thought “…I am going to die of boredom!”

“I can’t spell Tina…Can you type in…” Grace’s words trailed off as Tina slowly rose from the couch trying to drown out the little girl’s voice.

“I am coming…” Tina said cutting off Grace.

By the time Tina reached the computer Grace had already turned on the monitor and had the web browser open. Tina typed in the address Grace had memorized that allowed her to play a Power Puff video game. Tina shook her head and looked at the time on the computer…Tina had been gone for a good 30 minutes…”What was taking her so long?” Tina thought for the umpteenth time.

Within minutes Grace grew bored with the computer and bounced back over to the television. Noticing that Grace did not turn off the monitor Tina went over to the computer, took the mouse in her hand, minimized the screen, and found an icon labeled Grace’s Bath.

Tina knew that this file was actually a mpg file. “I hope I see Grace naked.” Tina thought as she double clicked the icon. Sure enough the media player opened and Grace was standing in the bathroom. She had a smile on her face as she slowly removed her clothes. Tina noticed that when Grace bent over she made sure to push her bottom out.

As Tina watched Grace she noticed that her little cunny was starting to wake up. It tingled, it started heating up, and she could smell a little scent in the air. Tina held her breath as Grace climbed into the bathtub with ankle deep water. Grace lay down in the tub on her back and she spread her little legs apart.

The camera zoomed in on the little cunny as Grace raised and lowered her bottom. Hands with long painted finger tips entered the video and headed straight for Grace’s little mound. Shortly thereafter the woman rubbing on Grace’s cunny stepped into the bathtub. Tina could only see the woman’s waist down as she stood over Grace.

Grace reached up to the woman’s cunt and took a handful of her cunt hair giving it a slight tug. The woman’s leg shook slightly at the initial pull but then it was like after waves as the woman worked her own clit with two fingers.

Tina had forgotten all about Tami....all she was thinking about is how she could work her hand into her shorts and finger her cunny without Grace seeing her. Tina twisted in her chair trying to work get her cunny lips to rub together but that was not good enough.

Grace balled up her tiny hand and aimed it at the cunt entrance. As she thrust her fist into the hole Tina watched in awe as the adult woman let out a stream of pee. It splashed onto Grace’s cunny. The adult woman was quick to react and started rubbing her piss into the crack of Grace. Images of Brad pissing in Anna’s mouth, images of how she had eaten out Tami’s cunny right after she had peed, and how she tricked Tami into eating her out after she had peed and not wiped all filled her head as she watched yet another pee experience unfold in front of her eyes.

If Grace could have this woman pee on her and Grace could stick her hand in this woman’s cunt Tina did not care if Grace saw her masturbate. Tina quickly unbuttoned the three buttons and tugged them down to her knees. She spread herself as far as she could as she worked her little clit with her middle finger and then letting it disappear into her ever-so-wet cunny hole.

Tina continued to watch as Grace and the woman mess around in the bathtub and was only stopped when Grace walked over to her side.

Grace looked at the computer and then to Tina…then back to the computer.

“Who is that in the tub with you?” Tina asked shocked at how calm she sounded.

“My mom…” Grace said looking back to Tina. Grace watched as Tina rubbed on her cunny. Tina lifted one knee so that the shorts were around the ankle and then pressing down with that leg her shorts and panties slid down to rest on the floor. Tina twisted the chair and spread her legs wider now that the fabric was no longer a barricade. Two hands now worked at Tina’s cunny…one pressing two fingers in and out of her tight little hole and the other working in circles on her clit.

“I did not know you played those games too…” Tina said in a soft low voice. Grace just nodded a few times. “…would you play them with me?” Again Grace nodded.

Tina stood up stepping out of her shorts and panties altogether and took Grace by the hand and led her to the bathroom.

Tina did not hesitate to pull down Graces shorts and panties. Kneeling in front of this precious little beauty Tina leaned in and kissed her on her little mound. Looking upward into Grace’s face she say the girl close her eyes and step wider apart. Placing one hand on each of Grace’s bottom cheeks…giving them each a little squeeze…she leaned back in toward Grace’s cunny pushing her tiny lips apart using only her tongue. Tina worked the best she could taste every inch of the little girl’s puffy little parts.

Having to go farther with this little cutie Tina stood up and pulled Grace’s shirt up over her head. Then leaned down kissing her cunny again as she raised each of Grace’s tiny feet to remove socks.

Shaking almost uncontrollably Tina regulated the bathwater and told Grace to get in and lay down on her back. “I ca’t believe this is happening…” Tina thought as she stood with one leg on each side of the little girl. Tina knelt down so that her cunny was perfectly positioned over the six-year-old’s mouth.

As soon as Tina was in reach Grace stuck out her tongue and started working on Tina’s lips. She was not forcing her tongue in as far as Tina would like to have her do but she was not going to complain. She was definitely not going to complain as she let out a quick jet of pee and although it was difficult she was able to cut it off. Looking down to see where it had hit Grace she noticed one of Grace’s eyes were closed and there was wetness all around it. Tina let out another squirt watching it hit Grace in the nose again cutting it off. Little Grace was not budging she was just frozen in that spot with mouth wide open.

