Lara and the Bedpost

Lara Jenkins broke her ass when she was twelve years old. It had been an accident, when it happened, but she never regretted it.

Lara, at twelve years old, was a little stick of a girl. One of the shortest in her class, definitely the thinnest, she looked practically anorexic, being bony and thin, and rather long-legged, which gave her an even greater sense of break-ability. She was paled skinned, dark haired, and had deep brown eyes that gleamed with innocent and naivety, though these were things that she most certainly did not actually possess. Thin as she was, she had a very straight, pole-like posture. Unlike other girls her age who were starting to develop curves and hips and femininely shape, Lara's only real body definition came from her jutting hip bones which, being wider then her stomach, actually gave her a bit of an hour-glass figure. She had no tits to speak of, absolutely nothing had started to develop in that area, not even loose skin or muscle; without a top on, she had little more then dark nipples on her rips.

The only thing about her that wasn't proportionally small was her clit, which had, from the time of her birth, seemed more like a penis, even in shape. Her parents had told her that, when born, the doctors had not know if she was male of female, but that her parents had decided to not let them operate to reduce the abnormally sized clit.

For that, Lara was glad. Though she never once questioned her femininity, as her parents said she might begin to do, especially at puberty, she adored playing with her clit. Even at an early age, it had been sensitive to touch, prone to swelling like an erection. It hadn't been until her brother, Jack, turned fourteen or so, that his own penis was larger then her clit.

At age twelve, Lara envied both her brother Jack and sister Marcy. She wanted her clit to be thick and big like Jack's cock - she didn't know why, but the thought of it being like his eighteen year old dick just turned her on. And Marcy, fifteen years old, was curve and voluptuous, her tits the largest in her class, larger then most adult women and with no sigh of slowing in growth just yet, and a curvy, lovely soft body that was desired by all the boys in school.

On the day that Lara accidentally broke her asshole, she had been alone at home on summer break; Jack and Marcy, were at their part-time jobs and wouldn't be home for hours, and both her parents worked full-time jobs, and wouldn't be back until much later. She woke up late and horny, as her usual, and her body ached for attention. She had been getting used to cocks and tongues and fingers, thanks to her sibling's constant use and abuse of her body, and after half an our of jerking her swollen clit with her fingers, she was only more frustrated then when she started, and no where closer to cumming. She needed to be filled, she realized, and she had to take care of herself.

She didn't take long in deciding how to fill herself, either - the idea had originally occurred to her after the first time Jack fucked her years before. She had never even considered it before he did so, but after having her cunt and ass filled that first time by her brother's cock, phalluses just seemed to materialize into her awareness. She had become noticing her bedposts when she laid in bed, noticed the enticing ziggurat-like construction of increasingly wider spheres piling up on top of each other that formed the types. Five balls in all, the first a mere ping-pong sized-thing, the next more like a tennis ball, and the third a softball, and so on down. She had begun wondering how those orbs would feel sliding in and out of her tight, young asshole. And that morning, she decided to find out.

The first one had been no challenge at all, once she had piled up some pillows and blankets so that she could stand high enough over the pillar to be able to lower her body down on it. Her asshole slowly spread wide to accept the ball, and as her hole stretched, young Lara purred with delight. Her fingers worked her slick cunt, jerking it like a cock as she slid down, sending a jolt of pleasure through her body. Yes, this is exactly what she needed.

Her asshole protested a bit with the second orb, having never accepted anything quite so wide yet, though she had been told that her siblings certainly had plans for her ass that would make it that wide. They enjoyed stretching her out, and went on about how they would continue to do so. She enjoyed the attention, sure, but sometimes Marcy got every rough and forceful with her desire to widen out her little sister, and no amount of pleading ever got her to stop.

Lara thought she might trump them, surprise them with her own stretching. She wouldn't feel the discomfort of Marcy forcing her fist into her ass (something she kept threatening), if she took steps to ease such a thing. Besides, as she leaned her weight into the bedpost, the stretching, while slightly painful, was an amazing turn on. Despite her sphincter's opening protest to this second penetration, Lara was determined to take it all, and sit on that ball, stretching her ass, until her body was comfortable with the width of it. And until she had satisfied the lust in her pussy, which was ever mounting as she lowered herself.

She didn't, however, just force the next knob into her shitter - she squatted up and down on the pole, letting the first orb pump in and out of her hole while every time, trying to get a little further and further down. Every stretch made her moan out loud, and she rubbed her sloppy pussy faster and faster, working her body up to the first orgasm of the morning, and Lara was figuring she would have a few before dismounting her bedpost.

She slipped right as she was barreling down for that finial push to get that second sphere into her butt. The pillows and blankets shifted out from under her feet, in an instant, her legs kicked out wide and all of her weight, which really was not much, being the thin little waif of a girl that she was, was driving her down that bedpost. Not only did she succeed in impaling that second round knob up her ass, but the third one as well.

The forceful jarring of taking something so wide and so deep, while it ignited her first climax, also knocked her out cold, and her body dangled limply on the pole, convulsing a little as her muscled quaked from her orgasm.

It was a bit later before she awoke, her ass screaming in pain not only from the assault, but also from being held stretched so wide for so long. Wincing, legs trembling from weakness, Lara tried to stand off from the bedpost.

She was stuck! Her asshole had taken the knob completely, and was wrapped tight around the shallow ridge between the third and fourth lump. As she lifted off, her anus tried to stretch out to dislodge the wooden intruder, but no matter how hard her legs pushed, no matter how much she forced her ass to release, her hole just would not widen enough to evacuate that large a circumference.

Her legs ached from push and from standing in a squat for so long. Her muscled twitched from the strain, and soon, she just did not have the strength to support her weight with her feet. She let her body rest on the pole stuffed solidly up her ass, and she could do nothing up sit there and wait.

