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Eating Out - by Tiffany - A couple enjoys the danger of "doing it" in public places. (MF, exh, public)

Eight Ball, Amy's Corner Pocket - by MercySlayer - Amy was thrilled that Jerry had asked her to go with him tonight to the club and shoot some pool. Jerry went to the club almost every Friday night without Amy so this was a special occasion. Amy arranged the babysitter for the kids and spent the afternoon deciding what she should wear. (M+/F, exh)

Elevator Dare - by Charisse van der Lyn - I don't know how I ever agreed to the challenge. Arrogance, excitement, the reward? I don't know. And who the hell was Steven to even suggest it, an e-mail friend. I had never met him, and probably never would. I could have ignored his dare. I could have lied and said I had done it. But I didn't. (FF, exh)

Elevator Escapades - by Anonymous - The story was originally written by Commando (who is female) and was basically a one paragraph sex fantasy about being violated at a club and being carried out of the club into a more appropriate setting. I decided to clean up the grammar and formatting, rewrite and add bits and add some humor too. It's meant to be titillating but with a little fun added. I hope you enjoy it. (MF, bi, exh)

Emma On Vacation - by J Christopher - Young Emma discovers sex and goes on a Vacation to Disney World with her family. (MFbg, extreme-ped, bi, exh, family-inc, fisting)

Emma Watson: Hacked Off - by Demetrius - He was sure that Emma would love him if she'd only give him a chance. But she didn't and that set him plotting her humiliation. (Mf, nc, exh, 1st, mast, celeb-parody)

Encounter at the Movies - by LaffWithMe - On a visit to an adult theatre, I get my cocked rubbed, watch a woman show off then enjoy sex with a couple. (FFM, exh, voy)

Encounter in the Deep Woods - by JackBro - A boxum, shy little lady meets the man of her dreams while camping in the deep woods. She discovers him while he is entertaining himself, and he later entertains her. She discovers the perfect male submissive. (Fdom/M, exh, mast, size)

Encounters With A Thirteen-Year Old Exhibitionist - by Netman169 - This is the story of my encounter with a thirteen-year old exhibitionist who I discovered walking naked in the neighborhood. Throughout our encounters we go from water sports and mutual masturbation to me taking her virginity. We eventually advance to a gangbang and some animal antics. Note: This story is dedicated to fellow author Lindsey, A.K.A. Tabby Kat, the exhibitionist who inspired this story. (M+/ff, ped, bi, exh, mast, oral, beast, ws) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5

Enolah & Rob - by Lady Seyton - A man finally takes the upper hand with his girlfriend and forces her to be more agreeable to his desires. (MF, exh, reluc, orgasm denial)

Erotic Exotic Ball - Part 1 - by Merlin_6 - Several co-workers and I plan to attend the erotic exotic ball in San Francisco. This is the first part of a series. Before the party we meet to compare costumes and warm ourselves up sexually for the night ahead. (F+/M+, F+/F+ exh, orgy)
Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

Erotic Party - by JackBro - The friends of a buxom young girl help her to fulfill an erotic fantasy for her birthday. She must step out into a normal college party wearing only the bare essentials for clothing while her guests pretend not to notice. The eroticism is amplified when her friends first present her with a special drink and then with a special male guest who wears even less than she does. (M+F, exh, drugs, orgy)

Erotorave - by Bridget Ann - An athletic white man and his black BBW wife in action at a rave. (MF, exh, anal, intr)

Evening With Paul - by Ulysses - My wife's long time AOL acquaintance decides to stop over and have dinner with her on his way to New England. The first meeting of two friends turns into an interesting evening for all three of us. (MMF, wife, exh, voy, 1st)

Exciting Neighbor - by Cumfreak1952 - A ten year old girl asks questions regarding sex. Her father is so big he is concerned how it would hurt his daughter, so a neighbor with a much smaller penis is asked to teach the daughter anything and everything regarding the act of sex, giving permission to have sex with her if that is what she wants. A romantic story with a nice ending. A story told in two parts. (Mg, extreme-ped, inc, 1st, mast, oral, exh, cream-pie)

Ex-Daughter-In-Law - by Pallidan - Son's ex-wife shows up at her ex-parent-in-laws house and takes charge of the family. Her revenge is almost complete as she enjoys their total submission. (Fdom/FM, exh, reluc)

Exhibition - by Sliverspell - Ever since I was a child I have been fascinated by the idea of public nudity. I think the risk was always the handle for me, the fear of what could occur if I was 'caught'. I used to play at exposing myself outside, seeing how far I could go, and this followed me into later life. (MM, exh, rp, hum)

Exhibition In The Car - by Bruce - Flashing women while driving on the interstate. (MF, exh, public-mast)

Exhibitionist Wife, The - by Anonymous - A man is no longer "get it up" for his wife, so he finally decides to do something about it. (MF, couples, voy, orgy)

Exhibitionist Wife - by Rolio - Exhibitionist tendencies lead a wife into dogging. (MF, wife-sharing, exh, oral, dogging)

Exhibitionist Wife - by SeeShow - My wife and I decide to see what it would be like to share her with another man while I watch. (MF, wife-sharing, voy)

Exposed On The Road - by Goblinfeet - My first gay-experience was an innocent pick-up that ended in public hardcore oral action. (MM, exh, 1st-gay-expr, oral)

Exposure At The Cape - By Anon - A teen couple discover how much of a turn-on it is to expose themselves to strangers and quickly become addicted to it. (MF-teens, exh, mast)

Extras - by Robert E. Epps - A woman decides to try to be an 'extra' in a movie production. (MMF, nc, exh, bd)

Fake Photos/Real Life - by Nightworks - A young woman discovers fake photos of herself on the Web. The clever grafts of her head to the photos of other young women change her view of herself and of sex. (MF, rom, exh, anal)

Family Exhibitions - by Marsha Mayers - Exhibitionist story, about a girl who seduces both her mother and father. - "I'm an exhibitionist. I guess I always have been and I expect I always will be. That point in childhood when most kids (or at least most girls) learn modesty, I didn't. I do remember my folks trying to shame me into covering up when I would dance out of my bedroom in next to nothing while guests were at our house but my blushing just became part of my repertoire. (MFf, inc, exh)

Family Love - by Jones - My loving wife Perry has a cock, in my opinion, better than a cunt anytime. We adopted a beautiful son who loves cock as much as his mommy and daddy do. This story is about our vacation at a family nudist camp, where any kind of love is approved. (MMmg, ped, inc, exh, oral, anal, drugs, ws)

Family Peepers - by Anon - This perverted family would all end up in jail in the real world, but in this virtual world they all have great fun fucking and sucking their way through life. (MFmf, family-inc, bi, voy, exh, mast, oral, anal, orgy)

Family Room - by Mark E. Dassad - A father succumbs to his desires and begins an affair with his pretty young daughter. They begin their little sex acts while other family members are close by and are soon found out because of their indiscretion. (Mf, exh, inc, ped)

Fantasy Fest - by Biker - My wife and I finally visit Fantasy Fest. She lets the mood of the event take over and behaves in a fashion she never would at home. (M+/F, wife-exh, husb-voy, bi, drugs, orgy)

Fantasy Party - by Snodgrass Beasley - A guy hooks up with two sisters whose fantasy is being gangbanged by a bunch of men. He tries to help them fulfill their fantasy. (MMM+/FF, exh, orgy, gb)

Farm Life - by Anon Author - Maw and my oldest sister Jane came out on the back porch where I was standing in a washtub all soaped up. "Maw" Sue said, "Look at this," as she held my little dick out for them to see. (Ff+/m, exh, inc, mast, oral, bond, ped)

Farm Slaves - by Pallidan - A man, his wife and a friend are lost in a remote countryside and stops at a local farmhouse. Ma and Pa know just how to welcome their new guests. (MMF, exh, bd)

Fascinated With Richard - by jojo - Now I know you'll probably think I'm some kind of pervert, but sex is where it is at. And, although at my tender age (not to mention experience), I promised my mom, and myself that I wouldn't have (real) sex until I decided to marry. But, that allowed a lot of room for other things, as you will read. (teens, exh, mast, oral)

Fast Dance At The Kindling Klub - by Tooshoes - Neon lights, flashing. The heavy beat of Aerosmith, beating to my heart beat, and to my footsteps, as I danced wild on the stage, with my passion and skin as naked as the lust in their eyes. Last night I was a pussy cat, purring for a little affection. A little chit-chat. But tonight I was a lioness. Untamed. Unbridled. Voracious. And I was. On. Fire. (F, exh)

Fellatio - by Lynn Public - An artist's model agrees to a little kink in to great outdoors with a good friend. (MF, oral, exh)

Fertility Dance - by Pantinghot - The young men dancers begin to enter the stage from the other side wearing loin cloths. They are all very good looking, ranging in complexion from light olive to darkest black -- Carlos believes in a well-integrated family. The youths all have great bodies and those great big dicks that Cubans and Puerto Ricans are world famous for... (M+/F, M-teen/F, inc, exh, preg, lateno)

Fertility Inn And Resort - by Cumfreak1952 - All three of us were nervous, and yet excited at the same time. Not being used to this sort of thing, we were surprised at how many nude guests there, some walking around, a few kissing and groping, and two couples actually fucking out in the garden. There were a couple of men I noticed that had extremely huge tools on them, I noticed the girls noticing them as well, the possibilities swirled through my head. (M+/F+, exh, size, preg, voy, orgy)

Female Domination Games - by Pallidan - The story title says it all. Women can be so dominating when they get the upper hand. (FFM, dom, exh, bd)

Fifteen at the Right Time - by Mines2000 - My 15 year old neighbor girl has caught my eye for the past few years as I have hers. Periodic flashing ended up leading to this unexpected encounter. (M/f-teen, ped, 1st, mast, oral, exh) Part 2 - Part 3

Fifty Dollar Fuck - by Author Obscure - Wife seduces her husband's friend right in front of him. (MF, wife-exh, husband-voy)

Finally - by Anonymous Author - Husband and wife are non-smokers but husband is a smoking fan and encourages wife to indulge him in his smoking fetish fantasy. Wife does and finds she enjoys smoking both for her and him and it even turns her on. (MF, exh, wife, smoking)

Finding Myself In Gran Canaria - by Kewtieboy - Four teenage friends go on holiday to the Canary Islands in search of girls for sex. Two of the group find more than they expected about Gran Canaria and themselves. (MMm, 1st-gay-expr, nc, mast, oral, anal, exh, alcohol, orgy)

Find That Guy: Porn TV's TG Game Show - by EyeSoreASite - A Game show where 4 male contestants Compete against each other and a straight couple. The man of the couple is put in a bodysuit and the couple competes against the 4 male contestants in a series of sexual challenges, earning or losing points. Each male contestant is eliminated until only one remains. Then he must guess which of the couple is a woman, and which a man. If he guesses correctly, both sides points are awarded to him, translated into cash ranging from $10,000 to $100,000. If He guesses wrong the money goes to the Couple. (MF, MM-bi, reluc, exh, tg, sci-fi)

Fire Beach - by Bill - A woman reaches the last day of her vacation without hooking up and decides to throw caution to the wind. (M+/F+, bi, exh, swing, orgy)

Fixing Pam Up - by Norman Hudgins - A friend fixes a couple up with a black man to fulfill the couple's fantasy about sharing a stranger. (M+/F, MM, wife, exh, intr)

First Date - by Voy R Mann - A double date story. Two young couples learn from and inspire one another. (teens, exh, oral, anal)

Flasher - by Benson Hedges - "I love to show women my dick. That's all there is to it. Show me a woman, and I'll find a way to get her to glance at my cock. I love it. It turns me on. Especially if I'm hard, and they smile, or lick their lips. I love the looks on their faces when they see my cock, and then look away they pretend disapproval. And when, after just a few seconds, they look back, and squirm, I know that the disapproval is only for propriety sake." (MF, exh, public)

Flasher - by Rachel's Lace - A teasing wife gets as good as she gives after flashing a bookseller. (MF, exh, mast, oral)

Flasher - by Drummer - High school boy aroused by a flasher. (Mm-teen, exh, 1st-gay-expr, oral)

Flashing At The Hamburger Palace - by Laffwithme - While eating lunch I was treated to the most erotic flashing I have ever encountered. (MF, exh, voy)

Flashing For My Boys - by Jenny - My lads asked me to flash one of their friends who had never seen a naked woman before, so I did. (Fm, ped, reluc, exh)

FLASH! The Night Erica Took Pictures - by Abdul ben There - My wife's best friend photographs our loving. (MF, exh, F-voy, rom)

Fleetwood Gash - by Jackie Juggs - Lady in distress gets assistance from a black minister in his Fleetwood Brougham. (MF, exh, inter)

Flight To Tomar Three - by Curious2c - A voyage into space takes a turn for the worst. See how the crew of the SF5595 holds up and works things out. (FFM, reluc, 1st, exh, oral, anal, rom, sci-fi)

Flying High - by Phil Phantom - A different kind of mile-high club experience. (FFF, exh, 1st-lesbian-expr)

Fooling Around - by Phoebe - A spoiled rich girl knows that she can get anything she wants by using her body as the reward for complying. (MF-teens, high-school, exh, cheat)

For Her Pleasure - by Marc Diamond - A young black man presumes that when an older white woman is servicing him on her knees, she's subsurvient. But that's just his perception. Reality is different. Though he's rutting her like a whore, he hasn't realized that it's all 'for her pleasure'. (FFM, bi, exh, mast, oral, intr, rom)

For Rachel - by W2beh - This is a brief fantasy inspired by a reader and a fan who deeply desires to enslave herself to my ever demanding wife. To facilitate her desires, we are sharing this story of the early stages of her submission, for all the world to read. (FF, 1st-lesbian-expr, exh, mast)

For Love of E - by Dhragúin Múinteoir - A still-trim executive in her mid fifties has a spur-of-the-moment encounter with the super of her apartment building. She soon finds that there is more to the retired military man than meets the eye. (MF, exh, oral, affair) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9 - Part 10 - Part 11

