"Oh My god …rebecca," He breathes, stunned as she enters the room, absolutely enthralling in nothing but a lacy black bra, a very short catholic schoolgirl’s skirt, and a pair of knee-high dark-brown boots. Her skin is creamy and pale, a luscious backdrop for the sexy outfit she had worn for Him. Her hair is long and dark, hanging free, the ends of which brush the tops of her breasts, which peek teasingly from their lacy confines. Her lips are drawn to the side in a half-smile, that lovely smirk that He finds so very endearing. Her eyes are dark, yet glow with her own desire …a desire to please Him, hoping her appearance is a beginning, and that it will be enough to convince Him that she is worthy. Worthy to serve ..and be used by Him for His pleasure. She speaks then, quiet, a little girl’s voice, "Master …please?"

No further words are spoken, nor are they needed. He reaches out for her, even as she flings herself into His arms, instinctively anticipating His need and lust. His hands rise into her hair, and grasp tight handholds, gripping painfully and drawing a gasp from her. At the same time her arms slide around His neck, and she looks up at Him, smiling seductively, very grateful. His hands pull her upward suddenly, forcing her to rise on her tip toes, even as His face descends. His lips claim hers then and with no further warning, molding them to His pleasure, kissing her roughly, demanding full submission and receiving it gladly.

His tongue forces its way into her mouth, even though she quickly parts her lips for Him, yelping a bit in surprise at His forcefulness, but craving it all the same. He explores her mouth slowly now, using the tip of His tongue to trace and define the contours of that moist tissue; first tracing along her gums, upper and lower, then flicking teasingly at the roof of her mouth, following this He begins a taunting dance with her own tongue, swirling about it and stroking it firmly. He withdraws His tongue from her mouth then, forcing a low whimper from her throat, even as her own tongue slips after His.

He allows her this, even parting His lips to aid her. His tongue slips beneath hers, forcing it upward inside His mouth, so that she may tickle the roof of His mouth now. A deep chuckle rumbles upward from His chest, as He enjoys this kiss, a prelude to so much more. He releases her tongue then, allowing her free reign to explore, which she quickly does. She is a talented girl, and He is very proud of her …and tonight He intends to make full use of those talents.

His hands slip out from her hair, traveling down her body with exquisite languid enjoyment. His fingertips trace the contours of her face now. He begins at her brows, stroking His thumbs lightly through their softness, before lowering to brush across the flickering flesh of her eyelids. He moves lower, and traces the subtle arch of her cheekbones, enjoying the silkiness of her cheeks, and the soft down upon them. Lower still, His nails lightly trail along the underside of her jaw, before scraping down to her throat. This draws a shiver from her, and another slow chuckle from Him.

He breaks the kiss now, and she whimpers again, though He quickly hushes that sound with a simple warning glance. Her eyes widen for one moment, then lower to the ground, lashes half-closed as she waits for His next command or action. His eyes are on her now, and He can feel her skin quivering beneath His touch, as His fingers lightly stroke along the tender flesh of her throat, brushing that flesh with the pads of His fingers, then raking ever so lightly with the tips of His nails. She shivers again, and He can see her nipples hardening quite clearly through the transparent black lace of her brassiere. Again He smiles, knowing what He has planned, and the perfection with which she will perform. She had yet to disappoint Him, and He had no doubt in her now.

He draws His hands from her and points toward the nearby wall. She nods once before hastening to do as He silently commanded. She turns and quickly walks to that wall, while putting a seductive sway into her step, sashaying seductively for His pleasure. His deep chuckle is her reward, and her body again shivers imperceptibly as she hears it. Reaching the wall she pivots gracefully back to face Him, leaning back against it silently as she awaits what is next to come.

He walks toward her now, dressed simply in a long-sleeved gray shirt, the fabric looking rather soft and pleasing, tucked into a pair of dark black trousers. Around His waist a thick leather belt, the buckle small and silver, gleaming brightly even in the low lighting of this room. His shoes were a matte black, an expensive leather. His hair is thick and long, and falls wave-like around His face and shoulders. His eyes are very dark, alive with the teasing fire of His lust, tempered at the moment but ready as always to flare and consume them both. His lips are full and sensual, and are presently drawing ever-upward in a pleased smile.

