Melissa Ch6 - Melissa's Extreme Punishment

by NiteWriter                                                                                                                     (March 2004)

Extreme Warning - this chapter is the second of two that involve extreme torture and sadistic treatment of Susan and Melissa. Don't read further if the nature of this story offends you.
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Melissa knew that soon, she would be the center of attention. Now that the men had completed their total dehumanization of Susan, they would certainly focus their filthy cravings on her. Melissa's breasts were already aching from being squeezed in the tit press for so long and she wondered what other torturous acts they might have schemed up tonight?

Dan could see the fear in Melissa's eyes when he turned away from Susan and looked her way. She had been pretty quiet while all the guys were tending to her friend Susan. That alone was rather amazing. Melissa used to be the kind of girl who was very outspoken and demanding. But after this past weekend her entire attitude had changed. She knew who was in control and had the upper hand.

Dan really knew that Melissa wouldn't remember the comment he had made over the weekend. He had suggested that she not wear a bra and panties to work. It was merely a suggestion at the time. But afterwards, he thought that her forgetfulness was something that should be punished. It merely gave him another opportunity to violate Melissa's beautiful body and torment her again.

Now more than ever, he had every intention of doing what he had fantasized about so many times. He was going to do some of the most perverted sadistic things to this hot little bitch. Now, the former miss "don't-stare-at-my-body-like-that" was naked in her own basement with her tits being crushed and attempting to bargain her way out of any further punishment.

"Please Dan. I thought I did as you asked today. Please don't hurt me anymore. I'll be a good slut for you."

"After tonight I'm sure you'll do everything I ask," Dan answered.

Dan was quite happy at how well trained this incredibly hot looking housewife had become. She was expressing her willingness to be a slut from now on. Apparently, the torture over the weekend left a deep impression. But Dan was going to make sure that she would never have another thought about returning to her "goody goody, all men better stay the fuck away from me" attitude. Her new life was to be a whore for any man for the mere asking.

Dan, Carl and the five men gathered around Melissa. Her breasts were now completely swollen and turning purple. The restricted blood flow caused by the tit press was making them bulge out and become incredibly discolored, almost as if they had been beaten black and blue.

"Are you really going to do everything Carl was telling us?" one of the five men asked.

Dan looked at Melissa feeling her cheek. "I sure am," he answered. "This cunt is really going to get fucked up tonight." Dan patted her cheek smiling. "Okay that we use your body for some fun?" Dan asked though not really looking for her permission.

Melissa became frightened more than she had ever been before. "What are you going to do to me," she asked, obviously petrified of the torture he might have in mind?

"Honey, I know you tried to be a good little whore today. It must have been very embarrassing for you." Dan commented.

"Yes it was," Melissa replied.

"I figure there's still a bit of that hot uppity cunt left in you. And you need to get over the feeling of embarrassment. You're going to be acting like that for the rest of your life. But we'll take care of that tonight. When we're done, I'm sure you won't care what perverted acts you do, even in public."

"But Dan I will... I'll do anything you ask. I promise," she blurted out, hoping to discourage his intended actions. She was starting to get anxious about the pain that she knew would be inflicted on her at any moment.

Dan didn't answer.

"What are going to do to me?" she asked again?

Dan still didn't answer.

All the guys grabbed a seat, while Dan tied two ropes around Melissa's wrists. Then he stretched the cords, attaching them to top of the basement support beam. Melissa was now restrained in a standing position. Her arms were above her head. Dan decided not to gag her because he wanted everyone to hear her screams. And she WAS going to scream tonight. That was certain.

Dan started unscrewing the tit press and allowed her deformed breasts to fall free. Then he grabbed one of her swollen mounds and gave a good hard squeeze. She instinctively pulled back yelling, "Don't!" Her cocky attitude returned for a moment. All that did was get Dan's blood boiling more.

"We've only begun, slut," he told Melissa. "These guys are here tonight to fuck you too, just like they did your friend. We're going to see how much you can take. And I want you to know that this will be the first of many gangfucks. I hope your friend Susan enjoys the show. When she sees what we do to you, hopefully she'll be a well-behaved whore and perform as she was told."