Four, Five And Six - by Rory V. - Those hippy-styles, flower children of the 60s had escaped into the 70s and were flying high -- not on drugs, necessarily. Sal and Angie, Keith and Sandy were married couples who offered a spare room to a fellow college student. When he moved into the joint, it didn't take long to discover there were some fringe benefits of the $50-a-month rent. (MMF, exh, orgy, oral)

Four Glasses Of Water - by Candy - Not everything is as simple as it seems. How being ordered to drink 4 glasses of water led to me being chained to a stake by my dog collar in our back yard. (MMF, exh, bd, mast, oral, anal, ws)

Fourteen Year-old Model - by Daddy Warbucks - "My daughter just turned 14 and I gave her permission to try out for a modeling job at a local outdoor club. (Mf, ped, exh)

Fourth Of July Fireworks - by Jimbo the Writer - I admit, I'm a writer. I've tried writing novels, and usually just do short stories. This, however, is a work of non-fiction. The events that I'm about to describe really happened to me, about 8 years ago, on the July 4, 1992. (MF-teens, exh)

Fragile Employment - by Otto Erotic - A young girl goes to great lengths to keep from losing her job. (Ff, nc, exh, mast)

Fraternity Property - by Joy Paine - I can't deny that I enjoyed the experience. Every bit of it, the mutual undressing, the initial titillation, moving on to the more serious caressing, right on to the final sixty-nine yards, as the expression goes. In my mind, however, was nothing but revulsion. Double revulsion, because Denise was being forced to go through this too. To do such intimate things in front of a private audience of howling boys and girls, with whom I would be going to classes for the next four years was indeed hell. (FF, MF, exh, nc, huml, tor, hypno)

Fred The School Bus Driver - by Kacey - Fred, a factory worker, needed a means to be around young girls and boys to fulfill his sexual fantasies, so he got a job driving a church school bus on weekends. (Mfm, ped, bi, mast, oral, exh)

Freedom And Love For A Masked Slave - by Nick Green - An over-18 first-time story for two very kinky (and real) people. This story is somewhat autobiographical and draws from personal experience. (MF, inc, 1st, oral, anal, exh, bd, rom)

Freeway Fun - by Gallio - I once had a girlfriend who was a little on the wild side. This story was one of the fun incidences that happened while we were going together. If you wonder why we're not still together, this story might give you a glue. (MF, exh)

Freeway Sex - by Baraby - A threesome story - My husband and I purchased a CB radio at the tail end of the big CB craze several years ago. When we first bought it we used to do the usual things like talk to truckers on the freeways. We soon found out that it was more fun to flash the truckers while driving by them. I'd show them my breasts and then maybe lift my skirt for them if I liked their looks." (MMF, exh)

Freeway Show - by Showife - My wife Samantha loses a bet and has to pay up by standing on an overpass for 10minutes totally naked for all the world to see. (F-exh, wife, public)

French West Indies Vacation - by LeatherZebra - Submissive blond wife goes on vacation with her dominant husband and enjoys multiple BBCs in the tropical jungle. (MMF, wife, d/s, exh, intr, spank, swingers)

Friends Only - by AnonyMPC - Jack thought his twelve-year-old cousin Lily was as innocent as a girl could be, at least that's what he thought until he got an invitation to her Friends Only Facebook page and discovered her secret life as an exhibitionist. (Mg, ped, inc, 1st, exh, mast, oral)

Friends: The Contest - by Scarlet Pimp(ernel) - Part 1 - A parody of the 1990's sit-com named Friends. This story revolves around the girls vying to win a "best body" contest. Lots of sex and action. (M+F+, exh, org, sit-com parody) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

Friends With Benefits - by Alex Hawk - Two thirteen-year-old kids, friends for many years, start experimenting one day. (mf-yteens, exh, 1st, oral, mast)

Fuck-O-Rama - by dale10 - Four well-hung high school jocks enter an internet contest, fucking four virgin high school girls. (M+F+-teens, underage, reluc, 1st, mast, oral, anal, exh, bd)

Fucked in Minnesota - by Strangesub - A true story of one night along a Mississippi River beach park where a married guy just looking for a little action, got totally fucked over. This is the reality which other stories I have written are based upon. (MM+/m, ped, reluc, oral, anal, exh, orgy, outdoors, bareback, drugs)

Fucked In The Field - by Graham F Cutler - A story of a cross-dresser called Suzy, that meets guys for sex and then meets one that wants to fuck her in the middle of a field. What he doesn't tell her, is that he wants his Boxer dog to fuck her as well. (MM, exh, mast, oral, anal, voy, beast)

Fuckfest On A Bus Ride To Badrinath - by Bhuralund - My wife and I went to for pilgrimage that included five hours journey in a rickety small bus packed with filthy, ugly and big black villagers. To make things easier, it was dark, very dark. Unplanned things happened. (MMF, wife, bi, exh, intr, size, india)

Fucking In The Rain - by Terri Madison - The rain is a particular turn-on for this character. She first experienced total wetness at the tender age of 14. The driving rain and the total state of wetness brought the teenager to orgasm. That experience was repeated over and over again to culminate with this story of exhibitionism and public masturbation. (FF, mast, exh)

Fucking My Wife For The Crowds - by Pace - Pace was obsessed with performing sex with his wife before groups of men. She was very pretty, gullible, and very much his junior. The period of intense sex performance he wrote about extended from 1967 to 1972. But he covered everything leading up to it and beyond. (M+/F, public-exh, intr, oral, anal, gb, orgy)

Fun At The Local Gloryhole - by Gloryholelover - Kyle and his brother Tim explore each other sexually and then have fun at the local gloryhole. (MM, beast, inc, exh, 1st, oral, anal, glory)

Full House - by LWM - A single mom finds the best way to turn a profit with a farm these days is to convert it into a whorehouse using her daughters as the whores. (M+/Fgg, inc, ped, beast, exh, s&m, oral, anal, public, bd)

Full Service Girl - by Dudester - This story is about a stressed out middle aged manager who, on holiday, checks into an aged hotel where he meets a "Full Service Girl". (M/f-teen, ped, exh, rom)

Fumble - by Dats Him A boy has an embarrassing episode while dressed in a hospital gown as he's wheeled to X-ray due to a possible broken arm. (M-teen, exh, humor)

Fun At The Dam - by Anon - Having sex in a public places. (MF, exh, rom)

Fun Story About Masturbation - by Richard Jacobs - A few years ago I was at my girlfriend Krissy's apartment, and we were just hanging out and watching TV. She was watching some program about the Chippendale dancers. (I have no idea why she would want to watch that, yah right!) I kept telling her that it looked like fun and she kept telling me much work the guys had to do and all the effort that went into giving a good show. Well, we were both joking back and forth, when I said that I would have no problem dancing half naked in front of a room full of screaming women waving money at me. (MFF, male-exh)

Game, The - by Neruda - Two close girlfriends have a day of escalating exhibition. (FF, exh)

Game: Echo's Of Rape - by Art S Healing - A twelve year old girl has fantasies about playing a sexual game. She likes the idea of saying no when she means really yes. One night when she goes to a party, her fantasy becomes reality thanks to a boy named Brad and a horny dog. (Mmfg, ped, reluc, mast, anal, exh, beast, enema, ws)

Games, The - by Georgepat - A man meets a woman at a bar and discovers that she enjoys playing... games. (MF, exh, oral)

Games We Play - by Thadsgood - A couple like to play games, not scrabble or anything like that. Their games are all about sex involving dares, exhibitionism, doing it in public, that sort of thing. (MF, FF, reluc, exh, bd, swing) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

Gang Bang At The Adult Movie Theater - by Lonelyhusband - A visit to an Adult Movie Theater gets a little out of hand. (M+F, exh, wife, oral, anal, bi, orgy, prost)

Gangbanged Girlfriend - by Anon - A college student describes a party that he and his girlfriend went to. (M+/F, exh, gb, mast, orgy, size)

Gangbang Bus - by Wanturwife - My wife Linda and I love to show her body off to men in short skirts or short shorts and heels. One hot summer night, we decided to ride the bus downtown so she could tease some men. We thought it would just be a show for the passengers, but it ended up being a lot more than we'd bargained for. (M+/F, wife, exh, intr, nc, rp, cuck)

Garden Party Punishment - by The Strict Professor - Teenage daughter is humiliated by her mother when she has to receive a bare bottom spanking in front of her mother's garden party friends, AND A BOY! (F/f-teen, exh, huml, spank, no-sex)

George's Special Day - by Lion24655 - A retired man suddenly gets a business deal - but the conditions demand he make love to those who are buying. (MM, 1st-gay-expr, oral, anal, exh)

Getting Big Tits Took Over My Life - by Lexi Hunt - I started taking herbs to make my breasts grow, but I never thought this would happen. (M+/F, exh, breasts, oral, anal, orgy, mexicans)

Getting Caught by the Maid - by shaheel14 - A businessman has a special fetish that he likes to perform whim on the road. Yes, he's an exhibitionist, who's found the perfect way to perform without fear of getting into trouble. (M-exh, F-voy, mast)

Getting Hired Back - by asslover - A sexy law student makes absolutely sure she gets hired back at the prestigious law firm where she is interning. (MF, exh, reluc, spank)

Gina's Orgasms - by Robandlinda - Gina finds the camera that her son placed in her bedroom and plays up to her son with the obvious results. (F/m-teen, ped, inc, 1st, exh)

Girlfriend Training - by Derek the Man - A guy gets the hot idea to make his girlfriend show her tits to his buddy one day not realizing what he is releasing. (MF, d/s, exh, huml)

Glamor Model - by Ed Rider - A woman is deep debt, facing financial ruin agrees to become a porn actor and tries to accomplish something that no one has tried before so that she can earn her way out of debt fast. (M+/F, v, exh, huml)

Gloria The Slut - by Michael L. - My wife had been given permission to be a complete slut by her father when she was young, and it was her depravity that lured me to her. (MMF, FF, ped, bg, bi, wife, exh, inc)

Gloryhole Afternoon - by Anonymous - Josh is an over-sexed young man, from a family of over-sexed men. He stops at an x-rated strip club to release some tension that had been building up all day only to find that it is a gay establish. But to Josh's surprise it isn't so bad once he gets used to it. (MM-1st gay exh, oral, mast)

Gloryhole For Lyn - by ShavedJerry - A couple attend an initiation party to a sex club and even though they aren't new to "kinky" they experience things they hadn't done before during their initiation. (MF, ped, bd, sm, exh, orgy)

Gloryhole Tease - by Anon - Just thought I would share some experiences with the group as I have enjoyed the stories posted so far. This is a true story about a period in my life when I experimented with a little gay sex. (MM, 1st-gay-expr, exh, oral, glory)

Goddess Gives - by Shayla - Find out what happens when I finally meet one of my business contacts. (FFM, bi, oral, exh)

Going For Two - by Bill - Wife goes to a motel bar to pick up guy to bring back to the room to fuck. Will I watch? She comes back with two. (MMF, wife-exh, husb-voy, bi, alcohol, orgy)

Goldeneye - by Jamaicanfling - Wife receives a discreet massage at a private Jamaican resort. (MF, wife-exh, husband-voy, intr)

Good Old Hockey Game - by Hase-dog - A young boy finds a lover in his Athletic trainer, and he finds out all he needs to know about hockey to. (Fm, exh, orgy, ped, 1st)

Good Samaritan, The - by Silvergun - A modern day spin on the biblical story of the good Samaritan with a sexual twist. (MMF, nc, rp, wife, exh, v, bd)

Good Time Sandi - by Anonymous - Female submissive being taken advantage of - "I really can't believe I'm writing this down, but I can't really believe I'm living the two lives I'm living right now, either." (Mdom/F, cheat, d/s, exh)

Goodbye Fuck - by Karen - This is a story about how I met the man who would become my husband and lover and how I broke up with the boy who had been my "boyfriend" for about two years. The "man" opened my eyes to the wonderful world of sex, something the "boy" had not been able to do. (MMF, exh, rom)

Grandma's Window - by Schulzie - A teenage boy strays in his grandmother's apartment to take care of the place while she in the hospital and ends up giving special shows for some teenage girls from the apartment building. (F-teens-voy, M-teen-exh, solo-mast)

Grandmother's Tale - by Pam - Sophie, the sixty year old, is feeling so horny! She tells us about her visit to her friend, Pam's house where she makes love with Wendy. Pam and Sophie go to the health farm, where they are waited on by the twins. (Ff, exh, inc, lesbian)

Groped, Molested and Enjoyed in Prague - by yoni-gabai-hen - A month after giving birth, Vera was molested on the metro. To her surprise she found that it needn't be a bad experience, especially if the molester was Vlad with his huge cock. (MF, size, lac, exh, preg)

Growing Up An Exhibitionist - by AB-2009 - Growing up an exhibitionist. The true story as related to me by Andrew of El Toro CA. This story was developed through a series of emails. The experiences are purported to be true and I have tried not to make any significant changes to his story. (MF, FF, MM, exh, 1st, teens)

Growing Up With Mummy - by Mark - An intro to a few experiences shared with my Mum over the years. More to follow hopefully. (F/m, ped, inc, exh) Part 2

Guidelines for Hotwives - by Evangelina Vargas - Homer's sister advises hotwife wanabes. (MF, exh, cheat, intr, preg)

Halloween 1998 - by DeeDee18 - Trick or treating can be fun, but girls my age shouldn't go out alone without supervision. (MFbgm Fg, ffg, ped, exh)

Halloween Exhibitionist - by Cheryl - I've always been an exhibitionist. Always the one with the too small bikini or the shortest skirt or the see through tops, the one all the guys like to flirt with, and I love it. (M+/F, orgy, voy)

Halloween Costume Party - by Acer - A couple goes to a Halloween costume party and has an erotic adventure. (MMF, wife, exh, voy, swing, orgy)