He pauses in His steps, as He is now standing less than a foot away. She keeps very still, knowing He can be very unpredictable … shivering as she wonders what He will do. His eyes gaze upon her face for several moments, before lowering to take in the loveliness of her body, resplendent in this teasing outfit, chosen especially for the effect she knows it would have on Him. He is pleased with the choice, and the fact that she had remembered. His eyes rise to her face again, and then He winks, chuckling very quickly. She offers a smile, at the same time her cheeks claim a rosy hue, blushing for Him, embarrassed, or perhaps just very shy.

"Remove the bra."

His words are short and to the point, rather gruff actually, and she is quick to obey. She nods to Him before dropping her gaze as her fingers deftly unfasten the garment. She lets it slide down her arms and fall to the floor, but His hand is suddenly there, catching it before it has a chance. She smiles to herself then, staring down at His shoes silently. He retracts that hand as He idly folds the item and stores it away in His left front trouser pocket. She notes this but says nothing of the price of that article of clothing, knowing He is worth it, and will surely make it up to her in so many ways.

She keeps her gaze on His shoes, flushing red as her breasts are bared to His gaze. At times He spies her glancing upward through her lashes, trying to see if He is pleased. He gives no indication though, and so she is kept in doubt, blushing and waiting, hoping silently. She is given some clue as His hands rise, fingernails tracing a slow path along the flesh of her stomach, then scraping lightly along the underside of each breath. His fingertips then follow this same route, an utter tease always, He draws out this delight. His hands turn then, palms lifting her breasts in either hand, as if He were weighing them. His thumbs brush lightly over each nipple, the merest of touches, and she again shivers for Him. Without warning His thumbnails scrape slowly along the hardened buds of both nipples, drawing a sudden squeal/groan from her, which subsides into a quiet sigh as He then strokes them both slowly, gentle again, a constant hypocrisy of action and intent.

"Look at Me."

She immediately obeys and raises her eyes to him, then her face, tilting it upward slowly as she gives Him a dashing smile, trying to be cocky even as her knees grow weak at His teasing. His lips again claim a quick smile, as His fingertips dance lightly over the flesh of both breasts, stroking and caressing that soft skin. Her pleasure is easily identifiable by the low whimpers rising from her throat still, soft sighs and exhalations as He continues the manipulation of her flesh. She gasps all of a sudden, feeling a sharp pain, as He pinches both nipples roughly, then rolls them tenderly between forefinger and thumb. Her gasp is not wasted, as He swiftly lowers His head and captures her lips in a fierce kiss, sucking the breath from her in a demanding gesture, kissing her hard and painful, though she does not mind it seems, returning it with all the force her tiny force can muster.

He pulls away all too soon though, and the breaking of the kiss is heralded by another cruel pinch of her nipples, using His nails this time. She bites into her bottom lip, as a solitary tear forms and little by little skates down her cheek, hanging there for one moment from her chin before falling to splash into nothingness on the carpet below. He does not acknowledge it, though His fingers find a pleasurable rhythm against her breasts, brushing delicately along each nipple, before stroking around them both with the teasing tip of His thumb. She smiles at Him, aware of His constant back and forth desire of sadism and tenderness, and caring for Him all the more because of it.

He stares down at her for several moments more, then utters His next command, “On your knees, girl.” She moans hearing this and quietly slips to her knees in front of Him, staring upward with that adoring gaze of hers, waiting for the following order they both know is coming, and yet He always seems to feel the need to draw it out for her, making her wait. His fingers caress her face gently, stroking lightly along those lovely features, giving her another smile of approval. His words when they are uttered, are quiet and deep with a sudden influx of His desire.

"Unzip My pants, rebecca…"

Again she moans, even as her hands rise to draw down His zipper, the very sound making her shiver with anticipation. His hands leave her face and slip into the opening of His trousers, drawing out the hard length of His cock. Her eyes widen at the sight of that flesh, throbbing with arousal and held tightly in His fist. Involuntarily her tongue slides out along her lips, moistening them with the pink tip as she watches Him. He strokes Himself then, very slowly and only once, then just releases, leaving His cock pointing toward her mouth. Her gaze alternates between that hard flesh and His eyes, flicking back and forth longingly. Her lips part and she whispers those enchanting words again..