Dan grabbed one of Melissa's swollen breasts again, placed his lips over it, and sucked hard. She squirmed and yelled, "Stop!... That hurts!" Melissa began struggling, as her breasts were so sore and engorged that it felt as though they would burst.

"That's it, fight me," Dan commented back. Dan then dropped his trousers and stepped out of them. "As you can see the more you struggle and resist, the harder my cock gets." Melissa glanced down seeing his big shaft straining inside his underwear.

Dan grabbed her face in one hand. "These men are going to love watching a snotty whore get what she deserves." She looked around at the five guys all stroking their hard dicks.

Dan made Melissa stand straddling the steel support pole. He positioned her body face-forward, so the pole was against her chest and between her breasts. Then he attached nipple clamps to her massive full tits. Each clip was also connected to a thin chain.

Melissa was begging for him to stop and let her go. "Please,...let me go. I'll do anything you ask. Please!" The sharp teeth of the clamps were severely biting into her nipples.

"You ARE doing what I want Melissa. My pleasure is in using your body. Just watch how long my cock stays hard tonight."

Dan started pulling on the chains and stretching her nipples taut. The sharp clips pulled outward and elongated them from her breasts. She started crying. "No please... it hurts. No! No!" Dan smiled, getting enjoyment from her agony. He pulled harder. The support pole had Melissa's body pinned against it, so every fraction of an inch that Dan pulled resulted in her flesh being yanked outward from her chest.

Dan gave a couple more hard tugs and held it there, making her tits extremely taught and her nipples extend way out. Dan let Carl hold the chains and told him, "keep her nipples way out like that."

Then for the next few minutes Dan simply played with her body. He walked around behind her and stuffed a couple fingers in her asshole. He finger fuck her tight anus and then wiped the moist slime on her face. He felt up her legs, running his hands all over her smooth flesh. He squeezed her breasts, making her squeal out because of the clips digging into her nipples. Then he used a wooden paddle on her ass to spank her cheeks till they were bright red. When he finished with her ass, he walked in front of Melissa to show her a hard rubber crop. It was a smaller but thicker one than he had used on Susan. Then as she watched he swung downward across both nipples, ripping the clamps from her tits. She wailed out with a loud scream, as the teeth in the clamps scraped off her tender flesh. It didn't draw any blood, but he could see the marks it left.

"You little bitch. We've only just started and you got my cock wanting to fuck you already.

Now for some real fun."

Melissa just stood there afraid to move.

Dan hadn't planned this, but he noticed a dartboard on the wall of the recreation room behind Melissa. He walked over to take a look and it gave him a rather perverted sadistic idea. Each dart had a three-inch extremely thin, sharp, and almost needle-like steel shaft firmly held by the wooden body. These were not darts bought at a local department store. They looked handcrafted. He grabbed a couple and returned to Melissa, holding them up for her to see. She looked at them with fear and wondered what cruel punishment he might have in mind.

Carl knew what Dan was thinking and quickly cuffed Melissa with her back against to the pole.

Dan held one dart and then lit his cigarette lighter. He held the steel end over the flame heating it up. Then he looked back at Melissa. "You know this is going to hurt, don't you? You've got such a beautiful body, but you're just a slut. I'm going to enjoy seeing you scream and beg. Then he grabbed her left breast in his hand and squeezed it gently to hold it still. Melissa began begging, Nooo... Noooo.. Please... No.... not that."

Dan placed the heated sharp tip of the dart right on the center of her nipple. Melissa winced and jerked her body back against the pole, but there was nowhere to go. Dan held her breast tight to keep the hot tip in place, centered on her hard nipple. "You bitch!!! You're such a hot little cunt." Dan yelled. She began crying and yelping, as she felt the heat from the sharp metal tip on her delicate nipple.

"I like it when you cry and scream," Dan commented. You have no idea how much I love seeing you squirm in pain. It makes me want to jerk off and cum all over you."

