Lady Cyrrh's Neterotica Links

NOTE: This is an active listing. I review, edit, and correct these links when I have the time. Note that I have recently (September 2005) separated out the author and archive fanfic/original slash/yaoi sites because of the growing popularity of these genres; it reflects my bias as a reader as well. Since the collectives listing was all fanfic, I've integrated it into the fanfic category. I've left some fanfic listings where they originally were, however, because they are more mainstream or fetish in nature, and thus more likely to appeal to the average (non-fannish) reader.

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Individual Author Websites

Adrian Hunter's Web Site
Atmospheric BDSM fiction in an elegantly designed site.

Aia's Den
Erotica written with couples in mind.

F/F erotic stories, some romantic.

All Under Control
Android, freeze, and MC stories, with females as the victims.

Amity's Femdom Stories
Femdom stories and a novel.

Anabelle's Dungeon of Depravity
The dark side of sex, featuring non-consensual BDSM, snuff, vampirism, horror, and rape.

Andrej Koymasky Home
Gay fiction by a prolific Italian writer, with some stories translated into English.

Ann Douglas Archive
This popular author's catalog now resides at ASSTR. Ann is famous for her F/F, M/M, and bi fiction and her alternate takes on comic book heroes and heroines (and their creators.)

Anne Arbor's Sandbox
Erotic stories.

Anne's Erotic Stories Archive
Erotic stories, links, and commentary.

A Nonie Mouse's Home on the Web
Erotica by Morgan Preece, aka Erin Halfelven, some romantic, some humorous. Don't miss the neglected gem "Miracle Titty-Gro."

More tales from another Gorean "slave girl." Did you know they're given special injections to keep them forever young and beautiful? And that when they wear out, they're recycled into the soles of new tennis shoes? Nah, only joking...

Arthur Kay's Lurid Library
M/F and M/M erotica with many different themes.

M/M stories by ArticWolf about two lovers named Nick and Jonathan.

Artie's Story Site
Contains the erotic SF novel "Life Cycle of the Kaelen" about a husband-and-wife anthropologist team investigating a planet inhabited by some very strange insects.

The Aurora Universe - Science Fiction Stories about Superfemme
Adult superhero stories about Aurora, an original superheroine created by Sharon Best.

B. L. Miller
Original lesbian stories and Xena fanfic.

Bedtime Stories
M/M romantic stories by an "overworked (and underpaid) occasionally cantankerous gay man."

Behind Closed Doors: Original Fiction by Max Sebastian
Literate, engaging M/F erotica, including romance, SF, and historical.

Black Market Fiction
M/M erotic fiction, series and short stories.

Boots n' Bondage
M/M bondage stories by a Scottish man.

Brett Lynn
Home of the Miss K and Marilyn stories, genial black she-males who have lots of sex.

Bronwen SM's Archive
Excellent stories from a British tart, with a bangers n' mash flavor. Very funny as well.

Buck's Scratch Pad
Erotic horror and girlsnuff. The site is difficult to navigate and the stories take some work to find, but they're there.

Erotic stories.

Pinata Heart: Celia Bateau's Story Site
"Tongues and razors, fingers and honey." F/F and BDSM erotica, and a few fantasy stories as well.

Chez Marquis
Girlsnuff stories, some featuring celebrities.

Chrysoberyl Rosewood
M/F, M/M college sex and romance stories, plus some fanfic.

The Cobalt Jade Website
Many erotic stories, half modern/contemporary, half with a fantastic BDSM flavor including superheroines, an Arabian Nights-inspired serial, swords and sorcery in the Red Sonja vein, and fairy tales, many with transformation themes.

Couture REVIEW
Oral and M/F and F/F sexual humiliation tales. Includes "Harriet Hotter," a Harry Potter spoof.

The Coyote's Den
Many gay spanking, shaving, humiliation, and age play stories. Includes many straight ones too.

Creampie Eater
One writer's tribute to the yummy delights found between a woman's legs. Cunnilingus stories, told in many different genres. (Author)

Creepyguy's Hypnosis Story Site
Some primitively formatted M/F and F/F mind control stories.

Crimson Stories
Stories by Crimson Dragon with a variety of themes: M/F, F/F rape and romantic, and bondage from light to heavy. Includes "Time out of Time" a science fiction time travel BDSM novel, and story reviews.

Chrissy's Coven
Magical tales of transgender transformations.

Daphne Xu
Humorous erotica, including "The 1998 Teen Blowjob Tournament."

Dark Erotica
Erotic vampire, werewolf, and supernatural stories by writer Morgan Hawke.

Erotic stories, articles, columns, and commentary.

David's Erotic Story Archive
Tales of freewheeling young people in lust and love, some based on the author's own experiences.

David Farr
Fur, mind control, and science fiction stories.

David Gustafson
Erotic stories, including the "Naughty Nurses" series and Fifi the French maid.

David Shaw's Maledom Stories
Stories in which "blackmail, coercion, and quick wits are skillfully applied against female coyness by Alpha males."

Doc Savage's Site
Home of "Time and Again" a science fiction erotica novel.

Erotic stories.

Elf Sternberg: The Pendor Wright Projects REVIEW
Elf wrote the book on erotica in a science fiction setting; he's one of the most prolific authors on the net. His extensive site has lots of other useful information as well.

Ellen Hayes Story Site
Stories by Ellen Hayes. Includes some lesbian fiction and the amusing "Tuck" series about a teenage boy who dresses as a girl.

The Erotic World of Justin
Mildly romantic BDSM mood stories told from a male point of view.

Mind control and transformation stories, usually into some kind of sex slave. Also some furry tales and X-rated toon art.

Foxbat's Stories
Teen, high school, and prostitution stories, and others.

The Fury Saga
Femdom stories that tell the story of one woman's revenge against those who have harmed her.

Fuzzwolf's Writings
Gay/bi furotica stories, many with D/s and kink themes.

Gabrielle's Erotic Letters
M/F erotica by Gabrielle Cote, not really letters despite the title. Still a fun site.

Gary's Site
M/F erotica, including the "Chocolate" series, and a story derived from the dragonriders of Pern.

Giza's Furry Archives
Furry stories.

Groblek's Unbirth Page
Fetish stories about characters who unbirth, or crawl back into a woman's womb.

Head: Stories by Cain
Humorous, literate erotica from PleaseCain crossing a variety of story genres. Includes both straight and gay.

Hazemaster's Home Port
M/M erotica set in science fiction worlds.

Henrik Larsen's Stories
Well-written erotica set in Northern Europe (where they are not so uptight about such things) including first time, teen, and consensual bondage and D/s themes.

Homer Vargas
MC, pregnancy, maledom, and sex slavery stories. Includes superhero, Star Trek, and humor.

The House of Sharess
Erotica in a fantasy setting, with magic, warriors, and elves.

M/F erotica.

The Ivory Gate: The Stories of Jordan Shelbourne
Literate erotica by Jordan Shelbourne.

Jennifer Doalfer
M/F erotica including exhibitionism, voyeurism, and toys.

Zorro adult fanfic, some romantic, mainly M/F.

Jimmy Hat
Jimmy Hat's stories, including the amusing "Stanton and Maytag" series about two bumbling investigators of peculiar sex crimes.

JR Parz
Mind control stories, many featuring magic, teenagers, and gender changes. Includes some fanfic too.

Julian's Dark Dreams
Supernatural erotica. Includes bondage and gothic themes.

KAIV's Archive of Erotic Stories
Original tales set in the world of Alderest about the sexual misadventures of Lady Solyma, plus SF, superhero, video game, and dragonlance erotica.

Khadi's Tale
Slaveboy tale set in a Middle Eastern fantasy world.

Killerwhale Zeus
A few M/F, M/M, mind control and revenge stories, some featuring magic and TG.

Lady Samira, Scribe of Gor
A woman from Gor tells the story of her journey from slavery to freedom.

Lady Ultra's Realm
An original superheroine who gets into all sorts of trouble. Pics and stories.

Lambchop's Erotic Story Page
Romantic M/F erotica stories.

Lostboy's Stories
Erotica with transformation and ASFR themes.

Major Tom
BDSM and slave stories.

Markjo's Home Page REVIEW
Gay mind control fiction by Mark, in various stages of development.

Mary Jorsay Gandmar
NOTE: This is an FTP address.
Archive of excellent erotica from the Indian subcontinent.

Maryanne's Home Page (Maryanne Mohanraj) REVIEW
Maryanne doesn't have as much fiction on her page as she used to, but she still has some interesting stuff, and there are lots of links to science fiction and fantasy resources.

Mat Twassel
Mat's stories, and some art photography pictures.

Mathis B. Rogers Story Site
Gay fiction, some novella-length, by Mathis B. Rogers.