"Master …please? May I..?"

His answer to her is a silent one, a slow nod and she quickly leans forward, giving the head of His cock an experimental flick with the tip of her tongue, grinning devilishly all the while. She again raises her small hand, wrapping very slowly each finger around the base of Him, holding it still for her attentions. Her eyes stare up at Him as she again licks Him, very slowly along the underside of His cock, from base to tip. She follows this with a soft kiss on the head, even as her lips form a soft ‘o’, and close around it. She sucks hard at him, for but a moment, then merely holds the head of His cock in her mouth, flicking at it with her tongue, teasing mercilessly for several long moments. His lips draw upward into an indulgent smile, as He very much enjoys this first part, as she tries to pay Him back for His earlier teasing, while knowing all along that she wants this just as much, if not more, then Him.

She pulls away from His slowly, sweeping the top of His cock with her soft lips, then following with the subtle grazing of her teeth, scraping slowly along His flesh as she withdraws. Just as sudden, she takes Him fully into her mouth, closing her lips tight around the base of His cock and sucking deliberately as she begins to bob her head on Him. His head falls back just as a low groan is drawn from His lips. His hands move to her head, stroking her hair tenderly as she moves over Him, sucking hard at His flesh, tongue stroking and slipping over it, swirling about it in her mouth, even as she takes Him further, deep into her throat. His eyes widen somewhat, and He returns His gaze to her, lips drawn back slightly in another smile, even as His breath quickens. Her affect on Him is pronounced, as she knows exactly what to do and when to do it, to drive Him over the edge so very quickly.

Growling low in His throat He drags her to her feet, this action sending another burst of pain through His flesh as her teeth once more scrap Him, this time accidentally in the suddenness of His movement. She gasps in surprise, looking up at Him with wide eyes, silently wondering what it is she did wrong. He gives her no answer though, save for His lips and the crushing kiss they force upon her, intense and rough, He rapes her mouth with His tongue. She can do nothing but whimper quietly in her throat, and quiver in His arms, accepting this treatment, as He is much larger than her.

This kiss is broken quickly as He spins her around and shoves her toward the wall, growling again. She catches herself just in time, palms against the wall, to prevent any damage, save the shock of this all. She glances back at Him, not moving save for the slight turn of her head, and her face is veiled by her hair as it falls forward, blocking most of her view. Again her tongue slips out to lick her lips, this time in fear, even while her teeth nibble at the bottom lip, watching Him to see what is next.

His hands move to the middle of her back and to the curve of her hip, respectively. With one He shoves her downward, forcing her to bend over, even while He uses His other hand to draw her backward, pulling her ass toward Him. Her already short skirt is not made for this type of treatment, and her flesh is obscenely visible to Him as it is forced upward by her bending. She whimpers again at this rough handling, staring over her shoulder at Him. He is staring back at her, admiring the subtle lines and curves of her body, very feminine, especially in this position, skin drawn taut and each curve highlighted. He gives her another smile, comforting and reassuring, even while His eyes burn with the promise of passion and the intentions of passion fulfilled. His hair is tousled and hangs every which way about His face, giving Him a very dark appearance, highly complimentary, if it were not for the fear she was feeling, her heart beating like a little sparrows.

He again draws her ass toward Him, even as His hips inch forward, and her eyes widen as she feels the head of His cock probing between her thighs. Even as His ardor overwhelms Him, He is still an absolute tease and thus begins to stroke between her thighs with the very head of His cock, rubbing very slowly there where she is warmest, very soft, and damp with her own arousal. She moans very quietly, feeling this and moves into Him now, enjoying again, her legs parting obviously to allow Him easier access. His fingers slowly inch their way beneath the fabric of her skirt, stroking gently the very soft skin of her hips, squeezing slightly there. He scrapes a bit with His nails, before digging them into her skin. This is the only warning she receives before He roughly shoves Himself into her, sinking completely inside of her with one deep thrust.

Her fingers clench against the wall, making fists even as she screams aloud, half from shock and half from pain, her head tosses, slapping her back with her hair audibly. His nails are buried in her skin, holding her still, preventing her escape and she is trying, struggling to pull away from Him, to force Him out of her, ashamed of this sudden violation, even while she wanted it ..but not like this. He does not move, save to lean over her, tongue tracing a wet line along the back of her neck, even as His face nudges her hair out of His way. His breath finds her ear, whispering low words into it, quiet growls.