And wait she did for hours, her body all the while slowly drifting a little further down on the fourth orb until her asshole was stretched as wide as it would go. She didn't even have the strength to lift off again, even if her hole did eventually get lax enough to make it off the third tier.

She had nothing but her pussy to play with, so despite the searing pain in her ass, Lara rubbed her cunt, letting the pleasure overwhelm the pain. Soon she was enjoying her predicament, being trapped alone and completely helpless. She imagined her brother and sister driving her ass down on the pole before the left for work. Such delicious fantasies roamed through her brain, and she came again, her body shaking and clenching hard as the orgasm swept through her.

And once that pleasure fled, she became aware of the numbness and pain once more, and her ass hurt even worse, having squeezed so much again the knobby phallus in her rear. She had to start stroking her clit again to relieve the pain, though she went more slowly. She rubbed her pussy all morning long, cumming a few times when she couldn't hold back any longer. She just kept it up to keep her mind off the pain. When she had to piss, she had no choice but to just let her golden stream spray out onto her bed, soaking the sheets and mattress, filling the room with an acidic reek.

Marcy did not come home until mid afternoon, and even after she came in the house, it was nearly thirty minutes before Lara called out to her for help - she was just so embarrassed about her predicament, she couldn't bring herself to get her sister right away.

But eventually she shouted for Marcy, and her older sister walked in the door to see her naked body stuck, bedpost shoved up her ass. Marcy's eyes went wide with shock, and then, having taken in the scene, she couldn't help but laugh.

Lara's eyes pooled with tears, utterly humiliated at her predicament and that her sister was laughing at her. "Stop! It's not funny!"

Marcy, still giggling, walked in towards her little sister. "Actually, it is!" She reached out and pinched Lara's nipples between her thumbs and forefingers.

Lara winced and tried to yank away from her sister's harsh assault, but in doing so, she only pained her ass more.

"Oh, little girl, I think I like you like this! You can't stop me from doing anything now can you?"

Lara began to cry all the more, though she didn't resist since resisting hurt her even more. Marcy continued to twist and pull at her nipples, not at all caring how her teasing jerked Lara's body around on the pole. Finally, she stopped and released her. "When I get you off of there, you owe me. You do what I say, no back talk or complaining. Okay?"

Lara wasn't sure she liked the sound of that. She was becoming more and more aware how hurtful Marcy could be. Wanted to be. But she didn't have a choice, really, and whatever Marcy wanted to do would be better then still being stuck, so she nodded.

But when Marcy wrapped her hands around Lara's waist and tried to haul the little girl up, she had the same problem Lara had - her little asshole was just clenched to tight around the base of the knob, and Marcy wasn't strong enough to pull her off. She struggled several times, and Lara cried out in pain as her hole attempted to widen enough to dislodge, but it wasn't happening.

Though, Lara had to plead with her sister to get her to stop. Marcy was enjoying trying to lift her off, she loved hearing Lara's pain-filled screams and knowing, just knowing that she was stretching that tight ass hole so much.

By the time Marcy finally agreed to not attempt lifting her off again (making Lara fulfill the same promise to not attempt it again as she had sworn to before in order to get Marcy to try to free her), Jack was home.

Marcy ran out to get him, bringing him into Lara's room. "Look what the little cunt has gone and done to herself!" Marcy squealed.

Jack didn't delight in her predicament the way Marcy did, but he also didn't seem very sympathetic. "She's stuck?"

"Fuck yeah! I tried to lift her off but it only made her scream!"

Jack nodded. "Well, little girl, this is really going to hurt, but unless you want to go to the ER, it's the only way." Jack didn't wait for her reply before he moved up to her and wrapped his arms around her body. Lara hugged his neck and closed her eyes, realizing just how bad this was going to be.

It was worse then she could have guessed. Jack jerked his body up, pulling with all this weight, and at first, there was no movement, just agony and screams as Lara's ass refused to stretch enough to release the knob.

And then, POP, she was up off of it. But it was just a sudden and shocking change, to go from nothing to her being free, and Jack was caught off balance and slipped. Just as Lara was up and over that knob, nearly off the pole completely, she plunged back down, this time with all of Jack's weight adding to the momentum of her plummet. In an instant, she was back down over the third orb, and this time, her body continued down and the fourth and thicker bulb plunged right through her asshole. Her body stiffened completely, absolutely over-whelmed by the sudden pain. Jack got his footing and ripped her right off the pole again, this time meeting no resistance what so ever.

He set Lara down on her stomach on the bed. Her butt-cheeks, having so little flesh to them, were spread wide, revealing the gapping, bleeding hole, like a vast pit in her pale skin that led to her insides. Jack and Marcy got a t-shirt to sop up the blood; getting tired of holding it at her ass, they shoved it up inside her wrecked sphincter, wadding it up in a ball so it wouldn't fall out.

Once she recovered from the shock, Lara pleaded with her siblings to not tell their parents. She made deals and promises to them, and though her lack of willingness to comply with some of their desires had never stopped them before, there were things they always wanted her to submit to willingly, and now they had that from her.

Her ass never closed after that. It gapped easily open all the time, and she no longer had the power to squeeze or relax her sphincter - it was ripped and broken completely. That evening, Lara found out that she would never be able to contain her bowel movements ever again. She could not help but to shit herself, not unless she found something large enough to plug her hole with. But it was that same night that she realized just how much she enjoyed having panties full of shit, and just how thrilling it could be to never know when she would mess herself. It got her wet just thinking that she had no control and at any moment, without warning, she could be shitting herself.

Her siblings, too, made good use of her slack ass, stretching it wider and wider, always testing the limits of her broken hole. But that, and what became of Lara afterwards, is another story altogether.