The Bedtime Tales of Be287m

The Compassionate Courtesan Universe

The 'hooker with a heart of gold' is a cliché. However, sometimes it's also true. These novel length stories share some of the same characters.

The Ugly One

Some anthropologists once did a comprehensive survey of what human cultures considered beautiful. There was one consistent: trait-symmetry. Every human culture in existence said that the person with symmetric physical features was the beautiful one. I'm the ugly one. This is my story of how I met a beautiful courtesan and what happened after.    
Completed 01/05   67,402 words Codes: MF FF rom cons bi het group safe oral pett

Friends and Benefits

I told her “It’s a long, complicated story about friends with benefits. Or without benefits. Or. . . I don’t know. Friends and benefits.” It was the story of my mid-twenties and sorting out my confusion about women, love and sex. But it was only in telling my story to a non-traditional “therapist” that I really found the answers and learned about the varied forms that love can take. Note slow code.    
Completed 12/07   217,131 words Codes: MF FF rom cons slow solo coll exhib voy oral pett safe first bond toys group

The Holiday Series

This series follows Dave and his friends as they explore romance, voyeurism and exhibitionism, and the meaning of friendship. Each story is set at a holiday during the year. Six stories of various length are done; nine total are planned.

Two Minute Penalties

Liz loves hockey and meets a similar fan in Steve. Unfortunately, he roots for the wrong team. They make a bet -- she'll give him two minutes of anything he wants for every game her team loses. A midlength romance (18,518 words).


Dr. Seuss Provides the Girls
With apologies to the real Dr. Seuss. This was written for Girl Friday's Dr. Seuss Fest and as such, it's in verse and reasonably short. *Winner of the 2004 Golden Clitoride for Best Erotic Poetry*
01/01/04   675 words  Codes: MF FF humor inc orgy

Short Stories

Longer than 1000 words, but shorter than 10,000, these stories are an eclectic mix. There's satire (9.7), a character story (Waking Up), and my take at Groundhog Day type time travel (Friday the 13th).

Flash Stories

Less than 1000 words, these stories are where I wanted to play with an idea. Some are amusing, most have a twist.
Professor Be in the Lounge
When I first started writing, I hung out in the FKWLounge. The folks there inspired some silliness.
Scipio's Forum stories
When the FKWLounge closed, I migrated to Scipio's Forum. Unfortunately, for them, I took my quirky sense of humor with me.

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