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We have a winner!

That's right, after sifting through the thousands (OK, a couple less) of entries, we have a winner in my photo contest. Actually, we have three winners (I hope all three of them don't want signed bras - I'll have to walk around braless). The winners are...

- Sean - For his picture of Patricia Cruz
- Rupert - For his picture of Isabelle from "The Maid"
- Frederick - For his picture of Patricia Cruz

It was interesting that the stories that garnered the most entries were "The Maid" and "Patricia Cruz - P.I." I also find it interesting that there was not one entry for "Mall Strut." I sort of expected that to have the most entries.

Congratulations to Sean, Frederick and Rupert. As soon as they tell me what prizes they picked I'll let you know. Oh - I almost forgot. I'm not sure of the copyright issues for the three pictures, so I won't post them. I take copyright seriously. Since I don't want my stories posted without permission, I don't want to take the chance of posting copyrighted pictures. Sorry.

Now on to my next contest.

This time I don't want to hear any excuses for not entering. It's simple. Which woman, girl or donkey <grin> in my stories is the sexiest and why. I don't want a thirty-thousand word essay, just a quick note. :)

The prizes are the same as for the last contest and the deadline will be December 1, 2001.

The winner can choose any or all of the following items:

- Any of my stories with my autograph.

- A pair of signed panties.

- A signed 36C bra.

- A real picture of me. <In case you ever wondered what I look like.>

- Cybersex with me. <Must have AOL messenger>

- Anything else (within reason) that the winner wants.

I'm ready to hear from you. Oh, and one last thing. When you send in your entry, let me know if I can publish your submission on my site. I would like to post the winning entry/entries, but it is not necessary.

Oh, one more thing before I sign off. If anybody out there would like to design a new banner, send it in and you will get to pick from the prize list. Rui did a great job with the original banner, but it's time for a new one.

OK, one more thing. <I keep saying that, sorry>. Look for a new story in the next couple of weeks. I have three of them that are almost there. I just have to put on the finishing touches. And thanks to everybody that wished me a happy birthday. It was number thirty, so I wasn't exactly excited about it, but hey, you take them as they come along. :)

Maria G.
The writer soon to be known as Airam Selaznog

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