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(11,344 words)
by Maria Gonzales

© 2000 - All Rights Reserved. Any use of this work without the author's written permission is strictly forbidden.

"Excuse me," I said to the bored looking teenage girl behind the counter, "but do you have any more of the new Playstations?"

"I don't think so, but if we did, they'd be in aisle four in the display case," she answered as she loudly popped her gum.

I thanked her and walked down the aisle of the seventh toy store of the day. I desperately needed to find the new game console to make my son's Christmas a happy one. After the sixth toy store, I gave up hope of finding one, then returned home and put on a slinky black dress for the company Christmas party. There was an incredibly cute new guy working in accounting; to top it off he actually wasn't scared off when he found out I had a seven-year-old son, and I hoped to impress him by wearing the slinkiest dress I dared to wear to a company party. On the drive to the party, I passed an open toy store and hoping against hope, I decided to check it out, maybe by some miracle they would have the game console.

I had promised my son that I would get him a Playstation 2 for Christmas, stupidly forgetting how fast the hot toy of the year always disappeared from shelves every year. This was the first place that didn't flat out tell me that they didn't have any left, or as in the case of the last store I was in, burst out laughing at the mere mention of the possibility of the new Playstation being in stock.

I walked to aisle four, passing shelves of board games, sporting goods and Nintendo gear. I turned up the aisle, stopping at a glass case containing a non-working demo model of the Playstation . Under the case sat one lone Playstation 2 box. Could I have lucked out? Did I find the last one? Would my son have a merry Christmas with his most desired toy?

I smiled broadly as I bent over to pick up the box. As I did, a man swooped in front of me, snatching the box an instant before I could grab it. He smiled warmly at me as he placed the box in his shopping cart. My mouth dropped as I watched him walk down the aisle, happily pushing the shopping cart containing the one and only remaining Playstation in probably the entire country, the Playstation that I had promised my son.

I caught up to him and without even thinking I said, "Excuse me." I didn't have any idea what I thought I could accomplish by asking this guy to hand over the console, or even what I was going to say to him, but I desperately wanted to make sure my son had a happy Christmas

He turned, running his eyes up and down my body, pausing momentarily at my chest, staring at the cleavage pouring out the top of the dress. "Yes?" he asked.

"This might sound really crazy, but I was wondering if you would be nice enough to let me buy the Playstation . My seven year old is dying for one, and I promised he would find one under the Christmas tree. I've been to dozens of stores and that's the first one I've found."

He frowned at me, looked at the box in the shopping cart, then back at me, his gaze focused momentarily on my bare thighs sticking out from under the short dress. As his gaze moved higher, returning to my chest, then to my eyes, he smiled softly and answered, "Sorry. I would, but my son told me if Santa didn't leave one under our Christmas tree, he was going to kill me with an axe. I can't live... or die..." he added with a smirk, "with the guilt of knowing that I turned my son into an axe murderer. Sorry."

"An axe?" I asked with a smile.

"An axe," he answered. "Or maybe he said with an Uzi, either way, I want to live, so I really need to take this home. Come to think about it, I think he said that he was going to kill me with a light saber."

"That would be the best way to go, the light saber," I answered. "Quick and easy, no pain."

He laughed, glanced at my left hand and smiled. "I tell you what," he said. "If you let me take you out for dinner, I'll think about selling you the Playstation."

"Think about it?" I asked as I examined him. He was almost six feet tall with short brown hair, cute in a geeky, absent-minded sort of way. I looked at his hand, and noted the conspicuous absence of a wedding ring. "I don't even know your name."

"Steven Riley, you can call me Steve. And you are?"


"I'll think about it, Evelyn," he answered with a smile. "Once I get to know you better, I'll know if you're worth dying over."

I smiled and answered, "OK, tomorrow night."

"Can't be tomorrow, has to be tonight," he answered. "I have a company Christmas party tomorrow night."

"I always wear dresses like this when I go Christmas shopping." I said with a smirk as I glanced down at my dress. I giggled at the look on his face, looked at my watch and added, "I really need to get going, I'm supposed to be at my company Christmas party ten minutes ago."

"Looks like there are three options," he said. "I miss my Christmas party tomorrow and get sliced in half by a light saber; you miss your's tonight and your son gets a Playstation 2; or my son gets the Playstation 2 and I lose the chance to get to know a beautiful woman but get to live. I know which option I prefer."

I sighed as I glanced at the Playstation. With a small frown on my face, I answered, "Or you can let me buy the Playstation, we can go out some other night, and I can get to know a very attractive man that I know is also very kind and understanding." Buttering him up couldn't hurt. "And cute too,"

"Flattery will get you nowhere," he answered with a warm smile, "but it does earn you some Brownie points to be used at a later date. Here's my final offer; we go out to dinner now, then maybe a few drinks and some dancing, and you go home with the Playstation 2 for your son, while I face certain death at the hands of an enraged nine years old on Christmas day." I returned his smile and he continued, "But in return for my life, I get one favor tonight, anything I want at anytime I want."

I shook my head and answered, "How can I agree to that. What am I supposed to do if your favor is me sleeping with you. You seem nice, and Brandon really wants a Playstation, but I'm not willing to go that far to get it."

He laughed loudly and said, "No sex. Just one favor that can't last more than... oh... thirty seconds."

I batted my eyes as I looked into his, feeling my heart skip a beat. "If you tell me what the favor is now, and it's not that bad, then we have a deal."

"At any time during the night, when I tell you to, you have to pull your dress down and show me your... umm... your chest."

I laughed loudly and felt my face turn bright red. "What! No way, you can keep the Playstation. You're a pervert."

"It's just thirty seconds, and it won't cost you anything."

"Except for my self respect," I answered. "No way."

"You seem to forget that I'm dealing from the position of power here. I have something you want," he said as he tapped the box containing the Playstation.

I smiled coquettishly and answered, "and I seem to have something you want to see," I answered as I tapped my chest and glanced down at my boobs; my nipples had hardened and they formed tiny bumps in the front of the dress. Brandon really did want the Playstation, and I promised him that I would get it for him. It's not like I've never done anything like this before. Seven year olds don't really understand the idea of stores being out of certain things; if he didn't open his Christmas presents and find what he wanted, he would be angry with me, not at Sony or the toy stores. "Five seconds, and I get to do it when I want," I told him.

