Reading Recommendations

The internet is full of talented authors, far too many to list here. But I've attempted to gather a few of my favorites all the same. If you like my work, you may want to give these stories a try.

Programming by The Pediatrician

Sample Codes: mc; Mg; bg; b+F; b+g; mg; gg; Fg; bF; M+f; oral; mast; anal; bond; inc; caution (just about everything)

This is a truly fantastic story, currently thirteen chapters long. It stars Chloe, a fourth-grade girl who is swept up into the sick world of twisted sex. It contains pretty much my favorite fetish: mind control that makes a girl do something while still retaining her capacity to dislike it. In Chole's case, it means she hates eat cock that penetrates her tiny body even as as a dark power makes her like it. The sex is raw, hard and amazingly hot. The set up is evolving and perfect. The only bad thing is the author hasn't been seen in over a year.

The work of Bernd Lauert

Sample Codes: Mg; Mb; ped; prost; humil; ds; ws; bd; va; cons; ScFi; oral; anal; sad; md (again just about everything)

Bernd Lauert is another author writing in the fine tradition of young girls having sex while hating it. His three best works are the Libertarian Utopia stories (Sveta the Nasty Cum Slut Earns her Keep, Daria and her Father and The Club for Exceptional Child Whores), which are set in a strange future world where private property is sacrosanct and government handouts unthinkable. As a result orphans have to do anything to get by – including (and perhaps especially) sex work. This puts a delicious twist on the ' young girls having sex while hating it' – they all do it 'willing'. These lolis put their own hands in the meat grinder.

He also has a number of others stories which are also quite good. Go check them out.

The work of Danaume Rook

Sample Codes: g; mf; Mdom; oral; anal; tf; ws; caution (more restrained than some but no less hot)

Artist and author both, Danaume is a talent to behold. She combines an intense imagination with a flare for getting inside the heads of her characters. She has a number of stories, all fairly short and focused on one or two characters, which just works perfectly for her. My fravoute is probably Autotrained – in which Heather is kidnapped and trained as a cocksucker by a mechanical training machine.

The work of Kenna

Sample Codes: mf, mF, bg, bF, bf, Mg, Mf, MF, oral, bd, d/s, mc (just about everything)

Kenna's stories are some of the best on the net. She has a real talent when it comes to putting lolis in (textual) bondage. Her stories cover a wide range of themes, ideas and styles. You can find ponygirls, mind controller preteens, fuck-happy parodies and much much more. The sex is often and explicit. While often not willing, most of her victims end up enjoying their torments, though there are some exceptions to this. The emotions tend to be a bit softer than, say, the Pediatrician but that's not always a bad thing.

Stand out works include:

Virus – A virus kills almost all of the men, leaving a world populated mostly by women. As new male children are born, they discover they can control women. One sniff of an aroused boy puts a woman (or girl) 'Up'. While Up, they are a fuck happy slut who will do just about anything to get a cum fix. Naturally, the boys use this to build harems and pretty much take over the world. It is inventive, deliciously cruel at times and hot as hell.

Christina's School for Wayward Girls – A young boy helps his father out at a very unusual all girls school. Throughout the story, we follow the boy as he learns more about the school and the Wayward girls it teaches. This includes sexual punishments, sexual training and (eventually) out and out sexual slavery. Very good and very inventive in parts.

Tommy Takes Charge – This is a continuation of an earlier story by an author called Blackie and boy does Kenna deliver. The premiss is simple: young boy develops near unlimited mind control powers and proceeds to have his way with most of the town. Despite this simple premise, Kenna keeps the story moving forward and fresh. There is always new and interesting sex scenes to read.