Melissa was breathing heavy. The hot dart was digging into her nipple. "You really think that hurts don't you?" Dan asked knowing she wouldn't respond. Then as he held her breast tight, he pushed the dart. The needle-like tip punctured her nipple, causing a droplet of blood to trickle down her breast.

She wailed out with a screech at the top of her lungs.

"Shut up you cunt," Dan yelled as he released her breast a moment to slap her across the face. "Enough bitch!!"

He grabbed her tit again and resumed pushing the dart, making it penetrate right through the center of her nipple. He kept going, as she screamed and screamed from the intense pain, while he pushed the dart completely through her hard nipple and into her tender breast. Pain was all she knew, as the sharp spike entered the soft delicate flesh of her tit. When the entire metal portion of the dart was all the way in, he let it go. It just hung there buried in her breast.

Dan grabbed her face in his hand. "What you think now bitch? You're not such a cocky little cunt anymore, are you?"

Melissa was crying, screaming, and begging Dan to take it out. Instead he grabbed the other dart, heated it with the lighter, and placed it on her other nipple.

"Ready whore?" he asked.

Melissa begged again, "Nooo..., Nooo...., Please Noooo..."

Dan shoved it into her other breast the same way, penetrating right through her nipple and all the way in. The screaming was ear piercing to the point that she worked herself up into a frenzy and became limp, hanging there against the pole like a piece of meat. Dan grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head up.

"C'mon cunt. This is fun ain't it?" Dan asked jokingly. "Look what you've done to me." He grabbed his engorged hard cock from his shorts and displayed how hard he was. In her groggy state, she just sort of peered through her half closed eyes. The rest of the guys were masturbating their hard cocks, getting anxious to use this hot submissive blonde. A couple of them asked, "can we fuck the bitch now?"

"How 'bout it Melissa?" Dan asked. "Want to get fucked by all these guys?"

She didn't respond, but Dan answered. "Soon guys. I'm not near done with this whore yet."

With the darts hanging from her nipples, Dan started telling Melissa what he thought about her blowjobs. "Carl and I noticed over the weekend that your cocksucking abilities aren't quite what we'd like. We want sluts that can swallow our whole cock."

Dan untied Melissa and made her kneel before his hard shaft, as he dropped his underwear to the floor. Then he slid his cock between her lips. "Start sucking, bitch."

Melissa was so much in pain that she barely had the strength to nibble at the head of Dan's cock.

"C'mon honey, take it all," Dan demanded.

Melissa tried swallowing his stiff shaft, but every time she took it deep in her mouth she gagged. She couldn't handle it entering her throat.

"Like this you dumb bitch," Dan yelled.

Dan grabbed behind her head and pulled it forward, squeezing his hard cock all the way down. He could feel her throat muscles heaving around his hard shaft, so he just held her head to keep her lips pushed up into his groin.

"That's it slut, keep it down... hold it.... that's it... hold it..."

Meanwhile, she was trying to push away and get his cock out. Her bodily instinct was to throw up to expel the intrusion, but Dan was forcing her to keep it in her throat.

"Not yet you fuckin' cunt.... just hold it down....," he ordered as she continued to gag on his stiff cock. "I'll make you into a good little cocksucking whore."

Once her face became red and flushed, he let go. She immediately backed away from his saliva covered engorged meat and gasped for a breath. She was coughing, spitting, and literally drooling all over herself. "Good girl Melissa," Dan commented.

Dan then turned around and stuck his ass to Melissa's face. "Lick bitch. Let's feel that slut tongue on my asshole." Melissa didn't hesitate, even though she was still trying to catch her breath.

Dan stood there slightly bent over. Melissa pushed her face to his butt and started slurping up through his dirty ass to clean his crack. "Get in there all the way bitch," Dan instructed. Despite the fact that licking Dan's ass was such a filthy disgusting thing to do, Melissa obeyed. She slid her tongue deep into his asscrack, spread his cheeks apart, and lapped over his smelly anal hole.