Tina moved her cunny a little bit and again shot off another stream and this time direct hit. Hearing the door shut Tina was finally glad that Tami had finally gotten back. At least she did not miss all the fun.

“We are in the bathtub Tami!” Tina yelled out “Come see what I am doing to Grace!”

Upon entering the house Mary noticed there was no one in the living room, the computer was on, shorts and panties were laying on the floor, and what did she want Tami to see her doing to Grace?!?! “Oh fuck…” Mary thought as she heard one of the girls call out to the other one. Being very quiet Mary went to the bathroom door and as soon as she looked in her eyes flew open wide. There was one of the babysitter twins in the tub with Grace pissing into her mouth!

“At least I don’t have anything to worry about with you telling on me.” Mary said and Tina froze. “You saw me in the video and now I see you here. We are even and both like Grace. I am okay with that and by the looks of it so are you.”

Mary unbuttoned her pants and pushed them to the floor then took a seat on the toilet. Spreading her legs she started fingering her cunt. “Your not going to stop now…”

“Grace sweety…you know how you put your hand in mommy’s cunt…I want you to start putting as many of your tiny fingers in this little slut.” Without a word Grace’s hand went to Tina’s cunny and started going to work trying to get her hole fist into Tina’s hole. “No baby girl use two fingers first.” Easily Grace’s two fingers went into Tina’s hole. “Now three…Umm yea…there you go that’s a girl…that was not so hard was it…okay Gracie now four….use four fingers in her hole.”

Tina watched as the little girl was able to work four fingers easily into her hole. The most her or her sister had gotten into their holes were two fingers…oh and the tiny plastic cock. But here she is standing over this pee covered six-year-old covered in her pee…being fingered with four fingers…and the girl’s mom was sitting in here with them telling her…them…what to do.

Grace twisted her hand to the right then to the left and slowly moved it in and out of Tina’s cunny hole. Tina feeling light headed leaned back onto her arms…and still on her knees. She lifted her waist farther into the air so that Grace had an easier time working at her cunny.

“Oh this is fucking hot…” Mary said watching the two girls in the tub. “You two girls look and act like porn stars…I can tell that you are not new to this game Tina…” Mary quickened her pace on her cunt. Squishing and snapping sounds filled the room as Mary worked hard… “You were calling for your twin sister to come see you piss on my baby…I bet you play this game with her…” Mary moaned, her legs shook violently as she crammed her thumb into her hole along with the four fingers that were already there.

“You know what I think it is your turn to lay down…” Mary said as she watched Tina trade places with Grace. “Gracie baby do you have to piss for mommy?” Tina could not believe her ears…she had been waiting for this ever since she had seen Brad piss into his sister’s mouth and she wanted to taste it too.

Tina did not wait she helped Grace get into a kneeling position with her little piss hole in line with her mouth. Tina opened her mouth and warm liquid flowed from the honey spot of this little girl into her mouth. She swallowed several times and a lot spilled out her mouth down her cheeks and neck.

“Put three of your fingers into Grace’s cunny.” Tina looked at the small hole and really did not believe that she could do that but as her fingers were entering the little girl Grace moved her hips pushing down onto the girl’s hand. It was quick and actually startled Tina but her fingers were entering the little girl’s cunny pretty easy now that the girl was rocking her hips.

“Now another finger dear…” Mary said still working her own cunt.

There is no way that this little girl could take four of her fingers no way…but if that is what her mom wants me to do…Tina positioned her fourth finger and started pressing it into the little girl. The same thing happened and Grace collapsed onto her hand pressing her fingers deep into her hole and then using bucking motions worked Tina’s fingers deeper into her cunny.

“That’s my little slut…oh yea just like mommy…you are such my little girl slut….” Mary said biting her lip and leaned her head back as in deep thought. “…yea…oh yea…you are just like me when I was your age… both of you…your both a couple of little girl sluts…”

With that Mary nearly ripped any remaining clothing off of her body and climbed into the bathtub. “You sit over here…and you sit here…yea that’s it girls…perfect.” Standing in the center of the girls facing Tina, Mary spread her legs wide. Mary leaned toward the wall with the shower head on it putting most of her weight on her arms. “Grace, dear…mommy wants your hand in my shit hole.”

Tina cocked one eyebrow and made a little questioned face as to what she had just heard. It did not make her sick thinking about putting anything in the bottom hole but for it to be referred to a shit hole… well kinda shocked her…but at the same time she wanted to see this. She enjoyed seen her mom get fisted by Derek in the video and now this was her chance to see it being done in real life.

Peering between Mary’s legs she could see Grace get onto her knees and position a hand on her mom’s shit hole. “No dear…you need to get the liquid soap and get your hand wet.”

Grace got the bottle of soap and squeezed a lot of soap into her hand and then onto her mom’s butt crack. “Ohhh yea that feels good…” Mary said as her daughter was rubbing her hand up and down her crack turning the soap into bubbles. “Oh yea…I think that—that is enough sweetie, stick it into momma.”