Meme Misspelt
Satiric erotica featuring femdom, BDSM, and sometimes science fiction themes.

Michael Smith's home page
Stories by Michael Smith. Some are romantic, some naughty, some kinky.

M1ke Hunt's Website
Humorous contemporary erotica by M1ke Hunt, a former adman. Part of BitBard's story site.

Mike's Homopage
Fiction, editorials, and other commentary by a gay Christian man.

Fun site with lots of erotica from a female writer who has named herself after a famous WW II B-17 bomber.

Monocular Visions
Monocle's disquieting erotica, featuring tales of bondage, aliens, unusual pregnancies, and supernatural beings.

Furry (scaley?) erotica novel about the adventures of two weredragons battling against an evil druid.

Erotica by Ray Gorton.

Narzil's Transformation and Satyr Pages
M/M transformation stories, including satyrs, werewolves, cervines, and centaurs.

Nialos Leaning Presents
Spanking stories.

Contains "The Chronicles of Ohm" a mind control science fiction fetish epic, plus many other stories and essays. Check out "Hot Young Teens" for some especially relevant commentary.

Bill Lemieux's bondage erotica, intelligent fetish gear tales that range from gothic Victoriana to science fiction.

Paul's Story Page
Gay teenage boys find love and friendship.

Perdition's Flames: The Erotic Horror of Harry Tasker
Dark erotica. "Desperate souls. Twisted worlds. Dark, wanton sex."

Pfantazm's Haunt
Gay fantasy, scifi, and fairy tales.

Poison Ivan's Short Stories
Ten tales of consensual romance between men and women.

The Purple Herald REVIEW
Intelligent erotica with a supernatural slant.

The Pygmalion Syndrome
Statue and transformation erotica by Leem, some with SF themes.

Raji's Home Page
Transgender stories from an Indian (East Indian that is) man.

Ravensword REVIEW
Catfighting stories set in Hollywood mansions, corporate boardrooms, and the arenas of Asia.

The Reality Corner
Fantasy erotica and regular erotica.

Red Venom
One erotica author's eclectic output, featuring superhero, rape, and horny housewife tales, plus unusual fanfic crossovers (Warhammer/Tolkien, anyone?)

Rick's Home Page
M/F romantic erotica.

Sam's Place
Site for a variety of subject matter, including erotic horror, snuff, girlfights, and deadly babes. Includes stories and two online novels, "Death and Taxes" a lengthy action/adventure BDSM novel.

Erotic lesbian fiction and mind control stories.

Scarlet's Sanctum
Original superheroine art and stories.

The Sex Act
A collection of stories written through "through the funhouse exaggeration of sexual obsession." A promotional site for the author's published work, but some stories are available for free.

Serendipity's Erotic Stories and Other Pleasures
Romantic erotica and poetry.

Realistic F/F BDSM and slave stories, some of them novel-length.

Shelby Bush Archive
The author of Porno TV has his stories archived here. (Note: This is an ftp site.)

Shon Richards's Imagination
Shon Richards's erotic fiction. More is at

Slash, BDSM and general erotic stories, many with nonconsensual, BDSM, and SF/fantasy themes.

Smilodon's Lair
Romantic M/F erotica that includes humor, historical, and some story series.

Some shaving fetish stories and general romantic erotica.

Snake's Slash Pit
One of the most amusingly titled home pages I've seen. Slashy fanfic set in the worlds of Highlander and Hercules. And check out her tattoos and snake.

Stories by emerson fitz
A large collection of BDSM stories written by fitz with couples in mind.

Stories by Mandil
M/F erotica featuring first experiences and teens. Includes "Master of the Arches" a long fantasy/SF novelette.

Stories by the Titmouse
Short erotic stories with SF, fantasy, comic, and rape themes.

The Stories of Varangian
M/F couple stories, most featuring teen and older/younger themes.

M/F erotica including couples, Asian, and breast stories.

Stuff by Nikolai Kingsley
Erotica, fantasy, SF, splatterpunk, and goth humor (humor poking fun AT goths, not jokes cracked by Shelley and Poe.)

Tales of Lust
"Sensual stories of hard sex." M/F exhibition, toys, bondage, and blackmail tales.

Tanj's Stories
A furry BDSM science fiction novel about a cheetah girl's capture by interplanetary slavers. The first chapters are html, but later ones are zipped and must be downloaded.

Thndrshark's slave, BDSM, ws/scat, and sexual humiliation stories, some very severe.

Superherine erotica focusing on Supergirl.

Tyler Thane's Erotic Stories
M/M erotic stories featuring incest, teen, and transgender themes.

Tripartite site that includes BDSM information, an excellent series of stories set in the Xenaverse ("Xena the Conqueror") and the "Kink" series of original BDSM fiction.

Uther Pendragon
Erotic stories, including the Bob and Jeanette series about a married couple's sex life, and the A+ war story "Duty."

Vanna Vechian's Erotic Fiction
Slave, BDSM, and D/s stories.

The Tesla Coil - Stories by Vinnie Tesla
BDSM, M/F, bi, and F/F stories, plus some exercises in Victorian erotica.
Large erotica collection, in text file form, dating from the early days of the BBS. Many different categories and thousands of stories.

An original superheroine site with pics and stories, some with erotic mind control themes.

Warrior Women
Trisha's erotic tales of stout-hearted amazons and other fighting females, in fantasy settings.

White Rose
A few pagan erotica stories.

Will A. Sanborn Web Page
Sci-fi, fantasy, and furry erotica, with illustrations.

Wiseguy's Stories
Erotic hypnosis and romantic stories.

The Wonderful World of Bradley Stoke
"Witty, weird and profound" erotic fiction.

The Wulf Archives
Home of Anthony Pryor-Brown's "Wulf" series, erotic fantasy stories with a Dungeons and Dragons flavor.

XoYo Story Archive
Well-written tales of transformation, including some from male to female. Fascinating and fantastic in the way the best science fiction and fantasy is.

Zebulon's Fiction
Well-written F/F and M/F slave and bondage stories, with lots of kinky stuff.

M/F romantic, masturbation, and snuff stories.

Multiauthor Websites

101 Aurellian Nights
An earth woman is kidnapped by aliens, and forced to entertain her visitors with stories of her sexual fantasies, night after night... a porn/SF reworking of "1001 Arabian Nights" by multiple writers.

Gay stories in many different genres.

A Room of Her Own
Lesbian fiction by many different authors, including romance, SF/fantasy, mystery, action, and historical.

Adult Fantasies Letters and Links
Stories and shared fantasies.

Amazon Trails
A site for womyn, by womyn. A large site chock-full of lesbian fiction split between Xena fanfic (gen and alt) and original stories. Many of the latter are novel-length with writing of professional caliber -- adventure, science fiction, fantasy, thriller, and mystery -- so check it out.

BitBard's Stories Site
BitBard has collected a number of retired authors here, including Deirdre, Dulcinea, Taria, and SueNH. He also hosts his own work.

The Castle
BDSM stories in the de Sade, Sacher-Masoch and Reage vein.

Castle Handyman
Spanking stories from a variety of authors. Also includes a chat and message board.
BDSM, blackmail, and dark erotica.

Don's Spanking Pages
Information and stories by six different authors about adult spanking.

Elinor X
Stories written by some 'slave girls of Gor.'

Eye of Serpent
Elegantly titled mind control stories, including some historical.

Goldie's Tales
Erotic parodies of "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" featuring fur, discipline, and spanking. Created and run by Y. Lee Coyote.

Gorean Fiction
Some stories set in the world of Gor.

Got Fan
Fan-created art of females in peril inspired by B-movie monsters, pulp fiction, and comic book cliffhangers. But there's erotic bondage stories, too, so take a look around.

Grim Williams and Dolcinetta
Torture, snuff, and eroto-cannibilism stories. Includes Slave Girl Convict: X-files, a series of interlinked stories, vignettes, and fragments about a cruel future society and the punishments it gives to its wrongdoers.

Hyoumi's World
Femdom tales with an Asian slant from a Japanese domme.

It's Only Me from Across the Sea
Gay fiction, many with school and teen themes, by an English writer. Includes the multi-part serial "Chris and Nigel." Also hosts carefully selected gay teen erotic romantic fiction by some otherwise unknown and new authors.

Jane Urquhart
Fiction by Jane, about Jane, and fiction written about Jane by others.

The Labrys Library
Lesbian original fiction.

Leviticus Home Page
BDSM, pony, and slave stories by Leviticus and a number of guests.

Liberator's Lair
Snuff, necro, and erotic execution stories by Liberator and guest authors.

morgan Aine's Silent Screamz
Erotic poetry, stories, and novellas written by the author and others.

Poison Pen
Extreme erotica and darkfic featuring snuff, cannibilism, horror, vore, and Lovecraftian themes.

