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Reader Comments

Since I took my writing public, I’ve had some very kind, supportive, encouraging e-mails from readers. And yes, I include in that description the ones that had criticism to offer, because in almost every case, those have been well-meaning and polite.

I understand the natural tendency of readers not to reply. For one thing, it means stepping up and saying “I read erotica.” That shouldn’t be a social barrier but, sadly, it still is. For another, if I’ve done a good job with the story, the reader ought to be in a mood where what needs to be played with next is not the computer.

Many delightful people have overcome that natural tendency. I’ve had brief exchanges with some, and long conversations with others. If you have written, thank you again!

Here are a few excerpts from the comments I have received.

From the ladies:

“Your work is polished and professional, always smooth, never distracting me from the enjoyment of your amazing erotic talent. Thank you.”

“In all of my tenure reading erotic fiction, something that stretches back some six or seven years, this was absolutely the best story I have ever read.”

“Your stories are so well-crafted, with great dialogue, well-developed characters and interesting plot twists… Being able to read stimulating, well-written work is an unexpected delight.”

“Definitely got me in the mood for a wonderful blowjob.”

“Wow. Very hot dialogue. I thought I’d find something interesting to read and now I’m turned on.”

“Beautifully done.”

“As a girl who loves to be spanked, I enjoyed every minute of the tale.”

“Keep on writing, a talent like yours is rare here [at asstr.org]”

“I read it three times and then lay awake half the night thinking about it. How can you see into me so clearly? How can you understand me when no one else does?”

“My heart started beating faster as I read it. I felt tingly all over and I know my panties were wet.”

“I did masturbate to that story and had an excellent orgasm thinking about the wonderful domination in the sex scene… I think that I am going to have to find someone who will spank me.”

“…I guess you could say it aroused me. I orgasmed THREE times from reading."

“I never thought I’d say this to a man I never met… thank you for a lovely orgasm!”

“It amazes me to think just how much of an insight you have on my soul. It really is like you have a window where you can see what I am thinking in the wee hours of the night.”

“Magnificent, in a word. Just the right measure of leashed desire…hidden from the desired. Thank you for bringing Tantalus to the fore of one’s mind.”

“I didn’t wash my hands like you said to. My fingers are still wet from… me. After I finish thanking you I’m going to read it again.”

“Please keep writing, the stories are so good. [What] keeps me reading [is] being touched by someone in the stories that kind of feels like me on the inside.”

“My panties are soaked already, but I just can’t tear myself away!”

“This story was amaaaaazing! …[It] was so hot…”

“Oh my GOD what an orgasm! Please please please do you make house calls?”

“…Last night I sat [my husband] down at the computer and had him read it. When he was done I said ‘that’s the relationship I want to have with you.’ We talked about it til 3 in the morning…. The bottom line is you saved me a fortune in couples counseling and probably my marriage. Thank you seems so little to say.”

“I really liked First Date, and it comes at a time in my life when I am thinking a lot about submission.”

“I think you should write novels.”

“When my work is of your calibre, I shall then feel that I have arrived.”

“I loved your story. It was sweet, hot, and believable.”

“Oh my god, all of your MC writing makes me so hot, thank you for existing.”

“As a sub, I find that most people can’t capture the Master’s power enough to fulfill my fantasies. You have done just that and more. Thank you!”

“Your writing style is incredible — better than some of the published erotica I’ve bought… Just Once rocked my world.”

“I congratulate you on being a keen observer of our culture and a hell of a good writer… Your use of language is a pure pleasure… [I]t’s nice to relax into one of your stories and know that… I’m in the hands of a master.”

“I had to change my panties after I finished reading it. Seriously. What incredible writing.”

“I stayed up way past my bedtime to finish reading this, by the way. My reaction to this story was not merely cerebral.”

Intensified made me cum.”

“I love the fact that you can make this stuff fun.”

“Just in case, slim slim chance, you don't know how… arousing this story is… I thought I owed it to you to tell you… Everything that happened to Lori is on my list of incredibly erotic things, and it’s magical to find all of that in one story!!”

“If possible I'm even more turned on than before, but not nearly in a private enough setting to enjoy it!”

“Thanks for the thrill of adventure and learning that I had [imagining myself] as the young girl in the story.”

“I didn’t say specifically before, but you have a really terrific voice. I mean, erotica is all well and good, but too often the reader struggles through the writing just to get the story.”

“The depth and breadth of the psychological and emotional expressions of your story stirred much in me… Thank You for making my last two evenings an immense pleasure.”

“You wouldn’t believe how hard this story made me cum. A fantastic fantasy, kinky and well-written.”

The Education of Heather S. has stayed with me. I have read it through twice. I love giving head and the descriptions of the training sessions were enthralling.”

“I am a female submissive who thought I’d run out of things to explore. Thank you for igniting a new passion.”

“[The Education of Heather S. is a] breathtakingly beautiful tale. Please forgive my lack of clear expression as I’ve only just finished reading and am still quite aroused. Every submissive woman everywhere should have to read this before Gor, or that bore by Reage, or most other tomes oft recommended.”

“Kudos for writing intellectually stimulating erotica!”

From the gentlemen:

“This is a great story… I would love to see a sequel.”

“Your stories are quite compelling in their eroticism.”

“A very hot, erotic ride.”

“You are a very elegant writer… I could easily believe that you make a living [at it]…”

“I love your stories. The dialogue is great.”

“Okay, I’ll say it. You’re a genius. Very hot story.”

