Dirty Sisters 2

Jessica hustled up the stairs and into the bedroom she shared with her younger sister, locking the door behind her. Danielle ready and waiting for her - Jessica's bed, which, being a double was larger than Danielle's twin bed, was stripped of everything save the rubber mattress cover. Someone had obviously been expecting a little rendez-vous this evening and taken the steps to set up everything before hand. Jessica grinned as she pulled off her shirt and tossed it to the floor. Her sister was such a sly little slut.

Danielle was waiting on the bed, the sun-dress she had been wearing hap-hazardly thrown onto her own bed. She was on her hands and knees, her ass sticking up and out, aimed directly at the door so that the first thing Jess saw when she entered was the huge buldge and brown stain in the otherwise cute, flower-print little-girl panties.

Jessica was on the bed instantly, moaning with delight as her hand slid across the fabric of the panties. They were hot and moist, drenched with poo and pussy juice. Jessica squeezed the mushy lump and smushed it against her sisters butt, playing with the shitty mess like play-dough. Smearing and massaging it as she was, the mesh slowly spread until every bit of skin under the panties was covered and the turned completely brown. She ran her roaming hand down between Danielle's legs, spreading the mesh across the gusset of the panties and making her sister moan.

The smell was filling the room, but Jess didn't worry about it. The scent of her sister's messy panties excited her, and her sister, too, she knew, but Danielle had prepared well for this encounter and the scented candles in their room were already lit. Their parents would smell nothing out of the ordinary. They had been playing these games with each other for years and hadn't been caught yet. She had not reason to think they would now.

"Harder," Danielle purred, thrusting her ass out more against Jess's hand.

"You want more, sis?"


Jess cupped some of the poo through the fabric and slid it down to the gusset and then ground it hard against her sister's cunt. If she got any in, Jess couldn't tell, but Danielle was moaning hard into the pillow and humping with fervor against her fingers.

"So good! More!"

"You little shit slut, you want more?"

"Please, Jess! I need more!"

Jess smiled. "Good! Stand up next to the bed."

Danielle obeyed. She had learned early on that Jessica was in charge and that she was her sister's toy in this game. Danielle was more than willing to play the part.

"Opened your panties, baby."

Danielle hooked her fingers in the waiste band on her panties and pulled them open. Both she and her older sister peered down into her underwear: her skin was stained brown and clumps of shit hung in her scant pubic hair. Some larger chunks sat in the fabric between her crotch, but most of it was well flattened and partial clung to her pussy lips.

"You're so messy, little girl. You're little panties are nothing more than a toilet." Jessica stepped up onto the bed and stepped out of her pants, throwing them onto Danielle's bed. She squatted down, aiming her ass towards her sisters opened panties. Danielle stepped a little closer, making sure she would be able to catch her sister's gift.

Jess pushed a little, giving a soft grunt of effort. She could feel the warmth spreading across her anal as her sphincter slowly opened. Her turd emerged slowly, birthing from her ass bit by bit and inching down towards her sister's underwear. She could hear Danielle breathing behind her, the hard and heavy pants of one over-come by lust. Danielle could hardly wait, and was already gasping and begging, moaning softly, "Please, Jess. Crap in into my panties. I want to feel it! I want to feel your shit in my underwear!"

Jess squeezed her ass closed, cutting off the turd and sending it tumbling down. It smacked onto Danielle's belly, leaving a short brown streak, then fell into her underwear. She snapped the band closed immediately as if afraid the poo could escape. Her breathing was coming even harder and her body was shaking in pure delight.

Jessica climbed off the bed and stood in front of her sister. Danielle's eyes were closed, her whole being totally focused on the hot mess in her underwear. She was so cute! Jessica leaned forward and kissed her on the mouth, their tongues immediately snaking together and dancing between their lips. Jess made sure to press their bodies together, squishing their breasts together hard. Jess's hand was down between her sister's legs, working the new deposit hard against her sister's already messy cunt.