Thoroughly Naughty Adventures
Selection of erotic fiction by Shon Richards, Souvie, Ann Douglas, Eco, and Lotus Eater.

The Twisted World of Haffnium72
Twisted indeed. Stories and art featuring females violated by aliens, tortured, snuffed, and put into extreme bondage devices. The stories are scattered throughout the site, especially in the "Guests" section. Not for the squeamish, but since much of the art is Poser and computer generated (and the site's creator keeps a sense of humor about it) the squick factor is comparably low.


Adult Story Corner
Romantic M/F stories that seem to be mostly vanilla; the site's creators have a rather stringent list of what they will not accept.
Growing archive of erotica on a site that aims to develop community among erotica readers and readers.

Alt.Lycra Website
Fetish stories about lycra and spandex, including links, FAQ, movie list, and TV guide.

Alt.Sex.Cthulhu Archive
Erotic stories featuring horror author H.P. Lovecraft's creations. Not very large, but there are pictures, too.

Akasha's Web
Femdom site with erotic story archive, galleries, forums, and more.

Asian Sex Stories Archive
Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, you name it.

The ASSGM Archive
Repository for all the stories posted so far to the newsgroup The guidelines for posting to this newsgroup are at; Other information at; and the Forum is at

#Balloons IRC Channel
Lots and lots of sex stories featuring balloons, or people interacting with balloons. This site really blows, in a good way.

BDSM Cafe: Stories
Many bondage stories are available for free on this commercial site, including some longer works.

BDSM Library
Archive of BDSM stories, some novel-length. Some severe stuff is in here. Membership is requested, but the stories are free, as far as I can tell.

BDSM Palace
Many, many BDSM stories in a free site that also includes pics and info.

Transgender stories and erotica.

Body Inflation Home Page
Honey, I blew myself up... stories of people transformed into balloons and otherwise expanded. Really spooky.

Boiled Alive!
Stories, art, and comics about big-boobed females being cooked for consumption in giant cauldrons, usually by hungry cannibals. Includes a forum.
Information, stories and articles about M/M bodily transformations, some into the boytaurs of the title, others into even stranger creatures.

Breast Expansion Story Archive
Stories about tits that grow. Magnified mammaries. Burgeoning boobs. You get the picture. Also features other growth/shrinking stories, message boards, and much,. much, more. Membership is now required, but some features are still free, such as the extensive story archives.

Corporeal Punishment Fanfic
Ciejye's fanfic in the Bonanza and X-files worlds that features lots of spanking, BDSM, and D/s. Take that, Li'l Joe! *SMACK!* Also features original M/M spanking fics.

Cristal's Story Site
Large archive of transgender fiction. Includes search, chat rooms, links, and more.

Diana the Valkyrie
A very large, extensive site with stories and pictures about muscular and/or dominant women. Includes catfighting, superheroine, muscle, wrestling, and femdom stories; there's also links, chatrooms, and special member services.

Doctor Fetish
Archive site for fetish stories. "No fetish is too extreme for Dr. Fetish!"

Doppelganger's Dungeon of Distressed Superheroines
Superheroine in peril stories, with original characters. Includes illustrations.

The D/s Kiosk Literary Guide
BDSM and bondage stories in a larger BDSM site.

The Eunuch Archive
Castration and demasculinization stories. Includes chat rooms, message boards, and clubs.

Fatal Females
Stories, comics, and reviews about girlsnuff and female death scenes with such titles as "Cheerleader Shoot-out."

Female Growth Stories
Archive of stories about women growing... becoming giantesses, amazons, etc. Some feature sex and male domination.

A very large archive of Harry Potter fanfic, including slash and "adult" stories, some novel-length. Also contests, forums, chats, boards. Probably the largest and most extensive Potter online community.

A very large (700+) archive of TG stories. Includes keyword searches, a chat venue, message board, and author bios.

Funny Bone Storybox
Tickling stories and pics.

--- FurNation ---
Host providing webspace for about 200 fur sites, most with artwork and stories. However, there's no descriptions and no way to do a search. Some sexy stuff is in here, if you keep looking. Technically it's a server, not an archive, but I listed it here because of the sheer volume of material.

Garden of Earthly Delights
Romantic erotica.

Gayleague Fanfic Archive
Archive of M/M and F/F comic fanfic, including original superheroes.

Glued to Her Seat
Erotic stories of women glued to their chairs. Yep, you read that right.

Go Jenn Go
Some erotic stories are available for free on this commercial sex-toy site.

Stories and comics about the hapless superheroines of Hub City, who spend most of their time being turned into statues by an equally hapless group of superfoes... with erotic repercussions and overtones (F/F, some M/F.) Thumbs up on the imaginative use of Poser software for webcomic serial stories.

Got Fox?
Foxmen and foxwomen get it on. Furry stories, and not just about foxes.

The Grey Archive
A large, etensive archive of original fantasy, SF, supernatural, comic, and anime erotica (as well as fanfic) with helpful descriptions. The site needs a search engine and better organization, but it's definately worth a few hours' perusal if you're an SF or fantasy fan.

Gromet's Self Bondage and Mummification Archives REVIEW
Gromet has put together lots of stories pertaining to this fetish, as well as latex, bondage, packaging, and vacuum pump fiction. Still free, and photos and advice are included.

Haircutting Stories
Stories of erotic haircuts, shaving, defeminization and demasculinization.

Heather Bondage
Bondage stories in a friendly site.

Hoot Island
A large, comprehensive site devoted to the sillier side of sex. Includes stories, songs, parodies, articles, and much more.

If Wishes Were Horses
A website devoted to "human-equine transformations." A site for those who have dreams of becoming a horse; "adult" fiction included. Not quite a pony site, but interesting nonetheless.

Jeb's Adventure Bound
Bondage, abduction, and slavery adventure stories mostly featuring hapless females.

Jock's Male Tickling Archive
Large archive of male tickling stories that seem to concentrate on feet.

Kozmikalaska's World
Many stories about cross-dressing girls, or drag kings.

Erotica for bisexual women.

Lady Jessica's Adult Story Corner
General erotica, romance, D/s, maledom, femdom, lesbian, bi, and other sorts of stories.

Erotic stories, straight, M/M, F/F, bi. Many different authors here.

The Lady Slash Site
F/F comic fanfic and other superheroine stories, some original. Includes pictures and a message board.

Laura's Spanking Corner
A very large archive of spanking stories collected from SSS. Over fifty authors and many, many, stories.

The Legacy of Timeless Beauty
A large archive of statue, doll, freeze, and robot fetish stories.

Long Nails
M/M erotica about males with long fingernails or claws.

Mak's Female Muscle Stories
Stories about female bodybuilders and women with large muscles. With pics, boards, chats.

Mamabliss' Story Archive
Vore, ovipositing (egg-laying), zoophiliac, growing/shrinking, and snuff tales, many with furry characters.

The Medusa Realm
Erotic stories about beautiful women transformed into statues. Includes lots of photomanipulations, links, and a message board.

Men on the Net: Erotic Stories
A large archive of gay male stories in many different genres and at least two dozen different languages.

The Menagerie
Erotic transformation art and transformation stories.

Miavar's Treasure Chest of Assorted Furryness (Erotic)
Large directory of furry erotica stories and other furry information. No index; you must search by keyword or author, which is a trifle awkward. Adult stories are clearly labled. There are several confusing mirrors to this site, so be sure to search through the whole thing.

Mind Control Story Archive
Stories about mind-controlled sex. Most are M/F, closely followed by F/F (to no one's surprise) but there are many other categories and something here for everyone. Moderated by the aptly named Simon bar Sinister.

Latex stories in Swedish and English.

Mr. X's Home Page
Archive of superheroine bondage stories, along with some original comics that involve flying body fluids, forced milking, and pregnancy by mutant plants.

Archive of bondage stories.

Woman in peril site with pictures, comics and stories. Includes a message board, chat room, and an extensive, well-written movie guide to bondage scenes in film.

The New Ponygirl Pages
Stories and pictures relating to ponygirls, including the essay "Essence of a Ponygirl."

The Nifty Stories Archive REVIEW
A site specializing in gay, lesbian, and transgender fiction...about 6400 stories strong. The Nifty Archivist can be contacted at

Patch's Place
Tales about what is euphemistically known as "golden showers" in this humorous, low-key site. Includes M/F, F/F, and M/M.

Pipe and Cigar Fetish Story Archive
Sexy stories, mostly gay, involving pipes and cigars.

Pixie's Place
Reader submitted erotic stories in many different categories, plus email, chat, forums, and other fun stuff.

Historical smut. Actual pornographic stories from times long past.

Restrained Tastes
"Love bondage" erotic stories. Light and/or romantic BDSM tales.

