Bedtime Stories with Kelly

Miscellaneous Stories

Serious Stories
What the Fuss Is
Not my first time, but the first time it was actually good.

Do You Trust Me?
My first experience with a little light bondage.

Gretchen livens up a dull winter eve.

Eye Dream
A short journey into the unconscious. Written for Eye of Serpent.

Sandy's Story
My first attempt at an erotic mind control story.

Hot Summer Fantasy New!
An erotic daydream for a hot summer day.

Silly Stories
Office Fantasy
Gretchen and I show up at your office for a little fun.

The Server
Written in honor of the new ASSTR server, Audrey.

The Prattingville Pussy Posse
What will Erica do to join the most exclusive club of girls at her high school?

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