Halloween Party - by Jones - Mrs. Miller finds a Halloween party flier notice on her car. Mrs. Brown also finds one on hers. It sounds fun and they wouldn't miss it. But they have no idea what's in the drinks or what will happen to their families when their inhibitions suddenly vanish. (MFmf, ped, inc, bi, exh, 1st, oral, drugs, orgy)

Halloween Party Friday 26th - by Cheryl - The first Halloween party I attended this year was on October 26th, which was a Friday night. I had my pick of several parties to go to as well several different outfits to choose from. I had decided to go to Packers, a sports bar that I've been too before and I had decided to wear the Oakland Raider's cheerleader outfit that I had bought several years before. (F, exh)

Halloween Party Saturday 27th - by Cheryl - A story about a woman who decides to attend a costume party at a club dressed as a hooker. Only after she arrives she meets a guy who wants to be pimp. (MF, role-play, exh)

Hammered - by Pet Kaili - She finally gets her chance to ride in the truck with him. Hanging spread eagle in the back watching the traffic pass she feels his hunger for her pain as well as her need to exhibit herself. In the end he has her complete submission... based on a true event. (Mdom/F, sm, d/s, exh, toys, fisting, bd, cons)

Hamptons Weekend - by Rachel - How quickly life can change. An invitation to a weekend in the Hamptons turned my life around. (MMf, FF, M+/F, exh, voy) Part 2

Hands-on Friendship - by Cyrano - Sexual magic happens one night while crashing at a friend's place. (MF, exh, mast)

Hannah's Humiliation - by EzRiter - I opened the smaller envelope, removing a single eight by ten black and white glossy photograph. The instant I looked at it, I felt the sweat break out on my face, the tingling in my limbs, the bile rising in my stomach. I knew I was going to faint... (M+/F, nc, blkmail, exh, huml)

Happy 4th - by Dusty1961 - A couple sets out to watch the 4th of July fireworks, but a stranger ensures that the public display aren't the only fireworks they see. (MMF, anal, exh, public)

Happy Birthday, Alexis - by Snow Ghost - Alexis is home by herself on her 14th birthday, apparently forgotten by her parents and friends. A school friend mentioned being in her "birthday suit", and Alexis becomes curious. (f-teen, exh, mast)

Happy Birthday Kara - by dale10 - It's Kara's fourteenth birthday and her eighteen year old boyfriend has a nasty surprise for her. (M/f-teens, exh, reluc, mast, tor, huml)

Happy Easter, Alexis - by Snow Ghost - Teenage Alexis has been teasing for too long, now, she finally gets what she wants. Just not the way she expects to. (MM/F-teen, nc-drugs, voy, exh, inc)

Harajuku Love Story - by Nozomi - My friend Maiko and I have a fun day out, where we meet some interesting people and make some money on the way. (MFF, exh, bi, bd, asian, beast, cream-pie)

Hard Body Shop Clerk - by DL Sloan - Twenty-two year old Cori Banks lands a job putting her looks and talents to use at a body shop. Her four male co-workers and their clients enjoy the fringe benefits of a hot babe who wears whatever they want her to and fulfills all their sexual needs and fantasies upon demand. (M+/F, reluc, exh, intr, mast, oral, anal, bd) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9 - Part 10 - Part 11 - Part 12

Harper Valley USA - by Filthy Fiction - This will be a continuing series depicting the melodramatic sexual adventures of a typical suburban family. For those who enjoy pantyhose stories, this series will focus heavily (though, not totally) on that particular fetish, as well as the obvious incest themes. (F/mf, FF, exh, inc, ped, etc.) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9 - Part 10

Harry and His Grandmother - by T.G.Kavanagh - A vignette about a young man's grandmother who comes to live with him. (MF, inc, mast, oral, exh)

Haunted House - by wldathrt - Halloween night turns into sexcapades for an older husband and wife. (MF, exh, oral)

Have Fun Will Travel - by Zwolfen - A provider of fun times for kinky people has his own kinky woman he has to handle. (MFF, exh, swinger, orgy, beast, ws)

Hawaiian Ala-Cunt - by Dreamwalker - I was on vacation in Hawaii with my friend Melinda. She had an open marriage, and each year, they took separate vacations. This story is told in three chapters, all within this work. (MMF, exh)

Hawaiian Fun - by Phd Tongue - A man and his wife take up a little exhibitionism to spice up their sex life. This story is purported to be true. (MMF, exh, mast, wife)

Health Conference - by Bi Sailor - I wrote this for a friend in another city. The plot is a fantasy of what she and I would do should the opportunity arise. It is simple MF sex, including oral and anal. A very intensive sexual encounter over four days. (MF, exh, oral, anal, bi, swing, rom)

Heather et al - by Dick Diamond - A compelling girl gets everything, and everyone, she wants. (M+/f-teen, ped, inc, bi, exh, cream-pie)

Heather's Poker Night - by Stroker - A man wants to see his wife used by other men and tricks her into it. She ends up living it. (M+/F, wife, exh, reluc, orgy)

Heat Of Kalua Lampur, The - by Sejong1446 - Re-united lovers meeting in Kalua Lampur, Malaysia and travelling the region together experiencing the exotic delights of the orient. (FFM, bi, exh, rom, india)

Heinz 57 - by Ouirup4it - The story I am about to tell you happened along time ago, a couple of years after we got married. Despite having a brilliant relationship I have never been able to tell my husband about this event or indeed anyone else, which, is I why I suppose I have chosen this forum to spill the beans - to record at least that it happened and wasn't some bizarre dream. (MMF, exh, wife, cheat, blkmail, beast)

Hell Week - by Max - Love begins during the fun and games of hell week initiation. (MF, 1st, exh, orgy, rom)

Helping Linda - by Ickric - Linda and her husband are having difficult conceiving a child. Linda's sister encourages her own husband to help them out and the husband is willing but things don't always go according to plan. (MF-couples, wife, exh, orgy, swingers, preg)

Helping Out My Sister In-Law - by Poster Boy - Loving a lonely sister inlaw, after the loss of her husband. (MF, exh, husband-sharing, affair)

Her Best Friend - by Bonfils - Husband is seduced by wife's best friend and then her tells her about it. (MF, MMF, husb-cheat, mast, exh, voy)

Hershey's Thursdays - by Kristen - A woman who's been around the block a few times finds that she's pregnant and alone at thirty-eight. She ends up at Murphy's bar and grill on the night they put on their very own version of mud wrestling called "Hershey's Thursdays. The woman gets into an altercation with a patron and as the penalty for breaking the "no fighting rule" she has to decide whether or not to take it into the ring, or being banned from the bar for a month. (MF, exh, rp)

Hidden Desires - by Wldathrt - A wife's hidden desires are unlocked. (MF, wife, exh, beast)

Highlight Of The Evening, The - by Pet Shelly - A daughter comes home and tells her father about her date. Or is it all a game? (M/f-teen, inc, exh)

High Price Of Illicit Pleasure, The - by Pixie2002 - A conservative middle school teacher yields to temptation and risks everything in an affair with a sexy female student. (M/F-teen, exh, oral, spanking)

High School Affair - by Unzipped - Lori and I were just friends. I already had a girlfriend, but when Lori wore that little pink dress, I definitely paid attention. What happened that afternoon in the darkroom was just between us. (MF-teens, exh, oral, cheat, rom)

High School Cruise To The Islands - by Obmuj - Misty Dawn is a lovely sixteen year old high school junior. A virgin with so many mixed emotions she has trouble deciding if she should or shouldn't have sex. When shopping for a revealing outfit, she misses the cruise liner. Life takes her on a strange trip with a male she believes to be gay. (M/f-teen, exh, 1st, intr, mast, anal)

Hitting The Showers - by W2beh - My wife sends me off on my own for a daring adventure in a public place. I finally meet The Stud, and am required to service him in the locker room shower of the local university. (MM, bi, exh, oral)

Holiday Flash - by Rindburg - Flashing while on holiday in Spain. My first real try at exhibitionism. (MF, exh)

Home Alone - by Prachi - My name is Prachi and I live in Pune, India with my parents and my grandma in an apartment on the outskirts of the city. My parents love me and trust me completely. They seem to think that I am their goody-goody daughter who can do no wrong and can take care of myself. Actually, I love to stay home alone. It gives me the freedom to do the things I want to do. (F/m-teen, M+/F orgy, exh)

Home Coming - by Karen Kay - After being divorced for three years. David returns back home after an invitation from his ex-wife Brook. He soon learns she is now dating a black man from the large advertising firm where she is now the CEO David is turned on thinking about his ex-wife having sex with her black boyfriend but now wants her back. (MF, exh, intr, rom)

Home Early - Sexywritr4u - A husband comes home early from a business trip to find his lovely wife putting on a lude show for a room full of strange people. What does he do? Joins in of course. (M+/F, exh, wife, orgy)

Home Movies - by Kimberlyn Cloke - A young woman gets talked into being the camera-person for a home-movie sex show, and gets drawn into the moment. (MF, FF, exh)

Honesty - by SlaveKas - This was to be my third public sex show, and the crowd appeared ten times larger than usual. I wondered if every freak in Atlanta had shown up tonight. I perched on the cushioned table up on stage, my head leaning against the wall, my legs spread apart showing my perfectly waxed pussy. I silently wondered what percent of the audience was secretly rubbing themselves like the man in the khaki pants. (M+/F, MM, FF, bi, exh, bd)

Hooker Fantasy - by Pallidan - A rich woman loved to buy hookers and dominate them. This time she chose a black hooker who had something else in mind. (FF, dom, exh, bd)

Horse Barn - by Kanga - A couple hides in the hay loft to catch a rancher who is rumored to have been cruel to his horses. But what they end up seeing is something they would never have thought of. This story has some grammar problems, but it was submitted by a member who thought it was different from the run of the mill animal stories. (MF, F/horse, voy, exh)

Hot Peppers - by Pet_kaili - A submissive woman is commanded by her master to act like a prostitute outside in the parking lot of a dinner. (Mdom/F, d/s, s/m, toys, exh)

Hotel Romp - by Hornymother - A husband has a fantasy that his wife lives out for him and comes to enjoy, maybe a little too much. (Fm, ped, exh, preg, cuck)

Hothouse - by the Technician - Stacy tries self-bondage sessions in the greenhouse at new home. (Self-bd, F-solo, exh, puplic-bd)

Hot Pizza - by Solo Polyphony - Pizza delivery gal gets a big tip. (M+/F, exh, gb)

Hotwife's New Year's Eve With BBC - by LeatherZebra - My wife is used by a Dominant BBC at a sleazy hotel on New Year's Eve. (MMF, wife, bd, huml, exh, mast, oral, intr, huml, d/s)

House Sitting - by QuietOne - A fantasy story in which the protagonist agrees to house sit for his girlfriend and is drawn into a rather unusual relationship with the young man who is dating his girlfriend's teenaged daughter. (Mdom+/M, cd, exh, oral, orgy)

Housewife Porn Star - by Karen Kay - A young white housewife agrees to do a porn movie for a little extra cash, but soon ends up being blackmailed into doing more. (MF, exh, cheat, reluc, intr) Part 2

How I Spent My Summer Vacation by Carol Hitchcock - by Rogue Writer - A college student tries to break up with her girlfriend and ends up having a life-changing experience. (FF, rom, exh, toys, college)

How My Wife Became A Slut Wife - by Starfire Mayo - The story of my wife's journey to become a slut-wife. (M+/F, wife-exh, husb-voy, intr, cheat, cuck, cream-pie)

How Ronny Throckmorton Was Saved From The Indians - by Beating Off Bob - Captured by Indians as a boy, he grew up as an Indian. When a white woman and her three children are captured by his arch enemy, endangering the tribe, he undertakes getting them back to where they belong. Along the way, though, they must abide by his customs, including his attitude toward sex. Rape is part of the story, but not a code. (MF, Mf, mf, ped, exh, inc, reluc, 1st, preg)

How Sweet It Is - by Vulgus - A young couple discover the pleasures of female exhibitionism and sex with multiple partners. (Mdom+/MF, bi, wife, exh, orgy, rom)

Hubby's Birthday Present - by Biker ed - A wife gives her man a totally giving birthday present. (M+/F+, bi, exh, orgy, gb)

Humiliated by Teenage Lesbians - by KJJ - Trying to help out my neighbor puts me in the clutched of a gang of lesbian teenagers who humiliate me sexually, but eventually I gain their respect and end up getting some great sexual satisfaction. (f-teens+/M, reluc, exh, intr, tor, bd, orgy, public-huml)

Humiliation Of Linda, The - by Vulgus - A young woman discovers chat rooms and explores her fantasies on the internet while her husband is out of town. Thanks to her naiveté and a little too much wine she gets talked into doing very stupid and providing photographic evidence which is stolen and used to blackmail her into sexual servitude. (MMF, nc, exh, oral, intr, blkmail)

Hungarian Girl, The - by Aceinthe Hole - "Do you speak English? Can you help me?" I turned. It was a girl. A few years younger than me, perhaps twenty years old. She was dressed somewhat shabbily. Old jeans and a loose sweatshirt, a knit cap. About 5 foot 7. She had the most amazing green eyes. (M+/F, intr, exh, rom, travel)

Hungry Eyes - by Deputy Duffy - Fran gets more than a suntan at the public pool. (MMF, exh, nc, oral)

Husband And Wife Enjoy A Gloryhole - by LonelyHusbandTom We went away for a weekend getaway from the kids and ended up at an adult book store. (MMF, exh, bi, oral, glory)

Husband's Fantasy - by Mannydcamp - This story really begins about six years ago when my husband introduced a little fantasy to me in our bedroom. His latest dream work was to watch me and another man! Well I have to say that I was more then a bit shocked, I am not a prude or anything and have always encouraged my husband to openly talk about his fantasies but this one was different. (MMF, wife-sharing, exh)

