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Reader Spotlights

Welcome to the Readers' Spotlights page. Listed below is recommended reading by fellow readers. Spotlights remain on this page for 15 days and then are removed to make room for others.

If you have know of a story you think others would enjoy, add it to the list. It only takes a few seconds.
"Oh yeah," said my little girl. "Do it to me! Fantastic!"

"Oh... Jill!" I gasped as my orgasmic ecstasy began, my male workings surging gobs of cum up into the little one's innards.

"Oh, eeek! Ooooo! Wooohooo!" she shrieked.

I kept hammering away until my cock began getting limp. Spent and satisfied, I slid out of young Jill and onto my back.
Maybe I should sit in his lap. I wonder if he would get stiff under me again like he used to. I asked him one summer a few years ago why he got stiff when I sat in his lap and he said, Men can t help it. When a beautiful girl sits in their lap they want to make her pregnant.
An excellent novel length story of a brother, this two sisters, an orphan little girl, and their female guardian. Negligent parents make this adventure possible. Very slow but well written, the second half has a good amount of steamy scenes. I ve been told it s been around for a while but first time seeing it here. Very well worth the time to read.

Here is the original story description:
A man becomes the guardian of a precocious pre-teen and
is reluctantly drawn into an affair that changes his
outlook on life. (M/ff-teens, ped, inc, bi, reluc, oral,
anal, 1st, orgy, asian) by my Brother.txt
A nice incest story of a brother and sister with a bit of coercion.

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