Tina & Tami (Twins) – The Beginning

by Chrian

It was 8:00 AM when Derek yelled for the twins to wake up, come downstairs, and eat their breakfast. He always enjoyed seeing the twin’s before he went to work each morning. But for the past few weeks Tina and Tami seemed to be waking up later and a little groggier each morning. Derek took his normal seat at the table waiting and watching while eating his bacon and eggs. Tina and Tami came walking into the kitchen. They were still in their nightclothes, which was pretty usual for morning time and another reason he enjoyed seeing the twins before he went off to work. This also gave him things to think about throughout the day.

Derek watched with a small inward smile that he did not want any one else to pick up on.

"Good morning girls," Derek said and Lisa turned and smiled at her two twin girls. "Good morning" the girls said in reply. Whipping their eyes that were still adjusting to the light.

"Would you like some breakfast girls?" Lisa asked her twin daughters.

"Yes Mom," both girls replied almost in unison.

"You girls sure look tired," Derek said but not looking at their faces. Instead he was looking down at the girl’s feet then ever so slowly he raised his head only to meet their sleepy gaze. "Were you girls up late?" He asked the rhetorical question only to make small talk and to keep them from realizing he was drinking in their soft tan skin from the tips of their painted toe nails to the hem of their night shirts that rested just hiding their panties by a few inches. “They sure do have all the perfect features the other one has.” Derek thought placing another bite of scrambled eggs into his mouth. He could tell them a part but someone who did not know them as well as he did would not be able to just by looking at them. Well prior to them getting different hair cuts that is.

The girls share a room but they have their own twin-size bed. One placed on each side of the bedroom. The girls have been transitioning into a new period in their lives where boys were still—well boys, and they have had some very intense sexual feelings that they needed to take care of. Most of the kids at school already had boyfriends and there were tons of boys that wanted to go out with the twins, however, Lisa made it clear tha tthey were not going to start dating yet. But believe it or not this was okay with the twins. They had a lot of friends but best of all they had each other.

It all started a few weeks ago when Tina thought Tami was sleeping. Tina had discovered just what her clit felt like after she rubbed on it for a while. The first time was when she was on the toilet. She had just gotten done pissing and went to wipe her self clean when her thumb bumped up against her tiny little clit. As her knuckle brushed back and forth over her clit and her fingernail pushed back the folds of her lips she could not help but to shiver and squeeze her legs tight around her hand. Since then she has been experimenting with self-touch.

Only a few days after the bathroom experience she was lying in her bed as still as she could be. She thought back to the shower where she had rubbed herself with the soapy washcloth but quickly set it down so that she could feel herself without a washcloth in between. Tina put her hand in between her legs and rubbed her little cunny through her panties using only her middle finger. As she felt her whole body—especially her tiny little cunny—start to warm up she slipped her hand beneath her panties and rubbed on her small little nub. The more she rubbed the more she moved her hips, the more her hips rotated and grind into her finger the hotter she got, the hotter she got the more noise she made. She panted and bit her lip as she pressed firmly against three fingers as she pressed up with her bottom until her middle finger went sliding quickly down her tiny little cunny crack. This made her yelp. But as soon as she realized that she had made a pretty load sound she held her breath and then stiffened up in order to pretend she was asleep.

Meanwhile, Tami lay in her bed and had heard the moaning of her sister long before her yelp. When she looked over at her sister she could see Tina’s outline because of the night light they had in their room. She turned onto her side and watched as her sister's hips raised and lowered while putting a hand on her private part. She looked at her sister's face and saw that she did have her eyes shut tight and her mouth was slightly opened.

Tami started to feel herself get wet and tingly as she watched her sister touch herself. She had been noticing these weird feeling between her legs for a few weeks but each time she would ignore them as best she could and she never acted on them. It was not as if she did not know any thing about masturbation—every one had—had sex education or talked with their friends who had let boys touch them. So she knew her sister was masturbating but because of what she had been told touching yourself was nasty and she was not supposed to do those things. But even though she was told not to masturbate watching her sister and seeing just how much she liked it there was no way she could go to sleep without acting on her urges now. This time she had to take care of her needs too.

Tami pushed off her covers wanting to make it obvious to Tina exactly what she was doing she slipped her hand into her panties and started to run her finger across her puffy lips. However, she did lie there silently just taking in the view of her sister. She hated having secrets from her and if Tina wanted to touch herself then so would she. If she knew about Tina touching herself then Tina needed to know that she did the same thing too. Well this was Tami’s thinking after all.