Husband Shows Me Off - by Marcia - Husband loves showing his wife off, especially to young boys. (Fmm, exh, orgy, inc, bi)

Husband Shows Off Wife in the Shoe Store - by Marcia - Husband loves to show off his sexy wife to men, women and especially young teenage boys. Wife loves it, too. (F/m-teen, wife, exh, oral)

husband1.txt">Husband Shows Off Wife in the Shoe Store - by Marcia - Husband loves to show off his sexy wife to men, women and especially young teenage boys. Wife loves it, too. (F/m-teen, wife, exh, oral)

Hush Little Baby - by Anon - This story is based on a real dream that I had not two nights ago. The names are fictional, of course. (M+/F, reluc, exh, lac, dream)

Hypno-Therapist - by dale10 - A family goes to a famous psychologist for counseling, but he puts them under his power and turns them into the lowest kind of sex slaves. (MF/m-teens, ped, inc, exh, nc, bi, mc, huml)

Hypnotized Into Adultery - by Karen Kay - A white wife is hypnotized into becoming the lover of a black man. She is taught to believe her husband is inadequate to satisfy her. (MF, nc, exh, mc, intr)

I Am From These Hills - by LaPetiteMort - Transplanted city boy has to return to his mountain roots for help controlling a city girl who went bitch. Some rough play and four guys and their dogs get her to mellow out. (M+/F, nc, exh, anal, bd, beast)

I Am Sore Today - by Andie - I couldn't do anal with my husband because his "equipment" was too big, so he helped me out another way. (MF, exh, anal, fisting)

I Found My Panties - by J.E. Ashbourne - A young girl finds her cum-soaked panties in her Dad's room. (M/f-teen, ped, M-voy, f-exh, inc, mast)

Icecream - by Dulcinea - A cute story about an attractive young woman teasing college students with her assets. It was an impulse. One of those whims that strike suddenly, leaving them helpless. They had to stop. They had to have ice cream! (F, exh, public)

I Dare You - by Craver - A husband likes it when his wife shows herself off to strangers. (MMF, bi, wife, exh)

I Dare You - by Digger - Our sexual dares reach a new level when my girlfriend and I visit a video booth at a local XXX shop. (MF, exh, voy, reluc, oral, ghole) Part 2 - Part 3

I Enjoy Being A Girl - by Lisa and Sharon - Angie is a beautiful young woman who discovers the power that she has over boys at an early age. She uses her sexual magnetism to her advantage. (b+g, exh, ff, mf)

I First Fucked Karen at the Sit-In - by Julian - Young love and lust amid the tear gas and truncheons. (MF-teens, exh, rom)

I Know Your Secret - by Kieyra - I found it! The thing you must have been afraid I would find. Downloading porn from Usenet - you always seemed uneasy when I'd mention that, and I thought you were just taken aback by a female's honest enthusiasm for pornography. But you never elaborated - you must have realized that I'd figure out there was something deeper going on if you made a big deal about it. (F-voy, MM, exh-nc)

il Diabla: A Halloween Story - by The Technician - Pete succumbs to il Diabla's seductive dance on Halloween night. (MF, public, exh, anal, fantasy)

I Like To Watch - By Anon - At a party, a couple find a young woman who likes to watch. (MFF, exh, mast)

I'm a Nudist at Heart - by Chrisyx09 - A 13-year-old boy feels the need to expose himself to others. (mm-teens, exh)

Ingrid - by Magnetve - Old Frank goes to seduce my gorgeous girl. (MF, v, old/young, exh, voy)

Indian Wife And Friends - by Rupanita - A couple goes out for a holiday with friends and gradually all the barriers break down. (MF, couples, exh, swing, india)

Indulging Donna's Fantasy - by Bear - Public Masturbation on a road trip. (MF, mast, oral, anal, exh)

Inevitable Result - by Pokeyrider2000 - Wife succumbs to husband's desire to show her off and then some. (MMF, exh, reluc, wife, mast, oral, anal)

Inga Comes To America - by Vulgus - A fan of my stories contacts me and we correspond about our mutual fantasies of male domination and humiliation and the many forms of abuse that turn her on. She agrees to spend her two week vacation with me and be my total slave. (M+/F, nc, rp, bi, exh, bd, beast, ws)

Initiation, The - by Gloria/Sharedgram - A family after a night of sex becomes sex slaves. (m+f/F, ped, nc, inc, bi, exh, gb, orgy, mc, ws) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

Initiation into Sex - Deucester - A High Schooler is intimidated, used and abused, but finds he likes it in the end. (Mm, nc, underage, exh, oral, anal)

In Our Friend's Apartment - by Emi Tsuruta - Hi, it's me, Emi, again. My boyfriend, Ryosuke, a few friends and I helped our friend Kenta move into his new apartment. We all end up sleeping over. The next morning, Ryosuke had snuck into bed with me and so naturally we started fooling around, even though there were two other girls sleeping right next to me. I thought we wouldn't end up going as far as we did. (MF, exh, reluc, asian)

In Public - by Red Rider - Sex in public places - (MF, exh)

Insemination - by Alex Hawk - A young boy's sister decides to try a biology experiment where she would artificially inseminate herself with her brother's sperm. For said brother, life soon gets interesting. (F/m-teen, exh, inc, 1st, mast, preg)

Inspiration From The Swim Coach - by Bakeboss - A MILF takes over the boy's swim relay team and gives them an added incentive for winning. (F/mm-teens, exh, 1st, mast, oral, orgy)

Interest Loan - by Pallidan - An ex-cheerleader in school is desperate for money and goes to a bank owned by a school she used to ridicule in school. She promises anything for the loan which the woman is more than willing to get even with her. (FF, exh, reluc)

In The Confessional - by Tinman - In the 7th grade, Sharon and I used to play with each other and sometimes more. We liked to go to confession together, she in one side and me in the other, and listen as the other confessed their sins. (mf-yteens, ped, exh, mast, rom)

In The Dorm - by Author Obscure - A college student gets forced into giving dorm mates head, but then when she does it she finds hidden depths within her humiliation that drives her on to more and more. (M+/F, nc, oral, exh, mc, gb, s/m, d/s, ws, huml)

Introduced To Black - by KarenKay - Jack, who is the husband of my good friend Chrissy, told me this story about how his wife had her first black cock. (MF, exh, voy, 1st-swing, intr)

In The Room - by Kristen Marie - My g/f and I had a shared fantasy to make love in a room when someone else was there. The only problem was who? Then one night her best friend Becky drove in from out of town to visit. Nothing had been planned, but something really wonderful happened. (MF-exh, F-voy, alcohol)

In The Stacks - by El Guaton - A tutor receives his payment from a sexy student. (M/F-teens, exh, 1st)

In The Woods With My Boyfriend - by Emi Tsuruta - Hi. My name is Emi. I'm just finishing up my first year at a small liberal arts college in southern California. I'm originally from Japan, but I've been to the States many times with my family, and for the last year and a half, I have been living here on my own. (MF, exh, reluc, asian)

Iris's Road Trip - by Feebofile - Iris takes a road trip with her parents and gets a ton of dick along the way. (M+/f-teen, exh, mast, oral, anal)

Island of Pleasure and Submission - by Pallidan - An older couple decides to take a vacation on an island where blacks rule. (FFM, reluc, bi, dom, exh, bd)

Island of White Slavery - by Karen Kay - White couples are tricked into working at a tropical resort and soon learn they will become slaves to their black clients. Some wives will become pregnant. (FFM, reluc, exh, intr, orgy, mc, bd)

I Sometimes Say The Dumbest Things - by Vulgus - A young woman who knows better offers to babysit for her boss when he and his wife go on a cruise for their second honeymoon. She becomes a victim of his two teenage sons and teenage daughter and is raped and tormented while the boss is out of town. This is not a story for the faint of heart. (mf+/teens/F, nc, exh, blkmail, drugs, beast, ws)

I Took Charge of Our Lives - by Renata von Foetze - Natalie's life is disrupted by the accident that killed her husband finds herself well off. She buys a new home for herself and her daughter and tries to make a new life. Her neighbor is an obnoxious young woman. Their life changes when Natalie decides to straighten out the neighbor. (FF+/F, d/s, spank, oral, exh)

It Started In The Laundromat - by Pallidan - A white couple is caught by an all black girl gang at a Laundromat who decides to have their fun with them. (F+/MF, reluc, exh, intr, bd, huml)

It Started With A Swim - by Rindburg - It started when we were driving to a place called Lake Tekapo and we decided to have a dip in the Lake. Nicky dived in, in just her knickers. (MF, exh)

I Stay Nude Before My Dad - by Mymotherside - Yes, you won't believe my words. I am 22 years old and I go completely nude before my Dad (at times). (MF, exh, no-sex, india)

I Stay Nude Before My Mom - by Mymotherside - I am 22 years old and I go completely nude before my mom at times. I suckle from her. My mom does not get freaked nor do I. There is nothing sexual in this. It is a pure Mom-Son relationship. (MF, exh, no-sex, india)

Jack And Mary - by Rose Eastmann - This is a swingers story written for Jack (LuckyJack) from MSN. Jack wanted me to write him a swingers story and he wanted me to include a little action with my sixteen year old daughter for him, this is not a pedophile story though, in England sixten is old enough for everything! there is alos a little light S&M but nothing too strong. (MF, exh, inc, oral, anal, s&m, v, swing)

Jackie, My Ex, Starts Her Adventure - by Teeman2000 - True story of how my ex-wife and I started playing with others. (MMF, wife, exh, mast, cybersex)

Jackie's Problem - by PaulSmeenus - Jackie's plan to raise extra money goes wrong. She hides and Mr. Walsh has to figure things out. (MF, exh, voy, rom)

Jackingoff For Girls - by Vijay Martinez - An erotic essay about how I like to jack off for girls ever since I was a teen. It's something of a CFNM fetish. (MF, exh, mast)

Jackoff Lessons - by Peter Handler - This is a story about brothers coming of age with a little help from their aunt and uncle. (MF/mm-teens, ped, exh, mast, 1st)

Jacuzzi - by D-Man - Sex in the backyard - "I had an apartment for a while last year in which I shared with a roommate. It was a small place, but very nice for the price. We had a swimming pool and Jacuzzi in the center of the complex, and this is where my stories takes place." (MF, public)

Jailbait - by Yoni - One Saturday I met an angel. Her name was Lena and she was longing for the ice-cream that I was licking. In turn, she made me long for much more than ice-cream, and she took me to heaven with her. But, I'm afraid that in the end you've got to pay for your misdeeds, even if an angel was the instigator. (Mg, ped, exh, oral, rom, food-fetish) Part 2

Janet Impregnates Herself - by Uma Love - This is my first attempt at erotic fiction. I am a female teacher of teenage mentally retarded children with interests in sexual fantasy and real life that range from the normal to the bizarre. (Fm, exh, ws, nc, ped, preg, sn)

Janet's Job - by Erostyle - Janet has a great job, one she really likes a lot. She's a nude model and loved to exhibit herself for all the world to see. (M+/F, exh, oral, slut-wife)

Janitorial Services - by Pallidan - A secretary comes back into the office late to find her female boss whom she had a crush on being dominated by the company black female janitor. She joins her in her new job. (FF+, exh, reluc, v, dom, mast, oral, anal)

Jan, The In Between Years - by DeeDee18 - Jan shows off at the store then later plays in the beanbag. (Fgfb, ped, inc, mast, exh) Part 2

Japanese Sex Show - by Osaka - An American couple vacation in Osaka Japan. Toward the end of their time there, the husband stumbles on a secret sex club. (MF, mast, exh, cheat)

Japanese Stories - by Andreas - "I don't know whether you've ever been to Japan or not, but I can tell you that the girls there are really something. They also go wild over Western men, and will do anything to please them. (mf, exh, ws, panties)

Jealousy - by Friar Dave - A man has an obsession for a pretty Latina woman, that burns whit hot when he finds out that she was once a pre-teen porn star and then they opportunity to see some of her videos together. (MF, ped, exh, beast, latina)

Jen Exposed - by Shep - Jennifer is a young lawyer that has a dark side that she never realized. (MMF, nc, bi, intr, exh, oral, anal)

Jennifer Lopez: Dog and Pony Show - by Wonder Mike - Jennifer Lopez falls on hard times. (F/animals, exh, celeb)

Jennifer's First Computer - by Beba-Fun - A neighbor man with an attraction to teenage girls takes advantage of the teen next door when he gives her an old desktop computer and compromises her with pornography. You'll just have to read the story to understand the plot. (M/f-teen, ped, mast, exh, control)

Jennifer's Messy Little Problem - by Phil Phantom - The folks in this little story certainly wouldn't win any awards for proper child rearing. (MF/f, ped, nc, inc, exh, huml, ws)

Jennifer's Special Treatment - by Traci - A girl has an unexpected an intensely erotic encounter with her nurse while in the hospital. (Fg, rom, exh, 1st)

Jenny Becomes A Stripper - by Anymouse - Jenny, a young 22 year old, becomes a stripper after her husband asks her to. Young and firm, she begins her work, taking her clothes off for money. (M+F, wife, exh, voy, mast, oral, swing, smoking)

Jenny Enjoys The Summer Day - by Sweet Irish - Teenage love, living on a farm, and the crops grown will not really grow, as things take a crashing turn. But Willie is one lucky boy and gets two sweet virgins for his first and second time to have sex. (mf-teens, rom, exh, inc, 1st, preg)

Jenny My Wife, Our Fuck Pig - by Tommy - Wife is a slut for hubby and his friend for a whole day. (MMF, wife, exh)

Jenny's GI Party - by SpiraL - A couple like to frequent bars while the wife shows off to the guys. One night hubby sets up a little tai-ta-tee for his wife at a bar frequented by military guys. Everyone has fun. (M+/F, wife, exh, oral, anal, military)

Jenny Suck's A Stranger's Cock - by Drummer - A young housewife finds herself with a dyke and can't resist her charms. (FF, exh, 1st-bi-expr, oral)

