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Well, I am back... in the realm of collecting links again. I may be posting story and website reviews again when I have the time. I am working on a multitude of other writing projects, some creative, some bread & butter and the reviewing business has of necessity fallen to the wayside under the demands of real life.

I am also embarassed at the design of this website which seems very rinky-dink now with all the sophisticated blogging and database web tools that are now available. I am looking to update it into a form where I can post with a minimum of fuss, instead of the laborous hand-coding I've used for years.

If you go to the Links section you'll notice I've changed it a little to accomodate all the fanfic and slash sites into their own categories.

Let me introduce myself...

Hi. I'm Lady Cyrrh, and I read and review neterotica (that is, tales of a sexual nature that are published on the Internet) including BDSM, fetish, adult fanfic, yaoi, and slash. These days, most come from websites; I don't hang out much on ASSTR anymore. I do story reviews, genre reviews, and website reviews as the whim takes me, but most often when I find well-written material that I feel should be brought to readers' attention.

I will be posting, and re-posting, reviews of these stories here on an occasional basis. To read more about how I choose stories or websites and review them, click here for my FAQ, though it's more than a little outdated. If you'd like to try reviewing stories yourself, click here for some advice. If you'd like to track down any of these stories I review and read them yourself, I can't recommend Google highly enough. Use the Advanced Search function. You can also try:

  • The ASSTR Archive
    Contains the many different stories posted to the newsgroup, plus the personal websites of hundreds of authors. Gay, straight, bondage, you name it. To see a review, click here.

  • The ASSGM Archive
    Contains all stories posted to the newsgroup, plus some authors' archives. Very extensive. To see a review, click here.

Lastly, many of the reviews list the author's own home site, along with their email address if all else fails... but note these may be several years old, and long kaput.

Although I no longer read the newsgroups so much, I would like to give a shout-out to the following for the diversity, frequency, and sheer numbers of stories they post:

[Go-Go girls! Whoopee!!] Below are the addresses of the latest websites I've hunted out. They'll stay here for approximately one or two -- or maybe three -- months, after which they'll move to the links section. The website doesn't have to be new, just new to me. If you have one you'd like listed, please mail it in. Noncommercial or semicommercial sites only, please.
No sites with Adult Check either, I'm trying to keep this listing democratic and hassle-free. All I ask in return for listing you is a reciprocal link back to this site. If any of these sites are outdated or not titled correctly, or if the link doesn't seem to be working, please tell me about it.

Freya's Sexual Transgender  
TG stories of men transformed into women, by SF and magical means, by Freya and friends. Also includes "The Overlord of Zhor" a TG take on John Norman's World of Gor, where errant males transformed into nubile slave girls. (Multiauthor)   12/24/05  
"A catalog of transformations." Clearinghouse site for links to transformation media (including movies, TV, websites, fiction) in a variety of genres, including age, TG, inanimate, animal, furry, and size. (Information)   12/24/05

The Scribe's Conundrum  
Slash by Moniquill. (Original Slash and Yaoi)   12/24/05

Darkness Rising  
In'i no Miko's archive of Weiss Kruez (Japanese rock band/manga comic) and anime fanfic. (Fanfic Author)   12/24/05

Cliches of Yaoi Manga  
Amusing list of cliches often found on yaoi manga, doujinshi, and original yaoi tales. (Fanfic, Slash, and Yaoi Resources)   12/24/05

Self-posting archive for fanfiction. (Fanfic Archives)   12/24/05

Software for running and/or hosting your very own forum board. (Web Hosting, Tools, and Services)   12/24/05  
Stories, pics, and forums about sexy females in science fiction settings, many featuring bondage, transformation, lesbian, and other kinky themes. (Archive)   12/24/05

Giantess Planet  
Stories, pics, and info about females that change size, many adult-oriented; this site also has other transformations. (Archive)   12/24/05

Voyer's Hypnostuff  
Hypnotism and mesmer erotic stories, by the author. (Author)   12/24/05

The Chat Chronicles  
Robot, MC, and hypno stories, adapted from online chats by the participants/authors. (Multiauthor)   12/24/05

"Entertainment for women." Ezine site featuring erotic stories and articles. (Ezine)   12/24/05

Sex, Business, Secrets
A small collection of sex stories involving erotic encounters in the workplace. (Archive)   12/08/05

Solomon's Refuge
Literate erotica by the site's creator. Site also includes pics of erotic scenes from times long past (like Ancient Crete.) (Author)   12/08/05

British site based on the premise that "Women like sex too." M/F, F/F, couples, threesomes, and D/s tales. Read or contribute a story, or peruse real-life tales of sexual triumph and tragedy. (Archive)   12/08/05

Erotica by Clohi
M/F, F/F, and group sex stories in a site that also offers adult DVD and sex toy reviews, as well as an erotic boutique. (Archive)   12/08/05

A Knight's Tale Fanfic Archive
Slash and fanfic about A Knight's Tale. (Fanfic)   12/08/05

Archive of Beatles slash. Still a rapidly expanding genre. (Fanfic)   12/08/05

Rooftop Sessions
Another Beatle slash archive. (Fanfic)   12/08/05

Oh Darling! - A Beatles Slash Resource
Very large archive of Beatles slash, plus many resources. (Fanfic Archive)   12/08/05

The Glass Onion
"Meta-fandom" fanfic archive. (Fanfic Archive)   12/08/05

Slash, both original and fanfics. (Original slash and yaoi)   12/08/05

If any of you want to link to this site, please link to the index page only...that is the page the over-21 warning is on. I am trying to prevent this material from falling into the eyes of the innocent, which may necessitate a very large pair of tweezers.

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Last updated: 12/24/05