Tami pressed into her little crack finding her moist little entrance, which made her feel really good. Using her middle finger she rubbed up and down her already wet slit then continued to on exploring her tiny virgin entrance. This made her feel real good. So good that she had to moan just like her sister had done only moments before.

Afraid to move or even open her eyes before, Tina quickly opened her eyes and turned to see Tami lying there watching her hold her breath as she tried to lie very still. This way she would not be discovered and yet to her surprise there was her twin sister not only playing with her self but she had the covers off and looking right over at her.

"Tami?" Tami's eyes shot open, her heart began to pound even heavier than it was already, and she froze. She realized that she wanted her sister to see her so they did not have to keep secrets but now—.

"Tami, are you touching yourself too?" The key word here was ‘too’. Tina actually did acknowledge the fact that she had been touching herself and by doing so there was no shame placed on either sister. Not only that but Tina no longer had to hide this from Tami.

"Yea, I saw you doing it and I had to see what it felt like," Tami whispered back. "And it feels good too."

"It sure does," Tina said. "I have done it a few time in the shower and when I was well peeing."

"This is my first time—but it sure wont be my last," Tami replied.

So this is why Tina and Tami were so tired every morning.

"Ummm not really too late Derek," said Tami quickly. But actually the girls had been up very late. From that first day they have been becoming interested in sharing their experiences with each other. The first few nights the twins would lie in their separate beds, remove the covers, and masturbate themselves but with each new night the girls would take it a little farther and try some thing new.

Tina was the first one to take the next step. She made sure the door was shut and laid down on her uncovered but this time got fully naked. She turned so that her legs faced her sister and parted her legs wide draping them over the edge of the bed. Tami turned over onto her belly and propped her chin up with her little hands and watched as Tina rubbed her puffy cunny and spread her little lips. Tina then used two fingers to rub her little bump. At first she just rubbed slow and soft then as her movements increased she rubbed harder and harder—now using all four finger tips to squeeze her soft mound—tightening her hand into a fist she felt a tinge of pain as her nails bit into her tender girl flesh. This caused her to lift her tiny little bottom off the bed. Tiny gasps of air came from her dry mouth. “Ohh my!" Tina gasped as she worked her mouth to try and get any hint of moisture back in it. Her legs fell to the floor and she lay there limp just trying to recover.

Tami took this as her signal to be her turn to take care of herself. She too stripped down and lay on top of the covers on her back. Her cunny was in perfect view of her mirror image. She lifted her knees and placed her feet on the side of the bed widening her knees as her hand went to work. She has a whole different technique than her sister, because she would start out running her finger up and down her slit until the moisture built up. This allowed her finger enough lubrication to easily slip into and out of her tiny crevice. Once her finger found the entrance to her little canal she would worked her finger slowly in and out of the hole till it met resistance. She could only get her little finger in to her first knuckle but she thought it felt good.

A few days later the girls were masturbating on the same bed so they could see each other better and finally last night (the night before our story) the girls had touched each other for the first time ever.

The twins laid on Tina’s bed masturbating themselves when Tina moved her hand over to Tami and placed it on her inner thigh. Feeling her sister’s touch Tami looked down and placed her hand on top of her sister’s and slowely pulled it to her wet slippery cunny. Letting out a long breath of air Tami turned to face her mirror image cocked one knee so that it pointed at the ceiling and put her free hand between Tina’s legs. Tina quickly guided it to her cunny and tightened her legs squeezing her sister’s hand as the fingers pressed open her little lips. They lay there taking turns rubbing each other and giggling but since each of them was used to masturbating using different techniques the sisters were able to experience masturbation in a different way, which they both liked, a lot.

"Derek," Lisa said snapping Derek out of the little trance he been in while watching the twins pull out their chairs and take a seat so they could eat breakfast. He had been day dreaming about how they looked minus their clothes and how it would feel to run his fingers over their soft bodies as they sat spread eagle on his doctor exam table with their legs in the stirrups.

"Yes dear" he said trying to remain composed and at the same time not show that he had been eyeballing these two little pretties.

"The girls are babysitting for Brad and Anna today so is there any way that you can you take the girls over there?"

"Sure thing!" Derek said with a smile and a hard-on.