Jerked Off In A Restaurant by Madonna - by Shaved Jerry - (A Fantasy) I dated Madonna. You know, Madonna the sex/porn rock singer Madonna. She had me trailing around after her for several weeks, before she dumped me for this really huge Chinese guy. This story is about one incident at a sidewalk café on Sunset Blvd. (MF, mast, exh, celeb)

Jessica - by Silver Dragon - A young couple get tickets to enter a special Club. The wife wins a chance for money and is lured into undressing and performing on stage. (MF, FF, bi, wife, exh, oral) Part 2 - Part 3

Jessica - by Y4Y - I ran into my neighbor's young daughter at the park near our home and stopped to chat as I always did when I saw Jessica. Only this time, we ended up doing a lot more than just talking. (M/g, ped, exh, 1st, bd) Part 2

Jessie's Date-Rape - by Herhubby - A married couple love to tease men at bars. The wife likes how it feels to be lusted after and the husband enjoys the turn-on watching men slather over his wife, until one night things take a turn to the far side. (Mm+/F, nc, wife, drugged, oral, anal, orgy, exh)

Jessie's First Sandwich - by Herhubby - I met my wife Jessie when we were both in college. She had no head at all for alcohol, and was one of the easiest fucks to be had. She was a little sister of my fraternity, and was available to anyone at our parties. She also went to other fraternity parties, and partied with several of the locals, as well. In short, she was a frat-slut. (M+/F, wife-slut, exh, orgy)

Jesus' Family - by Dr.T - We have been led to believe that Jesus THE Christ was somehow "above" sex as we know it. But in serious study of Him, we also know that he was a perfect man. And as such, he would have also engaged in sexual behavior, being a man. (couples, exh, orgy, rom, sacrilegious)

Jill Has Balls - by B-Guy - Chet, Jeff and Walker walked over to where Jill was working on her shop class car. She wasn't the only girl in the auto repair class, but she was the hot one. Damn hot. (MMM/F, exh, tease)

Jill's Oil Can - by B-Guy - A young woman wants bigger tits so decides to get pregnant so her tits will grow. She figures that once they get larger she can abort the baby and then she'll have bigger tits and all will be well. (MMF, exh, preg)

Jill The Thrill - by Quite One - A free spirited woman with a checkered past and a predilection for muscular young men discovers that giving herself over to a particularly virile young athlete can lead to a subservient yet fulfilling relationship. (F/m-teen, exh, sub)

Jimmy Buffett Concert - Shneaky - This is a truer story than you might think. It really happened, and believe it or not I add nothing to it that didn't happen. Several years ago, I held a summer job at an amusement park. I was a local college student home for the off-season, and lived near the park. In addition to many "townies" like myself, the park also employed a great number of college students from all over the region, who would come to the park for the summer, stay in specially provided on-site housing (read "dorms") and worked like hell all summer for minimum wage plus a dollar. This was the case with Jane. (MF, exh-public)

Joan's Lessons In Success - by Lingus - When Hal Jensen left the Spencer's on Saturday morning he didn't know what he would tell his wife Joan about what had happened at the "poker party." He only knew that he had just had the most erotic experience of his life. (MF-couples, exh, swingers)

Job, The - by Marty - For me, this was a dream job come true. (FM/F, F/m-teen, ped, exh, fetish)

Joe, My Faggot Slut-Slave - by Jones - It all started when I read an ad in the Sunday paper. Joe wanted to serve a real man's man and find the discipline he craved. Sounded like the perverted queer little fuck needed some slave training. (MM, exh, v, bd, orgy)

Joe's Torment - by Ulyssa - Once again the characters from Bethany Benton's Birthday Surprise appear in a tale of how Joe Benton learns the truth about his daughter's affair with her older black lover. (MM/f-teen, ped, exh, intr, preg)

Joey's Seduction - by RandyPan - On-set gopher is targeted by Joey King. (f-teen/M, ped, 1st, oral, exh, celeb-parody)

Jr. Deputy, The - by Deputy Duffy - A lawman shows his apprentice just how much fun it can be, when you're playing on the right side of the law. (MMF, exh, nc, bd)

Judy's Visit to the Student Clinic - by Flap Jack - Judy goes to the student health center with a plan to scam them out of some prescription drugs, but thanks to a nurse, she winds getting something else in the end. (FF, reluc, exh, 1st-lesbian-expr, anal, huml)

Julianna's Night Out - by Ryanj41015 - Julianna's fun night just got a lot better. (MF, exh, reluc, v, oral) Part 2

Julie Just Won't Behave - by Vulgus - A bully named Julie moves to town and needs to be taught a lesson. So Dawn and her group of friends do what needs to be done. (M+/F-teens, nc, bi, exh, huml, mc, orgy)

Julie's Gangbang - by LDLarry - A wife comes home from a business trip to find her husband cheating with his Japanese secretary so she decides to get even by cheating on him.... In a really big way. (M+/F, FF, exh, gb, cheat)

Kansas City Embassy Suites - by Letsbnoty - During a trip from Kansas City to California, my girlfriend and I spent a few fun filled nights at the Embassy Suites in Kansas City. (MMF, exh) - by Vulgus - A young man witnesses a woman who humiliated him back in college being slipped a date rape drug and raped by two men in a club. He photographs the rape and uses the pictures to blackmail her later. (MFfmm, exh, reluc, oral, bd, blkmail)

Karen the Whore - by James - I have read a number of stories about wives who have whored themselves out, sometimes to pay off bills, sometimes at the insistence of their husband's boss and sometimes because they wanted to experience it. I have shared some of these with my wife, Karen and her live in boyfriend, Mike. (M+/F, whore-wife, age, exh, oral, anal)

Karen Turns Into My Sex Slave - by Anon - My best friend was leaving town. After packing up his apartment contents, we went out for dinner with my girlfriend for what turned out to be a really hot night. (MMF, d/s, exh)

Kate Sucks - by Author Obscure - Kate just can't get enough oral sex. (M/F-teen, F/F-teen, bi, oral, exh)

Kathy And My Frat Brothers - by Warthog - "About a month ago I received a letter from a college fraternity brother of mine. I hadn't seen Stan since graduation three years before. I looked forward to the visit. I wanted to see my buddies, but I also wanted my buddies to see my new bride Kathy. Kathy is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. To top it off, she has the sweetest personality of any woman I have ever known. I'm not just saying that because she is my wife." (M+/F, exh, wife-share)

Kathy's Dog Act - by Paul Gable - Kathy gets a gob acting, only to find that there's a lot more to the job than she thought. (MF, F/beast, exh, oral, anal, wife, cheat)

Kathy On The Rocks - by C - A true story about a day I spent in Cyprus. (MF, exh, outdoors)

Kelly's Sacrifice - by Thexxxee - In Kelly's story, an annual show takes place that really puts the urban legends of sex to shame. A detailed account of an underground stage show, with S/M sex practice, shows that white pussy can receive a lot of audience attention. And that the same white pussy can entertain a crowd, as it gets intensely modified. (MMF, exh, voy, v, tor, fantasy)

Kids Next Door, The - by PeeWee - A story about pesky kids that take me on their youthful sexual journey through preteen curiosity, experimentation and exuberance. (m-teen/bg, youths, exh, 1st, mast, oral)

Kimberly Conrad, Kinderslut - by Principal Peter - Five year old Kimberly Conrad is a porn star who wakes up horny as hell. She's shooting a gang bang movie in the afternoon, but goes looking for something to take the edge off first. (M+/g, extreme-ped, oral, anal, exh, gb) Part 2 - Part 3

Kimberly's Humiliating Medical Seminar - by Nightarcher - A young college coed rear ends an expensive car. She doesn't have insurance and has to agree to "help" a medical merchandise sales executive with an upcoming seminar he is performing. (MF, reluc, exh, huml)

Kimmy and Amy's Haunted House Adventure - by Principal Peter - Kimberly Conrad and her best friend Amy go trick or treating. On a dare, the two preteens enter the neighborhood "haunted house". What they find there isn't what they expected. It's better! (MMg, ped, nc, rp, v, oral, anal, exh, bd, gb, extreme)

Kim's Hot Tub - by Uncle Mike - Two teenagers find themselves alone together by a hot tub and decide to have a little fun. (MFF, teens, exh, cheat)

Kinkier - by Anonymous - This is a TRUE story about the beginning of my obsession for the "kinker" things in life. In order to get the full picture of my obsession for "non-status-quo love" I think it's best to start at the VERY beginning. (mf-teens, exh, voy, mast, enema)

Kinky Games For Kinky Girls - by Cheryl - This is about some of the games I like to play, with friends and even people I don't know. (F/M+, FF, bi, exh, gb, intr, orgy, bd)

Kinky Wife - by Anon - This is not a fantasy story but real life, having to do with my beautiful sexy wife who's hot and horny and willing to please me in my kinky ways. (MMF, exh, wife-sharing, voy-husb)

Kinver Voyeur - by Lesley Dudley - Wife's fantasy leads to outdoor gangbang. (M+/F, wife-exh, hub-voy, orgy, gb)

Kitchen Floor - by Big Daddy 1997 - An 18 year old daughter lusts for her father and seduces him into fucking her right in front of her 5 year old sister on the kitchen floor. (M/F-teen, inc, exh)

Knowing Your Neighbors - by OneIdleHand - Neighbors go on vacation together, but end up spying on each other. It starts when one of the husbands finds chincks in the wall of a shower stall. (MF, exh, voy)

Komodo Dragon Dare - by AB-2010 - A story about a woman who can't say no to any dare, no matter how dangerous or gross the situation. (F/beast, exh)

Kosi Island - by Karen Kay - A resort where white woman come to be black bred by rich black clients from around the world. Wives are required to divorce their husbands before being turned out for breeding. Some women are auctioned to the highest bidder. Follow along as the first white couple enters the resort. (MF, exh, voy, intr, preg)

Krissy The Slut - by Krissy Simpson - Conservative college student Karen embarks on a new life as "Krissy", the slut. (M+/F, exh, mast, oral, anal)

Kristie's Desire - Kristiedahoe - Kristie was a stay-at-home Stepmom that was becoming a tad bit bored with regular everyday life. But when she saw her step-son undressing one day, her life took a turn for the better. (F/m-teen, exh, 1st, oral, anal, size)

Kristy - by Kristy - "I was 15 and really liked my boyfriend a lot. He needed to have sex, but I didn't want to take the pill or get pregnant. So I learned how to give great head." (fm-teens, oral, exh)

Lack Of Communication - by DG Hear - Husband reads erotic stories to see how to get his wife aroused. Does it work? Read and see. (MF, exh, rom)

Ladies Night - by Martin - This story is about a husband who goes out of his way to workout and pump iron so that he can shape his body and win wife's lustful respect. He even becomes a male stripper at a nightclub. During the process of all this bodywork, hubby falls off the track with a lesbian and a pretty blonde stranger from the audience at the club. But in the end he does what he said he would, and not knowing about his indiscretions, his wife is pleased with the final outcome. (M/F+, size, exh)

Large Cock Taxi Driver - by John - I wanted to show off my wife's body to this black taxi driver, but she got so turned-on by it that she couldn't help herself. (MMF, exh, intr)

Latex Bloom - by Cordelia Speedicut - A girl is introduced to her explorer aunt's newest specimen - an unknown tropical plant that proves to have a unique and symbiotic life cycle. Stimulating and occasionally humorous complications result. (ff-teens, exh, 1st, mast, fantasy, preg) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

Latex Plant - by Steven Nicholes - A teenager comes home to spend a summer with her friend and gets a little more than she bargains for when she finds out an ailen race took over her community and makes the young women hosts for repopulating their species of plant people by impregnanting human females and using mind control to keep them from revolting. (FF, exh, bd, mc, sci-fi, lact, preg)

Laura Makes a Sale - by CaroleAT - Laura and her husband decide to take a third person into their relationship. (Wife-sharing, MMF, exh)

Leak - by Nasty Pierre - A tender story of woe, set in a fictitious mansion, of unbelievable size, in the fictitious mountains of S Carolina. The wealthiest man on earth, and what happens to his young daughter at the hands of a wicked aunt, a long time member of the secret sorority of: Pi Loda Cum. (FF, nc, exh, bd) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6

Learning To Love Older Cock - by Michael Beaty - This is a true story about how I became attracted to older men and the event that led to me sucking my first older cock. This is my first attempt at writing and I will try to recreate the event as accurately as I can remember. I am not a professional writer just a guy wanting to share his first old man bj experience. (MM, reluc, 1st-gay-expr, exh, oral)

Leash, The - by Scott Benson - Futuristic devices assist this dominatrix in leashing her newest slave. (MF, exh, nc, mast, sci-fi)

Letting My Lil Bro Play With My Wife - by Anon - At a party my wife pretended to pass out drunk and let my kid brother feel her up... but then to my surprise she let him do a lot more. (F/m-teen, ped, ped, wife, exh, 1st, oral, huml, cuck, preg)

Let's Fuck the New Neighbors - by Michael Schumann - New kids on the block. A couple learn that the neighbors have designs upon their virtue. How come nobody like this lives on my street? (MF, exh, orgy, reluc)

Li Chang Hangs - by Damien - This story is about a special exotic form of entertainment in the far east. Young women are bought from their impoverished parents and sold to ruthless people who first use them as prostitutes and then before they lose their looks they graduate to snuff shows for the very rich and perverted. (MF, sn, exh, hang)

Life Drawing - by ABADONE - Jackie Tomas, like all students was running low on cash, and despite her reservations of stripping in front of strangers, she took a risk at posing naked for artists. (MF+F, reluc, 1st, forced, gb, bd, oral, mast, orgy, size, exh)

Life Of An Army Wife, The - by Vulgus - A young Army wife lives out her fantasies and then some, when she becomes a sex slave to a co-worker when he goes overseas for a year. (M+/F, wife, exh, reluc, oral, anal, bd, ws, beast, military, orgy)