"Thirty seconds and I decide when and where or no deal," he answered trying not to stare at my breasts.

"Fifteen seconds, and I decide when and where," I parried.

He shook his head and frowned. "At least I won't be cut in half with a light saber." Steven turned and slowly pushed his cart down the aisle.

"Fifteen seconds and you decide when and where," I said. It was either compromise or deal with a disappointed son on Christmas Day.

Steven turned, cocked his head to one side and studied me. "Fifteen seconds, when I want..." I nodded my head and he continued, "and I get a sneak peak right now."

"Here?" I asked as I looked up and down the deserted aisle.

"Five seconds, "I count them off. "Ready?" he asked.

"Wait, no I'm not ready. You expect me to pull my dress down and show you my boobs here?"

Steven nodded his head and said, "Ready? Set. Go."

I looked around making sure that the ails was empty.. I pulled the straps of my dress off my shoulders and held the dress up with my hands. "I can't do this," I said.

"We'll try one more time, then I have to get going. Ready. Set. Go."

I took a deep breath and pulled the dress down, exposing the tops of my breasts. As the tops of the areola peeked out, I pulled the dress up slightly and looked at him. He shook his head and said, "All the way down or no Playstation."

"All the way? How about if I do this?" I asked as I bent forward, my breasts nearly spilling out of the dress as I pressed them together, forming as much cleavage as I could.

"Nope, the dress has to go below your ribcage. Ready, set, go."

I sighed, glanced around and pulled the dress down slowly. My nipples popped out and I closed my eyes, pulling the dress past my breasts to just below my ribs.

"One..." Steven counted slowly. "Two..."

"Count faster," I said. I tried to imagine the look on his face as he stared at my exposed breasts, wondering if he wore a bemused look, a curious look or an excited look.

"Three..." he said even slower.

I opened my eyes just in time to see a teenage boy wearing a store uniform pass the end of the aisle. He looked down the corridor at me and with a double take, stopped, his eyes transfixed on my bared breasts. My face turned red, I turned away and I pulled my dress up.

"I didn't get to five," Steven complained.

I nodded my head down the aisle at the teenager staring at me, his mouth open wide in surprise and astonishment.

"So?" Steven said, "Let's start over. Ready, set, go."

"But..." I answered submissively.

Steven turned to the gawky teenager and asked, "Do you think she should have to do it again?" The kid stared blankly at me and slowly nodded his head. "See, he thinks you have to start over too." Steven added. "Ready, set go."

I had completely forgotten the reason I was exposing myself to Steven and the teenager, but the thrill of doing something forbidden raced through my mind, reminding me of when I was in college. I heard a voice say something at the end of the hall. Another teenage boy appeared and asked, "What's going on?"

The first teenager pointed toward me and said, "She's going to pull her dress down and show her tits."

"No way," the newcomer said as he looked at me expectingly.

"No, I'm not," I said loudly.

"OK, no Playstation," Steven answered as he turned around and pushed the shopping cart down the aisle.

"No! Wait," I yelled.

Steven stopped, turned around and pushed the cart toward me. "Last chance. Ready, set, go."

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath as I lowered the dress. The material passed my breasts, displaying my chest to the three men as I a cold breeze hit my exposed breasts.

"One..." Steven counted slowly.

"I can't believe I'm doing this," I said.

"Awesome," one of the teenagers said excitedly.

"You can keep counting," I calmly told Steven.

"Oh yeah, I forgot," he replied, "Two..."

Curiosity got the better of me; I opened my eyes and looked at Steven, wanting to see the expression on his face. His mouth was open slightly, and he smiled when he realized I was watching him.

"Three," he said slowly. "Push your arms together," he added.

"No," I answered.

Steven turned to the two teenagers and asked, "Nice view, huh?"

They nodded their heads slowly, staring at my exposed breasts. I giggled at the expressions on their faces, a mix of shock, amazement and lust. I bent forward and pressed my breasts together with my arms. "Like this?" I asked Steven as the kids opened their mouths wider in amazement.

"Perfect," Steven answered. "Four..." I turned to the side and bent over further, reaching my hands toward the floor. My breasts swayed with my movements and I glanced at the two teenagers. Their expressions remained the same and I giggled loudly. I stood and pressed my breasts together again as Steven said, "Five."

I shook my chest and slowly pulled my dress back up, making a big show of making sure my boobs were covered and in the dress correctly. I pretended they weren't, lowered the dress, exposing my breasts to them again before I pulled the dress back up and placed the straps back on my shoulders.

"How about a quick look at your ass," Steven said with a wicked laugh.

"Yeah right," I answered. "I don't think so." I smiled sinfully and turned quickly, pulling the hem of my dress to my waist exposing my black lace panties to the three guys. I turned back to Steven, giggled and approached him. I looked lustfully into his eyes, pursed my lips together and closed my eyes. After a second, I re-opened my eyes and stifled a giggle as I looked at him. His eyes were shut and his lips were reaching toward mine. I grabbed the Playstation from his shopping cart and ran my hand along his crotch.

"Thanks," I said, "Brandon's going to love this."

Steven opened his eyes and smirked at me, saying, "You get it later. Hand it over."


"That was the sneak peek. Remember."

I frowned as I handed it back to him.

"It's going to be worth it," Steven said as he placed the box back into his shopping cart.

"What's going to be worth it?" I asked..

"Your show. It was worth death by an enraged nine year old kid wielding a light sabre."

"You think?" I asked with a coquettish smile. "I'll meet you outside," I added, "I need to get a few more things before we go."

Steven nodded his head, "Outside, yeah, we can do that.".

I turned and left Steven, feeling his eyes on me as I moved away from him. I walked into the next aisle, searching for the Pokémon stuff Brandon asked for and watched as the two teenagers peered at me from around the corner. I smiled to myself and reached for a stuffed Pikachú on the bottom shelf, bending my knees as I examined it, feeling my dress rise up my legs and exposing my bare thighs. After a few moments, I stood and looked at the top shelf, pretending to be interested in an even larger stuffed Pikachú. I reached my arms over my head, my fingers barely touching the bottom of the toy.

I turned to the two teenagers, smiled coquettishly and asked, "Could one of you help me for a second?"

The two raced toward me, trying to reach me before the other one but trying not to show their hormonal enthusiasm. "What can I help you with?" the tall one asked as he stopped in front of me an instant before the other..