"You are Mine, rebecca …to use and enjoy …tell Me this." He waits, even as His tongue continues its tease, stroking around the perimeter of her ear, His teeth nibbling that outer edge, while His thumbs stroke in slow circles against her hips. He does not have to wait long, however, and her voice caresses His ears, small and timid, very fragile and very scared. "I am yours, Jeremy …to use and enjoy …but please …don’t hurt me…" Those last five words are spoken with such trust and vulnerability that He cannot help but feel a sudden influx of emotion and adoration for this lovely girl, and so He kisses her then, even as she turns to face Him. Even in this awkward position, her lips easily mold to His, accepting His kiss and the emotion it conveys. She turns from Him then as He breaks the kiss, head bowed and her hair flowing over her face, hiding the tears there.

He rises again to His full height, staring once more down at her body, lovely and elegant before Him, bare and yet not, knowing His cock is buried deep inside of her. His lips draw upward into another pleased smile, though none are aware of it save He. He begins to move then, fingers gripping her hips very tightly, holding her still. He draws out of her, till only the head remains inside, throbbing thickly with His arousal, His blood heated and pumping quickly through His body …and then He pushes fully into her again, one long and slow thrust, gentle even as He is merciless, keeping her utterly still, not allowing her to move the slightest, whether backward to meet His thrusts, or forward to escape them. She is immobile, while He continues His thrusting, slow and easy, such a stark contrast from that first assault into her. Once more her head lifts and she turns to watch Him, smiling just a bit, knowing He never pushes things too far, giving her exactly what she wants, even as He takes what it is He requires. She licks her lips, then moans very slight, almost inaudibly, before turning to face the wall, this all too intense to meet His eyes.

He changes His tactics now, slowly drawing her backward to meet each of His thrusts, a slight increase in speed is noted, though it quickly fades to the background, as they both enjoy the slow torment of His cock moving in and out of her, deep and completing her, then out to be but a tortuous tease, the head held within her by the clenching lips of her sex, striving to draw Him ever deeper, and ever rewarded by another slow thrust. His lips are parted, breathing easily and slowly, watching her, enjoying this view, so very blatantly sexual …her skirt risen enough to allow Him entry into her pussy, but still rolled down to hide His hands buried beneath the fabric, nails digging into her skin, even as He continues to pull her back on Him, then off, on Him, then off again …

He growls now, a low exhalation of His arousal and lust and she responds by arching her back into Him, striving to push her hips backward, needing Him inside and she vocalizes this with a raspy, desire-filled whisper. "Master, please fuck me …faster.." Her words ended she again bows her head, shy and ashamed, but ever-hopeful, needing this and Him …though she could not say it. And as always, He feels no need to deny either one of their desires, and so His fingers grip her flesh tighter, dragging her back against Him quicker, even as He increases the speed of His thrusts, the sound of His cock slipping deeper into her is very audible, accompanied as it is by the subtle slapping of His flesh against hers, almost lifting her lower body off her feet each time He jerks her backward, to plunge the rigid length of His cock harder into her, giving what she asked, and oh so much more.

His lips are drawn back into an almost emotionless snarl, as He begins to fuck her quickly, roughly, driving the length of His cock into her again and again, deeper with each consequent thrust. He forces Himself into her steadily, the experience decidedly intense for Him, even while He shoves Himself powerfully into her, His thrusts almost violent in nature, but still not enough to actually harm her, save for the occasional bruising that will most likely arise from this rough behavior. She does not complain at the moment however, her head is thrown back, moaning with each brutal thrust, and He can feel the subtle and almost involuntary massage of her muscles around Him, gripping His cock even as He forces it into her over and over and over again, groaning quietly as He does, enjoying her body as He always does.