Life Of The Party - by Sallie Davids - I get drunk at a party that turns into animalistic sex show in front of complete strangers. (f-teen/beast, exh, alcohol)

Li'Kim - by Christine Faltz and Marc Emery - A lesbian beach, sex in public story. - Shannon lay on the thick blanket, her legs spread to the hot kiss of the sun. She breathed the scent of the ocean -- the clean, sharp, salt smell that reminded her of her own scent, and that of her roommate, Li Kim. Shannon glanced at her watch, annoyed. Where the hell was Li Kim? (Fdom/F, MF,exh)

Lil Sis' Kinky Vacation - by Dudester - This is a tale about incest, but it's also a tale of romance. It's not a tale of two people doing the deed because they're horny and drunk. There's some build-up here. The story starts with a startling confession and builds from there. (MMF, inc, exh, rom, role-play)

Lily White Neighbors - by Pallidan - Black neighbors decide to invite the next door white neighbors to their house for some extra entertainment. (MF, couples, exh, dom, intr, spank)

Lion's Eye Nebula - by InfinityZeros - In a time when society's attitudes have become so conservative that "the pill" no longer means birth control, but sex control, what's a nymphomaniac to do? Find a planet where the boys aren't afraid to get their cocks out; that's what. (F/m-teens, bi, exh, anal, sci-fi)

Linda Gets a Summer Job - by Johndough - Linda has just graduated middle school and anticipates high school and finally being able to date. She is asked by a neighbor to work as his assistant at the local interstate rest stop for the summer and soon learns that an enterprising girl may be just what the truckers need and she will do her best to ease their over the road loneliness. (M+/f-teen, ped, reluc, 1st, exh) Part 2 - Part 3

Linda's New Outfit - by JackBro - A rich, dominate, and spoiled young female takes her two prize studs up to the house to play. She wears an outfit to get them aroused and make sure they stay that way. Along the way, she humiliates them in front of a field hand. (FFM, exh, reluc, hum)

Lisa - by Dirty Dawg - One night, two friends who were close cross the line exposing themselves sexually without touching. This is a true story. (MF, mast, exh, voy, true)

Lisa and the Ice Cream Girl - by DianeVH - Lisa finds a lonely ice cream girl to play with. (FF, nc, exh) Part 2

Lisa's Stag Party - by Sexy37 - Hi everyone! My name's Celeste, and I've enjoyed reading erotic stories for quite some time now, and decided I should finally post some true experiences of mine. I'd love to hear from other men and women who love oral sex... especially cum eaters! (M+/F, exh, oral, orgy, true?)

Little Chat In Las Vegas - by Allgoo - It's been a long time, since the two of them started planning to meet somewhere without Sheri's husband's knowledge. (MF, rom, exh, wife-cheat)

Little Flower and Mahon - by Anon - Little Flower and Mahon are American Indians who made love by the river. (MF, rom, exh, 1st, oral, bd)

Little Show Off - by Scorpio00155 - Daughter seduces her dad and gets much more from him than she expected. (M/F-teen, inc, exh, oral)

Little Sister Squirt - by El Guaton - When Carla stopped putting out, I had to move on to her little sister Squirt. (Mf, ped, 1st, exh, oral)

Little Slut - by Writn' Roy - It all started a couple of weeks ago when I met this girl named Taylor. This chick came to my school a year ago as an 8th grader. Man was she a hot ticket. Every guy in the school was like, "man I'd like to screw her." She was a ditzy little chick, always walking around in the sluttiest little outfits, bending over in skirts, stuff like that. She hung with the ghetto people, and got caught smoking up, the usual slutty girl routine. It seemed to me like she was whoring herself out to every lowlife in the school, so I was shocked to find out that she hadn't gone farther than second! (mf, ff, exh, teen, alcohol)

Live Sex Show with Sheila - by Anonymous Author - This story describes what a live sex show might be like in Australia. Sheila likes to show her body to the guys and they certainly enjoy the show. (MF, exh, mast)

Living The College Life - by Nozomi Life at college has it ups and downs, ins and outs, friends help both ways. (FF, exh, reluc, asian, beast)

Living With The In-Laws - by Tom - A newly married man moves in with his wife's family. He keeps finding the bathroom door open when he gets out of the shower. This leads him to discover the thrill of exhibitionism. Once started down that road he learns more about himself, sexually. This new found freedom allows others to get in touch with their sexual desires too. (MMm, ped, 1st-gay-expr, mast, reluc, voy, exh) Part 2

Local Trash - by Kewtieboy - Two gay guys end up living together in a rented council owned house in a run down part of the UK surrounded by homophobic straights. They soon discover the advantages of being the only obvious gays in the area. (MM/m-teen, 1st-gay-expr, exh, mast, oral, anal, intr) Part 2 - Part 3

Loft Insulation Crew, The - by Anon - I'm a bit of an exhibitionist, and have shown off my body from time to time. Actually that's how I met my husband. But this episode in my life was something that I probably shouldn't repeat, I mean, I could have been gang-raped, I guess I was lucky I wasn't. (M+/F, voy, exh, asian)

Looking For A Lodger - by Rivkeh - When I took a holiday in London at the age of 22 I was a virgin. But I met a man who brought out the whore in me and before long I was auditioning well-hung black men to decide who should be my live-in lover. (M+/F, 1st, exh, dom, cuck, intr, fetish, prost, beast)

Lori: A Neighbor's Delight - by Kacey1999 - Lori's next door neighbor is a disgusting man but she has a secret admiration for the man. He gets very lucky and accumulates enough blackmail evidence to force Lori to become his fantasy woman. Lori's life suddenly changes and she falls under the spell of Ken and his two teenage sons. The three Paterson males are about to find out just how sexy and fun loving Lori can be. (MMF, exh, voy, reluc, mc, orgy) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9 - Part 10 - Part 11 - Part 12 - Part 13

Lori's Risky Wager - by Warthog - This is a story about a friendly poker game that got friendlier. Lori attends the weekly poker game with her boyfriend and becomes one of the wagers in the game when he finds that he's behind. (MF, exh, reluc)

Lori's Special Night - by Anymouse - Lori decided to give some hard working construction workers a break mid week. She agrees to take them on bareback if they will agree, but she demands that I go down on her after every session. (MMF, exh, intr, preg, smoking)

Lottery Winnings - by Twisteddad - A family becomes very twisted after winning the lottery. Part 2 contains preteen content, which is no longer accepted in the K-collection. If the reader wishes to read part 2 they may find it in the Bookshelf Directories under L. (MFff-teen, ped, family-inc, orgy, exh)

Louise Pisses Her Pants for Our Son - by James - David's mom, my wife, continues his sex education when she pisses in her pants in front of him, me and two young men we do not know! (Fm, ped, wife, inc, exh, ws)

Love Letter For Cindy - by Spaceman Spiff - This is a love letter to the girl with the most fabulous ass and body that I have ever known. (MF, exh, mc, rom) Part 2

Lucy Stays - by Miles Naismith - (Nominated for the "Story of the Year" by This well written piece of erotica is about two suburban housewives looking for something missing in their sex lives. One of them falls into an affair with a strange hypnotic man, who brings the other into their little circle almost against her will. (mf, ff, mff, voy, exh, cheat)

Lure Of Anonymous Sex, The - by Kysa Braswell - It was a chance encounter, however brief, where two strangers' eyes meet in a public place, and without conscience or forethought of risk, they consider having strange, anonymous sex with one another. (M/F, public, exh, size, preg?)

Lust of a Dress Shop Owner - by Pam Bennett - Carol runs a chic dress shop. One day, Wendy and her mother come in to choose a sexy party dress. Carol soon falls under Wendy's spell. Pam suggests she lock the door so they have some privacy for a private party of their own! (FFF, inc, exh)

Lust With A Salesman - by Carol Collins - A husband and wife decide that they need something to add excitement to their sex life. They actively search for a bachelor to make up a threesome swinger situation. They advertise and fine Ron. (MF, wife share, exh)

Mad About You - by Frost - An eight part parody of the 1990's sit com "Mad About You". This series is based an Paul and Jamie's discovery that they both enjoy spanking and bondage. Over the course of this series, they become more and more adventurous. (MF, FF, exh, wife-sharing, bd, spank) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8

Madame la Guillotine - by Pet Kaili - A dark story written for a friend who has built his own guillotine for play, two young girls going off for a night of hard play with a stranger they met online who promises them a night of excitement in which they will be the stars of the show. It ends a little sooner than they expect. (Mdom/FF, nc, anal, exh, s/m, bd, sn, extreme)

Maggie, My Ex - by Gopher King - I run into an old girlfriend at a strip joint. (MF, exh, oral, anal)

Maha's Sexual Liberation - by skamerotic - Maha is a young Pakistani wife who gets out of a poisonous marriage and re-discovers herself and starts liberating herself from her conservative past. (MF, cheating wife, intr, exh, rom)

Maid, The - by Bonfils - Sylvia had been working as a maid at the Savoy hotel for six months now, and was beginning to get into the routine. She had even gotten to like the maid's uniform she had to wear. Not because it looked good, but because there was something inexplicably kinky about it. (FM, F-solo, exh, toys, nc)

Making Babies: Oprah Winfrey - by Geminiguy - My 31st "Making Babies" entry. She knew she wasn't a "classic" beauty. She was more than that. And so did the rich White men she tended to encounter from time-to-time. (Mf, ped, facial, intr, mast, exh, celeb-parody)

Making Babies: Shirley Jones - by Geminiguy - My 28th "Making Babies" entry. I grew up with Paul and was Best Man when he married. When his daughter Shirley was born he asked me to be her Godfather. Shirley is thirteen now, and proving to be QUITE the exhibitionist. (Mf, ped, oral, 1st, exh, celeb-parody

Making an Amateur Strap-On Video - by Creampie Eater - A man is talked into performing in an amateur porno video. (MMFF, bi, oral, anal, exh, d/s, bd, creampie, orgy)

Making Babies: Lori Loughlin - by Geminiguy - I save a girl from getting hit by a speeding car. She falls for me, and you won't believe what happens next. (M/f, ped, mast, 1st, exh, celeb-parody)

Making Babies: Mila Kunis - by Geminiguy - The girl next door had always been close to me. When I housesit during the Summer she tags along, and I was about to find out how close we really were. (M/f, ped, 1st, mast, exh, celeb-parody)

Making of a Cuckold, The - by Cheetah866a - An Adventurous couple become the toys of the husband's boss and his wife. (MF-cpls, bi, exh, d/s, huml, cuck) Part 2

Making of a Legend, The - by Rick Jordan - A college instructor has a thing for one of the students and ends up satisfying his lust with her one day, with unexpected consequences. (M/F-teen, oral, exh)

Making of a Porn Star, The - by Bobby - Amy is secretly filmed by her husband and coerced into sex with one of his friends. (MMF, wife, exh, reluc)

Malleable Model - by SafeWord - This story idea was taken from the short story "Posing" - My compliments to the author of that piece. 'Malleable' - capable of being shaped by pressure, adaptable, tractable. It's all a big mistake really! I'm not really a lesbian honest! (MF, FF, exh) Part 2 - Part 3

Male Model - by Winsom - I had been a nude model for life drawing and painting classes for a long time, posing for classes on college campuses throughout the area where I lived. I always enjoyed posing in the nude. While it was a sexual turn-on, I was seldom stimulated to the point of getting a hard-on. I always saved that for later, when I was alone and could jack off, remembering the looks in the eyes of the young girls as they stared at my cock. (M/F+, college, exh)

Mandie Gets A New Maid - by Mandief29 - A wealthy executive is frustrated with her job and her bland sex life. She finds a homeless girl one night who she thinks might be able to serve her needs. (Ff, exh, oral, anal, ws) Part 2

Mandy, A Tv's Tale - by Graham F Cutler - How I get found out by my wife that I'm fucking other women and what she does to 'punish' me. There then follows a tale of my life as my wife's girlfriend - including loads of adventures and graphic descriptions of the things we do when we meet other people for sex. (MF, bi, exh, orgy, bc, beast, gh, tv)

Man in the Middle - by Lee Violette - What happens on a Saturday night when you have plans and three women have nothing to do? You hope for a game plan that revolves around having sex. This is a story about a mother, her daughter and another woman who are all too willing to have sex -- and talk about it. (F+/M, exh, orgy, oral)

Marcella - by Jones - I loved my wife Marcella. She introduced me to my first threesome and cock sucking. I loved to suck a guy's cum from her before I fucked her juicy cunt. We were invited to a party at an old church for bisexual married couples that fulfilled my fantasies. (MF, MM, FF, bi, exh, oral, swing, orgy, cd)

Marcie's Special Summer - by Old Bill - A pretty young teacher tries modeling and unwillingly ends up a porn star and a sex slave. (MMF, nc, exh)

Mardi Gras - by OneIdleHand - A young woman tentatively joins in the fun and games of Mardi Gras only to fall willing victim to all the rapacious sensations of public exhibitionism and loose sexual promiscuity. (M+/F, exh, public)

Marie's Party - by Newman - A party that I will never forget. (F+/M, teens, 1st, oral, exh, rom)

Marilynn at the Adult Store - by Hubby - Marilynn, heard about this adult store through the office grapevine. Unknown to me she wanted to go there and try it out. (M+F, wife-sharing, exh, intr, orgy, oral, mast, bd)

Marilynn: Camping and Fishing Excursion - by hubby - An incident about what happened to Marilynn while camping. I left her in the tent bound, spread eagle and on top of the cot naked. (MMF, wife, exh, v, bd)

Marion & John: The Awakening - by JMS - A young married couple discovering their desires and fantasies. (M+/F, M+/M, bb, ped, beast, mc, gb, exh)

Marion: The Making of a Whore - by Intempo - Marion was a bored housewife, her husband was a workaholic and a total waste of time in bed. She meets Anthea who changes her life forever. (MMM+/F, wife, bi, oral, anal, exh, intr, cuck, huml, orgy)