“I just have to tell you, that ROCKED!”

“Donít write more of these, my heart canít take it!”

“I have read many erotic stories. Yours are the best.”

“The sex imagery is vivid, hot, and believable.”

“Well-written, dynamic, it swept me along with the excitement of the chase… And it was hot.”

“A marvelous blend of erotic and moral, of sensual and cerebral… A beautiful story… Perfect.”

“A thinking man’s erotica.”

“Absolutely superior.”

“I'm gonna have to leave your website now or I won’t get anything else done.”

“You’re a perfectionist and it shows in every single line of your manicured manuscript.”

“You’ve got a good ear for dialog, and your stories have a nice polish — the rewriting you do really shows.”

“I finished it begging for more.”

“I’m planning on showing this story to my wife… I suspect her of having a hard time dealing with her own feelings of submission and we’ll see where this might take us.”

“You’re not quite my favourite author… but you are definitely within my top three.”

“More, more, more.”

“Outstanding!! One of the best stories I have read.”

“My god what a story… I even got tears in my eyes at the end, you’re very good. Thank you.”

“You are a fine writer and I want to praise you for doing it. I've looked at many writers over time and am surprised at how little talent there is. You are one huge plateau above most.”

“Smoothly written… This slow process to a climax is the sign of a skilled author.”

“As a writer, I know how difficult it is for most writers to get inside the head of a woman. One of your strengths is that you write women convincingly… It takes compassion and the willingness to think like a woman, and very few men can do that.”

“A lot of authors get boring once the spanking starts, but your stories just get hotter.”

“Wonderful storytelling; great pace; great combination of sex and plot.”

“Reminds me of some highly erotic Terry Pratchett.”

“Literary erotica is hard to find on the Internet. Well written and much appreciated.”

“This is absolutely the best piece of short erotica I've seen in a full year.”

“…A beautiful story about faith, love, care and submission.”

“I actually feel that I’ve taken real insight into my own sexuality from your story.”

“[I]t was a delight to read something written by an obvious professional. Your use of: correct syntax, grammar, sentence structure and tense were all more than greatly appreciated… I applaud your dedication to the craft.”

“This is one of the best I’ve read… and Brother, I read a lot of ’em.”

“This has been one of the most enjoyable and wonderfully subtle stories I have read so far.”

“I found the characters and the situations so believable that it is almost dificult to believe that [it] isn’t a word for word account of real events. Bravo!”

“[The Education of Heather S.] rises above typical ‘adult’ stories so easily and so far that comparison is ridiculous.”

“The writing itself is beautiful. Words and thoughts flow smoothly and naturally. Mozart could produce a symphony in a week, but we are mere mortals. I applauded the two years you took developing, expanding, focusing and editing your story to its present form. I wouldn’t change a word.”

“Beautifully written, immaculately edited, and hot enough to melt asbestos... I cannot even begin to express how amazing, and powerful I found this story.”

“I have read so many of the stories at asstr, but never have I read a story that’s been capable of bringing me to an erection, dismay, glee, sadness and and finally tears of joy.”

“[The Education of Heather S.] is hands down the best piece of erotic literature I have ever read. I cannot applaud your writing skills, your attention to detail, talent at conveying emotion, and descriptive abilities enough. ”

“Your characters are alive and believeable.”

From Reader Spotlights:

The Education of Heather S. — Absolutely the best story I have ever read on this site. Frenulum’s ability to convey emotions, the depth and sheer beauty of a relationship is truly masterful.

The Education of Heather S. — This is one of the few romantic stories I’ve ever read where the romance MOVED me, and didn’t just feel like an excuse for filling in the gaps between sex scenes. Heather’s growth as a woman, as a submissive, and in love is all well-written and moving. By the end of the story, I not only cared about Heather and her mentor, I found myself cursing the fates that kept them apart. If only more stories were as well-done as this one. Heather’s ‘sir’, whoever he may be, is truly a blessed man.

The Education of Heather S. — A solid, well written story containing D/s spanking and even a little romance. The length could be a little off putting to some but it is well worth it.

The Education of Heather S. — A novel about Heather and how she won her masters degree in cock worship. Just a masterful work of storytelling, with lots and lots and LOTS of oral sex. It’s such a great job of writing that the ending actually made me tear up.

The Education of Heather S. — I’ve been reading asstr stories since Usenet was cutting edge, and years ago I decided there would never be such a thing as a best story or best author. I now have to change my stance. This is THE best story at asstr: impeccably crafted, hot, moving, erotic and emotional... I’m close to speechless. The quality of the writing puts the rest of the site to shame, and the story is inventive, unparalleled, and captivating, the characters genuine and beautifully drawn. Dominant/submissive, heavily oral (wow!), some bondage, super sexy, but the story really outshines the sex. Don’t miss it!

The Education of Heather S. — The Education of Heather S. is by far the best crafted story I have found. Simply reading the short dedication drew me in. TEofHS led me to a greater understanding of myself, my submissive desires and why fellatio can actually be fun. I have the deepest respect for this author. Everyone should read this story, even if there are parts that aren’t your cup of tea. It engages the mind, intellectually and sexually. It was so refreshing to see a polished, professional work, to know something so beautiful and rare exists in a field sorely lacking in professionalism. I’d say more, but I fear I’d give you spoilers. A classic work that I have now twice read through and have re-read excerpts on multiple occasions. Every time was well worth it. Be sure you read other short stories by this author, too. The words that wash over you will remain with you. He will even, likely, teach you something about yourself.

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