Danielle was moaning into her sister's mouth, her body giving way to the pleasure of the hot mass mushing up inside of her. It was such a lovely feeling to have her sister's hand massaging her clit and pressing the softness up inside of her. Danielle's arms wrapped around Jess's waist and her hands went to her ass, spreading the hard muscular globes so that her fingers could run across Jess's anus.

Jess shuddered at this touch, her pussy gushing as her sister played with her ass. Still stained with poo from her recent defecation, Danielle's fingers slid across the wrinkled flesh with ease. A little bit of shit-lube on her finger, Danielle pressed in a bit, slipping easily into her sister's ass. She worked in to one knuckle, then the next, until her whole finger was deep in her sister's ass. She could feel the warm, thick, heavy blockage still in Jess's bowels, and she groaned in delight. Her sister still had more treats to give her!

Jess's hand was still working hard, and quite suddenly, Danielle's body went completely rigid and started to convulse. Danielle was biting her lip hard to keep from screaming out as her first orgasm exploded through her body. Jessica hugged her close and kept working her finger's against her sister's cunt, making sure to keep the orgasm going for as long as she could.

After a few moments, Danielle started to breath again, and she looked up into Jessica's eyes. She was grinning with delight and she gave her older sister a quick kiss on the lips. "That was wonderful!"

"Of course it was," Jess said. She grabbed one of Danielle's hard nipples in each hand and squeezed hard, making the younger girl wince and moan. "Bend over the bed."

Danielle bent over at the waist and put her hands on the bed.

"Stick that ass out more."

Danielle obeyed, her brown pantied ass jutting out obscenely. Jessica stood behind her, grinning, and spanked her hard on the ass cheek. The sound was a dull, wet splat, but Danielle gave a little shrill from the sudden strike. Jessica smiled and kep spanking, alternating between ass cheeks. Tiny sprays of poo splashed out from under the waist band, splattering up across Danielle's naked back.

After a few minutes of solid spanking, Jessica stepped back. "Take them off."

Danielle whimpered, not wanting to loose the wonderful feeling of messy panties, but she slipped them down to her ankles and stepped out.

"Put them on me." Danielle looked up at her sister in surprise, but she immediately moved to do as she was told. Jessica lifted her legs as needed, and when both feet were threw the holes, Danielle putted the underwear up. They were, of course, very tight and the mess inside was crushed firmly against Jessica's skin, making a mess of her instantly.

The poo oozed out through the waist band and down each legs; there just wasn't enough room to hold it all, and every time she moved, even a little, more escaped from the underwear. Jessica scooped up this fleeing mess and smeared it on her sister's budding breasts, coating them completely to make small brown mounds.

"Bend back over," Jess ordered her sister after her hands were emptied of shit. Danielle complied without saying a word. Jess went into the night stand and pulled out one of her dildos, a thick rubber one with a handle. It looked like some strange, flaccid sword, but it was a great item for fucking someone else with.

"Spread your legs more," Jessica said, and watched as her sister's legs spread wide. There was some poo inside her cunt, Jess could now see, but with her legs spread, it was already trying to escape. Jessica wasn't about to allow that and she immediate lined up her dildo with her's sister's open cunny and rammed it in.

Danielle nearly fell onto the bed - she hadn't been ready for such a ferocious assult, and she bit her lip to keep from crying out. Her sister got rough sometimes, she knew, but it was always worth it.

Jessica was fucking her hard, pulling back nearly all the way before thrusting the weapon back inside her sister, ramming the shit deep down inside. With every withdraw, the shaft of the dildo was more streaked with sopping poo, and it excited her to no end to drive it back inside.

She pulled it out quickly, leaving Danielle's cunt gapping wide open and empty - the poo was no wear to be seen, bashed down deep inside. Jess held the head of the dildo against her sister asshole and started to press it inside. She kept constant, steady pressure, forcing it in deeper and deeper. Danielle grit her teeth and strained back against it, doing her best to get the toy deep inside as quickly and easily as possible. It was rather wide for her young ass to accommodate, but she was getting better at taking the whole thing. Jessica had a bit of a kink for overly large toys and using them on her.