Marquis de Victorian - by RacerX - A Puget Sound Victorian becomes the impulsive playground for a Dom and his girl. A story of dominance and submission and forced ejaculation. (Mdom/F, exh, rough, rom)

Marsha Loves It - by Marsha - I am 24 years old. 5'9" tall. weigh about 125 lbs, and have long blonde hair, and long, sexy, tanned legs. My measurements are 34c-22-35, and I love to tease, flirt and show-off for all men (young or old). (MMF, wife, exh, voy, orgy, oral)

Masquerade - by Wife Watcher - Wife is tricked into a gangbang making a cuckold of her unwitting husband. (M+/F, wife, gb, exh, orgy)

Massaging Mike's Mom - by D D Writer - A young man exchanges a massage with his best friend's foxy mother. (F/M-teen, exh, mast)

Master Is Watching, The - by The Evil Monkey King - Another night in a young lady's service to her lord and master. (MMF, d/s, exh, voy, bd)

Master's Bitch - by Seltador - A sub's night of punishment. She is spanked paddled on open cam and then is taken by another Master, her dog. (MF, exh, bd, ws, beast)

Masturbating In Public - by Sidney - The following is a true story, about masturbation in public. I wouldn't recommend it to just anybody, but if you actually get away with it, I'll say that it is a huge turn on. Different than any other kind of sexual stimulation. To be watched is meteor. (Mf-pre-teen, exh, mast)

Masturbating With My Boys - by Jenny - My two sons aged 12 and 14 masturbate in front of me and ask me to join them. (F/bb, ped, reluc, exh, mast)

Masturbation Party - by Windthorn - A married couple with a true urge toward exhibitionism likes to show off her to groups of men while they masturbate into a communal plastic bag. What is truly interesting is what they do with that spent cum once they've collected it. (M+/F, wife, exh, mast, cream-pie)

Mathilda - by Benny the Jetsetter - Occult - The story I'm about to relate is hard to believe, but I have had to come to terms with it. It's hard to accept, but all I can say is that the responsible people involved no longer have responsibilities, or their freedom for that matter. Mathilda's story is related pretty much using her own words. (M+/f, mc, exh, ped)

Me And My Father - by Cute Pussy - When I was a young girl I was a late developer but with my step-father's love and encouragement I caught up quickly. (Mf, ped, inc, exh, oral)

Measuring My Cum - by Palacechief - A doctor has a mother to masturbate her son so she can measure his semen volume due to a medical condition. (F/M-teen, inc, mast, exh) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9 - Part 10 - Part 11 - Part 12 - Part 13

Medical Research - by Pam - Dr Helen Harrison tells us about her research project. She wants to find out how teenagers respond to sexual stimulation. She recruits Wendy and the twins as her subjects. Her sister, Dawn, helps her and the twins' mother, Louise, takes the photographs. (FF, exh, inc, examination

Meeting New Friends - by Graham F Cutler - An account of how a trannie (Suzy) meets new friends for sex and finds another trannie that comes like a stallion for both Suzy and his girlfriend. He then gets an unplanned experience in the woods where over a dozen guys take him every way they can think of! This ends with a couple in a car inviting Suzy to join in with them after just seeing him being publicly fucked over a bench in a car park. (MMF, bi, tv, exh, orgy, public)

Meg Likes Showing Her Neighbor - by Silly Sophie - Dave can't believe his luck when little teenage Meg seems to inadvertently undresses while he watches her through her window. But Meg knows what she's doing and that Dave is watching. But she is surprised that she likes showing off her body to older men so much, and she loves what her audience does while he watches her. (MF/f-teen, ped, exh, inc, mast, oral)

Megan's Story - by Jaz1701 - If you have an e-mail account password protect it really well-or your husband might rape you-take pictures, and then send them to me. (MF, wife, voy, exh, rp)

Melanie Gets Washed Out - by Lion - An arrogant lady gets humiliated by the use of an enema - and discovers she enjoys it. (FFM, reluc, exh)

Memories - by Ed Rider - A guy is drawn into a weird incestuous relationship with a brother and sister. (MMF, inc, exh, anal)

Merchant Seaman - by Rextasy - Paul dreamed he was back on leave in Tokyo. It was in one of the Oyasumi,(the bathhouses) now westernized and common as massage parlors in America. But his was a special place-of a bygone era now to be found only in fiction - where a gentleman, or at least a man of some means could purchase unique and pleasurable experiences without reservation or inhibition. (MF, FF, asian, exh, mast)

Meter Man - by Kristen Marie - Even the most loyal and loving wives have secret fantasies. Seems Diane spotted her meter reader a few years ago as he passed through her back yard to access the electric meter, which happend to be located under her bathroom window. She was impressed at his looks and body, and began to have some rather impure thoughts. (MF, exh, voy, oral, mast, fant)

Mexican Bitch, The - by Pallidan - A husband and wife decides to visit the husband friend in New Mexico only to learn his wife dominates him and wants to enslave them also. They are just to easy. Longer than most of my stories and may be continued. (MMF, exh, nc, mexican, orgy, bd)

Mid Summer Night's Wet Dream - by Barry H - A fantasy tale involving two strangers (a man and a woman) some mutual masturbation in a public place complete with an odd little ending promising more. Comments and critiques welcome and appreciated. (MF, exh, mast, rom)

Mike's Mom's Friend - by ddwriter - Mike's mom's friend needs to explore her fantasy about large cocks to save her marriage. Ben is glad to oblige. (F/M-teen, exh, mast, ped, size)

Miley Cyrus: That Metal Show - by Geminiguy - Miley decides to bere it all on the "That Metal Show" to the audience's rapt approval. (MMF, oral, anal, exh, celeb-parody)

Mind Candy - by Daddy's Little Slut - (Written in the first person) This story is about me and my lover and what happens when we get a weekend to ourselves. We have a night on the town, where we find a lady to have some fun with. (FFM, exh, oral, sub)

Missy's First Threesome - by Missy M. - The night I entertained the troops and got off in my first three-way. A good time was had by all. (MMF, exh, oral)

Missy's Snowy Day in the Woods - by pantiless missy - What I did one day when I took a day off from work. (F/self-bondage exh)

Mixing My Brothers Cum In My Wife - by Mickeyandminney72 - The telling of a true man's adventure with his young wife and older brother on one fateful weekend. (MMF, 1st-inc-expr, mast, oral, wife-exh, husb-voy, swingers)

Model - by John - My wife loves posing for my camera and we have taken some very daring shots, but she never envisaged doing so for anyone else, until one day... (MF, voy, exh, wife)

Modeled - by JackBro - A beautiful young woman starts photographing still lives, then graduates to portraits. But when she starts on nude models, then becomes one, the story gets interesting. (MF, voy, exh)

Mommy Does Requests - by Mommyshowsit - This is the story of how one of Mommy's sons discovered her late husband's collection of pornographic video tapes and picture sets(featuring Mommy) and how he manipulated Mommy into having extreme sex with him and his younger brother Joey. (F/MM-teens, inc, exh, oral, anal, beast, ws)

Mommy Has A Cock - by Jones - A wealthy couple and their son vacation at a secret exclusive nudist compound in Arizona. (MMm, ped, exh, alcohol, drugs)

Mom's Date - by Cannon - "It all started after my husband left me, to fuck our 11 year old daughter (who he'd been fucking since she was six years old! I kicked his ass out of the house and never wanted to see him again. But after a while when I couldn't get the terrible thoughts of him and my baby girl out of my mind I found that for some strange and perverted reason the thought of my husband fucking our daughter made me aroused." (Fm, inc, ped, preg, exh)

Mom's Fantasy Fight - by Pallidan - Mother-in-laws are always fighting so I suggested they fight in the nude with the loser becoming the other one slave. I was surprised when they agreed. (FFM, dom, exh, bd, oral, mast, anal)

Monorail - by Courtney - I have worked hard on getting a great body since I was 14. My friends and guys notice my body all the time. I like the attention but my parents taught me to be a "good girl" and I'm somewhat shy, so I dress conservatively most of the time (nothing wild) and stay out of trouble. But deep down inside there is a side of me that wants to show off my body and enjoy the danger of it. (MF, exh)

More Than They Bargained For - by Voy R Mann - A married woman visits her young lover during lunch, and she is introduced to the old gang. You'd be amazed at what her husband was up to. (MMF, exh, wife, orgy, reluc, anal)

Morganrunner14 - 1 - by Wifeseducer - Fourteen year old Morgan gives her 50 year old neighbor a gift of his lifetime when he finds that her webcam is 'inadvertently' turned on. (MMf-teen, ped, exh, voy, nc, mast)

Morganrunner14 - 2 - by wifeseducer - Pretty 14 year old Soccer gal Morgan continues to enjoy the watchful eyes of her elderly webcam voyeurs. (See directory 31 for earlier adventures.) She finds that there are also those men in "real life" that want to see her body too. (M+/f-teen, ped, exh, reluc)

Morganrunner14 - 3 - by Wifeseducer - Fourteen year-old Morgan continues her journey of self discovery by accepting Arthur's $5000 offer. (If you like this story you can read more about Morgan in directoy 31) (M/f-teen, ped, 1st, oral, mast, exh)

Morning Before School, The - by HotandYoung - This story may be fictional or true. You decide. I've always had three major turn-ons. Girl's panties, an inhalant drug called Rush, and little girls. This is a story about all three. (M/f-teen, ped, nc, exh, mast, drugs)

Motel - by Joe MacDonnel - Part 1 - This mini-series is about a family and their experiences running a motel in the south. (MF, FF, mF, inc, exh, voy) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5

Motel Convention - by Pallidan - A woman attends a motel during their BDSM convention without her knowing it. (FF, exh, bd)

Motel Show - by Showife - We were staying overnight at a motel on our way home from Florida. It was a college town and I was woken in the night by the noise outside our room. (wife-exh, nc, voy, mast)

Mother and The Boy Scouts - by Dirty Jim - A mother goes along as a chaperone on a Boy Scout camping trip. She soon discovers that the outdoors and the boys have her juices flowing. (F/m+, ped, exh, mast)

Mother's Day Surprise - by Horny Toad - This story is about the turning point in my life and turns me on even to this day. (M+F+, exh, inc, orgy, oral, mast, swing)

Mother's Little Man - by Jones - Alice's father turned her on to wine and marijuana when she was only 12 years old. He both loved her and thought she was the wildest fuck he had ever had. He got her pregnant and she had a son, Sam. She tried to be a good mother but was so fucked up that, well, read on. (Mfm-teens, ped, bi, inc, exh, oral, ws, alcohol, drugs)

Movie Show - by Showife - Sam and I go to a movie so we can cuddle in the dark, only to attract a couple of young admirers. (MF, wife, exh, mast, teens-voy)

Moving Day - by Eye4fun - Young nice looking MILF offers herself to the movers as a tip for their hard work and hubby loves to hear about it afterwards. (M+/F, wife-sharing, gb, exh, intr, oral, anal, orgy)

Moving Day Slut - by LeatherZebra - My hotwife submits to 2 BBCs while she experiences her first DVP. Further true stories of the training of my sub wife. (MMF, wife, exh, d/s, intr, spank, oral)

Mrs. C's Education - by JayBoy - A scorned wife has her revenge. She enjoys many sexual escapades and opens out a whole new vista. (FFM, wife, intr, cheating, exh, oral, anal, beast)

Ms. Marca: My Youth - by Ms. Marca - This is a story about my life and my wild and wicked ways. This is about me, just a part of my life! (M+F, exh, voy, 1st, oral) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6

Museum - by Annie - Exhibitionist girl masturbates at the museum for all to see. (F, exh)

Musical Moans - by Esperanza - Married cheaters. Wife's friend teases another woman's husband and then is herself teased, leading to hot sex. (MF, reluc, exh, voy, mast)

My Adventure At A Boy's Camp - by Romeodt69 - My parent's sent me to a Boy's camp when I was 10 years old. I sure learned a lot at that camp... like how to suck cock. My counselor trained me real good! Throughout the week I was there he made me suck on the other counselor's to show them how good I was! For doing such a good job, they let me have sex with a girl before I went home. Pretty cool. (MMb, Fb, extreme-ped, bi, 1st, exh, oral)

My Adventures With Keiko: We Meet - by Carlos Tomas - Keiko, the beautiful Japanese exhibitionist, moves to San Francisco, where I meet her and we have many exciting adventures together. (MF, rom, exh, ws, asian)

My Adventures With Keiko: Shopping - by Carlos Tomas - Keiko takes me shopping and furthers my exhibitionist education. (MFF, rom, exh, ws, asian)

My Aunt Lisa - by Kasper - A boy helps his newly divorced aunt out in many ways. She also directs him to do some things that lead to fun for them both. (F/m, ped, inc, 1st, exh) Part 2

My Best Client Ever - by bbltpt - A businessman is approached by his most unlikely client who submits to him as his slut and collared as his slave. She's trained and serves him as his perfect sex toy. (MF, d/s, cheat, oral, anal, exh, cuck)

My Big Black Boyfriend - by dale10 - My big black boyfriend knows how to treat a fifteen year old cock slut like me. (MMf-teen, exh, reluc, mc, huml, ws) Part 2

My Blowjob Lifestyle - by Linda - After enjoying many of the stories on the net, I've decided to share my story about being a blowjob girl. What I mean when I say blowjob girl is that I regularly perform oral sex on groups of guys. (Mm+/F, slut-wife, oral, exh)

My Brother, My Lover, At Pizza Hut - by DeeDee18 - A ferry trip turns into a sexual adventure to remember. Braless girls make my trip a very enjoyable one. (M/f-teens, exh)

My Brother, My Lover: At the Waterslide - by DeeDee18 - Jan and Bobby play at home and at the park. (MF-teens, inc, exh, orgy, rom)

My Brother, My Lover, On The Dock Naked - by DeeDee18 - Bobby and Jan get wild on the dock by the lake. (mf-yteens, inc, exh, rom)

My Caregiver is a Pervert - by Evermore - The story of a caregiver who is caught perving at his ward. (M/F-teen, exh, voy)

My Catholic Wife Loves to Fuck - by Herman - This is a description our love life, how we like to fuck and what kind of woman Mary Kate is. If you are a bit voyeuristic, check us out. (MF, rom, exh, voy, true)

My Chastity Belt - by Persona Ohnlyne - A husband finds his wife cheating on him. But he has the perfect solution. (MF, dom, exh, reluc, bd)

My Christmas Angel - by Livdnsouth - I met a party girl during my late night, last minute shopping. (MF, exh, public, intr)

My Cock - by Anonymous - A Gay guy with a really big dick, takes it out for a run from time to time. (MM, size, exh, voy)

My Cousin John and his Cock Tricks - by Anon Author - A girl hangs out during the summer with her older cousin and learns some new tricks. (M/f, inc, 1st, exh)

My Date - by DMPBrussels - A true account of a relationship where limits and reality were lost. (Mdom/F, exh, bi, v, mast, oral, anal, tor, rom)

My Date - by Rubin - My wife plays around with a black guy in front of me in our apartment laundromat, then ends up taking it in our marriage bed. (MF, wife, intr, exh/voy, cuck, preg?)