"I can't reach that big Pikachú on top," I said as I reached for it, feeling the hem of my dress raise just below by butt. "See."

The taller one stepped on the bottom shelf and pulled it down for me. "Here you go," he said as he handed it to me. I wrapped my arms around the stuffed toy and felt the kid's hands brush against my breast. His face turned bright red as I said, "Thanks."

I put the Pikachú into my shopping cart and walked away from them, exaggeratedly shaking my hips and wiggling my ass, knowing they were watching me. I paid for the Pikachú and left the store, turning and smiling coquettishly at the two teenagers as they watched me leave.

A black BMW approached me as I stepped out the exit. The window lowered and Stephen said, "Ready?"



I calmly placed my hands on the straps of my dress.

"Not now, we'll do it later," Steven said.

"Where are we going?" I asked as I bent over and talked to him through the window.

"I was thinking of grabbing a bite to eat at The Commons, then Brandy's for a little dancing," he said, naming the fanciest restaurant in town and the new nightclub across the street from it.

"Sounds like a plan," I said, "but I don't think you're dressed for The Commons."

"I'm going to run home and change, it's on the way. You wanna ride with me or follow?" he asked.

"I'll meet you at The Commons," I replied.

"Cool, I'll only need a couple of minutes."

"I'll wait for you outside; I'll see you there." I said as I stood and walked to my car.

As I passed the front of his BMW, he yelled, "Ready, set... See you there."

I turned to him and smirked. I propped the stuffed Pikachú in the passenger seat and drove to The Commons. I fixed my makeup and straightened the necklace around my neck as I waited for him. As I freshened my lipstick, his BMW pulled into the parking lot and parked across from me. I watched him get out; he had changed into an expensive looking black three button suit with a dark gray shirt and iridescent silver tie.

I approached him and asked, "Trying to replace Regis Philbin?"

He looked down at his clothes and answered, "I did go a little too black, didn't I?"

"You look fine," I answered truthfully. "Between the two of us we have all the color of a black cat at midnight on a moonless night."

Steven laughed and answered, "Maybe sparks will fly and brighten things up."

I smiled at him and replied, "Maybe."

We entered the restaurant and waited for the maitre'd to show us to our table. Steven asked for a table in the corner, and the tuxedoed maitre'd chaperoned us to a darkened booth. Like a perfect gentleman, Steven pulled the chair out for me and pushed it toward the table as I sat.

I ordered a chardonay and Steven ordered a scotch on the rocks. As the server left, I leaned toward Steven and said, "You know, you don't look like a pervert."

"You never know," he answered with a smile. "You know, I was just joking, I never thought you'd seriously take me up on the offer and show me your..." he paused momentarily and continued. "If I would have known you were going to do it, I never would have offered, my son is going to be heartbroken on Christmas Day."

"So does that mean I don't have to do it again?" I asked hopefully.

"Of course you do," he said with a huge grin. "After all, I plan on keeping my end of the deal."

"I guess so," I answered. "Was it worth it?" I asked.

"Was what worth what?" he answered with a curious look on his face.

I pouted and said. "The view, did you like the view?"

"The best view I've ever seen," he answered. "Do you do stuff like that often?"

I sat back in my chair, giggled and answered, "I take the fifth."

"Oh... so you do. Now this is getting interesting. You've done this type of thing before."

I giggled again and answered, "It's been a while, but let's say that wasn't the first time and leave it at that."

"Wait... I want to hear more."

I blushed, sipped the wine and looked at him. "When I was in college, my best friend at the time and I, well, we used to... This is sort of embarrassing."

"But it's really interesting," he said.

I smirked and continued, "We used to go down to the train tracks and flash the commuter trains as they went by. And we used to go out on this little boat her parents owned and sunbathe topless on the river, next to a construction crew that was working on a bridge. We pretended like we didn't know they could see us, but I don't think we were very convincing."

"And you call me perverted?" he said with a laugh.

"I haven't done anything like that for a while though," I said ignoring his comment, "Not since Brandon was born and my boobs began to get all droopy."

"Droopy?" he said incredulously. "They looked fine to me, and they looked fine to those two kids too. You realize you've given them wet dream material for the rest of their lives."

"At least for the next few weeks," I answered with a giggle, remembering the expressions on their faces.

"No," Steven answered. "The rest of their lives. I remember when I was fifteen, and the first time I ever saw a naked breast besides my mom's. It belonged to my next door neighbor, she was in her late twenties and was a little chubby, but she had the biggest set of... well, you know what I mean, and one day as I was mowing her lawn, she stepped outside in just a robe, and the top of it opened up just a little, and her breast popped right out. Probably the greatest moment of my life, at least until I got laid for the first time," he said with a huge smile.

"Did she know you saw her?" I asked curiously.

"I've thought about that a lot, and at the time, I would have sworn that it was an accident, but now that I look back on it, I think she did it on purpose. After that happened, whenever I mowed her lawn, she always kept at least one button too many unbuttoned. I thought I was just getting a lucky peek, but now, I'm pretty sure that she wanted me to look."

"And of course you had to, didn't you?"

"Of course," he answered with a laugh. "I mean I was a teenage male, full of hormones and these..." Steven held his hands in front of his chest shook them, "these huge... well... tits were falling out right in front of me. It's funny, but even now, twenty years later, I can still see them like it happened yesterday."

"And the ones you saw today?" I asked with a giggle.

"Ready?" he asked.

"Not here," I complained. "Not in a crowded restaurant.

Steven looked around and said, "You're right. This isn't the best place. You're sort of hidden from view, I'll wait till more people are around us."

I glanced around and realized that if I pulled my dress down now, nobody would be able to see me do it. "Now that you mention it; are you sure you don't want me to do it now?" I asked with a hesitant smile. I couldn't believe I was offering to show my boobs in a restaurant, but considering the alternatives, this was as good of place as any.

"Well..." he answered. "If you really want to, I would love to see them now, but it won't count as my favor."

I smirked, pulled down on my dress and bunched my breasts together with my arms. "Are you sure?" I asked coquettishly.

"Tempting, but I think I'll wait."

The waiter brought our drinks and we made small talk throughout dinner. Every once in a while, Steven would slyly smile at me and ask me if I was ready; I would smile at him and answer, "Whenever you are."

