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Reader Spotlights

Welcome to the Readers' Spotlights page. Listed below is recommended reading by fellow readers. Spotlights remain on this page for 15 days and then are removed to make room for others.

If you have know of a story you think others would enjoy, add it to the list. It only takes a few seconds.
(MMF, NC, Bad, humil, rape, tort, viol, snuff, anal, enema, scat)

The Interrogation of Leia is an overall well-written story that provides extensive detail on the torture, and keeps an actual narrative in the background tying it to the Star Wars canon. A little repetitive with some adjectives, but again, I really liked this, and thought that it had good pacing, scene setting, and detail, without being too onerous.

Be aware it's extremely graphic so if you're not into torture, it won't be to your liking.
Too often, on ASSTR, we have to choose between perversion and quality storytelling, like there's an inverse relationship. "Diary of a Teen Fuck-Toy" is a series that really proves that you can have both. The diary excerpts are used very well to tell two sides of the story and makes for an incredibly good read. Art Martin put a lot of effort into this to pull it off. All in all, a well told and well written story of a complicated relationship, well worth reading for the just story itself, but with the added benefit of well described hot sex, both conventional and perverse. Daughter Ava.txt?nocache=JItOnkdj...
Jason lost his wife in a car accident and almost lost his little girl also. As he was nursing her back to health, Ava became interested in sex and daddy was glad to teach her all about it. Daugher Ava Chapter 2.txt?nocac...
The story of Ava and her daddy continues. Her friend Heather and her father want to play with Jason and Ava. The four of them have a great time.
Story codes: mg voy mast pett cons first

Fun little story about the first time for 2 young teens from the boys perspective. Reminiscent of my first time. Def worth a read.

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