My Daughter's Video - by Pam - My daughter's boyfriend was away at sea. Wendy was afraid he would stray. I suggested sending him a sexy video to remind him what was waiting for him at home. Who better to film it than her own mother? One thing led to another and we ended up making love. The video never did get sent. (F/f-teen, inc, exh)

My Drunk Wife In The Men's Restroom - by Bhuralund - My wife accompanied me to watch my favorite team play football. Sweaty, swarthy and horny men were everywhere. So when my drunk wife wanted to relieve her bladder, I made the terrible mistake of taking her into the nearby male restroom and although she managed to get rid of her piss, she got a pussyful of dirty sperm. (MMF, nc, exh, forced-bi, oral, wife, intr, creampie, alcohol)

My Favorite Feline - by Thomas & Katheryn Ente - A young girl is sent to YET ANOTHER foster home. But instead of being treated poorly, she is welcomed with love. Over time, she blossoms. But a tragedy rips the family apart. Years later, she is reunited with the man she called "Daddy", and the relationship takes a new turn. (MF, bi, exh, oral, mast, bd, rom) Part 2 - Part 3

My First Alaskan Ferry Trip - by John Hannibal Smith - A ferry trip turns into a sexual adventure to remember. Braless girls make my trip a very enjoyable one. (M/f-teens, exh)

My First And Only Time As A Stripper - by Obmuj - Eighteen year-old Stacey was somewhat of a loner, and a virgin. On her first real vacation on her own, she arrives for ten-days in NYC and finds the lure of easy money. She also finds that it comes with a price, but she allows her greed to win out. (M+/F-teen, exh, 1st)

My First Concert - by Shayla - My first rock concert one summer when I was 16 and the fun I had there. (M/f-teen, underage, reluc, exh, oral, anal)

My First Hotwife Experience - by Dvoraknc - I'm a North Carolina Mom and this story is about my first experience at being shared in front of my husband. It wasn’t planned but turned out to be an amazing night of sluttiness. (MMF, wife-exh, husb-voy, swingers, alcohol)

My First Time - by Devious Doggyslut - After stumbling across bestiality on the internet, a young woman starts looking at her pet in a very different way. (F/beast, exh)

My First Time Out - by Poster boy - My first nude experience outside of my home, it was very rewarding. Only the names have been changed. (MF, exh, oral, true)

My Friends - by A Lone Duck - A story about me and my friends in school. sexual incidents and rumors concerning us and how 2 of my friends got together. (teens, rom, exh, 1st)

My Gay Lover And I Put On A Show - by Tom J - A gay man decides to help an old girlfriend satisfy her curiosity about what gay sex is like by letting her watch him and his lover in action. She even supplies a few props. (MM, exh, F-voy)

My LA Daughter - by Todd Kasper - A father discovers his 11-year-old daughter and her friend skinny dipping in their pool. Things get better as time goes on. (Mgg, ped, voy, exh) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

My Large and Unusual Family - by JSR - A teenage boy becomes head of his family. A family that develops into a very unusual one, where nudity and incest is the norm. (MFf, underage, 1st, inc, oral, exh)

My Little Party Girl - by J. Boswell - Jake's version of a cheating couple. There's a party, and one of the wives is a big slut who takes on all comers. In this story the host samples her charms in an exhibitionist style reminiscent to an old Roman orgy. The only problem is that it really pisses off his wife who decides what's good for the goose is good for the gander. (MF, wife, gangbang, exh)

My Lonely Mom - by UR Null - At 18 I went to study abroad. In my absence dad died and then my grandmother too. My sister left and married. When I returned after almost 5 years my Mom was very lonely. She wanted a man in her life. (MF, exh, inc, anal, india)

My Man Melissa - by BiGuy13 - This story is about a fantasy I have with someone I met through the Kristen Archives. His name is Melissa. (MMF, bi, exh, oral, cd, orgy)

My Mission - by Anonymous - This was the mission: Anatole was going to make love the ugliest woman in the world. And Ted, Marsha, Douglas, Jubie, and Red -- the whole crew -- were going to come along and film it. (MF, exh, voy)

My Neighbour - by Twinkle - A neighbour comes over to help was the car. (MF, exh)

My New Apartment - by Shayla - Brief introduction to my adventures at a new apartment with my African American neighbors. (M+/F, exh, anal, intr, orgy)

My New Black Neighbors - by Pallidan - Woman is curious about the new black lady who moved in next door and decides to go over and welcome her. She is obsessed with her and falls prey to her every desire. (FF, exh, bd, intr)

My New Game - by Kristen Marie - My b/f was always challenging me to spice up our sex life. One night when we had all of our friends over and the alcohol started flowing, so did my imagination. (FFM, exh, alcohol) Part 2 - Part 3

My New Girlfriend - by Dudester - A middle aged retiree meets a young goddess who wants a lustful daddy. (MF, exh, rom)

My New Life As Property - by Vulgus - A young woman who has messed up her life is kidnapped and taken up into the mountains to serve as a slave to her kidnapper and his family and some of the neighbors. (MFmm/F, Ff-bi, nc, exh, beast)

My New Lingerie - by Peter - A young girl just turned 13 discovers her sexuality. (mf-teens, youths, 1st, exh, mast)

My Niece, Then My Sister - by Nicolas Neal - Big brother gets a call from his baby sister. She's divorcing and needs a place to live for her and her daughter. What happens when she moves in changes all of their lives forever. (M/Ff, ped, inc, reluc, bi, exh, orgy, preg)

My Obsession - by Gungadick - A wife discovers her husband's obsession, then surprises him in the manner she decides to deal with it. (MFg, ped, bi, inc, exh, 1st) Part 2 - Part 3

My Paperboy Adventure - by Keiko - I often house-sit for my uncle while he is in California or Japan. Usually one weekend a month. I enjoy sleeping with no clothes on, unless it is cold, which is unusual in Hawaii. I got up early and put on a short terry robe and went into the kitchen to make coffee. A few minutes later, I hear the newspaper boy ride up on his bicycle and he throws the paper against the front door with a "thud" noise. (F, exh)

My Penance: How My Ex Tried to Make Me Jealous - by Digger - After dumping my live-in girlfriend, she decides to punish me by showing me what a real slut she is. She fucks guys right in front of me just to make me jealous. (MF, exh, voy, bi, orgy)

My Perfect Wife - by Mike M. - A proper Catholic wife gets unknowingly blackmailed by her husband to become the woman he had always dreamed of having. (M+/F, reluc-wife-exh, husband-voy, orgy, glory, blkmail, alcohol) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5

My Private Camwhore - by AnonyMPC - Sixteen-year-old Andrew finds his 12-year old sister showing her bra on a webcam chat site. He decides to anonymously blackmail her to scare her off that path, only to fall victim to his own lust as he realizes he can get her to do anything he wants on camera... and some off camera too. As Andrew walks this path he finds himself torn between lust and guilt and something he never expected... growing feelings of romantic love for his little sister. (M-teen/g, reluc, ped, inc, voy/exh, 1st, mast, oral, blkmail)

My Rapist - by Vulgus - A young wife is raped one afternoon when she goes shopping. Her rapist likes her so much he keeps coming back for more. (M+/F, nc, rp, wife, M-dom, bd, exh, ws)

My Seattle Airport Adventure - by AB-2012 - An adventure in the SeaTac International airport terminal one day while waiting to pick up a business client. (MF, exh, mast, public)

My Sexy Wife - by LD - A husband talks his wife into a swinger life-style that progresses into giving sex for money to complete strangers. All four parts of this story are included below. (M+/F, wife-exh, husb-voy, gb, intr, oral, anal, orgy, prost)

My Sister's Invitation - by Ricky Manchild - A young boy is introduced to the pleasures of physical contact by his older sister. (fb, youths, 1st, exh, inc)

My Sister's Turn - by Anonymous - One small sin turns into many large ones when pretty 13-year-old Cheerleading Jan gets caught stealing by her brother. (M+/F-teens, inc, exh, blkmail, preg)

My Sister's Wedding - by Trail Leaver - Linda's sister, Sydney is getting married. After having morning sex with her dad, she goes on to giving the police officer a blowjob, pleasuring all the men in the wedding in a bathroom, and unwillingly raped by the minister. And she pleasures the groom as her sister, the wife, is being gangbanged in the backyard by the groom's buddies. (MMF, exh, inc, nc, rp, v)

My Slutty Exhibitionist Trip - by R Kohler - A business woman on a trip to Arizona takes a few days off to become the slut she wishes she could be. (MF, exh, oral)

Mystery Of The Sleeping Bag - by Bhuralund - My wife and I went camping along with my new co-workers. The first night I couldn't help my drunk and passed out wife get into her sleeping bag, but luckily all my colleagues - especially the bachelors - were very helpful. What I couldn't understand was why they kept slipping inside the bag with my wife? (MMF, wife, bi, exh, intr, cuck, alcohol)

My Towel Adventure - by Keiko - I have now lived in Honolulu for one year. It has become a very exciting time for me. I enjoy having American men look at me and I have many opportunities for this in Hawaii. Today was a nice time for me, I performed my towel show at the beach again. (F, exh)

My True Story - by John Zipper - Growing up with exhibitionist tendencies can be fun and arousing, but you can also get into trouble if you're not careful. (mf-teens, mm-bi, exh, mast, oral)

My Wife And My Friend - by Timmy - My wife strips naked in front of my friend and then... (MF, wife, exh)

My Wife And The Gloryhole - by Derek Cage - My wife Sara and I were out celebrating our fourteenth anniversary. She was 36 at the time and I 37. We had no set plans and decided to begin with dinner at a nice restaurant. Upon leaving the resturant we decided that we decided to walk around the city a bit. Several blocks away, we came across an adult bookstore and out of curiosity we went inside. (MMF, BI, wife, exh, intr)

My Wife Becomes an Exotic Dancer - by JSR - An uptight wife, learns to loosen up and becomes a stripper. (MF, wife, exh, rom)

My Wife Debbie - by Jim-N-Deb - One of the most exciting things that has happened in our marriage is the discovery that my wife Debbi is an exhibitionist. (M+/F, wife-sharing, exh)

My Wife Sally And Jimmy - by Jones - This is a story of the loose 60s. How I turned my young wife into a fucking slut and tasted my first cock. MF/m-teen, ped, bi, cons, wife, 1st, exh, oral, alcohol, drugs)

My Wife the Model Slut - by HerHubby - Wife gets a kick out of showing off for the camera but can't help herself when she crosses a line she never thought she would. (M+/F, slut-wife, bi, oral, anal, exh, intr, gb, orgy)

My Wife Tina - by Anon - A guy talks his hot and horny wife into crossing the line in a big way. (M+/F, wife-exh, husb-voy, gb, intr, preg)

My Wife's Son - by Jones - One day, my wife's ex-husband dropped their 12-year-old son off at our place to livee with us because he was having trouble in school. That was the beginning of a new lifestyle. (MF, Mb, ped, bi, exh, 1st-bi-expr, ws)

Mum's Visit To The Health Farm - by Pam - To thank Mum for making a video of me, I treated her to a visit to a rather special women's only Health Farm. See the sequel to this story My Daughter's First Video (FF, inc, exh)

My Very First Adventure - by Keiko - Hello, my name is Keiko, I am from Tokyo and have only been in the USA since last August. I will soon be 19 years of age, I have long black hair and am approximately 5 feet tall. I am enjoying living in Honolulu very much. I have found American men to be very nice and polite, unlike Japanese men in Japan who are very rude. (f-teen, exh)

My Wife - by Robert Handle - (6 part series) A story about a wife who will do just about anything for excitement. (MF, FF, voy, exh, intr) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 Part 6

My WifeBecomes A Whore For My Birthday - by Markjames - My sexy wife Amy, becomes a whore to other men for my 30th birthday. (MMF, wife-exh, husb-voy, orgy)

My Wife Elle - by LuckyGuy - A very good-looking wife has no problems with showing off in public, husband is just glad she's the way she is. (MF, exh, public)

My Wife, My Slut, On A Cruise - by Verythick06 - Wife and I have swinging adventure on a cruise. (MF, couples, exh, bi, orgy)

My Wife The Porno Video Star - by TopGun - A husband and wife are in financial difficulty. When he suggests that his wife might make some good money acting in porno videos, to his surprise she agrees. (M+/F, wife, FF, beast, exh)

My Young Tutor - by Dudester - Seeing a familiar place, a lonely middle aged man remembers his first time, with someone much younger female, who was also much more experienced. (Mf, ped, exh, rom, 1st, public, prost)

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