Steven paid for the meal and after another drink, we made our way outside. I was beginning to like Steven, he made me laugh and seemed interested in hearing about me. Not like some guys I had dated recently that only wanted to talk about themselves and how much money they were making and what they were planning to buy. Steven seriously seemed interested in me, not just my body. Of course, because of the favor I owed him, the subject of my breasts kept coming up. At least his eyes didn't focus on my breasts, unlike most men. He was able to look me in the eyes with only an occasional glance below.

We walked across the street and stepped into Brandy's. Even from outside the club, we could hear the steady thump thump of the dance music being played inside. Steven checked his jacket and we walked inside. The place was packed with the kind of people that frequent clubs, wearing everything from tank tops and jeans to khakis and polo shirts.

As a blonde wearing a too tight tank top and cut off denim shorts walked by us, I turned to Steven, impressed by the way his eyes didn't follow the blonde as she wiggled away. "I feel a little overdressed for this place," I said as I glanced around

"We can change that quickly," he answered with a wicked smile as I leaned into him, straining to hear his voice. He put his arm around my shoulder, I leaned against him, smelling his cologne and relaxing in his touch. "Ready?"

"Here?" I asked as I turned and opened my mouth in surprise.

"Just kidding," Steven answered. "I feel a little overdressed too. Want to go someplace else?"

"Where?" I shouted over the DJ's voice screaming over the speakers.

"Anyplace that's quieter than this place," Steven answered as he took my hand and led me back to the coat check. He gave the girl a five dollar tip and she handed him his jacket back. Again I was impressed that he didn't stare at the girl. Her breasts were falling out of her tuxedo shirt, the one fastened button straining to hold her boobs from view. Steven was either really trying to impress me, or he really was a gentleman, or he was gay. I whispered a quiet prayer, hoping he was straight.

We held hands as we walked out of the club, his hand fitting comfortably in mine. We walked across the street and we leaned against his car. I turned to him, looked him in the eyes and placed my other hand in his. Our hands clasped together and he smiled sweetly at me. "So where to now?" I asked.

"Let's see," he said thoughtfully. "We want to go someplace quiet." I nodded my head and smiled. "That rules out clubs and bars. I want to get to know you better, so that rules out a movie, it's hard to get to know somebody watching a movie. We already did dinner... That leaves one thing."

I arched my eyebrow and waited for his answer. If he said he wanted to go to his place, I wasn't sure how I was going to react. On one hand, I was attracted to him. It wouldn't be the first time I slept with somebody after knowing them for only a few hours, but something told me he was special, and I didn't want him to think I was easy. I giggled as that thought passed through my head. It was only a couple of hours ago that I flashed him my breasts, and I didn't want him to think I was easy. Steven probably thought I was some kind of nymphomaniac slut.

"What are you laughing at?" he asked.

"Nothing," I answered. "So where do you want to go?" I asked.

He thought for a few seconds and answered, "We could..." he paused and looked into my eyes momentarily, "We could go bowling."

I burst out laughing, "Bowling?" I asked with a giggle. At least he didn't ask me back to his place.

"What's wrong with bowling?" he asked as a smile crept onto his face.

I glanced at him then glanced down at my dress. "I felt overdressed at the dance club. You don't think I would feel overdressed at a bowling alley? And anyway, I don't think I red, black and blue shoes go with this dress."

Steven glanced at my legs and nodded his head, "I guess you're right, but you would be the sexiest person in the bowling alley. OK, so bowling wasn't a good idea, let me think for a second."

I squeezed his hand and moved closer to him. I looked up at him expectingly, waiting for his idea.

"You'll have to forgive me," he answered with a small frown. "It's been a while since I went on anything even close to a date. I think you're the first woman I've talked to in the past seven years that wasn't my wife, I mean ex-wife, or that doesn't work with me. I'm sort of stuck for ideas of where to go; I haven't gone out much since I got divorced," he admitted.

"How long's it been?" I asked.

"Over a year. It's been hard, I miss my son a lot of the time. The hardest part is not seeing him every night when I get home. Sometimes, when I get home from work, I look around my apartment and search for him." Steven grimaced slightly and looked into my eyes. "How about you?" he asked. "What's your story. Obviously, you have a son; there isn't a ring on your finger and you're here with me, so I'm assuming you aren't married."

"I'm not," I answered. "Never was. When I was in my last year of college, I had a one week fling with a professor. The only thing I got out of it was Brandon and an incomplete when I quit going to his class. Professor Engrams doesn't know he has a son and Brandon has no idea who his father is."

Steven looked at me funny and cocked his head to the side, as if he was trying to figure me out.

"I was able to get a good job after Brandon was born," I continued. "I'm on the fast track at Denier marketing, and I make enough not to have to ask anybody for help, except for my mom who helps me out babysitting and stuff."

"You know," he said, "the more I get to know you the more surprised I get."

I laughed and answered, "Yeah, you probably think I'm a total slut. I mean I flashed my tits at the toy store, I had a kid out of wedlock."

He laughed and gave a knowing smile, "At the toy store, I may have thought that a little, but over dinner I found out there is more to you than just a terrific body and beautiful face."

I smiled shyly and looked at my shoes, wondering how I scuffed the side of my left shoe near the toe. I looked back up at him and he moved closer. I pulled his hands around my waist and leaned into his chest. "So where do you want to go now?" I asked.

"Since bowling is out of the question, I was thinking maybe we could go back to my place and talk."

I looked up at him and asked, "Just talk?"

He smiled and answered, "Just talk."

"I can't promise that I'll be able to keep my hands off you, you realize I'm an exhibitionistic nymphomaniac."

"I was sort of hoping..." he said as I punched him softly on the shoulder.

"Why don't we find a quiet bar someplace, and we can talk and get to know each other better," I said.

"A quiet bar?" Steven asked. "Is there such a thing?"

"Good point, maybe we should find a quiet restaurant, like Old Bridge, and get a cup of coffee. I know it doesn't sound like the funnest place to go, but..."

"Great idea," Steven interrupted. "I'll follow you," he said as he opened the door of his car.

I smiled at him, reached up onto my toes and kissed him softly on the lips. "Sounds good," I answered. We kissed softly again and I reluctantly left him and walked to my car. I led the way across town to a twenty-four hour diner and Steven followed in his BMW. I tried to figure out what was happening between me and Steven. Was I falling for him, and was he really falling for me? I barely even knew him, and I tried to convince myself that I couldn't possibly be falling in love with him, but he seemed to be everything I've always looked for in a man; I found myself unable to convince myself that I wasn't falling in love with him.