The Rubberist
Info site about rubber fetishes. Includes fiction.

The Serpent's Lair
Archive of stories featuring snakes and tentacles, concentrating on characters being constricted, wrapped tightly, or swallowed alive, with sexual overtones. Twelve hosted writers, and stories with fantasy, bondage, jungle girl, and superheroine themes; altogether something of a cross between a mild snuff/bondage site and vore.

Sir Jeff's Ponygirls Archive
Ponygirl stories.

Sisters in Love
Archive of erotic F/F stories celebrating incestual love between sisters.

Male smoking fetish stories.

The Spankingblog
Archive of spanking stories posted in blog form.

Studs in Stone
Erotic stories and pics of men, both gay and straight, who become various sorts of statues.

Super Spandex
Archive of spandex stories from alt.spandex newsgroup, However, you've got to be a member to see them.

Superheroine Central
Superheroines in peril megasite featuring stories, videos, and comic book art. Membership is required to see all of it, but plenty is free, including Mr. X's site, guest art, and erotic comic book panels from Dano, one of the site's creators.

Extensive site devoted to superheroes and superheroines with at least ten subdomains. Contains a large archive of well-classified superhero sex stories, interactive stories, a message board, and roleplaying games and information. Everything is free -- generous considering most sites of this type are not. Server is slow, though.

Deviant intellectual site exploring sadistic pornography, rationalist philosophy, abnormal psychology, operant conditioning, and modernist aesthetics, not necessarily in that order. In the library are writings by the Marquis de Sade, among others. Also includes essays, articles, and multimedia art. The sister site is

TOTSE Erotica Archive
Large archive of erotic stories, most extreme or controversial in nature, broken down into 20 categories. However, the bulk of it is lumped together in "Uncategorized." The main site (Temple of the Screaming Electron) is heavy on Loompanics and Jeff Rense-type material, but worth a look if you lean towards the radical left.

Erotica written about Catholic schoolgirls in plaid skirts and knee socks.

The Transformation Archive
Stories about people transformed into the opposite gender, animals, aliens, and what have you. Incudes some TG fiction.

Ulysses' Most Exquisite Femdom Erotica
Archive of female domination stories for male subs.

VCL Anthropomorphic Image Library
Ostensibly a furry picture archive, but there are lots of erotic furry stories too.

The Weight Room
Fetish stories about characters who gain weight, or force others to gain weight, in a site devoted to those who live large and are proud of it.

White Shadow's Nasty Stories
Very nasty stories...and there are over a thousand of them. Includes scat, zoophilia, incest, BDSM, and some pretty oddball uncategorized ones. Requires a password, though it's not a pay site as far as I can see.

Worldwide Gay Short Stories
Archive of gay stories by Michael Gouda, David Trell, Stefan Schmidt, and others, including fantasy, mystery, teen, and erotic suspense stories.

Self-posting Archives
Self-posting archive for adult fanfiction and original stories. Includes writing tips and writer's resources.

A self-posting archive for all sorts of stories, erotica, slash, and adult fanfic incuded.

The Bardlands
Self-posting archive for fanfic; looks like it needs more authors.
A self-posting archive for all kinds of fanfic, including slash... with a heavy emphasis on rock and pop fanfics. Now includes forums. REVIEW
A huge archive of fanfic, including some adult, categorized by fandom, with do-it-yourself posting. There are lots of stories here on this fairly anonymous and corporate site, but also, I'm sure, lots of dreck. This site says it does not accept NC-17 material, but I've found plenty.

Fiction Press
Seems to be a companion site to for the posting of original fics, in many different categories. Like the former, no ratings over an R are supposed to be posted, but there's plenty of adult stuff if you dig deep enough.

"Fresh picked original and fanfiction." A fast-growing self-posting archive.

Library of Erotica
Self-posting archive of general erotica.

Story archive, another corporate site similar in intent to Read the stories, or become a member and post them. About 24 different categories, with email, bulletin boards, advice, and columns. Worth checking out.

Well-designed self-posting archive of anime fanfic and original anime stories, with forums and contests. All ratings accepted.

Self-posting archive of mainly Lord of the Rings RPS stories.
Self-posting archive of fanfic and original slash.


Batgirl's Perils
Batgirl is put into bondage and threatened with danger in this website dedicated to the 1960s TV show. Includes three "virtual seasons" written by fans.

^Cat^s House and Dungeon
Femdom stories and articles are featured in "Nikki's Chamber."

Chupacabra's Dark Fantasies
Archive of torture, death, vore, monster, and other sorts of erotic horror. Site also includes pics and much more.

Darkfreak's Den of Darker Lusts
Gothic erotica, some of it violent and/or disturbing, about Trent Reznor, Rob Zombie, and Marilyn Manson and his band. You'll have to search a bit to find it, though.

A few BDSM stories are available on this commercial site in the Forum.

JamFoE's Page
Fan-oriented erotica, broken down into TV/Movie, Toon (Cartoon), and celebrity categories. Hasn't been updated in a long while.

Lost Boy's Story Collection
Collection of stories and story links to otherworldly erotica featuring magic, mind control, science fiction, transformation, transgender, drug, succubi, sentient plant, medusa and vampire themes.

Naga's Den
A snake-woman shares her transformation fetish. X-rated stories, comics, and artwork.

Peacockblue's archive of well-chosen erotic stories.

Robo's World
Robot and ASFR fetish stories shared by a collector.

RobotLover's Story Archive
Erotic stories about robots and androids, chosen by a collector who's into ASFR themes.

Stuck Girls
Stories about girls getting stuck or caught in various sticky substances. Not quite sex, but it's an unusual fetish, and that's why it's here. More are available at Sticky Lauren.

Fanfic Authors

Alara's Q Archive
NC-17 fanfic about the eminently slashable Q, of the Q Continuum, from various Star Trek series.

The All Slash Network
Slash organized as listings of the ASN, or the All-Slash Network, with descriptive captions from imaginary Sentinal episodes fans would like to see.

Billy Burrew's Fan Fiction Website
Boyband fanfic written by a gay man, including gay, bi, and straight stories, humorous takes on fairy tales, and the "X-treme" series, where the the N'sync members have developed mutant comic book superpowers.

Brenda Antrim's Fanfic Archive
Fanfic from a prolific author. Includes Star Wars, Due South, Angel, and others.

Cheezey's Wierd Thundercat Stories
This is more of a fan site for lovers of the Thundercats cartoons, but there is plenty of humorous smut as well, including a "Third Earth Enquirer" series of scandalous tabloid stories about the character's sex lives.

Christine Indigo: Internet Pornographer
Ultima and other gaming erotica with a fantasy flavor. Also includes real person slash.

Devil Monkey Press Fanfiction
Slash and fanfics by a very prolific author. Includes Star Wars, Highlander, Sentinal, Star Trek, X-files, essays, a list of darkfic recs rated on the "espresso system" in terms of severity, and a selection of oral sex fanfic links. This site has a very thorough disclaimer available for copying so fanfic writers can avoid legal trouble.

The F/F Psi-Phi Slash Page!!!
A small archive of F/F slash, featuring Scully of the X-Files, Kira from DS9, and a few others.

The Flambeau Factory REVIEW
Slash fiction by Torch, including Treksmut P/K (Tom Paris and Harry Kim), Vampire Chronicles, and X-Files stories... and many other fandoms as well. A constantly updating site with excellent links.

Hypatia Kosh's Erotic Star Trek Fanfiction
Treksmut, including K/S and F/F tales.

Ink Stigmata
Fanfic stories and essays in a number of genres, by one writer.

Invisible Planets: Junglekitty's Star Trek Fiction
Treksmut starring James T. Kirk based of the original Star Trek series. Contains both slash and non-slash erotica as well as links, essays, humor, parodies, and filking songs. Check out "The Big List of K/S Cliches" for some slashy fun.

Lady Kardasi's Doman
Fanfic and Treksmut in several archives and hosted ezines.

The Lonely Blue Planet of There
Duran Duran erotica and artwork, some of it slashy. If you remember MTV when they used to show videos, you've got to check this out.

Original slash, rockslash, and slashy fanfic in the Buffy, Vampire, Smallville, and X-files fandoms, among others.

Lover Boys
Yaoi and slash fanfiction. Includes White Moon Tower, a LOTR romantic slash site.

Lure of the Ring
Tricia's slashy fanfic, mostly Lord of the Rings, but there are other fandoms too, and some originals. The author's commercial site, Juxtapose, offers high-octane slash and slashy artwork in a subscription format.

The Mage's Inn
Original M/M and Highlander historical slash stories.

One writer's slash and fanfic. Also includes some amusing slashy Mad Libs (courtesy of Javascript) and a random Mary Sue generator.

