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Reader Spotlights

Welcome to the Readers' Spotlights page. Listed below is recommended reading by fellow readers. Spotlights remain on this page for 15 days and then are removed to make room for others.

If you have know of a story you think others would enjoy, add it to the list. It only takes a few seconds. Kenny.txt?nocache=vaOEj...
Ronny catches his little brother in the hay loft smoking a cigarette. He snapped a picture of it and then began to blackmail him. Kenny sucked his brother off a lot until the tables turned and he got some dirt on him. A good fun story.
Mg11, Mf16, same girl five years apart.

Part romp, part social statement, all perfectly in character. Best Star Trek 'episode' ever! - Daddy's Droid.html
DADDY S DROID by Cordelia Speedicut

I'd like to think that, some time in between inspiring the world with robot stories released through "respectable" publishers, once or twice Isaac Asimov donned a pen name and explored the kinky side of what the future of robotics has in store for us. Perhaps a family member discovered those stories, updated the language, and published them on the Internet. That is unlikely to be the true origin of Daddy's Droid, but the story is certainly worthy of that pedigree.

School girl Tracie secretly experiments with her dad's new robot "housekeeper", and then things take an unexpected turn, and then another, and another. The story moves swiftly, always leaving you wondering what happens next, but you're always comfortably tapped-in to Tracie's thoughts and experiences. It's a long story, and it would be a good read even without the sex. But go ahead and read it for the sex, too.

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