We parked our cars and as I freshened my makeup, Steven gallantly opened my door. I smiled and stood inches from him. I wrapped my arms around his waist and we kissed passionately. Wordlessly, we walked into the diner, his arm around my waist as I leaned my head onto his shoulder.

We found a table in the corner and watched as the waitress poured two cups of coffee. I opened two packets of sugar and Steven laughed, grabbed three packets and tore them open. "You know, most people think I'm some kind of deviant because I put so much sugar in my coffee."

I poured cream into my cup, handed it to him and watched as he poured the cream into his coffee. "I can't drink coffee without two or three spoons of sugar," I admitted, "and the Equal and other stuff tastes so blech, I have to use real sugar and add lots of cream. Although not as much cream as you do," I said as he continued to pour the cream into his cup.

"I drink cream with coffee," he said with a laugh. "My ex-wife used to say only kids drank coffee with this much cream and sugar. Of course she always told me I was immature and perverted too."

I giggled and said, "I can maybe see the perverted part, but from what I can see, you're anything but immature.

"I'll show you mine if you show me yours," he said with a laugh.

"You've already seen mine," I answered.


I looked at him curiously, wondering if he was going to have me flash my breasts in the restaurant. I had carefully chosen the booth and purposely faced myself toward a wall, in case he picked this place for me to pull down my dress. If I did pull down my dress, nobody but Steven would be able to see anything.

"Nevermind," he answered. "Nobody could see anything anyway. I think I'll wait. Anyway, I didn't mean anything like that," he said with a laugh, "and you say I'm perverted. All I said was 'I'll show you mine if you show me yours,' and you immediately show your exhibitionistic side." Steven laughed quietly as he stared into my eyes. I melted as his bright blue eyes peered into my soul. "I meant," he continued as he pulled out his wallet, "If you show me a picture of Brandon, I'll show you a picture of Derek, my son."

I took the picture from Steven's hand and examined it. Derek had his father's eyes, the same bright blue hue, full of life and showing a hint of mischievness that glowed in his father's eyes. "He looks just like you," I said. "You have the same eyes, and he's just as handsome as you are."

Steven smiled shyly and answered, "I showed you mine, now I get to see yours."

I opened my purse and pulled out my wallet. Opening it, I let the plastic sheet filled with photos unroll and asked, "So which one do you want to see?"

"All of them," Steven answered as he reached for my wallet. I handed it to him and he looked at the pictures. "He has lighter hair than you, but his face is almost exactly like yours, high cheekbones, bright brown eyes, the same mischievness glimmer in his eyes. Look at this picture," Steven exclaimed, "He doesn't have his shirt on and he's making a muscle, seems the exhibitionistic gene got passed down too."

I laughed, smiled at him and watched him look through all of Brandon's pictures, commenting on the poses and telling me how cute Brandon was. As he passed the last picture, Steven's eyes lit up. I realized that he had found an old fake business card that my best friend and I had made up as a joke while we were in college. I kept it in my wallet to remind me of the days when life seemed less hectic and to remind me to keep in touch with her.

"This is interesting," Steven said wickedly as I tried to snatch my wallet back from him. He held it in the air and read the business card loudly. "Evelyn Rivera, Certified Perverted Exhibitionistic Nymphomaniac, (800)See-Boobs. What's this all about," he asked.

"I had it made in college, me and my best friend, remember the one I told you about that flashed the commuter trains with me, we made them as a joke. I keep it in there to remind me when life wasn't so hectic."

"I never realized you were a certified Exhibitionist, I was thinking you were an amateur, and you're even a certified perverted nymphomaniac. Impressive," he said with a sly smile.

"I had fun in college," I admitted, "I've settled down a lot since then, having a son tends to do that."

"Tell me about it," Steven admitted, "Fifteen years ago my idea of a good time was a twelve pack and as many friends as we could pack into an apartment; now a good time is pushing my son on a swing in the park or laughing with him as he beats me at videogames."

"Yours does that too?" I asked. "Brandon gets me to play games with him, and I usually can beat him the first time we play, then he gets mad and practices for weeks. By the time he challenges me again, he beats me... no, he kills me. I wish he would apply himself as much in school, but he does pretty good anyway. The teachers seem to think he's too smart, everything comes easy to him and he doesn't need to apply himself. They've already moved him up one grade, but he just picks up everything so quickly that he's right back to the same thing, only doing enough to get by."

"If he's half as determined as you are," Steven said as he gazed into my eyes, "He'll be fine. It must be hard to raise a son as a single parent."

"It's tough, but whenever I have a hard day at work, all I need to do is think of him and everything gets much better and easier to deal with, knowing that in a few hours I'll be with him."

Steven frowned and looked intently into his coffee, "That's the hardest part, not being able to see my son whenever I want. I get him on weekends, Saturday and Sunday, but tomorrow I don't get to see him, I have to go to this stupid Christmas party and his mom is taking him to see his grandparents downtown." On the table, Steven's hand formed a tight fist and I could see the tension form in his eyes.

I reached my hand to his and squeezed it reassuringly. I didn't know what to say, just the thought of coming home to an empty house made me shudder.

"So tell me more about what it takes to become a certified nymphomaniac," Steven asked, abruptly changing the subject.

I smiled and answered, "Well, it takes months of hard work, and the final exam was tough but I somehow made it through."

"And what was the final exam?" Steven asked, a devious smile forming on his face.

"I can't tell you," I answered with a straight face. "We were sworn to secrecy; who knows, you might be trying to get certified and are pumping me for information, you never know."

"I don't think I would need any help," Steven answered, his grin growing from ear to ear. "I've never had any problems."

Up to this point, I had been rubbing my shoeless foot on his ankle. I moved my foot up his thigh, pushing it into his crotch as I said, "I'll be the judge of that. You've never been with a certified nymphomaniac before." After seeing the look on his face as he talked about missing his son, I couldn't deny that I wanted him, that I was falling head over heels in love with him.

He arched his eyebrows and looked at me curiously as his manhood hardened.

"You see, as a certified nympho, I'm qualified to administer the examination to anybody I feel may be qualified. I pushed my foot against his erection and added, "And I'm feeling... I mean I have a feeling that you may qualify for certification."