All the guys, seeing Melissa's pretty face buried in Dan's rear end and her mouth furiously working on his shithole, wanted some of the same. For the next fifteen minutes Melissa's job was cleaning men's asses. Dan made her crawl around the floor and beg each guy to be his asswhore. "May I lick your dirty ass sir," she would beg. Needless to say, she felt like a filthy whore doing such a disgusting act for each guy. Dan was making sure she did a great job for each of Carl's friends too. "Deeper slut. Get that tongue in his ass," he would order pushing the back of her head. Melissa would pull the guys assheeks apart harder and make every attempt to stuff her tongue inside their tight dirty assholes.

Some of the men's hygiene wasn't exactly top rate either. Melissa could see the discolored stain within their cracks. Then a moment later her face was in there slurping away at it. The taste was beyond disgusting. It was so vile that after doing a couple guys her breath reeked like a filthy men's toilet. As she licked through the crack of one ass, it was so caked with dried particles that they dissolved into a pasty slime when her tongue touched them. She didn't dare say anything, so she kept on licking and swallowing.

"Ready for more bitch?" Dan asked once she finished her butt licking duties.

Dan ordered Melissa to lie flat on her back on the pool table. She climbed up and stretched her arms over her head, as told to do. He then cuffed her wrists and tied them to one set of the table legs. At first she tried fighting a little, but Dan quickly got rid of that idea when he grabbed one of the darts and pushed on it. The tip, already embedded in her breast, began gouging deeper into her tender flesh and increased the amount of pain. From that point on, she allowed Dan to place her in any position he wanted.

Dan then positioned her legs by pulling them up and then back down toward her head, so that they could be cuffed to her wrists. In this position her ass was up in the air and she could see between her legs. Dan motioned for the guys to come over.

"C'mon, lets fuck this whore good now."

They took turns standing on the pool table fucking her cunt and then shoving their cocks into her ass. There wasn't anything she could do to stop it either. She just had to lie there, trying to deal with the pain in her tits, and watch her holes get fucked. While they reamed her out, Dan couldn't resist being close to Melissa's face to whisper that she was good a whore. Then he grabbed the darts and gave them a few turns, twisting them in her nipples.

"AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!," She screamed of course.

"That's it Melissa. Let it out. I love hearing a whore cry out when she's getting fucked. Besides, you love cocks up your ass don't you? Tell us Melissa. Tell us how bitches like you love having a hard cock in your asshole?

"Please Stop!!!.... Please... Please......," she begged and begged.

"C'mon... Slut... We want to hear how you love it up the ass." Dan twisted the darts again, digging them into her tits some more.

"YESSSSS...." "YESSSSS...," she cried out. "I love it in my ass."

Dan didn't stop twisting the darts either. He wanted to break this bitch right now and for good. Besides, he was enjoying every second of seeing this once stuck-up, hot looking blonde beg and plead, as he inflicted more and more pain on her.

Carl joined in the fun too, by taking a long six-inch needle and placing it to the side of Melissa's left breast. Carl looked at Dan as if saying, "should I?"

"Go ahead," Dan answered. "Show this bitch who owns her now."

Carl smiled and then forced the long needle into her breast and pushed it completely through until it broke out the other side.

"AHHHHOHHHHHHHHAHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," Melissa groaned with a deep gut wrenching sound, as if Carl were ripping her tits from her chest.

When he inserted it, he pushed slowly, so she would feel the sharp point digging all the way through her tender sensitive tit. The extreme pain from the darts was bad enough, but now this needle added to her torment. One of the other guys had his cock in her ass and when she tightened from the pain, her sphincter gripped his cock so hard that he instantly shot his load in her rectum.

Carl left the needle penetrated through her tit and picked up another one. This time he placed it on her right breast. "Here's it goes doll," Carl announced, enjoying the torture of this gorgeous blonde whore.

Melissa closed her eyes, as he punctured her right breast and pushed it completely through.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHAHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," Melissa wailed out again.