Mistress Renet
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles erotica.
Star Trek erotica complete with whipcracks, straddling the thin line between fanfic and porn. Includes the multichapter Siren Saga (Sentinal) and Venice Heat tales.

November's Fanfic REVIEW
X-files and Oz fanfic, original erotica, and BDSM stories about the sexual domination of Trent Reznor.

Oddly Occupied Telephone Booths
Sex stories and slash about Superman.

Opium Garden
Treksmut, mainly Chakotay/Janeway.

Orc slash stories and pics. Part of the rapidly growing Lord of the Rings fandom. Also home of the So Wrong Doll Theater, featuring orc action figures photographed in compromising positions.

The Pink Rabbit Consortium
F/F fanfic including stories based on Xena, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Alien Resurrection, with lots of links and other info.

Rhysenn's Slash Fiction Archive
Sentinal, Harry Potter, Alias, and Lord of the Rings slashy fanfics.

R'Rains Coffeehouse - Fan Fiction
A large site with lots of Treksmut with various M/M pairings.

Ruby Jade's Adult Fiction
Author's good ol' boy slash featuring Bo and Duke, and maybe Boss Hogg, from the 1970s show "The Dukes of Hazzard."

Ruth Sadelle Alderson's Fan Fiction
Fanfiction and RPS (Real Person Slash) including Britney getting it on with Christina, and the Affleck brothers commiting incest.

Sabotini's House O'Fanfic
One of the longer-lasting author fanfic sites. Includes mostly NC-17 slash in the Highlander, Professionals, Sentinal, and Star Wars fandoms, plus movie reviews, fanfic recommendations, and rants. This site also includes links to the "Krell" (a triple-author writing collective) and the slashy Duncan/Methos fairy tale "Seduction of a Desert Prince."

Satyricon au go-go REVIEW
Slash and other homoerotic fiction based on popular television shows.

Scribe Scribbles
Fun site of Scribe's unusual slash, including Winnie the Pooh, MASH, and The Godfather. Includes originals too. Includes the "Clive, the Leather Hairdresser" series of stories.

Sithkitten's Lair
Slash fanfic in the Battlestar Galactica, Farscape, LotR, Jurassic Park, Jules Verbe, and others... but be sure to check out the original fic, too. Surprisingly, by her name, there's only a few Star Wars pieces.

Siubhan's House of Horror
Slashy fanfic by a prolific writer whose main fandoms are X-files and Star Wars.

Slash stories in various fandoms including Star Wars and Tolkien. Especially torrid stories are called "scorchers." Includes "The Obi-Wan Torture Oasis" and "The Slash Not Written for a Gay Audience" rant, a neat rebuttal on why straight women like to read slash.

Portal site for about two dozen fanfic writers and archives.

Sweet Uncleaness: The Stories of Matthew Time
Slashy, well-written fanfic by a gay man. Includes ER, Sentinal, Buffy, and Due South, plus a very large archive of boyband slash.

Terabithia's Star Trek Archive
Slash fiction set in the Star Trek Voyager universe.

Terranfem's Stories
Treksmut, plain and simple. Includes Voyager and DS9.

Trinity Slash
Multiauthor fanfic site featuring Phantom Menance, Sentinal, Lord of the Rings, and Due South slash, along with some amusing pictures of X-rated action figures, with certain appendages added. This site also includes an excellent selection of links and an extensive list of "proslash" recs.

Wake Up Gay!
What if, one morning, you wake up gay? This selection of character fanfic by Dymphna and others answers that very question.

Worlds Without Boundaries: Destina 's Fan Fiction
Fanfic by a prolific author, including Sentinal, Due South, Star Wars, and many others including "Seventh Wave" a slashy Phantom Menace novel set in an altered universe where the Sith Lords reign.

X-files slash, mainly Mulder/Skinner, featuring BDSM, D/s, and spanking. Lots of juicy stories here plus a few novels, an impressive output considering it's all by one author.

Fanfic Archives

A Day In Erotica: The OldAltPunkSmut Archive
Archive of rockslash relating to late 70s/80s punk and new wave groups. Compiled from the old.alt.punk.smut mailing list.

Absolute Chaos
Fanfic and original fiction archive.

Alt Star Trek Creative Archive
A very comprehensive directory including Vampire Chronicles (not operational) and Oz fanfic, and, happily for us, Treksmut. Searchable by pairng, show, author, and rating.

Amothea's Multi-genre Angst SlashArchive
Lots of slashy abuse, rape, trauma, and brutalization stories. Includes kink, BDSM, and D/s.

The Android's Dungeon
Archive of many movie fandoms and rareslash, including Chow-Yun Fat, Indiana Jones, Still Crazy, various BBC miniseries, and historical.

The Bard's Index
A very large archive of Xena fanfic, divided into classic, uber, conqueror, and postfin sections, by over 313 different authors. Includes original novels and ebooks.

The Basement at Populli
X-files slash archive.

Boy Bands
Boy-band stories. You KNOW you really want to read about Justin bonking A.J. Part of the Nifty Archives, so they're probably gay-penned. NOTE: Since I first listed this archive two years ago, larger, more extensive boyband archives have been founded, most of them with slash stories by young women.

Boys in Chains
Self-explanatory. The pretty boys of the most popular fandoms are enslaved and otherwise humiliated.

Slash written by British fans, for British shows.

Brotherslash Archive
Archive of fanfic celebrating M/M brother incest.

By Your Command v. 2.0
Archive of Battlestar Galactica slash. Part of Sithkitten's Lair.

Darkest Heart: A Page of Villainy
Fanfics about TV villains, including Gatchaman, Star Trek, comic, and Pokemon. Includes some NC-17 rated.

The Darkness Within
Archive of "evil" fanfic -- not about villains, but stories where characters are hurt, punished, or suffer.

The Darkvault
Multifandom writer and archive portal site.

The Darth Maul Estrogen Brigade
Archive of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace slash featuring Ray Parker's character, also much more.

DCU Slash and Adult Archive
M/M, M/F, and F/F stories about this popular group of superheroes.

The Definative X-Men Archive
Large archive of X-Men erotica, romantic and hardcore, gay and straight.

Dirty Dream Designers REVIEW
Bandlash about the rock group Orgy, some of it very dark.

Eroica Fanfic Archive
Archive of stories spun off from this Japanese manga, which features spy games and intrigue from two jet-setting characters, one of them gay.

Eclectic archive of slash, original slash, and RPS set in all sorts of fandoms, everything from Adam Ant to Andy Warhol.

The Fallen: A Batman Fanfiction Archive
Batman and the Boy Wonder are slashed, and have other erotic adventures. Includes some dark, violent stuff.

Archive of comic femslash.

The Gossamer Project
The oldest and largest X-files fanfic archive in existence, with stories of all ratings, including slash.

Gundam Wing Addiction
A very large archive of Gundam Wing-related fanfic, including lots of slash and other erotica. Very extensive. The place to go if you're a fan of the show.

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe erotica.

Large archive of slash and adult Stargate stories.

Henneth Annun
Tolkien fanfic, including slash and adult. Seems to have darker themes than the other archives, and the writing quality is higher.

First Time's A Charm Slash
Slashy fanfic about "first time" sexual encounters between media characters.

Infinite Passions
Multifandom slash archive, including yaoi, original yaoi, popslash, and boybands.

The Jedi Discipline Mailing List Archive
A SW: The Phantom Menace torture archive.

Kinky Corner
A large, extensive archives of kinky Star Trek tales featuring spanking, BDSM, D/S, abduction, and slave, whore, and prisonfic tales. The emphasis is on Kirk/Spock and TOS, but other pairings and series are featured also. There is also a special section devoted to the females of Star Trek, and an extensive list of links. I haven't seen a Star Trek site this good (as of 9/05) in quite a while.
Archive site for several fanfic writers and artists, focusing on Harry Potter, Battlestar Galactica, and Dark Angel.

The Legion of Superheroes
Large archive with slash and erotica about your favorite comic characters, including Superman, Batman, etc. All stories have descriptions and are rated. This archive also includes fan art.

Leppard Tales
X-rated fanfic and slash about the rock group Def Leppard. You have to request a password, though.

Slash stories about young Lex Luther of the TV series "Smallville."

The Library of Moria
LotR slash archive, organized by pairing. Also includes a well-trafficed slash forum.

Lord of the Rings Story Directory
A well-organized directory of LOTR stories that is a list of recs rather than an archive, though it's organized like one. A very useful tool for locating quality stories by rating, pairing, theme, author, and genre. Also includes LotR resources, links, art, and mailing lists.

Lovely Rita
Beatles fanfic, slash style. John and Paul get it on.

Slash collective hosting a multitude of fandoms.

