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Old women and young men index;

This is my story index of older women with younger men [and even boys].

Every young man should have at least one affair with a mature woman who can teach him the things he needs to know... I did [see "when i was 15"].

Older men with younger women have their own index. Some stories will be in two or more sections.

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It's often difficult to feel inspired to do the grunge work of finishing a story for the web and keeping the pages up to date; mail from readers is what I need for this.

I get about 1 letter for every 1000 downloads; that's a pretty low yield, people. If you've enjoyed my work, why not return the favor by sending me a short [or even long] note?

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Older women having fun with younger men;

Barefoot in the 80's part 2, Anna took my cherry
m/F, first, anal, 3,500 words
18 year old Adam meets his his sexy 28 year old friend Anna, and they have a short kinky affair together, as he remembers the way Anna took his cherry a few years before.

This is a part of a series, but can be enjoyed on its own. You might know my Anna Character from some of my other stories.

Singapore fling;
5,900 words m/F, gilf
When a teenage American boy goes to Singapore to spend the summer with his dad there, he loses his cherry to, then becomes the willing plaything of a voluptuous old Chinese madame.

As the old woman patiently teaches the happy lad how to please a lady,  dad is having an affair with her attractive and competant daughter.


In bed with fabulous old Lucy, 9700 words
Matt doesn't do well with women; would the hot old infamous Lucy change his luck?


An extraordinary old woman and a willing young man;

7000 words, m/F gilf, old woman / teen boy

Gap year travelling boy, 19, meets a remarkable and disturbingly attractive old woman, 74, on a windswept Scottish island.


Sexy at sixty and the boy who said yes,

A gilf tale. 10,700 words m/F

Summery; She was a special woman, with the experience to know just what she wanted, and the moves to get it. A boy 1/4 of her age.


My older lover, and her wife 

 m/F m/F/F [older woman], threesome      9330 words

Summary; a young man is seduced by his lovely lady dentist. After a brief affair, she wants to see him again. This time, she takes him home to meet her wife.

I've had this story kicking around for years; I decided it was time to just get it posted.


Strict Chinese landlady

3,900 words; older oriental woman, young American man. F-dom

A young man is surprised to find an older woman attractive; even more surprised to enjoy being [lightly] dominated. good fun.


Is windsurfing better than sex? 

2350 words

This is a sequel to John_was_17. A young man goes windsurfing, but takes a break for some fun with [middle aged but sexy] Fran.



[1350 words] M/F, M/F

Another short tale of interracial sex, my narrator goes home with an Oriental girl, but ends up with little bit more. 


Dinner at Sue's [Mother's]

3500 words m/FF

A short tale of an intense sexual encounter between a young man and two older ladies. Daniel has met Sue's mother before  [breakfast_at_Sue's]. a fun little story for older woman fans. 


In the hold of swingers;

3775 words

A young couple is seduced on a boat, by a pair of older swingers. a really hot scene of a young man secretly listening while his girl is seduced by the husband.


The Filipino maid and the spoiled brat;

3782 words 

A fifteen year old boy molests the help, and is shocked when she doesn’t object much. In fact, after a while, they both come to appreciate the situation. this story got more response than anything I've written until now



[500 words]  

A true tale of my youth, involving an older woman.

Readers of my writings will be aware how I love old/young stories. this is one of the episodes in my life that may explain why. there are more, but they are not written down.

This was a "flash story" written for the asstr anniversary celebration, and is only 500 words long. I might make it longer some time.



[3,482 words]

The title basically says it. A fun tale of an older sophisticated black woman, and a charming young man. 



M/F interrac. cheat 3819 words.

A love affair between a married Chinese woman and a young black man. highly acclaimed! This story has lots of emotion and hot sex.


The trouble_with_Evelyn 

m/F f/F, f/M 7800 words. 

A sequel to "the trouble with swapping", but it can be enjoyed on it's own.

An 18 year old boy falls for the elder Evelyn's sophisticated charms. it's all good fun until his 17 year old girl friend falls for Evelyn. and Evelyn's husband Carl...

this story starts out as an older woman / younger man tale, but kind of evolved on it's own into a older man / younger woman thing.


The trouble_with_swapping 

[3700 words] M/F, M/F, young/old, interrac.

An older white couple arrange to swap partners with a young black couple.  Mostly, things go according to plan, but not completely…

I personally really like the characters of this story, so much so that I'm writing a sequel for each of them. is there any interest?



[1900 words] M/M/F

A man and his wife both get it on with their young friend John.

If oral sex between men puts you off, don't read this one, since the happy trio do experiment with a little penis play...



[1050 words] M/F older woman/younger man

A young man fulfills his long held fantasy of his sexy, older, neighbor.  Nice little twist at the end.

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