Bedtime Stories with Kelly

The Walnut Grove Chronicles

Walnut Grove is an imaginary town in the midwest where you wish you could live. These are stories I've written for/with Bill, an email friend. They center around fictionalized versions of Gretchen and myself, and various friends that we make. (No connection to Little House on the Prarie.) All stories are FF content, except where noted.

Bowling by Bill
In which Kelly & Gretchen meet Andi & Jo for the first time.

Andi & Jo Meet Charity by Kelly
In which Kelly & Gretchen set up Andi & Jo for a meeting with Charity, the town librarian.

Adventures in Shopping by Bill
What Kelly & Gretchen were up to during A&JMC.

Jo & Hilary's First Date by Kelly
Pretty much what the title suggests. A sweet, tender evening between two girls. Not much sex, but plenty of good times anyway. (You can also read a behind-the-scenes essay I wrote about this story.)

Charity & Andi by Bill
Charity entertains Andi while Jo is out on her date. (some MF content)

Ginny Comes to Town by Kelly
While Kelly is away for the weekend, Gretchen entertains Ginny, who has just moved to Walnut Grove.

Polly the Mechanic by Kelly
Charity needs her car fixed; Polly's just the girl to do it for her (and to her!)

Ginny's Good Day by Kelly
A turning point in the lives of two of our women.

Kelly & Gretchen Play with Betsy by Bill
Kelly brings home a girl from the office for a little fun. (some MF content).

Hilary's Muse by Kelly
Jo attempts to inspire her girlfriend's creative writing.

Too Short a Summer by Kelly
What will young Kate do when her best friend Zoe expresses her true feelings?

Maggie & Tammy by Kelly
Hilary's best friend Maggie thinks she might try girls for a change. Will new girl Tammy be the one for her?

Happy Birthday, Madison! by Kelly
It's Madison's 18th birthday--what will she and her girlfriend Bridget do to celebrate?

Andi Meets the Law by Bill
Andi meets up with a sexy traffic cop.

Make New Friends by Kelly
Charity's friends from college come to visit, and she invites Kelly and Gretchen along for the fun.

Hilary Meets Tiffany by Kelly New!
Jo wants Hilary to get more experience with women. So Hilary meets up with Tiffany, a beautiful blonde who is quite willing to help out!

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