Once it was in up to the rubber hilt, Jessica immediately start to fuck her with it, and hard, too - pulling it almost all the way out and slamming it back in to the hilt. After a few moments of getting used the size, Danielle was moaning in desire and humping back on the dildo-sword. She loved having her ass ploughed - she just wished her sister started off smaller and lighter!

Jessica was moaning, too. She loved fucking her sister up the ass with her toys, watching Danielle's tight shit-hole clinging hard to the dildo shaft as she yanked it out and plunged it back down again. She loved seeing Danielle's tight little shit-smeared ass gobbling up this huge monster thing, seeing it disappear into her lithe little body. God was she turned on!

"Baby, it's time to get messy," Jessica said.

Danielle loved those words. Jessica stopped fucking her ass, but left the didlo buried to the hilt up inside her sister. Danielle climbed up on the bed, doing her best to keep the toy firmly planted up inside of her, and gingerly laid down on her back. Jess got up on the bed and knelt next to her sister.

Jess started by rubbing her hands all across her sister's crotch and thighs, spreading out the messy lumps of shit, smearing the coating as far as she could down her legs and up her belly. She did the same to the poo covering Danielle's breasts, spreading out the brown waste across her chest and up her shoulders.

Danielle was moaning softly and rocking under the pleasure. She loved her sister's caress, her strong massaging hands, the lovely feeling of the poo covering her flesh. She just wanted to bath it in, roll around, and coat herself completely in the foul muck.

Jessica watched her sister, getting horny just by watching how much Danielle was enjoying herself. But there wasn't enough shit to cover her sister completely. Or, rather, it was too thick. Jessica stood and stepped over her sister. She pulled the shit-covered gusset aside and began to piss, the golden fluid flowing from her soppy cunt and splattering across her sister's shitty tits. She swayed back and forth, directing the stream down to Danielle's pussy and legs then back up across her boobs to her face.

When the spray was close to her face, Danielle was quick to react and try to capture as much as she could in her open mouth, but Jess shook her hips to keep the piss splashing on her sister's face and hair, though plenty did make it into her sister's mouth. She liked to hear it splashing in the yellow pool. She liked looking down to see her sister's mouth full and over flowing.

Her sister complete dretched, from head to toe, and Jessica had emptied her bladder completely. She knelt back down, the pee pooling around the indent her knees made in the mattress, and began spreading the now-wet shit all over. When she needed, she scooped a few chunks from her laden underwear, and once her front was coated in brown, Jess had Danielle roll over and she coated her back.

And at last, she was going to cover her sister's face. Danielle, knowing what was coming, sat up on the bed. She opened her mouth to show Jess it was still full, then closed it again, and closed her eyes. Jess took another chunk of shit from her underwear and began rubbing it into Danielle's face like it was make up. She covered every inch of the girl's face, making sure to coat her lips and eyelids, too.

Jessica gave her sister a kiss on the lips to show she was done, and as she did so, a small stream of piss squirted from her sister's mouth into her own. She was shocked, at first, having forgotten that her sister was still carrying the mouth-load, but she drank it down.

It was Jess's turn to by covered in filth. She stood and stepped out of the dirty panties. Danielle scooped them up as she stood, and Jess lay down in her place. Danielle turned the panties inside out, dipped them in a puddle of piss and then went to work using them to paint her older sister brown. As she knelt next to her sister, she kept her weight pushing down on the dildo to keep it lodged up her ass.

She took her time painting her sister with the shit-rag, lovelingly coating every surface of her sister's body. She loved being able to touch Jessica, to feel her warm flesh under her fingers, and to see that tan skin disappear under a layer of poo. It was so sexy and sensual.

Soon Danielle was finishing doing her sister's face, and she gave her a kiss - which resulted in another squirt of piss shooting into Jess's mouth - to signify that if was done.

Jess grinned at her sister, her white teeth a stark contract to the now-dark skin of her face. "Okay, baby, I want you to kiss all that piss into my mouth, then get down on your hands and knees."