He can hear her voice, repeating two words over and over, even she drags in breath after breath.. "Jeremy ..Master ..Jeremy ..Master …" She is almost sobbing with the intensity of this experience, and tears are gliding down her cheek, wet path followed again and again by another. Her palms are flat against the wall and she is using it for leverage as she pushes back into Him, trying to draw Him ever onward, ever deeper into her. And He obliges her, dragging her body backward even as He pushes His hips forward, pummeling her body with rough thrust after thrust, shoving Himself harder and rougher into her, deeper still with each thrust, her legs again widening to accept this punishment, this pleasure, this treatment at the hands of her Master. Her knees are shaking visibly, and he can feel the tremors of her skin, knowing she would most likely fall had He not had such a tight grip on her hips.

Her voice He can hear again, whispering, pleading as her mind soars with extreme pleasure, her eyes are clamped shut even as tears continue to stream down her face, sobbing and laughing with the joy of it all, as her orgasms continue to crash over her, each one more powerful then the next, an endless wave of tortuous ecstasy. He leans into her again, continuing to roll His hips, forcing Himself into her deeper and faster, harder and rougher, violent still, as the deep and gruff growl of His voice reaches her ears, drawing her consciousness back to Him, back to hear His words.

"I’m going to come, rebecca …you’re going to make Me cum …are you ready?"

She screams again, assaulted by heavier waves of pleasure and passion at His admission to her, orgasm after orgasm nearly crushing her beneath their awesome weight and He growls again, rising to renew to His thrusts, fucking her fast and hard, brutal in method, but tender in intent. He is moaning now, albeit quietly, the sound still reaches her ears and now she is shoving backward onto His cock, grunting like an animal, wanting Him to cum, needing that comfort …to know she has pleased Him. This is the entire point for her, she wants to make Him happy, needs to do so. And so she impales herself again and again on His cock, even as He forces Himself deeper into her, plunging Himself ever quicker into her. His nails have dug shallow creases into her skin, half-moons that quickly well with blood, and trickle down her hips and over His fingers. He is aware of this, only as a deeper warmth on the heat of His skin. His moans are growing louder, as her enthusiasm pushes Him over the edge, making His vaunted control slip far too quickly for His tastes, though having no way to stop it. She is His lovely girl, His amazing slut, utterly gorgeous even as she sweats and moves before Him, writhing as she is filled with His cock, her body stretching easily to accomadate His intrusion.

His thrusts are mindlessly quick now, forcing Himself into her with a blind fury of impending sexual release. His head has fallen back even as He continues to push into her, deep and fast thrusts, sliding in and out of her wet, hot flesh, roughly, almost viciously with the cruel force of His hips pressing against her ass, driving Himself harder into her, repeatedly slamming against and into her body. He gasps softly, knowing He has passed the point of no return and so He redoubles His efforts, faster and faster into her, moaning along with each thrust, this sound parroted by her own lips and throat, moaning in time, sharing this pleasure as they both crest this final wave together, all of her previous orgasms having led up to this final wave, rising high with Him, and preparing to crash down in tandem.

His fingers flex convulsively, digging again His nails deep into her flesh, even as He drags her back quickly one last time, shoving Himself hard into her, burying His cock deep inside of her, even as His body quakes with the intensity of His orgasm. He groans aloud, the sound resembling almost that of a wounded animal …His hair is wild about His face, giving Him a very savage look, as His lips are drawn backward into an angry snarl, gasping out breath after breath, as His flesh explodes inside of her, throbbing and releasing His seed into her, even as her flesh milks Him, drawing out surge after surge of extreme pleasure. He falls forward suddenly, arms rising to slip about her waist, dragging her to Him, holding her tightly against His body, as He nuzzles against the side of her head, whispering into her ear, even as His lips lay soft kisses there and on the throat and cheek.

"You are beautiful, rebecca …and bring Me so much pleasure. You are perfect for Me …you are My love, My beautiful little girl …I love you so…"

His voice quiets after this, and He listens to her breathe, having fallen asleep in His arms. With an indulgent gesture, He nudges her head to the side, again kissing her cheek even as He scoops her into His arms. He carries her to the nearby bed and lays her down, stretching out beside her silently. He curls her against His chest, even as He draws the covers up and about them. He kisses her sleeping lips, which are drawn into a satisfied smile, her face that of a peaceful angel. His lips brush her forehead, and then her ear, as He whispers a few last words.

"Sleep well, My love…and know you are safe here in My arms, as always and forever."

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