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Naked Stories

Here we have stories with long term nudity or nakedness as a central theme. This work is not NiS, but has similar themes and is likley -in my opinion- to appeal to the same kind of reader.

The work is in chronolocial order for when they were posted - as far as I know... :)

In addition, there are other similarly themed collection sites listed here.

The stories

Alan Barclay
Joan Carter of Mars
Only chapters one through three. No longer being maintained by the author, see the notes on the page. [Naked]
Karen Wagner
Karen Naked Outside - same Karen, semingly different premise.
1, 2, 3, 4.
Despite the chapter headers, there is no part 5. Karen has a note about that at the end of 4.
Naked Girl - A naked super hero!
Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4
The Unintentional Nudist
A pain in the butt to navigate to. Click on 'Enforced Nudity', then scroll the left frame down until you find the story, and click on the chapter to get them to fill the right frame... A pain, but worth it. Or see it his ASSTR site (click his name)
Human Sexuality 201
1-Introduction, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9A, 9B
Human Sexuality 201 Cindi (1)
Nick Scipio
Summer Camp - Book 1: Susan [Naked]
Summer Camp - Book 2: Gina [Naked]
Summer Camp - Book 3: Kendall [Naked]
Summer Camp - Book 4: Chrsity [Naked]
Just Jack
Naked in Marriage Counseling - Ecstatic Cling [Naked]
Bjoe1228 'Bill'
John's New Lifestyle - Chapt 1-2
The Stand
Account needed to see, but the accounts are free to get without asking for personal information on you.
An illustratred story, with original art by the author. Writing is a bit 'rough' :), but it picks up and the format is novel. The link goes to a general art gallery, sorted newest to oldest. You have to go back in his gallery to find chapter 1.
Some 'explicit' portions of the story are kept on a second site here.
Linda's New School
P. Random
Dana: Naked in School (But NOT an NiS story)
Parallel Universe
Nude Secretaries Day
Kimberly’s life as an Absolute [Naked]

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