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The NiS Collection

The NiS Collection aims to bring together in one place all the stories and resources for the Naked In School Universe.

For more information about the Universe itself, see the Resources area of the site.

This Collection strives to comprehensive without editorial comment for all the stories contained within the NiS Universe. It is the responsibility of the Authors to provide adequate information about their stories, as it is the responsibility of the readers to choose stories wisely.

This collection is divided into three universes. The [Main] universe is stories written about a sanctioned program in a high school (or equivalent). The [Universe] universe are stories closely related to the primary universe - they contain some elements of it. The [Naked] universe are stories that have nudity as a principle component of the plot.

To list a story with the collection, just fill out the Feedback Form and give us the specifics of the story: title, author, story codes, a synopsis, and where we can find it!

Enjoy the collection.


June 27, 2001 marks the beginning of the NiS Universe. Karen Wagner published “Karen naked in school”. From that story, a series of stories adopted the same premise: in a more liberal United States of America, a Program was started that required high schoolers to attend one week naked in school.

The basis of all the stories in the NiS Universe is “The Program” - the short form for The Naked In School Program. See the Resources for more specific information.

Karen granted permission for others to play in her Universe and many authors have taken to the challenge. Stories are still being written and submitted today. While the activity on the Universe has slowed some, it continues to be a viable playground for many authors.

Feel free to contact us with more information on the history, as you know it!

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