"Oh yeah?" he asked with a smile.

"Oh yeah," I answered with a growl.

"Now?" he asked.

"Now," I answered as I stood and left him alone at the table and headed toward the front door. I heard him behind me as I approached the cashier. He was right behind me and tapping his foot nervously, waiting for somebody to take his money.

I walked out the door, and as I opened the door to my car, I heard him running toward me. I hesitated and he was standing next to me. I reached my arms around his neck and pulled him to me, kissing him passionately as my hand rubbed his erection through his pants. Breaking the kiss, I looked into his eyes and said, "I'll follow you." I sat in my car and waited for him to close the door for me. As he did, I turned the ignition and waited for him to pull out of his parking space.

I followed him to his apartment, and within fifteen minutes we were passionately groping as he struggled to unlock the door to his apartment. Somehow, even as our lips were locked in a passionate kiss and my hand voraciously caressed his erection through his pants, he managed to unlock the door. We fell in and as we stumbled onto the floor, he kicked the door closed with his foot.

I fell on top of him and continued kissing him as I pulled his shirt up. I moved my kisses to his bare chest and slowly moved lower. As I unbuttoned his pants, I looked up at him and said, "Are you sure you're ready for the test? It's a little tough to pass."

As I unzipped him, he answered, "I can handle hard exams."

I pulled his pants down, exposing his hard cock to me. I kissed its tip and smiled at him, saying, "I see you have the hard part down, now let's see if you can pass the rest of the exam." I pushed the head of his cock past my lips and swirled my tongue on the head. He moaned softly as I pushed his cock deeper into my mouth, then began to slowly push it in and out, increasing my pace with each stroke.

As I continued the blow job, I pulled the straps off my dress and tugged it to my waist. My nipples teasingly brushed against his bare thighs as I moved. With his cock buried deeply into my mouth, I looked up at him lustfully, his eyes were closed, a contented look on his face. I pulled his cock out of my mouth, closing my lips tightly around it and sucked on it as hard as I could, causing and audible pop as it left my mouth.

"Do you have any condoms?" I asked lustfully. He looked down at me and shook his head. "That's one point I have to take away," I said. "A pervert is always prepared." I opened my purse and from the inner pocket I pulled out a foil packet and placed it between my teeth, ripping it open with my hands, I seductively grabbed the remaining foil from my mouth and tossed it to the floor, licking my lips seductively as I pulled the condom out of the opened packet.

I stood and provocatively unzipped the zipper on the side of my dress, pulling it over my head and tossing it to the side. I pulled my panties down, bending at the waist as I grabbed them and tossed them to the side. "Still think you can pass the test?" I asked.

"I'm willing to try," he answered as he looked up at my naked body.

I knelt next to him, and placed the condom on the head of his cock. I placed my lips around the base of his cock as I slowly rolled the condom down. As I moved the condom down, I moved my lips higher, meeting the condom in the middle of his cock. Continuing to roll the condom down, I moved my tongue along the length of his shaft. I licked his balls as I finished unrolling the condom, running my tongue near his rectum and then moving my kisses up his hip and to his stomach.

I squatted above him, and teasingly moved my pussy lips along the tip of his cock, as my hand tightly grabbed the base of his cock. "Still think you can pass the test?" I asked.

He nodded his head and I slowly pushed myself down, feeling his cock slide into me. With my eyes locked on his, I moaned softly and felt his cock slide completely inside my pussy. I leaned forward, my breasts softly skimming his chest as I placed my hands on the floor next to him and moved my hips slowly up and down, feeling his cock slide in and out of me.

"I didn't think perverts used condoms," Steven said breathlessly.

"We're experts with them," I said with a sly smile. "Better to be safe than sorry." I increased the rhythm of my hips and moaned softly as his cock brushed against my clitoris. I pressed my breasts against his chest and pressed my lips against his, kissing him passionately as I continued bouncing my hips slowly up and down.

Breaking the kiss, I sat up straight and increased the pace of my hips, feeling his cock slide in and out as I balanced myself with my hands on his chest. He moaned loudly and I giggled, saying, "What's the matter? Can't take it?"

"It's just..." he answered breathlessly, "It's been a while and..." he breathed deeply again and closed his eyes, "and you're so beautiful."

"I love compliments," I answered with a blush as I bounced quickly on top of him. His hands found my breasts and I leaned forward slightly, causing his cock to rub against my clitoris again as it slid in and out.

Involuntarily, I moaned and heard him ask, "What's the matter? Too much for you?"

"I've only just begun to warm up, but you win a point for being a smartass," I growled as I arched my back and felt an orgasm begin. I bounced faster and whimpered, feeling the electric shock of my orgasm flow through my body. Moving as fast as I could, I moaned loudly as the force of my orgasm peaked. I pulled myself off him, giving myself a couple of seconds to compose myself and spread my legs as I laid on the carpet. Steven rolled on top of me, pushing his cock back into my pussy. With a hard push, his cock slid deeply into me and I moaned loudly, turning my head to the side in ecstasy.

As Steven pounded his cock into me, I quickly climaxed again, whimpering in pleasure as my nerves were filled with ecstasy. As my orgasm subsided, I continued to feel little rushes of pleasure rush through me. I looked up at Steven as he continued to pound into me. "Too much for you?" he asked.

I shook my head and whimpered, "I'm just getting started." I cupped my breasts, looked into his eyes and asked, "Still like these?"

Steven nodded his head and his head arched back as his thrusts became more erratic. He glanced down at me and I pulled one breast to my mouth and licked my nipple. He pushed hard into me and groaned loudly as he came. Steven collapsed on top of me and our lips met in an zealous kiss. I rolled on top of him and pushed his softening cock back into my pussy. "You're not even close to passing the test yet," I growled.

I tried to push him back into me, but his cock was just too soft, so I kissed his chest, circling my tongue on his nipples and moved my kisses down his body. As I reached his cock, I tore the condom off his cock and tossed it to the side, being careful not to throw it on my dress and slid his soft cock between my lips. It slowly responded to my touch and hardened. As it did, I popped it out of my mouth and stood. I reached my hand out to his and pulled him up. We stood, kissing passionately, my hand massaging his hard cock and his hand caressing my butt. I broke the kiss and walked to the patio door and slid it open. I stepped outside and saw a reclining lawn chair. I kissed him again, pushing him onto the chair.

