Kids in Vintage Art
Collected by Akabax

The theme of this collection is vintage erotic art with kids in it. I started by scanning it from books on erotic art. Later, I expanded the collection with artwork found on the internet. There's a total of 147 drawings, and most are of them are in high quality. This causes the archive to takes up 42.9 MB

A lot of the artists are unknown, but not all. There are artwork by Franz von Bayros, Jules Pascin, Martin van Maele, Carl Larsson and Mihály Zichy.

Due to the pedophilia theme, I want you to be aware that this is erotic fantasy. I really hate that stuff outside the fantasy realm.

A little preview:

Alternate download location:

Please note that the collection is in .cbr format. Files with the .cbr extension are simply .rar files which has been renamed to be easily opened with a comic book reader, such as the free program CDisplay. It can be downloaded here:

After installing the program, just double click on the .cbr files to view it!

(If you for some reason don't want to use that program, you can just change the file extension back to .rar and unpack the files.)

I have chosen to distribute my artwork for free. You are most welcome to distribute it in any way you like, as long as the content stays the same, and you don't charge money for it.

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