Dan and the other men were enjoying Melissa's tit torture. Dan kept wiggling the darts buried in her nipples to hear another scream, while Carl punctured her breasts with more needles, inserting them through her swollen mounds of flesh. Carl continued with a third, fourth and a fifth needle... again.... and again... repeating the sadistic procedure, while the other five men gangbanged her ass. Melissa had to endure five needles completely stuck through each of her pretty tits. And each one was at a different angle to insure that she felt pain throughout them. She screamed and screamed until her throat was raw.

And during the whole anal rape and tit torture process Dan humiliated and defiled her.

"Do you like being a whore Melissa? Huh??"

Carl penetrated another needle.

"Do you like being our slave... our beaten abused slut...?"

Carl jabbed her flesh again, sinking it deep into the meatiest part of her breast and out the other side.

"Do you like being forced into submission and letting us use you like a slave in front of all these guys?

Dan knew she heard him, but she just cried and groaned as Carl kept inflicting the punishment to her breasts.

One guy fucking her ass got this really perverted idea; not that everything they were doing to her was normal. He picked up a billiard ball, placed it on Melissa's pussy and slowly pushed it into her cunt.

"Ahhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhh..," Melissa groaned as it entered her body. "My God.. It's so's so big," she cried out as it forced her pussy open.

"You like that, huh slut?" Dan teasingly questioned. "Doesn't it feel good having things stuffed in your pussy?"

Once the ball was completely inside, this guy buried his cock in her ass. As soon as he started fucking her butthole, he began moaning, "Oh fuck... fuck man.. she's so tight. You gotta feel this bitch now. That ball is bulging into her rectum. I can feel it in her ass." He couldn't get enough of fucking her tight back hole.

Once they all finished screwing Melissa, Dan took a speculum and inserted it into her ass. He slowly opened it all the way, stretching her anal hole until it was gaping wide. All of the men wanted to get a look up inside. Melissa was at the point where she didn't care anymore what was going to happen.

Dan stood over her gaping anal hole and placed his cock on the edge of the speculum. He started pissing. His urine stream flowed into her opened ass and everyone could hear the sound of the hot piss splashing inside her rectal cavity. After about twenty seconds, Dan's bladder was about empty and his piss was beginning to run over the rim of her gaping hole. She was full. All the men were commenting obscenities. "Fuck... What a slut... She's piss whore."

Dan reached for the speculum, released it, and then removed it from her ass. Her backhole closed up, trapping Dan's full load of hot piss inside her rectum. "Ain't she something," Carl remarked. "And to think she was this uppity little bitch a couple days ago."

Dan was getting an idea. "Hey Carl, remember how Susan didn't like tasting her own ass?

"That's so fuckin' nasty," Carl exclaimed, knowing exactly what Dan had in mind. "I love it."

Susan was brought over to Melissa.

"Get up there slut. We want to see you suck piss out of your friends ass."

Susan was still so much in pain from her ordeal that she didn't even question Dan's request. She knew it was a perverted thing to do. But the torture Dan might inflict could be much worse.

Susan climbed up onto the pool table between Melissa's legs and put her face to Melissa's ass. Dan and Carl stretched Melissa's cheeks wide, until her anus opened back up. "Get that tongue in there whore," Dan yelled. Susan moved her face lower, reaching with her tongue and pushing it through Melissa's gaping hole. She could feel the hot urine and when she backed away the taste lingered in her mouth.

"C'mon you fuckin' dirty cunt. Get your mouth in there and suck it out." Dan ordered.

Susan placed her lips over Melissa's asshole. Then she proceeded to create a suction on her tight anal opening in an attempt to extract Dan's piss from her friend's rectum. Melissa's ass was so full that it didn't take much at first. Susan backed away after a mere second with piss dripping from her chin and an obvious mouth full of hot urine.

"There's no spitting," Dan quickly reminded.

Susan held it with her cheeks puffed out and then, "GULP!!!!" she swallowed, tasting the vile mixture of piss and her friend's rectal slime. She returned to Melissa's ass, sucking harder and swallowing, as it began to flow from her rectum. The men were cheering Melissa and Susan for being the filthiest two whores they had ever seen.