As he lay back, he asked, "Out here?"

"You want to get certified?" I asked coquettishly as I straddled him, resting on his stomach.

"I'm perverted, not an exhibitionist," he complained mockingly.

"Then you've got the wrong person giving the test," I answered with my sexiest smile as I pushed his cock against my lips. "Damn," I said as I stood quickly and ran inside. When I returned, Steven had his cock in his hand and was slowly stroking it. I looked into the illuminated parking lot, and satisfied that nobody was watching, I knelt next to him, and rolled another condom onto his cock. I straddled him again and asked, "Ready?"

He nodded his head and I slid the head of his cock into me, but didn't push down. I frowned and said, "I almost forgot, perverts don't do the same position twice in one night. We already did this one. Stand up," I ordered as I got up.

He followed my order and I stood on the balcony, my hips against the top of the railing. I glanced around again, and except for a few apartments that had the lights on but the drapes closed, the apartment complex looked deserted. I bent over, my bare breasts visible to anybody in the parking lot, opened my legs as I placed my finger on my pussy and slid my finger inside my wet slit. "Fuck me," I moaned softly.

I was rewarded by his hard cock sliding into my slit. I grabbed his cock and guided it into me, feeling it fill me, seemingly deeper than before. Within seconds, Steven began pounding into me, grunting as he worked his cock in and out of my dripping pussy. I moaned, louder than I intended as another orgasm filled my nerves. I saw a light turn on across the parking lot, and watched as a patio door opened and whoever was there turned on the patio light. I was pretty sure that we weren't visible from there, but as Steven pounded into me, I moaned again, louder than I did before and watched as another person stepped out of the apartment across the parking lot. Their figures were silhouetted by the porch light, and as I moaned again, trying to figure out if they could see me, one of them stepped into the apartment and turned off the lights.

They were now invisible to me, and Steven pounded his cock harder into me, causing me to moan loudly again. From the porch across the way, I saw a bright light turn on, possibly from a flashlight, and it searched the patio above us. As the light moved down, I closed my eyes and moaned loudly again, knowing that we were about to be discovered.

"We're about to be watched," Steven said as he paused momentarily and kissed my neck. "Does that count as perverted?" he asked.

"Yes!" I answered. "Keep fucking me." I said as I turned back to him and opened my eyes.

As I turned my eyes back to the apartment across the way, I was blinded by a flash of light as the beam of light softly illuminated us. I looked down at my breasts, and as Steven pounded into me, his labored breathing was all I could hear as I watched my breasts sway in the soft light. The thought occurred to me that maybe whoever was watching us could call the police, but I was too far into my impending orgasm, heightened by the fact that somebody was watching me come.

I moaned loudly, it was more of a scream than a moan as my body shook from the orgasm running through me. The soft light of the distant flashlight remained on us as Steven's thrusts grew erratic. Steven grunted loudly as he climaxed and I pushed against him, trying to push his cock deeper into me. I felt his cock pull out and turned to him, my own orgasm subsiding somewhat.

Steven was sitting on a lawn chair, his cock growing softer before my eyes. I stood, put my hand over my eyes and peered across the court, trying to see somebody from the porch that the flashlight still shone from.

"Did I pass?" Steven asked as he admired my body in the soft light.

"Getting there," I answered with a giggle.

"You mean there's more?" he asked.

I nodded my head and glanced back across the courtyard. The flashlight was still illuminating my body and I sat on the rail, feeling a thrill as I exposed my nude body to whoever was watching us from across the parking lot. "There's more," I said as I pinched my nipples and shook them. "Remember, I'm a certified nymphomaniac too."

I walked to him and pushed him onto the reclining lawn chair. As he laid on the chair, I moved my pussy above his mouth, feeling his tongue instantly touch my labia. I looked across the parking lot, and stared into the light shining onto me, rubbing my pussy against Steven's lips and whimpering as the erotic sensations rushed through my body.

His finger slid into me, and his lips found my clitoris. He pulled my clit into his mouth and sucked on it, making me moan loudly as I cupped my breasts and licked my nipple. I tried to remain sitting up, knowing that if I moved down, the people across the way couldn't see me, but as his mouth continued to manipulate my clitoris, I collapsed on top of Steven as I moaned loudly, trying not to scream as my body climaxed again.

I tried to pull myself off Steven, but his hands remained firmly on my thighs as he continued to stimulate my clitoris with his mouth. I screamed loudly, overtaken by a strong orgasm, sitting up and arching my back. My eyes were opened wide and I looked at my nude body in the soft light, screaming louder as Steven continued nibbled softly on my clit.

Finally, I was able to pull myself away from him, and I leaned against the railing, my back to the light, looked at Steven and breathed shallowly, recovering from the orgasm that still spasmed through my body.

"Did I pass?" he asked.

"Not yet," I answered as I took his hand and pulled him up. "Sit up here," I said as I patted the railing on the side of the porch.

"They can see me from there," he protested weakly.

"Do you want to be certified?" I asked. He nodded his head and pulled himself onto the railing. I wrapped my lips around his cock, feeling the condom on his rapidly hardening erection. As I pulled the condom off with his hand, I bit the top of it and pulled it off. I looked at him, the used condom dangling from my mouth and winked. I let it drop to the floor and I pushed his hard cock between my lips, pulling the hair away from my face and turned slightly, so whoever was shining the flashlight on us could see his cock slide in and out of my mouth.

As I moved my head up and down on his cock, I pumped my hand along the base of his cock, occasionally moving my hand and pushing his cock entirely into my mouth, burying my lips against his pubic hair. I heard him moan softly and the in a throaty voice I heard him announce, "I'm gonna come again."

I pulled his cock out of my mouth, and rapidly slid my hand up and down his shaft. As Steven raised his hips, his cock tightened and a burst of semen spurted from the tip. As the come flew out of his cock, I moved my mouth above his cock and let his come land on my mouth and face. Some of it spurted onto my breasts, but most of it landed on my lips. I looked at him, licked my lips provocatively and swallowed.

"Are you ready for the final test?" I asked coquettishly.