Master and Apprentice
Very large archive (1800+ stories strong) of slashy fanfic about the relationship between Qui-Gonn Jin and Obi-Wan Kenobi, split into 30 different categories. Most of the stories first appeared on the Master/Apprientice mailing list.

LotR elf slash in a pretty large archive.

The Mint Julep Inn
Archive containing the erotic adventures of Star Trek's favorite country doctor, Leonard McCoy.

Mulan Fanfic
Toonfic, some adult in nature (NC-17) about the Disney movie Mulan.

The Place of Our Legacy
Archive of Star Wars: TPhM and Stargate fanfic, some slash. Unfortunately this site is no longer being updated.

The Popslash Project
Rock and Popslash about Metallica, N'Sync, and Bon Jovi. "Embrace the Shame."

RPS Archive
Archive of RPS, or real person slash (more or less identical to celebrity sex stories on the ASS newsgroups) featuring about a hundred different celebrities. Here is where the elusive Led Zeppelin slash stories are. Other featured celebs are Russell Crow, Monty Python, various politicians, and Eminem. Unusual, diverse election.

Rare Slash
Archive of rare slash. Not the largest one I've seen, but the largest one that seems to be in existence now.

The Rest is Silence/The Golden Rule Archive
Long-running (I remember when it was a fanzine) fanfic archive featuring many different genres. Compiled from a mailing list.

Sacred Band: Love and Lust Between Men
Multifandom slash and original slash archive. Includes reference material for slash writers.

Archive of slash about Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.

Sakura Lemon Fan-Fiction Archive
A large archive of hentai/ecchi/H/Sukeba, or pornographic, fanfic based on anime cartoons (and a few American ones), including Gundam Wing, Ranma, and many, many others. Content more explicit than what's found on the usual anime archive sites.

Satellite of Love
Velvet Goldmine fanfic archive.

Archive of book-length Harry Potter fanfics, "adult" included. With forums, chats, contests, book spoilers, other goodies. A very popular online community has developed around it.

Sentinal Slash Archive
Archive for Sentinal slash. Hundreds of stories here.

"Girls' love" fanfic and original F/F stories from anime and manga. Nice if you're a Sailor Moon fan.

Rarefic fanfiction archive with very diverse material, including, in addition to the obligatory Angel and Buffy stories, the Chronicles of Narnia, rock and popslash, and even Alvin and the Chipmunks. Stories range from G to NC-17.

Silk Kitty
Yaoi fics, pics, recs.

SlashKink Archive
Archive of kinky, slashy fanfic of today's most popular fandoms.

Slash Without Tears
American slash stories translated into Japanese.

Slim Slash
Archive/directory of stories about The Real Slim Shady. Many, many pairings, including Elton John, Carson Daly, Fred Durst, various members of N'Sync, and Dr. Dre. Some stories featured on the site, others are linked.

The Sith Academy
Hilarious slashy fanfic about the youthful adventures of Darth Maul.

Smallville Slash Archive
Archive of slashy stories about Clark Kent and his pals. From the TV show.

Spread Metal Lust
Heavy metal rockslash, including Guns n' Roses, Poison, and Motley Crue.

Star Wars Slash Archive
Archive of slashy stories about all four of the Star Wars movies, but mainly featuring The Phantom Menace.

Stories from the Darth Side
Archive of oddly formatted Star Wars slash.

A Teaspoon and an Open Mind
Doctor Who fanfic both gen and slash. 1764 stories! 505 authors! 10 different doctors! (He's got 12 lives you know.) What other fandom can boast of that?

Turkish Delights
The first archive for Narnia fanfic I've seen. Includes both tame and explicit, including slash.

Usagi and Mamoru Fanfic Archive
Archive of sexy Sailor Moon stories filed under "hentai." (Note: Hentai used to mean stories or artwork of anime characters being raped by tentacled monsters, but lately it's coming to mean anything kinky, or, increasingly, anything dealing with explicit sex, period.)

Vic's Addiction
F/F Star Trek slash, set in all series, in an attractively designed website that features loads of other material and links.

The Vorta Vortex
Fanfic, slash, and erotica about the ridgy-eared aliens of ST: DS9.

The Wonderful World of Make Believe
Archive of slash in rarer genres such as 21 Jump Street, Emergency, Baretta, etc.

Slashy fanfic and sexy stories about your favorite wrestlers. It was bound to happen.

Erotic fanfic about Xena: Warrior Princess, mainly F/F stories from the peek I took. There's at least 40 of them here.

Yaoi Shrine
Archive of hundreds of yaoi fanfics, from Gundam Wing to Yu Yu Hakushou.

You Want Fries with That?
Archive of slash stories from many different fandoms formatted so you can read them on your Palm Pilot.

Fanfic, rants, recs, and writing tips by a group of fanfic writers.

Original Slash and Yaoi

Large, extensive site devoted to yaoi stories, articles, and artwork within the world of Japanese manga and anime. Stories are coded by pairing; there is some original yaoi also. Membership is required to view explicit content, but many articles and basic information remain free.

Alice Montrose's Literature Site
Highlander and vampire fanfic, plus some original slash stories.

Bishonen = "beautiful boy" in Japanese. Yaoi fanfic, recs, artwork. This site has a very active yaoi forum.

Ansereg REVIEW
The Lord of the Rings meets BDSM. Contains a description of this ancient elven practice from Tyellas, the site's creator, what Mr. Tolkien had to say about elven sex (in his own words) and LotR and Silmarillion fanfic. Though technically this is more of a fanfic site I consider the stories originals because of the unique spin the author puts on them.

Bathory's Danse Macabre
Erotic darkfic in fantasy settings featuring M/M and M/F rape, slavery, snuff, and BDSM. Translated from Swedish.

The Bard's Den - Rushlight's Fan Fiction
Slashy fanfic and original slash stories. Lots of rape, abuse, and angst.

Beyond the Ninth Wave
Xenobia's original slash and LotR fanfic slash.

Bishonen - A Few Good Men
Yaoi pics, anime and manga reviews, fanfic, and two original supernatural M/M novels, "Waterboys" and "Restless."

Art, fanfic, and doujinshi by the prolific and talent P. L. Nunn featuring both yaoi and shonen-ai. Includes many original slash stories and story series. Stories are not in the writer's native language and read a little oddly, but they're well worth a look for yaoi and slash fans.

Brief Candle
Original slash novella by Chalcedany Cross.

Bryony - Fanfiction/Original Fiction
Bryony's yaoi and slash, fanfics and originals.

Castle of the Chains
Companion site to Palace of the Keys, but with female protagonists. F/F slashy prisonerfic with an anime/SF/fantasy slant.

Chrysanthemum Vows
Anime fanfiction and original yaoi fics by Pluto.

Ciejye's Story Archive
Original D/s and BDSM slash with spanking and corporeal punishment themes. Also includes slashy fanfic with like themes.

Citrus Aide
Original yaoi and yaoi fanfics.

The Control Panel
Original SF slash stories by Remy featuring slavery and some pretty heavy goings-on. Also includes Cat the psion fanfic.

Crystal Mind
Original M/M slash and slash in the Savage Garden, Xena, and Pirates of the Carribean fandoms.

Digital Paper
Romantic yaoi stories and some fanfic.

Dusk Darkling
Original M/M and M/F stories dealing with hierarchal relationships (Owner/slave, Master/servant, etc.) and power differentials. Includes a scholarly set of links and much resource material.

East of Sanity
Yaoi fanfic and original yaoi stories.

Ephebian Paradise
Original M/M slash and yaoi stories by Reyna featuring romance, adventure, and swashbuckling.

Original yaoi and a few Gundam Wing slash stories from a young Phillipino writer.

Fading Madness Productions
Some excellent original slash stories.

The Feral Ferret
Anime slash, yaoi, and original slash.

Yaoi and original slash.

Forbidden Fruit
Ezine devoted to slash fanfic based on Oz, but also original slash. Also offers commentary on the slash scene and writing tips.

Forbidden Haven
Yaoi fanfic and slash archive, including information, recs, discussion boards.

Gio Gio
Original slash and commentary from the author.

The Hothouse Archive
M/M yaoi original stories, plus fanfic. Many different authors here.

Innocence and Seduction
Fanfic and original slash.

Jade Turned to Air
Original slash and fanfics by Fiored.

Juxian Tang's Slash Stories
Slash heavy on the rape and torture side. Includes M/M Highlander, Xfiles, and DS9 stories' several stories are co-written with Ruthless, another master of the genre. This site is as heavy as it gets.

Lady Tempest's Realm of Yaoi
Original yaoi stories; one story featured in the April 2002 Reviews.

The Koi Garden
Original yaoi, slash, plus some fanfics. Home of "Saturday Lovers" an ongoing futuristic slash novel.