Danielle nodded once then leaned forward, pressing her lips hard against jessica's waiting mouth. She started slow, letting a small, tight stream spew from between her lips. Jessica lowered herself and Danielle rose above her and opened her mouth more to let the still-hot urine drain into Jess's mouth.

When there was nothing left but the taste, Danielle did as she was told and got down onto her hands and knees, her ass jutting up into the air. She wasn't sure what her sister had in mind, but she trusted her completely.

Jessica climbed behind Danielle, even made her sister scoot back until her knees were on the edge of the bed. With one quick yank, Jessica pulled the dildo right out of Danielle's ass. Before her anus could begin to close, Jessica leaned in, burying her face into the shit covered globes of her sister's butt. She locked lips with her sister's dirty asshole and forced the piss in her mouth deep into her sisters bowels with as much force as her mouth could muster. Jess was holding on to Danielle's thighs, so when the younger girl was shocked by the rush of warm liquid up her ass and gave a little jump, Danielle couldn't move enough to pull away from Jess's mouth. Not that she wanted to, it was just her initial action - she loved the feeling of the orally-administered piss enema.

Once she had unloaded the contents of her mouth, Jessica pulled away and watched Danielle's ass slowly close, sealing in the piss.

"That was great!"

"I've got more for you, baby. Assume the position."

Danielle squealed with delight - this was Danielle's favorite! She rolled onto her shoulders, supporting her body so that her ass was cunt was aimed straight up towards the ceiling and her legs dangled down towards her chest. Jessica quickly straddled her, aiming her ass towards her sister's spready pussy.

"You ready?"


Jessica grunted with effort as she pushed at the mass still in her bowels. Her ass opened slowing, parting to release the thick log within. She eased her pressure, making sure to keep it steady and slow. Danielle, who was watching with wide eyes and mounting excitement, pulled her pussy opened even wider and lined up with the descending poo. She needed to guide it a bit, but once the tip of the shit log found the entrance to her cunny, she let it side in of it's own accord.

It was a thick, hard piece, but that didn't matter much to Danielle. Jessica had shit directly into her before, and it always made her cum, whether it was a hard, long, thick piece; several small chunks; a soft, wet mud; or acid, liquid diarrhea - though that was one of her favorite! The pleasure wasn't so much the phallic penetration of her cunt, it was the filling of her most private and delicate place with filth. The dirtiest thing she could imagine, and she was taking it into her pussy.

This time was no exception, and by the time the shit finally broke off and fell into her cunt, she was already in the middle of her orgasm. When she was done quaking, Danielle unrolled herself and laid on the bed motionless. Jessica pushed again and a few solid, but a little gooier, pieces of shit sprang from her ass and splattered onto Danielle thighs. She moved up Danielle's body and pushed out some more, sending several small chunks smacking down on her sister's tits and belly. Danielle just sighed, content.

Jess, her bowels empty, scooped up her dildo and spread Danielle's legs with her hands. Danielle let her do whatever she wanted, offer no resistance. Jess shoved the dildo into her sister's pussy, ramming the poo down in. It was getting pretty tight in there, but she gave it a few good thrusts before she was satisfied that it was well and truly packed in there.

"My turn," Jess said, shooing Danielle up and laying down on the bed, her legs spread. Danielle knew what to do.

She scooped up the last few turds Jess had shit onto her, squeezed them into a slid mess, and slapped it down onto Jess's clit. She began to work it hard, massaging it into her sister's wet cunt and grinding it roughly against the lips. The mesh was thick, a very heavy coating, and there was very little definition or details to her sister's genitals at this point, it was just all one big brown stain.

Danielle started to ease her hand into her sister's vagina. Not being able to see exactly where it was made it a little difficult and slow going, but when she finally wound the whole and began pushing steadily into it, she took a large chunk of shit in with her. Her hand slid in easily - she had done it often enough and at this point, Jess was very well lubed with juice, piss, and shit. She balled her hand into a fist once it was fully inside and began to fuck her sister with it royally.

