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Reader Spotlights

Welcome to the Readers' Spotlights page. Listed below is recommended reading by fellow readers. Spotlights remain on this page for 15 days and then are removed to make room for others.

If you have know of a story you think others would enjoy, add it to the list. It only takes a few seconds. and Pain.html
humil tort
Novel, if not trilogy length. If you're into fantasy, then this is the story for you. Never mind all the sex (and there's plenty of that) this is THE best fantasy story ever written, JRR Tolkien and Stephen Donaldson could learn so much, I want Rapina to hurry up and finish the tale, while at the same time am looking forward to many more chapters Unfortunately, the forum no longer works, so I have no way of contacting the author, Please, Rapina, provide alternative contact details because I can not praise this story enough, Looking forward to the next ten or twenty chapters with impatience, Carry on writing Rapina xx

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