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Latest update: Maybe-May and the Tyranny of the Moral Minority

True Physic of Creation

The Game of Bones


Codes: bg, Fg, M+f, Mg, M+g, mg, fg, anal, oral, mc, bdsm, inc

The Game of Bones is many things: a family tradition, a giver of gifts, a simple wooden box and the most terrifying thing Diana knows. Diana must compete against her brother in a series of darkly sexual games, knowing that if she loses it will cost her everything.

Winner of the Pet Contest Readers' Choice Award at Piper's Domain

Welcome to Wormwood


Codes: fg, f+g, fdom, oral, mc, drug, bdsm

Robin thought her life the worst, but her petty problems are shown in a new light when she is inducted into Wormwood Academy, a school where new students are seen as sexy prey.

The Williams of Ashington Lane


Codes: mf, Ff, Mf, mg, inc, ds, nc, tg, mc

James Williams has a strange life. Whether he is dealing with an older sister out to mind-fuck him, a mother who thinks he has the completely wrong set of genitalia for witchery, a father with psionic powers or a little sister who's the strangest of the lot, Ashington Lane is never a normal place.

The Loli Assassin from the End of Time


Codes: Mg, Fg, bf, fg, Mdom, gdom, Fdom, bd, ds, nc, inc, mc

Lilith, the last human, comes from the end of time with a mission of murder from the Lord of Monsters. She is tasked to strike at the ancient enemy of her master, but the world of the past is full of tantalizing distractions, most often of the sexual kind.

Camp Mentempuer — Day One


Codes: fg, X+g+, tent, best, oral, anal, mast, ws, bond, rape, ds, fdom, mc, tf, breast, viol

Twelve year old Bianca wakes up to find herself on a strange island. She soon meets a talking parrot, is told she must overcome diverse challenges and faces her first dangerous enemy. More importantly, she learns the island is no adventure story from a young adult novel. Beset by vicious enemies set on sexual violation, Bianca's only hope lies in reaching Camp Mentempuer, but might the camp contain even greater horrors than the guards set to keep her from it?

Skater Girl


Codes: Mf; mf; ff; mff; Mdom; Fdom; oral; anal; bond; alien; best; mc; nc; viol; caution

To be human is to suffer, but what would you give to have all that pain go away? For fourteen year old Kimberly Turndown, the answer is anything and anything is a very high prize to pay. Forced into prostitution to meet the needs of her strange benefactor, Kimberly must best self destruction and the machinations of her benefactor both if she is to survive.

Winner of the A Baby Changes Everything Contest Sponsor's Choice Award at Piper's Domain

The Primrose Primer and the Christmas Gift


Codes: fg, mg, mf, mdom, fdom, oral, bd, ds, inc, mc

Becky Brice is a girl with a book. Dangerous enough all by itself, but the Primrose Primer is a very special book. Within its pages lurk the secrets of reforging minds. Becky has already taken control of her best friend, and for his loyal service she decides he needs a reward. His choice? His eleven year old sister.

Home Sweet Home


Codes: fF, gb, cd, Mg, gF, Mf, bd, anal, ds, ws, rape, inc, mc

Katie invites the new kid in school to visit her home, but her family is anything but normal.

Doctor Escobar Snopes

Maybe-May and the Tyranny of the Moral Minority


Codes: Mg, bg, gg, fg, Fg, inc, mc

Maybe-May is a normal girl with a normal life, but, when she returns home from summer camp, all is not as it should be. First her Daddy refuses to kiss her, then her Mom passes on the opportunity to add some special flavors to the family dinner and even her brother turns down the opportunity to nail her ass to his bed. What is going on?