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Reader Spotlights

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Reader Spotlights

Welcome to the Readers' Spotlights page. Listed below is recommended reading by fellow readers. Spotlights remain on this page for 15 days and then are removed to make room for others.

If you have know of a story you think others would enjoy, add it to the list. It only takes a few seconds. and Sister Love.txt?nocache=...
10 year old Jenny played with her 12 year old brother's cock one night and that was the beginning for Jenny and Bobby. Vampire Girl.html
A man and a gifted young woman fall in love and build their life together. Touching, erotic, and Romantic!

Mg, Mf, con, rom, preg, ped, wife.'s_Collection/www/34/carnal.txt
Middle-school Julia and her friend let their minds wander after they hear a dirty rumour at school.

Natural, believable, and finally at the end - perverse. It's the believable part that makes this one hook.

(gg, ped, 1st-lesbian-
expr, beast)

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