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Here you can find all my stories in English. Each story/chapter is provided with the appropriate codes, a content summary, the word count and a further remark from me where applicable. New stories are tagged accordingly. Enjoy, and if you like send some feedback.





05/2018 Chapter 6 of "Sometimes dreams come true", the last one for the time being. The next release will be a new chapter of "Lisa" again, but we will return to Mara and her Papa.
10/2018 As announced in the previous update, here is the 6th part of Lisa's adventures. Have fun.






Pictures of Lisa and her family


Chapter 1 - Lisa's first time

g(7), beast, ped, voy, 1st, ws

A young girl accidentally sees her parents doing sex and wants to try it herself. Because she has no other partner she tries it with the family dog.

My very first erotic fiction including a child. Regarding language versions, this one is an exception since this is not a direct translation. This English version is written in first perspective while the German version is written in third perspective. So if you understand German as well you might (also) want to read the German version.

Wordcount 3,676


Chapter 2 - Lisa dares

MFg(7), ped, inc, ws

Lisa finally dares to ask her parents if she can join their games in the bedroom.

This story, as all the following Lisa stories, is written in changing perspectives of the protagonists.

Wordcount 7,187


Chapter 3 - Lisa shows

MFg(7), ped, inc, beast, ws

As she had promised her parents, Lisa shows them how she had played with King, the family’s dog.

Wordcount 6,506


Chapter 4 - Fotoshoot and Good-Night-treat

Fgg(7), Fg(7), Mg(7), ped, inc, ws

In the first half of this chapter you'll see what happened during the afternoon at Lisa’s best friend's home. Compared to previous chapters this part is pretty soft. But Daddy had promised Lisa a little Good-Night-treat, too. In the 2nd half of the chapter you'll see if that promise was fulfilled.

Wordcount 7,808


Chapter 5 - A Golden Weekend

MFg(7), ped, inc, ws

The weekend is here. And it promises to be a golden one, because Lisa, Mommy and Daddy make a lot of sex - with a giant amount of piss-play. King is taking part as well, put his role is so small that it does not justify the beast tag.

Also contains a recipe for Sperma Cotta, one of the mentioned dishes.

Wordcount 19,591


Chapter 6 - An afternoon with Daddy new

MFg(7), ped, inc, beast, ws

Mommy is out and so Lisa is alone with her Daddy. The kids program on tv is boring. So why not seduce Daddy, now that she has him all to herself. In the following session the two lovebirds again find new things to try out. But in the end they do not stay alone. First King joins their play and because they are still at it when Mommy returns home, of course she is also allowed to play along.

Wordcount 9,976




Sometimes dreams come true

First this was planned as one standalone story. But during writing it became bigger and bigger and I decided to partly publish it before it is completely finished. To do that I divided the already finished part in logical segments, of which the first three are rather small, which is why I publish these all at once.


Fg, ped, inc

Robert is a young man with pedophile tendencies, but he only follows these within his fantasy and with the help of stories, mangas, and sometimes even videos.

Wordcount 910


Chapter 1

Mg(9), nosex

Robert learns that he has a nine-year-old daughter.

Wordcount 1,954


Chapter 2

Mg(9), ped, inc, soft

First tender moments occur between father and daughter.

Wordcount 2,318


Chapter 3

Mg(9), ped, inc, soft

Robert gets a big surprise which changes his relationship to Mara very much.

Wordcount 3,188


Chapter 4

Mg(9), ped, inc

Mara and Robert get more and more intimate with each other

Wordcount 4,414


Chapter 5

Mg(9), ped, inc

It's happening.

Wordcount 3,408


Chapter 6

Mg(9), ped, inc, ws

It is getting more and more normal for father and daughter to make love together. But there are also still new things to discover.

Wordcount 2,835




A normal Family

Chapter 1 - Caroline is here

MF+bg, ped, nepi, inc, zoo, ws, dickgirl, preg, lac

After the birth of her daughter, Anne is waiting to get fetched from the hospital by her husband and her 2-year old son. Until they eventually leave the hospital all attendees (Anne, her husband, her pregnant bed-neighbor and her female partner, the children and the nurse and her dog) have a lot of sex in different constellations.

This is my first story that contains sexual activities with very, very young children respectively babies. As it is the case in all my stories all participants enjoy this to full extent, but I still wanted to warn any of you who might still have a problem with that.

Wordcount 12,374




Expeditions to Ta'aka

M+g, F+b, ped, ws, anal, nepi, inc, zoo, dickgirl, preg

Daniel buys a house that once belonged to a physics professor and finds a diary by which he discovers that in another dimension exists a version of earth in which things are a bit different than on ours. The physicist is now in that world, which is called Ta’aka by the people living there.
In the stories which Daniel reads in the diary are also descriptions of erotic encounters of the dimension-traveller. The most detailed one that Daniel reads is about a 9-year-old girl.

Besides sex, this story also contains a lot of exposition to explain Ta’aka, so the readers of my stories that (will) take place there understand how this world works and so that I won’t have to explain that much in future Ta’aka-stories.

Wordcount 18,654



Summer Love

Fb(11), ped, ws

The (unfortunately fictional) story of my first time(s) with an adult woman during a vacation with my parents. This takes place during several days (and nights).

There are two versions of this story. One version is written from the perspective of my 11 year old self. This version is written in first person perspective. The other version is written from the perspective of Sonja, the pedophile lady who seduced me. This version is written in third person perspective.

Wordcount Ego-version 19,277

Wordcount Sonja-version 19,382