Manna's Own Slash Fic Archive
Home of a slashy science fiction series about the dystopian world of The Administration, based partly on the British series Blake's 7.

Ezine featuring dark M/M rape and torture stories with yaoi-derived artwork.

Maureen Lycaon's Velan Archive of Erotica
Science fiction stories with furry, D/s, BDSM, rape, and torture themes, both gay and straight.

Mel Blue Slash Fiction
Fanfic about The Chronicles of Narnia, amongst other genres. Check out the rest of the site; there's a slashy M/M historical romance as well.

Midnight's Place
Slashy fanfic and original slash. Includes Stargate fanfics, Slave/Owner yaoi-derived "Key" fiction, vampire stories in the "Silent Cries" story universe, and the fantasy series "Wizards and Warriors" about two gay teens who discover they are reincarnations of mythic archetypes.

Fanfic, yaoi, and original slash from a wide range of authors. Check out Adam's slash takes on fairy tales like "Snow White" and "Red Riding Hood." Most stories seem to be Ronin fanfic but are not explicitly labeled, however there is also lots of original stuff. Also includes a yaoi art gallery.

The Nocturne
Series of vampire/yaoi/slash science fiction stories.

The Node
Original yaoi novel about one young man's involvement with a sinister corporation.

The Originals Library
Archive of original yaoi/yuri fics; about 20 different authors featured.

The Original Slash Archive
A small archive of original slash (M/M) sex stories.

Palace of the Keys REVIEW
M/M slave and prisonerfic slash with anime and fantasy leanings for both writers and readers. Adopt a key and put him in a slave/prisoner situation, or read the stories others have written. Highly recommended if you're into yaoi. The Key fic "The Taurus Key" was reviewed in the May 2002 Reviews. Companion site to Castle of the Chains.

Pretty Boys, Unlimited
Large archive of fanfic about pretty boys...very pretty boys...written for discerning females. Includes fanfic, historical, and original slash. Recently updated with a nifty new interface.

The Quicken Tree
Online novel of an M/M romance set in the world of international dressage competition.

Samui Tanoshima
M/M yaoi fanfic and an original yaoi novel, "Settle with Shadows."

Original slash, including "Shadowmage" a fantasy novel.

Slash Cotillion
Historical slash stories, both original and those based on movies, books, and TV shows. A toss-up between fanfic and original, but I decided to call it original.

Slash, mostly Sentinal. But check out the originals section for some M/M stories that wouldn't be out of place on ASSGM.

Stories by Anne Somerville
Romantic slash stories and novels in the fantasy vein, with a mild BDSM feel.

Tales from the Paladin
M/M slash including LotR, Highlander, and anime. But check out Paladin's original writing, including the "Tito's Adventures" series about a gay warrior in a Tolkienesque world.

That Damn Cat/Chrysanthemum Vows
Pluto's fanfic, original slash, yaoi recs, artwork, and Orlando Bloom worship pages.

Original slash novel by Vixen Phillips.

Untrue Fairy Stories
Original slash stories, not really fairy tales, but contemporary ones.

Vindictive Dreams
Yaoi, fanfic, and original slash stories, plus a wacky Gen-Y weblog.

Willow Flower
Interesting multiauthor online fantasy novel about soldiers in Medieval China. Some chapters contain slash or other explicit homoerotic content.

Original yaoi and slash stories.

The Yaoi Collection
List site for anime and manga slash stories.

Original yaoi stories and yaoi fanfics.

Archive for anime, manga, game, amd original slash.

Fanfic, Slash, and Yaoi Resources

The Adult Fan Fiction Webring
If you want to read adult fanfic or distribute your own adult fanfic, this webring is the one for you.

The Art of Slash
Diverse, eclectic slash archive with writing advice, essays, and recs. (Fanfic, Slash, and Yaoi Resources)

Bad Fanfic! No Biscuit
Hilarious primer on how to write fanfic, using bad examples to illustrate writing mistakes. Had not been updated in a while.

Beyond The Code
A list of sites that carry X-rated comic fanfic.

Boysonboys On Film
Yaoi anime and manga reviews in a slick, well-designed site.

Cereta's Fanfic Symposium
An interesting collection of essays, rants, and raves by and about slash writers and fanfic in general. Updated regularly and always interesting.

Citizens Against Bad Slash
Rants, criticism, reviews, and commentary on the writing of slash fanfic and slash writers. Includes essays such as "The Art and Ethics of Boyband RPS (real person slash.)"

Confessions of a Fannish Butterfly
Literate essays about slash. Check out "Slash Fiction is Like a Banquet" for some thoughts that may be relevant to writers of any sort of netfiction.

Fan Fiction on the Net
A very extensive guide to fanfic published on the net, including erotica about your favorite TV and movie heroes. This site used to be the be-all and end-all, but it hasn't been updated in a long while.

Fanfic Archive Ring
Webring of slash and fanfic archives.

List of sites where F/F fanfic may be found. [ On HIATUS ]
Fanfic collective and XML site-building scripts to "provide XML tools for fanfiction writers and reader."

Webring containing sites featuring slashy Star Wars fanfics.

Godawful Fan Fiction
Samples of bad fanfic writing presented for your reading pleasure, with snarking. Includes forums. Has become something of a celebrity site in the community and a magnet for fans.

Golden Orgasm Nominees and Winners
Contest site for Golden Orgasm award winners.

Kathara's Recs
List of recommended slash stories for readers.

The List of Lists
A guide to mailing list for various sorts of fanfiction - over 700 of them. If you want to read fanfic , or want a forum for feedback on your writing, check it

Movieslash Webring
A list of sites containing slash fanfic based on various movies... everything from Lord of the Rings to The Magnificent Seven.

Rosa's Residence and Recommendations
Slash and adult fanfic recommendations, including special sections for hurt/comfort and nonconcensual themes.

Sex Tips for Slash Writers
Tips on writing effective gay erotica scenes for straight authors, by a gay man. Useful for general erotica and not just for slash. Includes pics.

Slap to the Head Fanfic Reviews/Ficbitches
Acerbic reviews of fanfic, including slash. Fun to read and more entertaining than the shows themselves. Half are anime, but other fandoms are featured also.

Slash Fan Fiction Ring
A webring for those who like to read or write about M/M and F/F fanfic.

Slash City
Slash City now offers low-cost and free web sites for fanfic and slash writers in a friendly, supportive community.

Slash Online
Slash recommendations by fans, for fans. They rend to be brief, so you don't get much feel for what a story is about.

The Slash Page Database Project
Ambitious attempt to catalog every slash web site in existence. Nowhere near complete, however, and the classification system needs a lot of work. Still a useful resource.

Slash Rants and Ramblings Webring
A webring devoted to those who review and/or criticize slash.

Slash Without Consent
A large list of links, broken down by category, to M/M slash with rape, abuse, torture, and like themes.
Host site for fanfic authors, fanfic mailing lists, and several archives.

Slash Novel Review Site
Reviews of professionally published novels that have a slashy bias, searchable by category.

Fanfic essays, rants, recs and reviews spanning many different genres.

TrekGirls Writers Circle
Interviews with notable Star Trek slash and erotica writers.

Uniquely Pleasurable
Review and information site for original slash stories. Includes forums and contests.

Writers University
Information site for fanfic and slash, featuring helpful tips, histories, glossaries, legal advice.

Information and Directories

Free forums on erotic topics, including stories and conventional subjects like anal, threesomes, redheads, etc. that are mostly overun with spam. But check out the fetish listings for some active vore forums that feature frequent postings of original stories ( e.g. "Tit Sushi.")

Adult Mailing Lists
A very large listing of adult mailing lists.

Amatory Ink
Unusual ebooks of erotic fantasy for sale, and writer's resources. Some stories available for free.

Coming Out Stories
Real-life stories of gay men and women who have come out. Also includes other info.

Damsels in Distress Guide
Info site featuring lists of female bondage escape/rescue scenes in movies, TV, and comics, along with egroups and chats for DiD fans, essays, fiction and picture websites, and much, much more. The most thorough guide to this sort of kink I've seen. Information and links site for the darker side of fetishes -- BDSM, sleepy, asphyxiation, necrophilia, statue, medical, etc. Includes messageboards and forums.

Darkwater: Exploring Erotic Fantasy
Miscellaneous bondage, tickling, and fetish stories. Despite the categories, they mostly concern clothing such as hula skirts and bell bottoms. Also includes an essay on MekSex (human-machine sex.)

Deviant Desires
Information site about stranger fetish types, including a fetish roadmap.

The Encyclopedia of Gor
Exhaustive site on John Norman's world of slavegirls and warriors. No stories, but the background material is fun to read, and may prove useful as a springboard for writers in the D/s vein.

Erotica Readers Association
Extensive info site for those seeking information about erotic stories on the net.