It was getting late, but Dan was not quite finished with Melissa yet. He retrieved the black electrical control box he had used on her before. When Melissa saw it she pleaded with Dan not to use it on her again.

"Sorry Melissa," he quickly answered. "But you need to know what disobeying means. Begging will not help."

Dan plugged the box in. Melissa noticed three wires hanging from it. Dan proceeded to attached two of them to Melissa's breasts by extracting the darts a slight bit to expose the steel shafts and attaching the wires there. He turned the dial a little. Melissa could feel the current dancing through her sore nipples and into her breasts. She was squirming on the table as best she could, crying and begging for Dan to stop. Dan turned it up more.

"NOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!! Stopppppp!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!" Melissa begged.

Then Dan took another wire and began moving it between her legs and toward her ass. Melissa could see it getting closer and became frantic with her cries to Dan. "PLEASE... DON'T!! I BEG YOU!!"

Dan was enjoying this immensely, seeing her begging and groveling like a beaten whore. He now held all control over this blonde bitch.

Dan moved the wire closer and slightly touched it to her tight asshole. Melissa's body bounced on the table. Dan backed away commenting, "C'mon slut, you still got that cue ball in your hot little cunt. Push it out. It'll look so fuckin' nasty seeing it come out of your hole."

He touched her anal pucker with the wire again, making her twitch in pain. Melissa was grunting and groaning, trying to expel the huge ball as Dan ordered.

"What do you think slut? Should I just stick it up your ass? Maybe that'll help."

"No!!! No!!!!" Melissa pleaded. "I'll get it out."

"Let's go then," Dan demanded. "Carl wants some pictures of you doing it."

Melissa glanced to her left and saw Carl clicking away and capturing more pictures of her naked abused body.

"Wonder what your husband would think of his pretty wife now? Should we send him some copies?" Dan asked.

"No!!... No!!... Please!!! I beg you.... Don't do that." Melissa pleaded.

"Maybe he'd like having a slut for a wife," Dan commented.

Dan touched Melissa asshole with wire again. She jumped and screamed..."AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! STOPPPP!!!!"

"C'mon whore. I want to see that ball squeeze out of your cunt."

"I'm trying... I'm trying," she cried out with tears trickling down her cheeks.

Dan touched her asshole again. "Try harder you fuckin' little whore."

"Ohhhhh..., Ohhhhh..., Ohhhhh...," she groaned out.

Melissa didn't have time to expel it as ordered, before Dan suddenly jammed the wire through her anal hole. The pain was unbearable, as she felt the current vibrating throughout her ass. She prayed for the moment when she would pass out. She grunted and pushed, as if trying to give birth to this ball stuck in her tight fuckhole. Her cunt started to dilate and the men could see the ball appear. Dan put his finger on it to prevent it from sliding out.

"Should I shove it back in?" Dan asked. "And see how long you can take getting juiced up your ass?"

"Noo!!... Noo!!!... Please!!!..." Melissa cried desperately panting from the pain.

"Stop!!! Please!!!! Please!!!!"

"I'm your whore... your slut... I'll do anything... anything...

"Please stop it!!!"

Dan removed his finger. She gave one hard desperate push and the ball popped out of her cunt. Then men cheered and Dan turned the dial off.

After a few minutes Dan removed the wires. Carl yanked the darts from her tits and released her from the table. Melissa was moaning and crying, while she watched Dan and Carl pull the needles from her breasts and then pack up all their toys.

Dan reminded Melissa about her duties at the office. "Don't forget how to dress my sweet little slut. Of course we could continue these lessons if you like."

"No, I understand," Melissa answered. "Anything you want."

"And Susan," Dan turned to the other slut. "The same applies to you. You had better dress like a whore tomorrow. And you will do what any man wants. You understand?"

Dan and Carl headed up the steps from the basement and out the door.

continued in Melissa Ch7 - Slut Wives at the Mall


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