Grace paused over her mom’s bottom hole and then pressed her little hand into her mom’s bowels. Slowly at first but once her hand was completely in past her wrist she sped up. Mary bucked her hips like Tina had seen Grace do to her fingers and watched as the little girl’s arm had disappeared to her elbow.

Mary head was back, her back was arched, and she was moaning and groaning very loudly. “Fuck my shit hole…yea…just like that…fucking little slut…” At no time did Tina see this little girl stop trying to push farther into her mom’s bottom hole. But her thoughts were cut off…

“Eat me…” Mary said grabbing Tina by the hair as piss squirted out of her with each little pump from her daughter’s arm. Pee splashing into Tina’s face, hair, and running down her chest and belly.

Tina noticed how warm it was and the smell was pretty strong…but this was very unexpected and Tina was pleasantly surprised that Mary was doing this to her…on her.

Once Mary’s flow stopped Tina continued to lick and lap at Mary’s lips. This was her first encounter with an adult woman and she took interest in how dangly Mary’s lips were and how her clit was larger and more puffy than her’s or her sister’s. Seeing her mom on the video was still not as good as seeing it up close and personal.

Tina moved her hands to Mary’s cunt in order to spread her lips. But Mary had something else in mind. “Get some soap on your hand and stick it into my cunt.”

“Yes maam…” Tina replied grabbing the bottle of soap and mimicking Grace’s actions filling her own hand with soap and then rubbing it all over Mary’s cunt. Tina was able to easily push her hand inside of Mary and noticed how it sounded as she pushed in and out. Tina also noticed that she could feel another hand/arm wiggling just being separated by a little lining of skin.

“Double fucking greatness…” Mary yelled out as she started to piss again…splashing Tina without warning in the face. Two little hands moved in and out of Mary’s two holes but not in any rhythm and not in unison but Mary did not care. In fact the girls being sporadic and not really knowing what or how to do things allowed Mary to get a few surprises like an extra deep push when she thought the girl was going to withdrawal.

Mary’s legs started to shake. Her breathing became quick gasps for air. Her hips rose and fell trying to mash the girls hands in deeper or to pull them farther out so that when they went back in she could really feel it. Grabbing Tina by the hair she pulled some. Tina let out a little cry to let Mary know that it was starting to hurt and with that Mary squirted one last time. Gasping and nearly falling Mary directed the girls to remove their hands…well in one case more like an arm…and then splashed down into the bathtub almost sitting on Grace.

Mary leaned back on top of Grace—Grace’s head was sticking up as her mom’s head rested on her chest and Grace lay back against the tub. “I can’t believe a six-year-old and a…how old are you?” Mary asked. “Twelve…” Tina replied. “…could make me feel this fucking good…”

“Now was this what you were going to show your sister?” Mary asked rubbing and squeezing on her boobs.

“Well just that Grace was peeing in my mouth.” Tina said.

“Is this your first time doing this stuff?” Mary continued probing for more information.

“No me and Tami have been…well…ummm…touching each other for a little while now. Just the other day we were babysitting and saw Brad pee in Anna’s mouth while taking a bath and it made me feel funny down there…” Tina said kinda blushing and lowered her head.

“Oh Mmm…how old were they dear…you have to tell me more…” Mary said taking her daughter’s hands and rubbing her nipples with her daughter’s fingers.

“Anna is just two-years-old and she had her mouth open like it was something that they have done before. And she would suck his little peeenuts.” She said trying to remember the actual word. “We touched her down there and was able to put two fingers in her.”

Tina began telling Mary the story of what had happened there at Mrs. Tailor’s house and Mary just laid back pinning her daughter…who never once fussed…against the bathtub and rubbed her breasts and cunt listening to all the juicy details and also asking questions to get deeper into the visuals.

After Tina finished telling her story she wondered where on earth Tami was and told Mary she had to go find her sister.

“You do just that sweetie…I am going to call you again so you can spend more time over here.” Mary said with a very big smile. Mary turned around to face Grace. “Okay sweetie I need you to make me feel good again.” Laying on her side putting one leg up onto the edge of the tub. Put one hand in mommy’s cunt and the other in mommy’s shitter.” Tina heard Mary say as she went to the computer to get her shorts and panties.

Looking at the computer the video was still playing. Mary had Grace spread eagle with feet touching each other and three fingers shoved into her tiny ass hole. Mary was really pushing in and out at a quick speed and making sure that her fingers went all the way in with each shove. Grace just lay there with eyes shut and her mouth in a little ‘o’ shape. Tina reached for her panties sitting down in the chair and as she placed one foot into the leg hole she stuck her finger…well tried to stick her finger into her ass hole. “Ouch” Tina said quickly removing her finger…”How can she take that many fingers in her butt…that hurts.” Tina thought. “I don’t wanna do that again.”

After getting dressed Tina left the house to track down Tami…”Where is she??” Tina thought as she started heading home.