Fetish Forums
Fetish forums.

Fur Central
Information site for furries around the world to get and stay in touch with each other; includes info on websites, MUDS and MUCKS, newsgroups, and much more.

Fur Mailing Lists
A very long list of various mailing lists furries can join.
Support site for gay comic lovers, writers, and artists.

General Index of Aristacia
Information about Aristasia, a shared-world universe where females are the dominant sex, and girl-on-girl discipline keeps them in line.

Hentai Search Engine
A useful list site for looking up "adult" anime stories and artwork.

Inamorata's Hypnoland
Hypnotic and mind control interactive fiction. Includes lots of info about hypnotism too.

Jane's Guide
Guide to adult websites on the net, all personally reviewed for inclusion by the Jane's staff. Some commercial, some not, of a variety of subjects and interests. Includes story sites. out.

Katy Terrega
Information for erotica writers and publishers.

Lock Me Up
Chastity belt information and stories, including articles, forums, message boards.

Lubar's Gorean Education Scrolls
Encyclopediac site devoted to all things Gor, with over 70 scrolls. Some stories are included.

The Mantraverse
Fan/info/story site for Mantra, a female comic book superhero who was originally a man, and suffered a sex change in his/her story of origin.

The Open Directory Project: Adult Sites
You can't access it from the Dmoz front page. Includes links to archives, info, pictures, fanfic, and stories.

Origin of Species
Reviews of Xmen erotica.

Pagan Pleasures
Return to the mindset of the 70s with this site containing information about sex and paganism, sex and spirituality, porn stars, sexual research, and the S.L.U.T. stories about a group of swingers whose mission is to spread their creed of constant sexual activity.

Compendium of the latest headlines in sordid behavior. Sister site to

Pink Gladiolas
TG Stories. This is a commercial site for the author, but sample chapters are available, as well as lots of TG info and website reviews.

Queer Horror
Stories, links, media lists, and artwork about gay vampires, werewolves, and ghosts in a very extensive reference site.

The Secret Society of Kidnappers Bulletin Boards
M/F bondage and kidnap forums (roleplay only, of course.) Many excellent stories are posted chapter-by-chapter in the "Tales of the Slave Trade" forum.

The Soc.Subculture.Bondage-BDSM FAQ
The answers to the questions I bet you've been DYING to know.

Sticky Situations
"Stuck" fetish site dealing with people trapped or stuck in gooey substances. Requires registration.

BDSM info, links, message boards, and stories. Includes monthly horoscopes and much more.

Taliesin the Bard
Erotic stories and articles by Taliesin about the adult film and swingers' community. Lots of interesting information here.

Information site about transgenderism (males becoming females, and vice-versa) in fiction, comics, and movies. Includes lots of stories as well. Check out the "Earth 349" comic fanfic series in which the male members of the Justice League recieve a sex change to female, and vice-versa.

Transgender Book Reviews
Reviews, lists, resources, and other information.
List and resource site serving the online vore community. Includes a vore encoder/decoder, convention listings and reports, and an extensive links database.

The World's Sex Records
Fascinating facts about you know what.

Your Fetish
Review site for fetish and BDSM fiction, nonfiction, DVDs, videos, magazines. An extensive list of carefully written pics and pans. Also includes BDSM and fetish info.


Authors of Erotica Webring
Join this webring to show off your writing to the world, or cruise it to see a Who's Who of erotica writers.

Erotically Speaking
A webring for erotic stories -- authors, readers, and sitemasters take note.


Blithe House Quarterly
Gay Ezine featuring short erotica stories.

Blue Food
Adult literary ezine of "irreverent, artistic carnal expression."

Clean Sheets
A new e-zine from Maryanne Mohanraj that features stories, articles, erotic photography, and reviews of adult books. A clean, fast-loading site with some excellent reading material and no distracting banners.

Fur Love
Furotica ezine.

The Gorean Voice
Ezine with stories and articles about Gor.

The Journal of Desire
Erotic e-zine edited Mark Aster featuring contributions from Uther Pendragon and Matt Twassel.

Libido, The Journal of Sex and Sensibility
Erotic e-zine.

Ezine of erotic fiction.
Ezine focusing on sexual issues.

Naked Blades
E-zine featuring Sword and Sorcery erotica with warriors, wizards, and feats of derring-do. Includes artwork.

Night Terrors
Erotic horror ezine.

Semicommercial erotic ezine slanted towards women. Slick, corporate, fun. Includes message boards -- not all of them sex-related -- and some beefcake pics. Worth a look.

Sex tips and sex health advice for teenagers.

Erotic ezine featuring visual art, poetry, and prose. One of the longest-lived ones on the net.

Shadow of the Marquis
Ezine featuring erotic horror stories about vampires, BDSM, and fetishes, as well as artwork, articles, and forums.

Literary erotica ezine.

Suspect Thoughts
Webzine with some erotica.

Switchblade Kiss
Ezine of vampire erotica.

trigg-er EROTic
Ezine featuring a selection of free erotic stories for many different tastes: M/F, supernatural, BDSM, gay, etc.

Ezine of "dangerous queer fiction" including erotica.

Pay Sites

This section lists pay story archives with interesting or unusual content that provide free "samples" for perusal.

Cyan Stories
Erotic short stories by a prolific author.

Erotic Haircut Stories
A very large archive of erotic haircut stories including forced haircuts, shaving, and defeminization. It used to be open to everyone, but now it's a pay site with a few stories available for free.

Gourmet Girls
Pay site featuring "tongue in cheek" art, stories, chats, and forums about young women treated as food.

Vessel - First Mistress
D/s poetry, stories, and spoken word pieces. A pay site, but some material is free.

Mr. Double
Archive of incest stories. A pay site, but a few stories are free.

Sex Fantasy Stories
Erotica in a fantasy setting, that is elves, princesses, and dragons.

Wicked Velvet
Erotica for women, mainly M/F romantic.

Spanish Language Sites

Slash stories in Spanish.

Slash and anime fanfic stories, essays, rants and raves, in Spanish.

Yaoi and slash stories, in Spanish written by Chilean fans.

Foulplay Yaoi stories in Spanish, Japanese and English. You've got to be able to read Japanese to find them, though.

Historias Calientes
Hot stories, in Spanish. Divided into gay, lesbian, het, and women (for women, that is.)

Historias Eroticos y de Moteles
A large selection of erotic stories that seems to be sponsored by a Chilean daytime motel chain, with rooms for hire by the hour for amorous couples.

La Biblioteca Perdida de Phantasia
Spanish language anime fanfic archive, with some slash and adult.

Erotic stories in a attractive, well-designed Argentinian site.

Mis Relatos-X
Noncommercial erotic story archive, in Spanish.

Mundo del Vampmaker
BDSM info and stories in Spanish. Also includes information about the Mexican BDSM community.

La Pagina Web de Yasena y Jedi
A small selection of humorous Star Wars slash stories, in Spanish.

Hypnosis and mc stories in Spanish. Includes pictures.

Erotic stories in many different categories, gay, lesbian, threesomes, bondage, etc.

Men on the Net's Erotic Story Archive: Spanish
Gay stories, in Spanish. More are available at http://www, .

Gay stories.

Primera Pagina de Due South en Espanol
Due South slash, in Spanish. Many stories feature Mexican themes.

Erotic stories featuring threeways, masturbation, mind control. Includes some novel-length fiction.

Relatos de Sexo
Erotic stories in four categories -- gay, lesbian, het, and women('s) in an ad-free Spanish language site.

Erotic stories.

Sexo Tabu
Erotic stories.

Sir God
BDSM stories, a submission diary, and links. From Mexico.

Self-posting archive for slash, both fanfic and original, in Spanish for Spanish fans. (Spanish Language) 9/25/05

La Taberna de Rogue Xena la Princessa Guerrera
Very large, well-organized, Spanish language archive of Xena fanfic, most slashy and/or adult, from one of the most popular fandoms in Latin America. Lots of pics, info, stories, and links.

X-files fanfic archive in Spanish. Another popular fandom in Latin America.

Web Hosting, Tools, and Services REVIEW
This site archives all postings sent to the newsgroup as well as offering authors free web space for their own story sites. There's at least 700 writers calling this part of the web their home; a number of major archives makes it their homes also. Offers both web and ftp access.

Hosting service for your own private BBS. Free (with popup ads) or by subscription (without.) Worth a look.

--- FurNation ---
Host providing webspace for about 200 fur-related sites, with other services as well. If you're a furry and need a home on the web, check this out.
Site provider serving the gay community with low-cost web hosting.

Open source software for running your very own weblog. Requires a SQL and .php-compliant server.

UBB - Ultimate Bulletin Board
Software for running and/or hosting your very own forum board.

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