Steven nodded his head, and I licked my lips again, tasting his salty come on my tongue. I moved closer to him, reached my hands around his neck and pushed my lips against his. I pushed his come into his mouth; at first he tried pushing away, but as the intensity of my kiss increased, Steven was soon kissing me back passionately. His tongue hungrily probed my mouth, and I pushed his head to the side and felt his tongue hungrily licking my face.

When he finished licking his come off my face, I again kissed him passionately, feeling the salty taste of his come in his mouth. I lustfully probed my tongue in his mouth, wrapping my lips around his tongue and softly sucking on it. As I broke our kiss, I asked, "How's it taste?"

"Salty," he answered, "but it's not as bad as I thought it would be."

"Final question," I said. "Did you like it?"

"It was different," he answered.

I looked at him with a frown, then said, "One more chance." I knelt in front of him and licked the remaining come off his softened cock. I stood in front of him, opened my mouth and waited for him. He kissed me passionately and pulled me tightly against him. As we kissed, I heard applause from across the parking lot.

I giggled and looked at Steven, "It looks like they think you passed."

"So did I?" he asked.

I smiled wickedly at him, shook my head and answered, "Sorry, almost but not quite. You can't be certified as a pervert yet. I guess you'll just have to study more and take the test again at a later date. Fortunately," I continued as I stepped back and pulled my breast to my mouth and licked my nipple, "I know a very good tutor."

"And I'm a good student," Steven answered with a smile.

We walked into his apartment and I watched with a disapproving look as he pulled his boxers on. "What?" he asked.

"If you want to be certified, that means you can't wear those whenever I'm around."

He shrugged and let the boxers fall to the floor. He playfully kicked them at me and they flew by my hip. "You are a quick learner," I said with a giggle."

"When's the next lesson?" he asked.

I approached him, put my hand around his neck, put my other hand on his soft cock and kissed him softly on the lips and whispered, "Whenever you're ready."

"Do you have to go home?" he asked.

"Brandon's at my mom's house, I told them that I would be home late and that I would pick him up in the morning. "I'm free for lessons the rest of the night."

He grabbed my hand and led me to the bedroom, turning on the light as we walked in. I gave him another lesson, falling asleep in his arms when we were done. I woke up early the next morning and quietly took a shower. When I walked out of his bathroom, he was looking at me, his boxers in his hand. "I almost forgot," he admitted as he twirled them on his finger. "Ready for another lesson?"

"I can't. I have to get going," I said with a frown as I pulled my dress on.

I grabbed my panties and began to pull them onto my legs. As I did, Steven shook his head and I heard a "Tsk, tsk," from him.

"What?" I asked.

"If you put those on, you'll be showing me a bad habit," Steven said as he held his boxers up.

I smiled and handed him my panties, "You're right, I forgot." We kissed passionately and I nearly decided to give him another lesson, as his hands reached under my dress and caressed my bare skin and slid along my labia. I reluctantly pushed him away and opened the door. I cleared my throat and looked at him.

He looked at me curiously, trying to figure out what I wanted.

"The Playstation," I said.

"You still haven't paid me the favor," he answered with a smile.

"I'll owe it to you," I said.

"Wait a second, let me pull some pants on."

Steven disappeared into the bedroom and reappeared wearing a pair of jeans. We walked down the stairway together, holding hands. As we stepped outside, the parking lot was empty except for two men working on a car with the hood opened. When they saw us, I heard one of them mutter, "Is that her?"

The other guy muttered something softly, and the first guy looked at me and said, "If it is her, she wasn't shy about anything last night."

My face turned bright red as I realized they were the ones watching us last night. Steven smiled at me and asked, "Ready?"

"For what?" I asked with an innocent look on my face.

"Set," Steven continued. "You're certified, remember."

"There might be little kids around," I protested.

"Lady, they're ain't no kids around here now," one of the guys said loudly.

"See," Steven said with a laugh. "Go," he said loudly.

I glanced around and pulled the straps of my dress off my shoulders. I glanced at Steven, turned to the two guys who were staring intently at me, broad smiles on their faces. I turned back to Steven, pulled the top of my dress to my waist and ran to my car. I could feel my boobs bouncing as I ran; I turned to the two guys and smiled as I noticed the look on their faces, their mouths were open wide in amazement. As I reached my car, I stopped and turned to Steven, smiling wickedly at him. "Watch and learn," I said as I unzipped the dress and let it fall to the ground. I bent over at the waist as I picked up my dress, smiling coquettishly at my audience. I turned to Steven, knowing that by doing so I was exposing the entire front of my body to the two men.

I approached Steven, wiggling my hips exaggeratedly and kissed him. He handed me the Playstation from his open trunk and I held it in front of me as I walked to my car. I placed the toy on the ground as I searched for my keys in my purse. Once I opened the trunk, I bent over and pushed the box all the way to the back of the trunk, opening my legs, knowing that Steven and the two men could see my bare pussy.

As I stood up, I smiled at Steven, then smiled at the two men and calmly walked to my car. I unlocked the door and motioned for Steven to come to me. He practically ran to me. As I moved into my car, I smiled at him and said, "That was lesson number one for today. Did I pay your favor?"

He bent over and kissed me, answering, "In spades."

He closed the door and I turned the ignition, pulled my car out of the parking spot and pulled away. As I passed the two men, who were still staring at me, I stopped my car, glanced at Steven in the rear view mirror, smiled at the two men and cupped my breast, pulling it to my mouth. I placed one nipple between my lips, let my breast fall and licked my nips coquettishly as I smiled at them. I giggled loudly and drove away, still naked.

I pulled onto the main road, and at a red light I pulled my dress back on, as a tow truck driver sat next to me honking his horn wildly. I ignored him, but smiled at him as I sped away from the stop light.

Steven and I got to know each other better over the next year, Brandon loved having a father figure in Steven. Derek, Steven's son adopted Brandon as his little brother. When I walked down the aisle at our wedding the next year, right behind Steven was Derek, the best man. Since my father was no longer with us, Brandon gave me away. It was the sweetest wedding anybody ever saw. We're a very happy family, the three of us, four on weekends. Brandon and Derek have the most intense battles on the Playstation and are becoming more like brothers every weekend.

I keep surprising him with my exhibitionist streak. We have a camera mounted on the computer in our bedroom, and he loves to watch as I talk to guys from all over the world and end up taking off my clothes while countless men watch me come. I guess you could say we're perverts, but only I'm certified, Steven is still studying. He is a very good student though, someday, I might certify him.


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