Jessica had the drop-cloth clenched in a death-grip and she jerked bodily on the bed as Danielle fist-fucked her hardily. Danielle was always afraid she was going to hurt her sister- she pulled out as far and as roughly as she could, and she punched back with quite a lot of force. But that was the way Jess liked it, so she was as rough as she could be and there were never complaints. The shit inside Jess's cunny was quickly mushed into liquid; some of it leaked out of her pussy and sometimes and stream of it would shoot out and splatter across Danielle's face, but since she was completely coated in poo anyway, she never cared.

But Jess needed more to achieve the truly awesome orgasm that was building, and Danielle knew it. She leaned in, her tongue burrowing into the huge mass of crap to try to find her sister's clit. It took a while before she located it, and Jess's bucking meant that the shit patty covering her cunt was constantly slapping Danielle in the face and sometimes breaking off in her mouth. Danielle didn't mind too much, not anymore. She loved her sister and did what it took to satisfy her completely. She was used to the taste, and when the inevitable chunk of shit made it's way into her mouth, she swallowed it down and went right back to lapping her sister's cunt.

It only took a couple more minutes before Jess was cumming. Danielle never stopped licking or pounding, not until the very last quiver wracked Jess's body and the girl collapsed with a sigh. She had one final duty to do to finish her sister off. After she withdrew her hand, Danielle locked her lips on her sister's cunt, making sure to cover the whole passage, and she began to suck. Jess raised her hip a bit, rising up to let the rest of the now-liquid shit pour into her sister's mouth.

As always, there was still a lot left in her cunt, and it wouldn't be clean until she showered, and that would wait until morning as always. But Danielle's sucking got most of it - her mouth was nearly full. She climbed back up the bed and layed down on her sister's stomach, once more smooshing there shit-covered tits together. They embrassed tightly and squirmed together, the wet shit covering them allowing their bodies to glide easily together.

Jess kissed her sister, and as their tongues started to play in each other's mouth, the liquid shit started to fill her own lips. They rolled around a bit, passionately kissing and groping and passing the poo from mouth to mouth until it disappeared completely and was gone.

When they broke apart, they ended up, as they always did, spooning, with Danielle's back pressed hard against her sister's chest, and Jess's arms hugging her younger sister tightly to her. They remained naked and covered in shit, and the indent there bodies made in the mattress was pooling with urine. They both were kind of curled up, and Danielles butt was right in the nook of Jess's lap.

Jess was petting Danielle's arm, both of them quiet and relaxed in the aftermath of their dirty lovemaking. "I love you, Danielle." Jess's voice was sincere and filled with warmth and adoration.

Danielle smiled. "I love you, too, Jessica." She giggled a bit, though, despite herself.

"What is it?"

"I have to shit again."

"Again? Already?"

"You reamed my ass pretty hard, Jess, and then you gave me an enema. I'm feeling kind full and ready to explode."

Jess kissed the back of her sisters head - her lips were rewarded with the flavor of her urine from the girl's soaked hair. "Go ahead, my love."

The warm liquid rushed from Danielle's ass, bursting force with great pressure and splattering right into Jess's crotch. She moaned as the stream shot against her cunt lips - it was thicker than just liquid, and Jess could imagine that it was a thick brown, muddy sludge that was coating her thighs and pussy.

"Ah," Danielle sighed when she had emptied herself. She wiggled her ass against her sister, smearing the new mess around and bit. "I feel so much better."

Jess squeezed her tight, then nestled down. She yawned, tired but satisfied. They both drifted off to sleep, covered from head to toe in shit and Danielle's cunt still packed full of the stuff.

They would shower together in the morning and wash away the dirt and filth. Jess would lovingly and tenderly clean out her sister's cunt and lick her pussy and breasts free, and Danielle would do the same to her. They would take turns using the shower head to fill up each other's pussies and asses with warm water. They would kiss and massage and bath and soap. It would take a few hours, but their parents would think nothing of it - they never did - and they would make sweet and soft love with each other as they cleaned and worshipped each other's bodies.

But that was tomorrow. Tonight, they were both worn and dirty and they loved it. And they slept soundly, covered in waste, secure in each other's arms.