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Biard Zukitoff


Here are the true life erotic stories of a well traveled ex-porn, life & photographer's model.


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Something about the writer


Biard Zukitoff is the pen name of an 37 year old Caucasian male who lives by the maxim " Try anything once, you never know, you might get to like it." Although not a writer for very long he has many real life sexual adventures to share.

With a high sex drive, he became a photographers model and life model for artists, which in turn led to making a few porno films, though most of the exploits he writes about are not related to his working life.

He has experienced both bi and hetero sexual experiences and has no personal gender preference, this makes him live life to the full, but, of course always practicing safe sex.

He likes circumcised males, body art and piercing and has high standards in regard to personal hygiene with a strong preference for those who shave their body hair as he does. His writing often reflects his personal experiences of these and since he likes mild bondage and some other fetish activities his work appeals to a broad range of tastes.

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Current Projects

Currently writing a work of thriller fiction, based on his overseas travel experiences in the middle and far east, he expects to complete it in late 2004
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Going NUDE!

Part 2




The horny goings on.... go ON!


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Going NUDE

Part ONE The beginning




Biard starts his adventure as stripping off suddenly takes on a whole new meaning, a couple  get Biard and his wife on the road to becoming NUDISTS !

and then read part two above!

I'm a little tied up  5.06.04 You're invited to cum and read about the

group sex, bondage and fetish

at my place!

Writers Block Cock  10.05.04 Writing my story leads to a threesome!
Three's a crowd 06.05.04 I audition for the first PORNO film
Life's a beach Recent I go on holiday with a difference
That's another story Recent Part one of the trilogy of how I got started!
Lights, camera and a good exposure Recent Part two of the trilogy of how I got started!
Mum, I've got a job in films Recent Final part of the trilogy of how I got started!
Just a small flap of skin Recent An unusual story of adult circumcision with sexy repercussions.

Illustrated with pics and not for the squeamish!

Sex, Love and Prosperity


The first of a couple of body adventures

Tattoo's are cool so I got one!


In these stories you'll find guys with guys, girls with guys and girls with girls, bondage, multiple orgasms, leather, dildoes, masturbation and lots of cum.


Below: More stories from the writer

Hidden Contraband   Getting involved with a Customs officer
The Fine Line. Early March 2004 Just a bit of bondage etc.
The Porno Stars Day Off Late February 2004 Being watched on my day off turns to fun.
A Wonderful Friendship Mid February 2004 We were just good friends until...
Massage Mid February 2004 Delights of a massage.
The Shower Late January 2004 Threesome in a shower
Poetry or something! Late March 2004 Humorous Sexy Verses




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Personal Interests

Dear Reader,

I hope you got this far down my web page, cos' it means your really interested in what I've got to say.

So here's a little peripheral detail about me.

When not writing I like to cook Italian, French, Indian, Mexican, in fact, all types of food or read and watch good films. I have an interest in classic cars and keeping fit and believes in looking after my body with a good intake of daily Vitamins.

I enjoy Swimming, saunas, massage and lots of working out and always say 'sex is also very good for keeping you fit'

I love my wife, cat, doing crosswords and beautiful women, and adore sunny climates, getting an all over tan, traveling and being an exhibitionist.

Wearing expensive cologne and leather turns me on, so do sexy undies on either sex and that's why I have a passion for buying and wearing super sexy male underwear.

Writing about my true life exploits, I admit is a real turn-on, and after finishing a story, I always need the release of a good sex session, to free up the writers block for the next story.

To check out what made me become a porn star click VITAL statistics. or THE BULGE it will give you an interesting perspective on me.

Kind regards,


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Contact Information

Electronic mail address

Because of the amount of junk, spam , viruses and rubbish that is sent to me on a daily basis, I have decided to no longer give a public e-mail address in a format that can be understood by the software these idiot spammers use to trawl for the addresses.

So here it is in a format that if you, really want to contact me and can understand how to do it you'll be able.

(of course all you really do is: get rid of all the silly dots, close it all up and replace 'at' with @ don't you?

My other web address (with some hot photos)

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