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My Links

  • Isabella Reyes
    There are two good reasons to check out Isabella's web site. If your a fan of my stories, especially the ones with Latinas as central characters, you'll love her stories. After all, there aren't many female minority writers out there. We have to stick together. But the top reason to check out her stories is because they are extremely well written and very hot. Check them out and tell her Maria sent you.

  • CleanSheets.com
    An excellent site with many excellent stories. The editors have great taste in Sexy Stories.

  • The Fantasy Train
    This is what you get when you put together a bunch of erotica writers, a leprechaun and a time traveling train. Stories written by various authors, based on a time travel theme.

  • Miss Behavin'
    Miss B is a very big influence on me (that's good, I think). When I grow up, I hope to be like her. Except, I don't want to be blonde or Canadian. (smirk) But I do want to create stories as good as hers.

  • M1ke Hunt
    What can I say about M1ke? He is one of the... no, he is the funniest erotica writer ever.

  • Ann Douglas
    Ann Douglas is another huge influence on my writing. She writes the best F/F stories. Her sex scenes are among the hottest ever

  • John A.
    John is a very good on-line friend of mine. His stories are very well written. Like Miss B, he tends to be long winded at times. Which is a good thing ; )

  • Kristen Becker
    Kristen has one of the largest collections of erotica anywhere. Be sure to check out her stories, they are very good.

  • EroticStories
    EroticStories.com is a free story site that is very well run and has lots of good stories. Be sure to vote for the stories by an author named Maria Gonzales, but remember to give her stories a ten. : ) (smile)

  • MichaelD
    MichealD is probably the most the most talented writer of erotica active in the newsgroups, well... except for me (LOL). His stories are incredible, check them out and tell him I sent you.

  • Storiesonline.net

  • Jenny Wanshel
    writes incredibly erotic stories, especially if you like your women younger. They are also very well written. When you write her an E-mail telling her how much you enjoyed her stories, remember to tell her that I sent you.
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